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Demonbusters [4]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: April 21st. 2003
Times Viewed: 23,758


NOTE: The De-Sou-Nin or Dessounin isn't a spirit, it is a ritual for the recovery of the powers of deceased Vodou initiates. After the Lwas have taken their leave, the Zins (cooking pots) are lit on fire and the celebrants pass their left hand and left foot through the flames.

"Gagnin Loa" Later the Madraks define this as "Gagnin Loa - Voodoo spirits that enter the head".

NOTE: Gagnin Loa (Gagnin Lwa- "taken by the Lwa") is another Vodou term for being possessed or "ridden" by a Lwa. All of the Lwa are capable of "riding" the celebrants, so I wonder why they are suggesting that this is a special type of Lwa?

"Garde" Elsewhere the Madraks define this as "Garde - Protector of those in Voodoo".

NOTE: Garde is a Creole word meaning "Protection". It is the name for the Vodou ceremony in which the Leve Nom ritual ("taking the name") is magickally confirmed. The person who has received an ancestor's name for protection now performs rites intended to serve the Lwa responsible for the person's protection. Garde also may be used to describe a protective amulet or charm, though some Lwa may act as gardes or protectors if asked and agreeable. Most Vodou priests and priestesses have at least one garde. A garde can only be given to you by a Vodou priest or priestess who has that garde.

"Gove [sic]"

NOTE: It isn't Gove, it's Govi and it isn't a spirit. A Govi is an earthenware jar into which the Lwas or spirits of the dead descend for consultation when called.

"Gran Maitre" Elsewhere the Madraks define this as "Gran Maitre - Voodoo Creator God".

NOTE: Gran Maitre ("grandfather" or "grand master") is simply a title of respect given to the oldest and most revered male Lwa. The Vodou creator God is Bondye.

"Mambo [sic]" Elsewhere the Madraks define this as "Mambe [sic] - Voodoo Priestess".

NOTE: Given that the Madraks are aware that a Mambo is a Vodou priestess, one wonders what they are doing putting this term in their list of spirits. Traditionally the first Mambo is said to be Ayizan, the wife of Papa Loko. Mambo is also a term used in Palo Mayombe for a chant used to invoke the spirit of the Prenda.


NOTE: Mange is a Creole term meaning "to eat". In Vodou it describes a sacrifice or a feast, not a spirit.


NOTE: Mascaron is a Vodou term for a Mardi Gras Dance, not a spirit.

"Massissi" Elsewhere the Madraks incorrectly define this as "Massissi - Homosexual Spirits".

NOTE: A Massissi isn't a spirit either, it is a Creole term, used in Vodou to describe human homosexuals of either sex.

"Les Mysteres"

NOTE: Mysteres is an alternate term for Loa or Lwa in Voodoo.

"Paquets Congo"

NOTE: Paquets Congo are small packages used as a magickal protection against illness or malevolent spirits.

"Reler" Elsewhere the Madraks define this as "Reler - Voodoo Song that calls demons in a person".

NOTE: Reler is a Creole term meaning "to call" or "to cry out". It is used in Vodou to describe chanting or invoking. If the Madraks know that this is a "song", why have they included it in a list of spirits?


NOTE: Renvoyer is a Creole term meaning "to send away". In Vodou it is a term for dismissing the Lwas.


NOTE: Ramasser is a Creole term meaning "to gather together". In Vodou it is a term used to describe adopting a Lwa abandoned by other members of the family.


NOTE: Saint, a French term derived from the Latin "santus" ("holy" or "consecrated") is used in Vodou as another term for Lwas or Loas. It is used in Santeria in a similar fashion to describe Orishas. It is also the name of an order of angels mentioned in Psalms 89:7.


NOTE: Verser is a Creole term meaning "to spill". It describes ritual libations of water, coffee, liquor, etc, poured on the ground for the Trinity and the Lwas.


NOTE: A Wanga isn't a spirit either, it is a magick charm used to bring ill luck or illness. Later the Madraks prove that they are is aware of this when they list it as "Wanga - Voodoo Charm ".


