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Demonbusters [2]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: April 7th. 2003
Times Viewed: 37,834

Next on the Demonbusters web site the Madraks list "procedures for renouncing strongmen from various cults", which turns out to be a list of some of the various spiritual paths that Schnoebelen tried and rejected (Mormons, Wicca) as well as a few that he didn't (Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Freemasonry, Spiritism), and one that Schnoebelen claims to have been part of (Satanism) followed by a listing of characteristics of each of these. The characteristics listed for Wiccans include "...Ungodly Ties, Illegal Drugs, ...Ardia [sic],... Perverse Spirit, Familiar Spirit..." Once again they are claiming that all Wiccans use illegal drugs. "Ardia" is a misspelling of the name "Aradia". You can see that Inquisitional blather about familiar spirits again.

Under the category of "Satanists and Setians" the Demonbusters web site lists:

" Necronomicon"

NOTE: There is that Necronomicon hoax again.

"Abortions, Infant, Child or Adult Sacrifices"

NOTE: Neither the Church of Satan nor the Temple of Set perform sacrifices. Here we find the Christian pro-life propaganda about abortions being Satanic sacrifices.

"Sex Rites With Demons, Incubus or Succubus Spirits, ... Legion, Deaf and Dumb Spirit,...Spirit of Divination, Perverse Spirit, Familiar Spirit, Seducing Spirit, Spirit of Bondage, Spirit of Anti-christ, Spirit of Fear, Spirit of Divination, Secret Occult or Demonic Names"

NOTE: Sounds like the Malleus Maleficarum, doesn't it?


NOTE: This is from Schnoebelen.

"Belial,... Molech"

NOTE: We first saw Balsiger and Warnke throwing these names around.

"Leviathan, Lilith"

NOTE: We first saw these two names in Norman Mitchell's Hidden Practices manual (see chapter 10).


NOTE: Remember this Goddess from Rapacki's manual in chapter 8?


NOTE: Hermes was the Greek messenger of the Gods, God of intellect, communication, commerce and travel, cognate with the Roman God Mercury. He was the son of the God Zeus and the Pleiad Maia. His symbols were the winged helmet, winged sandals and the Caduceus. Hermes was said to have been the first to communicate divine knowledge to humans. As Hermes was the psychopompos, escorting the souls of the dead to the afterlife, some people have associated him with Satanism. Another reason for this connection is that some fundamentalists have noticed that Hermes is mentioned in Crowley's "Comment on Liber VII in class E" in Liber VII: Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli, Advmbratio Kabbalae Aegyptiorum Svb Figvra VII.

Another Greek term that you will encounter is Hermes Trismegistus ("Hermes the thrice greatest"). Both Hermes and the Egyptian God Thoth, God of magic and wisdom, have been awarded this title. Thoth is often equated with Hermes by the Greeks and in magickal texts. It is also a title given to Moses in such texts. Hermes Trismegistus was reputed to be the founder of alchemy and other occult sciences: This is why the occult sciences are referred to as "Hermetic". This is probably another reason for the fundamentalists to associate him with Satanism.


NOTE: This is a term which refers to the Priestesses of the Delphic Oracle. They were priestesses of Apollo, not Satan. Python was a mythical serpent which sprang from the stagnant waters that remained after a deluge sent by Zeus in the ate of Deucalion. Some stories claim that Python was the son of the earth Goddess Gaia. Python was killed by Apollo, an event which was celebrated by the Pythian Games. You're going to see other misinterpretations of myths about pythons later in the Demonbusters web site.

"Astral Projection"

NOTE: Remember the astral evidence concept borrowed from the Salem Witch trials that Maureen Davies of Reachout Trust was babbling about in chapter 10?


NOTE: This is the cueing codswallop that Simandl and the therapists treating "survivors" were on about.

The Madraks summarize Schnoebelen again in their web page on the Demonbusters site with the title "Exposing Caribbean Witchcraft". This also includes a section with the title "Blood on the Doorposts: Procedures For Renouncing Strongmen From Various Cults". This section pans Afro-Caribbean spirituality. They begin with the following statements about Vodou:

"Voodoo is one of the most dangerous and perverted forms of witchcraft, involving demonic possession, drunkenness, necromancy and bestiality. Underneath its apparently primitive facade is a terrible and sophisticated system of magickal machinery involving the entrance into alien universes and the surrender of yourself to satanic possession of the worst kind. It's the most powerful form of black magic and probably the most shameless."

We first encountered Vodou in Pryor's ramblings back in chapter 5. Vodou does not involve bestiality or Satanic possession. Vodou doesn't require it's followers to be drunks. Vodou is not a form of Satanism.

We encounter Blood on the Doorposts again on a page in Madrak's web site with the title of Schnoebelen's other book: "Wicca: Satan's Little White Lie." This page lists "Demonic Symbols". You'll already recognize that the symbols on this list are not demonic or Satanic: "Tai Chi Symbol (Yin and Yang), Hex Signs, Italian Horn, Inverted Pentagram: Symbol of Satanism and Black Magick, Cornu, Upright Pentagram: Symbol of Wicca (white or good witchcraft), Ankh (Crux Ansanta), Twin Sowelus or SS Runes, V Sign, Disguised 666, 666 FFF, A Symbol, Bowman, Inverted Cross, The Labrys (Ax From Crete), Peace Sign, Pontifical Cross Of Lucifer, Swastika, Unicursive Hexagram."

