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Evangelists [4]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: November 11th. 2002
Times Viewed: 12,052

Larry Jones wrapped up his presentation by re emphasizing the importance of Passport Magazine's America's Best Kept Secret. Jones also praised Maureen Davies of "Reachout Trust" in North Wales, who we will be discussing elsewhere in this series. Jones spoke derisively of Arthur Lyons allegation that the Satanic conspiracy theory was a urban myth and claimed that the DEA drug education manual mentions Satanism. Jones alleged that the occult promises instant power and gratification. He recommended Believe the Children as a good source of books and literature on Satanic Ritual abuse. Jones listed signs of occult involvement as:
  • Loss of a sense of humour.
  • Change in personal countenance and clothing to dark colours.

  • Preoccupation with hopelessness and death themes in artwork.

Jones said that he saw Dungeons and Dragons as a "crash course in sorcery" and said that the further signs of occult involvement are:
  • Overindulgence in metal music.
  • Sexual promiscuity.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse. Jones said that he saw drugs as a recruiting factor because they "deaden the senses, lend themselves to mind control and generate funds."
  • Extreme rebellion.
  • Secretive and reclusive behaviour.

On the 27th of April, 1991, I had the opportunity to attend a presentation by Bob Larson at the Glad Tidings Temple in Vancouver. This was billed as a screening of his new video In the Name of Satan and as an opportunity to meet Larson in person.

My wife Phoenix McFarland and I arrived about 25 minutes early, hoping to get better seats this way. We had underestimated the popularity of this presentation however. All but the seats in the back of the balcony were already filled by that time, though the place seated about 3000 people. We made our way up there and got seats in the very back. People were still filing in and directed to the overflow chapel, which was soon filled up as well. The only seats available up front were a section of about 50 reserved seats dead center. These were filled just before the start of the presentation by a group of VIPs brought in from behind the stage. The church auditorium was equipped with a huge screen at the back of the stage on which a video image of the speaker was projected to improve your view of the presentation. There was another screen in the overflow chapel.

Bonnie Bell, the backup host for Larson's Christian radio show "Talk Back", was the first person to appear on the stage, wearing a black dress with a pattern of pink hearts on it. Bell had worked for Larson for 5 and a half years at that time. It was Bell that started the ball rolling: Larson did not appear until after the video was shown, in order to capitalize on the tape and make a dramatic entrance. Bell began by announcing that this was Larson's 17th presentation of this movie on this tour. Bell then called up a volunteer from the audience, who displayed the following books and tapes by Bob Larson while Bell did a sales pitch for them:
  • Larson's video tape Metal Mania.
  • Larson's video tape In The Name of Satan.
  • A video tape of Bob Larson's latest Satanism Symposium.
  • The Bob Larson Live video tape.
  • Larson's book Tough Talk on Tough Issues.
  • The latest edition of Larson's Book of Cults.
  • Larson's book Satanism: The Seduction of America's Youth.
  • Larson's book Straight Answers on the New Age.

Bell informed the audience that these books and tapes were on sale in the lobby and joked that "Christians were supposed to buy books on Satanism," indicating Larson's books. I noted that Bell implied to us that the version of In the Name of Satan that we were about to see was an abbreviated version, stating that "the full length version will be on sale in the lobby." This proved interesting, in light of what happened later.

Next Bell introduced the sponsor of Larson's Vancouver appearance, the owner of radio station KARI, a Christian radio station based in Blaine, Washington.

Bell then stated:

"What you are about to see is not a theological statement on Satan. What you are about to see was designed and produced as a teaching video. Many of the police officers you will see in this video are not Christians. We don't want you looking for Satan behind every doorstep."

Bell then contradicted her opening line about theological statements by making the following pronouncement, which brought cheers from the audience:

"God is going to war, folks! There is a few skirmishes left!"

