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Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: June 2nd. 2003
Times Viewed: 14,579

"It is virtually impossible to understand the witch-cult without first comprehending the position of the deities of the wicca. The god, whose name is a closely-guarded secret, but who was called in general the "horned one," was known to his Christian contemporaries as the 'devil.' which was called by them satan (more correctly shaitan), lucifer (more correctly lucifuge--"the light-bringer"), beelzebub and other names appropriate to the devil of the Scriptures, with whom they identify him."

NOTE: Obviously this is not an admission by Sanders that the god of the Wiccans is the Devil. It is a statement that the Church believed the god of the Witches to be the Devil.

"The black witches and magicians know only to well this monster of old, for in the book of Hermes it is written: 'Behold me, mortal, for I am thy god, the true image of thyself, and the very essence of life, yet within me lieth a magnitude greater than you can ever behold without. For I am both macrocosm and microcosm .'"

"The black witches and magicians, being aware of this, and knowing that this terror could come from the very depths of the dark side of the subconscience, accepted sex rites and blood rites as a basic foundation for their worship, and they learned to control this terror that could come from within themselves to wreak havoc among the unsuspecting . "

NOTE: Sanders, like some of his contemporaries, believed that the works of Margaret Murray and some of the folklore of the Inquisition was valid at the time that he wrote this. We've since learned that this is not the case. Even if these "black witches" did exist, it is clear that Sanders isn't describing Wiccans here.

Reckart next quotes Sanders' version of the story of Aradia's visit to the underworld to visit the lord of light, Lucifer. We've seen some other examples of people like Reckart trying to capitalize on this earlier in my series. Reckart comments: "I have repeatedly said the great rite was re-enacting the alleged sexual relations of Eve and the serpent, this account by Alex Sanders of the wiccian [sic] belief behind the great rite confirms our suspicions." I suspect that any story that had any sexual elements in it would be interpreted by Reckart as simply a variant of this story about Eve. We will see some further examples of interpretations of this sort later.

Reckart also quotes Sanders' version of the story of Diana and her brother and son Lucifer. In this story Diana visits Lucifer in the form of a cat. Reckart comments: "note: this is what lies behind the use of a black cat at halloween and in association with witchcraft." Of course the nonsense about Witches having black cats as familiars comes from Inquisitional folklore, not historical accounts.

At the end of this page Reckart tells us that these quotes "are to be continued". At the time that I wrote this Reckart had not continued them anywhere in his web site.

The next page in Reckart's "Studies on the Cults of Witchcraft" web site is "Satanism and the History of Wicca". What Reckart has done is to paste in a copy of an article with the same title written in 1992 by Diane Vera. Vera describes herself as a "Theistic Satanist" and revised this article in 1994 and 1996. Reckart introduces Vera's article by stating: "Ms Vera has been a satanist for many years. Her article below speaks for itself. Wicca is not just a nature religion with a group of naked men and women having a nudist party to enact the role of the male and the female in nature, the birds and the bees... Wicca is tied to witchcraft with unbreakable chords of ritual, god, oaths, and degrees." I don't know whether Vera is aware that Reckart has borrowed her article for his web site.

Vera's article starts by stating that Wicca is not an old religion. At the time that Vera initially wrote her article that might have been news to some Wiccans, but most of us figured that out decades ago. Vera more or less accurately describes the various elements that make up modern Wicca and it is no surprise that they don't resemble Reckart's claims. Vera points out that Satanists and Wiccans have borrowed similar elements from ceremonial magic, which is also true. She quotes Jeffrey B. Russell and Aidan Kelly, whose books on Wicca are both recommended by me. In fact I don't take much issue with her article, which is thoughtful and articulate. Vera has a different perspective and some different interpretations, but I can certainly live with them. It seems as if Reckart included it because he seems to think that it shores up his argument that there is some sort of link between Wicca and Satanism. Vera makes it clear at the beginning of her article that these two religions are quite distinct.

I'm sure that one of the things that motivated Vera to write "Satanism and the History of Wicca" is that many Satanists feel that Wiccans try to distance themselves from descriptions of "Satanism" by people such as Reckart by simply saying that they are not "Satanists". While it is true that Wiccans aren't Satanists, it is equally true that Satanists don't resemble the descriptions of people like Reckart either. Vera also doesn't like that modern Wiccans chose the terms witchcraft and Witch to describe ourselves, as she believes that they were originally Satanic terms. I think that it would be more accurate to say that both Wiccans and Satanists borrowed the same terms from similar sources to describe their own things and that this obviously has led to some confusion. I do think that Vera has some valid concerns. You can check out Diane Vera's Theistic Satanism web page at if you'd like to get some more accurate information on Satanism.

