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Last Stop Hell

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: June 14th. 2004
Times Viewed: 19,309

You can find a web site bearing this title at Nowhere on the Last Stop Hell web site does the creator of it identify himself: This is reminiscent of the Encyclopedia of Satanic Wicca site I wrote about earlier in my Witch Hunts series. However, a whois search reveals that the service provider for this site is Rock Scarfone of the Lighthouse Sanctuary Youth Foundation, 1426 Web Gin House Rd, Lawrenceville, GA, 30045. Scarfone has written to me to tell me that he is "just a service provider and am ONLY the CONTACT" [1] for this web site and for 2000 other domains.

The contents of the Last Stop Hell web site could be summed up by the statement: "God and his son Jesus love you so much they’ll damn you to hell forever if you don’t do it their way." A typical statement from the Last Stop Hell home page reflects this: "You’re right God is Loving and Merciful. And once you start following his son Jesus with all your heart you now become one of Gods children. And he will come to your aid more then you can imagine (Psalms 18:). If you think you’re slipping by any other way the Bible calls you a Bastard." [2] I’ve left the spelling, incorrect punctuation and grammar exactly as found on the site, and it is representative of the poor grammar throughout. For example: You’ll find that The author of the Last Stop Hell site has a peculiar habit of ending a sentence with two periods and not using a capital letter at the beginning of the first word of a sentence.

"Satan uses demons to implant corrupt data in peoples heads and basically deleted himself and Hell from Scripture," The author of the Last Stop Hell site informs us. "Do yourself a favor and throw out any Bibles that say NEW on them.. Stick with the Authorized King James 1611 Bible. Satan hates the King James Version 1611." This is, of course, the Bible in which King James’s translators came up with the version of Deuteronomy 18 that says "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live". 1611 is the year that they completed the translation.

The author of the Last Stop Hell site claims that "New Agers will always use scripture that they select from the Bible to try to prove their false doctrine.. They love to quote certain verses of scripture that they twist and try to get it to apply to their Hellbound beliefs." [3] It becomes evident very quickly as you read through the Last Stop Hell site that its author is doing exactly what he is accusing the "New Agers" of doing: Twisting scripture to get it to apply to his "Hellbound beliefs".

Much of the content of the Last Stop Hell site is graphic descriptions of Hell. Example: "As you are reading this people are waking up in a Hell in a PIT that is 3 feet wide and about 15 feet deep.. in this pit your spiritual body gets cooked into a carcase [sic] and you claw at the sides of your pit trying to climb out but you cannot escape this goes on forever… also the flame that is cooking you is 8000 degrees…" [4] I won’t bore you with any more of this. He even includes a computer graphic of the face of the aforementioned "carcase" and a link purporting to allow you to hear what the screams of Hell would sound like.

Side bars on the home page of the Last Stop Hell site list links to pages containing rants condemning "Homosexuals", "Wicca/Pagan", "New Agers", "Tarot Cards and other Garbage", "Catholics", "Allah Worshippers", "…Buddha", "Atheist and Agnostics", "Gothic and Vamp Freaks" and "Jews" amongst links to pages on "Perverts and other sickos", "Whoremongers", and "Alcoholics and Drug Users". A list of links in the center of the page directs you to pages and pages of descriptions of Hell and includes some extra links to pages describing "The False Gospel of Islam", "Book of Mormon Problems", how "Ouija Boards are Evil", and how "Halloween is Demonic". Several of the illustrations which appear on the Last Stop Satan site are borrowed straight out of the tracts of Jack Chick, who I discussed in detail in an earlier article on Chick Publications in my Witch Hunts series. There are links to Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Jesus Christ movie web site and recommendations for Dr. Rawling’s book To Hell and Back .

The Last Stop Hell web site also includes a link to the Watchman Fellowship’s 97 page 2001 Index of Cults and Religions [5]: This is one of those organizations that list anything other than their version of Christianity as a false religion. There is a lot of information there, so I’ll devote a later article to this site.

