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Alan Herbert Peterson

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: April 28th. 2003
Times Viewed: 29,190

Alan Herbert Peterson


Another of my favorite examples of a publisher of urban legends promoting Satanic hysteria is Alan Herbert Peterson. Back in 1971 the Reverend Dr. Alan Herbert Peterson became the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of a bewildering array of companies, committees and associations, most of which seem to exist only on paper. The addresses and impressive sounding organizations associated to this individual are:

PO Box 1092, South Orange, NJ, 07079:

United States Citizens' Commission on Crime and Narcotics (USCCCN) National HQ (fed ID# 22-2871403)

National Clearinghouse for Satanic Crime In America (NCSCIA)

National Christian Institute for the Study of Satanology

Satanic and Occult Crime Investigation Unit of the NJ State SPCA (Peterson calls himself the "agent-in-charge" of this unit)

National Association of Security Personnel (NASP)

PO Box 863, Millburn, NJ, 07041:

Masters of Philanthropy

Survival Resources and Research Group

American Focus Publishing Company

Priority One Consultants

PO Box 403, Short Hills, NJ, 07078:

Survival Associates (fed ID# 22-2680615)

Priority One Consultants (fed ID# 22-2680615)

PO Box 350, East Orange, NJ, 07019:

Priority One Consultants

4535 West Sahara Ave, Suite 105-126M, Las Vegas, NV, 89102 (Peterson's personal address):

USCCCN National Crime Commission

More recently Peterson's empire took on the even more impressive sounding title of USCCCN International, Inc., adopted the new address of PO Box 663, South Plainfield, New Jersey, and started up a web site:

Not only has Peterson created a confusing array of organizations, but he has also created numerous impressive sounding departments or "divisions" within many of them:

USCCCN National HQ:

Cartography division

Cryptography division

Ritual Abuse Investigation Training division

New Age Cults and Sects Research division

Spiritual Warfare division

National Christian Institute for the Study of Satanology:

Educational Resources Department

Priority One Consultants:

Intervention and Prevention Division

Survival Associates:

Dept BC

American Focus Publishing Company:

Training Aids division

Masters of Philanthropy:

Funding and Grants division

When I wrote to any of Peterson's organizations I got put on a mailing list for "junk mail" from Priority One Consultants, post marked from any one of the addresses above, as well as from Survival Associates. When I searched his web site I suddenly started getting a lot of e-mail spam regarding deals on loans, indicating that he has sold his address list to such organizations. All of the above organizations are linked to the United States Citizen's Commission on Crime and Narcotics (USCCCN), which appears to coordinate the whole network. Peterson is the National Executive Director of the USCCCN and Phillip G Kaplan is the Executive director of the NCSCIA and the Survival Resources and Research Group. David Coverston is the director of NASP.

The USCCCN published the Criminal Intelligence Report and USCCCN Focus newsletter. Membership in the USCCCN is free. Peterson announces in his literature that all memberships are paid for by his Masters of Philanthropy organization. In the NCSCIA literature received by me the NCSCIA is referred to as "an all volunteer, philanthropic research organization." Peterson, like Larry Jones of Cult Crime Impact Network Inc, is creating his own little empire, although his is obviously more commercially oriented than Jones is. USCCCN publications are full of advertising for products, services and literature from the other organizations in Peterson's control. The USCCCN even offers members a discount deal with Alamo car rentals.

Priority One catalogues offer all of the standard books disseminating the Satanic Conspiracy myth, but usually do not mention the name of the author, as if to suggest that the book is their work. They also offer a directory called the Guide to the American Occult. The latter is a list of over 3000 new age organizations in the US and in Canada which Peterson considers Satanic. The vast majority of them aren't.

Peterson has written numerous articles for publications such as: Police and Security News, Enforcement Journal, The Police Marksman, The Daily News, Wisconsin Trooper Magazine, CCIN Inc's File 18, Pennsylvania Police Chief Magazine, The Liberty News, The New Jersey Citizen, and Humane News. In the articles written for police magazines, Peterson identifies himself as "Dr. A. Herbert Peterson," dropping the title "Reverend." Yet in his "'Special' Public Service Message" from the Guide to the American Occult, he identifies himself as "Rev. Dr. Alan H. Peterson," using both titles and emphasizing his first given name rather that his second. He also adjusts his writing style to the audience, delivering a much less Christian oriented message as "Dr. A. Herbert Peterson" than he does as "Rev. Dr. Alan H. Peterson," a common tactic employed by individuals like him as we have already seen.

