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Witch Queens [2]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: March 8th. 2003
Times Viewed: 15,940

Chapter 16 is the aforementioned "Is Roman Catholicism Witchcraft?" None of the previous chapters have pictures, but this one is jammed full of drawings and photographs, as is the rest of the book from this point on. This chapter is the same anti-Catholic rant that one finds in her publisher's tracts and comics. In the next chapter Brown attacks other denominations such as the Charismatics. Then she returns to her attack on the New Age in chapter 13. She attacks the Hindus again, inferring that Brahman, Shiva and Kali are really demons. Yoga is denounced for it's Hindu influence and because she believes that it opens up people to demons. One diagram depicts "Surya Namaskar... the 'Sun Salutation'" showing the different stages of this exercise around a central picture of the sun. "Each position is a position of worship of the sun god (Called Baal in the Bible)" Brown tells us. Yes, the Bible lists a sun God named Baal, but that doesn't mean that Baal is the same solar deity being saluted here.

Brown goes on to equate malas, which are strings of beads used in the recitation of mantras, with Catholic rosaries, which are of course used for a similar purpose. In light of the anti-Catholic statements that she has already made, the inference is clear. Brown tells us that mantras summon demons and that Rock music is full of mantras. You can see the influence of the anti-rock-music people here again.

Next we find a chapter on Satanic Ritual Abuse. Brown states that the purpose of SRA is "always to place demons within the child." Elsewhere I've shown you many examples of therapists who have seized upon this idea in their "treatment." Brown claims that multiple personalities are demons. Her list of methods that are supposedly used to accomplish this is straight out of the book Michelle Remembers:

"Sexual molestation involving humans, animals and demons.

"Experiences typifying death- such as placing the child in an opened grave, in a coffin with a dead body, etc.

"Physical pain through various means.

"The implantation of fear through threats to kill the child and/or loved ones if the child reveals what has happened to him.

"Often the child is forced to actually participate in the act of killing. They are often forced to kill animals- usually baby animals such as puppies or kittens. They are also often forced to help kill another child near to their own age and of the same sex if possible, and or another adult which closely resembles the age and sex of their loved ones such as the mother or father, etc.

Brown then suggests the following course of "treatment" for children:

1. Pray to the Lord, asking him to clean sin out of your life.

2. "Once you have sought for and have received confirmation from the Lord that your child has been abused, you are faced with a number of decisions. The first decision is whether to notify the authorities. You must carefully seek the Lord's wisdom on this issue. We are most certainly in the last days and our country is almost totally corrupt. The satanists have infiltrated all police departments, welfare departments, and especially all areas of psychology and psychiatry... satanists are already planted in all the governmental agencies which get involved in such cases. You must realize that once you notify the authorities you have essentially lost control of your child."

NOTE: This paranoid nonsense is one of the key elements of a destructive cult: Isolate your followers from contact with the outside world to avoid contamination. It is also a convenient excuse to explain why Brown never reported any of this to the authorities. One can clearly see that the real reason why Brown doesn't want to report this to the authorities is because the authorities will then recognize that she is mentally ill.

3. Brown next admits that the flaw in (2) above is that if the child has medical problems it must be seen by a doctor, who has a duty to report any symptoms of abuse to the authorities. Brown advises the reader to "keep cool and disentangle yourself from the governmental system as quickly as you can."

4. Leave town.

5. "Get together with other Christians you can trust."

NOTE: This is another symptom of a destructive cult: Only hang out with believers.

6. "Allow the child to act out in play the things he has experienced."

NOTE: This is the sort of play therapy advocated by many therapists treating alleged "survivors" of SRA.

7. Be watchful.

8. Remember that Jesus loves children.

Of course all that this eight point course of "treatment" will accomplish is the same sort of indoctrination that Brown believes that the Satanists engage in. To prove her case Brown presents another pair of testimonies about people whose names have been changed:

3 year old Cindy who was allegedly abused in Satanic rituals in an unidentified church pre-school.

