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Jesus Messiah Fellowship [1]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: May 18th. 2003
Times Viewed: 20,854

Pastor Cohen Reckart is the pastor of the Jesus Messiah Fellowship and the chancellor of the Apostolic Theological Bible College. He appears to have been a very busy man over the years. His resume on the Apostolic Theological Bible College site reports that he was raised in a United Pentecostal Church. Reckart is a Vietnam veteran, having served in the US Army between 1963 and 1966. In 1966 he married Judy P Dormany. The couple has had four children. One of his sons, Gary, serves as an associate pastor under his father. Cohen's brother, Charles, is the pastor of the Calvary Tabernacle (UPC) in Millville, New Jersey.

Between 1968 and 1970 Reckart studied with the UPC and served with the Soul Patrol street ministry. In 1970 Reckart became the pastor of the Endtime Disciples of Jesus Christ Assembly in Plant City, Florida. Between 1971-72 Reckart took courses at Tampa College to become a paralegal in business law. In 1972 he was ordained as a pastor/bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ in Cleveland, Tennessee. In 1976 he moved to Kaufman, Texas, and then to Terrell, Texas, to be a pastor in the Primitive Apostolic Church. There he ran a Bible School for young ministers between 1978-1982. Between 1984-1985 Reckart attended Tarrant County Community Junior College in Dallas, taking non-accredited courses in real estate. In 1986 Reckart moved back to Tampa, Florida, where he began working as a real estate broker. He took further courses at Hillsborough Community College and became licensed in Florida as a real estate agent. He became the Chairman of the Fair Housing Committee and served on the local HUD Community Housing Resources Board. He later became a representative for Florida road easements for State Senator James Hargrett's Transportation Committee. He remains active in lobbying local legislators concerning "freedom of religion and separation of State and Church". He has been a member of the Hillsborough County Republican party since 1988. He was chairman of the People Against Church Taxation campaign. In 1995 he founded the first Apostolic Post-Tribulation Prophecy Conference. He has written ten Bible study books and numerous Bible study papers.

Reckart describes himself as follows:

"For those who seek, I am not Catholic or Protestant. I am a Messianic Jew believing Jesus is Lord and King of all Israel. Do not persecute God's Jews for standing for the truth. If you persecute and spread your hate against God's Jews, the curse of hate and evil upon you will come back upon you seven-fold. For God has already told our ancestor Abraham he would curse those who cursed us, would do well to take heed:"

Reckart has created a web site on "Studies on the Cults of Witchcraft", which one can find at:

This "Studies on the Cults of Witchcraft" home page lists several other pages, the first bearing the title "Introduction to the Cults of Witchcraft". Reckart states on this page that his "web site is not designed to convert satanist, witches, or to deprive them of their religious freedom to worship the devil even if they want to call the worship *nature worship.*" Note how Reckart is relating Satanism to ecological concerns here: You'll see him return to this theme elsewhere in his site. Note also how Reckart is trying to convince us that Wiccans worship the Devil. "Frankly we do not care if they want to be lost and go to an eternal devil's hell", Reckart tells us, "If they do not want that judgment then it is their responsibility to be saved from that awful fate. They know what they are doing is evil. They may justify it but in their heart of hearts they will know they have become abominable and detestable as normal human beings. This web site It is designed for the followers of the Messianic Judaism of Jesus Messiah [sic]."

The "Introduction to the Cults of Witchcraft" commences with a section with the title "What is witchcraft?" This starts with a definition of Witchcraft from Websters 7th Collegiate Dictionary, followed by the etymology of the word Witch. Neither of these says anything about the religion of Wicca. Reckart goes on to quote the awful definition of a Witch in Wade Baskin's Dictionary of Satanism:

"In England a witch is defined as 'a person who hath conference with the devil to consult with him or to do some act.' Now applied to a female magician, the term stems from the Old English word wicca, designating a male magician. A witch may appear to be young and beautiful but is actually old, repulsive, branded with the devil's mark and clothed in the devil's girdle. She eats human flesh, drinks human blood, fashions mannikins to represent humans, disrupts the forces of nature, is responsible for changelings, wreaks vengeance on those who scorn her, copulates with those she desires, summons the infernal hosts, and has recourse to a vast array of formulas, implements, and agents in conducting her goetic operations."