NOTE: Once again, not a spirit, but a title. Papa is a title given to some elder Lwas such as Papa Legba. It is also an abbreviation of the title Papa Loa, which is one of the titles of the Houngan (Vodou priest).

"Mistress Erzulie" Elsewhere the Madraks define this as "Erzulie - The Rada Goddess of Love" and "Erzulie Erzulie Ge-Rouge - A petro [sic] goddess of violence causes the body to go into terrible paralysis, finger nails draw blood, half groan and half scream."

NOTE: Maitresse Erzulie is an aspect of Erzulie and one of the Rada Loas of Voodoo. Maitresse Erzulie is a Lwa that is common to all Voodoo rites. Erzulie Ge Rouge ("Erzulie Red Eye") is one of the aspects of Erzulie is a Lwa in the Ge Rouge nanchon of the Pethro Rites of Voodoo. Hopkins can't seem to decide whether this is a Goddess of love or violence.

"Agaou - Ruler of Thunder"

NOTE: Actually this is only one of the aspects of the Lwa Agaou, Agaou-Tonnerre, one of the Rada Loas of Voodoo. The other aspects include: Agao-Loco Baye, a Lwa of fertility, fire and the sun who is one of the Dahomey Wedo Lwas. Agao-Wedo, a Lwa of agriculture and fertility who is one of the Dahomey Wedo Lwas. Agaou Comble, one of the Rada Lwas. Agaou L'ephant (Variations: Adjinakou), the elephant Lwa of the Rada Lwas.

"Ghede - Ruler of the Dead"

NOTE: The Ghedes or Guedes are Lwas derived from the spirits brought over by slaves from the Ghedevi region of Africa. They are the Lwas of death and cemeteries. Each of them have many names, called "noms vaillants", which are aliases that the great Lwas appear under when they do not wish to appear under their own names. All Guedes are tricksters. They are served separately from the other Lwa and do not even have their altars in a shared space with the others.

"Baron Samedi - Death Spirit"

NOTE: The Bawon (Baron) are the rulers of the Ghede spirits. Bawon La Crois is said to be their father and Manman Bridget their mother. Due to the influence of Hollywood and tourist promotions the most well known Ghede seems to be Baron Samedi ("Baron Saturday"), a Guede of graveyards in Vodou. The Bawon is the guardian of the gateways to the spirits of the dead. In Vodou they call upon a Guede or the Bawon to close the gates of death and allow a seriously ill person to heal.

"Marassa - Divine Twin, Papa Marassa, Mama Marassa... Manga Marassa - Voodoo Ruler of Child Birth"

NOTE: The Marassah (Variations: Marassa, Marassah Bois, Marassah Bord-de Mer, Marassah Guinin) are Lwas of the Rada nanchon, but are common to all Voodoo rites. In different traditions Massarah appears as twins, triplets or quadruplets. The Marassah are solar deities representing birth and rebirth. Examples include: Marassah Bois ("Twins of the Wood"), Marassah Bord-de-Mer ("Twins of the Seashore"), Marassah Guinin ("The African Twins").

"Ogoun - Guardian"

NOTE: Ogou or Ogoun was the God of war of the West African Yoruba tribe. In Nigeria, witnesses in court who practice Yoruban religion take an oath upon a piece of iron, which represents Ogou as patron of justice. Ogou later became a Lwa who is a mighty warrior hero in Vodou. He is a Lwa of fire who descended from heaven. As I mentioned earlier, he became the Orisha Oggun in Santeria. Ogou is also a nanchon or nation of Vodou Lwas in the African tradition who are considered to be fathers of alchemy and intellect. Examples include Ogou Feray, Ogou Badagris, Ogou Chango, Ogou Ashade, Ogou Panama and Ogou Balindjo. Later, in a list of "Nigerian Spirits", the Madraks define "Ogoun Badagris" as "God of Magic Cemeteries and Death" when actually he is a Lwa representing the power or energy of earth invoked in the common magick ritual. In the same list the Madraks also define "Ogoun Ferei" as "God of Power and War". Ogou Feray is indeed a general who is fierce and termpermental, known for his emotional outbursts, but who works hard for his children. The Madraks define "Ogoun Shango" as a "God of Serpents" when in fact he is a Lwa of the sky and of thunder, incorporating aspects of the Yoruban deities Shango (aka Chango) and Oggun.

