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Spiritual Counterfeits [9]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: March 15th. 2003
Times Viewed: 12,821

Christian Analysis of American Culture

Another organization is that offers itself as a resource of this sort is Christian Analysis of American Culture (which uses the acronym "CAP", not CAAP as you'd expect). The president and founder is Thomas A. Carder, the director of doctrinal analysis is Anthony Fusco and the co-director for public education is Jodi Hoffman. CAP has a Child Care Action Project which I will tell you more about in a moment.

Carder is a Texan born in Indiana. He graduated from Kentucky College of Technology and went to work as an electronics technician for a semiconductor plant while attending Indiana University. Carder didn't graduate from Indiana University: After two years with the semiconductor plant, he tells us that "Jesus found a better job for me with the Indiana Emergency Management Agency. For eight years with Indiana I served as a radiation safety officer, a radiological electronics technician, a radiological systems instructor, and a field officer. During my tenure with Indiana I completed Emergency Medical Technician training." Carder later moved to Virginia to work as a nuclear emergency planner for a commercial nuclear power plant. It was in Virginia that Carder became a fundamentalist Christian. Carder later moved to Pennsylvania to work as a consultant in nuclear power training in Missouri and then to Illinois as an emergency planner for another nuclear plant. In Illinois Carder completed his BS in Industrial Technology before moving to Texas for another emergency planning job. It was in Texas that Carder founded the Child Care Action Project: Christian Analysis of American Culture (CAP) Ministry.

In the last three years of Carder's career in the nuclear industry he came to believe that Jesus had commanded him to "serve Him as a foster and adoptive father." Carder and his wife fostered 27 children between one and fourteen years of age. This explains the focus on Child Care in his ministry. Carder adopted a child that had come into his care at 11 months of age. This was the first of eight children that the Carders eventually adopted.

One of the pages on the CAP web site is a Back to School Special which features a list of "occult symbols". Carder begins this by stating:

"This is NOT a typical commercialized back-to-school special for tots and teens. This page is entirely for parents and grandparents of school-aged children to help you identify any signs and signals of interest in occultism/Satanism. Following are a few, and only a few of the symbols used by occults [sic] and satanists. While some of them are used as logos for seemingly innocent reasons and/or activities, possession and display of them may be indication of something not so innocent. This material is based on personal research and in part on the work of our brother Bill Schnoebelen, and of Drs. Michael Haynes and Paul Carlin: Satanism in America: What They Do Not Want You To Know, ©1989, Kerusson Company, Inc. You may want to check with the local laws first, but as Dr. Haynes told me, look everywhere for evidence of these icons: everywhere -- in the child's dresser, closet, and backpack; on his/her books, notepads, and pencil boxes; under his/her mattress, throw rug, and CD player. Your child might argue 'It's MY room! You have no right to search it!' Well, it's YOUR house and YOUR child. Some occultists and satanists are very serious about stealing your child, both spiritually and physically. You must be very serious about protecting or saving your child from them. Think of it in the way Carrol O'Conner ('Archie Bunker' in a plea after the death of his son by drug overdose) puts it: 'Do anything you can to get between your kid and drugs...anything.' Be prepared to do anything you can to get between your child and the dark world...and take Jesus with you!"

NOTE: We shouldn't be surprised by the material that follows given that one of his resources is Bill Schnoebelen (who you met in an earlier article in this series). The book Haynes and Carlin Satanism in America: What They Do Not Want You To Know appears to be a book created to refute the excellent book Satanism in America: How the Devil Got Much More Than His Due by Shawn Carlson Ph.D. and Gerald Larue Ph.D. in the same year. Carlson and Larue wrote this to refute the outrageous claims of Satanic Conspiracy myth supporters. Haynes and Carlin have even mimicked the title. Note how they compare interest in "the occult" to a drug addiction. Note also the paranoia about "occultists and satanists" stealing children.

