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Thunder Ministries [1]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: July 7th. 2003
Times Viewed: 10,358

Thunder Ministries has a supplemental pages, "In Defense Of... ", which lists further e-mail exchanges between Pastor Daniel and irate Wiccans. Daniel tells us that he has had "hundreds of hate letters coming in", which I suppose is to be expected given the contents of Daniel's web site. One who Daniel writes to uses the e-mail moniker "Chariot" and apparently wrote to complain about Pastor Reckart's article about Wicca. Pastor Daniel tells us that this "first message in replial [sic] to Chariot in defense [sic] of the Author and the Wicca Article itself." Daniel calls himself an "outside observer" who wants to defend Reckart.

"CHARIOT: while I am not Wiccan, I have many friends who are, both Traditional and Eclectic. I have attended Wiccan ceremonies of handfasting, requiem and baptism along with seasonal celebrations.

"Reply :
Lets see, your [sic] not wiccan, but you frequent its activities. How am I to conclude your words here chariot. A common sense analogy of your first paragraph would lead one to think 'here's someone who is untruthful from the get go'. Not a wiccan, but attends the ceremonies. That is neither concluded reality or truth in a mind clear of the fog of pagan ideology."

NOTE: This is just a variation of the old "if you aren't one of us you must be the enemy" argument that we've seen so many of the people that I've written about in this series using. We saw Daniel using it earlier. I've known plenty of people who weren't Pagans attend Pagan ceremonies and this didn't make them Pagan. I've known sympathetic Christian clergy to attend major Pagan festivals and none of them gave up their faith. Nor did they consider themselves somehow tainted by contact with us. Daniel certainly has it in his head that if Chariot isn't telling him what he wants to hear he must be a liar.

"CHARIOT: "Never once have I observed anything that even remotely resembles what you describe as Wiccan practice.

So that concludes that it never happens, right Chariot? You have the upper hand and have been to them all. You speak with the leaders globally, and have attended every ritual gathering. I think not. Your opinion and experience is taken with a grain of salt and concluded as biased and based on your observances."

NOTE: Of course it is highly unlikely that Daniel has ever been to any Pagan celebrations. It is equally improbable that Daniel has spoken to any Pagan leaders, global or otherwise. This is a variation on the excuse that we first saw Warkne and others using: The claim that Wicca is really a front for Satanism and that people at lower levels are unaware of this connection. This claim is as absurd as it is untrue. It is Pastor Daniel's opinion and experience that must be considered both limited and biased here.

"CHARIOT: I see that you list a bibliography as defense of your work. I have read a few of these titles, but not all. I am wondering, however, how many of them are true gems of yellow journalism? If these works are true to the spirit of Wicca, then you sir have made some unbelievable leaps in interpretation.

Much of the resource material was taken from authors who were actual High level Wicca Preists [sic], had traveled the channels, and had experienced the depths of Wicca. Your own words reflect the ignorance you posess [sic] in the depth of these matters when you said 'I am not a Wiccan'. And by virtue of that statement you are counted as one lacking credibility in your line of attack. Where is your experience? How many channels have you travelled in the Wicca path? None, by admission of your own words. So what is the weight of your opinion "true gems of yellow journalism" on a scale of credibility, when balanced with the weight of these authors, whom have travelled the depths of the Wiccan path? I dare say you are a feather weight when balanced on that scale. To add, by investigation of your WWW Site, I will conclude that your words are merely opinion of someone who hasn't the experience or knowlege [sic] to usurp authoritative conclusion in rebuttle [sic] to the Wicca Article. Moreover, your site is filled with links leading to witchcraft and other satanic channels. Therefore, your words are not to be trusted by comparison of what you write and what your site promotes. You have been pegged."

