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Myth Makers [3]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: October 7th. 2002
Times Viewed: 12,206

  • "DATE: Dec. 24, CELEBRATION: Demon Revels, TYPE: Da Muer, USAGE: High Grand Climax, AGE: Any age (male or female)."(31)

NOTE: This is, of course, Christmas Eve. Here again they are using the term "da Muer" which we discussed under the entry for April 26.

We can see that some of the dates on this calendar are Christian festivals. Others like Walpurgis or Halloween were traditionally associated with themes that disturbed the Church and we saw that the Church took great pains to absorb parts that they wanted and reject parts they did not. Many of the dates on this calendar are older Pagan festival dates still observed in modern religions like Wicca. Misunderstanding of these older customs by the Church lead them to incorrectly identify Pagan religions with Satanism.

You will recall from my earlier article on the book Michelle Remembers that the author, Lawrence Pazder, had listed dates such as September 7 as Satanic dates based on the false disclosures of his patient (now his wife) Michelle. This date as well as some of the terms on this Calvary Chapel calendar seem to have been derived from Pazder's book. This would explain why there are no historical sources that you can link these dates to. As you can see this entire "Satanic Ritual Calender" is an example of poor scholarship. The end result is that the investigators receiving it could spend a great deal of time looking for things to happen on dates that have no particular significance at all.

Frattarola quotes from Lawrence Pazder's Michelle Remembers in America's Best Kept Secret:

"'However bizarre and helter-skelter the rituals might have seemed... they were in fact carefully orchestrated... All their actions seemed calculated to break Michelle's innocence, her belief in love, her good feelings. By desecrating what was sacred, they would make room for evil to take hold." (see Proverbs 4:16)"(32)

Proverbs 4:16 reads: "For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall."

Frattarola quotes Pazder again later in America's Best Kept Secret, this time from the aforementioned 20/20 television episode "The Devil Worshippers":

"One of the primary aims is to destroy the belief system within a child, to make a child turn against what they believe in, in terms of who they are, of who God is, and to desecrate all manner of flesh, all manner of church institution, all manner of sign and symbol that a child could in any way be attached to."(33)

Frattarola reinforces the message of the "Satanic Ritual Calendar" with statements like this:

"In The Supernatural: Witches and Witchcraft, Jeremy Kingston writes that modern Satanists 'sacrifice human babies, worship the Devil, include sexual activities and perversions in their ceremonies, have rituals to pronounce curses on their enemies, and are internationally organized."(34)

Note how Frattarola combines the title of Kingston's book with the text in this fashion to suggest that Witches are Satanists.

If you were alarmed by the nature of Frattarola's "Satanic Ritual Calendar," you should be. Frattarola makes the following revealing statement in America's Best Kept Secret:

"The history of our own nation bears testimony to the conspiratorial, time-spanning nature of this diabolical organization which manifested itself in our Salem Witch trials of the 1600's. Undoubtedly, innocent people were executed in the widespread panic but one must seriously consider the occultic practices which sparked the fear and wonder how many innocent people were killed in a ritualized fashion."(35)

Of course the only people killed in this incident were the innocent people hanged for "witchcraft." None of the people hanged in Salem were Witches. The Salem incident had nothing to do with "people being killed in a ritualized fashion." It has everything to do with Witch hunts. It is ironic that Frattarola should be referring to the "conspiratorial, time spanning" nature of this problem, given the hysteria that he is busy stirring up here.

America's Best Kept Secret borrows a lot of material from Michael Warnke too. Excerpts about Warnke include:

  • "Former Satanic high priest Mike Warnke bears a three-inch scar on his arm as a reminder of where other Satanists in his cult would cut and bleed him four times a year and then mix his blood with wine and urine and drink it as a communion to the devil in a parody of Christian communion."(36)

NOTE: I unmasked Warkne as an impostor in an earlier article in this series. None of this ever happened.

  • "Mike Warnke, who now investigates and speaks extensively on Satanism, says that cremation is a common solution to getting rid of the bodies and there have been many reports of coroners being involved. Warnke says Satanists have also infilitrated (sic) police departments and judicial courts in our country. Others interviewed for this article have corroborated Warnke's claim."(37)

NOTE: Frattarola doesn't tell us who these people who corroborated Warnke's claims are. This is because he can't. Warnke's story is entirely fabricated, as we saw earlier in this series.