The next page on Reckart's "Studies on the Cults of Witchcraft" web site is an article written by him: "Wicca and the Way Out." This long winded page begins with Reckart stating that "Wicca is a Satanist religion". Many of the statements that he makes are allegations that Wiccans engage in what he calls "fornication", specifically listing adultery, incest, homosexuality, lesbianism, and bestiality as Wiccan ritual activities. Wicca is very much a fertility religion. Wiccans do not consider nudity or consensual sex between adults to be a sin. Wiccans do not however engage in incest and bestiality and our rituals are not orgies. The following statements are a sample of Reckart's obsession with this sexual theme:

"... Regardless of what any Wiccian [sic] claims, sex is the central theme of that cult and the great rite has all the satanic emblems of ancient devil worshipers. The male witch in Wicca takes on the role of the devil complete with the wearing of symbolic horns. The female witch takes on the role of Eve whom in the occult committed adultery with the devil. Thus the entire great rite of worship of the sex organs as the genitive power of all other powers has its purpose. The satanic religion of Wicca usurps worship away from God and Jesus Messiah and directs it toward the worship of satan. While those in Wicca will wail and cry that their sexual orgies are not satanism, the Christian faith considers this conduct of the devil and we have a right to label evil conduct the way we understand the Bible. Adultery, fornication, incest, homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, are all sins promoted by the evil forces of the devil and Christians will not deny this. "

NOTE: Here is Reckart's obsession with that Eve and the serpent theme again.

"Wicca first must be introduced to the mind of a person. So the mind becomes the first target of lucifer and his demons. Usually a person is overcome with sexual perversion and desires for a way to make these dreams and hopes come true. The individual will then began to search for sexual books and or any information where these perversions are practiced. In recent years this may be found in public libraries and now on the internet. So, those entertaining perversion will fill their mind with these books and web sites until the next event in the apostasy takes place. The spirit of the individual begins to perform these upon themselves and they start babbling in witchcraft, all the while seeking that one person who can lead them further in their quest of evil... When the individual makes contact with a coven, it is at this time their spirit (heart) is taken captive and with oaths of blood, ...the Mind, Body, Heart (Spirit), are sealed to lucifer and to witchcraft."

"Fathers and daughters can copulate and they do within the Wiccian [sic] great rite ceremony. Mothers and sons can copulate and they do in the Wiccian [sic] great rite ceremonies. There are heterosexual covens were the sexual orgies are between the opposite sex and these unions of copulation do not have to be with a husband of a wife. They can be with any female or male and this is the sin of fornication. There are lesbian covens. There are homosexual covens. And there are bisexual covens. Sexual apostasy is the center ritual of this cult."

"All the rituals of the Wicca religion are symbolic of the female having sex with the devil in the person of her lover, her fornicator."

"In fact many enter Wicca and confess they desire to be damned with lucifer and to spend eternity in hell. This is usually a confession based upon addiction to sexual orgie [sic] permitted uncondemned [sic] in the coven. Those in Wicca all have a profane hunger to engage in and to have others watch them as they perform perverted sex acts. All men and women, boys and girls in Wicca are without doubt sexual perverts and use Wicca as an excuse for that debauchery."

"The oaths of Wicca are said to be the same as ... the blood oath taken in Mormonism. Wicca rests not only upon a mixture of nature worship, satanism, and sexual apostasy; it also rest entirely upon the mysteries in the Kaballah, so that without the foundation of the Kaballah, Wicca is reduced to mere sexual profanity by men and women with unrestrained lust and perversion."

"All the rituals are done in the circle... Here the celebrants dance naked or skyclad, sing satanic runes, chant devilish formulas, and call upon the powers of the devil, demons, ... the frenzy is worked up to the point that the circle is opened and those within commence their sexual orgie [sic]."

"In Wicca, the sexual partners may be husband and wife, lovers, friends, brothers and sisters, parents and their children, and even animals... The channel of the devil and demon spirits in Wicca is always the female, always the high priestess, always the great whore. There is absolutely no Wicca coven that is not bisexual. All participants are required to be bisexual, as the goddess has the right (she may or may not enforce it), to pair up any two for the sexual orgie she desires. To have whomever a person would want in the coven, the goddess must be appeased with a request. Once ordered the participants may not object."