For example, in the Police and Security News article on occult related crime, Christianity is very low key. But in his "'Special' Public Service Message" Peterson is pounding his Bible for all he is worth, repeatedly using fundamentalist Christian terms and phrases such as "spiritual warfare," "spiritual contamination," "spiritual weapons (or weaponry)," "put on the whole armor of God," "breastplate of righteousness," "shield of faith," "sword of the spirit," "helmet of salvation," etc.

In September of 1989 a handbill was distributed over the name of "Satanic Revolutionary Circle" which offered a $5000 reward for the murder of "any active- duty law enforcement officer in the United States." It first appeared in late September on the windshield of a Kentucky State Police cruiser. Jim Calhoun, a writer for the Cincinnati Enquirer, called Peterson to ask his opinion of this incident. Peterson said that he was unfamiliar with the poster but was quoted by Calhoun as saying "It sounds like the work of a group in Barneveld, Wisconsin, calling itself 'Circle Sanctuary'." Calhoun called Circle (which is actually in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin) and spoke with networking secretary Terry Ingersoll, who denied any connection with such a Satanic group. Circle Sanctuary is a legally incorporated Wiccan church founded by Selena Fox. Circle has been around for years. Circle sponsors a yearly festival called Pagan Spirit Gathering (PSG) which is the largest and oldest in North America and publishes one of the oldest Pagan newsletters: Circle Network News. There is nothing Satanic about Circle Sanctuary.

Peterson's accusation was pure speculation on his part and he was obviously unaware of the facts in this case, as was Calhoun. In fact, the US Dept of Defense Police had notified all US Police Agencies that the Wayne's County Sheriff's Dept in Goldsboro, North Carolina, had received information that Jamaicans involved in the Jamaican Posse drug cartel had vowed to kill law enforcement personnel at random, based on the US president's anti-drug campaign. The flyer stated:

"REWARD $5000 for the murder of any Active Duty Law Enforcement Officer in the United States. Just do it, we'll find you. Join the Police and Flowers Action Squad. Fill their stinking cemeteries with human garbage. You know who you are."

This flyer was signed "The Satanic Revolutionary Circle".

There is no indication that this group or its flyer had any Satanic or Wiccan connections and it seems most likely to have been connected to the Jamaican Posse drug ring.

Peterson seized upon the popularity of the Satanic Panic in the 80s. He published a series of books written by Doc Marquis, who I introduced you to back in another article in this series. You will recall that Marquis claimed to be a former Witch and Illuminati member. Peterson published Marquis books: America's Occult Holidays, Front Men of the Illuminati, The Illuminati's New World Order, Inner Circle of the Illuminati, Memoirs of a Former Illuminati Witch, Secrets of the Illuminati and Signs and Symbols of Satan.

Peterson also edited (or authored) several other books disseminating information about Satanic Conspiracy myths:

Battling Satanic Elements. Peterson was the author of this one.

The Christian Approach to Spiritual Warfare, by Frank M. Brim.

Demon Possession: A Handbook for Human Service Professionals, by G. Edwin Lint.

Hell Ranch: The Nightmare Tale of Voodoo, Drugs & Death in Matamoros, by Clifford L. Linedecker.

Peterson also created The American Focus on Satanic Crime Series: Awareness, Training, Intervention & Prevention Collection. Peterson is the editor for this series and the authors are:

Doc Marquis

Greg Reid, author of Teen Satanism: Redeeming the Devil's Children and Treasures From The Master's Heart.

Tony Kail

There are five volumes in The American Focus on Satanic Crime Series:

Volume 1: seeks to establish the "belief & the awareness of satanic and occult involvement & crime."

Volume 2: "Offers in-depth investigative research findings addressing witchcraft, satanism, santeria, ritual crime, demonic possession, cults & gangs."

Volume 3: "Takes a startling & provocative look into the threatening resurgence of occultism in America."

Volume 4: Covers various "occult related topics."

Volume 5: "Secrets of the Illuminati, exposes witchcraft & existing secret societies in a Who, What, When, Where, Why & How format."