This horrific description is straight out of Inquisitional folklore and in no way describes a follower of Wicca. Reckart tries to build on this, trying to overcome the lack of a Devil or Satan in Wiccan practice by arguing that Wiccans have simply given Satan different names to fool the public. Note in all of the quotations that follow how Reckart carefully avoids capitalizing the first letter of any names of Satan, demons or Pagan gods anywhere in his web site:

"There are many names for satan. The Bible calls him the serpent, lucifer, devil, adversary, accuser, great dragon, wicked one, baal, beelzebub, belial, prince of this world, and prince of darkness. There are several other titles given to the enemy of God and man. Those who practice witchcraft usually DO NOT want to be associated with being devil worshipers. So they will invent new names for the devil, one of the most recent is that he is *father nature* or the male principal in nature. In this manner those in witchcraft can claim they are only a nature religion, deny worship of the devil through secret rituals, and even deny any belief in the *Christian's devil.* Exactly the delusion they want the world to have of them. By associating the devil with nature, changing his identity with a new alias, the cults obtain a stamp of approval by many."

Lucifer, as I have told you many times earlier in this series, was once a very common name which means "bringer of light". It is a name used by many fundamentalist Christians to describe Satan, but it is used by other groups to indicate a Promethean figure which is unrelated to the Christian Devil. I also showed you earlier in this series how Baal was originally a Phoenician vegetation and storm God whose name translates as "lord". Baal is mentioned many times in the Old Testament, an example being Judges 2:13: "And they forsook the Lord, and served Baal and Ashtaroth."

We learned earlier in this series that Belial is a Hebrew name, "BLIOL," meaning "wicked one." It appears in numerous places in the Old Testament, such as Deuteronomy 13:13, Judges and 1 Samuel. Belial is the sixty eighth spirit of the Lemegeton, described as a king, created next after Lucifer, who appears as a beautiful angel seated in a chariot of fire, not a demon. The Lemegeton names Belial as one of the four chiefs of the seventy two spirits of the Goetia. The Lemegeton assigns him the power to win the favors of friends and foes, to give familiars, and to make men senators. Belial was not used as an alternative name for Satan as Reckart suggests, appearing in many grimoires as a separate entity along side or subordinate to Satan.

Beelzebub (aka: Beelzebuth, Belzebuth, Beelzeboul, Baalzebub, Belzebut, Belzeboub and Belzebud) is a Latin name is derived from the Hebrew term "Baalzebub" and means "lord of flies" ("Baal", meaning "lord" + "zebub" ("ZBVB"), meaning a fly or insect). Originally a Syrian God, Beelzebub appears in the New Testament of the Bible. Groups such as the Essenes created personifications of evil such as Beelzebub to denounce their opponents, claiming that their opponents had been seduced by these personifications of evil.

In Milton's Paradise Lost, Beelzebub was Satan's chief lieutenant among the fallen angels. In the Grimorium Verum Beelzebub is called the prince of spirits. According to Eliphas Levi, Beelzebub was the leader of the Chaigidel. Beelzebub was described as the supreme chieftain of demons in Alexis De Terreneuve de Thym's autobiography Farfadets, Ou Tous Le Demons Ne Sont Pas L'autre Monde. Beelzebub was the leader of the "false gods" in Barret's The Magus. Beelzebub is one of the Infernal names listed in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible, as well as a name used in the performance of a Black Mass in LaVey's The Satanic Rituals. Beelzebub is an archdaimon who is Satan's second in command, who makes one of the "Statements" in the Diabolicon. Beelzebub is a prince of the demonic order of Seraphim listed by Michaelis in his Admirable History. He is also a demon of gluttony listed by Binsfield.

Baal was a pre-Biblical Phoenician vegetation and storm God whose name translates as "lord". Baal is mentioned many times in the Old Testament. In some places in the Bible Baal has become a demon. In other instances the Bible uses the name Baal simply as a synonym for "Lord", as in the name Baal zebub ("Lord of the Flies"). In The Zohar, Baal is cognate with the angel Raphael. In the Grand Grimoire, Baal is a subordinate of Lucifuge Rocofale. In his Pseudo-Monarchia, Wierus lists Baal as the Commander in Chief of the armies of Beelzebuth. He is described as having three heads: toad, cat and man. In Levi's Transcendental Magic, Baal is the leader of the Harab-Serapel. Baal is a demon mentioned by Grillot De Givry in his Witchcraft, Magic and Alchemy. In the Dictionaire Infernal, Baal is listed as a demon.

You will find mention of Lucifer in some of the folklore and myths associated to some traditions of Wicca, but the name does not refer to Satan. You won't find mention of Beelzebub, Belial or Baal in any Wiccan literature. This doesn't deter Reckart, who attempts to prove that Wiccans really worship the Devil under other names, once again relying on Baskin's Dictionary of Satanism. On page 233 Baskin is in turn quoting the infamous Inquisitional manual, the Malleus Maleficarum (The Witches' Hammer), which states that Satan may be invoked under several different names. This is followed on this web page by the following statements:

"As asmodeus he is the creature of judgement. As satan, he becomes the adversary. As behemoth, he is the beast. Diabolus, the devil, signifies two morsels: the body and the soul, both of which he kills. Demon connotes cunning over blood. Belial, without a master. Beelzebub, lord of flies. Here are the names by which he is generally known in various languages: Arabic sheitan, Egyptian set, Japanese o yama, Persian dev, Russian tchort, Syriac beherit, Welsh pwcca."