One of the new items on this list is the Labrys, a double bladed ax that was a symbol of several Greek and Roman Goddesses, including Artemis, Gaea, Rhea and Demeter. It was used as a ceremonial scepter at the shrine of the Goddess in Delphi. Because of the Amazon qualities of Goddesses like Artemis some modern day lesbians have adopted the labrys as a symbol. The double bladed ax is a symbol found in several other cultures as well. In India it is carried by the God Shiva. In ancient Egypt it was a symbol of the God Ptah. It also appears in Mayan art. The double headed axe is also a symbol of the Orisha Chango (more on this later).

I've seen quite a few texts by Satanic Conspiracy myth supporters that mistake the labrys for Thor's hammer Mjolnir. In Norse Mythology Thor was the son of Odin. Thor was the God of the sky and thunder. Thursday is named after him. It was believed that lightning was the sparks created when Thor struck his anvil with his hammer Mjolnir. It was also believed that Thor used Mjolnir to break up the ice in spring. Decorated replicas of this hammer were often worn as amulets, and many followers of Germanic Neo-Pagan spirituality wear it as a symbol of their faith. Crowley mentions Mjolnir in the cry of the aethyr Arn in Liber Aervm Vel Saecvli.

I have encountered definitions in some recent texts that claim that the double bladed ax was a Roman symbol of justice and that if inverted it becomes a symbol of "anti justice". This is incorrect: Actually the Roman symbol of justice was the Fasces: A single bladed axe or arrow with birch rods bound to it with red thongs. These were carried by "lictors" (assistants to the magistrate). I have also frequently encountered texts that misidentify Thor's Hammer as a labrys, which they then also interpret as a "symbol of anti-justice". Keep this in mind because you are going to encounter it again.

One sees the influence of the "therapies" to treat "survivors" of SRA that I examined in the last chapter in the section "Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness" on the Demonbusters web site. This is a summary of the outrageous claims made by Jim Keith in his book by the same title, published by Illuminet Press. Keith is one of those Satanic Conspiracy theorists who believes that modern psychiatry is a scheme cooked up by the Satanists to create a One World Order. In this summary of Keith's book the Madraks state that "An ideological Fifth Column subverted American education in the early days of the twentieth century. Progressive education is a delightful-sounding term that conceals the brainwashing pioneered. The teacher can do much to prepare the hearts and minds of children for global understanding and cooperation. The intent is to suppress and pacify the populace of the world." The Madraks go on to tell us that most high school graduates are functionally illiterate and that keeping the populace stupid is the objective of the "social controllers" as their aim is "populace control and promotion of the totalitarian world order." The Madraks believe that these controllers are responsible for the "normalizing of homosexuality and playboyism, and abortion as a form of birth control."

The Madraks complain of the degeneration of family values, moving from this into a rant about sexuality, complaining of " a rejection of chastity... increased illicit sexual conduct... Non-virginity, masturbation, promiscuity, homosexuality,... child sexuality, manual and oral stimulation of children's genitals, and the timing of child orgasms. Wife swapping, easy divorce, swinging, the depiction of sex acts in the media, homosexuality, and sadomasochism are promoted as the norm to create a senate [sic] society satiated with sex, drugs, and TV."

Much of this section resembles the diatribes about "treatment" of "survivors" that we saw some therapists using in the last chapter. The Madrak's claim that "Dissociative Identity Disorder and multiple personalities can be cured or created by hypnotism. It is possible to fracture and compartment subjects' personalities, to occlude information from both the subject and from interrogators, and to insert false memories into a subject's mind." The Madraks list "brain surgery including lobotomy; the use of electrical and chemical shock; the effects of stress on human beings, including hunger, fear, fatigue, duress, and torture; narcoanalysis; handwriting analysis; ultrasonic, subsonic, and vibrational disorientation and control; interrogation techniques; drugs that induced speech and amnesia, sensory deprivation and electrosleep; radiation; genetic research including gene splicing and the creation of mutations" as techniques used by these supposed social controllers. They claim that the reason that children are diagnosed with "supposed Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" is to permit "the wholesale drugging of students who are being zombified" to permit the creation of a "one-world order and simultaneous psychological control of the world." Madraks state that these people "deprogram a subject to a vegetative state through torture and trauma, for subsequent reprogramming after the brain function has been sufficiently disturbed. Encounter or sensitivity programs break down an individual's personality and reconstruct it along lines agreeable to the group."

The Madraks claim that other techniques that are utilized to control the masses include:

"... dosing patients with drugs including Thorazine, Nubutal and Seconal, then giving them amphetamines to wake them up. At that point they would be blasted with electoshocks administered at voltages forty times greater than what was considered to be safe by most practitioners of the time."

"Chemicals, radiation, drugs, hypnosis, intensive electric shock, isolation in tubs of water for days, sleep deprivation, brainwashing, amnesia controlled; and verbal, physical, emotions and sexual abuse are used causing cumulative effects of exposure to radiation, chemicals, drugs, pain, subsequent mental and physical distress. Hundreds of different personalities are formed."

"Patients...tied down, and given 'psychic driving' for up to thirty days, the repetition of recorded command signals with wording culled from their own psychiatric profiles. Patients were also subjected to sensory deprivation for up to 65 days, or put into comas for weeks of drugged sleep."