NOTE: In over three decades of work within the Wiccan community I've yet to find a single coven that was bisexual.

"Wicca... is worship of the human body, nakedness, sexual orgie [sic], and results in loss of self respect, self esteem, and self worth. Sacrifices of human blood are offered to obtain power. Demon possession and loss of respect for life happens to everyone in Wicca. Drugs, mental deception, hate, rage, amnesia, multiple personalities, fantasy role playing (dungeons and dragons), along with rituals are all written in a diary or a book of shadows."

NOTE: Reckart seems to have borrowed Schnoebelen's claim that there are ties between Mormon and Wiccan religions, which is not the case. Reckart seems to have borrowed Warnke's ideas about a connection with the Qaballah as well.

Reckart makes it quite clear in "Wicca and the Way Out" that his version of Christianity is the only religion that he believes to be valid:

"Obviously, the whole bottom line of Wicca is to alter a person's mind to such a degree that they never repent by faith, never receive water baptism by faith in the name of Jesus Christ, and they are never born of the Spirit of God."

"Those in Wicca identify themselves as *free-thinkers or free-spirits* while their minds are closed to Jesus and their souls are in bondage to the devil. These are not FREE, they are bound in a cult of satan and must be rescued."

NOTE: Interesting that Reckart believes that free thinkers are people who are only allowed to think what he believes to be correct.

"If sexual apostasy is removed from the coven, if Jesus Messiah and his salvation are allowed to be taught, and if the Holy Spirit is welcome there, the coven will cease to exist! A Church will be born and all the members will begin to follow the New Testament. Because the covens are satanic and do have the working of lucifer within them, they are of the devil. Any claims to the contrary are attempts to make Wicca an accepted pagan religion with the intent to deceive those who believe them. Any religion that is not found in the New Testament of the Bible is a false religion."

"They do chant prayers to the devil who is veiled by other names. The horned green man is a figure of the devil."

NOTE: The horned Green Man is father nature. He has nothing to do with the Devil.

Reckart has bought into the idea introduced by the likes of Bill Schnoebelen that Wicca has dangerous hidden levels that the initiate doesn't discover until it is too late. This is simply an attempt to excuse the lack of evidence of the sort of behavior that Reckart claims that Witches engage in. Statements that he makes in "Wicca and the Way Out" that illustrate this idea include:

"Wicca is one of the gates that lead down to hell. Wicca is a cult and many covens are cruel and bloody. It may be true that some Wicca covens do not make human or animal sacrifices but some do. Sometimes a person does not know they are in a satanist Wicca coven until the blood-letting begins. Any drinking of human or animal blood as is reported to be a practice among some Wiccian [sic] covens, satanic. There are some Wiccian [sic] covens where they gather to chant their runes, dance naked in a circle, and howl at the moon and the stars and afterward engage in the great rite (sexual intercourse)."

"Note: If you are in a Wicca cult coven and all that you read here is not practiced among your group, this does not mean what you read is not practiced at all. Many in this cult do not know of the workings carried on in other covens throughout the world. Many in a Wiccian [sic] coven are also members of other satanic orders and groups. They use what appears as innocent nudity and sexual orgie [sic] as a means to lead boys and girls, men and women, deeper into the abyss of the cults of satan. The Wicca coven is a doorway in the dark regions of the abyss where satanism in all its evil is practiced. If you are in a Wicca coven and you have NOT been led deeper into satanism then GET OUT NOW! If you are in this cult for the free sex and drugs that are offered, get out before you get AIDS or some other STD and you cut short your life by stupidity. Sex outside of the marriage covenant is a sin, it is a sin used by the devil to cause souls to be lost and to be cast into the Lake of Fire at the final judgment."

"Wicca is a satanic pagan religion and it is of the devil. Those who take the oaths of this devil worship are inhabitated [sic] by demon spirits and each person who wants to escape must have these demon spirits cast out. Many have fled from this religion and demons by several names have been cast out."

Like many of the other people that I have written about in this series, Reckart makes sweeping allegations of criminal activity within the Wiccan and Satanist communities without offering any specifics. He also trots out the same excuse that we've seen several others use to explain away this lack of evidence: The urban legend about Satanists having infiltrated every level of government and society to prevent information about their activities being published. The following statements are examples from this "Wicca and the Way Out" page of Reckart's web site:

"In the years between 1985 and 1999 there have been many murders and killings across America by people associated with witchcraft and wicca. While this is NOT an indictment against all satanist and wiccians [sic], these killings and murders did have connections to the rituals of the craft."

