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Jesus Messiah Fellowship [2]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: May 25th. 2003
Times Viewed: 12,839

"This Simon is one of the early gnostics who was perhaps the first to forge Christianity with witchcraft which was by this time the driving force in the gnostic movements within Cabala Judaism, as well as the religions and philosophies of the Mediterrainian [sic] sea coast nations. His magic here called sorcery was used to *bewitch* or deceive or trick those gulliable [sic] to be persuaded in his god(s) with the powers he allegedly had at his disposal. He was rejected by the Apostles because he thought like his other crafts, he could buy God and his power with a few gold coins. He learned that God is not subject to man's money and that God is not so desperate to have use of a man for his services as to use a reprobate. God would rather have no man upon the earth than to have a man who is an apostate (case in point the Ark and the flood). If it were not for Godly Christians in the world and the divine time not fulfilled, God would destroy the world this instant. He will allow manking [sic] to come to his climax in reprobation and when this turns full-scale upon Christians under the antichrist regime, world-wide judgement will come. The last blood-bath of the Satanist against Christians and the Godly will be over."

NOTE: It would be nice if God insisted that his followers corrected their spelling and grammar. Gnosticism started up in the second century CE. It is the belief that knowledge (Greek gnosis) is the way to salvation. Those who are worthy receive this knowledge from a redeemer/revealer. Gnostics believe that the flesh which imprisons a divine spark. The material world was viewed as evil. This led to the belief that there was two creators: One being the Supreme God of Truth and the other being the creator of the material world. The later was known as the demiurge. This is probably what leads Reckart to associate Gnosticism with Devil worship: He is associating the demiurge with Satan and identifying with the Biblical story of an evil world created by man's fall from grace.

"Fear of God is the begining [sic] of wisdom. Even in witchcraft the horned one, the devil demands fear. Staying inside of the circle and the chanting of ancient names of our God as these witches cast spells and work magic is proof they are sacred as the dickens. They say their god, the horned one is not the devil and some aspect of nature and the earth? Why then do they stand in great fear of the horned one inside the circle and chant in frenzy the names of OUR God? Our fear of God is one of honor and respect, in the same sense that I honor the laws of the land because I have a healthy respect for them. And to this end, the witchcraft practices in this text show us that because many refuse to honor God but turned to satanism in its practices, God will judge them."

NOTE: For sure Reckart has never seen a Wiccan ceremony. Wiccans would certainly not be chanting the many names of Jehovah in Circle. We don't fear the Horned God (who is NOT the Devil): We invite the Horned God into the Circle.

"And they forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth... Here we find the ancient whore goddess of the fertility and witchcraft cults of ancient Cannan. According to discoveries of images of her, her symbol was the hex or at least it is upon her head as if some crown of her apostate glory. Ashtoreth is the same as Ishar of ancient Babylon. Baal her consort then is Nimrod her brother. This is the orgin [sic] of the story of Diana wanting to have sexual relations with lucifer her brother. Diana is the Greek copy of Ishtar and Cannan Ashtoreth. If we can draw the deduction that Nimrod is Baal and Baal is the horned one, and the horned one the symbolic image of the devil, then we have satanism in its pure gnostic basis. The religion then of Baal and Ashtoreth was gnosticism in its primitive and ancient infancy. Against this trinitatarian pluralistic polytheism, stands the first Commandment that prohibited the Israelites from having any other concept of God but that he is the ONE. He is God. He is the true LORD. He is the Creator. He is the God who damned the serpent the devil. He is the deity who shall preserve upon the earth a Godly and pure people in spite of the apostates, inspite of the backsliders, in spite of those who do evil in the name of God, and in spite of the fact these Godly may need forgiveness for mistakes in judgement from time to time. God offfers grace and mercy to those who by God's faith (religious order) strive to live noble and lovely lives among a wicked and perverse city, nation, and the world. Ashtoreh is a picture of her time of the Great whore of Mystery Babylon in Revelation chapters 17 and 18."

NOTE: Look at all of the urban legends that Reckart has recycled here. There is Baal and Ashtaroth again. There is that story from The Alex Sanders Lectures about Diana and her brother Lucifer that we've seen several times earlier in this series. There is that Mystery Babylon nonsense that we've seen used by several of the people that I've written about.