The author of the Last Stop Hell site goes on interminably about how non-believers are going to hell. This is typical of the "if you don’t believe exactly what I do you’re going to hell" approach we’ve seen over and over again in the individuals and organizations I’ve described in my Witch Hunts series so far. The author of the Last Stop Hell site’s attitude is clearly expressed in the following statement: "It doesn’t take much to end up in HELL be careful with all these spiritual freaks running around these days. They talk to demons often.. some still think they are talking to Angels from heaven." [6] The author of the Last Stop Hell site comes up with a unique expression that I haven’t seen any of the other people that I’ve written about in the Witch Hunts series use: He refers to the blood of Jesus as "demon repellent". [7]

The author of the Last Stop Hell site has an interesting interpretation of demons, which he definitely believes in. "Your soul is you," he tells us, "It was a clean slate when you were born and you slowly attached your human traits (demons) to it." [8] The author of the Last Stop Hell site goes on to say: "By Satan fragmenting your soul he can control you better by having the spirits generate your thoughts.. spiritual parasites move in and make up your new personality.. You basically get slowly programmed into being evil by unclean spirits ." [9] In a section of the home page with the title "Strong Prayer Against Witchcraft", The author of the Last Stop Hell site makes the following claim which fully reveals the extent of his paranoia: "There are many people in the world that aren’t even themselves anymore.. they become a dark soul.. a demon transport and never even know themselves.. When you ask Jesus to come into your life he will evict these wicked spirits from you.. it may take some time to get fully cleansed from the garbage you have picked up in your life but think about how long you have been living in the dark. I am still at battle with the devil everyday and have a few ailments that were brought on by wicked spirits. The only way to freedom is Jesus he is the Master Sheriff of the Universe!... Satan has added his traits to your personality and corrupted the pure spirit of GOD. You are basically not yourself until you chisel away at your wicked self which were planted there by the devil.." [10]

The author of the Last Stop Hell site includes "tests" on the Last Stop Hell home page designed to allow the reader to determine if the spirits that they are talking to are demons or not. "Ask them to say this," the author advises, "They must say it! If a spirit cannot repeat this it is a demon from Hell. ‘Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the son of the Living God of Heaven and was sent to us by the Living God in the flesh to destroy the works of Satan and die for our sins.. Christ was raised from the dead three days later and now sits on the right side of the Father in Heaven..’ Try to even get a Hellbound to say this.. they will gasp.." [11] One wonders how much time the author of this site spends speaking to what he thinks are spirits?

The author of the Last Stop Hell sites to link this nonsense about demon possession or reprogramming to his beliefs that the "New Age" is spreading "false doctrine" with statements like this: "Remember alot [sic] of New Agers are not event themselves anymore! by accepting their new beliefs and turning to false doctrine instead of sticking to the Gospel Satan now has legal ground to inject powerful controlling spirits into them. You know this as being called Brainwashing. They will think everything is fine.. and they just have a new belief system.. The dangerous part is they now have a wicked new demon that is controlling them and also will get them to start preaching their new belief system to friends and family and try to get them to HELL also. This usually starts out by them passing along a book about their new belief system to a friend. The book always seems innocent but has a demon attached to it.. and when you start reading the book you will start to feel like this is it… This must be the way it is.. The demon that came with the book is already at work on you implanting thoughts into your head.. This is a mimic of how the Holy Ghost will fill you when you read the Bible… Take a Bible class and learn the truth!" [12]

Note how the author of the Last Stop Hell site accuses the "New Age" of passing out books when one of the most common indoctrination practices used by people like him is passing out Bibles. Note how the author of the Last Stop Hell site uses a technique that we’ve seen others that I’ve written about in the Witch Hunts series using: He tries to create fear in the reader by claiming that non-Christian books have demons implanted in them.

The creator of the Last Stop Satan web site doesn’t limit his attention to books. "The Internet has become a new playground for Satan and his demons/foul spirits who love to control your mind," The author of the Last Stop Hell site warns us, "that’s how they trick you into going to HELL !.." [13]

The author of the Last Stop Hell site attacks Wicca both on the home page and on a separate page with the title "WICCA/PAGAN Hellbound!" On the home page he starts by stating:

"If you have been practicing witchcraft and candle burning conjuring up demons thinking they are some type of friendly spirits you’re dead wrong! And Satan will use you and whack you out in the end.. Don’t be fooled thinking you have some type of power.. you have many demons lurking around you.. The spells are nothing but legal grounds for demons to activate! What you don’t know is that you’re playing with fire and many Witches/Satanists.. and wicca’s who think they are worshipping some type of goat and goddess lucifera find themselves in bad positions.." [14]

Wiccans don’t conjure demons, don’t believe in Satan and don’t worship goats. I’ll come back to the reference to the "goddess lucifera" in a moment.