NOTE: There is Belial and Beelzebub again. We saw this nonsense about Diabolos/Diabolus in Sloat's awful manual earlier in this series. In fact "diabolos" is originally a Greek term, made up from the words "dia" ("through" or "across") and "ballein" ("to throw"), in other words, a slanderer. This is why the term Diabolos later became a Latin word for the Devil. Reckart is simply recycling this error, assuming, as Sloat and Baskin did, that the correct spelling should be "diabolus", which would break down into the same prefix, "dia" (which also means "dividing into two parts") and "bolus" ("a round mass"). Bolus is a medical term referring to the chewed up mass of food on it's way to one's stomach.

Asmodeus is a Biblical figure, adopted from Zoroastrianism, who appears in the Apocrypha. Zoroaster named this entity "Aeshma-daeva" ("demon of fury"). You won't find Asmodeus in any Wiccan literature either.

A welsh Pwcca is a mischievous spirit, not Satan. Wicca is not a Persian, Egyptian, Syrian, Russian or Japanese belief system, so giving us terms for the Devil in the languages of those cultures does nothing to prove Reckart's assertions.

"The devil is honored by the rituals and the manner in which the cult practices its religion. As prince of darkness, the cults gather at night or in a darkened house or other building. Since Jesus was crucified on a full moon, the cult favors the full moon as the time to celebrate their ritualistic blood cup using real human blood or a substitute. What is done in darkness carries with it the code of silence. Anyone who breaks the code of silence is candidate for the fulfillment of the oath taken to be inducted into the cult, and this is usually the death penalty. How these murders are carried out is known by the cult members and the police departments around the world. Nearly all police departments has an officer assigned to occult duty and an interview with this person could reveal in your area stunning and horrible secrets not published in the local media."

NOTE: This is the first time that I've seen a fundamentalist claiming that Jesus was crucified during a full moon. Even if he was, Jesus isn't a prophet that Wiccans recognize. You'd think that if we were blood drinking Devil worshippers as Reckart suggests, we'd relate our rituals to someone other than Jesus. Note the typical references to blood drinking and sacrifice that we've seen in literature of this sort so many times in this series. Note also how Reckart claims that nearly all police departments have occult experts who could prove him right, yet he gives no examples and names none of these "police experts" anywhere in his web site.

"A witches personal diary of her personal rituals is called the *book of shadows.* Another name for the book is the *book of grimorie* with lessons and rituals on enchantments, animal sacrifices, use of blood, oils, and powders. The most famous is the Grimoire of Honorius first published in Rome in 1670."

NOTE: Here is that tired old misconception about a Wiccan Book of Shadows being a Satanic document and/or grimoire again that we first saw in my article about Warnke. Wiccans do not call their Book of Shadows a "book of grimoirie", nor do we utilize the Grimoire of Honorius in our rituals. The Grimoire of Honorius is indeed a well known document of Occidental Ceremonial Magic, but Reckart's claim that it is the most famous is debatable. I'd suggest that the Greater Keys of Solomon is much better known, as you have probably noticed yourself due to the numerous references to it by other so called "occult experts" that I've discussed in this series.

"The defeat of satan takes place at the battle of Armageddon where he is bound for a 1,000 years [sic]. After the 1,000 years he is loosed from his prison, goes out to deceive the world again, and is cast into the lake of fire. All who are his followers and worshipers will receive the same fate. Satanism, witchcraft, the cults are fun to live by with all the drugs, sex, partys [sic], drinking, music, and ceremonies during the ritual, BUT IT WILL ALL BE HELL TO DIE BY!"

NOTE: Here's a variation on that ubiquitous argument that Satan is already defeated that we keep finding in literature of this sort. Reckart makes the typical false assertion that Wiccan worship involves drugs and drinking.

The next page in Reckart's web site is "Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Second Look". This is a reproduction of an article by this name, written by Gregory R. Reid, whose name has come up a number of times earlier in this series. Reckart must really like Reid's article a lot, since another page on this site, Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Testimony by Someone Who was There", is a copy of the exact same article. Reid classifies himself at the end of the article as a "Certified expert on Satanic Ritual Abuse and Occult Crimes". Reid doesn't say who certified him.

Greg is aware of my Witch Hunts series and has periodically written to me with suggestions and small bits of information. Reid is very aware of the criticisms that people like myself have made in series like mine. The opening line of Reid's article illustrates this:

In the last ten years, the issue of Satanic ritual abuse has gone from being what some investigators called "the crime of the decade" to being the butt of every media joke and the target of Christian "investigative journalists". The reasons for this turnaround, and whether it's safe to breathe easily knowing it was all "Satanic panic" and doesn't really exist, warrants serious consideration. If it doesn't exist, then obviously it was much ado about nothing. Certainly several major Christian ministries, journalists and publications have stuck their neck out on that assumption."