"... . But what do I get from wiccians [sic]? Letters telling me Jesus was a bastard and his mother was a whore; that Jesus was a fraud and a devil himself; that Preachers are huckers [sic] of lies and all they want from people is their money; that Christian women are whores and Christian men are racist; that all the hate in the world is because of Christian intolerance; that Christians are idiots, stupid, brain-dead, don't deserve to live in America; and a host of other inflamatory [sic] woes."

NOTE: I certainly hope that Reckart hasn't been getting letters from Wiccans declaring that Christian women are whores. I certainly agree with any who may have written to Reckart accusing him of being intolerant and spreading hatred. I believe that is exactly what he is doing. If Reckart doesn't want to be accused of being stupid or an idiot it may help if he corrects his grammar and spelling for starters: He can't even spell "Wicca" correctly. It would help if he got his facts straight too.

"Witchcraft is a whoring religion. This inflames those who practice it. But upon their own confession the goddess does not have to have for her lover in the great rite a husband [sic]. And she may have any or as many different god-priest emulating the horned one as she desires. And we will not ignore or forget the sabbat goat and the rituals associate with him and the females of the craft in attendance [sic]."

NOTE: Again, this clearly demonstrates that Reckart has never witnessed a Wiccan ceremony. There is no Sabbat Goat involved. This is Inquisitional nonsense. The Great Rite is not practiced by all Wiccan traditions.

"... A large body over the centuries chose to follow the witchcraft cults and sacrificed to idols of the horned one however they were formed. The plural *devils* here gives us some hint that the trinity pantheon of Baal, Ashtoreth, and Tammuz (Babylinian [sic] copies), is the focus. At this time in in the history of Judaism, Molech, Baalzebub, and other devil gods (representing the serpent advasary [sic]) were unknown. And the text shows us that to the pantheon of these already worshiped by those following the witchcrafts associated with them, were added even more newer gods. Witchcraft is like this. Find a new god and off they go in a herd. find a new philosophy that is wild, strange, and especially non-Christian and off they go in a herd. The stampede may not occur at first, but the momentum gathers as the years pass. So in witchcraft the pantheon of gods are many and they call them by their ancient names. They come from all over the world and from all pagan cultures. For his reason they call themselves pagans with pride. But God, the creator of mankind is a jealous God, when he sees his male and female creations worshipping graven images of gods that are not gods, of men and women who pretended and deceived cultures that they were gods, and even those silly astrologers who created gods out of the planets and constelations [sic] and cosmos. But God, the true God, the only God, of whom is Jesus Messiah, the WORD, will one day turn the *opposite* tables and those who denied him, will become the jealous ones as they see themselves rejected in return and that for all eternity. As they look up out of the torments of the Lake of Fire and see the holy ones in the New Jerusalem, the new Heaven and Earth, they will become jealous and in their eternal pain of this anquish there will be weeping and wailing and nashing of teeth, the invisible fire is only part of the story."

NOTE: I suspect that the jealous person here is not Jehovah, it is people like Reckart who cannot countenance anyone worshipping anything other than what they do. Once again Reckart brings up Beelzebub (he spells it Baalzebub) Baal and Ashtoreth. He adds Tammuz and Molech. Tammuz (Variations: Thammuz or Thamuz) is a name meaning "son of life". Tammuz was an Assyro-Babylonian God of vegetation, who died and was resurrected in seasonal cycles. He was the husband of the Goddess Ishtar. We saw Jack Chick bring up the subject of Tammuz earlier in this series. Moloch or Molech is a Biblical figure that showed up in Warnke's literature. The Bible describes Moloch as a god of the ancient Phoenicians and Ammonites to whom children were sacrificed by burning. It was used as a derogatory title for gods the ancient Hebrews considered heathen, but was apparently specifically used in reference to the God Baal-Hammon of Carthage, a fertility God whose consort was the moon Goddess Tanit. Despite what the Bible says, there is no evidence to suggest that children were sacrificed to Baal-Hammon.

"... For those in witchcraft to claim that Christians invented the devil, that the devil is in our pantheon of gods; excuse me, we do not hold the devil to be a god. We hold him to be a fallen angel. We give him no status of a god. It is just the opposite, he is the chief god of the pantheon of satanic deities, that they in witchcraft glorify and worship with gross and immoral rituals and rites. When our Bible says he is the god of this world, that does not mean we ascribe to him deity or godhead. The text clearly means that he is made a god by the world. The Scriptures are clear the earth is the LORD's and the fulness [sic] thereof. We give no power at all in the natural world, over the natural world to the horned one. He is not the God of plants and animals as he did not make squat. Our God is the creator and he made plants and animals. The devil has no power in the world except in the lives of those in the world who make him god of their lives and their small parcels of soil."