"Maori - Creator Demon"

NOTE: I am not aware of any entity within Vodou mythology called "Maori" and neither are any of the Vodou practitioners that I consulted. The Maori are a tribe in New Zealand.

"Nan Boubloui - Voodoo Ruler over Male and Females"

NOTE: I am not aware of any entity within Vodou mythology called Nan Boubloui. I checked with several Vodou priests and priestesses of my acquaintance and they haven't heard of such an entity either .

Another source that the Madrak's summarize on their web site is the book Every Wind Of Doctrine by Hobart Freeman, published by Faith Ministries and Publications in Warsaw, Indiana. Under the title "Every Wind of Doctrine" we find the statement:

"Just a few years ago in Arizona, a woman under a voodoo spell was arrested for shooting her husband. The reports of revenge killings, strange illnesses, accidents, injuries, curses, and other atrocities committed by Voodoo cults against their enemies are quite well known... During their ceremonies as they drink and dance wildly, the participants fall into a trance and supposedly become possessed by these spirits (which are actually demons). ... As the music, drink, and dances begin to take effect, one after another of the participants begin to fall into a state of trance as the demons (impersonating ancestors or gods) begin to take possession of their devotees."

You'll note that they don't provide any evidence of their assertions apart from this one uncorroborated anecdote which provides no names or details to allow verification.

The Madraks have a page on their site with the title "Demons and Characteristics". This has a section, "Forbidden Practices of the Occult." Under a subtitle, "Occult in General", the Madraks list such items as:

"Ruler of Witchcraft"

NOTE: This is a variation of the "Queen of the Witches" piffle that we saw several people raving about back in chapter 6.

"Death by hypnosis"

NOTE: This is the only place that I've encountered a claim that "occultists" practice "death by hypnosis."

"God's Eye"

NOTE: This is probably a variation of the nonsense concerning the "eye of providence" from the Great Seal that we saw earlier.

"Karate, Martial Arts, ...Judo, Kung Fu"

NOTE: Fundamentalists seem split on this subject. You'll find a "martial arts for Christ" type presentation in Frattarola's America's Best Kept Secret. Here the Madraks believe that martial arts are demonic.

"Snake, Mongoose, Cat, Cobra, ...Swan, ...Spider"

NOTE: This is more of that Inquisitional nonsense about familiars. The snake part is probably influenced by the use of snakes in Vodou ritual.

"Open Doors"

NOTE: OK, I give up, what makes open doors a "forbidden practice of the occult"?

"Rappings on Wall... Hearing Noises"

NOTE: What are we talking about here? Poltergeist? Auditory hallucinations?

"Female Dominance, Yielding Male"

NOTE: More anti-feminist stuff.

"Evil Eye"

NOTE: More Inquisitional stuff.

"Indian Kachina"

NOTE: The Indians referred to here are the Hopi and other Pueblo tribes. The Kachina are nature spirits of the rain, sun, crops and animals. Kachina dolls are a very common sight in the Mid-Western US. Obviously the Madraks don't approve of Native American beliefs either.

"Great Seal"

NOTE: There's that Great Seal again.

"Baptism in Witchcraft"

NOTE: There is no baptism ceremony in Wicca.

This goofy list is followed by another with the title "Learn About The Real Enemy- Satan and his Followers- Names of Satan and His Demons". This is the first and only list that I found on the Madrak's site which actually contains classical names and classifications of demons. Predictably, it also includes many strange things:




"King of Babylon,... King of Tyre"

NOTE: These four items are a product of their obviously fertile imagination. You won't find any classifications of demons in any classical text on the subject with titles like this.