NOTE: You can imagine what books supposedly written by "High level Wicca Priests" Daniel and Reckart are referring to here. They are clearly referring to books by authors like Schnoebelen who I revealed as frauds earlier in this series. Note how Daniel claims that this person must be Wiccan and then contradicts himself by saying that Chariot doesn't have the experience or knowledge of Wicca to criticize him. Of course Daniel certainly doesn't have any real experience of Wicca: He is relying on the accounts of con artists and supporters of the Satanic Conspiracy that he wants us to believe in.

"CHARIOT: May the Goddess have mercy upon your soul, and may you learn the true teachings of Jesus Christ, and someday learn what it really means to be a Christian.

Goddess? Ha! The very word reflects that of one who follows either Isis, Diana, Tanuit, Ashtoreth, Venus, Mylitta, et or al; all of which are biblically and historically noted as Godesses of spiritual whoredome and satanic seed. And these are the very same Spiritual Godesses that Israel Apostated herself with when in Babylonian Captivity. To add, your very start page reflects your stand with these same spirits by virtue of your banner "Tantra: Spiritual Sexuality". So when you Conclude with wishes of mercy from a Pagan Goddess who is of the worship seed of Cain the cursed, I reply: [Here Daniel dumps some more scripture on us: 2 Pt 2:1-3, 10-13, Mt 16:18, Romans 3:4, 2 Pt 2:17, Gal 5:20-21, Mt 13:41-43]. I don't see a Godess [sic] here. I see the Father. Your Godesses [sic] of spiritual whoredome (as they are described in the word of God and historical literature) have no mercy seat for me. I answer you with the Word of God, you answer Pastor Reckart with vain babblings of one who confesses inexperience in the Channel Depths of Wiccan path, and therefore your opinion merits no ear. Good day to you."

Chariot replied to Pastor Daniel's letter and the page continues with this exchange between the two of them. Chariot comments that he didn't consider his words an attack on Daniel, "even if the good pastor's words certainly were fighting words". "That's right", Daniel replies, "You do a lot of considering to the betterment of your own behalf. But I consider matters in the light of Christ whether you like it or not. For, you will stand before him and every idle word shall be brought before you." Chariot asks Daniel to allow him to rebut and Daniel once again calls Chariot a liar, using the same argument that he used earlier:

"Lets see, your not wiccan, but you frequent its activities. How am I to conclude your words here chariot. A common sense analogy of your first paragraph would lead one to think "here's someone who lies from the get go". Not a wiccan, but attends the ceremonies. That is neither concluded reality or truth in a mind clear of the fog of pagan ideology."

The exchange continues:

"CHARIOT: That's right. I ain't a Wiccan. I considered myself one for a short while, but decided that I didn't want to align myself with that particular mode of faith. I am, however, a Pagan and I never denied that. True, I did not state it, but I left a link to my webpage which pretty clearly (in most cases) states my positions.

"DANIEL: So that concludes that it never happens, right Chariot? You have the upper hand and have been to them all. You speak with the leaders globally, and have attended every ritual gathering. I think not. Your opinion and experience is taken with a grain of salt and concluded as biased and based on your observances."

NOTE: Chariot is making no such claims, but Daniel wants us to believe that he must be. Daniel certainly wants us to have the impression that he both has the "upper hand" and that he is in contact with "former global Pagan leaders". Note how Daniel doesn't name these supposed leaders.

"CHARIOT: By all means, call me biased! I am. And so are you and the good pastor. Wicca has no global leaders, no central authority. In that very statement of yours you show your own ignorance of the real state of things. Or am I mistaken? Is there some great, hidden Satanic conspiracy that I am unaware of? Having been an honest and devout seeker for most of my life, I think I'd have an inkling if there was such a thing.