"In as many as two-thirds of the ritual abuse cases that existed, the victims had been subjected to a highly developed and uniform technology of mind control suggesting that there is a large network of practitioners of this kind practicing. Programming is started at about two-and-a-half years oriented to self-destruction and debasement of the person. This creates multiple personality disorder or some other form of dissociative disorder."

NOTE: No sources are cited or evidence of these claims is produced by the Madraks.

"ESP; various forms of brainwashing; personality assessment; concussions produced by remote control; brain implants and electrodes; the use of prostitutes as agents; hormonal and glandular products; gases; poisons; drug agents that could be sprayed; and drugs, including LSD, amphetamines, morphine, nicotine, ether, psychedelic mushrooms, barbiturates, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana."

NOTE: Sounds a lot like the nonsense about conspiracies to poison people that we heard in both the rumors circulating amongst therapists in the last chapter and the tall tales told by Dr. Rebecca Brown, doesn't it?

The Madraks go on to claim that the media is a monopoly which constitutes an invisible government that is the true ruling power. They claim that there are "subliminally embedded messages, image association and symbolism to influence subconsciously", mirroring the backmasking and subliminals nonsense that we saw back in chapter 2. The Madraks specifically state that they believe that "Messages can be patterned at infra-low frequencies over music. The great majority of the information that we receive from major media is designed to keep us confused, entrapped, and to motivate us without our knowledge. It is designed to undermine independent thought, and prevent understanding and analysis of institutional structures and their functions." They also claim that "They want to eliminate the Holy Bible and substitute a World Brain to police the mind. The Internet can be used for control and surveillance with worldwide television, radio, computer, and print media being sucked into the maw. The ruling power elite is an amalgamation of media and conglomeration of power. Around the world, electronic messages are intercepted by a collaboration of agencies." Those of you mental health professionals will recognize this sort of thinking. It is the delusion about hidden messages in the media that one frequently finds people with schizophrenia experiencing.

This isn't the only indication that we are dealing with an untreated paranoid schizophrenic here. The Madraks repeat Keith's claim that the "paranormal and the use of ESP are used for espionage. The intelligence agencies have been formulating a secret science of advanced techniques of mind control. This involves planetary controllers, plans of eugenics, social control, monopolistic control of resources, and other forms of the suppression of the masses worldwide." They go on to warn us that "Implanting electrodes into the brains could switch on and off a variety of emotional and mental states. Various types are radio stimulator, programmed stimulators, radio injector, electromagnetic broadcasting for mind control, and instrument guidance. Telerecording and telestimulation of the brain will be widely used. It will be possible to maintain twenty-four-hour-a-day surveillance over the subject and to intervene electronically or psychically to influence and control selected behavior. These probes are being developed for acute and chronic recording and/or stimulation of the central nervous system." Later they claim that:

"Electromagnetic energy can be used to influence, disable, or kill humans at a distance. The spoken word of the hypnotist may be conveyed by modulate electomagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain. Almost anything could be inserted into the target brain mind systems."

"Behavior modification is a key component of peace enforcement. Electromagnetic energy could be use to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set."

"A microscopic brain chip can be implanted. It is obvious that with the state of the art in computers, electronics, implants, and other forms of manipulation that a threshold has been crossed."

"There are beam weapons for anti-material or anti-personnel purposes, subliminal messages referred to as ultra-high-frequency silent sounds or silent subliminals, and remote viewing or out of body travel. Radio frequency radiation fields may pose powerful and revolutionary anti-personnel military threats. Exotic non-lethal laser, microwave and electromagnetic such as psychotronic and other mind control weapons could be used against American citizens involved in domestic disturbances."

"These include radio frequency weapons, high powered microwave technology, acoustic technology, voice synthesis, and application of extreme frequency electromagnetic fields to non-lethal weapons."

"A person's memory, consciousness, and sense of self can be fully accessed and modified by electromagnetic means. The most frightening thing is that the means for doing this already exists in a fully operational form on a worldwide basis. The entire human race can be mind controlled though the use of television and radio networks."

This is another very common symptom of schizophrenia: The idea that people are trying to control your thoughts through radio waves or implants. Note how they are working reports of modern force options being developed to control rioting crowds with high frequency sounds and "Star Wars" type laser weapons into their delusions.

It gets even weirder. The Madraks claim that:

"All major patriot groups, normal workers, and workers in big corporations (government contract firms) have at least one or more 'sleepers' attached to them."

"The environment is used as a weapon through weather wars and controlled earthquakes. Some of it appears to be present as a deliberate weapon aimed at political change. It is not necessary to comment at length on the magnitude of the LSD drugging program and its mystical retooling of the American psyche in the 1960's."

"Children are taught anal intercourse, oral sex, and everything else. Rituals include being raped and impregnated with the fetuses aborted and ingested. Sensory deprivation chambers, spin chambers, and light and sound entertainment technologies of drugs, light and sound are used. They are used as presidential models, mind-slaves, human tape recorders, couriers, and sexual toys to bring about a fascist New World Order."

"People are forced to ingest small, raw pieces of murder victims's bodies, and forced to eat excrement, drink urine, and drink human blood. Luciferians see the lower classes as cattle. They want pedophilia and bestiality to be legalized. Leading Christian evangelists will also be used as means to convert the world to Luciferianism. Drugs, hypnosis and electric stun guns, as well as the use of virtual reality systems are used to program."