"Familiar... Lion"

NOTE: More Inquisitional stuff about familiars.

"Vipers, ...Serpent... Python"

NOTE: There is their obsession with serpents (specifically pythons) again.


NOTE: This is a place name, not a demon. In the Bible Gehenna (Variations: Gehinnon) is the valley of Hinnom, near Jerusalem. This appears to have been a place where refuse was dumped and burned. In the New Testament it became a place of torment and burning, a synonym for Hell, though in the magickal system of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn it has become the seventh of the Seven Heavens of Assiah, a name that appears in the initiation of the Practicus grade. Gehinnon is one of the seven infernal abodes mentioned in the initiation of the Theoricus grade of the Golden Dawn.


NOTE: Finally, about 19,000 words into this chapter, we encounter an actual name of a demon. We saw this one pop up in Norman Mitchell's Hidden Practices in chapter 10.


NOTE: This is another Biblical place name, not a demon. Tarsus ("dove") can be found in Acts 9, 11 and 21.







NOTE: You'll remember that I told you earlier that Michaelis had assigned demonic princes to each of his categories of demons in the Admirable History. Principalities, Powers and Dominions were three of the categories in his system. Kingdoms, Rulers and Legions are terms that do not appear in any of the classical lists of angels or demons.


NOTE: This is one of John of Damascus's classifications of angels, not demons. Rulers is an alternative name for the angelic order of Dominations used in the Septaguint.


NOTE: Anakim is a name derived from a Hebrew term, "ONQIM" ("giants"). In Judaic mythology the Anakim were the offspring of fallen angels and mortal women, mentioned in Genesis 6 and in The Zohar. Anakim appears on the first line of a gnomonic square used to cause a familiar spirit to appear in the form of a lion in the Book of the Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage.


NOTE: The proper spelling is Hymenaeus. This is a Greek term meaning "false teacher" that one finds in 1 Timothy 1:20 and 2 Timothy 2:17. I suppose the translation of the term gives us a clue as to why they've included it on this list, although you won't find it on any classical list of demons.


NOTE: Avim is a place and a tribe, not a demon. It is a city of Benjamin (Joshua 18:23) and a tribe in southern Palestine.


NOTE: There are no demons named Alexander on any list of demons that I've ever seen.


NOTE: Emim is a Hebrew name meaning "terrors". In Enoch I the Emim are an order of fallen angels, others listed including the Nephilim, Rephaim, Zamzummim. In the Dictionaire Infernal the Emim are an order of fallen angels.

"Self Control"

NOTE: If they didn't consider this a demon, they might not have created this web page.


NOTE: The closest term that I can find anywhere that sounds like this is Horem, a fortification in the territory of the tribe of the Naphtali found in Joshua 19:38.


NOTE: Nephilim (Variations: Nephelim, Nefilim) is a Hebrew name meaning "the fallen". In the Book of the Watchers in the First Book of Enoch, the Nephilim are a race of monsters created by the mating of the followers of the angel Semihazah with human women. This was probably a satire, referring to the Helenistic rulers of the Jewish state or even members of the priesthood of Jerusalem at the time. Other related orders listed included the Zamzummim, Emim, and Rephaim. In the Dictionaire Infernal the Nephilim are an order of fallen angels that cohabited with women.


NOTE: Ananias isn't a demon, we was the high priest before whom Paul was tried (Acts 23:2-5; 24:1; 25:2).


NOTE: Sapphira isn't a demon either. She was the wife of Ananias (Acts 5:1-10).


NOTE: Rephaim is a Hebrew name meaning "weakeners". In Enoch I this was an order of fallen angels, others listed including the Nephilim, Emim, Zamzummim. In the Dictionaire Infernal this was an order of fallen angels too.


NOTE: As I mentioned in the previous entry, this is an order of fallen angels in both Enoch I and the Dictionaire Infernal.


NOTE: This isn't a demon. Elymas was a false prophet punished by blindness in Acts 13.


NOTE: This is a Latin title, derived from "centuria" ("a company of one hundred"). A centurion was an officer who commanded a company of one hundred men in the ancient Roman army, not a demon.