"Each police department in the lager [sic] cities have officers assigned to monitor occult activity. Go see them, talk to them, look at photos at the Cornors [sic] office of supposed satanic victims. The police are doing very little to root out this sub-culture cult. Many play down the satanism connections and often not mentioned at all. Is it because there are policemen in witchcraft and wicca? Is it because judges are in witchcraft and wicca? Is it because there are lawyers and doctors in witchcraft and wicca? The answer is YES! Nearly every high school in America now has an operating coven. Nearly every County and Township in America has its Coven, sometimes acting doubly as the Masonic Lodge. Many large hospitals, junior colleges, universities, military schools, military bases, and news media (television, radio, & news papers, magazines) have covens. That is why they push the occult, the obscene, and glorify sexual apostasy. Why is the headquarters of USA military called the *Pentagon?* Why is Washington, D.C. laid out in occult street patterns? Why is the USA Capitol the *eye* of lucifer? Why is the pentagram used to represent states on the USA flag? Are there not subtle occult powers at work behind the scenes to embody luciferian religion upon America? Is not the Washington Monument an erection of the male sex organ in wicca and in the occult?"

NOTE: The Pentagon is named for it's shape (it is a five sided building). Note how Reckart has turned the stars of the Stars and Stripes into pentagrams. Reckart has even interpreted the Washington Monument as a phallic symbol in an attempt to fit it into his paranoid perceptions. I've yet to meet a Wiccan coven who used the Washington Monument as a sex symbol. We were first introduced to the urban legends about Luciferians in my earlier article about Schnoebelen.

"Once the... Mind, Body, Spirit, Life, and Soul are fully surrendered to lucifer (the lord of shadows) there is nothing a person in Wicca will not do. They will kill their own children, brothers and sisters, mothers and dads, friends and strangers. Currently (1998) there are over fifty satanic killings in the news in the USA, with the targets being mothers and fathers and friends at school. One youth killed his coven lover and shot several more students because the witch assigned the girl to another boy in the coven ritual and she left him then for the new lover. So he took a gun to school, killed her and then shot the others. Another youth killed his mother and father as a means to obtain power with lucifer and then he also went to school and shot other kids. In Wicca, no greater sacrifice can a devotee perform to the devil than to kill one's mother. And many will do this once their minds are fully demented."

"In southern California a Wicca cult killed over fifty youth whom they selected from runaways and hitch-hikers. They will steal and shoplift to test out their new invisible personality. They will engage in all manner of crimes. They will destroy marriages, homes, burn down Churches (I witnessed this in Texas in 1982). Pastors and Church members are sometimes targeted for sexual seduction to destroy them. A Wiccian [sic] will do anything to fulfill their lusts and demonic desires. They are under the authority of lucifer and the goddess of the coven acts as the individual's representative god."

Reckart tries once again on this page to convince us that Wiccans are involved in human sacrifice:

"The final achievement of Wicca is a lost soul entering into eternity never to be saved, banished by God to the Lake of Fire to be tormented for ever with their master the devil... Because any person who would sacrifice a baby, a child, a young girl or boy, a man or a woman, deserves the Lake of Fire. And God is happy to give them what they deserve. I would dare say, that anyone who participates in the sacrifice of a human being is damned and can never be saved. And anyone who joins Wicca for sex, drugs, the parties, and thinks they will not be called upon to participate in a human sacrifice, is fooling themselves."

"I have met people who say they have been at Wicca rituals where there were human sacrifices. It was told to me by an ex-witch from Orlando, Florida that in Wicca, everyone believes in reincarnation and are largely environmentalist and head up those groups all across America and the world. Believing in reincarnation they have no mental reservation to offer human sacrifices as the members of the Coven think they are rewarding the victim for bad karma and these will be reincarnated again. So, it is not like those sacrificed will not get a second or perhaps more chances to be saved or reach nirvanna."

NOTE: There is that unnamed "ex-witch" from Orlando again. Note how Reckart throws in the "environmentalism is evil" theme that we've encountered so often throughout this series.

Reckart borrows that idea that we first observed in the rantings of Bill Schnoebelen regarding links between orders of priesthood in Mormon and Wiccan religion and blends it with another idea that Schnoebelen throws about: A link between Freemasonry and Satanism:

"A modification of the wicca oath within the Freemason lodge:
I will ever conceal and never reveal, any arts, parts, or points of the hidden mysteries under no less penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea where the tide ebbs and flows twenty four hours a day. This oath may be altered by the witch to words of like kind and more may be added to it. This is also the oath of Masonry in its Entered Apprentice or First Degree. It is also the First Degree and Entered Apprentice oath of Mormonism in their Aaronic Priesthood."