"Reply: My stand is with Christ and righteousness sake. Those who choose the paths of your faiths seek Self Gratification (carnality, permiscuity [sic], fornication, idolitry [sic], witchcraft, all these have been observed in pagan activities, likened to yours, as part of the faith foundation itself). Don't try to mix words concerning my statement of leaders Globaly [sic]. Are you literate whatsoever, or are you once again manipulating words to the betterment of your behalf, twisting word structure to propogate [sic] an unwarrented [sic] outcome. Lets get my statement clear Chariot, I said 'Do you speak with leaders Globally', not 'Do you speak with Global Leaders'. Do you now see the difference in my intented [sic] message according to the sentence structure, literacy, and common english [sic]. Doesn't appear so. I tend to think you are twisting sentence structure to advantage an attack, and try to call it ignorance on my part. I see clearly who is the ignorant one here (as you defined it above). If I am misunderstanding your intent, then I appologize [sic]."

NOTE: Interesting to see Daniel here speaking about sentence structure and literacy in light of the numerous spelling and grammatical mistakes in his reply. Note also how Daniel isn't answering the question. Chariot correctly points out that Wicca doesn't have global leaders. Chariot brings into question Daniel's obvious belief in Satanic Conspiracies. Daniel refuses to comment on conspiracies and avoids the comment about global leaders. Instead he accuses Wiccans of immorality and demonstrates his complete misinterpretation of Chariot's remarks about global leaders.

At this point Chariot states that while his "experience may not be all that traveled, its pretty varied". He then challenges Daniel: "And if you can show me hard evidence that these things describe actually do happen, and on as regular a basis as is implied, I'll be glad to believe it."

Daniel's response to this is lengthy and confusing. He starts by claiming:

"Here is the proof of word twisting by your very words. The first statement in the former parargaph [sic] accuses me of intending the defination [sic] as 'Global Leaders', then on the first line of this paragraph you say "may not be that traveled" concluding you understood the intent of my statement in the prior paragraph in the first place. Clearly the attributes of someone out to belittle our Christian intent by (twisting, manipulating, deceiving)."

It makes you wonder whether Daniel is reading the same words as we are, doesn't it? Daniel attempts to provide the evidence demanded by Chariot, stating:

"And as for your statement "show me evidence that these things actually happen" try the US news columns. You can find plenty of testimony from murderers, prison inmates, and the like who have placed the blame on the sects and covens they frequented. How about the most recent, a youth in Oregon (killed his parents, then his classmates), says he was into Satanism Witchcraft and Wicca, and did it because of his followings. Progressing the channels I believe he called it in one internet news article. He doesn't stand alone. There are pleanty [sic] who have stated the same to the press. Or do you keep your eyes to your pagan books and not the media (or real world events)."

This is the same trick that we've seen so many of the others that I've written about in this series use: Claim that there are plenty of stories in the media without giving any specifics or details that would allow us to find even one of them. Yet this doesn't deter Daniel. He goes on to say:

"There is more than enough evidence to back it. And just because you haven't searched it, doesn't mean it does not exist. Try the Local Library National News Archives. They are computer based, and accessable [sic] readily. Beyond that, you give no credit to the authors of the Bibliographies by your words below. So what you conclude, is the "extensive" library of your books weighs more credit, than the authors of the wicca article resource books, who escaped the cult itself, and testified of its secret activities. Who do you think I'm going to believe? Your authored/published pagan biased books, or someone who has escaped these paths of spiritual death, then tells it like it truly is. Profess all you want, but history shows many in your cultic rings have lied to hide the truths of the evils within. Should I expect any less from you?"

It is pretty clear from this that Pastor Daniel has decided who and what he wants to believe and that reasoning with him is pointless. Chariot complains:

"I've not even heard of most of the resources stated. And my library, while not tremendous, is pretty extensive. And most of this jargon of "paths" doesn't relate to Wicca in the slightest. Now if you want to talk Qabbalah, there's some paths. But mainstream, traditional Wicca doesn't have much to do with Qabbalah. And as a matter of fact, Qabblah has an awful lot more in common with Catholicism than it does Wicca."