NOTE: Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, a Zidonian, and wife of Ahab (1 Kings 16:31), not a demon. The reason that her name is on this list (and dropped all over the Madrak's web site) is probably because the Bible tells us that she was an idolatress who persecuted the prophets of God (1 Kings 18:4,13,19; 2 Kings 3:2,13; 9:7,22) which fits into the anti-feminist agenda of the Madraks.


NOTE: Belial is a demon that we ran into in the literature of Warnke and Balsiger back in chapter 3.


NOTE: Nicolaitanes were general scriptures concerning revelation (Revelation 2:6,15) not demons.


NOTE: Pergamos, a city of Mysia, is one of the "seven congregations" in Revelation 1:11; 2:12-17, not a demon.


NOTE: Nimrod was one of the Biblical characters that Marquis went on about back in chapter 5.


NOTE: Remember this theme from the Inquisition? They've turned it into a demon here.


NOTE: Balaam (Variations: Balam, Balan) is a Hebrew name meaning "destruction". In the Bible Balaam was a Mesopotamian soothsayer and prophet (Deuteronomy 23, Joshua 13 and many other books). Balaam is one of the Infernal names listed in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible and an entity mentioned in "Homage to Tchort" in LaVey's The Satanic Rituals (which is probably what prompted this entry on the Madrak's list).


NOTE: As I told you at the beginning of this chapter, this is simply the Hebrew word for "demon".


NOTE: "Seirim" (se`irim) was a word that we encountered in my description of the origin of demons at the beginning of this chapter. It is a word translated as "devil" in several parts of the Bible, including 2 Chronicles 11:15; Leviticus 17:7; 2 Kings 23:8; and Isaiah 13:21; 34:14.


NOTE: Apollyon (Variations: Apollion, Apolhun, Appolyon) is a name derived from the Greek terms "Apolluon" or "Apollyon" ("the Destroyer"). Apollyon is another name for Abaddon, a destroying angel of the Apocalypse. In Revelations 9:11 Apollyon is the angel of the bottomless pit. In The Magus he has become a fallen angel who is a deceiver as well as the leader of the Furies. Apollyon is one of the Infernal names listed in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible.


"Illegitimate Birth

NOTE: According to the Madraks, if you are an ugly bastard you are really a demon.


NOTE: Ahab was Jezebel's husband, so you didn't think that the Madraks would leave him off the list if they had Jezebel on it, did you?

On a page in their web site, "Depth of Satan", the Madraks list the "Location of Spirits" in which they tell us:

"SPIRITS IN THE AIR: There are spirits in the atmosphere above the ground. This is probably the most common place for demons to be found because their targets are human beings.

"SPIRITS IN THE WATERS: There are certain types of evil spirits that dwell in the waters that cover the earth. It has been reported that there are demonic cities under the seas where even human beings under the power of witchcraft can travel.

"SPIRITS IN THE GROUND: The Bible talks about spirits which are in the earth. Some are locked up because they are so evil. Some are being held which will be loosed in the end time. Apparently, they live in dry places and can live in any type of material object

It is in this section that we find the influence of the "Greenbaun" speech of Hammond in chapter 11. Note how the following statement from this section incorporates all of the elements that Hammond incorporated into that speech:

"The worst form of occult ritual abuse is that done by the Satanists who program the person to follow Satan all of their lives. This is trauma-based Monarch Mind-Control of Illuminati-Programmed Slaves: total and undetectable mind-control. Their terrorized fragmented-divided dark-side alters with Multiple Personality Disorders are brutal, secret, immoral and controlled to function in illusion and lies. There are blood covenants and sacrifices, sexual sealings, invocations of demons, demonizations of fetuses with Moon Child rituals, voodoo, witchcraft, psychics, drugs, hypnotism, electronics, electro-shock, hunger, fatigue, tenseness, threats, violence and other control methodologies. Fear, terror and torture are used to split the mind and develop animalistic demonic drives to survive. Controlled LSD trips in sensory deprivation tanks, chronology of layering in mind-control programming, Cranial manipulation, movie mind-control, implants, nanobots, thought-transfer, soul entrapment, dissociative programmed multiplicity, controlling minds electronically, implants, energy beamed at minds, and other secret technologies.

