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Experts [2]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: November 18th. 2002
Times Viewed: 14,439

In a letter to Greg Hansen of the Anchorage Police Department Training Unit, Criminal Justice Planner Lyn Freeman expressed her concerns about Rapacki's seminar:

"1) Mr. Rapacki seemed to generally lack any genuine teaching skills. He in fact did not teach, but presented himself more like a preacher with a very specific religious message.

"2) Much of his religious message appeared to have strong racial and religious overtones in opposition to other cultures or faiths. The particular ones that come to mind involved Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian Science and Catholicism. Since particularly in our jails, we must by policy show no prejudice towards an inmate's faith of choice, and since these faiths are included in our institutions, I was concerned about the message we were giving correctional officers concerning prejudice. There also tended to be a strong 'fear' message presented. Mr. Rapacki's favourite teaching style tended to include loud statements like 'Hello! Are you listening to me?' and 'I don't want your blood on my hands!'

"3) He instructed police officers that if they were not 'Christian', not to approach a satanic crime scene, or 'demons will jump on you.' It makes one wonder how an investigator of another faith would carry out an investigation.

"4) He also made very blatant statements about law enforcement academies attempting to 'brainwash' its attendants into satanism. APD's academy was singled out, and an officer 'witnessed' to the fact that he had been required to listen to a tape which so influenced him. When an audience member demanded to know what he was talking about, he stated that a 'Lou Tyce' tape had been used in a prior training academy, and that since Mr. Tyce stated that man had 'unlimited potential', this was in opposition to God's law, and therefore brainwashing. Creating this kind of fear and distrust between police officers and their department by these kinds of comments seemed totally inappropriate to me for a training session...

"I felt that the training was not only poor, but in fact harmful for my department, and possibly for yours, as attendants could only assume since D.O.C. had paid for their training, and APD had sent the paperwork to Police Council, that we agreed and supported the claims that he made in class."(24)

What if you didn't attend one of Rapacki's seminars? What if you only had his written training materials to work with? Let's look at Rapacki's "Intel" organization and the literature that Rapacki produces:

Rapacki's Intel organization is supposed to be an intelligence network in which "a nation wide network of dedicated people assist with the on-going collection of data which is then analyzed, coded and rated for validity, and then disseminated to those in need of such intelligence and consultation."(25) Examining the list of individuals and organizations Rapacki credits as his primary sources of such "data" reveals that his sources are all disseminators of the Satanic conspiracy myth: Lt. Larry Jones/Cult Crime Impact Network Inc, Ed Vecchry & Joe Vieira/Shatter the Darkness Outreach, Sue Joyner/WATCH Network, Jack Chick/Chick Publications, Believe the Children, Tom Wedge, Johanna Michaelson, "Dr." Rebecca Brown & Elaine Moses, Dr. Al Carlisle and Mike Warnke.

The reader will find proof earlier in this series that Rebecca Brown, Elaine Moses and Michael Warnke are notable frauds. The inaccuracy of Chick's hate literature was also discussed earlier, and we say that he was equally well known as a supporter of such frauds. Earlier we discussed Lt. Larry Jones' church based Cult Crime Impact Network Inc, a well known supporter of myths about SRA. CCIN Inc recommended Rapacki as a resource on occult related crime in the 88-1 issue of their "File 18" newsletter. Johanna Michaelson and Tom Wedge are fundamentalist Christian authors discussed elsewhere in this series. The organizations "Shatter the Darkness Outreach" and WATCH Network are fundamentalist Christian organizations actively promoting the Satanic conspiracy myth and Believe the Children is a group formed by parents upset with the outcome of the McMartin Daycare trial.

Rapacki's manual Satanism: The Not So New Problem is one of the most inaccurate training manuals on "occult crime" that I have in my possession. Rapacki cites Dr. Al Carlisle's estimates of the extent of satanic sacrifice in America early on in his book:

"Dr. Al Carlisle of the Utah State Prison System has estimated that between forty and sixty thousand human beings are killed through ritual homicides in the United States each year. The statistic is based upon an estimated number of satanists at the level where they commit ritual human sacrifices times the frequency with which these would be done during the calendar year. Dr. Carlisle estimated that in the Las Vegas metropolitan area alone six hundred people meet their deaths during satanic ceremonies each year."(26)

I mentioned Carlisle's statistics in an earlier article in this series and showed you that they cannot be supported by the actual statistics available.