"Eventually those in Wicca, Freemasonry, and Mormonism become shells without spiritual Jesus-like life. Speak to them of Jesus and the way of salvation in Acts 2:38 while looking into their eyes, and you can not help but notice that no one is home. The body is vacant. The man-stealer has been to this tabernacle and the soul snatcher has gone his way... Many become schizophrenic. Many have a disintegration of personality. Many become manic-depressive and violent on an instants notice. .. Many can be loving one second and the next become a murderer. .. These experiences short-circuits normal brain waves and a sign is pacing, always fidgety, talking to one's self, and seeing hallucinations. After years of being involved in horror and evil many begin to lose their minds. Many become recluses and dress drabby [sic]."

NOTE: There is that idea about the occult causing mental illness that we discussed earlier in my article on therapists. Evidently Reckart believes that involvement in the occult results in a person being badly dressed. Maybe he'd like to recommend a Christian fashion designer?

Reckart presents much of the misinformation concerning the identification of "Witches" presented in Inquistional manuals as "evidence". Note how in the following excerpts he always describes the Witch as a female:

"A real witch will dye her hair red for it is the custom that witches have red hair, symbolic of Isis who was figured in Egypt with red hair and in the red heifer her sacred image. This does not mean all beautiful red heads are witches, it means the occult gives them a demonic image they of all people should protest."

NOTE: The Egyptian goddess who was represented as a cow was Hathor, not Isis. This idea that red heads are Satanic is straight out of the Malleus Maleficarum.

"The witch signals her identity with a ring on her index finger and will wear rings on several or all of her fingers to hide this."

"The satanic books inform us that witches were the first women to wear men's pants in medieval times: 'Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), "The Maid of Orleans," was a Pucelle or High Priestess of the Wicca, and was condemned to death for what she was, one of the strongest accusations being that she wore men's clothing, a thing at that time done only by witches'(see The Alex Sanders Lectures p12). These emblems were a form of rebellion against the Church, against God, Jesus, and Christians."

NOTE: Reckart doesn't identify which "Satanic books" he is referring to here.

"A secret mark was placed on their bodies in a hidden place as a sign (should anyone inspect) proving they had sold their soul to the devil (called the devil's mark)."

NOTE: This is also straight out of the Malleus Maleficarum and is reminiscent of the claims of Texe Marrs.

"To become a true witch part of the ceremony must be held over the grave of a relative in the cemetery. Wicca candles are supposed to be made from human fat and the wicks from clothes of the dead person from whom the fat has been extracted."

NOTE: Wiccans don't conduct religious services in graveyards. The idea that Witches used candles made of human fat was another Inquisitional legend.

"No female enters Wicca without some dream of one day becoming a witch and wearing the garter (her sign). She will dream and hope for the day of being the one over which the warm blood of a sacrificed baby drips upon her from its torn open chest. She hungers for the day to hold a babies still beating heart in her hands, and as the life leaves it, she utters a scream of exhilaration upon completion of this black mass as a sign the life energy of the dead baby has entered into her. For each female will want the highest power of a witch and to have this she must consent to the sacrifice of a baby over her to achieve it."

"The Cross has no place in Wicca except in derogatory rituals where it is urinated upon, defecated upon, spit upon, used to violate a witch so as to dedicate her womb and offspring to the devil. Those who push to remove this emblem from the Church are influenced by occult deception to view it as pagan. Well, if so, why do the pagans omit it in their rituals except for use in an abusive and antichrist manner?"

NOTE: The Christian Cross has no place in Wicca. Period.

Reckart brings in the pentagram as well as his own take on the hexagram, which he calls a "hex". We first encountered these two symbols in the books of Michael Warnke which I discussed in an earlier article in this series. Reckart mentions these two symbols in the following statements on the "Wicca and the Way Out" page:

"The pentagram and hex symbols are used to represent lucifer and his power (the pentagram) and his kingdom (the hex). They are used ignorantly throughout society and Churches and integrated to such a degree that millions use them in various ways to their stupidity thinking they have no cult connections. The pentagram and the hex are strictly cult objects and have absolutely no connection to the God of the Bible or his worship. These symbols appear in Mystery Babylon with Nimrod and his whore wife."