Carder anticipates objections to the list that follows by stating:

"As you review this material, you might end up saying to yourself 'Gimme a break! Some of these symbols are as innocent as a baby'. Please understand that Satan will use ANY means he can to turn you and your children away from God. He may use something as widely accepted and embraced as ignominy in the entertainment industry. He may use simple but compelling suggestions from people who do not believe in God. He may even use a type of belief in a supreme being other than God: such as a belief in the planet earth. He may even use symbols that are innocently used by 99 out of one hundred people. Whatever it is that turns you away from God is not holy and is not from God. And if it is not from God..."

The CAP list that follows contains all of the symbols that will by now be familiar to you. Carder's definitions are more elaborate than most of the other examples that I have shown you but they are equally inaccurate and full of variations of urban legends that we have already encountered:

"PENTAGRAM/PENTACLE: I have found contradiction surrounding its use, so there will be seeming contradiction herein." Carder then lists many of the possible interpretations of the pentagram by various different groups. He then states that no matter how you present it, "it is not from or of God". "Used primarily as a tool in witchcraft for conjuring evil spirits," Carder tells us, "the pentagram/pentacle is also is used the mean 'Morning Star': a name claimed by Satan; a name claimed in mockery because it is also one of the names Jesus uses: [Rev. 22:16] 'I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.' While some believe the circle around the five-point star is symbolic of focusing the power of Satan, I suspect the pentagram/pentacle is also symbolic of the wishes of occultists and satanists to confine the power of the true Morning Star."

NOTE: Carder is correct about the contradictions: I've shown you quite a few so far. This is a variation on the "morning star" connection with the name Lucifer that I showed you elsewhere in this series as well as the crescent moon and star myth that we earlier saw people like Warnke espousing.

"HEXAGRAM: The hexagram has uncondemnable [sic] meaning to the Jews -- it was adopted by them as the Star of David circa their captivity by the Babylonians. The hexagram was also used by the Egyptians as an unholy icon long before the Jews claimed it for holy representation. The hexagram is claimed to be one of the most potent icons for working darkness and magic to call up evil forces for hypnosis and seduction. The hexagram is also known as the Crest of Solomon. The hexagram figures prominently in Tarot and is on the lid of the box for the Tarot deck. It is also the symbol behind putting a "hex" on someone. 'Evil spirits gather in force at the summons of the person working the 'hex'.' The hexagram is believed also to protect from fire, deadly weapons, and dangers while traveling. Such belief is against God's command that we trust only in Him for blessings and protection."

NOTE: There's that hexagram again. The hexagram appears in the Seal of Solomon: There is no such thing as a "Crest of Solomon". Note how Carder has also linked this with the myths about hex symbols. Carder's comment about Tarot makes it sound as if there is only one Tarot deck. In the Fall 2002 Llewellyn Publishing Trade Catalogue alone I counted 67 different Tarot decks, and Llewellyn is by no means the only publisher of Tarot cards. Not one of the decks illustrated had a hexagram on the lid of the box.

"ANKH: This symbol represents fertility and lust and is also known as the Key of Life. As a development of the Tau Cross (after the Greek letter, Tau "T": see the Tau Cross below), also known as the Egyptian Cross or the Crux Ansata, one application of the ankh represents the genitals of both sexes: the ovoid or yoni (the Satanic symbol of external female genitals and Shakti, the wife of a deity) and the cross below it as the male member in mockery of Christ as the giver of eternal life. Following Christ's death, the Tau Cross portion of the ankh was a symbol of death and ending, ostensibly because of the similarity of the Tau with the Cross of Christ and the profuse use of the Tau (and similar) cross configuration to crucify thieves and other criminals. The yoni was added atop the Tau Cross to represent life. In witchcraft, the ankh is used as a symbol for life, love (maybe lust), and reincarnation (likely in mockery of the Resurrection of Christ in which death was an inherent precursor). While the ankh is a symbol of the belief in a life-death-reincarnation process, it is worn with a star by those into witchcraft who practice and concoct sexual abuse."

NOTE: We encountered the ankh in Warnke's materials back in an earlier article in this series. It is a much older symbol than the Greek letter Tau and was not developed from it as Carder suggests here. Carder has another listing for the Tau cross on his list and I will deal with this later. We've seen several other people in this book suggest that wearing an ankh is supposed to indicate that you engage in sexual abuse. While the ankh is certainly a symbol of life, I have not heard it referred to as a "key of life" anywhere but Carder's list. Shakti isn't just the "wife of a deity", she is a Goddess in Hindu mythology that represents the supreme feminine. Her husband, the God Shiva, represents the male principle. The ankh predates Christianity and was never created in mockery of Christ.