Reid recently wrote to me that he supported quite a number of the people that I've discussed throughout my Witch Hunts series:

"Pat [Pulling] was a dear friend and colleague - as is Dr. Alan Peterson, Dale Griffis, Lt. Larry Jones, the late Lauren Stratford, and nearly everyone else you intend to discredit... apparently... I count all of these people as men and women of integrity and courage in a most difficult field, and I am proud to be associated with them. I am praying for you. In the powerful Name above all Names, Jesus."

I wrote back to him thanking him for his prayers. "I really don't know how you can continue to support these people in light of the facts", I replied, "which have been uncovered in many cases by Christian journalists. I understand that you are devout but I think that you are in denial. I think that there are far better Christians for you to support out there than these people, but you are entitled to your opinion. It doesn't bother me that you disagree with my spirituality. It does bother me that people like these feel it necessary to invent stories and misuse facts in an attempt to support their position."

"I support these people because I know them", Greg wrote back, "We have worked together, and because I worked firsthand on many of the cases they did. In addition, the 'Christian journalists' are not anyone I want to be associated with, since their dubious methods of investigation/intimidation are as un-Christlike as anything I have ever witnessed." Reid disagreed with my suggestion that he was in denial. "After all these years of witnessing occult crimes up-front and nasty, I wish I COULD go into denial. But I can't. I understand that you are attempting to confront some of the obvious attempts to align wicca with satanism, and that is rightfully so, since they have little in
common in terms of activity and ritual. And unfortunately, modern satanism has further complicated the matter by disavowing belief in the devil, claiming they are just into 'self-worship.' I am not interested in hysteria or in following rabbit trails, just in stopping crimes against children and the innocent that are done by people who truly worship satan and do what they do as an act of worship. When I have seen people invent stories, (and I know of a few who have) I distance myself from them, and I also make it plain that they are not to be given credence."

Yet throughout this series we've seen that all but one of the people that Reid mentioned in his earlier e-mail to me (Pulling, Jones, Peterson and Griffis) have been supporters of urban legends about International Satanic conspiracies and one of them, Lauren Stratford, is most definitely a fraud, as I showed you earlier in my Witch Queens article. Reid is very polite compared to some of the others that I've dealt with, but he most definitely wants to cling to his beliefs about SRA.

For example, in Reid's article "Satanic Ritual Abuse: A Second Look", he makes the following statements concerning a number of the frauds that I exposed earlier in this series:

That, of course, is easier said than done. The 'investigative report' on Mike Warnke, as well as subsequent articles seeking to "debunk" ritual abuse stories, devastated people and ministries and caused thousands of alleged survivors and cult victims to retreat, doubt, and bleed. Certainly Mike Warnke's situation warranted correction. One seriously doubts that it was handled in a Biblical, Christ-like way. The authors claimed to have wanted to expose it to the church before the secular press got hold of the facts. Then, they went and leaked it to the secular press. Would Christ, or even Paul, spend or sanction spending multiple thousands of dollars investigating, then publicly exposing a Christian brother without warning? 'I rejoice, that whether in pretense or sincerity, Christ is preached.' That would be, and was, Paul's stand. None of these 'investigators' or magazines that published them gave any thought to the damage it would do to the scores of kids Warnke brought to Christ."

NOTE: In other words, never mind the lies, never mind Warnke's unethical behavior. As long as he converted some kids to Christ, he's a swell guy. Let's blame Warnke's disreputable behavior on the Christian journalists who made his behavior public. Reid says that they should have warned him, but I'm sure that if they had done that it would only have given him another opportunity to come up with an alibi. I'm sorry that Warnke's story turned out to be a fabrication and thus a disappointment to you, Greg, but one didn't have to look that close to see it for what it was. This is the recurring problem that I encounter: People who accept the word "experts" or "former Satanists" simply because they are saying what these people want to hear.

"Lauren Stratford, author of the best - seller Satan's Underground, in other 'investigative reports', was drawn, quartered, and crucified unmercifully without any opportunity to defend herself. For the record, despite the humiliation and ridicule, Ms. Stratford is alive and well, and reaching out to scores of survivors in the name of Jesus. In addition, Satan's Underground, (picked up by another publisher after Harvest House pulled it in hopes of ending the controversy it created) is still available and selling well, as well as her other two subsequent books that deliver a message of hope and encouragement to survivors. And, despite reports to the contrary, she has not recanted one word of her testimony as written in Satan's Underground. It should be noted that 99% of Ms. Stratford's allegations are based on real experiences and not 'recovered memories.'"