15 year old Sara who was allegedly abducted by Satanists, "forcibly taken to a satanic ceremony. There all of her clothes were removed and she was strapped down on a stone alter [sic]. Another young woman was similarly strapped down on top of her. That young woman was tortured and eventually killed..." A man and a child were also supposedly killed at this ceremony. Sara miraculously escapes and later becomes suicidal.

In the next chapter Brown claims that she has been "privileged to bring close to a thousand people out of hard-core Satanism. We ran a sort of underground railroad." Brown has borrowed the term "underground railroad" from the work of Faye Yager, who I will discuss elsewhere in this series. Brown then tells us that "In His perfect will, the Lord allowed the satanists to be the instrument of my mother's death." No, her mother didn't get killed in a Satanic ritual: Her mother died of old age. Brown claims that her father became ill and moved in with her and Elaine, whom Brown claims to have been treating for leukemia at home at the time. Yes, Brown believes that the leukemia was caused by demonic attacks. Brown tells us that the Satanists attacked her house one night while she and Elaine were out, totally destroying her house and killing all of her pets. Brown complains that:

"Our church decided that we were serving Satan and refused to help us. My own father and the rest of my family turned against us. Elaine's family helped the satanists destroy everything we had. Members of both of our families moved to try to get us permanently committed to a mental institution. We had no choice but to flee the state."

Well the part about their families trying to get them into a mental health facility resulting in them fleeing the state is correct, anyway. This is the cover story that Brown presents to cover up the medical licensing board decision that I told you about earlier (which she makes no mention of in her accounts). Brown claims that the two of them "Ended up in the ghettos of a major city living in a shack in the slums without even proper plumbing. Because I was not licensed in that state we nearly starved to death." She relates how she prayed to the Lord for solutions to their problem. At this point in the narrative we pause while Chick inserts the entire text of one of his comic book tracts into the text of the book. The gist of this is that if you doubt God's word, Satan will get you. The tract shows a Christian whose doubts ruin his marriage relationship, but having accepted Jesus, everything gets better. Having paused for this Biblical message from Chick, the narrative by Brown resumes. Brown then predictably blames problems in her relationship with Elaine in that period on, you guessed it, demonic influences. After ranting some more about astral projection, vegetarian diets and visualization being doorways to let in demonic influences in, Brown concludes the book by summarizing what she has said and speaking about deliverance.

The following is the text of a letter by Pastor Charles C. Younts of the Calvary Baptist Missions in Toledo, Ohio, to Pastor Paul Daniels of the same organization which outlines the numerous falsehoods perpetrated by "Dr. Brown" that were obvious to him:

"Dear Mr. Daniels:

"Having read your letter to Pastor Worley, I felt led of the Lord to respond to it, as least in part. I'm also sending copies of this letter to Rebecca Brown, Jack Chick, Pastor Worley and others I feel might be interested.

"Some random comments and questions that do require thought and/or answers:

"1. In order to avoid confusion, I will refer to the alleged former witch as Edna. She has gone by Edna Moses, Edna Bailey, Edna Gnost, Elaine Moses...why all of the aliases, I do not know. It could not be from supposedly hiding from former associates in the craft because she is exceptionally easy to track and find, no matter where she is. I refer to Ruth Bailey (alias Rebecca Brown) as just Ruth.

"2. Why does Ruth keep the title of Doctor when she was barred from medicine in Indiana? (for prescription boosting). She has not applied in any state to be reinstated. It is a fake title and misleading and has been only used by her to establish credibility.