"SWASTIKA: This all-too-familiar icon is NOT just representative of Nazi Germany, the Neo-nazi movement nor other ultra-control freaks. It's history is vast. It even appeared on the Boy Scout's Thanks badge before Hitler's regime. In the fourteenth century, it was know as the Fylfot and was said to represent obedience or submission, which fits into Hitler's use of it although unrighteous. It also is representative of sun god worship. Though Hitler had made a covenant with Satan to build the Third Reich (the third kingdom), the swastika was used long before Hitler as a 'religious' symbol by Buddhists, Celtics, and Greeks. The swastika is the Cross bent all out of shape, symbolic of the rejection and abuse of Him and His Sacrifice and Truth. It is used heavily in contemporary occultism and satanism, likely because of its association with the Holocaust -- massive and most dastardly death at the hands of evil men. In each contemporary use, it appears to represent, as it did in the fourteenth century, willing obedience or submission, not to righteous authority but rather to dark forces and evil."

NOTE: Here again is that idea that Hitler was a Satanist/occultist that we saw Warnke speaking about earlier. Carder agrees with my assessment that the swastika has become a symbol of evil since World War II, but as we saw in my discussion of this symbol in chapter 5, it is not a symbol of dark forces and evil to many other groups. Note how Carder puts the term "religious" in parentheses when he refers to Buddhism, the Celts and the Greeks, indicating that he does not recognize these cultures as having had a religion at all. Note how Carder tries to convince us that the swastika represents a bent up crucifix, when the swastika is a symbol which predates the crucifix.

"SATANIC OR BROKEN 'S': More of Nazi Germany. This is the symbol worn by the murderous Secret Service of Nazi Germany. In Greek mythology, this symbol represents a thunderbolt (destruction) from Zeus, another false god. The broken "s" represents the bearer having power over others. There is no wonder why Hitler adopted it as a standard for his hitmen -- more evidence of Hitler's fascination and embracement of Satanism. Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark was not too far off with "Hilter's a nut on the subject.'"

NOTE: Carder is referring to the symbol of the wartime SS here. More "Hitler the Satanist" myths. While the symbol of the Greek God Zeus may have been a thunderbolt, it requires a leap in logic to suggest a connection to the SS here: Some within the SS used mythology, but it was Teutonic, not Greek. Note how he brings in the fictional adventure movie Raiders of the Lost Ark as "proof".

"TAU CROSS: Long ago known as the 'Cross of Egypt.' It is shaped like the letter 'T', often with a circle or ovoid above it symbolizing divinity (divine life, or life itself) -- the ankh. There is a mixture of claims between the ankh and the Tau Cross being the Cross of Egypt since the ankh is a development of the Tau Cross. The Tau Cross is a symbol of end, or death, probably due to its resemblance to one of the forms of crosses used to crucify criminals in ancient Rome. Inductees into the Mysteries of Mithras were branded with this symbol on their forehead. The cult of Mithras was a major competitor of Christianity. Mithras was the bull-god (Bull = Ba'al?) worshipped in the Roman empire about the time of Christ. Mithras was hailed by his believers as the "angel of light" and "heavenly light" and is associated with the sun because of its "heavenly" location. Cue on the use of "light" and "sun" by the Mithrasians. The Word of God is [Ps. 119:105] "...a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Jesus, the Son (phonetically "sun") of God was the fulfiller of the Word (His Law). In John 8:12, "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." Use of the Tau Cross by the dark world is more mockery of the Gospel of Jesus and of His power and authority since Jesus died for you and I on a Tau Cross or a variation of it and because of His position as the bringer of Light and Truth."