These are lengthy volumes, so let's examine one good example from this series: The 190 page manual American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II, which was released in 1990. It begins with a 10 page preface and a 6 page introduction by Peterson. The foreword, "Tripping Over Satan," was written by Daniel J Meany III, president of Unified Intelligence, Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts. This is followed by two articles by Police Chaplain and Pastor Billy R Bissell of the Muskogee Police Department in Oklahoma: "Satan and Satanism" and "On Demons." Bissell announced in CCIN Inc's 89-4 issue of their File 18 newsletter that he was setting up an occult investigator's network in Oklahoma. In his article "On Demons," Bissell states: "Possession by demons or evil spirits is one of the most constant and universal religious phenomena, anthropologically confirmed among both primitive and advanced societies alike."

In American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II, Peterson has a four page list, "Documented Proof of the Reality of Satanism, the Occult, and its Related Criminal Activity." It isn't really proof, being simply a list of newspaper and magazine article titles; the articles themselves are not reproduced. How a list of titles is supposed to prove anything is anyone's guess. Here is a sample of some of the titles in this list, some of which sound like titles from the sensational tabloid newspapers sold at supermarket checkouts:

"Congress to Decide if Paganism Practised by `Today's Witches' is a Legitimate Religion"

"Satanic Sickos Steal Jars of Unborn Babies"

"Christians Blow Satanism Out of Proportion (???)" [sic]

"Satanists Rape Helpless Schoolgirls and Sacrifice Their Unborn Babies"

"Witchcraft Links Two Murders- 157 Years Apart"

"Satanism: The New Black Plague That is Sweeping the World"

"Queen of the Witches: Confessions of a Black Witch"

"Evil Satanists Breed Babies to Sacrifice in Grisly Rites"

"Children Sacrificed to Satan"

"Church War on `Satanic' Plan"

"Slaves of Satan Send Bloody Threat to Crusading Minister"

"Witches' Bizarre Plot to Bring Hitler Back to Life: Women Tried to Kill Human Sacrifice So Fuhrer and Jack the Ripper Could Return"

"When the Devil Crashed an Orgy"

"Satan Still an Influence on Modern Life"

"Experts Estimate That Devil worshippers Perform 50,000+ Human sacrifices Yearly"

"Satanism and Charismania Linked"

Next in American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II Peterson has a one page article, "Two Hundred Plus Fallen Angels: A Focus on References to Satan". This article by Peterson lists various names for Satan. Another Peterson article in this manual is "A 'Unique' Community Response to Satanism", in which Peterson discusses a collection of kinky sex ads he came across in "a weekly entertainment newspaper", which he declines to identify. The person placing the ad is asking for Satanic sex partners. One wonders what Peterson was doing reading these ads? Peterson also includes several articles on youth gangs which have little or nothing to do with Satanism or the occult.

Peterson includes the standard stuff on recovering "lost" memories of Satanic abuse in American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II. He includes an article by Carol Lynn Morse on "Satanic Conditioning: Consideration of Selected Conditioning Techniques in Contemporary Satanic Cults." Morse is the vice president of Alliance For Missing and Abducted Children, Inc. (AMAC) in Mobile, Alabama. Morse is a therapist treating alleged SRA survivors. Peterson also prints an 8 page "Survivor's Story" provided by Leslie Floberg, President of Believe the Children , written by an unidentified "survivor". Floberg lectures on "occult crime" for Believe the Children. Peterson also includes Dr. Catherine Gould's ubiquitous list, "A 1990 Focus on the Signs and Symptoms of Ritualistic Abuse in Children". There is also a three page article, "Child Abuse: Reporting and Handling the Growing Problem" by Rhonda McChord, Carole Thompson, Detective Joseph E. Hebert Jr., and Sergeant Michael Lentz of the Police Association of New Orleans newsletter, The Force. This is followed by a two page article by Hebert alone: "Child Sexual Abuse: The Scope of the Problem." Next we find a nine page outline from the awful Cavalcade Productions film Ritual Crime: Guidelines for Identification. Peterson has highlighted the following excerpts from this film:

"It must be noted that the validity of both animal and human sacrifices is bonafide. This has been documented through the testimonies of survivors. This fact MUST be believed..."

NOTE: As we have seen, many of these survivors stories have been proven to be falsehoods. This being the case it is hard to justify calling such reports of Satanic sacrifices "bonafide." Note that familiar call for the reader to believe.