NOTE: Reid is correct in stating that Stratford did not develop her stories from recovered memories. He is also correct in stating that when faced with the facts she never recanted (but then neither did Warnke). Reid is dead wrong when he claims that Stratford's stories are based on real experiences. I showed you in my Witch Queens article earlier in this series that even her name is an invention: Her real name is Lauren Wilson. Yes, Pelican Publishing picked up the rights to Stratford's book Satan's Underground, and went on to publish two more by Stratford: I Know You're Hurting and Stripped Naked. Reid also doesn't mention that Stratford's latest claim is that she is a Polish Jew named Laura Grabowski and that she was a survivor of Auschwitz. It is odd that Reid spoke of Stratford as if she was still alive as I have information that Stratford died 8, April, 2002 from a progressive condition involving her circulatory system. Johanna Michaelson was apparently at her side when she died.

Greg goes on to complain about "Christian denials of Satanic ritual abuse, set forth in numerous writings by such notables as Bob and Gretchen Passantino, Jon Trott from Cornerstone Magazine, and Christian Research Institute." These are the courageous individuals who uncovered the fraudulent nature of the stories of Warnke and Stratford. Reid rails against the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which has been responsible for bringing a lot of the hysteria about Satanic Ritual Abuse to an end by calling therapists to account. Reid, like so many of the other people that I've written about in this series, complains about Special Agent Kenneth V. Lanning, because Lanning has debunked the nonsense about International Satanic conspiracies. Reid then does what many of the people that he supports (Jones for example) does in an effort to turn this around: He claims that the victims of SRA are being ignored. Reid lists "truths" and "untruths" in an effort to support his position:

UNTRUTH: There is no evidence of ritual abuse. TRUTH: There are multiple thousands of victims of ritual abuse. Among those thousands, there are multiple hundreds of children who have been fully examined and have documentation of the sexual abuse they allege, as well as volumes of therapeutic evaluations and case files detailing the most graphic, horrific, ugly, frightening abuse anyone could imagine, except, perhaps, the adult survivors, whose allegations fairly duplicate to the detail the children's stories. These details, incidentally, are so intricate and 'adult', that it is insanity to suggest the children 'got it from watching too much TV'. Not even Stephen King could contrive details this sickening. Those who suggest these children 'made it up' show their ignorance of the incapability of children to make up such exacting details, nor can they explain why in most cases there is corresponding, medically documented proof of sexual violation. Few if any of them have even bothered to read these evaluations or talk to a single child. Regardless, even many of those who may find it difficult to believe that such horrible ritual abuse took place, nonetheless come away from a thorough look at the evidence saying, 'Something happened to these kids. Someone abused them.' To suggest, as so many 'debunkers' have out of hand, that it's just 'Satanic panic' is not just an insult but a deep and undeserved injury to the little ones who have been so abused."

NOTE: I covered this subject earlier in my article on therapists. It isn't the children making it up. It is the "therapists" making it up and getting the children and adults that they "treat" to believe it through improper therapy. Reid says that he is aware of "multiple thousands" of documented examples, but in this article he doesn't give us even one to prove his point.

"It is necessary at this point to address the most often-quoted statement from the F.B.I.'s 'expert' Ken Lanning: 'There is no evidence of Satanic crime.' That statement is patently false. If you have a strong stomach, and don't have any conflict reading a secular book, Michael Newton's 'Raising Hell' fully documents the reality of Satanic crime. Not only does it give hundreds of examples of modern Satanic crime, it also gives overwhelming historical evidence that widespread Satanic rituals and sacrifice of children and infants is documentable as far back as the 16th century, exposing as untrue the skeptic's view that all of it is just 'folklore.' Satanic mass murdering socialites Gilles de Rais and Catherine Deshayes, both executed for the mass slaughter of children, were no 'urban myths'. And, they were Satanists. Although some would point to the survey of 11,000 professionals and their responses as proof of no evidence, I understand only a fraction of those solicited for response even responded at all, making it an unfair analysis to begin with."

NOTE: Again, no examples from the modern therapists treating "survivors". Instead Reid cites to cases from French court intrigues of the 16th century and a popular book rehashing the urban legends about Satanism.

"UNTRUTH: All Satanic ritual abuse memories are the result of 'false memories'. TRUTH: First of all, the 'False Memory Syndrome' explanation is just a theory and not recognized as a scientific or even psychological diagnosis."

NOTE: The diagnosis of repressed memories which forms the basis of the beliefs in Satanic Ritual Abuse is a just theory too, Greg.

