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Symbols (O-S)

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: July 4th. 2004
Times Viewed: 22,157

Ouija Board:

In his File 18 newsletter, Lt. Larry Jones rants about Ouija boards, claiming that using them can lead to "insanity... instances of suicide and homicide... For the Christian, the dangers are numerous, including the undermining and eroding of the belief systems by turning toward the occult..."[189] Jones recommends the books The Ouija Board by fundamentalist Christian author Edmond C. Gruss and The Satan Trap by fundamentalist Christian author Martin Ebon as resources on this subject.

In Your Kids and the Occult, Johanna Michaelsen attacks the Ouija board, stating: "But the simple fact is that Ouija is NOT a neutral device. Nor is it a toy. It is a dangerous spiritistic tool designed to contact spirit beings and develop psychic abilities."[190] Michaelsen then makes the absurd suggestion that the fact "that in 1966 Parker Brothers bought the rights to the Ouija board and moved its production (intriguingly) to Salem, Massachusetts"[191] is somehow significant. Michaelsen then quotes Manly P Hall, whom she calls "one of the world's foremost occult historians"[192]: "The Ouija-board... driven from most of the civilized countries of the world, is a psychic toy that has contributed many tragedies to man's moral state. Automatic writing (an advanced form of Ouija), a weird, fascinating pastime, may end in a wide variety of disasters... He who listens too often to the whisperings of the 'spirits' may find his angels to be demons in disguise... man... should leave alone these forces which may only lead to madness."[193]

A Ouija board is a divinatory tool. It consists of a small board on short legs called the planchette that slides over a larger board marked with words, letters of the alphabet, and numbers. The medium steers the planchette with his or her hands to spell out messages. The primary reason that it is so often listed as Satanic in nature by fundamentalist Christian authors is the prohibitions against divination in the Bible.

Peace Symbol/Cross of Nero:

The "Peace Sign" is listed as a "Demonic Symbol" on the Madrak's Demonbusters web site. [194] In The Satan Seller, Michael Warnke's co-author David Balsiger remarks: "The peace symbol, even worn by many Christians today, has a very long history. It was used on Hitler's Nazi death notices and as part of the official inscription on the gravestones of Nazi officers of the SS, the leaders of which, incidentally, were Satanists. During the Middle Ages as well as today, it has been the favorite sign of the Satanists. In Austria and Italy during ancient times, it meant evil and death. It is also known as Nero's cross, because when Peter was crucified, he asked to be crucified upside down... Nero is said to have granted the request and constructed a cross like the peace symbol. Since that time it has been known as the symbol of the antichrist, and in 70 A.D. it was the signet carried by the Romans who ravished Jerusalem."[195]

Thomas Carder's ChildCare Action Project/Christian Analysis of American Culture web site describes the "peace symbol or broken cross" as "Originally the Cross of Nero (who falsely blamed the new first-century sect called Christians for burning down Rome), this emblem was used profusely by the hippies and freeks, or more respectfully, the student movement of the seventies and by the anti-Vietnam war activists... Little did the student movement and anti-Vietnam war activists know they were promoting the main doctrine of the church of Satan -- 'Do what thou wilt' is the whole of the law.' Or maybe they DID know what they were promoting? ...In the hippie cult/student movement of the seventies, the focus of our culture was... total reliance on the self, never on Jesus except in probably rationalized (blasphemous) ways as in the Jesus-freeks who tainted the Authority of Jesus with flippant and insincere hearts... Envision the Cross of Jesus: a vertically oriented lower case "t" without the serif (curve) at the bottom -- an upright beam (the stipes) with a cross-arm (or patibulum). Now invert the Cross then break the patibulum down on both sides. Now, the Cross is head down, the patibulum broken with both halves pointing downward, all away from God and toward Hell. Now you have the heart of the peace symbol, or a close variation of the Greek letter, lambda. How our culture associated the Greek letter lambda as a symbol of peace, I have no idea. The peace sign has even become know [sic] as the 'devil's claw.'... Inductees into satanism may be given a trinket cross for inverting and breaking the patibulum as an initiation ritual symbolic of rejecting Jesus or as having the power to break Him. The purpose of the circle around the broken cross is not well known. It may be symbolic of Satan's lie that he is an eternal god who will reign forever. While the circle may be only adornment or cosmetic, I suspect it is symbolic of further rejection of Jesus by symbolizing that His power can be confined. The peace sign may also be symbolic of Satan casting Jesus into the eternal pit, broken and helpless; an INVERSION of the True future for Satan. Jesus has already been there (for your sake and mine -- for three days) and has emerged as Champion."[196]

Carder claims that "freeks" is the familiar form of the word "freaks". I wonder what dictionary he is using? There is that portion of Crowley's "Do what thou wilt..." that we see so many of these people quoting without adding the second line about "Love is the law, love under will." Notice how Carder assumes that because the Greek letter lambda (λ) resembles this figure that "our culture" associates this letter with the concept of peace. Interesting logic. It is only people like Carter who refer to the peace symbol as "the devil's claw". There is that idea that "Christ has already won for us" again. Why are you still fighting then, Carder?