NOTE: Here Reckart also brings in the Mystery Babyon and Nimrod myths that we've seen so many of these fundamentalist evangelists using in earlier articles.

"Modern Wicca is expanding at a rapid rate owing to the increased possession of the Kabbalah and other secret craft works that are now out of the closet and available at any bookstore. The presence and influence of Freemasonry has assisted the evangelism of Wicca and witchcraft for over two hundred years. The pentagram and the hex are just as sacred to a Mason and their female cult called the Eastern Star, as they are to a Wiccian. All Wiccian secret teachings are also taught in the lodge. And, many in Wicca are also in Eastern Star lodges. Television, movies, and print media, have been thrusting astrology, witchcraft, and cult concepts in the face of all the world for over one hundred years. From an early age all of us have become deluged with witchcraft at the grocery store check out stands. Television. movies, video, and print media have all been fruitful evangelistic tools for the covens. The rise of new age and its adoption within Methodist and other Churches and groups (walking the satanic prayer labyrinth kneeling at last on a hex and offering a prayer to the unknown god *see Lakeland, Florida Ledger Newspaper, Local section, 5-29-1998, p 1). Wicca has been given and has access to Church buildings around the world where they operate behind the scenes when the doors are closed."

NOTE: Reckart again brings in the Qaballah and Freemasonry (the Eastern Star) here.

"The goddess... is Semiramus; Ishtar;, Ashtoreth; Astarte; Tannuit ...Tanit, or Annuit (her symbol was the pyramid how did she get on the back of our dollar bill with the eye of Baal or lucifer?), Artemis; Aphrodite; Diana; Venus; Athena; Cerridwen; Arianrhod; Isis; the Moon goddess; the Great Whore; the Great Mother; Mother Earth or Nature; and transposed in the fertility cults of Baal and as the wife of a god using the hex as her symbol of sexual perversion and her CROWN. She also comes to represent Israel the great whore of God who became the consort of Baal and the devil and that is why God divorced her... "

"Wicca is a branch of Mystery Babylon. It is a substitute religion to bring humanity into bondage. A hierarchy of powers in the coven resemble the hierarchy or powers in other cult religions. Ancient but evil (child sacrifices, sacrifice of men and women). Wicca today descends from the Baal religion of the Bible, except Baal and Semiramus are replaced with the symbols of the Hex and the Pentagram. The Hex is the symbol of sexual union of the male and the female in the great rite."

Reckart correctly lists the eight Wiccan sabbats but then declares that they are nothing more than "evil parties". He correctly lists many of the Wiccan's ritual articles, such as the athame, cords and chalice. He even comes close to describing some of the typical initial steps for casting a Circle: Specifically the blessing of the element of water and salt. He correctly identifies the source of this elemental blessing from the Gardnerian tradition of Wicca as the "keys of Solomon" (actually it is the Greater Key of Solomon). He then glosses over the rest of the ritual, stating "The ritual continues and is lengthy but it concludes with sexual orgie, drugs, partying, and sometimes death... "

Just in case you missed Reckart's rants about women who wear pants earlier, you'll notice that Reckart certainly isn't a feminist:

"The Wicca coven is opposite the Biblical pattern of a Patriarchal monotheistic system. That is, in the Bible the highest authority is the male and that there is one God. In the Bible the male is the leader of the family and he is symbolic of the one God of the creation. Thus, the Biblical pattern is opposite that within Wicca. In Wicca the female is the highest authority and there are many gods and powers. Wicca is by evidence an anti-Biblical religion. Those in Wicca are required to be antichristian in beliefs. Thus each person converted is made an antichrist and this somehow is supposed to obtain for the person special powers with the devil."

Reckart concludes the "Wicca and the Way Out" page by giving prayer instructions for "Deliverance from Wicca". He even includes a bibliography which starts with "The Holy Bible, by God" and includes some books that I discussed in my earlier article on Jack Chick in this series:

Angel of Light

The Broken Cross


Next Reckart includes a page, "Valarie Duffy, Former Witch, Now Trying to Light the Dark". Duffy begins her story by telling us that in 1971 when she was four years old she watched the television shows Bewitched, I Dream of Jeannie, Scooby Doo, The Phunky Phantom, and Sabrina the Teenaged Witch. Therein lies the first problem with Duffy's story. Sabrina the Teenaged Witch entered it's 7th season in 2003. It started in 1997, so there is no way that Duffy could have watched it in 1971. Phunky Phantom is a musical group, not a television show. Duffy also tells us that she read Linda Goodman's book Sun Signs and listened to the Cowsill's song "Age of Aquarius". Duffy also reports that there was a copy of The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology in her home. She claims that:

"Even at four years old, I was able to read and understand most of the entries, and I was fascinated by the pictures. I remember especially being attracted to a picture of Azaroth and Baphomet."

