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Witch Queens [3]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: February 23rd. 2003
Times Viewed: 31,838

"My name was put forward for promotion to become Queen. I was interviewed to test my suitability, which was a mere matter of formality, as it had apparently already been ordained for me. The location of the selection ritual was at a well-known stately home in England. The house, itself, stood aloof in its splendour. The casual day tourists, with whom I was able to mingle inconspicuously, were unaware of its more sinister existence. The boundary lines, over which the visitors were not allowed to pass, were well guarded, concealing the owner's private quarters. Concealing, also, the truth of what was being planned behind its massive walls".

NOTE: "Witch Queen" is the title given to every woman initiated into the third degree in Alexandrian Wicca. There is an example of the use of this title in an Alexandrian Third Degree Initiation ceremony in Farrar's What Witches Do. Another place that they might have found a reference to this is in Doreen Valiente's book Witchcraft For Tomorrow: In Valiente's first chapter, "The Old Gods," she speaks of how "Churchmen and other writers" described a naked girl at the Sabbats "regarded as the Queen of the Sabbat". Being the "Witch Queen" doesn't make you the Queen of anything, it just entitles you to act as High Priestess of the coven. If there are several third degree females in the coven, then you've got more than one "Queen". Thus the title doesn't really mean much. Also note how Niki fails to identify this palatial home or it's location.

"My suitability for such a position was assessed by the Grand Master prior to the 'selection' ceremony which was to be held that night. The ceremony itself was a major event, incorporating dignitaries of Freemasonry as well as the high officials of witchcraft. Already my stubbornness, which had so often resulted in punishment, now pushed me into the almost unbelievable thought that I no longer wanted this way of life, but to escape seemed impossible. At 17 years of age, I was the youngest of 450 applicants, all of which had far greater experience than I. I had no idea that all this was a set-up. The other applicants were not aware that someone had already been chosen. They were merely being used to make the proceedings appear 'official'. This was something new in coven procedure. I spoke freely of my fears and reluctance to be presented for such a position. I regarded myself too young and inexperienced to be able to carry out what would be required of me. But to my horror I was short-listed me for the evening's selection procedure".

NOTE: Obviously Niki is aware of the objections that people have made about others claiming similar elevations at such a young age and is trying to head off such criticisms with a statement like this. It really doesn't help because it doesn't alter the primary objection: No international organization is going to propose that someone this age with so little experience should be one of their leaders. Also note how Niki has brought the Freemasons into the equation here, as if they were connected to Witchcraft and Satanism, just as Bill Schnoebelen did.

"I was to display my powers in a contest against the remaining 125 candidates. The successful 50 would go on to the midnight selection ceremony. I hoped I would not be among them. I knew I could fake a sudden lack of power to the others, but not to my Mentor. There was no way out, I would have to go ahead with it all. The display went well, and I was to be among the 50!"

NOTE: Wiccan initiations do not require the initiate to demonstrate powers of any sort during the ceremony. Nor do initiations into Satanic groups such as the Church of Satan or Temple of Set.

"In the cold night air, my Mentor raised a gold goblet in the air, her long fingers caressing its textured designs with an uncharacteristic tenderness, and addressing Satan, she said, 'We gather in your presence in your Circle, in your honour, for you to choose your Bride, your Queen.'

"She had never mentioned anything to me about becoming a Bride! I stood in stunned amazement, wanting to break free from the circle, but knowing that would be more than foolish at this stage. She sipped from the goblet, once more raised it high in the air and passed it to person-to-person, each taking a sip. It passed to me. I peered into the liquid and then searched this woman's face, defiantly.

"'Go ahead,' She ordered. 'Drink!' In my head I could hear the echo of her voice whispering to me 'Don't fail me .... Don't let me down.'"

NOTE: Niki is attempting to mix two elements together here. The first concept is the Bride of Satan, borrowed from popular accounts of Satanic Rituals, and probably from the accounts of Dr. Rebecca Brown. The other concept is the Wiccan ceremony of cakes and wine. The Wiccan ceremony of cakes and wine does involve passing around a chalice of wine or fruit juice, but this is not a part of the initiation ceremony: It is a ritual that takes place at the end of every Wiccan ceremony prior to the closing of the Circle. No Wiccan initiation involves a marriage between the initiate and Satan or anyone else.