On the "WICCA/PAGAN Hellbound!" page, the author of the Last Stop Hell site web site contradicts the above statement, telling us that "Wicca and Satanism are indeed very distinct religious categories." [15] This is entirely correct. The author of the Last Stop Hell site then goes on to argue that Wicca is not an old religion, citing books such as Aidan Kelly’s Crafting the Art of Magic and Jeffrey B. Russell’s A History of Witchcraft . This is also correct, and most Wiccans realize this, having read these excellent books as well as other recent books on this subject such as Ronald Hutton’s "Triumph of the Moon".

It doesn’t take the creator of the Last Stop Hell web site long to return to his attempts to link Satanism and Wicca however. The author of the Last Stop Hell site points to the influence of Jules Michelet’s La Sorciere , which was one of the sources behind Leland’s later book Aradia: Gospel of the Witches . He uses Ehrenreich and English in their book Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers to point out the influence of such works on feminists, before bringing up Leland’s Aradia again. The author of the Last Stop Hell site quotes the first paragraph of Aradia: "Diana greatly loved her brother Lucifer, the god of the Sun and of the Moon, the god of Light, who was so proud of his beauty, and who for his pride was driven from Paradise." [16] He then goes on to make the following claim, pasting a lot of unconnected misinformation together in his convoluted argument:

"Most Wiccans don’t even know they are worshipping Goddess Diana Lucifera, this goes to show how much research they have put into there [sic] belief system. Wiccans usually argue that ‘Lucifer’ is not SATAN but is just ‘the god of the Sun and of the Moon’. If that’s the case then Aliester [sic] Crowley (The Beast ) was worshipping the same god also. The Egyptian sky god HORUS represented the Sun and Moon. I hope you see the pattern here on how creative Satan can be when he hides himself behind many names. The statement that Lucifer was ‘driven from Paradise’ for his ‘pride’ is clearly a reference of the Bible’s (ISAIAH 14:12 ) and (Ezekiel 28:15-17 )." [17]

There is that "Diana Lucifera" again. I’m wondering how closely the author of the Last Stop Hell site read Aradia (if at all). While Diana is repeatedly mentioned in Aradia, there is no reference to a "Diana Lucifera" in it. There is a Diana Luciferia (note spelling) in Edmund Spenser’s Fairie Queene , but there is not indication on the Last Stop Hell site that The author of the Last Stop Hell site is aware of this.

This passage about Diana and Lucifer from Charles Leland’s Aradia is a myth that we’ve seen various people refer to throughout the Witch Hunts series. Leland’s book clearly influenced early Wiccan leaders, such as Gardner, Valiente, Sanders and Farrrar, to name but a few. This was before Leland’s assumptions and research were called into question by scholars. The original "Charge of the Goddess" and the concept of ritual nudity were also probably drawn by Gardner from Leland’s book. Fundamentalist Christians like this have mythologized Lucifer as a rebellious angel who fell from grace and took the name Satan. When you read early Wiccan texts such as The Alex Sanders Lectures that were influenced by Leland and which mention Lucifer, it is clear that the name Lucifer is being used to represent a Lord of Death or Shadows such as the Greek God Hades or the Roman God Pluto, not the Devil.[18]

There were two Egyptian Gods given the Greek name Horus: One was Heru-ur the falcon headed sky God. It was this God who was given the Greek name Haroeris and was also known as Horus the Elder. The other was Heru-p-khart, known the the name Horus the Younger since his Greek name, Harpocrates, means "the infant Horus". Neither was considered the God of the "Sun and Moon" by the Egyptians. I’m assuming that the author of the Last Stop Hell web site inserted this reference because he is aware that Crowley had many references to Horus in his writings, though this is not clear from the text. It certainly has nothing to do with Leland’s Aradia, since Horus isn’t mentioned in Aradia at all.

The idea that Satan is the real identity of any deity other than Jehovah grows straight out of the arrogant attitude held by people such as the author of the Last Stop Hell site that there is only one true religion. It is interesting that he asserts that Satan is "hiding" behind the name Lucifer here. If Lucifer in this instance really was Satan, you’d think he’d use a less obvious name to hide behind.