Duffy claims that she went to a kindergarden Halloween party where she was exposed to a Ouija board. She claims that she and her friends contacted St. Paul. She claims that the Ouija board would only speak to her and that it told her that she was psychic. She also claims that she brought home three spirit guides from this party with the very mundane sounding names Patti, Jane and Maureen. She also claims that after this party she began having "absence seizures".

Duffy then tells us that her older sister convinced her that she was a "Witch". Duffy claims that this teasing encouraged her to delve deeper into the occult. Duffy says that she began to tell her friends at school that she was a witch. She reports that her parents were aware of this but made no effort to stop her.

Duffy claims that her three spirit guides "claimed to be protectors for me, although many, many times I was left to get hurt. An uncle's incestuous advances. Classmates physical beatings and verbal assaults. A brother's pornographic library took away my innocence, and helped fuel my experimentation with homosexual acts - all before the 6th grade!"

Duffy tells us that her mother was "into voodoo and spiritism, and was responsible for the death of my grandfather, long before I was born". She tells us that "My grandfather, who had been a child abuser throughout his life, was now being spiritually abused in his old age. His new, young wife held his belief in the occult over his head, and his life of abusive and his dabbling in the occult brought upon himself and the third and fourth generations of his family demonic strongholds,... My grandfather and his wife brought their sins onto us. I experienced the full brunt of the spiritual deception which they wallowed in. Up till now, my life had been a training ground."

Duffy claims that in February 1981 discovered the body of her mother, locked in the bathroom, having apparently suffered a heart attack. "I shoved the door open, and saw the signs of a struggle. She'd locked herself in the bathroom so that I couldn't see her." Duffy blamed her "spirit guides" for not protecting her mother. Duffy states that "Even though I was a practicing witch at this time, I considered myself a Christian witch ... I grew up in a Catholic family, and I believed that Jesus was the Son of God, and knew the phrase 'Jesus died for your sins,' although I didn't fully understand what it meant. I considered my guides, my 'power,' to come from Jesus. Never once did I assume I'd tapped into something evil."

Duffy states that after nine years of the aforementioned seizures she was finally diagnosed as being an "idiopathic epileptic". Her seizures became more violent.

Duffy then tells us she went off to an unnamed college and "met a sleazy guy I'll call Keith". She says that her "spirit guides" told her that "this was the guy for me. She describes him as "stoned" and "into fantasy role playing games, pornography, and drugs". Duffy tells us that she became engaged to marry him after her graduation. She tells us that she began to study tarot cards and began to read people's fortunes. "Up till college, you could have called me a 'natural adept,'" Duffy claims, "a witch who has no formal training, who has been picked by the spirits to bestow gifts upon. But once in college, I came under the tutelage of another white witch, a friend of Keith's, surprisingly, who also considered her powers gifts from Jesus Christ. I learned how to communicate more effectively with each guide I had. I learned how to utilize the ouija board more skillfully. More guides were added to my spiritual address book. I channeled a demon for the first time."

Meanwhile her seizures were getting worse. A Catholic friend named Martin, who frequently assisted her when she had these seizures. She decided that she loved Martin and called off her engagement to Keith. This leads her into a discussion of "Catholicism VS Witchcraft". Martin takes her to his church (Duffy identifies it as St. Mary's Church in Yonkers, NY) in 1986 and she is "saved". She goes home and throws away all of her "Rock records, witchcraft books and trinkets, clothing that was inappropriate .....everything that did not glorify God went into that bag". In 1990 Duffy and her friend Martin go to a "full gospel church" in Port Chester, NY and claims that her spirit guides were finally banished.

Duffy claims that this conversion caused her epileptic seizures to stop and she stopped taking medications. Duffy claims that "God gave me a respite -- He drove out the demons that exacerbated my epilepsy, and I stopped my medication cold turkey. I had no seizures for 4 years. After 4 years, He allowed the natural pattern of seizures to restart. My faith had grown so that having the seizures would not cause me to get shipwrecked with doubt and disbelief; I had to trust God, who certainly knew what He was doing. Now, any physical ailments I have, and I have a couple chronic thorns in the flesh, I know He is allowing for a purpose." Duffy doesn't tell us what she thinks that purpose is.