"I brought the goblet to my mouth, my hands trembling uncontrollably. Over the rim of the cup, I watched her watching me. There was a glint of expectation in her eyes that scared me but I tipped the cup and drank anyway. I passed it on to the next person. When at last it was out of my hands a sense of relief came flooding over me. The cup was passed round the massive circle for all to drink and then placed in its original position within the circle. The woman stepped towards me.

"'Concentration, Nicky. You are to be the one!' I felt my heart shift into a higher gear. 'Con-cen-tra-tion.' She said, her voice a hoarse whisper now, her eyes shooting their focused beam upon me. I felt a surge of energy run the course of my veins, throb at my temples, and it hurt. All I knew was that I had to get rid of the pain before it exploded inside me. The candle flames leaned away from me, holding onto their wicks until they could not hold on any more - and suddenly ignited into a blazing fire. Burning as high and as bright as any fire I had ever seen. As the flames rose, I watched a dark shadow grow slowly in their midst. It was my Lord, my Master. One by one, each candidate walked towards the flames in an attempt to meet their Lord in the centre, thus proving themselves to be worthy of the title. They failed in their task. It was my turn, and as I walked through the wall of flames, they seemed to explode skyward. Satan stood smiling at me, welcoming me into his arms to hold me and kiss me. The ceremony to make me his Bride and Queen commenced, amidst riotous celebration and extravagant praise from the circle, led by my exuberant Mentor! The confirmation of the marriage was the gift by Satan in the circle of fire of an inscribed bridal ring. This ring was only worn in coven ceremonies

NOTE: Nikki's account now resembles Michelle Pazder's accounts of Satan's appearance at a major ritual in Michelle Remembers. In this case Satan himself presents her with an inscribed ring, which almost sounds like Sauron and his "one ring to bind them all" from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy. Note how Niki conveniently fails to mention exactly what happened when the other candidates failed. They were supposedly walking into a wall of flames. Does this mean that 49 people ended up incinerated? You'd expect a hospital ward jammed with burn victims in black robes to attract some attention.

"I would now be known as Queen of the Black Witches, to be worshiped and obeyed not only in England but also throughout Europe. I was able to speak any language fluently due to the demonic gifts within me".

NOTE: This is straight out of Michelle Remembers. You'll recall how Michelle claimed to suddenly have the ability to speak French.

Niki then becomes even more grandiose. She goes on to explain how busy she went on to be, performing the "Black Mass" and "Together with the High Priest of Satanism [forming] the union between Black Witchcraft and Satanism, thus combining certain rituals, ceremonies and beliefs all of which were written and bound in a book". Funny, I could have sworn that all of the other "experts" out there were claiming that this connection was forged in the distant past. Of course, Niki doesn't reveal the contents of this book, as it is "being held in a place of safety". She claims that in the course of one of her "escape attempts I had tried to burn it, this resulted in further punishment and I believe the documents were rescued. As I am now free and away from coven activities I obviously have no idea where the book is being kept". How convenient.

Niki claims that as "Queen" she was "financially provided for and subsequently, on my departure from Witchcraft, was blackmailed for all the money that had been bestowed on me". Blackmail being a criminal offense, one would expect that when she defected Niki would have reported this to the authorities. No such reports were made.

Niki claimed that while she was the "Witch Queen" she met an old school friend who just happened to be a Christian. He talked her into attending a Bible study class and she consented "just to get him off my back!" You'd think that such a supposedly talented magician and world leader with Satan as a husband would be able to deal with annoying people like this. "I did not expect to learn anything. I had been brainwashed into believing that Christians were poor, deluded souls who were worshiping someone who had been defeated on the cross 2000 years ago by my master, Satan," Niki tells us, "What I did experience, however, was that as the evening progressed I began to feel increasingly more uncomfortable. There seemed to be some sort of a battle raging within me. I decided at that point that perhaps I should become a Christian; however, I still had my coven obligations to fulfil!!"

Niki claims that after being caught trying to help another coven member escape she was no longer trusted. She moved to Tunbridge Wells but claims that she was followed and "ordered to take up my office within the local coven". She claims to have experienced "dark, horrific nightmares". She claims that she went in desperation to speak to Roger, the curate of the local Anglican church. Roger and his wife Margaret commenced a series of prayer sessions. Meanwhile the Satanists are supposedly pursuing her, kidnapping her and forcing her to do nasty things. Niki describes this process as going on for twenty years. Niki apparently made reports of this harassment to the police, but as you will see a little later, conveniently claims to have deliberately lied about the descriptions of the suspects as she was afraid (more on this later). Instead, "All the coven's twisted, complicated plans were just washed away in the Blood of the Lamb and Satan had no further stronghold - he had to let me go because I didn't want him. I then knew for sure that I was free!"