In Mystery Mark of the New Age, Texe Marrs states that "[a cross] with broken, misshapen, bent, or disfigured horizontal crossbars... symbolizes to occultists a broken and defeated Jesus. The 'peace symbol' is one example. It is an especially wicked symbol that has in the past few decades acquired favored status among many New Agers, liberals, and radicals in the peace movement."[197] Using Marrs's reasoning an Eastern Orthodox cross might be considered Satanic.

Ultimately this interpretation of the peace symbol turns up in books written for police officers. In A Basic Guide to the Occult for Law Enforcement, Herold defines the Peace Symbol as: "Broken Cross: Represents Jesus being crucified upside down. Initiates into Satanism invert the cross and break the arms downward as part of the initiation ceremony (in some covens)."[198] Anderson's Law Enforcement Guide to Occult Related Crime lists "The Cross of Neri [sic]/peace sign."[199] Dubois's Occult Crime describes the "Cross of Nero" as "blasphemy of the Christian God... Also used in the 1960s by counter-culture groups as a peace sign."[200] Lou Sloat's Texas Ritualistic Crime Information Network Occult Crime Manual lists peace symbols in an untitled list of symbols attributed to Satanism.[201] Rimer's Ritual Crime and the Occult: The New Youth Subculture includes the peace symbol in its list of "Satanic Symbols".

The difficulty with all these claims is that the peace symbol only dates back to Easter 1958: It was created by well known author Bertrand Russell, who used it as a symbol in a march for nuclear disarmament that took place in Aldermaston, England. The symbol consists of three elements: The semaphore signal for the letter "N" (nuclear) superimposed over the semaphor signal for the letter "D" (disarmament), surrounded by a circle (representing the concept "total"). Thus the completed symbol was supposed to represent "total nuclear disarmament".

Balsiger's confused notion that the Nazi's used this symbol is probably from his misunderstanding of Runic alphabets. There is a letter in the Anglo Saxon and Thames versions of these alphabets which resembles the peace sign without the circle: It represents the letter "K" in our Roman alphabet. The Nazi's did use runes, but not the peace symbol, which wasn't created until several years after the demise of the Third Reich. It is true that the Bible says that Peter was crucified upside down. But the fact is that even modern Biblical scholars now admit that there is very little evidence to corroborate this crucifixion story.[202] No one knows when, where or how St. Peter died. In fact it is uncertain as to whether he was a real person. The "Petrine Passage" in the Gospel of Matthew, an account of Peter's acquisition of the symbolic keys, was inserted in the third century CE for political reasons.[203] Christians like Balsiger use this story of Peter's crucifixion in an attempt to re-interpret the peace symbol and the inverted crucifix, rewriting the history to make it suit their purposes. I noted in Warnke's book Schemes of Satan that he had changed his mind about this definition, stating: "The evidence for true occult use of this symbol is inconsistent, although many believe it to represent an upside-down cross with broken cross-pieces. This symbol does not appear in any of the serious occult literature."[204]


In the literature of Satanic Conspiracy myth disseminators, an assumption is usually made that the pentagram and the pentacle are the same thing. Texe Marrs in Mystery Mark of the New Age, voices another common assumption when he claims that the pentagram is "...known universally as the sign of the Devil among Satan-worshippers and witches..."[205] Marrs goes on to say that you will find: "...the pentagram... on display in the lodges of Freemasons and the ladies of The Order of the Eastern Star. As evangelist John Barela's research proves, the pentagram has 'a place of honor and prominence at the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.' This is not surprising considering the Luciferian and Masonic roots of the Mormon Church and its founders. Another New Age group with an occult orientation, the Order of the Golden Dawn, which reportedly has an official membership of some 40,000, conducts two rituals using the pentagram... The wicked occultic pentagram has a long, infamous history. Celtic priests called it the witch's foot. In the Middle Ages it became known in Britain and elsewhere in Europe as the goblin's cross, devil's sign, and the wizard's star. Among the druids of Great Britain, it was the blasphemous sign of the Godhead.[206] 'In ancient times,' symbolism expert Rudolf Koch has written, 'it was a magical charm amongst the people of Babylon.' The pentagram was also used by the Babylonians as a healing device and as a medium for bringing good fortune."[207]

Neither the Freemasons, nor the Order of the Eastern Star, nor the Mormons nor the Order of the Golden Dawn are Satanists. There are those Luciferians again, who I've discussed elsewhere in the Witch Hunts series. Celtic priests/Druids did not call the pentagram the witch's foot: They did not use the pentagram as a symbol at all. Neither could Druids have used it to blaspheme the Judeo-Christian God: It is hard to commit blasphemy to someone you don't even know exists. The expressions "witch's foot," "goblin's cross," "devil's sign" and "wizard's star" are all titles assigned by Inquisitional demonologists.