NOTE: There are those Luciferians again that we first saw Schnoebelen ranting about in chapter 5. The disgusting acts described here sound like the sort of thing that we saw in Michelle Remembers.

"Smuggling of drugs and children, courier of information. programming of children, disposing of bodies, participating in porn movies, torture and interrogation, sex with political dignitaries, assassinations, and the seduction of female politicians and wives of politicians is done. There is religious God / submission / spiritual realm programming."

"AIDS was created specifically to key into belief in the biblical Revelations. Chemotherapy, surgery and shock therapy in psychiatry, ancient sacrifices of children, mental reconditioning, and TV flash techniques and editing are used."

"It is estimated that there are a total of one million children who are programmed. There is an underworld of mind control and ritual abuse that has been only been partially exposed."

NOTE: No mention is made of who made this estimate or how they can justify making such a claim.

"There are five principal mind control programming systems: basic, sexual, military, psychic killer and Mafia. There is electroshock, neck choker, and injection of drugs. There are pseudo-aliens created by experiments on embryos. Christian evangelists will be used to push belief in the tribulation or last days on the Earth."

NOTE: There's the Mafia again. I didn't think that these Christian evangelists needed to be pushed to believe in the apocalyptic nonsense.

Eventually the Madraks get more specific in their attacks on anything that they consider to be New Age or occult. They begin by claiming that "In many religious or occult groups the zombieism of mind control is the entry fee. There is New Age religious manipulation and perhaps testing grounds for drug or electronic manipulation." They go on to claim:

"ESP and telepathy are used in mass mind control. Occult methods include the use of tarot cards and channeling. The ultimate control is where a person's entire perception of reality is replaced by another of the controller's choosing. Shaping is now done by propaganda, advertising and other less subtle means. These sorts of devices will be used to delete mind / brain functions that do not conform to the will of the mind control masters."

NOTE: Tarot was something that came up in my discussion of Warkne in chapter 3. Previously the objections to it were simply that divination was not Biblical. Now we see how it has been turned into a supposed technique of mind control.

The Madraks have a page on their site devoted to "New Age Cults and Religions". They include Druids, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, as well as "Goddess, Witchcraft, and Pagan Sects" in this category. Later they claim that groups having "a close connection with Satanism and other extreme forms of occultism" include: "Wiccan ways, Shamanism, Egyptian Magic, Scandinavian Folk Religion, Feminist Spirituality, Druidism, Neo-paganism, Native American and other native people spirituality." They go on to claim that "Occultic symbols are emphasized," by Wiccans, "especially the Satanic pentagram and the circle." There is that evangelical buzz word occultic again, as well as that ongoing confusion about pentagrams and circles. The Madraks claims that "Witches do indeed cast spells and place hexes on supposed victims." Supposed victims? "Some practice astral sex with spirit beings from beyond (incubus or succubus)" the Madraks tell us, an urban legend straight out of the Malleus Maleficarum. "There have been many claims that witches sacrifice animals and even human beings to the Devil" they tell us. Only by people like the Madraks.

Another oft cited source in the Madrak's web site is the book Devil on the Run by Nicky Cruz, published by Dove Christian Books. This is mostly a listing of religions and terms with no explanations. Most of the terms and religions listed are ones that we've seen earlier in my book. New terms that have been botched include:

"Zen (Hindu)"

NOTE: Zen (a form of Buddhism) and Hinduism are two major and quite distinct religions. There is no "Hindu" form of Zen.


NOTE: After all of their raving about "zombiesm" earlier, I should take a moment to explain what Zombies really were. The term Zombie or Zombi may have been derived from the Arawauken term "Zemi". A Zemi was a fetish or charm used by the Arawaken Indians who were the aboriginal inhabitants of Haiti. Another possible term that zombie may be derived from is the Congo word for God: Nzambi. Originally the term zombie was used in Vodou in reference to a Lwa (or Loa) who is spirit of the snake generally and pythons specifically. In more modern usage in the West Indies it has become a term referring to a dead person who has been raised from the dead to serve as a servant. This idea was probably derived from a punishment for criminals used in that community: The offender was dosed with natural soporific substances, such as the venom of the blow fish and buried alive. It is said that occasionally people survived this punishment.

This section includes a short list of "Gods / Goddesses." One not familiar with mythology would have some trouble interpreting it, as it is a combination of the names of deities and of cultures that created them, with no explanations offered: "Old spirits, Old Hawaiian, Peel [sic] (Volcano), Buddha, Mystic God Kings, Allah (Islam), Mayan, Aztec, Toltec, Apollo, Zeus, Ashtar, Ashoreth, Ashtoreh, Istar, Astar." Hardly what one would call a definitive or even accurate list of deities from world religions. You will recognize the name "Astar" and its variants from Warnke's remarks about Astarte/Astaroth back in chapter 3. "Peel" is obviously a misspelling of the name of the Goddess Pele, who would be one of the "Old Hawaiian" deities that they mention. Buddha was an enlightened man, not a God. This is the third reference to Islam that we've seen on this web site. The Mayans, Aztecs and Toltecs were ancient peoples in Central America.