"3. To avoid the appearance of evil, why did Edna assume Ruth's last name? The explanation by Ruth was that she was going to adopt Edna. This is so preposterous and ludicrous... that anyone would make such a comment. Middle age adopts middle age? Why do they sleep in the same bed and have done so almost since they first met? In most of the places they live there is adequate bedroom space for separate bedrooms or at least separate beds. One need hardly to accuse of lesbianism. Homosexual marriages are not uncommon and it is not uncommon for homosexual lovers to assume the last name of their partner. Add this to sleeping together and the appearance of evil is given. I would say it's an unhealthy practice for an individual in the ministry of Jesus Christ.

"4. The very idea that because an individual ministers for Jesus Christ, he is of Christ is anti-Biblical. We know Satan's messengers come on as Angel's of Light. Don't forget Judas ate with and ministered with all the others for years, and they were totally taken by them. He healed, cast out demons, pointed sinners to Jesus Christ, etc. Yet, we're told he was of his father, the Devil. Just because someone has won souls to Jesus Christ, such as "Marjoe Gortnor," they are not necessarily of Christ.

"5. One can only be judged on what they say and do by a singular standard--the only one on earth to tell the truth from the lie is the Bible. The Holy Spirit who inspired it will never go against it. Many of the statements of the two women are so far removed from the Bible that they must be looked at with great suspicion.

"6. Why do neither of the women attend a fundamental church?

"7. Having spoken with Edna personally, she told me and I have it on tape: "I was crazy for believing the New Testament".

"8. Edna, also admitted on the same tape that Ruth lost her license to practice medicine in Indiana for writing illegal prescriptions.

"9. Why does Ruth, who states on tape, one thing that is absolutely necessary in the ministry to witches is to get them out of the spiritual world where they can see things ordinary humans cannot, when she herself enters into this world frequently and what she sees is diametrically opposed to the Word of God. She made the following statements in the presence of witnesses, 'I saw Jesus get up from his throne (How lucky, just her and Steven!) and He came down to minister to demons (that's blasphemous) who were being tormented by angels (since when?) because He felt sorry for them.' Obviously, anyone making that statement does not know the Bible, is having delusions, or is trying to impress someone.

"Just for the things I've stated at this point, alone, I would not believe anything these women have to say, but there's much more--found in the tapes they put out, and that piece of garbage they call a book.

"The two gals made three sets of tapes before they put one of the sets on the market. The first set contradicts the second and the second contradicts the third and the first; and the third set contradicts much of the first and second sets. I'll not go deeply into it at this time. The market tape is full of the questionable, the impossible, and that which cannot be substantiated. Most pastors I know who have listened to the two tapes-- men in the ministries for several years--can survive only one half hour before turning them off. Most have labeled these women as bogus, still in the occult, trying to infiltrate a solid fundamental organization and ruin it...Chick Publications..., or simply two adventuresome women trying to make a name for themselves using Jack [Chick], and Jesus Christ. And still others think it's done for notoriety or even possibly that they're mentally ill. They're credibility can be greatly added to if they answer a multitude of questions which they give stupid reasons why they couldn't and also state that God told them not to answer.

"Lets just start with the tapes for the fun of it--fun tapes!?!? Edna labeled herself by her own mouth to be a murderess before and after the fact. She admits to ordering twenty murders, then admits to ordering the attempted murder of a man whose name must be known as he was admitted to the Indiana hospital when the police found him unconscious at a Satanic meeting, do not know how, saved his life, took him to the hospital, they (police) didn't know what had happened to him because, told Ruth, the police let go the only person who survived a ritualistic murder--the worse case Ruth had seen in her time at the emergency room of a person being self-butchered. I can tell you a cop or an attorney would have a field day with that. Murder, by the way, has no statute of limitations, and there was no police investigation.

"Let's look at Edna a moment if we dare. She is a primary catch for the D.E.A., F.B.I., C.I.A., B.A.T.F., N.S.A., D.I.A., etc. Pick one! You ever notice--you probably have--when the questions start to get tight, she says, "Father told not to say anything". Father??? Which Father??? He's Our Father, Heavenly Father. The singular word "Father" sounds like a familiar spirit...Father, Manchan, Richan, Charlie Chan!!! Oh, but it gets better...or worse!