NOTE: Reckart may not hold the Devil to be a god, but the founders of his religion certainly invented him. No, Wiccans don't worship the Devil.

"PSA 106:37 Yea, they sacrificed their sons and their daughters unto devils... This is a clear reference to the witchcraft days of Israel when they had child sacrifices. For any person in witchcraft to say that child sacrifices have not and are not being done by persons in the craft both in antiquity and in modern times destroys their crediability [sic] on anything else they say about these issues. We will stand here on the Word of God. Child sacrifces [sic] have never been authorized or approved by God at any time for any reason. Those who throw up the Abraham-Isaac event need to do study the text. This was a test of Abraham's faith in God. Would he do what the pagans were doing for their devil gods? And when Abraham showed God that he was devoted to him to the same point of the pagans sacrificing their children to idol gods, the test was concluded. Here Abraham received a revelation via the ram caught around its head in the thorn bush, of the sacrifice by the hands of wicked men of God's only Son for the sins of the world. It was not God who crucified Jesus although he knew of it in his omniscient foreknowledge. It was the hands of traitors to Israel's Messiah. Jesus said that Abraham saw his day and rejoiced. The word *rejoiced* here in Hebrew means to jump, leap, and spin about. When could such an event have happend [sic] when Abraham got a vision of Jesus? We believe none other than on Mount Calvary on the hills of Moriah where he had gone to sacrifice *his* son in the test of faith. But for witches and those who follow that legacy, there is absolutly [sic] no hope because they have no revelation, have not passed their test of faith between loyality [sic] to God and the horned one, and do not worship the same God."

NOTE: Wiccans don't perform sacrifices. We don't recognize the Bible either, so why would we use the story of Abraham to justify something we don't even engage in?

"It is right here that the Christian Judaism is distinctly ordained and comissioned [sic] to be a devil fighting religion. Notice I said devil-fighting. I did not say people fighting. There is to be no truce, no fellowship, no concord, no mingling of doctrine, between the Kingdom of Light and the Belial kingdom of darkness. Opposition to the devil, his kingdom, his supression [sic] against Truth of the Gospel by being bold and upright with those possessed by the devil and his worshipers, is not fighting people. We have just as much right to oppose them and teach our religion as they to oppose us by use of government and laws (which they always do when they can. In predominate Christian nations this tatic [sic] doesn't work). Words however inflamatory between contestants [sic] are only on behalf of our individual God or gods. We can say what ever words we like but let the God and the gods do their own physical fighting. It is not our place to persecute in a physical manner anyone in witchcraft who disagrees with us, who wants to persecute us, or who may even want to kill us. And if a person devil possessed wants delivered the Christian through the name of Jesus has the power to evict the free-loading horned one from that person's body. *In my name they SHALL cast out devils.*"

"The last bum's-rush of the devil to have the earth as his own for the satanist in the final conclusion. But the devil and his human forces will be defeated. The stars they worship will not come to their aid. The sun and the moon, their chief deities in symbolism are aflicted and prepared for perishing. And in the final battle when the forces of goof and evil clash, the devil is routed and upon his kness he falls to confess that Jesus is Lord, but to late, for he is destined for a long hot eternal vacation."

NOTE: These last two statements are simply a variation on the "Spiritual Warfare" theme that we have encountered so often in my series. Here we also see "Devil is already defeated" line that we've seen running throughout the works of the people that I write about. In "predominent Christian nations", as Reckart puts it, this tactic doesn't work because there isn't any religious freedom in such nations.

"The Kingdom of God is not the Catholic Church, it is not Protestantism. It is those who have believed upon Jesus as the Messiah and joined HIS FAITH for their religion and as a place of that conversion fulfill Acts 2:38..."

NOTE: As you might expect, Reckart doesn't accept any form of Christianity other than his own.