Zeus was the father and ruler of the Olympian Gods in Greek mythology. He was the son of Rhea and Cronus. He rescued his brothers and sisters Demeter, Hades, Hera, Hestia and Poseidon from Cronus, becoming the supreme God. The Roman God Jupiter took on many of the characteristics of Zeus. Zeus is the name given to one of the eight symbolic planets in Uranian astrology. Zeus is a God mentioned in the initiation of the Practicus Grade of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

In both Greek and Roman mythology Apollo was the God of the Sun, fertility, medicine, music, poetry, eloquence and truth. He was the son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of the Goddess Artemis. The Madraks may have been influenced in including Apollo on this list because Apollo is one of the "watery reflections of the three enthusiasms" in Crowley's Liber HHH, the other two being Dionysus and Aphrodite. Crowley also mentions Apollo in Liber A'Ash and Liber DCCCXI.

Nothing on this list or this web site indicates that the Madraks are knowledgeable enough to know any of this, so probably these names are included because they aren't spelled "Jehovah".

This section of the Demonbusters site also includes a list of "Demons". You'd think that this would be a list of names like "Belial" or "Astartoth", but it isn't. It is a peculiar, mixed up list of emotions, personal characteristics, mental disorders, world religions and meditation techniques:

"Terror, Superstition, Confusion, Anger, Depression, Retaliation, Lying, Deception, Fear, Doubt, Self Doubt, Insecurity, Worry, Greed, Despair, Intense Hatred, Viciousness, Violence, Loneliness, Emptiness, Pride, Stubbornness, Horror, Destruction, Ego, Delusions of Grandeur, Deep Blood Lust, Selfishness, Deep Hurt, Pain, Sorrow, Oppression, Death, Ancient Power, Deception, Sexual Perversions, Coldness, No Mercy, No Remorse, Lust, Addictions, Death, Low Self Esteem, Mind Control, Familiar Spirits, Rebellion, Unbelief, Delusion, Selfishness, Seduction, Suicide, Incest, Occult Study, Transcendental Meditation, Demonic Rituals, Necrophilia (Sex with Corpses), Torture, Eastern Meditation, Chanting Prayers, Astral Accounting, Conjuring up Ghosts, Ritual Murder, Altered State of Consciousness, Sexual Perversion, Obscene Orgies, Blood Brothers, Horror."

This is followed by a shorter but equally weird list labeled "Curses" which lists:

"Forefathers, Prosperity, Flaming Darts, Worship Devils, Spirits, Saints, Roman Catholic, Satan, Native Religions, Krishna, Ancient Idols, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen."

This is followed by a list of "Actions" which presumably lists activities that the Madraks believe that occultists engage in. It is the sort of list that one might expect, given what we've already seen:

"Chanting Spells, Ancient Rituals, Deep Trance, Demonic Sing Song, Child Sacrifice, Human Sacrifice, Animal Ritual Mutilation, Drinking Blood of Animals, Child Molestation, Fortune Telling, Demonic Healing, Necromancy, Transfer of Spirits, Hexing, Sexual Intimidation, Unquenchable Revenge, Homosexual Molestation, Carnally Minded, Saying Lord's Prayer Backwards, Burning Incense, Smoking Pot, Barking Like Dogs, Rape, Perversion, Satanic Ritual Sex, Ritual Abuse of Children, Pornographic Exploitation, Physical Mutilation, Ceremonial Murder, Ritual Sacrifice, Channelizaton, Witchcraft, Murder, Torture, Sell Your Soul, Pray to the Devil, Perform Magic, Conjure Lust, Destruction of Enemies, Seduction, Satanic Pregnancy Ritual, Mystical Meditation, Unlock Secrets of the Mind, Magical Incantations, Robbing Graves, Killing Their Children, Rape of Daughters and Wives, Blood Rituals, Death Pacts, Chanting Incantation, Blasphemy, Sacrilege."

This is followed by a list of "Objects" which includes all of the ritual paraphernalia that we've already seen in previous inventories by people like this, with a selection of common street drugs and alcoholic beverages and the cartoon characters of the Smurfs thrown in:

"Crystal Ball, Tarot Cards, Drugs, Liquor, Cocaine, Marijuana, Uppers, Downers, Wine, Rum, Black Candles, Strange Incense, Paraphernalia, Broken Cross, Black Book, Dungeons and Dragons, Satanic Bibles, Ouija Board, Role Playing Games, Horoscope, Smurfs, Occult Books, Charms, Voodoo Pendants, Devil Images, Pornography, Books On Supernatural, Idols, Mexican Figurines, Aztec Demon Gods, Buddha Lamps, Satanic Symbols, Alcohol, Magic Herbs, Roots and Portions, Shrines to Demons, Amulets, Mystical Mottoes, Pickled Remains of Unborn Babies, Meditation Tapes, Crystals, Books and Videos, Phallic Images."