We saw the Peters Brothers claiming that all pentagrams were Satanic symbols in an earlier article in this series on rock music. Mary Ann Herold lists it thus in A Basic Guide to the Occult for Law Enforcement Agencies. John Frattarola states that the pentagram "may be used in both Black and White Magic"[208] in America's Best Kept Secret. The "upright Pentagram" is described as a "Symbol of Wicca (white or good witchcraft)", even though it is listed as a "Demonic Symbol" on the Madrak's Demonbusters web site.[209] "Pentigrams [sic]" are listed as "Identifiers of Occult Relations" in Alford's Occult Crimes Investigations.[210]The Southwest Radio Church newsletter states that "The Pentagram is the major symbol for witchcraft covens and occult activities. So it is not surprising that within the Pentagon, meditation groups are increasing and the peace shield is the symbol of their New Age activities."[211] Of course a pentagram (a five pointed star) and a pentagon (a five sided figure) are two different things, but this doesn't prevent the Southwest Radio Church people from making this logical leap.

Christian author Phil Phillips claims that "When witches want to talk to demons they often will stand within a pentagram. Then the demon will appear within a hexagram".[212] A hexagram where? Wiccans don't believe in demons and they practice their craft in circles, not pentagrams. In Occidental Ceremonial Magic, entities such as angels and demons are called by the magician who stands in a circle which may or may not have a pentagram drawn in it, and who uses talismans with pentagrams and/or hexagrams inscribed on them to control these spirits. The spirit supposedly appears in a pentagram[213] or triangle outside of the circle, not in a hexagram. The grimoires describing these rituals are still in print, but Phillips has obviously not read any of them. Ceremonial magic is not Satanic.

Thomas Carder's ChildCare Action Project/Christian Analysis of American Culture web site makes this confusing statement about the "pentagram/pentacle": "I have found contradiction surrounding its use, so there will be seeming contradiction herein."[214] Carder then lists many of the possible interpretations of the pentagram by various different groups. Carder then states that no matter how you present it, "it is not from or of God".[215] "Used primarily as a tool in witchcraft for conjuring evil spirits", Carder tells us, "the pentagram/pentacle is also is used the mean 'Morning Star': a name claimed by Satan; a name claimed in mockery because it is also one of the names Jesus uses: [Rev. 22:16] 'I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.' While some believe the circle around the five-point star is symbolic of focusing the power of Satan, I suspect the pentagram/pentacle is also symbolic of the wishes of occultists and satanists to confine the power of the true Morning Star."[216]

Carder is correct about the contradictions: I've shown you quite a few so far. This is a variation on the "morning star" connection with the name Lucifer that I showed you elsewhere as well as the crescent moon and star myth that we earlier saw people like Warnke espousing.

Pentagrams are included on Pat Pulling's "Profiling, Symptoms and Investigative Clues For Juveniles Involved in Fantasy Role Playing Games." Pulling's list is subsequently reproduced in Lou Sloat's Texas Ritualistic Crime Information Network Occult Crime Manual. The TRCIN Occult Crime Manual also includes the Pentagram in its list of "occult terms" and on an untitled list of symbols attributed to Satanism.[217] Next in the TRCIN Occult Crime Manual we find a page depicting a pentacle with a different symbol on each of its five points. Beneath this it says that "This is a duplicate of an actual pentacle worn by a 16 year old 'apprentice'. This 16 year old resides in El Paso, Texas. It is believed that this 16 year old was recruited in the school by a teacher. The pentacle is worn at all times, but is not worn outside of the clothing. There are the element symbols, the top point holds a symbol that means mind control. The symbol [here they show a stylized letter "h" with a cross bar on the top of the vertical stroke] is actually the cross of confusion. Note the direction of the moon- purely black."[218]