Not once in this story does Duffy use the word Wicca. Nowhere does she claim that she was anything but self taught. She claims no initiations into any sort of New Age or Occult organization. By her own admission Duffy dabbles in the occult and finally changes her mind and becomes a Christian. I fail to see how this story advances Reckart's claims that Wiccans are "Devil worshippers".

The final page in Reckart's "Studies on the Cults of Witchcraft" web site is "Take the Satanist Test" This begins with the statement: "Measure Not A Witch By Her Sunday Church Appearance But What She Does During The Week In Her Rituals". What follows is "25 questions requiring yes or no answers":

"Do you believe that the green man or horned one is a god?

"Do you believe men and women are gods and goddesses?

"Do you believe that witchcraft in all forms is satanism?

"Do you believe that the devil is the god of all witchcraft?

"Do you believe the child sacrifices in the Bible were by the occult?

"Do you believe the Jews worshiped the devil by the name of Baal?

"Do you believe the Bible that man only lives once then the Judgment?

"Do you believe in reincarnation?

"Do you believe that Jesus was a bastard as some wiccans do?

"Do you believe that the devil will one day conquer Christianity?

"Do you believe that Jesus is the only way to be saved?

"Do you believe that Jesus is a fraud and his Apostles are also frauds?

"Do you believe that the Holy Ghost is a greater power than lucifer?

"Do you believe Jesus going to Calvary was his love to save you?

"Do you believe there is an eternal lake of fire for unbelievers and satan?

"Do you believe wicca is a Godly religion?

"Do you believe in pantheism and or worship many gods?

"Do you believe God approves sex outside of marriage?

"Do you believe abortion is killing unborn infants?

"Do you believe that saving the environment is saving the earth goddess?

"Do you celebrate the goddesses Isis, Astarte, Diana or Ashtoreth?

"Do you believe the KJV of the Old Testament Scriptures is valid?

"Do you believe the KJV of the New Testament is valid?

"Do you believe Jesus is the Messiah of Jewish Prophecy?

"Do you believe Jesus is the Messiah come in the flesh?"

If the typical Pagan were to answer the questions in this test and submit them, a pop up window appears that states:

"Sorry, one or more of your answers was wrong. Study the Bible and get a clear understanding of witchcraft. If you had a score of 3 or below you could just be mistaken but above 3, there is no mistake you favor satanist beliefs as mailed to us by many other satanist [sic] who took the test. Check the answer page now for further information on the correct and incorrect answers? [sic]"

If you click "OK" in this window it takes you to Reckart's answer page which congratulates you for taking the test and then advises you that "If you were sent here from a satanist web site, be sure to write back and tell them to keep sending people to our pages to take the test." Reckart goes on to make the following statement, which makes it pretty clear that he has received a lot of complaints about the content of his web site:

"If you took the test for satanist only and you claim to be a Christian and you flunked the test, do not write and complain that you failed and try to blame that upon us. The test is for those in witchcraft only and to take the test is a confession you are in the occult. If you are not in the occult and take the test do not write to us complaining if you flunked. Go to your Church and tell your Pastor. Print out the pages and ask him his opinion on the questions and the answers. If you failed the test, you have either been influenced by satanic forces, believe in other occult practices, or simply are anti-christian. Many witches and coven members write complaining because they failed the test. Hey, no one forced you to take the test. You took it to see if we labeled you a satanist. After all it is a satanist test."

Reckart can't seem to make up his mind here whether his test is for Satanists, Witches or both. Reckart then goes on to tell us:

"If you answered YES to questions: 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, then you are either a satanist or you have a proclivity to favor satanism over Christianity and the truths of the Bible."

"If you answered NO to questions: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 14, 15, 19, 22, 23, 24, 25, then you show to have satanist beliefs and favor witchcraft and satanism whether or not you are a member of the occult or some coven."

"Those who reject Jesus cannot be saved in this lifetime or any other time in eternity."

Reckart then repeats many of the same themes that we saw on Reckart's "Wicca and the Way Out" page:

"A woman priestess or preacher is not in the Bible, such is a perversion."

"Adultery and fornication are not parts of Godly worship

NOTE: Adultery isn't a part of Wiccan worship either.

Reckart concludes the answer page by praying for angels to "frustrate the demon spirits that control [Wiccan's] minds" and for Jesus to "bring the girl or boy out of the traps of satanism".

This site is just another in a long line of sites dedicated to disseminating misinformation about Pagan spiritual paths and Satanism.

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Kerr Cuhulain

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Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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