Daniel starts by claiming that "it is spelled Kabbalah in the english dialect" and muses that it "Makes me wonder just how many times you truly have seen the word in print". This statement makes me wonder the same thing about Pastor Daniel: Actually this proves that Daniel isn't well read concerning Qabbalah as there are many variations on the spelling, all equally valid. Daniel goes on to claim that:

"Kabbalah is nothing more than a pagan Jewish sect". The same following as those who dug out the Groves as it writtin [sic] in the Old Testement [sic] when the Jews turned their back on God and worshipped pagan idols in Babylon, setting their idols of worship in the groves on the hills. Such activity parallels with the sects we see pagans involed [sic] in (as far as idolitry [sic], emulation, witchcraft, mysticism, paganism is concerned). They are nothing new, same spirit behind them, just a diffent [sic] name in a different time."

This is the same nonsense that we first saw Joseph "Doc" Marquis giving us earlier in this series. The Qabalah (Variations: QBLH, Qabbalah, Cabala or Kaballah) is a philosophy, not a secret Jewish order as Marquis suggests. The name is derived from the Hebrew word QBLH ("qabalah"), which means "received teachings." Its root is the Hebrew word QBL ("qibel"- "to receive"). Another name for the Qabalah is Chokmah Nesthorah ("the secret wisdom"). This word first appeared in the English language as "Cabala", meaning a mystical interpretation of the Old Testament. By 1665 the meaning had changed to mean any mysterious, secret or esoteric doctrine.

The Qabalah developed in the Middle ages in South Western Europe, later taking root in the Galilean city of Safed. The main text of the Qabalah is the Zohar, which was written in Spain in the thirteenth century CE. The Qabalah includes three other major treatises: The Sepher Yetzirah, the Sepher Sephiroth and the Asch Metzareph.

The Qabalah has a strong Messianic element. The Qabalah teaches that the universe was created through a series of emanations from the supreme Godhead or Ain Soph Aur, travelling downward through 10 stages called Sephiroth, arranged in a structure refered to as the OTz ChIIM ("Otz Chaiim" or "Etz Chayim") which translates as "Tree of Life". The Tree of Life is used by the Qabalists to organize everything in existence. Its ten ascending Sephiroth are arranged across three pillars (Severity, Equilibrium and Mercy).

The Qabalah can be divided into four categories: The practical Qabalah, the literal Qabalah, the unwritten Qabalah and the dogmatic Qabalah. Practical Qabalah deals with talismanic and ceremonial magic. Literal Qabalah deals with the interpretation of words and letters. The unwritten Qabalah is an oral tradition of esoteric knowledge.

Pastor Daniel has different ideas about the origins and use of Qabalah. Daniel rambles on about his beliefs in connections between "Catholocism [sic]" and the Qabalah that I won't bore you with. His conclusion is that this is evidence of the "One world Religion, as it is written in the revelations and prophecies of God's word, to unmask the Harlot (or false) Church of the end times." These are more of the ideas that he has borrowed from Hislop (we'll see further evidence of this later). Daniel states that he "will rely more on those who have ... experiened [sic] the depths, the paths (or channels as they have described them) and escaped its stronghold, rather than the lies of authors who promote Wiccan and other Pagan or Cultic activity (such as you read)." In other words he doesn't want to hear from real Pagans, he wants to hear from charlatans who tell him what he wants to hear. He refers Chariot to an article with the title: "Understanding the Kabbalah: The Whore (church) and her daughters". Daniel states that he has access to more articles like this and I don't doubt this at all. Daniel goes on to quote the usual Biblical passages from Exodus, Deuteronomy, and Isaiah and tells Chariot that when Chariot was a Catholic earlier in his life he was "looking for God in the wrong place", telling Chariot that "the God of the Catholic Church is not the God of the Holy Bible, they are the heretic church". This is followed by a lengthy, misspelled anti-Catholic rant. Daniel concludes this section in the following words:

"The pursuit of this correspondence is a waste of my time anyhow and I will end it with this last reply. You can call us evil, haters of those outside our faith or anything else, but when God says do it, they did it and we do it also. They were and we are justified in the will of God, in our action of faith. Now, I'm sure you will try to speak evil of what I have said, but for righteousness sake and to refute the possibility, I say "No, a true Christian doesn't go around murdering, or molestion [sic] boys, or any of the other hiddeous [sic] deeds we read in the headlines and historical archives. On the contrary, a true Christian follows every idle word of God. I suggest you understand its completeness before you exercise [sic] judgement again our righteous action in judging everything according to God's written word."