"Here is a witch, Edna, who has met governors, congressmen, chiefs of police across the United States who engage in witchcraft. She's not referring to seances, taro cards, but to the down and dirty baby killing, derelict murders, narcotics killings, sex orgies with both men and women. Now, it is her responsibility to point out, name and expose these sources of evil, but we find now that God the Father goes against His Own Word and says not to expose anyone. Edna is involved in International "gun-running". Where's the B.A.T.F. and the C.I.A....Where, when and why???

"Edna, bride of Satan, top witch in the United States (maybe even in the whole world) manages to ge out of most of the killing rituals!?! The tapes and the book could be taken apart and refuted by the Bible, not to mention wisdom and plain common sense.

"Just what I have stated to this point alone would be sufficient reason not to take these women seriously. The finest Federal Investigative agencies are not interested about anything the women say. The D.I.A. on the narcotics; the B.A.T.F. on weapons; the FBI on interstate murders; the CIA on international covert deals, have no interest uniquely when these things are openly declared. If, for example, I would have said on a national tape that I've sold narcotics, international arms, murdered and knew people involved, every investigator in the United States would immediately run a background check on me before coming to elaborate on these points. If they discover within their investigations, I was a "loonie tune", they would proceed no further. If they believe there was an iota of truth, I'd be answering questions of lots of people.

"Ruth and Edna, by going public, have opened themselves up to criticism, hard statements, conclusions, public ridicule which is the right of anyone to engage in, regarding a person who by their own comments or actions bring attention to himself. Liable, slander, defamation of character cannot be brought against anyone as the individuals, Edna and Ruth, can no more bring proof of their statements than others can bring proof of their statements in certain areas. The burden of the truth lies on the person who made the original statement that started the controversy. The only answer to Edna and Ruth is to meet the great test--the Bible.

"Nothing they've said is new. It can be seen on any rented video regarding the occult, witchcraft, the martial arts, espionage, and a few assorted monster movies. Let the Lord be the judge!!! I've been able to meet both of the women. I've seen where they'll live and where they have lived. I've read material regarding their past. I even read the tract that the two put out regarding the girl in a church in Edna spotted her, and how Edna forgot to tell the girl after repenting the Biblical way to get saved. In all this I was not impressed and I'm still not!

"I do know two gals from Indiana with no place to stay, hardly anything to their name who came to California in a wreck of a car, met a fine Christian man, Jack Chick, who has a taste for the unusual and a heart so soft that he took them in. I know now that they have good paying jobs at Chick Publications, national exposure, etc. "Go West, young man," said Horace Greeley...where the action is. He's right. P.T. Barnum also said something similar.

"The young in Christ, the uninitiated, those intrigued by the spectacular, those who believe in the 'Bump in the night' evil, find the two women interesting. Most pastors never invite them back a second time. Needless to say, much more is to be said, as a great deal of time has been spent by many looking into the backgrounds as well as the story they put out. The tapes and the book speak for themselves.

"It's my understanding that an attorney for the two has been brought into the picture. I was so ordered by what I believe to be a Christian attorney in Los Angeles supposedly representing the two women, to cease and desist in any comments regarding them. My reply to the attorney was lengthy and strong and I stated I'd be more than happy to go to court on the matter. Interesting questions would be brought up and I'd love to hear the answers.

"For anyone asked to speak with Ruth and Edna's attorneys---DO NOT!!! You are not obligated. I would suggest those who criticize their ministry (if led of the Lord) then to be obedient to the Lord. If you are summoned to court, contact me. I'll give you enough accurate information and insight that will uphold you in any court in the land.

"It is my hope that a law suit is coming for me or to another laboring in the Lord. As an appeal to Caesar would bring out the truth and all foolishness would be put to an end in quick order.