The author of the Last Stop Hell site goes on to complain that "WICCA is a perfect example of such an attempt to hurt the Living GOD by tricking more of his sheep into destruction." [19] Interesting that the author of the Last Stop Hell site should refer to people of his faith as "sheep".

The "WICCA/PAGAN Hellbound!" page also claims that Wicca was "heavily based" [20] on the rituals of Aleister Crowley. The books cited by this site certainly do indicate that Crowley was an influence on Gerald Gardner, and I have pointed this out myself earlier in my Witch Hunts series and in several of my books. However, Crowley was not a Satanist, so to use this argument in an attempt to establish a connection between Wicca and Satanism is a wasted effort on this person’s part. The author of the Last Stop Hell site clearly recognizes this problem, indicating that this flaw in this argument has been pointed out "In some defensive neo-Pagan writings (e.g. the Church of All Worlds booklet ‘Witchcraft, Satanism, and Occult Crime: Who’s Who and What’s What’)". [21] The author of the Last Stop Hell site states that this booklet and other texts list Crowley as a ceremonial magician and an eclectic. He specifically points out the elements Crowley drew from Egyptian and Greek mythology, Yoga, and the Golden Dawn. The author of the Last Stop Hell web site attempts to overcome this obstacle by claiming that "Crowley was into Satanic symbolism, in addition to the zillion other things he was into" [22], going on to add that Crowley "added plenty of other things to the mix, including Satanic imagery galore (such as his invocation of Satan in Liber Samekh, not to mention his constant references to himself as ‘the Beast 666’)." [23] The author of the Last Stop Hell site doesn’t give any more examples of the supposed Satanic symbolism that he believes to be so prevalent in Crowley’s works, but we can probably imagine what he may imagine it might be, given the claims that we’ve examined earlier in this Witch Hunts series: Anything and everything not obviously Christian.

Liber Samekh was Crowley's adaptation of the Preliminary Invocation of the Goetia (Lesser Key of Solomon ). Satan isn’t mentioned in this Preliminary Invocation at all. As to the title "the Beast 666": Crowley rebelled against his strict puritan upbringing, causing his Plymouth Brethren mother to refer to him as the mythical "Beast 666" of Revelations. As a result Crowley adopted this as a title, later adding the titles "Master Therion", and "Frater Perdurbado" to the list.

Surprisingly, the author of the Last Stop Hell site finishes the "WICCA/PAGAN Hellbound!" page with a quote from Wiccan author and journalist Margot Adler, which he lists under the caption "Famous Quotes From Wiccans": "We are not evil. We are not Satanists. We don’t harm or seduce people. We don’t kill babies. We are not dangerous. We are ordinary people like you. We have families, jobs, hopes, and dreams. We are not a cult. This religion is not a joke. We are not what you think we are from looking at TV. We are real. We laugh, we cry. We are serious. We have a sense of humor. You don’t have to be afraid of us. We don’t want to convert you. And please don’t try to convert us. Just give us the same right we give you- to live in peace. We are much more similar than you think." [24]

The author of the Last Stop Hell site then comments on Adler’s remarks. He doesn’t attempt to refute what Adler said. In fact it seems that the author of the Last Stop Hell site is unable to. Instead he returns to the theme of his site: "You also have something in common with each other.. You are in serious danger of hellfire! Oh I forgot ‘We don’t believe in HELL so we can’t go there’. I don’t believe in paying taxes but I seem to be doing it anyway.. Not believing in HELL will not prevent you from HELL. You are presently failing the biggest test of your life and the test itself is called LIFE." [25]

Curiously, the background music for the Last Stop Hell web site is the song "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails. The chorus of this song is: "I want to fuck you like an animal." I wonder if the author of the Last Stop Hell site has ever listened to the lyrics?

From my viewpoint the author of the Last Stop Hell site is himself failing life. He doesn’t appear to be able to cope with life. The author of the Last Stop Hell site is desperately trying to reduce a complex world to simple terms (his own) and force everyone else to meet them, rather than facing his paranoid fears and dealing with them. He resides in an earthly Hell of his own creation: His last stop ought to be a psychotherapist’s office.

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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