NOTE: Here is that incorrect assumption that the ankh was developed from the Tau Cross that we saw Carder making earlier. Note the variation of the "mystery mark" nonsense that we saw Texe Marrs making in an earlier article in this series. Mithras (variations: Meithras) was a Persian God of light and purity, who later became a sun God. He originated in Hindu mythology as Mitra, a Hindu sun God, son of the the Mother Goddess Aditi. Mithras was worshiped by the Zoroastrians and became a very popular deity in the Roman Empire from the second to the fifth centuries CE. The central legend concerning Mithras tells of how he killed a bull as a fertility rite, its blood causing the vegetation to flourish. For this reason animals were sacrificed to Mithras. Note how Carder is trying to draw a connection between Baal and Mithras by pointing out that Baal looks similar to the word bull. This is a load of bull: Baal means "lord" not "bull" and he originated in Phoenician mythology, not Persian.

The Dictionary of Subjects and Symbols in Art tells us that the tau cross was placed upon the doorposts of Israelite homes at the first Passover in Egypt . This may have been copied from the Egyptian practice of placing an Ankh on the doorposts as a charm to bring good fortune. This in turn may have been what gave people like Carder the reverse notion that the Ankh was created from the Tau cross. The Tau cross has shown up in many different cultures. D'Aviella referred to the tau cross as "Saint Anthony's Cross" although the connection to this saint is a myth. Saint Phillip is another saint often associated with the tau cross. In his 1958 book The Evil Eye, Frederick Elsworthy claimed that the Druids made a t-shaped wooden idol called a "Thau" and this also may have influenced people like Carder to consider it an occult symbol.

"UNICORN HORN OR LEPRECHAUN STAFF: Brought about by the Druids, this horn was used to castrate animals and humans and to conjure luck and personal gain. It has a hex on it to protect the bearer from the 'evil eye' discussed below. It is also used to invoke protection of personal finances -- more reliance on or solicitation of unholy power."

NOTE: This is a variation on the definition of a unicorn horn that I've found in many texts of this sort. Carder has modified it by adding a reference to Druids and leprecauns.

"EVIL EYE or MAL OCCHIO: Found on US currency, this symbol portrays those who claim to be chosen by Satan to control world finances. We might see this symbol used more frequently as the New World Order and the one-world currency mature. This icon is to say to the observer that the 'eye of Satan' is watching, especially in finances. It is also connected by some with the spiritual burdens of envy and greed. 'This symbol is one of the most potent in the power of divination (the King James version of the Holy Bible calls 'divination' witchcraft).' Hexes, curses, psychic control and every corruption conceivable are worked through this emblem.' According to some folk tales, a menstruant's gaze - the Evil Eye - was able to to cause harm: failing crops, rotting of food, and sickness in babies. The Evil Eye is also associated with the gaze of a witch to control a victim: a gaze that would appear blank and expressionless but could do harm or kill nonetheless. Whichever meaning, they are all evil and indicate subservience to or solicitation of an unholy authority."

NOTE: There is that "eye" from the Great Seal on the back of the US $1 bill again that we have been encountering ever since Warnke brought it up. There's that idea that we saw in an earlier article on the Demonbusters web site about a group of people controlling world finances. Carder has combined this with Inquisitional folklore about the evil eye. Note the specific reference to "menstruants" indicating that women are an unclean occult influence.

"SOUTHERN CROSS: Serious bearers of this object mock the Cross of Christ with it. Experimenters, dabblers, and maybe those easily influenced by peer pressure -- the wrong kind of peers -- wear it sometimes without knowing they are mocking Christ by wearing it. Many heavy metal and death metal rock band members and satanists sport this symbol. Wearing of this hunk of metal might be (as might be wearing of ANY symbol on this page) indication of desire to cast off personal accountability to His Law and to flip off the consequences of poor choices and behavior."

NOTE: The image that accompanies this definition by Carder is an inverted crucifix. Carder is the only person that I am aware of to refer to this as a "southern cross". Of course the Crux, or Southern Cross, is a constellation lying at about 12 hours, 30 minutes right ascension and 60 degrees south declination that appears in the flags of Australia, New Zealand and Western Samoa.

"SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC: This is the logo of astrology, bears is a very complex history. Astrologists believe astrology to be a science and that the soul of an individual is the center of its universe: his/her own god. Astrologers tend empirically correlate celestial phenomena with human experiences, thus the "science" of using the stars and planets to predict the future and matters of lust, love, and reincarnation... This icon of the twelve signs of the zodiac is also the icon of certain satanists and occultists in worship of the false god, Ishtar, the goddess of love/lust. Spirits of fertility are subject to the power of the zodiac to produce every manner of immoral lust after and for the false gods of procreation. Practitioners of the zodiac acknowledge their (false) god is Satan. There is so much more that could be told about astrology and the practice of the zodiac, but any way you cut it there is worship and subservience to a false god and the workings of evil."

NOTE: The symbol that accompanies this definition is of a twelve pointed star in a circle. While one can see how this might be considered a symbol of the zodiac, as the zodiac has twelve signs, I've never seen it used as such. Ishtar is a Babylonian name meaning "she who endowed the king with prestige". Ishtar was an Assyro-Babylonian mother Goddess, patroness of fertility, love, battle, marriage, the Moon and divination. Assyrians believed Ishtar to be personified in the planet Venus. Anton LaVey listed Ishtar as one of the "Infernal names" in his Satanic Bible, which may have been what influenced Carder to include a reference to Ishtar here. Carder is the second person that we have encountered that refers to astrologers as "practitioners of the zodiac" and has added another awkward and non-existent term: Astrologists. I've yet to meet an astrologer who "acknowledges their false god is Satan" since astrology isn't a religion and therefore doesn't need Gods.

"GOATHEAD: Also known as the god of witches, the Goat of Mendes, Baphomet, and the horned god. Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God and performed the only pure and sin-free sacrifice for the atonement of man's sins; past, present, and future. The goathead is a black mockery of Jesus' role as the Lamb of God. It is the Satanist's bird at Jesus. I am particularly enraged at this waste of computer memory. Jesus died so I won't have to and He spent three days in Hell so I won't have to. Evidently, the goathead is the oldest fertility false god in human history and is claimed to have been '...found on paintings from cavemen.' Baphomet (so called after the time of Christ) actually means Bapho-Mitras: son of Mithras (see the Tau Cross above). The Goat of Mendez is the god of the witches. (Mendez is another spelling of Mendes, a city of ancient Egypt where fertility worship - Ba'al worship -- was practiced). Masons admit readily that Baphomet is a pagan fertility god and, more importantly, that Freemasonry is a fertility cult religion. At any rate, this mockery of Jesus is a satanic symbol and figures prominently in satan worship."

NOTE: You see how Carder has combined the myths concerning Baphomet and the Goat of Mendes that we've seen several other "experts" using elsewhere in this series. None of the traditional theories of the etymology of Baphomet include the idea that it means "son of Mithras": This is Carder's invention. Note how he is trying to turn Baal into an Egyptian deity here. Note also how he has brought the Freemasons into his argument: The source of this nonsense is probably Schnoebelen. He does not identify the source of his quotes about cave drawings. Mendez is not an alternate term for Mendes.

"'PEACE' SYMBOL OR BROKEN CROSS: ...Originally the Cross of Nero (who falsely blamed the new first-century sect called Christians for burning down Rome), this emblem was used profusely by the hippies and freeks, or more respectfully, the student movement of the seventies and by the anti-Vietnam war activists... Little did the student movement and anti-Vietnam war activists know they were promoting the main doctrine of the church of Satan -- 'Do what thou wilt' is the whole of the law.' Or maybe they DID know what they were promoting? ...In the hippie cult/student movement of the seventies, the focus of our culture was... total reliance on the self, never on Jesus except in probably rationalized (blasphemous) ways as in the Jesus-freeks who tainted the Authority of Jesus with flippant and insincere hearts... Envision the Cross of Jesus: a vertically oriented lower case "t" without the serif (curve) at the bottom -- an upright beam (the stipes) with a cross-arm (or patibulum). Now invert the Cross then break the patibulum down on both sides. Now, the Cross is head down, the patibulum broken with both halves pointing downward, all away from God and toward Hell. Now you have the heart of the peace symbol, or a close variation of the Greek letter, lambda. How our culture associated the Greek letter lambda as a symbol of peace, I have no idea. The peace sign has even become know [sic] as the 'devil's claw.'... Inductees into satanism may be given a trinket cross for inverting and breaking the patibulum as an initiation ritual symbolic of rejecting Jesus or as having the power to break Him. The purpose of the circle around the broken cross is not well known. It may be symbolic of Satan's lie that he is an eternal god who will reign forever. While the circle may be only adornment or cosmetic, I suspect it is symbolic of further rejection of Jesus by symbolizing that His power can be confined. The peace sign may also be symbolic of Satan casting Jesus into the eternal pit, broken and helpless; an INVERSION of the True future for Satan. Jesus has already been there (for your sake and mine -- for three days) and has emerged as Champion."