At this point they started the video In the Name of Satan. One of the most notable features of this In The Name of Satan, as compared with similar videos produced by other organisations, is that while in most others the name of the person speaking on screen is identified with subtitles at least once, this was not done in Larson's video. This would make it difficult for those unfamiliar with the speakers in this film to identify them and verify their stories. Most of them were easy for me to identify however. Besides Bob Larson, the following individuals appeared in this film:
  • Laurel Rose Wilson, better known as "Lauren Stratford," a notable fraud discussed elsewhere in this series. Wilson/Stratford, based in Bakersfield, California, is the author of the discredited book Satan's Underground.
  • Sergeant Randall Emon of the Baldwin Park (CA) PD. Randy's name has come up repeatedly in this series as he used to be very active in disseminating information on occult crime. He has since recanted and no longer supports Satanic conspiracy theories. Emon was the only police officer who appeared in this film, which is interesting if you recall Bonnie Bell's earlier remarks about the number of Christian police officers in this video. In this video he states: "Satanism is as addictive as a narcotic."
  • A "ritual abuse survivor" verbally identified as "Esther." I'm pretty sure that this was Esther Cantella, author of the tape "A Witness for Healing" who appeared on the 8 March 1990 "Inside Edition" television show. Cantella appeared in a seminar in Colorado on 6/7 October, 1989 with the next two individuals on this list.
  • Linda Young, RNC, BSN, a therapist at the Columbine Psychiatric Center who appears to be related to the next person on our list. Young appeared in the aforementioned seminar with Cantella and Dr. Young in 1989. In this video Linda makes the statement: "Most of the world won't believe these people. But I believe them."
  • Dr Walter C. Young, a psychiatrist at the Columbine Psychiatric Center. Walter appeared with Linda Young and Esther Cantella at the aforementioned Colorado seminar in 1989. Dr Young has appeared in films by Cavalcade Productions, who we discussed in an earlier article in this series.
  • Myra Riddell, vice president of the Los Angeles County Commission for Women and chairperson of the LACCW's Ritual Abuse Task Force. This "Task Force" includes in its membership such people as Lauren Stratford's therapist, Lyn Laboriel (who last I heard continues to believe Wilson even though she has been revealed to be a fake) and the next person on our list, Dr. Gould. Riddell states in Larson's video that she believes that Satanists are setting up preschools in order to recruit children.
  • Dr. Catherine Gould, a California based therapist who has authored a list entitled "Signs & Symptoms of Ritualistic Child Abuse" which has appeared in countless manuals on occult crime that I have seen over the years.
  • Dr. Roland Summit, a therapist who appeared in Geraldo Rivera's awful special "Exposing Satan's Underground" TV special. Summit is based in Torrance, California, at the HVD/UCLA Medical Center. Summit's name appeared on Larry Jones's "File 18" subscriber list and has appeared in two of "File 18's" newsletters. The LACCW, mentioned above, supports Summit.
  • Doreen Kenny of Believe the Children, mentioned later in this article.

In The Name of Satan showed many clips of criminal cases involving such people as Richard Ramirez, Clifford St Joseph, Frank and Illiana Fuster, Tommy Sullivan, Pete Roland, and Ricky Kasso. Most of these individuals are self styled Satanists or Satanic dabblers and none belonged to any large satanic group. The Fusters were acquitted of the accusations of ritual abuse that they had been accused of.

One of the criminals prominently featured in In The Name of Satan is Sean Sellers, whom I discussed earlier. In The Name of Satan also featured testimonies of individuals only verbally identified as:
  • "Karen", a red haired woman who is connected with an unnamed national newsletter for "survivors". May be Karen Kintella, CEO of "Victims".
  • "Christie", a large woman with curly brown hair.

In The Name of Satan is vague and very short on facts. Typically, the video listed many symbols as "Satanic" that were either not exclusively used by Satanists or were not Satanic at all. Larson periodically appears, wearing an expensive white suit, endorsing the remarks of the aforementioned "experts." At one point Larson appears in front of an unidentified police headquarters building telling us that "police officials agree" with his views. Larson doesn't name these officials who supposedly support him.