  • "Mike Warnke and former witch, Elaine, as well as many adult survivors of ritual abuse, attest to the fact that their release from Satanism was because of the love of Jesus Christ poured out on them through Christians who saw them through God's eternal eyes, Christians who 'saw' their souls and not their sin."(38)

NOTE: Too bad these Christians couldn't see their lies. Elaine Moses is the person that Frattarola is referring to here and elswhere in this series I reveal that she was a fraud as well. Elaine Moses is the associate of another confirmed fraud: Christian author Dr. Rebecca Brown.

  • Mike Warnke agrees from first-hand experience that the same evil, demonic spirit is behind all of the occult, no matter how innocent or naive the intentions of those involved or of those experimenting....Warnke says that all the occultic stimulation the kids are bombarded with, they become conditioned to freely accept real Satanic or occultic worship when then encounter it. [emphasis in original]"(39)

Here is the same theme that we have seen people of this sort present over and over again in this series: "Witches may not be Satanists but they are Satanically inspired."

America's Best Kept Secret concludes with an ad for Warnke Ministries.

Other "experts" that Frattarola relies upon in America's Best Kept Secret include:

  • Jacquie Balodis of Overcomers Victorious. This is an organization created by Balodis that "helps ritually abused survivors and victims..."(40)
  • Dee Brown, a journalist and television producer who writes about Satanic Ritual Abuse.
  • Dr. Catherine Gould, a California therapist who "rescues survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse" using techniques similar to those used by Pazder in Michelle Remembers.
  • Peter Michas of the National Information Network (NIN), who we will discuss in part two of this article.

America's Best Kept Secret contains dozens of uncorroborated anecdotes from largely unidentified "survivors" or family members that I won't bore you with. It is much what you'd expect after being shown the aforementioned "Satanic Ritual Calendar." I'll give you two key examples: The first example of these uncorroborated tales is in an article by Raul Ries included in America's Best Kept Secret: "Demon Possession: 1986." Ries's article commences:

"It was the last night of a pastor's conference at a facility in the San Bernardino mountains. As the final speaker was preparing to deliver his message, a couple of the other pastors and myself were approached by a police officer and told that there was a problem at a small church a few miles down the road which is department was unsure how to handle. He asked if we could help... When we arrived we saw a young woman, maybe in her late twenties, about five feet, three inches, weighing not much more than 105 pounds, sitting on a small stone wall in front of the church. Around her a safe distance stood a circle of police officers, each one measuring at least five-eleven and weighing 190 pounds or more... The police officer, who was a Christian, told us the woman was brought to the church by her husband because he had thought se was demon possessed. After the first officers on the scene were unable to contain her violent behavior, they called for backups, but even all of the officers together were unable to subdue her. She had just tossed them around with superhuman strength."(41)

Ries digresses at this point to tell the reader that he is not afraid of tangling with demons. He then continues:

"After talking calmly with the young woman and her husband, we were finally able to persuade her to come inside the church building with us, although she wanted no one to touch her. The non-believing officers were asked to wait outside along with any Christian who didn't feel strong enough spiritually to do battle with the enemy."(42)

Once in the church Ries claims that the woman attacked one of the pastors with him. Ries says that he tried to subdue her: "I wasted no time jumping on her back, applying my full weight to slow her. I quickly reached around her neck and applied the strongest choke hold I have ever sued in all my years of kung-fu training. She slowed down some but still would not quit..."(43) Ries claims that "Over the next three hours many demons were cast out of her, one at a time."(44)

This woman would appear to have been a schizophrenic who had become delusional. The average cop would have packed her off to the hospital under a mental health act arrest. They wouldn't have surrounded her and sent out for a pastor. Mentally ill people can often be as hard to handle as Ries suggests here. That is why the police wouldn't have allowed a person as violent as this woman was described to be to go into the church alone with a bunch of pastors with no knowledge of control of force issues.

Three hours is a long time to maintain a choke hold on a person, and that isn't the only problem that I have with Ries's story. Choke holds are potentially lethal and can easily damage the spine and/or windpipe if misapplied. Normally a properly applied choke hold can incapacitate a person in seconds. Ries is claiming that he is able to single-handedly control a person physically for three hours when a group of police officers were unable to do so.

Note how Ries has omitted all names and locations that might help a person corroborate this story. Note how no "non-believers" are permitted in to witness the "exorcism." How convenient.