Apparently Rapacki has plagiarized a great deal of material in his work. Samantha Smith states:

"Much of Rapacki's early information was plagiarized from other victims and researchers. My name and the name of Kim Vogler appear in his book, Satanism: The Not So New Problem. Both Mrs. Vogler and I have written Rapacki more than once asking him to remove our names from his book. He has not... Rapacki was selling pamphlets and other information which had my own name and research information included. I asked him to cease and he has not. He is also selling Eagle Forum's video of another young girl named Tara Becker, without permission.

"Any information regarding names of military bases and posts containing concentration camps given by Rapacki came from an article out of 'Spotlight' magazine."(27)

Rapacki opens his manual with a warning calculated to inspire fear just inside the front cover:

"WARNING: the events, reports, and portrayal of evil in this book, though accurate and substantiated, may be difficult emotionally for some to handle. Reader discretion is advised".(28)

Rapacki further states:

"This an attempt to introduce you to the reality of satanism and the occult. It is not a definitive study, but rather a briefing on a spiritual war that is raging and which has far-reaching implications... I sought to briefly explain this topic from a Christian perspective which many are unwilling to do."(29)

Note the reference to the Christian buzz words "spiritual war." Rapacki later states that "as a former police officer, I understand that police officers investigate crime not religion".(30) In fact, having only been a reserve officer it would have been impossible for him to have obtained much investigative experience. Also, these statements are at odds with Rapacki's frequent references to "spiritual warfare" and his insistence that investigators must adopt a Christian perspective in order to succeed, indeed to survive, in their work.

Here then are some quotations from Rapacki's manual which will demonstrate his "Christian perspective":
  • "For instance, Satan's clever arguments and 'makes sense' presentations have led to the murdering of millions of babies in abortion operations for the purposes of 'enhancing the quality of life'. Likewise he has promoted the misguided but 'makes sense' precept to kill off the old and the infirmed (sic) also in the millions, to ensure that they die with dignity. Both of these operations amounting to nothing more than a humane holocaust not much different than the much publicized Nazi holocaust of World War II."(31)

NOTE: Euthanasia isn't legal in North America so Rapacki's claim that the old and infirm are being killed off in the millions is absurd. I doubt that any woman who feel she needs to undergo an abortion sees the decision as a Satanic sacrifice.
  • "The Devil's most effective work, however, has been orchestrated in the media, especially through the television and music industries. What a triumph for Satan to take his depraved, destructive agenda and introduce it to millions upon millions of homes and families, and generally to spread confusion as to what is real and what is fantasy, what is good and what is evil."(32)

NOTE: Rapacki gives no specifics, so it is impossible to say what exactly it is about television that Rapacki considers Satanic. In fact, television is one of the forms of media most often used by the likes of Rapacki to get their agenda across to the public.
  • "In the truest sense of the word, we are witnessing a spiritual war that has secular and temporal repercussions. To call this war anything else but what it is: Spiritual, is to be guilty of aiding and abetting this demonic assault."(33)

NOTE: Here is that key fundamentalist Christian phrase again: "spiritual war".
  • "The United States has turned its back on God."(34)

NOTE: Obviously Rapacki sees this as the root to all of the problems that he perceives. Here is another fundamentalist Christian agenda: The idea that the US ought to be a Christian nation, even a Christian theocracy.
  • "To those of you investigating satanism or the occult, you must be equipped with God's Holy Spirit in order to deal with this spiritual warfare assault".(35)

NOTE: Here it is again: the idea that the only people capable of investigating and dealing with the problem that Rapacki perceives are Christians.
  • "It should be pointed out that Satanism and witchcraft, without the criminal activities that are usually associated with them, are protected as religions under the First Amendment, but unlike Christianity, also classified as a religion, enjoy tremendous freedom of expression in areas where Christianity is adamantly prohibited."(36)

NOTE: Isn't it interesting how Rapacki is trying to reverse reality here, suggesting that Christians are the real people being persecuted here?
  • "As of the late 1970's we (those of us working in this field) were able to 'guesstimate' that there were ten million witches in the United States."(37)