Devil on the Run
shows up on the Madrak's "Exposing Caribbean Witchcraft" page too. Here we find more "Names of Demons" from this book. Under the title "Gods and Deities" the Madrak's list an assortment of names in a manner that indicates their misunderstanding of both Santeria and Vodou. In Vodou there is one Creator God, Bondye (a creolized form of "Bon Deux" or "the Good God), also known in Benin as Mawu-Lisa. Bondye has both feminine and masculine aspects, being complete in himself. Under Bondye there are powerful deities known as Lwa (or Loa). Major Lwa usually have the prefix Met ("Master") or Maitress ("Mistress") before their name as a mark of respect. Each Vodouizan is dedicated to a particular Lwa who is known as their Met Tet (literally "master of the head"). In Santeria one finds similar categories of deities known as Orishas. In a fashion reminiscent of the Met Tet of the Vodouizan, Santeros are dedicated to particular Orishas. The Madrak's list is an interesting mixture of Orishas and Lwas:

"San Lazarro (Saint Lazarus)... Babaluaye (Patron of the Sick)"

NOTE: The Madraks list these two entries separately on the same list, when in fact they represent the same Orisha. Babalu Aye is a deity known to the Yoruba tribe of Africa as Obaluaye ("King who owns the earth") or Omolu ("Son of the Lord"). His aspects or avatares include Sonponno (God of smallpox and contagious diseases) and Shanpanna. He became the Orisha Babalu Aye in Santeria, and is their patron of the sick. Babalu Aye is represented as a leprous old man carrying a shoulder bag (alforja) accompanied by two dogs. His color is light blue and his symbol is a set of crutches. The eleke (necklace) sacred to him is made up of white beads with blue stripes. He is represented by an image of Saint Lazarus. His feast day is December 17.

"Santa Barbara (Saint Barbara)...Shango (Controls Thunder, Lightning and Fire)"

NOTE: This is another case of two entries on the same list referring to the same Orisha, though the Madraks are mixing up African and Afro-Caribbean mythologies here too. Changó is the Orisha of fire, thunder and lightning in Santeria. His equivalent in Yoruban mythology is Sangó (Shangó). To the Kongos he is known as Nsasi. Changó presides over passion and enemies. His colors are red and white and he is partial to rubies or any other red stones. The Eleke (necklace) sacred to Changó is made up of six white beads alternating with six red beads. His symbols are the double edged axe, sword, cup, castle and thunder. Changó is summoned with the Seeree Changó (Changó's gourd rattle) by the Yorubans. In Santeria a maraca painted red and white is used as a Seeree Changó. Changó's three wives are river Goddesses: Oba, Oshun and Oya. His servant is Ochumare. He is said to have twelve caminos or aspects, including Changó Ogodo, Larde, Yoda, Abakoso or Obakoso, Ochongo, Ogomi Oni, Alafi, Alafin, Alafia and Alafina Crueco. Offerings of rum and cigars are common at shrines to Changó. Saint Barbara is the main Catholic saint associated with Changó in Santeria, although Saint Patrick, Saint Expeditus, Saint Mark, Saint Daniel and Saint George are often used as well. The reason that a female saint is used to represent a Yoruban God is that Saint Barbara was killed by lightning, so the Santeros associate her with their God of lightning.

"Erzulie within Catholic Devotions to Mary"

The exception on this list of Orishas from Santeria is Erzulie. The Erzulie or Ezili are a group of water spirits who originated in a river area in Africa called the Erzulie. The Erzulies have become Lwa in Vodou. Examples include Erzulie Freda, Erzulie Dayila, Erzulie La Sirene, Erzulie Taureau, Erzulie Ge Rouge, Erzulie Dos-bas, Erzulie Mapian, Erzulie Za-Gaza, Erzulie Lemba, Negresse Imamou Ladeh, Negresse To-Can, Negresse Miroi-Ze, Negresse Za-Gaza, Negresse Rada Freda Dahoumin, Lorvana Freda-sih Fre-Da, Lih Freda-sih, Lih Fre-Da et l'Freda li Dahoumin d'accord, Negresse Fla-voudoun Freda, Negresse Ci-za-fleur voudoun, Negresse Ci-bracan, Negresse Thabor Mangan Voude or La Baleine. Erzulie or Ezili is the second most important Lwa in Vodou. Erzulie Freda is the wife of the Lwa Met Agwe (variation: Met Agoue), Damballah Wedo and Ogou Feray. Erzulie Freda is the most well known Lwa and is quite popular amongst Pagans who consider her to be a love goddess.

I'm going to describe a few other Lwa to you now as their names will come up in several places later. The first, Legba Ati-n Bon (Legba "Wood of justice"), is referred to as the "old man who opens the gate". The term Ati-n Bon is from the Fon language and refers to the Poteau-Mitan or Poto-Mitan, the center post of the Vodou temple. It is the Poto-Mitan that the Lwa use to enter. Legba is said to "own" the Poto-Mitan. It is believed that Legba controls the crossroads and cardinal points between us and the spirit world, often referred to as "Guinea" or "Gineh". Guinea is roughly equivalent to the Wiccan concept of the Summerland, a place where the departed go to rest, or even roughly equivalent to the Christian concept of Heaven. The spirits do not pass through Legba Ati-n Bon's gateway unless he permits it. These spirits do not include what the Madraks might classify as demons: Another Lwa, Met Kalfou, is responsible for the gateway that allows malevolent powers or forces to enter our world. Nor do these spirits include the spirits of the dead. The Lwa Bawon (Baron) is the guardian of the gateway to the resting place of the dead. Like the Orisha Eleggua in Santeria, Legba is invoked in all ritual and magic as he opens the doors and removes barriers. It is believed that without him no magic or ritual would work. A Vodou ritual commences with the Priye Gineh that honors all the saints and Lwa and ancestors of the house. After that the Legba nation or nanchon is the first family of Lwa the vodouizans sing for. A common invocation to Legba Ati-n Bon goes: "Papa Legba, ouvri barrie pou nous passer" ("Papa Legba, open the way for us to pass").