The other example reads as follows:

"Witches' groups are now highly organized and spend much time and energy making sure their image is presented positively to the public. They will quickly tell you that there is a sharp and definite distinction between white witches and black witches, and between white magic and black magic. But a former witch and "bride" of Satan who was head of over one million witches in Canada and the norther central United States, and who, at one time, wielded astonishing supernatural powers but since has surrendered her life to Jesus Christ, says there are really no differences at all between the groups since the source of power behind both of them is the same- Satanic."(45)

Here is that theme about Witchcraft being Satanically inspired again. Naturally Frattarola does not identify this former "bride of Satan." Nor does Frattarola advance any other evidence to substantiate this story. Of course Wiccan groups do indeed have to organize themselves and "spend much time and energy making sure their image is presented positively to the public" as Frattarola suggests. We have to do so because of people like Frattarola distributing "special reports" full of outrageous stories like these.

In America's Best Kept Secret Frattarola cites cases such as the McMartin day care case as proof (at the time that Frattarola's special report was written the McMartin case was still believed to be a substantiated case). Frattarola cites sensational cases concerning killers such Richard Ramirez, Richard Berkowitz, Henry Lee Lucas, Stanley Dean Baker, and Ricky Kasso as "proof" that the problem Frattarola perceives is widespread. Frattarola borrows from author Dusty Sklar and claims that Hitler and his generals were occultists and that Hitler committed suicide on 30 April as this was Walpurgisnacht. At one point Frattarola states:

"Edward J. Moody writes in Religious Movements in Contemporary America that recruits for the Church of Satan desire money, fame, recognition or power and 'with all legitimate avenues apparently blocked, with no apparent means by which legitimate effort will bring reward, they turn to Satanism and witchcraft.'"(46)

This is ironic, since most of the people that I have been writing about in this series "desire money, fame, recognition or power" and are utilizing whatever means they have at their disposal, whether ethical or not, to achieve their goals.

Another of the disturbing themes of America's Best Kept Secret is the idea that only Christian law enforcement personnel should be investigating "occult crime." "The law enforcement system in general is neither prepared nor equipped to handle the increasing amount of Satanic and occult-related crime in the US," Frattarola warns us, "Aside from Darlyne Pettinicchio, Sandi Gallanta (sic) in San Francisco, Dale Griffisss (sic) in Tiffin, Ohio, and an handful of other police officers around the country, law enforcement officials are frantically playing catch up."(47) Frattarola then quotes Sergeant Randy Emon extensively.

Frattarola's report was written before Emon re-examined the evidence and publicly recanted. Pettinichio, a deputy probation officer, is the founder of the Back In Control Training Center in Orange, California. She and her partner Greg Bodenhammer teach that heavy metal music turns juveniles into suicidal Satanists. Griffis is a retired police officer who set himself up as an "occult crime expert" and is a major disseminator of urban legends concerning Satanic crime. Sandy Gallant definitely has an interest in this subject but is well aware of the difference between Pagans and Satanists. Frattarola drops Gallant's name in America's Best Kept Secret but does not quote her or otherwise mention her. That Frattarola has misspelled Gallant's name is an indication that he doesn't know her very well. I have no concerns about Gallant or Emon.

Much of the rest of America's Best Kept Secret is a rant bemoaning the lack of evidence and support for Frattarola's beliefs.

The last two pages of the "Special Report" express the view of the Calvary Chapel that "The United States as a nation, has turned its back on God and as a result, has opened the door to, and even encourages Satanic activity by acting in bold defiance to the ways of God, dabbling in a practising things God's Word expressly forbids."(48) This is a common theme in works of this sort which exposes the purpose of such literature. It is intended to create the impression that Satanic cults are a widespread problem and responsible for many of the ills of society. At the same time it offers membership in the Church and persecution of non-Christian beliefs as viable solutions to this "problem".

This "Passport Magazine Special Report" has been widely circulated amongst police departments. Numerous therapists, police officers and institutions have distributed this publication, presenting it as a valid resource on Satanic activity. In 1988 Passport Magazine produced a video version. To the uninitiated, it seems to contain a lot of facts pertinent to the subject. But as we can see from my analysis, it is full of half truths and outright falsehoods.

Article Specs

Article ID: 4741

VoxAcct: 230739

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Age Group: Adult

Days Up: 6,160

Times Read: 12,206


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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