"Secondly, It is impossible for thousands of children and adults, as young as three and as old as seventy, most having never met nor communicated nor had access to any 'shared network' information concerning ritual abuse, to be telling the same stories down to miniscule details, dates, intricate ritual setups and in some cases, the same perpetrators... "

NOTE: Oh yes it is, and I've shown you how over and over again in this series. The "shared network" that is the common denominator in these cases is the network of therapists or rescue ministry workers who believe in International Satanic conspiracies. These people bring prospective patients in and then use various techniques to implant the false memories.

" ... For Christians, there are only three explanations for such widespread and intricate testimony: One, it's a mass psychic phenomenon, mass mental transference of information. And I don't know many Christians who are inclined to accept that theory. Two, it's mass demonic deception. However, a full 80% or more of all the victims I have worked with: children, adults and families, are Christians or from a Christian home, people dedicated to God's Word and God's truth. The third option is to accept that they are telling the truth. No, we may not understand everything they have been through or sorted out all the details, but to dismiss out of hand these numerous allegations as 'false memories' is simplistic, not to mention insensitive to the complex issues of the survivors."

NOTE: Obviously Reid's choice is number three.

"One big question has been posed by skeptics that needs to be addressed: 'If there is an organized Satanic conspiracy, where is the evidence? Where are the bodies?' As a private investigator and law enforcement trainer on cult related crimes, I have worked for ten grueling years on actual, flesh and blood ritual abuse cases, murder cases and criminal investigations of every sort. Numerous professionals, from judges to EMS workers after seeing our workshops, have told us that they have been seeing evidence of serious ritual crime including Satanic mutilated corpses for years but simply hadn't had the tools then to identify it. The evidence is there - buried in nearly every police department file around the country - marked 'unknown'."

NOTE: How many times have I shown you examples of people using this excuse. Jerry Simandl and Larry Jones (a person Reid supports) come to mind. Their only answer to the lack of evidence is that it really is there, we just haven't found it yet. Reid, like the others who advance this excuse, insist that we keep looking.

"If Satanic crime is widespread, the skeptics say, 'why can't current evidence be found'? First of all, it gets found all the time, but chances are you won't hear about it. Many times it is kept from the public to avoid a so-called 'Satanic panic.' I spoke with a registered nurse some years ago who had been walking to work and saw an ambulance and several police cars. She went to see if she could be of assistance, and came upon the decapitated body of a woman who had black candles surrounding her body. It never made the paper. It never will. This is one of dozens of incidences I know of where the public never was privy to such crimes. I have seen the murder slides of several of these nondisclosed murders. "

NOTE: Here is the other excuse that we commonly see from people like Larry Jones. The incidents are occurring, they are simply not being reported. Note how Reid gives us this anecdote about the nurse but fails to give us details like the nurse's name that would allow us to verify the story. He says these cases will never make the papers but doesn't supply an explanation as to why. Perhaps Reid wants us to infer that Satanists within the system are suppressing these stories?

"Secondly, these groups have been doing this for centuries. They have perfected the art of secrecy, covering abuse and burying evidence. Of course, the FBI says that's not possible - despite the fact that they still have no idea what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. Children describe babies being cremated. Where's the evidence? Did you know you can buy a portable crematorium at a reasonable cost? Or dispose of bodies in trucker's lime pits designed to dispose of cattle carcasses?"

NOTE: Here you will recognize another of the classic excuses that we've come to expect: Due to centuries of practice the Satanists are so good at hiding what they do that you'll never find any evidence. Of course this flies in the face of both common sense and what we know about conspiracies. Sooner or later people defect and spill the beans. So far the numerous people who have claimed to be defectors (who all claim to be leaders, have you noticed?) have all turned out to be frauds.

"But where do they get the victims? While the 5 million a year abducted child statistic is clearly over-inflated, it is also much higher than the FBI's estimated '50 people' a year number. Babies do disappear. Children are abducted. Some neglectful and abusive parents never even report their child as missing, living a transient life and moving from state to state undetected. You can buy a child in Mexico for $10, an infant for $5. Runaway teens, not considered a major priority by law enforcement, are the easiest targets of all. They are already missing and off the list of active investigations. They can be slaughtered and made to disappear without a trace - who would know? People with money - large sums acquired through drugs, child pornography and child selling, can pretty much cover up anything, especially since the country's top investigating agency denies the problem exists altogether. Child porn and child trading is estimated to be an eight billion dollar a year industry. Satanic groups work very well with them, and with that kind of money, there's not much you can't get rid of."

NOTE: Reid seems to be recycling quite a number of the common excuses here. As he points out, the number of sacrifices that believers in Satanic Conspiracy legends expect do not square up with the actual missing person statistics. Therefore they must engage in mental gymnastics such as this to try to explain the discrepancies away. This is a variation on the "no statistics as the missing people aren't reported to the authorities" explanation that we so often see thrown at us.