"Elegua (Trickster)"

NOTE: Elegguá is the Orisha who is the "messenger of the Gods" in Santeria and one of the four warrior Gods, the others being Oggún, Ochosi and Osun. Elegguá has the ability to send messages and to open and close doors in a similar fashion to the Lwa Legba Ati-n Bon. Santeros believe that no magickal or ritual work is possible unless Elegguá looks favorably on you. Elegguá's colors are red and black and his symbol is iron nails or a small iron rooster. The Eleke (necklace) sacred to Elegguá is made up of three red beads alternating with three black beads. One of his aspects is Elegbara, who is the wielder of power. Another is Eshu, the eternal wanderer. Other aspects include Eshu Alabwanna, Eshu Laroye, Eshu Ogguanilebbe, Eshu Bi, Eshu Aye, Eshu Afra, and Eshu Barakeno. Elegguá is often represented by an image of the Holy Guardian Angel and is synchretized with Saint Anthony of Padua, the Holy Infant of Prague, Saint Martin of Porres and Saint Benito.

Followers of Santeria often have a hollow, stylized sculpture of a head, made of clay or cement and containing materials particular to the person who possesses it (including the person's name), which is kept in a cabinet by the entrance to the home or on the floor behind the front door. It usually has cowrie shells to form the eyes, nose and mouth and always has a small blade protruding from its top. If it was made by a Babalawo, it will also have a few green and yellow beads (the colours of Orunla) around the base of this blade. It represents the Orisha Elegguá and is referred as "the Elegguá". It is kept by the door because it is believed that Elegguá stands guard behind doors and opens or closes the way to opportunity. The Elegguá is one of the things given to the initiate in the initiation referred to as "The Warriors". The names of those persons who are causing trouble to the owner of the Elegguá are often kept on strips of unlined paper under Elegguá's image. Contrary to what the Madraks and Hopkins are suggesting here, Elegguá is not a trickster.

"Obatala (Father of the Santos)"

NOTE: Obatalá is known in both Santeria and Vodou. In Santeria Obatalá is a major Orisha who is the equivalent of the Yoruban deity Orisa-nla. He was one of the first four Orishas created by the creator God Oloddumare. Obatalá is known as the King of the White Cloth or "Cabeza Grande" ("the first Orisha") and is Oloddumare's messenger. He personifies pure intellect and purity and is thought to control the mind and thought. His color is white and his symbol is the Iruke (a horse's tail with a handle studded with cowrie shells). In ritual he is summoned with a Cencerro (a small square bell). The Eleke sacred to Obatalá usually are made up of white beads, although sometimes they have alternating green, violet or red beads. Omo-Obatalá ("Children of Obatalá") wear a solitary silver bracelet. Obatalá has twenty four paths, including Ochanla, Ochacrinan, Obbamoro, Ochalufon, Yemmu, Oremu, Aggueme, Allaguna and Ocha. He is represented by an image of Our Lady of Mercy (Las Mercedes). His festival day is September 24.

Obatalá is also a Lwa of the Nago nanchon of the Rada Rites of Voodoo. He is a Lwa of the sun, fire and male fertility.

"Oshun (Controls Money and Love)"

NOTE: In Yoruban mythology Oshún is the Goddess of the Oshún river. In Santeria Oshún is the Orisha of love, marriage, and gold and the patroness of rivers. Her title is Yalodde (Iyalode) which means "mother of nations". Her colors are yellow, green or red and her symbols are the mirror, fans, seashells and pumpkins. The Eleke sacred to Oshún is usually made up of all yellow or amber beads, although it sometimes alternates one red bead with five yellow beads. Omo-Oshún ("children of Oshún") wear five golden bracelets. Oshún has five paths or avatares, including Yeye Cari, Yeye Moru and Yeye Miwa. She is represented by an image of Our Lady of La Caridad del Cobre. She is often summoned with a bell.

"Yemaya (Primordial Mother of the Santos)"

NOTE: Yemaya (Variations: Dona Janaina, Yemanja, Yemoja) is the Santerian equivalent of the Yoruban Orisha Yeyeomo Eja. Yemaya is the daughter of Obatala and Oddudua. Yemaya died giving birth to the fourteen principal deities of the Yoruba pantheon. Yemaya is the moon Goddess who controls the waters and the sea. Her Otanes (special stones sacred to an Orisha, through which the Orisha communicates) are seashells and stones found by the sea side. The Eleke sacred to Yemaya is made up of seven crystal or white beads alternating with seven blue beads, then one white followed by one blue seven times, then the pattern is repeated. Omo-Yemaya ("children of Yemaya") wear seven silver bracelets (See Omo-Orisha). Yemaya has seven aspects or Avatares, including Okutti (Oggutte), Awoyo, Malewo, Olokun (Yemaya Ataramagwa Sarabbi Olokun), Attaramawa, Achabba and Asesu. She is represented by an image of Our Lady of Regla.