Reachout Trust adds to Niki's story by giving us the testimony of the person who claims to have saved Niki, Roger's wife Margaret. Note how in the following account they spell her name "Nicki". The account is narrated Margaret, who gives this account of her first meeting with Niki:

"My first memories of her were of someone young, very shy, quiet, pretty, ill at ease... We then found she wanted help, and discovered in her long list of past experiences, the words 'spiritualism, medium and witchcraft'! Our first observations were that she was unable to say the Lord's Prayer or make a prayer of repentance without a great deal of help. Warning bells began to sound! I remember as a youngster reading Doreen Irvine's book 'From Witchcraft to Christ.'"

Margaret then goes on to describe some of Irvine's claims. If you wondered why Niki's story resembled Irvine's, you can stop wondering. "With this book in mind," Margaret tells us, "I knew that if Nicki had been involved in Witchcraft then a simple prayer of repentance would not be enough!"

Margaret claims that on the following weekend "Two things happened! One, [Nicki] was attacked and the Bible we had given her was burnt and, secondly, she genuinely thought that because she had vowed in blood that her soul belonged to Satan, then she could never become a Christian". Margaret reassured her and asked her to bring the promise to Satan that she had supposedly written so that it could be burned. As her husband Roger was out of town, Margaret enlisted the help of another Curate. Apparently Niki went off alone and eventually came back with the document in question. Obviously there were plenty of opportunities here for Niki to have manufactured any sort of document like this while she was away, but this does not seem to have occurred to Margaret. Margaret and the curate "made a decision that it was not necessary for me to read the promise, but it was right to get it prayed over and destroyed". Convenient, because Margaret can now say that she can't even really say what this document said. Margaret and the (unnamed) Curate went outside her back door, prayed and lit the "promise" on fire. Margaret claims that "As the 'worded' promise was burnt, it literally went up in a puff of green smoke! I became even more convinced that I had bitten off more than I could chew!"

I mentioned earlier how Niki claims to have made police reports about the harassment that she was being subjected to. Margaret reports:

"The Police had been informed of the attack and we spent a happy afternoon with the CID, with Nicki giving detailed descriptions of two people and an Alsatian dog that had supposedly bitten her. I spent the next three years while in Tunbridge Wells, on the lookout for these people, only to discover, years down the line, that Nicki had been far too afraid to give the right description knowing that punishment would surely have followed such a betrayal!"

I think that it is more accurate to say that the punishment that Niki feared here was being charged for causing police to enter into a false investigation, based on the exaggerations and falsehoods that we have already discovered.

Roger and Margaret then enter into "organized counseling" and prayer sessions with Niki. Apparently their first session developed into a physical confrontation:

"We arranged our first prayer session with Nicki. We had a supporting prayer group in our lounge, children asleep, and with the Lord Jesus as our only Guide and Counsellor, we committed Nicki into His hands. What followed totally shocked us to the core. Her strength was phenomenal, and it was as if she was no longer this young girl. We knew from scripture that it was important to bind demonic spirits (Mark 3:27), and that on occasions Jesus forbade the evil spirits to speak (Luke 4:35), with the exception of the demon possessed man in Mark 5, in the region of the Gadarenes, when Jesus asked the name of the evil spirit.

"We had on the armour of God and clothed in Jesus' Righteousness, we fought the first of many spiritual battles...

"Our children, despite the noise, never woke up. It was as if our home was 'protected' and with the support of our prayer group, this was the beginning of our ministry with Nicki. She was only a child, away from home and suddenly, from that night, we realized she would not be safe to stay where she had been staying and her mum needed to know what was happening. Nicki, therefore, against advice given to us, moved in! I was then in a position where I would be with her on my own!

This allowed Margaret to in effect adopt Niki and make a full time project out of her "recovery" in the hope of getting "rid of everything before she went back to her mum". Margaret claims that Niki felt no pain "spiritually" and that she had been "indoctrinated against any emotion". Margaret expresses excitement over claims that she was finally able to make Niki cry, laugh and experience a headache. This latter experience Margaret describes as "A breakthrough!"