"I pray that no one think badly of Jack Chick. He's labored hard for Jesus Christ. Pray for him and his ministry! Remember, Ruth and Edna, have nothing to do with Chick Publications. They work as hired employees. Their ministry is their own. They will answer to the Lord and to others as all do in the ministry, and must be prepared to have an answer for all men, not "Father told me not to!" On a witness stand that is inacceptable
[sic] if put in a correct manner".

It is incredible that even though the pastor who wrote this letter has seen through the stories of Brown and Moses he is still unwilling to admit that Chick had any part in the scam. Jack Chick has supported several similar frauds.

So far all of the examples that I've given you of men and women claiming to be "former Satanic leaders" have been from the US. Yet the US doesn't have a monopoly on such people. Britain is home to several classic examples. The most well known is probably Doreen Irvine. Irvine is the author of three books: From Witchcraft to Christ: My True Story, Set Free to Serve and Spiritual Warfare. Recently these three were combined and published as one volume, Classics From Doreen Irvine (Kingsway Press, Eastbourne).

In Witchcraft to Christ, Irvine reports that she was the youngest of five children raised in London's East End. She tells us that her parents were poor and that her father was an alcoholic. Irvine claims that she had to steal food in order to feed her four sisters. Her parents sent her to Sunday school at a mission hall on Waterloo Road. Irvine claims that she never forgot those days at Sunday school.

Irvine reports that eventually her mother fled her alcoholic father. Soon afterwards, at 14 years of age, Irvine says that she also left home. She says that she became a live-in-housemaid to a family, but continued to be depressed and isolated. When the cook in this household died, Irvine became even more desperate. She says that she then became a prostitute, first in the Paddington area of London, then in Soho. Irvine says that she began to drink and use heroin. Eventually she was arrested and spent three months in jail. When she returned to the streets she continued her drug use. She reports that she was often witnessed to by Salvation Army officers and that she still read her old hymn book.

Irvine says that a friend lured her into Satanism. The friend is not identified. In a story reminiscent of Michelle Remembers, Irvine states that she was led blindfolded into a Satanic Temple in which 500 Satanists robed and hooded in black had gathered. The Satanic leader sat on a "throne-like-seat" in the middle. Once initiated into the Satanic cult, Irvine alleges that she "witnessed all manner of evil scenes". She tells us that the rules within this group included secrecy, obedience to the leader, a prohibition against entering a Christian church or reading the Bible, and destruction of Christian literature. Irvine says that "lying, cheating, swearing, free lust- even murder- are condoned".

Mimicking the technique that we saw Elaine Moses employ, Irvine then claims that "she achieved the status of high priestess before coming a witch and, a year later, 'queen of the black witches.'" Have you noticed by now how all of these impostors want to be perceived as prodigies that get promoted in record time? Warnke was also a good example of this. Irvine, like others making similar claims, is probably doing this to enhance her claims to insider knowledge. You can't do this if you claim to be a former cult janitor or doorman. You have to claim to be the big boss.

"Very often," Irvine claims, "[black witches] exhume fresh graves and offer the bodies in sacrifice to Satan. They break into churches, burn Bibles and prayer books... They hold nothing sacred and will stop at nothing to pursue their goals. Nothing!"

This is an interesting twist to explain the lack of missing persons and dead bodies. One wonders how you can sacrifice someone already dead? Irvine gives us no specifics to allow us to corroborate these claims. She goes on to claim that her group considered hell to be a place of "unlimited pleasure, with every lust fulfilled. 'The more evil the better,' is the motto of a black witch and Satanist". I've been involved in Wicca for 33 years now and I've never encountered that motto like this outside of fundamentalist Christian hate literature.