"There may be 364 levels of demons, 169 principle alter personalities, three ceremonial alters, Beta and Delta alters, Multiple Personality Disorders, Dissociative Identity Disorders, and switching of alter personality or fragment. Satanic Ritual Abuse creates total mind control consisting of alters, programming, implants, internal computers and dissociative states of the ego-psycho-psysiological states of the mind. Some Paranoid Schizophrenics may be programmed multiples. Obscured concepts include programed MPD (DID) for trained-multiples, recovered memories, hypnosis, demonic possession, aliens, mind-control, the subconscious, sadistic and criminal alters, and conspiracy to bring in a NWO.

On a page with the title "Amulets, Spells, Charms and Taboos" the Madraks claim that:

"The secrets of magical charming and casting spells were revealed by Satan himself to his devotees and passed down through the ages. Satan has established his own complicated rituals for charming and casting spells, and the forces of darkness are obliged to act on behalf of the sorcerer (or anyone else) if he observes the proper formulae... There is no question but that magic many times does indeed succeed, the reason being that Satan himself has either specified or influenced the use of certain rituals and formulae. He has consented to respond to those who use these special magical formulas or rites; for in this manner he not only achieves his diabolical purposes on earth, but also gains power and influence over those who practice magic or other superstitious rite."

The Madraks go on to tell us that the two most common "spells or charm works having magical import and which are familiar to everyone are: Abracadabra and Hocus-pocus." We encountered Abracadabra back in the CBI manual in chapter 10. The Madraks tell us that "The term hocus-pocus is generally used by magicians during sleight-of-hand tricks, or in conjuring and incantations. It is believed to be a corruption of the Latin hoc est corpus (this is the body), a phrase used by a Catholic priest in the ritual of the Mass when the bread is erroneously believed to become mystically transformed into Christ's body." The truth is that the term Hocus Pocus came from a phoney Latin phrase, "hax pax max Deus adimax", used by traveling conjurers to impress their audiences. The word hoax is probably a shortened version of hocus pocus. This is just an attempt on the part of the Madraks to further connect the Catholic church to their Satanic conspiracy legends.

The Madraks go on to claim that "Witches' covens abound, blood pacts with the Devil are becoming increasingly common", revealing the influence of some of the "warlocks" and "witch queens" that I told you of earlier. They go on to claim:

"One of the methods involved going outside and sprinkling black pepper around the entire house to form a protective circle against the black magic directed against her. In my files are letters from Christians who were formerly witches, or from those who had practiced magic. One relates how a young woman successfully used black magic to cause serious injury to another woman whom she disliked. The victim was injured in precisely the manner the magical ritual had specified. In another instance in which black magic was practiced, a young man related to me how that a witch put a curse upon him (which included blowing salt in his eyes). As a consequence, he claimed that one night he lay paralyzed with fear upon his bed as a demon appeared as a female vampire and stooped over him biting him in the neck. An hallucination? A dream? It seems unlikely, for he showed me what he indicated were two fang marks which were quite visible. He related that the scars burn brilliantly red during the full of the moon. He was suffering severe oppression from the powers of darkness at the time I prayed for his deliverance."

No names, no locations, no details whatsoever are offered to verify these bizarre claims. Incidentally, the substance usually spread around in a circle of protection in Wiccan magick is salt, not pepper.

The Madraks then feed us some more Inquisitional nonsense:

"Witchcraft is the type of Satanism found in the worship and rituals of the witches' covens. The ceremonies consist of such things as nude dancing around a bonfire, chanting, the performance of magical rituals, incantations, and other rites. Included are drunken sexual orgies, fertility rites and human sacrifice. Satanism includes such things as magic and hexing ceremonies, casting spells, and sex and fertility rites, sex orgies, drugs, sadism, ritual murders, sexual perversions, copulation with animals, black magic, animal sacrifice, obscene rituals, child sacrifice, cannibalism, dismemberment, fire dances, blood-drinking rites, desecration and robbing of graves, Black Mass, desecrated churches, Devil worship, children dedicated to the Devil, ritual tortures and murders, witchcraft, summoning of demons, hexing, and masochism."