Eventually Margaret lets Niki leave her home. Margaret claims that "What was still within [Nicki] caused her to go into trances and then find herself back in the coven. Either that or she would be apprehended and blackmailed". This is a very interesting comment. Margaret clearly takes this to mean that Niki turned into a sort of somnambulist or zombie and made her way back to the Satanists. One could just as easily interpret this as Niki going off into a trance and dreaming that this happened.

Next we discover another reason that Niki's story resembles Irvine's. Margaret tells us that "Nicki met with Doreen Irvine and had some prayer backup in Devon but the persistence of the coven knew no bounds. To try to explain these early years is a bit of a 'puzzle'! Doreen Irvine had stated to Nicki that she would know herself when she was free".

Next Margaret tells us that she and her husband arranged for Niki to be baptized and set off for Tunbridge Wells. "I was overcome with emotion," Margaret tells us, "Was she free? This was to be the cry for many years!" Margaret claims that:

"Nicki had a year at St. Johns College in Nottingham and then decided to train as a Nurse and put any help or deliverance on hold for the time being. This was compounded by threats of blackmail and never to contact us again. However, God never gives up on us and Nicki arrived back on our doorstep! The gauntlet this time was thrown down - stay in the Vicarage, almost as a prisoner until we got to the end of it all - or go! She stayed!!! We had a superb ministry team. People who gave up hours of their time as we ceremonially began to break the many bondages that the coven had intrinsically woven. This was not without human emotions! By this time Nicki was able to both laugh and cry - usually at the same time!! God gave us a tremendous sense of humour. On the other hand, emotions ran equally the other way, and on a more serious note, I would chuck her out and she would be with another member of the ministry team to give me a break!"

Compare this non-stop "deprogramming" session to the sort of "therapy" conducted by therapists in the article on therapists in this series. Margaret is using similar techniques here to the ones used to create false memories by such therapists.

Margaret next reports that Nicki was permitted to leave on the belief that she had "gone off to a worship meeting, which we later discovered was linked to Toronto". What Margaret is referring to here is The Toronto Experience, produced by the Vineyard Fellowship Church. Margaret describes this as follows:

"The Toronto Experience, as some have named it, is the latest phenomenon to hit the Church. Many claim it to be a genuine move of the Holy Spirit with people falling down with various manifestations such as prolonged laughter, symptoms of drunkenness (such as slurred speech, ungainly gait etc.), loss of strength and weeping. It owes its name to a small Vineyard Fellowship in Toronto, Canada. This Church has influenced so many Christians and churches with hundreds travelling to Canada from around the world to witness these things first hand. Although this Vineyard Church in Canada has been influential, to a large extent in spreading this movement, it did not start in Toronto. Indeed, these manifestations have been experienced in America, Scandinavia and other countries as well as Canada. The beginning of the events in Toronto is to be linked back to John Arnott's (Pastor of Toronto Fellowship) quest for a fresh anointing of God. Consequently he travelled to Argentina in November 1993 to attend some meetings conducted by Benny Hinn. Later he discovered that another Vineyard Pastor (Randy Clark) had seen renewal in his own Fellowship after Rodney Howard-Browne had prayed for him. Consequently Randy Clark was invited to Toronto on the 20th January, 1994 and the present outbreak of manifestations began. Another significant figure in this movement is Claudio Friedzon. He felt he was missing something in his ministry and travelled to Florida to visit Benny Hinn who prayed for him and prophesied over him. Terry Virgo, of the Vineyard UK Team, was also prayed for by Rodney Howard-Browne, and who then subsequently prayed with his UK leadership team. - (Ray Borlase. Intercessors for Britain. 6th September 1994)"

In other words, Niki went off to hang out with some Charismatic Christians. When she returned she told Margaret that "Had she been aware of the background to the worship meeting she was going to she would not have gone". Remember how earlier Niki claimed her Christian Spiritualist friend got her initiated into "Black Witchcraft?" Here we go again:

"On our return Nicki, who assured me that she was free, greeted me with great joy and happiness. Her back, which had been causing problems, was healed and anything evil God had removed it all at once! This, I found to be an amazing statement. If God could have cast out everything all at once we had spent hours unnecessarily! It didn't make sense! We sat and talked. I discovered she had had marks on her stomach, which she had hidden from me. For the uninitiated, marks were very significant. They were of no human likeness, whatsoever, and would heal without any scarring. They would normally appear when Nicki herself willingly had given Jesus permission to search her and it would be a response that the demonic spirit could no longer remain hidden. This had been the pattern over the years and therefore was not unusual. Nicki had realized the significance of this and yet had been deceived into thinking that by this one worship time it had all been sorted out".