Daniel tells Chariot that Chariot's web site is "filled with links leading to witchcraft and other satanic channels. Therefore, your words are not to be trusted by comparison of what you write and what your site promotes. You have been pegged." Chariot responds:

"Pegged as what? A Pagan? A Heathen? I'll lay claim to those titles. Don't dare call me a Satanist. And don't dare call me a Witch. Those are your words. Those are your swears. I don't believe in your Satan. I do give your God some room, which is more than you are willing to do for the billions of people who don't believe as you do."

Once again Pastor Daniel throws scripture at us (Matthew 12:30, Luke 22:31, Jeremiah 2:19, Mark 6:11, Matthew 7:13-14) and tells Chariot that "Satan is not mine, he is yours. Whether you believe, follow, worship him or not, by the word of God, he sifts you in your ignorance. He binds you until you are freed by the name, blood, testemony [sic], word, and Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, the only authority Satan must answer to. As for giving my God room, Hahaha! Who are you to contain God. You cannot even comprehend him. Creation cannot contain the creator. You can only rebel pagan. And as for the Billions of people that do or don't believe in him."

"And where exactly", Chariot asks Pastor Daniel, "did you find a link from Chariot's Wheels to a site that was even remotely Satanic? Or are you lumping us all together again?" Daniel's reply indicates that is exactly what he is doing:

"Once again, either you are a servant of God or a slave to satan, there is no inbetween [sic], he that is not with him is against him. Don't call yourself with him in word, but in DEED. The Book of Shadows, the banners promoting freedom of sexual permiscuity [sic] in the name of Spiritualism, just what spirit do you think is behind them? God gave laws in the Old testement [sic] for a reason. His wisdom in commandment goes far beyond your insight into freedom of this or that. You have free choice, but you will answer to what you know your God given conscience has given you, whether you follow God or not. The testemony [sic] of the conscience will deem you judged of God. So I see links promoting pagan Idolitry [sic] and the sort, which are soundly refuted in the word of God."

The exchange continues:

"CHARIOT: The Bible is a little biased when it talks about the Gods and Goddesses of other faiths, wouldn't you say? And the banner on my start page ROTATES, I don't control it. I don't personally ascribe to Tantra, but I don't have a problem with it. And please don't insult my Goddess. I didn't insult your God, I don't think. If I did, I was in error. That is not my aim or style.

"DANIEL: No the Bible is not biased concerning Idols (or other Gods) other than the One True God. God is a jealous God. Over and over his word tells us there are no others. There are none beside him. You worship creation. I worship its creator. Big difference. If you think the master of your existence is going to stand by and let you worship his creation rather than he himself, and do nothing about it, or say nothing about it, or feel nothing about it, you are more ignorant of his Word and will than I had thought. [This is followed by more scripture about Jehovah being jealous: Exodus 20:5, Exodus 34:14, Deuteronomy 4:24, Isaiah 43:11, Isaiah 43:3, Isaiah 44:6, Isaiah 45:5-6]"

"CHARIOT: Again, you're slamming my Goddess. Get over it, okay?

"DANIEL: I don't slam, but if the word of God pricks your heart, so be it, for it is truth, whether believed or denied. Moreover, I instead rightly dividing the truth of Gods word and dispel your myths according to it. I don't base my answers on my own opinion, but the word of God. And you base it on the pagan writings and idolatries of men. And if you want to say my source is of men, take heed, lest you be deceived again [more scripture follows: 2 Pt 1:21] The word of God is written BY the Spirit of God through the instrument of men, he deemed Holy. Your books are written by the Carnal will and spirit of unholy, unsaved men/women. Big difference.