Another strong influence on the Demonbusters web site is the Deliverance and Healing Manual of Rex Shanks of Crown of Life Ministries in Webster, Massachusetts. This is full of anecdotes about Shanks's experiences in trying to convert people in Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad. The Madraks report that "the main thing voodooism spirits do is to figure out who is in charge. Then they try to stop the leader so that the meetings cannot be held. You are fighting a real enemy, the Devil." This makes no sense: If the Devil wanted people to attend these meetings and if these Vodou Lwas are really demons, you'd think that they'd be encouraging people to attend, not shutting the meetings down.

The Madraks share the following anecdotes by Shanks with us:

"Once, he encountered one of the worst voodooism forces; they said if it had hit him, it would have killed him. Another time, he jumped a small stream, something hit him from behind, pushed his face into the mud, and he could not move. Another time, he saw a form about 8' to 9' tall, 20' wide and 1' to 2' thick. It hit him and forced his foot into the frame of the bridge, breaking his leg. Another time, something closed his throat so that he could not speak out loud. Another time, he saw about 15 to 20 snake spirits wrapped around the chest of a pastor. Another time, he saw snakes tied around a husband's waist. He saw darts sticking out of his wife's body."

It sounds to me as if Shanks is hallucinating. Either he is delusional or he is on some bad drugs.

One of the pages on the Madraks's site is "Forbidden Practices of the Occult". This is basically just a lengthy list of scriptures and what they prohibit. Occasionally amongst the scriptures they insert odd comments such as:

"Room Decorations & Television Programs - Room decor using oriental gods, zodiac signs and 'Aztec sun gods'. Television programs such as 'Night Gallery', 'Sixth Sense', 'Ghost Story', 'Kreskin',and'Bewitched'. We no longer have a television set."

"The results of consulting or practicing the occult leads to demon possession for you and your descendants, and finally to be tormented in Hell for eternity! There isn't any ultimate reconciliation!"

"Almighty God calls seeking after other gods (occult) as spiritual adultery, fornication and whoring!"

"The Ankh or Luv Knot symbolizes sexual intercourse, eternal life and is often used in the Devil's pentagram. It has nothing to do with the eternal life purchased by the cross of Jesus Christ and should not be worn on the body."

NOTE: This is that rubbish about the Ankh that we started seeing back in chapter 3.

The Madraks then give us yet another "List of Demons to be Cast Out in the Name of Jesus", which lists all of the usual "occult" practices and also includes such weird entries as:

"Rod Became a Serpent"

NOTE: This is a apparently a reference to the rod of Moses in Exodus 4.

"Wise Men"

NOTE: I suppose that they consider wise men to be demons because wise men would point out the numerous flaws in the Madraks's arguments and research.


NOTE: We first saw Westhoelter giving us flawed definitions of Chaldeans in his NIN manual.


NOTE: It was Herold's A Basic Guide to the Occult for Law Enforcement Agencies in which we first saw Runes listed as an occult practice (see chapter 5). Here the Madraks have turned them into demons.


NOTE: I'm guessing that this is on the list because the Madraks think that mascots are the same thing as familiars.


NOTE: This is another symbol that we found in Herold's manual.

"Birth Stones"

NOTE: As to why this should be considered a demon: Your guess is as good as mine.