"What is a `Book of Shadows'? It is a black-covered book in which teen followers write down their a record of their [sic] cult activities and locations, their agreement and/or suicide pact with Satan, secret cult messages, rituals, slang and more. It can be a vital key to the entire investigation and intelligence gathering process."

NOTE: As we have seen, the reason that youth have begun using this name for their personal journals is that "experts" like Peterson keep telling them that this is what such books are called. You'll recall that this was an idea which we first saw Warnke disseminating. A Book of Shadows is the personal journal of a Wiccan (either teen or adult), and not a Satanic document.


NOTE: Here it is again: Never mind the lack of evidence and the illogical nature of the stories. Just believe them.

An interesting difference between Peterson's American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II and most other similar manuals on this subject is that Peterson has persuaded a member of the Moslem faith to write an article for his manual. This is "An Islamic Perspective on Satanism From the Holy Quran" by Dawud Hassan of the East Orange (New Jersey) Islamic Center. In this article Hassan states:

"In Quran IV:117- We find: `The Pagans invoke to goddesses instead of Allah (God). They invoke that rebellious Satan, to whom Allah (God) has laid his curse. They obey that Satan, who said to Allah (God); `I will entice them by vain desires. I will command them and they will slit the ear of the cattle by my order, and I (Satan) will command them and they will make alterations and corrupt Allah's (God) Creation. Therefore, whosoever makes this same Satan his patron, instead of God, becomes a manifest loser.'"

NOTE: An interesting perspective, but not any more accurate than the others that falsely accuse Goddess oriented religions of being Satanic.

In American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II, Peterson includes two articles: "Murder, Satanism and Conspiracy" and "Satanism and the Serial Killer: An Overview." Both were written by Steve Daniels, MA, of the Wisconsin Dept of Corrections in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The first claims that all serial killings are Satanic simply because a common characteristic of serial killers is that they maim, torture and kill animals. This may be a common characteristic of psychopaths, but it is a demonstrated fact that most psychopaths are not Satanists. In the second article Daniels creates several categories of serial killers, many with only one person in them, in an attempt to expand on the first article. As the premise in the first article is illogical, there isn't much point in this.

Peterson also includes many excerpts from Reverend Frank Brim's book Satan's Secrets Revealed. Brim is the founder/national executive director of the Worldwide Ministry of Deliverance in Hershey, Michigan. By including these excerpts, Peterson demonstrates that he believes in demon possession. Here are some of the excerpts that Peterson includes:

"Contamination (possession) of the human spirit generally occurs only among those who consciously and willfully pursue a life of evil, or who are born to parents who have pursued a life of evil. However, there are exceptions. By pursuing a life of evil, I refer to those who are Satan worshippers, witches, warlocks, underworld executioners, drug dealers, pushers, etc. Those who lose control of their lives to Satan, are, for the most part (not always) those who have either been contaminated for a long time, or who inadvertently have gotten themselves involved in the occult, drugs, or whatever, without realizing what they were doing...and who would get out if they only could"...In summary, I would remind the reader that evil-spirit contamination has reached epidemic proportions in the church, and that this intolerable condition can be alleviated ONLY through the "Specialized Ministry of Deliverance."

NOTE: You'll note that Brim is suggesting that only his Ministry can provide a solution to this "problem".

"There are a host of contributing factors that cause `spirit contamination'. They are identified as: First: spirits are Transmitted Ancestrally... In fact, this is the way most of us become contaminated. One of three things can account for this little understood phenomenon: Either the mother of the father, or both, were contaminated at the time of conception... or the parents damned the child, either intentionally or inadvertently, causing spirits of damnation to contaminate the embryo or fetus. To do this one would need only to say `I'll be glad when this damn kid is born'. Or negative thoughts, as resentment or fear, are transferred directly to the fetus... Second: There are curses and spells... Third: There is chronic sin... Superstition... Fifth:...The Drug Trap... Sixth: The Occult Trap, Too, Causes Contamination. It is indeed a trap in every sense that the word implies. It is one that snares countless numbers of both the `lost' and the `saved' every year."

NOTE: Sounds a lot like the material on the Demonbusters web site that we examined in an earlier article in this series, doesn't it?

"The dark practices of occultism are many and varied. Satan carefully prepared the occult menu to appeal to many different appetites. Among them are astrology, fortune-telling, hypnosis...,psychic spirit healing, witchcraft (which includes casting curses and spells on others), unholy blood pacts (selling one's soul to the Devil- a quite common practice)...pyramid power, and involvement in Eastern religions..."