"CHARIOT: And stop putting me down, while you're at it. Many people have criticized my writing, but it has never been called "vain babbling" before. I think I put forth a pretty coherent argument, without having to resort to quoting texts that were outdated in the time of Jesus.

"DANIEL: Have I put you down? Forgive me, I assure you it was not directed at your personage, your literacy, or your verbiage in any way, but toward the content of your message to Pastor Reckart itself. However, aren't you the one who wrote Pastor Reckart with words belittling his knowledge of your Pagan practices in the first place? Is the pot calling the kettle black here? The word of God is my reply to your every answer concerning the content of this correspondence. The words, writings, and practices of carnal men are yours. Who's do you think will matter on the last day? Who's will God count as righteous?"

From this Pastor Daniel goes into a lengthy rant about who is accusing or attacking who which leads him to the following statement in attempt to justify his intolerance:

"Try waving a Gay, Pagan, Wicca, banner in the Middle east, China and many other countries overseas, see where you get. In some countries, if they even thought you practice the aforementioned, you would be in the town square facing the chopping block within hours. Been there, seen it Chariot. US Navy, 1982 - 1988 and frequented many of those countries on WEST PAC. And that applies to Christians too. So, if the Wiccans want to throw their money in the toilets, and hand it over to blood sucking lawyers who jump at any effort to generate a bill, let them. They will be casting their money to dogs who cannot bark or bite. Even if they did try to regulate religious based material on the WWW, don't think for a moment the Christian Coalition wouldn't answer with their own lawyers, whom have dealt with many issues such as these in the past. Constitutional Freedom of Speech and Press, whether regulated on the internet or not (which it is not and cannot be due to the onslaught of Territorial Boundaries) is at worst a drawback for any such effort in suit... And let me say this: Since we have heard from the vast amount of from all you Wiccans, pagans, and cultists we are searching ever more to prove or disprove what is currently written. If we find evidence to prove more soundly the current documentation, we will post it. If we find evidence to show contrary, we will post it. Fair is fair. But, we will not back away from the position Gods word holds against those who follow after evil Idolatries and worship other than the Lord God himself. You call it freedom of Religion, the word of God calls it Idolatry. And that stand we will not drop."

Having read these exchanges we should further examine the "information on the occult" that Thunder Ministries offers us. Thunder Ministries has a page on their site with the title "Evil Occults [sic] & Pagan Holidays Exposed". As you view this page an ominous fog horn like sound drones in the background. The first link on this page takes you to another page with the title "The Origin of Halloween: Examining Pagan Tradition in the Light of Christ". It starts by telling us that it was a "Druid Holiday" called Samhain and goes into the etymology of the title Halloween. Pastor Daniel then comments:

"The important fact to note is that the CHRISTIANIZATION of this Celtic New Year's sacrifice day MISERABLY FAILED. Where is the preeminence of Christ or glory given to the Lord as with Easter and Christmas. It is NOT there but on the contrary, the Devil is dominant!"

Daniel then quotes Dr. John MacArthur: "First of all, dressing up like witches, ghosts, or goblins is incompatible with a Christian's testimony. Furthermore, many of the customs of Halloween are associated with the worst kinds of pagan beliefs and ceremonies; they are usually sinister things such as demons, witchcraft and superstition... If we as Christian parents simply disregard the unchristian aspects of such practices as mere fantasy or superstition and then encourage our children to participate in them, we run the risk of communicating the message that the spiritual battle waged by the rulers of darkness (Ephesians 6:10) is not to be taken seriously."