The McMartin daycare case was also mentioned in In The Name of Satan. The video gives us the usual line found in Believe the Children literature about how the children in this case should have been believed, regardless of the lack of evidence.

At the end of the video the following organizations are recommended by Larson as resources:
  • Childhelp USA, based in Woodland Hills, California. This is one of the organizations listed as a resource for WATCH Network, whom I discussed earlier in this series.
  • The LACCW.
  • Believe the Children, based in Manhattan Beach, California. Founders: Leslie Floberg & Marymae Cioffi. This organization is a resource for the WATCH Network, The Ritual Abuse Awareness Network Society (TRAANS) and the LACCW.
  • The Cult Awareness Network.

  • Families of Crimes of Silence (FOCOS), based in Canoga Park, California. This group is supported by the LACCW.
  • And, of course, Larson's own Compassion Connection. The Compassion Connection is Larson's "crisis line" organization.

At the conclusion of this video Bell reappeared and did a big introduction for Larson. Larson came out to general applause and acclaim and immediately began to answer questions put to him by the audience. I found it very suspicious that the first three persons to stand up and put questions to Larson seemed to be seated in the group of VIPs brought out to the reserved seats that I mentioned earlier. For example: The first told an outrageous story of how her son had done a Satanic ritual on the front counter of a Burger King restaurant in Vancouver. No such incident was ever reported to my police department. Following this a young boy asked if he could take a picture of Bob and Larson invited him up to get his picture taken together with him. The second person in the VIP area was a fat man who got up and challenged Larson, saying that Anton LaVey was a nature worshipper, not a Satanist. I strongly suspect that this was staged too, because shortly after this Bob asked if there were any Witches in the audience tonight? Larson said that there had been some at the presentation that he had done the night before in Chilliwack, BC. Larson claimed that these Witches had told him that they would be there again that night. When he got no response he said "I bet that there aren't any Witches in the audience tonight that have the guts to speak to me!"

At this point my wife Phoenix elbowed me and I got to my feet and tried to get Larson's attention. Unfortunately, being in the back row of the balcony, Larson couldn't see me, although those around me sure did. Larson went on with his presentation, so I started walking down the aisle to the front. This took some time and attracted a lot of attention. I was wearing a white Plains Church of Wicca T shirt with an enormous black pentagram on the front surrounded by a design of ivy in the four different seasons, all in colour. By the time that I got to the front much of the audience had noticed my presence. I went up to the usher at the foot of the stairs and told him "I'm a witch. That man out there (indicating Larson) wants to talk to one. OK, I'm here. I'll talk to him." The Usher stared at me goggle eyed and stammered "What-did-you-say??" I repeated my request. While this was going on, Bell spotted me and got up from her front row seat to point me out to Larson. Larson saw me but stalled for time, introducing a few friends and associates to the crowd, such as Margot Hamilton, Bob's show director. Larson soon ran out of introductions, though, and I was still standing there, so he beckoned me to join him. The dialogue that followed went like this:

Larson: "So, who are you? Are you a Witch?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "My name is Charles and I've been a police officer for 14 years and a Witch for 21 years." I could hear 3000 people give a sharp intake of breath.

Larson turns to the crowd and says: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the enemy is among us and he wears a badge!"

Kerr Cuhulain: "Oh, don't be silly Bob. I own a copy of your book Larson's Book of Cults and I know that you know what a Witch is, so don't try that with me."

Larson (turning back to me and frowning): "So, what is it you'd like to say?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "I'd like to know if the video that we just saw was a shortened version or if that is the full length version?"

Larson (looking puzzled): "That's all there is. That's the long version. Why?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "Because your companion (indicating Bell) indicated earlier that not all of the police officers appearing in the film were Christian. I only counted one police officer in the film and that was Randy Emon. Emon founded the Christian Occult Investigators Network. Did I miss someone?"