"The departing from the Faith of Jesus is to have fellowship with those in the kingdom of darkness. We cannot conclude otherwise because the attributes of this action is they give heed or ear to lying demons. For a seducing spirit is a lying demon. And any teaching contrary to that delieved [sic] to the Church by the Apostles and this includes Apostle Paul, is following doctrines of devils. When someone tells us that the devil's religion is equal to the Christian faith, excuse me, but the devil does not lift a man or woman up to the high ideals of Godliness and morality; excuse me, the devil is not a lover of man or he would stop his killing inspiration all over the world; excuse me, the devil is not a good person because he makes everyone he influences evil; excuse me, the devil ruins lives and in the end forsakes a man and a woman to stand alone before God to be damned. The Christian Faith has higher ideals: it leads men and women to be better people; it teaches men and women that killing is wrong for ANY cause; and it teaches men and women that they have a friend all the way to the judgement and beyond into eternity."

NOTE: I'll give Reckart this: He isn't very articulate, but unlike many of the others that I have written about, seems to be opposed to violence. He has specifically omitted the Biblical passage that we've seen so many others quote about not suffering a Witch to live and on this site specifically states that this was intentional as he did not believe in it. Obviously he believes in demons.

The next page in Reckart's "Studies on the Cults of Witchcraft" web site is "Read What Others Have Discovered". This turned out to simply be a link to David Brown's Logos Communications web site: I told you about Brown in an earlier article in my Witch Hunts series.

This is followed by the page "Quotes Revealing Practices of Witchcraft, Wicca, Satanism". When you try to view this page you immediately get a pop up window that warns you that "you must come by the way of the blood of Jesus Christ" to view it. If you click "cancel" or try to click on the Windows "x" button in the top right corner to close the window, you get bounced out of Reckart's site onto the Yahoo home page. If you click yes, you find yourself at a page with the title "The Black Arts: By Richard Cavendish". Cavendish was the creator of the Man, Myth and Magic encyclopedias. Reckart introduces the quotes from Cavendish that he lists here by staing:

"The covens of witchcraft of whatever description do not want the secret goings on of their rituals and craft to be known at large by the public. To secure this secrecy blood oaths are taken that in most cases include the penalty of death if disclosed. When anyone outside the craft attempts to dig into these cults, the present method is to start a drive to create hate against the person disclosing the information. If this information is being provided on an internet service provider (ISP), protest are manufactured to have the servers remove the web-pages or cancel the service of the member [sic]. Freedom of speech is denied upon the excuse that a writing made someone mad. It inflamed them. It caused them to have hate. The fact is they do not want the truth about their conduct exposed."

The fact is that Wiccans are tired of being falsely accused by people like this of engaging in lurid rites and illegal activities. The fact is that Pagans are wearing of being subjected to hate literature like this. Wiccans like myself have been working hard for years to make our rituals and beliefs known to the public in order to put a stop to this. Reckart's comment, along with the complaint that we saw him voice earlier (we will see some more later in this article), suggests that Reckart has been on the receiving end of a lot of complaints from Pagans. I am sure that the true reason that these sites are being shut down is not to prevent free speech. It is because the creators are violating the user agreements by disseminating hate literature and misinformation. We saw an example of this in my last article concerning the Encyclopedia of Satanic Wicca. That has since been shut down, not because I didn't want the person that created it to be heard, but because I objected to them connecting my name to it and to them engaging in deceptive practices to get people to view their site.

The quotes from Cavendish that follow begin with general comments about traditional ceremonial and black magic and the usual references to Aleister Crowley. It includes the usual Inquisitional folklore about magical rituals involving drinking, drugs, and sex. It includes the usual allegations about the use of blood sacrifice in rituals. One finds the tired stereotypes of "Witches" and describes "Witches" being intitiated by engaging in naked rituals culminating in sexual union with the Devil or his representative. It claims that part of this initiation involves a renunciation of Christianity, calling upon demons and ghosts and reciting the Lord's Prayer backwards. In other words, garbage straight out of the Malleus Maleficarum and the demonology of the Inquisition. One source quoted is Guazzo's Compendium Maleficarum, which we've seen others use as a resource elsewhere in this series. I won't bore you with details: You can go to the site and read it if you want to. Suffice it to say that it bears no relation whatsoever to what modern Pagans practice. Reckart concludes the page by stating:

"The quotes give us considerable information on some of the practices of the cults within satanism. Millions of Christians believe that all forms of the occult are satanism and they make no distinctions between the different types or different names (wicca, satanist, druids, gnostics, rosicrucians, freemasons, mormons, cabalist, astrology, new age, et al), used to describe the groups. Some, like the wiccians [sic], claim they are not satanist [sic] and have no connection with that worship. Some satanist agree with them to an extent. We disagree. We believe as do millions of Christians that a cult is satanic whatever it claims to the contrary. Any group that denies Jesus is the Messiah of Israel and that practices any of the craft of witchcraft are considered satanist."