The next link on the "Evil Occults & Pagan Holidays Exposed" page is "Easter Pagan Tradition". Pastor Daniel mentions an article by Paul Knoll in the May/June issue of Plain Truth describing the Christian observances of Easter and then complains:

"Throughout the remainder of the article and the entire magazine, there is no hint, no mention, and absolutely no reference to 'Easter' as being today or ever being, a PAGAN name, of a pagan goddess of springtime and fertility, or of the PAGAN origin of 'Easter eggs,' the 'Easter Bunny,' hot-cross buns, or other customs associated in the popular mind with the holiday of 'Easter'! ... Easter Sunday is a PAGAN holiday and was never observed by the Apostolic Church -- by either the Apostles or their congregations, during the first century A.D.! A reader of the May/June issue of the church's magazine would receive the distinct impression that Easter observance is all right -- it is the "Christian" thing to do -- and that along with Pentecost it is a chief 'Christian' holiday, in the words of the author, 'venerated by the CHRISTIAN WORLD'! The Apostolic Churches of Christ know very well, of course, the PAGAN origin of the holiday called 'Easter.' The English word 'Easter' long antedates Christianity. Originally it referred to the celebration of the spring sun, and new life in the springtime. The ancient Teutonic goddess of spring was named 'Eostre.'"

That Easter is named for the Goddess Eostre and that it's origins are Pagan is absolutely true. However Pastor Daniel, using the sub title "A New Conspiracy Afoot", now begins to bombard us with a whole series of myths and misinformation that readers of the Witch Hunts series will be familiar with. The source that he uses is one that we've seen countless other people with similar agendas use earlier in this series: Alexander Hislop's awful book The Two Babylons. You'll recall that Hislop's book claimed that all other religions except his version of Christianity were simply versions of a Satanically inspired belief system which he labelled "Mystery Babylon religion". Daniel tells us that "Easter is but a more modern form of the ancient goddess Ishtar, Astarte, Eostre, Ostera, another name for Semiramis." Pastor Daniel then quotes The Two Babylons:

"Then look at Easter. What means the term Easter itself? It is not a Christian name. It bears its Chaldean origin on its very forehead. Easter is nothing else than Astarte, one of the titles of Beltis, the QUEEN OF HEAVEN, whose name, as pronounced by the people of Nineveh, was evidently identical with that now in common use in this country. That name, as found by Layard on the Assyrian monuments, is Ishtar (page 103 )."

"To conciliate the pagans to nominal Christianity, Rome, pursuing its usual policy, took measures to get the Christian and Pagan festivals AMALGAMATED, and, by a complicated but skillful adjustment of the calendar, it was found no difficult matter, in general, to get Paganism and Christianity -- NOW FAR SUNK IN IDOLATRY -- in this as in so many other things, to shake hands (p.105)."

Pastor Daniel then starts to reveal his paranoia, turning this into a conspiracy by quoting page 22 of Alan W. Watts' book Easter, Its Story and Meaning: "The points of resemblance between the Christ story, on the one hand, and the MYTH AND RITUAL OF ANCIENT AND 'PAGAN' CULTS, on the other, IS AT TIMES STARTLING ENOUGH TO LOOK LIKE A CONSPIRACY" (P.22)."

Pastor Daniel then borrows the theme of Hislop's book when he goes on to say:

"And that same conspiracy is once again rearing its ugly head, and sharpening its claws, and moistening its lips, its fangs gleaming, ready to DEVOUR the people of God and members of the Churches of Christ, during these End-Times! There is a Satanic CONSPIRACY afoot to destroy the faith and doctrines of the Apostolic Churches of Christ, and to make it part-and-parcel of this world's MYSTERY BABYLON religion!"