NOTE: Rapacki does not inform us what he bases such a "guesstimate" on, nor does he inform us who the other so called experts to which he refers are. According to Margot Adler, journalist and author of the 1986 book Drawing Down the Moon, there were only 100,000 Pagans (which include non-Christian new-agers, Wiccans and Native Indian religions) in the United States at the time that Rapacki wrote this. The latest figures from the Covenant of the Goddess put the total number of Witches at 784,000 in 2001.
  • "Witches groups are now highly organized and spend much time and energy making sure their image is presented positively to the public. They will tell you that there is a sharp and definite distinction between white witches and black witches, and between white magic and black magic. THIS IS FALSE AND UNTRUE. There is no difference at all between the groups since the source of power behind both of them is the same- Satanic. [emphasis in original]"(38)

NOTE: It is true that Wiccan groups spend a great deal of time trying to present correct information to the press. This is primarily because people like Rapacki spend a great deal of time telling lies. It is because of inaccurate manuals such as Rapacki's that they have been forced to do this.
  • "Arsonists, generally, have occultic ties, as do perverts and people diagnosed as anti-social, deviant, and/or psychotic."(39)

NOTE: There are studies by FBI experts such as John Douglas and others that indicate that people suffering from anti social personality disorders may engage in arson. But none of these studies indicate that people diagnosed as anti- social, psychotic or paedophiles have ties to the occult. Rapacki gives no indication where he got this information from. Note the Christian buzz-word "occultic" used here.
  • "Occultic subjection...often causes severe depression and suicidal ideations. Various neuroses have some occultic bondage connected to them...Indeed a friend and colleague on staff at a major mental hospital studied and reported that approximately 60% of the patients under his care were either demonized or possessed, rather than mentally ill!"(40)

NOTE: Of course, Rapacki couldn't really have a colleague on staff at a major mental hospital, because as we saw earlier he not only doesn't work at a hospital, he doesn't have any psychiatric credentials. Rapacki doesn't name his "colleague," but this sounds like the sort of stuff that "Dr." Rebecca Brown has often come up with. Expressions like "Occultic subjection" and "suicidal ideation" are common Christian buzz words used by the likes of Rapacki to lend his arguments credibility. Rather than giving us facts, Rapackie obscures the issues with complicated nomenclature. The fact that Rapacki seriously suggests that mental disorders may be caused by demon possession leads me to suspect that he may be psychotic himself.
  • "Dr. Kurt Koch is a leading authority on the occult, and he states 'Involvement in magical practices and sorcery can effect one's children to the third and fourth generations.'"(41)

NOTE: Dr. Kurt Koch is a fundamentalist Christian who is the author of the books The Devil's Alphabet, Christian Counselling and Occultism, Between Christ and Satan, Occult ABC, Speaking in Tongues and Occult Bondage and Deliverance. The titles themselves give you a pretty good idea where Koch is coming from. There is no scientific basis for such claims.
  • "Sudden disinterest in church and the Bible [is a clue that your children are involved in the occult]. Even if youth groups are suggested."(42)

NOTE: This is as good an example of religious intolerance as you are likely to find. It is a subtle way of saying that interest in anything not Christian is not allowed. This is the trademark of a destructive cult.
  • "There are certain diseases which I believe are demonic manifestations. One is cancer. I also believe 'the disease' of alcoholism and drug addiction are demonically inspired. Many mental and psychological illnesses are demonic in origin, in my opinion."(43)

NOTE: Here is Rapacki giving "medical" advice again, giving the reader the impression that he has medical training, which he does not. It seems as if Rapacki sees the Devil as responsible for everything.
  • "Demons are also placed into these tapes and records by music groups loyal to Satan, and by the producers who work directly for Satan. Subliminal Satanic messages are also instilled in the words and the sound of much of today's music."(44)

NOTE: This concept was obviously borrowed from fundamentalist Christian Jeff Godwin and his supporter Jack Chick, who we discuss elsewhere in this series.
  • "Satanism is on the rise in America. As we approach the end of this century, I believe we will see the continual increase and public manifestation of practising satanists and occultists. Our children are being subjected to, indoctrinated and taught Satanism, witchcraft, New Age Religion and occultism at very early ages. This will have very serious and devastating repercussions in the immediate future."(45)

NOTE: Here is that recurring theme again: Occult groups are indoctrinating us and our children.

(Continued... Click HERE for page III)

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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