Irvine claims that God was still trying to win her over. She moved to Bristol and encountered a message on a sign outside a church which angered her. This lead her to attend an evangelical meeting. Irvine was won over by the pastor and professed a faith in the Lord Jesus. She left with a copy of John's gospel and started speaking to her friends. As a result she claims to have become the victim of Satanic attacks. Typically, no concrete evidence such as police reports is presented to corroborate this claim. In an account reminiscent of Brown treating Moses, we are told that as a result of these attacks a pastor subsequently arranges for a colleague to counsel Irvine and over a seven month period. Irvine claims that this process frees her from numerous demonic possessions.

Irvine continues the story of her conversion to Christianity in her book Set Free to Serve. She claims that the occult "frequently leads to suicide" and that "witches worship their own demons and gods and are a law to themselves" offering "more licence than the permissive society ever can... they are evil and corrupt... The occult is nothing but a deep and dark bondage of satanic nature, origin and inspiration". No legitimate researcher has ever discovered a link between involvement in Neo-Pagan or New Age spirituality and suicidal behavior. Irvine provides no evidence other than her say so.

In her third book, Spiritual Warfare, Irvine tries to convince us that the Devil really exists. The evidence that she presents is a combination of her aforementioned questionable experiences and Biblical scripture.

Irvine went on to become the UK representative for Campus Crusade for Christ. She became a speaker for Reachout Trust. She was one of the "survivors" that was interviewed in Caryl Matrisciana's awful film Devil Worship.

Irvine's story spawned a number of copycats. For example, one of the other people supplying testimonials to Reachout Trust is a woman only identified as "Niki". In "Testimony of Niki" on the Reachout web site, Niki claimed that her anger at her father's death when she was 15 years of age caused her to rebel against her Roman Catholic faith, "drawing me into the darker side of Witchcraft". Niki tells us that during a theatre production she thought that she saw her father's ghost sitting in the audience. She was introduced to a Christian Spiritualist in the cast who got her interested in this spiritual path. Niki tells us that her mother warned her that God had forbidden such practices (quoting Deuteronomy 18:10, Leviticus 19:26-31, etc ad nauseum). Niki ignored her mother and went on to discover that she had abilities both as a medium and as a healer. "However, at this point," Niki tells us, "I had no idea that my psychic abilities to see into the spirit world and perform healings were actually controlled by demonic spirits. I was also totally unaware that the woman who introduced me to all of this was involved in far more than spiritism". Claims that Christian Spiritualists are Satanists is a typical assertion made by Satanic Conspiracy myth supporters.

Niki claims that this Spiritualist friend was also something else:

"She announced that they were gathering together to welcome me into their circle. She told me that whatever happened this night would be an honour I could not refuse. I was frozen to the spot with total fear as some sort of ceremony was being performed around me. At its conclusion I was told that I had a great work to perform! As these words were spoken, my fear disappeared. I now wanted to dedicate myself fully to the lifestyle of these people. I was eager to learn more! However, I had no idea that the person I was to give my life to was Satan! 'Satan', 'demonic spirits' and 'coven' were never mentioned, had they been then I would have recognized sooner the truth of whom these people were worshiping. Eventually, when it was too late, I realized that it was Satan himself who was commanding me to give my whole life and soul to him. I was now ready to do just that. I was now ready to be initiated into a coven

Niki isn't specific here about what kind of coven this is, but doesn't leave you guessing long. She goes on to explain that a coven is a group of up to thirteen people led by a High Priestess and a High Priest. She then reveals that this alleged coven was Wiccan with the statement:

"A Witch, traditionally, is not considered a true Witch unless initiated into coven, after serving an apprenticeship of one year and a day of preparation and study. I had broken all the rules and was to be initiated after just a few months".

Wait a minute. Niki said that she was being trained as a medium and healer by a group of Christian Spiritualists. That is an entirely different spiritual path whose practices and mythology are quite different from anything Wiccan. I can't see any Wiccan group waiving their year and a day requirement to admit someone trained in another religion. It doesn't make sense. Note also how Niki, like so many others that we have already examined, is presenting herself as a prodigy.