Peterson lists Afro-Caribbean and Latin American spirit religions such as Santeria, Brujeria and Palo Mayombe as Satanic, which is incorrect. These three belief systems were developed from traditional beliefs in Africa (in the case of Santeria and Palo Mayombe) or Central America (in the case of Brujeria). Peterson includes an eight page article, "Santeria, Brujeria, and Palo Mayombe," by Wade E. Singletary, III, of Interfaith Witness Associates in Florida. Singletary isn't recognized as an expert in this area. Peterson also includes an odd five page "Santeria Practical Exercise." This is a list of Spanish phrases and paragraphs which the USCCCN asks the reader to translate and mail into their head office. If Peterson knows all about Santeria and is calling it Satanic, then why is he trying to get his readers to translate this material for him? Obviously Peterson doesn't have any legitimate investigative contacts or experts on Santeria to do this for him if he is doing things like this.

American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II contains advertisements for a new computer program put together by the USCCCN called "Computer Assist Programming (CAP)." This is supposed to be used with your personal computer to produce profiles of Satanists. Basically it is Peterson's version of the FBI's "VICAP (VIolent Criminal Apprehension Program). Peterson charges you big bucks for his "CAP," but the FBI's program (which I highly recommend) is free. Of course Peterson doesn't mention the FBI's excellent program.

Another organization advertised in American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II is the Bethesda Psychealth Institute in Denver, Colorado. There are also ads for Reverend Brim's Worldwide Ministry of Deliverance, Reverend Jeff Fox's Abundant Life Ministries in Soddy Daisy, Tenessee, and evangelist Bob Larson's Compassion Connection. Peterson also peppers this manual with numerous ads for his own materials, such as the following:

"`SATANISM AND WITCHCRAFT', a totally unique, 58 minute training video, is now available from the USCCCN...`Satanism and Witchcraft', perfect for training purposes, takes a startling look at real life Devil Worshippers, Witches, and other Cultists who `dabble' in the Black Arts. In this `Highly Recommended' presentation, you'll meet `Spirit Trappers' and other dedicated professionals who are making a difference in Investigation, Intervention, and Prevention. You'll also learn the historical and theological backgrounds of Satanism and Witchcraft. And--You'll also meet the victims...."

But Satanic Conspiracy literature is not the only thing advertised in American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II. It also contains advertisements for books and videos on paramilitary and survivalist topics, including titles such as: Bomb Security Guide, Surviving Hostage Situations, Deadly Explosives and the Tactical Use of Explosives, Shooting the Uzi, The Search and Seizure Handbook, and Tonfa: Side-Handled Police Baton Training. In the wrong hands such books could be very dangerous and I question the motives and responsibility of a Christian minister offering such books to the general public for sale.

Peterson makes some pretty strange remarks in American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II. The strangest, by far, is on page 125, which is a reprint of his February 1989 Focus newsletter, and reads as follows:

"YOUR HELP IS REQUESTED: A recent news article was submitted by one of our members regarding a 17 year old woman, who was allegedly kidnapped, savagely raped by a `demon', and who has given birth to a male child, born with two horns, protruding from his forehead, and a 2- foot tail. Any media photos and info sent will be appreciated."

That Peterson would believe a supermarket tabloid article such as this an clear indication of how unstable he is. That an individual that believes this stuff is writing manuals on occult crime for police officers and that some of these officers are taking him seriously is downright scary.

Another utterly bizarre claim by Peterson reads as follows:

"Christmas has always been a time for joy and glee for children (and grownups too)... I truly hope that you will do everything you can to keep the dream and the reality alive for all Children... Because Still Another `Group' Has Gone and Done It Again!!! We received a flier, through the mail, from `the foundation of Santa Knowledge' of Berkeley, California, which is trying to `Get Santa Out of Christmas'. They have decided that the `Number of Santa's Elves', (or `imps' as they call them) to be none other than (you guessed it) `666'; They have spelled `Santa' vertically and `Satan' horizontally, intersecting at the letter `T'- Well, you know the rest- with that configuration, you get an Upside-Down Cross; and to make things more difficult they cite `The Hidden Book of Nicolas' and the `book of Fala' as their sources. In addition, the group describes `Dear Old saint Nick' or `Santa Claus' as a `evil sinister being', wearing a Satanic Red Suit, living at the `Icy Cold'realm of Hell at the North Pole and using Deer like `familiars' And More... Either someone has gone to a great deal of time and trouble to further declare total war on our children or this is the result of bonafide research. We are seeking any type of information available on the group and its `work'..."