Bell (jumping up from her front row seat and looking flustered): "Well, uh, not all of the therapists in the film were Christian!"

Larson: "Well, I don't want to get into all of the airy fairy spirits of nature Hecate (which he pronounces to rhyme with gate) stuff. You say your a witch. Do you believe in "An it harm none, do as thou wilt?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "I do."

Larson: "Isn't that odd for a police officer. I mean, isn't it a license to do anything you feel like?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "No. It is a call to exercise an extremely high degree of personal discipline. You've got to examine all of your actions to make sure that they don't harm someone."

Larson: "Do you know Gavin and Yvonne Frost?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "Yes."

Larson: "I think that its fair to say that much of your community considers them to be outside of the mainstream, is that fair to say?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "I would say that is fair to say."

Larson: "They just appeared with me recently on Larry King Live. On the way to the studio they apparently had an argument with their cab driver and they told me that they had put a curse on him. What would you say to that?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "I would call it unethical."

Larson: "But don't they practice the same rules as you?"

Kerr Cuhulain: "You said yourself that they are considered by much of my community to be outside the mainstream. It isn't ethical to harm someone wilfully."

Larson: "Hmm. You know, if I was in hospital on a life support system and you were the person who had to make the decision to pull the plug I don't think that I would be very comfortable with that situation."

Kerr Cuhulain: "Oh, don't be silly Bob. I love you and I love all of the people in this room (indicating the crowd with a sweep of my arm). I know that they would not be here today if they weren't concerned intelligent people."

At this point Bob was beginning to look worried. From listening to his radio show I have observed that Larson's usual ploy is to get someone into a confrontation, get them off balance with a difficult question, make them look like a fool, giving them little or no time to defend themselves, and then pat them on the head and send them away in a condescending fashion after reminding everyone how magnanimous and caring Larson is. Up to this point Larson had failed to provoke an argument. In fact he had the tables turned on him and had Bell's introductory statements called into question. In cases like this Larson quickly dumps his adversary and moves on to find other opportunities. Larson shook my hand and said: "Well, your the nicest witch I've ever met." He then quickly began speaking about something else.

Within 10 minutes of regaining my seat I was approached by at least 10 people. One of them was an usher, whose remarks to me were typical of their responses. The usher said that he admired my courage for having gone up to talk to Larson. He said that he hoped that I realized that most Christians were not like Larson, that I had made some good points and that he was disappointed that Larson had tried to make me look like a fool. I thanked him and the others like him for their remarks and assured them that I understood that Larson was not representative of the majority of their ranks.

The oddest thing that happened was that a clean cut 18 year old male appeared and asked me if I was really a police officer. I showed him my badge. This 18 year old then told me that before he heard of Bob Larson he had no interest in Satanism. He claimed that when he was introduced to Larson's programs he had been turned on to Satanism! I told him that I did not endorse his beliefs myself, as Wicca had nothing to do with either Christianity or Satanism. He looked disappointed and soon left.

I was to learn later that a copy of the video tape of this presentation was sent to my police department in an attempt to inform them that an individual that Glad Tidings Church thought to be a Satanist was in the police department. Thirteen letters were sent to the department, stating that I should be in jail as I was "a Satanist" and likely a danger to the public in general and their children in particular. These failed in their intended purpose, since my department already knew that I was a Wiccan and all that implies. The Vancouver Police Department thanked those who sent letters for their concerns and filed the video tape. In fact, members of the Vancouver PD who were assigned to the Vancouver Integrated Intelligence Unit Extremist Section were present to monitor Larson's presentation that night, unaware that I had showed up on my own to do the same. One of the two VIIU officers was a devout Pentecostal Christian who is aware of my beliefs. These two officers had identified themselves to me as I was leaving Larson's presentation that night and compared notes with me.

Larson is still in business and it appears to be as lucrative as ever.

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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