Under a new subtitle, "How Easter Crept into the Original Church", Daniel goes on to outline the history of the acceptance of the Pagan customs of Eostre into the Christian festival of Easter. I won't bore you with the details which lead you up to the Council of Nicea in 325 C.E. The basic argument presented by Pastor Daniel is that the church accepted the Pagan observances of Easter into their ritual calendar in order to ensure that their practice of Christianity did not resemble Judaism. Daniel states:

"Renown [sic] scholar J.B. Lightfoot asserts that Rome and Alexandria [symbolical of Babylon and Egypt -- the two countries which God called His servants to come OUT of!] both adopted Easter-Sunday in order to avoid even resembling the Jews. He wrote: 'In the Paschal controversy of the second century, the bishops of Jerusalem, Caesarea, Tyre and Ptolemais ranged themselves not with Asia Minor, which regulated the Easter festival by Jewish passover, but with Rome and Alexandria, thus avoiding even the semblance of Judaism' (The Apostolic Fathers, 1885, II, part 1, p.88). The pagan Emperor Constantine sought to establish a WORLD RELIGION totally free from all Jewish influence! He stated, regarding Easter: It appeared an unworthy thing that in the celebration of this most holy feast we should follow the practice of the Jews, who have impiously defiled their hands with enormous sin . . . Let us therefore have NOTHING IN COMMON with the detestable Jewish crowd. . . ." (Eusebius, Life of Constantine, NPNF, I, p.524-525). "

Pastor Daniel concludes that "the truth of God was buried in an avalanche of paganism. The truth of the Scriptures was replaced by pagan superstition. Passover was replaced by Easter, the spring festival of the goddess of fertility and fecundity. The pagan whore-goddess Semiramis, called 'Easter,' had her celebration engrafted onto the universal Christian Roman Catholic Church!" He then quotes Hislop's The Two Babylons again:

"This change of the calendar in regard to Easter was attended with momentous consequences. It brought into the Church the GROSSEST CORRUPTION and the RANKEST SUPERSTITION in connection with the abstinence of Lent. Let any one only read the ATROCITIES that were commemorated during the 'sacred fast' or Pagan Lent, as described by Arnobius and Clemens Alexandrinus, and surely he must blush for the Christianity of those who, WITH THE FULL KNOWLEDGE OF ALL THESE ABOMINATIONS, 'went down to Egypt for help' to stir up the languid devotion of the DEGENERATE CHURCH, and who could find no more excellent way to 'revive' it, than by borrowing from so polluted a source; the ABSURDITIES and ABOMINATIONS connected with which the early Christian writers had held up to scorn. That Christians should ever THINK of introducing the Pagan abstinence of Lent was a sign of evil; it showed how LOW THEY HAD SUNK, and it was also a CAUSE OF EVIL; it inevitably led to DEEPER DEGRADATION. Originally, even in Rome, Lent, with the preceding REVELRIES OF THE CARNIVAL, was entirely unknown... But at last, when the worship of ASTARTE was rising into the ascendant, steps were taken to get the whole CHALDEAN LENT of six weeks, or forty days, made imperative on all within the Roman Empire of the West' (ibid., p.106-107). "

If you were wondering when Pastor Daniel was going to start describing what he thought us Pagans did in our religious observances, wait no longer. Under the subtitle A Modern Day Apostasy, Pastor Daniel accuses the Worldwide Churches of Christ of "BRINGING IN PAGAN PRACTICES to stimulate an artificial form of excitement, passion, and interest in the Church and its activities!" and goes on to describe Pagan practices thus:

"As history itself indicates, this will no doubt be followed by indulgence in the more gross forms of pagan absurdities, revelries, and artificial 'joy' -- the kind that comes from excess, drunkenness, and WILD debaucheries of human nature. As the Church suffers a serious decline in income, due to loss of the more earnest members who are beginning to leave its ranks in droves, it will seek to hold on to those who remain by appealing to the fleshly desires of human nature, with the same techniques and reasonings and sophistries of the apostate Roman Catholic Church."

Of course the "history" that Daniel refers to here is of the sort created by him and his sources such as Hislop.

I expect that Pastor Daniel's Thunder Ministries can continue to receive complaints about the content and grammar of his site.

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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