Hardly a surprising conclusion if you believed, as Reckart evidently does, that what Cavendish was describing was truly what Wiccans practiced. Note how Reckart lumps together a large number of different beliefs together in his "Satanic" list in a similar manner to others that I've described in my Witch Hunts series. Reckart then finishes by coming back to the subject of the pop up window that I told you about earlier: He warns us: "If reading about the occult offends you then do not go beyond this point. Pray a prayer for a blood covering of Jesus before you go to this satanist site. To read what a satanist believes concerning similarities and connections between satanism and wicca, click here." The only problem is that the link that Reckart he has given us such a big dramatic introduction to doesn't work, so it is impossible to say what kind of web site he intended to send us to. Reckart provides three other links. One purports to send us to a site where we are to "read what others have discovered and the misinformation" (also inoperative). One sends us to a page where we can read what the Bible says about Witchcraft. The final link sends us to Jack Chick's awful site so that we can read his nasty little tracts about Halloween. I told you all about Chick in an earlier article. Later in this article you'll see Reckart recommending some of Chick's tracts.

The next page on Reckart's "Studies on the Cults of Witchcraft" web site is "Quotes From The Alex Sanders Lectures on Alexandrian Wicca Witchcraft". Through this Reckart hopes to prove that what he has been telling us about Wiccans so far is true by quoting "from the cult itself". Reckart makes the following statements:

"We have heard the wiccan say: *an it harm none, do what ye will.* We have examined this statement, and conclude it is a puzzling one that can be manipulated to mean whatever a person in wicca wants it to mean. One witch said it only applied to the craft. That is *if it harm none in the craft, do what ye will.* Does this then mean they will not harm themselves but they can harm others who are not in the craft? It is reported that if a female witch allows her book of shadows to be seen by someone outside the coven and any harm comes to a coven member because of it, that the female witch receives severe punishment and the one outside of the craft is also taken care of. Is this true? Is there a former witch to tell us of her beatings with coat hangers, belts, switches, fists, burns, etc?"

NOTE: Reckart doesn't enlighten us as to who the "witch" was who allegedly told him that the Rede only applied to Wiccans. As we have seen repeatedly throughout this series, it is actually people outside of the Craft like Reckart who manipulate the Rede to mean whatever they want it to mean. No it doesn't mean that we can harm people outside of Wicca: Obviously the Rede doesn't specify that. Yes, there are ordains within some traditions of Wicca that warn Wiccans not to let outsiders see their Book of Shadows. The reason for this is obvious: Wiccans fear that people like Reckart will misinterpret their personal journals in order to create mischief. There is no provision in any Wiccan ordains that authorizes the severe punishment of the sort described here by Reckart: He is making this up as he goes along.

"Why, if it is for even those outside the craft are personal threats made against people's lives, property, jobs, and reputations. In one case in Alaska a Minister reports that after a public seminar on witchcraft, satanism, and wicca, in his town hosted by his Church: dead animals were delivered to Church member's homes with satanic marks of ritual sacrifices. Letters with curses with candle wax in crude circles upon them were sent to the pastor threatening his life, the life of his wife, and that of his family. Telephone call threats were made against his life. Other Ministers have suffered homes and Churches burned down, computer sabotage (which are hard to prove against the satanist but they were the only antagonist at the time these events occurred. We believe that if they make the threats, they will try to fulfilled them)."

NOTE: As usual, no names, dates or details are provided to allow us to verify such accusations. We have to take Reckart's word for it.

"We would suggest to all who are into satanism that they run for their lives and get out. No, we do not demand you rat on the rats. We do not demand you reveal all the secrets. We do not demand you expose those your fellowshipped in the cult. All of this is placed under the blood of Jesus. There is no requirement to expose anything of witchcraft, except to repent of it before God and ask for divine forgiveness and to break the oaths and pledges in water baptism according to Acts 2:38."