Reid then lists several points that he feels proves that there really is an International Satanic Conspiracy committing SRA out there:

1. Numerous authorities have received death threats to back off investigations. (One private investigator and his son died in a light plane crash of suspicious causes on the way to break a serious case of child trading and Satanic crime.)"

NOTE: If this is true, why doesn't Reid name just one? He doesn't name the investigator who died in the "suspicious plane crash" or give us any other details that would allow us to verify this claim. We've seen plenty of claims of receiving death threats by the people that I've written about so far in this series, some of whom are police officers, but precious little evidence to support these claims.

"2. Numerous investigators of Satanic crime have been fired, demoted or replaced."

NOTE: This is entirely true. Perhaps Reid is inferring by telling us this that Satanists within the system are having these people silenced? The truth is that the agencies that employ these "investigators of Satanic crime" are getting tired of these people going off on pointless personal religious crusades that cost thousands of taxpayers dollars and produce nothing. I've shown you many examples of this elsewhere in this series.

"3. A widespread campaign of vicious, malicious and devastating slander has been launched against some of the best Christian investigators and ministries, causing many to quit from discouragement or burnout."

NOTE: Is it slander, or is it concerned people revealing the unethical behavior and paranoid activities of some Christian investigators and ministers? Are they really quitting due to burnout, or is it actually that they've either come to their senses or learned that they can't get away with disseminating misinformation unchallenged indefinitely?

4. Dozens of serious investigations have been shut down at the moment the case was about to break, halted by high level officials, and in one case a congressman, without explanation."

NOTE: Again Reid doesn't give us even one example to prove this assertion. On the other hand we have numerous major examples such as the Rochdale case in England and the McMartin daycare case in California to show how cases were rightfully shut down by the authorities when it was discovered that improper investigations by overzealous crusaders were involved.

"5. This author has received numerous death threats, computer sabotage, break-ins, robberies, and even a public threat by a military officer to keep my mouth shut about what I know about military Satanists. In short, if Satanic crime isn't real, why the threats? Why the interference? Why the attacks?"

NOTE: I've a better question: Why aren't these people who are threatening you in court, Greg? It sounds like you know the identity of the military officer, though you don't name him here. If this Satanic crime is real, why can't you provide evidence from your personal experiences to prove it?

Reid then goes on to say that he doesn't have the "luxury of denial and skepticism" and that the SRA stories are "no fantasy at all". To me it looks as if Reid is totally in denial, skeptical of any evidence which opposes his beliefs and totally immersed in fantasy. He claims that "Left out of most debate, and most debunking, has been any answers." There are plenty of answers, Greg, it is just that you don't like them.

Reid concludes by listing the steps that he feels that the Christian community must take:

"1. We need to acknowledge the damage done by only presenting one side of the story. For every 'story' the skeptics have 'debunked' there are another ten with evidence, and in some cases convictions on the perpetrators. Their story has never been told. As a result, thousands of victims have been disbelieved out of hand, been hurt and humiliated and gone into hiding without hope. We must judge a tree by its fruits, and so far the only fruit that has come from the investigative pieces debunking Satanic abuse has been the wholesale cutting off of survivors from the hope of Jesus Christ through the church. We need to ask forgiveness - of God, and of the victims."

NOTE: So tell the story, Greg. Give us details. Give us evidence instead of the same generalisms, tired denials and excuses. I totally agree that we must hear both sides of the issue.

"2. We need to acknowledge that, although we may not understand everything regarding Satanic crime and ritual abuse, the full facts have not been set forth in the few biased articles published previously. We need to acknowledge that any issue that is a threat to children, especially, warrants a serious investigation of all sides of the issue."

NOTE: Being a child abuse investigator, I fully agree that any issue that is a threat to children must be thoroughly investigated. What Greg is really doing here is repeating his earlier appeal to "keep looking", simply because what these thorough investigations have found is conclusive proof that the dangers that Reid is warning us of here do not exist. A few biased articles? There is mountains of evidence Greg. I've done what you seem to be unable to do in your article. I've repeatedly produced names, dates and witnesses.

I'll give Reid this: He makes an impassioned argument for his crusade against the International Satanic Conspiracy, but he doesn't once attempt to connect Wicca or other Neo-Pagan religions with this alleged conspiracy in his article. I'm sure from his comments about praying for me that he believes that my Wiccan colleagues and I are deceived, and he is entitled to his opinion. I feel much the same about him.