NOTE: Carder claims that "freeks" is the familiar form of the word "freaks". I wonder what dictionary he is using? There is that portion of Crowley's "Do what thou wilt..." that we see so many of these people quoting without adding the second line about "Love is the law..." Remember that idea about breaking the arms off of crucifixes that we saw in Warnke's books? Here it is again in another form. Notice how he assumes that because he thinks that the Greek letter lambda (λ) resembles this figure that "our culture" associates this letter with the concept of peace. Interesting logic. It is only people like Carter who refer to the peace symbol as "the devil's claw". There is that idea that "Christ has already won for us" again. Why are you still fighting then, Carder?

"ABRACADABRA: A somewhat obscure term but still might be an indication of interest in witchcraft, satanism, or the occult, especially when the term is oriented atop itself with one letter removed in progression as shown."

NOTE: The image accompanying this definition is of the triangular talisman shown below. "Abracadabra" is probably the most well known magical name, originally written as a triangular talisman:












Abracadabra was in use as far back as the reign of the emperor Severus, noted in the Carmen de Morbis et Remediis of Q. Serenus Samonicus. Some hold that it is a variant of the magical name Abraxas (Abraxas is a Greek word whose letters, expressed as numerals, express the number 365, the number of days in the year). Others hold that it is derived from the Scottish Gaelic terms "abra" ("God") and "cad" ("holy") It appeared as a name of the Judeo Christian God used in a consecration of the ritual sword in the grimoire called the Grimorium Verum. It is a name used in the consecration of the ritual sword in the Greater Key of Solomon. It is described by Eliphas Levi as name which is the basis of a "magic triangle of pagan theosophists" which supposedly represented the sum of all magic in the world in his Transcendental Magic. It is a name word reported to be used in healing in Barrett's The Magus.

"YIN-YANG: This doo-hickey is representative of all opposing forces, most notably between good and evil, male and female, and light and dark. The light portion is male. The dark portion is female. Also the light portion is good and the dark is evil. Soooo, you would expect the occult groups to latch onto this emblem to represent their opposition to God's Truth and especially His Law. This emblem is used heavily by students and practitioners of the martial "arts" such as karate and other "self-defense" disciplines from the far east. It's origin is Chinese. The symbol is also used by some to make a sexual statement of '69' which I will not discuss any further."

NOTE: We saw Herold include this symbol in her A Basic Guide to the Occult for Law Enforcement Agencies. It is a symbol of balance, not a symbol of opposition to Jehovah. Note how Carder tries to connect it to sexual activity: He becomes squeamish about stating "oral sex" and instead uses the euphemism "69".

"SCARAB BEETLE:" Carder quotes some of the information that he obtained concerning this symbol from, concluding with the remark "'The rising sun was Khepri, shown as a scarab-beetle, the noonday sun was Horus, the hawk god, and the setting sun was Atum, shown as a ram-headed man.' Ram-headed man, huh. Sounds a lot like the goatheaded. So, here is a link between the scarab beetle as an adornment to Satanism."

NOTE: Carder makes another leap in logic in order to try to link the Scarab to Satan. All he really accomplishes is revealing that fundamentalist paranoia about anything with horns. Horus is a variation of the Greek name Haroeris or the Egyptian name Hor. There were two Egyptian Gods given the Greek name Horus: The first was Heru-ur the falcon headed sky God. It was this God who was given the Greek name Haroeris and was also known as Horus the Elder. The other was Heru-p-khart, known by the name Horus the Younger since his Greek name, Harpocrates, means "the infant Horus". Neither was a sun God.