"Ogun (Warrior Deity) [sic]"

NOTE: Oggun is the Orisha of war and iron in Santeria and one of the four warrior Orishas, the others being Eleggua, Ochosi and Osun. He is derived from the Yoruban warrior deity Ogou or Ogoun. Oggun presides over war and employment and is said to labor 24 hours a day without rest. As the knife is a symbol of Oggun, and as Oggun is the force associated with violence and bloodletting (Alagbara), Oggun is said to be the first to partake of any animal sacrifice. His colors are green and black and the Eleke sacred to Oggun is made up of seven brown beads alternating with three black beads. His symbols are iron, knives and steel weapons. Oggun has seven avatares or aspects, including Oggun Sarabanda and Baumba. Oggun is represented by an image of Saint Peter. In Santuario Oggun is the Orixa of war and iron. He is represented by an image of Saint George.

"Orunla (Patron of Diviners)"

NOTE: In Santerian mythology, Orunlá was one of the first four Orisha created by Olofi. His original name in Yoruban mythology is Orunmilá. Orunlá is a personification of wisdom. He is the Orisha who presides over all divination and owns the Table of Ifá (a divination system), thus all Babalawos (priests) are dedicated to him. One of his titles is "Eleri-ipin" ("witness of the Ori"). In Santeria he is often referred to as Ifá, a practice frowned upon by Yoruban religious followers, since Ifá is the name of the Orisha from whom Orunlá obtained the Table of Ifá. Elekes consecrated to Orunlá are made of green and yellow beads. He is represented by an image of Saint Francis of Assissi. Orunlá's festival occurs on October 4.

As you can see from this confused partial listing, these are all Afro-Caribbean Orishas or Lwas, not demons.

An even more scrambled list on Madrak's site is "Names of Demons" which jumbles together terms from various Afro-Caribbean spiritual paths with Hawaiian, Kenyan and other terms:


NOTE: I think that they mean Espiritismo, which is Latin Spiritism, often practiced alongside Santeria.

"San Miguel (Strength)"

NOTE: In Candomble, Saint Michael is associated with the Orixa Xango (their version of Chango).

"San Nicolas (Santa Claus)"

NOTE: These aren't the only Christian fundamentalists to put Santa Claus on their list. I'll show you a detailed example of this later in chapter 15. Suffice it to say for now that this is because some people figure that if you reassemble the letters of the name Santa, you can spell Satan.

"Kapu (Demon Worship)"

NOTE: Kapu is a Hawaiian term, meaning "taboo, forbidden, off-limits" not "demon worship". One wonders what it is doing on a list of Afro-Caribbean terms?

"Kahunas (Witch Doctor)"

NOTE: Close. A kahuna is a Hawaiian shaman. Another odd term to find on a supposedly Afro-Caribbean list.

"Heiau (Shrine)"

NOTE: Again, a Hawaiian term. A Heiau is a Hawaiian burial site. You won't find any of those outside of Hawaii.

"Bruja (Witch)"

NOTE: This is the Spanish word for witch. Magical practices in Central America are referred to as Brujeria. It isn't a term used in Vodou or Santeria.

"Mau Maus (Blood Thirsty)"

NOTE: The Mau-Maus were Kenyan rebels, founded in 1947 by members of the Kikuyu tribe. Some say that they may have taken their name from the range of mountains bordering the Rift Valley at its western side, northeast of Lake Naivasha. Others attribute its name to the Kikuyu's cry of war. Their initiation ceremonies involved cutting the throat of a goat, mixing its blood with that of the initiate, and taking an oath. Blood thirsty, perhaps. A term that you ought to find on a list of Afro-Caribbean religious terms? Not at all. The Afro-Caribbean religions were founded centuries before the Mau-Maus were ever heard of.

"Muti (Human Flesh)"

NOTE: Muti is the term used to describe traditional medicine sold by inyangas and sangomas in South Africa. A patient consults with an inyanga who then prescribes the appropriate muti to cure the problem. A sangoma consults with spirits who tell the sangoma what muti to prescribe. Muti usually consists of compounds of roots and herbs, though animal parts have been used by some traditional healers. It isn't a term that is commonly used in Vodou or Santeria.

"Tokoloshe (Zombie)"

NOTE: A tokoloshe is not a zombie. In South Africa a tokoloshe is believed to be a small creature like an imp or a gremlin who comes upon sleeping people in the night to cause harm. People place their beds as high as possible in areas of Africa where people believe in tokoloshes to prevent these mischievous spirits from getting at them. None of the Vodou practitioners that I consulted with had heard of the term tokoloshe, which comes from a different part of Africa from the one that their beliefs originated in.

"Luk Krok (Human Fetus)"

NOTE: In Thailand, "luk krok" means "ball of fish fry". I haven't encountered this term in any literature on Afro-Caribbean religions and none of the Vodou practitioners that I consulted with had heard of it.

"Cretins, Idiots"

NOTE: Well, you won't find any demons by this name in any mythological system that I know of, Afro-Caribbean or otherwise, but the creators of this list do come to mind.

This is followed by a list of "Practices" that describes the sort of practices one would expect to find in an Inquisitor's manual:

"Drinking blood of children, child and adult sacrifice, cannibalism, black magic, criminal spiritism, devil worship, exhuming fresh graves, insanity, dancing in the nude, sex orgies, lesbianism, homosexuality, sadistic and masochistic excesses, levitation, killing birds in flight, making objects appear and disappear, apport or demonstration of powers, walking through a great bonfire, vampirism, incubus and succuba (marriage to demons), demonic possession, drunkenness, necromancy and bestiality."

(Continued... Go to Part III)

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