If you think that this is all pretty strange, you haven't seen anything yet. Earlier I promised to show you another page in the Madraks's Demonbusters web site: "Saucers of the Illuminati". This is a summary of the bizarre information provided in Saucers of the Illuminati by Jim Keith, published by IllumniNet Press in Lilburn, Georgia. In this site the Madraks state:

"This is the eternal cosmic war between darkness and light; between GOD and Satan. A new civilization arising out of the ashes of the ruined one appears to be the plan of the Illuminati. A catastrophic collapse of the U.S. economic system may be planned. Hugh underground bases are being created. These may be for the protection of the elite: occult and otherwise. The plan comprises a level of unseen motives and hidden intention in agencies that have the power of life and death over the citizens of the United States and the world. Around the year 2000 A.D. is significant to those in the occult. I have been told that year 2011 will be the year of GOD's WRATH and the occult will try to hide in secret places to escape."

We aren't told who gave Keith this information. This is followed by more of the hysterical stuff about mind control, deception, psychosurgery and experimentation that we saw them ranting about earlier. They claim that there is a link between "occultism, politics and spycraft." We are told of secret messages "transmitted via low density microwaves or radio frequencies, or by other covert methods." The Madraks claim that the nation is being "stupefied by massive drugging promoted by the so-called medical profession." They warn us that "The populace has been drugged, shocked, irradiated, made ill, manipulated and even killed in the efforts to devise the most effective and invisible manacles for the containment of members of our democracy. Tiny electronic brain implants can be inserted through the nose so that we can be controlled."

Then they turn to UFOs. "There is a connection between occult philosophy, the lore of UFO's, and the totalitarian New World Order" The Madraks then suddenly change subject and tell us that the overall goal of the Illuminati "the rebuilding of the destroyed Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem." They then give us the progression "Light = Illumination = Illuminati. Illuminate = Illumination = the adepts of the Sungod and his consort" and from this leap to the conclusion that "Astronomy is used to predict coming occurrences." That should be Astrology, shouldn't it?

From this statement the Madraks leap into a discussion of "Mystery Religions", throwing the most extraordinary collection of disparate terms and mythological concepts at us in rapid succession:

"The Dog Star, Sirius; the Lords of Light and various other references relating to light; the Eye in the Triangle; the Illuminati; Set; Isis; the Temple of Solomon; the Star of David; the Phoenix, and God's reported covenant with Israel, the Qabalah. Sirius is interchangeable with the Eye in the Triangle, the Mother Goddess Isis, and the pentagram beloved of many a mystical sect.

"Egyptian god trinity is Isis (Mother Goddess), Osiris (Sun God), and Horus. The Sun deities include Ra, Odin, Jehovah, Jesus, Diana, Mary, Ishtar, Rhea, Astarte, Cybele and Ma. Practices include secret ritual initiation involving dramatizations of the lives of the gods, the imbibing of psychedelic drugs such as magic mushrooms, sex orgies (with an emphasis on homosexuality), and at least in some instances, human sacrifice.

"The Jewish / Gnostic mystical practice of Qabalah has had great philosophical influence of the Sun God / Mother Goddess mythology and is loaded with sexual imagery.

"Saturnalian orgies represent such deities as Artemis (Diana or Hecate), Aphrodite Porne (Dirty Venus), Bastet, Selket and the White Goddess. Homosexual and bisexual practices have been a mainstay of certain forms of ritual magick. The Mystery Religions utilized hallucinogenic drugs, Sun and Mother Goddess worship and human sacrifice.

"The Mystery Religions may be seen in Virgin Mary manifestations, Isis, Astarte, the White Goddess, etc. The Gnostic mass is sexual symbolization. Ritualism and magic are connected. Prophetic mystery systems are I Ching, the Tarot, runes, tea leaves, reading animal entrails, and the Magic 8-Ball.

A this point they suddenly stop. No conclusion, nothing more about UFOs. They just leave us guessing.

In this chapter we've seen how the urban legends created by supposed survivors and by Christian zealots that I've discussed so far have influenced some of the evangelicals striving to save us all from Satan. We've seen how some of these evangelists focus on the Afro-Caribbean religions rather than the "classical" Satanism that many of the others that I showed you previously have ranted about. In the next chapter I'll show you how the same urban legends motivated people to not only educate the public but actually strive to rescue those that they believe to be trapped in Satanic cults.

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Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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