I have a copy of this flier too. It is a spoof of the Christian fundamentalist habit of seeking for supposedly hidden messages in everyday things, using Santa as the subject in this case. It was authored by some Pagans in California and was meant as a joke. Obviously Peterson has no sense of humour. Or common sense for that matter. You'll recall that several of the people that I've told you about already in this book have come up with their own versions of this myth (like the Madrak's Demonbusters site for instance).

Here are some other examples of paranoid nonsense from American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II:

"A `sinister' plot to create a new Satanic Messiah and wipe out Christians has infiltrated everything from Public Schools to the White House Staff. New Age `conspirators' (teachers, office workers, government officials, and lawmakers (etc.) are working to establish a `One-World Religion' and a `One-world government' ruled by Satan. The New Age movement now follows a carefully designed plan to deceive the people of the world into accepting Satan as their political and religious leader."

NOTE: There's that One World Order myth again.

"FACT: Satanic Cultists are turning parks and other wooded areas into virtual death traps. They are not only sacrificing animals and children, but have `booby-trapped' trails with `Vietnam-like' pungi stakes. And they won't hesitate to kill innocent bystanders who happen to wander in on the gory trails. `Cult cop' Craig Tisdale of the Winnetka (IL) Police department, who specializes in the Investigation of Cult Activities in Parks and Forests, recently warned law enforcement officers...`If you ever do walk into a Cult ceremony, you'll never get your gun out of your'll be dead.'"

NOTE: I've lost count of the number of cases of innocent Wiccans approached by frightened law enforcement officers with guns at the ready as a result of irresponsible "bulletins" such as this.

"The `first step' in rendering Satanism as a... `Non religion... may have gotten its start in Alabama'... (there follows a description of a trial in Alabama in which a Holman (AL) prison inmate was denied legal claim to materials to worship Satan for security and safety reasons)... although stated in the intelligence source, it is a fact that this is the `first time' a judge has held unequivocally that Satanism is not a religion. This could catch on... Let me hear some Ideas and Suggestions from You... Imagine: Arresting Satanists for Not Only Animal Cruelty, possibly child sexual abuse, drug & weapons crimes... but also...For Practising Satanism??!!"

Surprisingly, Peterson's American Focus on Satanic Crime: Volume II gives a more accurate picture of modern Wicca than most manuals of this genre. There are some minor errors: He does not know that Wiccans call Halloween Samhain. Peterson believes that Wiccans all use Grimoires such as the Greater Keys of Solomon and Lesser Keys of Solomon and the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abre-Melin the Mage. Instead of calling Wiccans Satanic, Peterson tries the other common approach, trying to prove that Gerald Gardner "invented" Wicca and that Aleister Crowley wrote Gardner's Book of Shadows. Crowley didn't and what difference does it make if Gardner did? All religions are man-made. It appears, in light of other contradictory remarks found in this same manual, that Peterson has added this as a means of trying to protect himself somewhat from complaints from Neo-Pagans like me.

All in all Peterson's manual is largely an indoctrination exercise in fundamentalist Christianity and is full of inaccurate, illogical and just plain ridiculous material of little use to a serious investigator.

Now that Peterson has renamed his empire and started up a web site, he is offering a bewildering array of products and services for sale, including The American Focus on Rape Series, "Federal Money Retriever" software which is supposed to track down government grants for you, a "Life Hammer" multi-tool, a "Stress Management For Life" CD, a "Dick Gregory 21st Century: State of the Union" CD, a Private Eyes Handbook, a handbook on Identifying Lies in Disguise, an Armed Robbery Manual: Armed Robbery Training For Small Business, and Jimmy Orion Ellis's "Farewell CD" (featuring the single "I'll Be With You Always" which I've never heard of). Just the sort of stuff that you'd expect a serious Satanic crime fighter to be marketing.

Article Specs

Article ID: 6208

VoxAcct: 230739

Section: whs

Age Group: Adult

Days Up: 6,013

Times Read: 29,190


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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