NOTE: Reckart is contradicting himself here. Earlier he said that those who turned to beliefs that he described as Satanic had no hope of rescue.

"Wicca witchcraft is a bloody cult religion full of perversity and bloody rituals. There seems to have been no separate group in the early and mid 1800s. Alex Sanders may have been the first to attempt a non-violent branch of the cult after his serious loss within black witchcraft wicca. Perhaps it is now true that in some cases these branches of this cult no longer practice ancient forms of bloody heathenism, but others do. We believe Alex Sanders may have tried to convert wicca satanism but we have no proof this has been fully accomplished as many in Alexandrian witchcraft still follow the old left-hand path of that cult and blood sacrifices continue among them."

NOTE: Sanders wasn't creating a "non-violent branch of the cult" when he created the Alexandrian tradition of Wicca. There was nothing violent or Satanic in Wicca for him to reform. Alexandrian Wicca is very similar to the Gardnerian tradition that it appears to have been copied from. Reckart is obviously referring to the back cover blurb from Sander's book, which states:

"An Englishman, Alex Sanders is the head of 107 covens and probably the most powerful witch in all of Europe. At seven years old Mr. Sanders, an austere and bloody ritual, was initiated into the cult by his grandmother. As a professional, practicing witch, and having had firsthand experience with the evils of black witchcraft, which brought him an immense fortune but great personal tragedy, Mr. Sanders pledged himself thereafter to the furtherance of witchcraft as a benevolent religion".

"We believe those in wicca who disagree with their sister craft cult have a duty and a responsibility to publicly condemn such and to distance themselves from it. Their silence reinforces our belief that they are fulfilling their oath: *an it harm none, do what ye will,* meaning they are not being harmed so they will not take a stand against other wiccian black cults or expose them and they will fight Christians who do. Those looking into these cults should consider that you may never afterward be able to be saved if after joining them they sink to the lowest pits of this witchcraft."

NOTE: Reckart has switched back to his "once you're a witch you cannot be saved" position from earlier. Reckart is giving us a variation of the idea that Wicca (specifically Alexandrian Wicca) is a front for a Satanic organization here. No Wiccan tradition has a "sister Satanic cult" associated with it as Reckart suggests.

"We believe wicca is just a modern interpretation of gnosticism where the serpent is the horned one and the goddess represents Eve, to whom it is alleged the serpent copulated and instructed her in the gnosis or secret wisdom or knowledge of the gods, making her the first witch of which all others emulate as the great whore mother goddess."

NOTE: There is that reference to Gnosticism again. Wiccans aren't Gnostics.

Having stated this Reckart asks "The Lord Jesus give you protection as you now read shocking quotes taken from the teachings of Alexandrian wicca as taught by the most powerful wicca witch in the world" and "leader of 107 covens" before launching into a listing of quotes from The Alex Sanders Lectures. This commences with Sander's commentary on various gods of the ancient world. Sanders relates the story of Edward III creating the Order of the Garter. Reckart seizes upon this and comments: "Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, ex-husband of Diana is the current top Noble of that Order of the Knights of the Garter. Is he a high witch of the wicca cult? Was Diana also a witch of wicca?). The answer to both of Reckart's questions is obviously no.

Reckart quotes Sanders' anecdotes about Joan of Arc, the Arthurian legends and the ancient Greek initiatory rites of the goddess Cybele, (probably because Reckart notes that those rites of Cybele involved castration of the celebrants). Reckart quotes Sanders' descriptions of various forms of divination. Reckart quotes Sanders accurate description of a typical Alexandrian initiation ceremony, though Reckart doesn't seem to have noticed that it in no way resembles his descriptions of such events. Reckart also gives the reader Sanders' version of the Charge of the Goddess. Reckart quotes Sander's description of various Wiccan magical tools including the black handled knife (athame) and the white handled knife (bolline). Reckart seizes upon this too, stating: "the witch from Orlando, Florida says this knife is the one used for blood-letting and any ritual cutting of the sacrifices." Of course Reckart doesn't identify this mysterious "witch from Orlando", so there is no way of verifying this assertion. The Bolline is used for cutting herbs and marking candles, not performing sacrifices. The Athame is used for casting the ritual Circle and isn't used for sacrifices either.

Key quotes from The Alex Sanders Lectures that Reckart hopes to capitalize on include:

(Continued... Click HERE for page III)

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Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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