The Egyptian Scarabaeus or Scarab Beetle was the symbol of the Egyptian God Kheph-Ra, not Horus. This association seems to refer to the way these beetles roll balls of dung: It was similar to the fashion in which Kheph-Ra was believed to roll the sun across the sky. It is often taken to be a symbol of the creator.

Kheph-Ra (Variations: Xepera, Khephra, Khephera, Khopri or Coph) was an Egyptian God whose name means "Ra who is coming into being". Kheph-Ra is an aspect of the Egyptian Sun God Ra as the sun at night or as the rising sun. His name is derived from the Egyptian term "Xeper" or Khepher" ("becoming"). Kheph-Ra was one of the husbands of the vulture Goddess Nekhbet, the other being Hapi. He presided over transformation and the beginnings of life. Kheph-Ra is usually depicted as a man with a scarab beetle as a head.

Atum was a pre-dynastic sun God of Heliopolis, whose two wives were Nebhet Hotep and Iusas. Atum was later identified with Ra, in his aspect as the setting sun.

"SATANIC CROSS: The holy Cross with an upside down question mark attached to the bottom. The question mark is to state to observers that they should question Jesus: his Work, Will, and Way. Many contemporary rock groups flaunt the satanic cross as well as other satanic notions."

NOTE: There is Warnke's "cross of confusion" again, though Carder has renamed it a "Satanic cross".

"UDJAT OR ALL-SEEING EYE: As an amulet, variations of the udjat are used for wisdom, protection, good health, prosperity, clairvoyant powers, and protection from the evil eye. It is often used as a funerary amulet to guard against evil forces, and for rebirth in the underworld. There are other mythological and cultural uses of this symbol. One is the Eye of Horus (the falcon god) or the wadjet, symbolizing the loss of an eye of a god's son in battle. Another is as the Eye of Ra (Egyptian sun god) or Heru, adorned with the markings of the ever-watching eye of a hawk. But in satanism, it is as evil as evil can be. It is the right eye of satan in the role of Big Brother, always watching, always examining and judging, half-closed to make the subject think he is not watching. While Drs. Haynes and Carlin believe the object below the eye is a tear to symbolize that he mourns for those outside his influence, I believe it would better fit as a tear in recognition of his future."

NOTE: And there is the utchat symbol from the same source: Warnke.

"STAR AND CRESCENT [OF ISLAM]: With God mockingly placed as the moon (the goddess of love, Dianna [sic]), Satan assumes the role of the star, which is a mockery of Jesus as the ...bright and morning star...: [Rev. 22:16] 'I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.' Satan (plus a full third of the other angels in heaven) was cast out of heaven because of trying to usurp Jesus -- Satan wanted Jesus' position. Recall Milton: 'It is better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.' Man, what a lie! So, it is no wonder Satan tries to unjustly claim that which Jesus owns, for one, His ownership of being the bright and morning star. And, of course, if you will note the relative positions of the star and crescent moon in the image -- the star is over the moon. Drs. Haynes and Carlin share with us that the symbol may be found in both white and witchcraft and satanism."

NOTE: And there is another Warnke term: The crescent moon and star, with a variation of that myth borrowed from Aradia linking Diana and Lucifer. Note how this allows Carder to bring in an anti-Islamic element.

"HORNED HAND or THE MANO CORNUTO: This gesture is the satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of satanism or other unholy groups. It is also called the Il Cornuto. In other 'circles,' whether displayed as a hand gesture or worn as an amulet, it is supposed to ward off evil (the evil eye) as are the hamsa hand (three finger - two thumbed hand), the eye-in-hand (eye in the palm), and the mano fico ('mano' meaning hand and 'fico' meaning woman's genitals)."

NOTE: This is this idea that the cornu or mano cornuto was a recognition signal between "occultists" that we first saw in Frattarola's America's Best Kept Secret. The hand with the "eye in the palm" is a common image in Tibet and in the art of the Native American mound builders.

Clearly, like the other organizations that claim to be analysts of non-Christian spirituality that I have shown you in the first two parts of this article, all that CAP is doing here is repeating the falsehoods and errors that they picked up from other so called "experts".

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Kerr Cuhulain

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Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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