Niki then goes on to describe this coven of hers:

"The major themes of initiation into Black Witchcraft are suffering, death and rebirth. This being true for me, I underwent a ritual which was symbolic of physically dying, and I was then, symbolically, reborn as a new person possessing new knowledge

First of all, there isn't any such thing as "black Witchcraft". This is probably a term that she is borrowing from Irvine's account. Secondly, the initiation ceremony that Niki is describing here is a pretty standard initiation pattern in Wicca. All forms of initiation are a rebirth into a new phase of your life and this is what the initiation ceremony in Wicca symbolizes. Niki's description of her coven continues, but it rapidly becomes clear that she is no longer describing anything Wiccan:

"I was required to bring a copy of the Bible which was burned as I renounced the Christian faith and baptism, pledging a vow of fidelity to Satan and the coven".

NOTE: The Wiccan initiation ceremony does not involve Bibles, does not involve renunciation of Christianity, and does not require a vow of fidelity to Satan.

"The High Priest marked me by inflicting a surface mark over my heart".

NOTE: The initiate in many traditions of Wicca is challenged at the entrance to the Circle with the point of a blade placed against their breast. This isn't meant to puncture the skin, it is simply a challenge. The Freemasons have a similar challenge in their initiation.

"A pact with Satan was signed with my own blood".

"The coven officer recorded my name in the 'black book.

NOTE: These last two elements are borrowed from the traditional Black Mass. Niki has started adding these in her description to make the Wiccan initiation appear Satanic. None of the elements of the Black Mass are included in any Wiccan initiation. Wiccans don't have a "black book" in which member's names are recorded.

"An animal was sacrificed and offered to Satan

NOTE: This is a more modern element that we have already seen in alleged descriptions of Satanic ceremonies. Again, Niki has added this to her description to make this supposed Wiccan ceremony seem Satanic. Animals are not sacrificed in any Wiccan ceremony.

Niki claims that she went on to learn about the development of magickal and psychic powers. She states that her training included the following subjects: astrology, astral projection (out-of-body experiences), incantations, mediumship (channeling), necromancy, spell casting, trance states, and altered states of consciousness. "In other words," Niki claims, "I was opening myself for demonic spirits to possess me further, allowing me to take on characteristics of my master, Satan. All Ceremonies in Black Witchcraft are a perversion of Christian rites. Through the many varied ceremonies, demonic spirits are deliberately invoked and the participant willingly ends up becoming possessed by evil spirits in order to attain additional powers or carry out specific tasks in the service of Satan". If she was as knowledgeable as she would have you believe, she'd know that trance states and altered states of consciousness are the same thing. Trance states are necessary in mediumship. She'd also know that spell casting and incantations are the same thing. Necromancy is not a practice followed by Wiccans. None of these subjects involves demon possession. This sounds like something that she borrowed from the bogus accounts of Dr. Rebecca Brown.

Niki further claims that attendance at these ceremonies was mandatory and "Failure to attend or arriving late at a coven meeting is a 'crime' worthy of punishment". She says that punishments were commonplace and that "This is how Witchcraft has succeeded in keeping itself hidden and mysterious to the outsider. No one ever speaks to reveal the truth of what happens. When they dare to, no one believes them - their tales are too extraordinary and horrific. Every time I held back spiritually or refused to take part in a specific act, punishment followed swiftly, more possession took place, and more of the awful power within compelled and drew me into the final act of submission". An interesting claim, but it is simply an excuse to explain away the lack of evidence to support her story.

Niki is another of those people who present themselves as prodigies who attain high ranks within an organization in record time. "Once again I defied the 'norm'," Niki claims, "I became a High Priestess in record time". Niki states that she soon became the "Queen of Black Witchcraft" at 17 years of age. I wonder what Doreen Irvine has to say about this? Didn't she also claim to be the "Queen of the Black Witches?" Niki describes her elevation to this exalted rank:

(Continued... Go to Part II)

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Kerr Cuhulain

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Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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