The next page on Reckart's "Studies on the Cults of Witchcraft" web site is "The Bible is Against Witchcraft. This is an article that Reckart wrote in 1997 which lists all of the usual Biblical quotes from Deuteronomy, Isaiah, Kings, Revelations, Chapters and Galatians. Reckart makes several comments along with the Biblical quotes:

Witchcraft is a rebellion theology manifest in dualism represented in the goddess and the god. It is rooted in the rebellion of lucifer who was cast down for his attempt at usurping to become God. This he transferred to Eve when he inticed [sic] her to rebellion against the Law of God not to touch or eat of the fruit of the tree in the midst of the Garden of Eden. Eve was deceived that she would bcome [sic] a god, a goddess like or equal to GOD. Her rebellion against God's divine order and her desire to be a goddess (the same sin as the horned one), has become the undergirding philosophy within all forms of satanism. This rebellion is called *a free spirit* and *a free thinker.* Or one who refuses to have anyone to have some authority from God to instruct them to abide by any religious way of life (Family, Priest, Rabbi, Prophet, Jesus, Apostles, Minister, Church etc). Witchcraft would cease the moment rebellion against God and his divine order as found in the Old and New Testaments ended. As long as that attitude and spirit continues, witchcraft will continue and we believe it will be the last religion of the antichrist personalized in the great whore of Babylon system in Revelation chapters 17 and 18."

"This conduct is mentioned because it was contrary to the divine order. When God has had enough of the conduct of a male or female witch, nothing can stop the judgements that will begin to mount day by day, until that person's soul goes to the grave to await eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire. And witchcraft sins and evils over the centuries justifies God for making the torment eternal."

NOTE: These are just a variation on the argument we've seen numerous times earlier in my Witch Hunts series: Rebellion of any form is Witchcraft and refusal to accept their form of Christianity is rebellion.

"These New Testament verses shows us that witchcraft is considered an entire system of religions in the same sense that the word *idolatry* includes the plurality of all false gods. Which of these sins have not been associated with witchcraft? Those who fulfill Romans 1:18-32 (and this is the goal of satanism to forever steer a person away from God), CANNOT BE SAVED EVER. Some religions have thought they could over-ride these verses and save those guilty and even deceive many that they are saved. But they Scripture is clear: *Shall NOT inherit the kingdom of God.* Before any persons chooses witchcraft they should count the cost that they may never be saved and they are indeed damning themselves forever. They do not need to sell themselves to the devil or even enter in some blood ritual pact, they are damned when they are reprobated by God. This is a dreadful and serious consequence. Witchcraft is not a fun and games religion with God. He has already judged it, and all who go against his divine order will suffer the eternal pleasure of God to give them the Lake of Fire. God will not put anyone in this horrible pit, those who go there have all chosen it. He merely puts the final approval on their choice and decrees at the judgement: This is want you wanted. This is what you lived for. Your sins were practiced to bring you here. So I agree with you and now give you your damnation. Then God will laugh (Proverbs 1:26)."

NOTE: This is a much harder line than you see in most literature of this sort. Most people of this sort maintain that at any time a "Witch" can be saved. Reckart seems to believe that once you accept anything other than what he believes in, you are damned forever. Later you will see him alternately taking this stand and then contradicting himself by giving us instructions on how to achieve salvation.

Jezebel is also Isebel or Isabel, and seems to be a name meaning daughter of Baal, the horned god of the fertile crescent, known also as Nimrod and other names. She was the daughter of a Zidonian king. She was a pagan unconverted Gentile. Ahab her husband was a Jew or Israelite. Here we have a mixed marriage a profane union. Here two religions clashed, that of the monotheism of Judaism and the polytheism of paganism. Here the woman rebelled in her normal form of witchcraft and led not only her husband, the northern ten tribes, but also a religious college of over 850 Priest that once served in the sacred religion. Against these stands the lone figure of Elijeh. The Elijeh ministry that withstood witchcraft would also be the for-runner of Messiah who in that messianic fulfillment-ministry would also stand up against a witchcraft society and college of profane sold-out Priest. Jezebel was a witch and she is the epotime of all women who seek that degraded office. We can only say that time will determine how any of the children to these unions turn out. In the book of Revelation the women preacher identifed as a prophetess was given time to repent and she refused and this cause she and all her children to be damned. Want to damn yourself and your chlildren then follow these two Jezebels and practice witchcraft."

"Again God shows his disgust for witchcraft, the sexual immorality associated with it, and that his female creation has reprobated herself to that of a harlot and a prostitute. This evil and sin may offer pleasure in the cult practices but God holds out eternal damnation for making that choice."

NOTE: These two statements illustrate the same rant about Jezebel that we saw the Madraks using in their Demonbusters web site, which I told you about earlier in an article by the same name in this series. Jezebel was not a Wiccan. Like the Madraks, Reckart seizes upon the part in the Bible that tells us that Jezebel was an idolatress who persecuted the prophets of God (1 Kings 18:4,13,19; 2 Kings 3:2,13; 9:7,22) which fits into the anti-feminist agenda of many fundamentalist Christians. It also provides a platform for Reckart to accuse Wiccans of "sexual immorality", a theme that you will see him ranting about later in his web site.

(Continued... Click HERE for page II)

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Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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