Margaret goes on to express her misgivings in more detail. Margaret was not convinced that Niki was free, though Niki was insisting that this was the case. Margaret says that she convinced Niki to "to go away, pray and seriously ask the Lord Jesus to reveal the truth".

Two days later Niki's friend came to Margaret to tell her that Niki had suddenly become blind. "We immediately brought [Nicki] to the Vicarage and prayed," Margaret claims, " and discovered that it was a demonic spirit that had blinded her and once bound, and named, and cast out, she could see. It was then that we were able to deal with the marks she had received earlier, and began to break more of the coven activity. We then double-checked that the meeting she had attended was connected to the Toronto Experience".

Margaret claims that she then researched the Toronto Experience and concluded:

"The manifestations that I was seeing did not fit in with the teaching in the Bible. Roaring like lions, shaking, laughing hysterically and lying (or slain in the spirit) and unable to move. Book and articles have been written to cover this issue by many people. My own experience only confirms that the 'Toronto' spirit could be blinding many people to the truth that is in the Bible regarding the Holy Spirit, which is God, to give glory to Jesus - not to divide and make a mockery of our human body with animal noises and indecent physical actions. The fruits of Toronto come from the shepherd. The shepherds connected to Toronto are Benny Hinn, who has openly stated he receives power from the grave of Kathryn Kuhlman; Rodney Howard-Browne, who describes himself as the 'Holy Spirit Bartender'; and Kenneth Hagin and Copeland, who are into 'Prosperity teachings of which they openly have stated 10 heresies".

This is very similar to the subjects that Dr. Rebecca Brown raved about in her book Prepare For War. Margaret goes on to refer the reader to Hank Hanegraaff's Christianity in Crisis and Counterfeit Revival, Bill Randles's Weighed and found Wanting, Nadir Mikhaiel's The Toronto Blessing and Slaying in the Spirit, and Blessing the Church by Hill, Fenwick, Forbes and Noakes. I got the impression reading this that Margaret initially wanted to believe that these Charismatics were good Christians, but ultimately rejected them because of the claims of her "patient" Niki. As if this isn't strange enough already, Margaret goes on to say that she was "given dreams that indicated certain areas that needed to be dealt with". Sounds like Brown and Margaret have a lot in common, doesn't it?

Next Margaret makes a statement that I'd like you to keep in mind as it ties in to the sorts of claims made by therapists treating alleged survivors of Satanic Ritual Abuse:

"We had really thought we had covered everything - Nicki by this time thoroughly fed up, and quite rightly, wishing it could all be over. We hoped and prayed that we had reached the end. Certainly, our time in Kent was over, and we moved to Oxfordshire leaving Nicki back in the Church. We had been through so many ups and downs hoping she was free, then finding that there was more to deal with, that it was almost no surprise to find there was more. This time, though, it was different! Anyone who has dabbled in witchcraft may recognise that witchcraft is a 'craft'. It is cunning and deceptive and they had woven such a deceptive web over Nicki's life that only the grace and power of the Lord Jesus could break it. Her memory had had been blocked by demonic forces, so for her, her involvement willingly of her own free will began after her father's death - that was not the truth, and as when Nicki and I write, with God's help, her true story, readers will see how determined the coven had been - that they would never, ever let her go. They had kept on telling her she would never be free, and now we understood and knew why. But Christ is the Victor, and He broke those chains of darkness. No false memory syndrome. When the demonic spirits left, Nicki was able to remember everything without me telling her. This was confirmation for us. God has won a great victory for Nicki. Only He knew the truth and the truth set Nicki free".

"No false memory syndrome". This statement clearly indicates that Margaret is aware of the sort of "recovered memory" therapy that certain therapists had been using to treat alleged survivors. As I mentioned earlier, her approach parallels the sort of "therapy" that we see them engaging in elsewhere in this series. Margaret was trained in a missionary school, baptistised by total immersion in a Baptist church and trained as a nurse at The London Hospital, Whitechapel. A nurse, not a psychiatrist.

Once again we've seen how therapists and patients interacted to create incredible stories and support each other's beliefs, inventing the most bizarre stories to explain away the lack of evidence. You've seen how having the title "doctor" can give credibility to your stories even though such titles have no basis in reality.

Article Specs

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Times Read: 31,838


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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