In fact, all of the symbols at the five points are obviously elemental symbols, including the top one, which represents spirit, not mind control as this source suggests. The sign that they believe to be the "cross of confusion" is the astrological sign for the planet Saturn. Obviously Sloat has never seen any books on astrology. Since there is no moon depicted in the diagram, I must assume that the comment about the moon refers to the curved portion of the Saturn sign. This is a crescent shape and is the only thing that resembles a moon in the diagram. Presumably their comment "purely black" refers to their belief that this represents "black magic." A few pages later one finds another pentagram with different symbols for the five elements depicted in connection with the five points of the pentagram. Sloat has them in the wrong order: Water-east, Fire-south, Earth-west, Air-north, Spirit-center. The correct order is: Air-east, Fire-south, Water-west, Earth-north, Spirit-center.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Association manual, Gangs, Groups, Cults: An Informational Aid to Understanding, states: "This inverted star points downward toward Hell and Satan. It is a popular symbol but has no other meaning than a satanic one."[219] Elsewhere in the same manual they define a "Key of Solomon" as "The pentagram is used with a circle surrounding it when any conjuring takes place. The symbol is drawn on the ground, generally with two circles around the pentagram."[220]

In the Glossary at the end of The Edge of Evil, Johnston states: "The pentagram, or without the circle, the pentacle is used in most forms of occult magic. A spirit conjured within the pentagram cannot supposedly leave the circle without permission. Witches generally conjure spirits from outside the pentagram while satanists can submit to possession by the spirit by standing within the pentagram while calling up a demon."[221] Johnston goes on to say: "Pentagram: A pentacle surrounded by a circle... When the star is inverted with two points up, it stands for black arts."[222]

The only place that calls upon the magician to conjures any kind of spirits into pentagrams is a ritual in chapter 13 of Levi's Transcendental Magic. In western Ceremonial magic a pentagram may be drawn inside the magic circle, but entities are normally called into a triangle outside the circle, as it is not considered to be a safe practice to invite entities into the circle itself. Witches don't conjure spirits like western Ceremonial magicians do. If people like Johnston had ever picked up any of the grimoires still in print and read them he would know this.

The glossary of the Watch Network's Be Aware! handbook states that the pentagram "Symbolizes the morning star, a name that Satan has taken. This symbol is used within witchcraft and in occultic rituals in the conjuration of evil spirits".[223] On page 56 they add: "It is worn by witches involved in black witchcraft".[224]

The pentagram is a five pointed star. As it consists of a continuous line that runs from point to point, it has been referred to as an "endless knot". This property led people to believe that as it had no unbroken lines or "gates" it could afford protection against spirits.

Many different cultures have used the pentagram as a symbol. Pythagoras referred to the pentagram as the "pentalpha", since it represents the Greek letter alpha (the letter A) in five different positions. The ancient Greeks and Babylonians used it as a protective amulet and talisman. It was used by many philosophers as a symbol of the microcosmos. It has been described as a "seal of the living God". A pentagram appears on the shield of Sir Gawaine in the fourteen century poem Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight. In this poem it is described as representing the five wounds of Christ. Since the 17th century it has been the Masonic symbol of love and charity.

It was probably the ceremonial magician Eliphas Levi that created the idea that the pentagram could be used in invoking magick. Ultimately an upright pentagram (with one point uppermost) it became the modern symbol of Wicca, representing the five elements that make up the world: Spirit, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. The uppermost point represents spirit.

Most Satanists have adopted an inverted pentagram (two points uppermost) as their symbol. This places the element of spirit at the bottom, the message being that the mundane is more important to them than the spiritual. However, many other groups use the inverted pentagram in non-Satanic applications: Wicca (symbol of the 2nd and/or 3rd degree in some traditions), the Order of the Eastern Dawn, and the US medal of honor.

Pit Bull:

Believe it or not, several occult crime manuals list the Pit Bull as a Satanic mascot. For example: Clifford Alford's Occult Crimes Investigations manual includes the Pit Bull with such a definition in it's "Identifiers of Occult Relations" list. Both Westhoelter's NIN manual and Watch Network's Be Aware! describe a Pit Bull as the "Official dog of Satan".[225] The pit bull is a dog which was originally bred to participate in the ancient blood sport of pit fighting, in which people bet on the outcome of a fight between two dogs. Pit fighting is illegal in most Western states today. While pit fighting is a sport which is repugnant, it was not started by Satanists and in its hey day many who were at least nominal Christians participated in it.


The Colorado Bureau of Investigations Questioned Documents Examiner's Occult Guide, defines "polymastia" as "the sign of a witch".[226] In a list of terms "used by occultic groups" handed out by retired police officer turned "occult expert" Dale Griffis at one of his lectures in 1989, "Polymastia" was defined as "The presence of more than two breast on a woman. The sign of a witch."

This nonsense is straight out of Inquisitional manuals such as the Malleus Malificarum, which listed what were claimed to be characteristics which could be used to identify a "witch". Polymastia means "the presence of more than two breasts". The Demonologists of the Inquisition believed that female witches had an extra nipple to feed a "familiar" animal. They pointed out any wart, growth or mole as "proof" in practice. True polymastia in the physiological sense is quite rare, affecting less than 2% of the population. Having polymastia is not a sign that you are a member of any particular belief; It is simply a physiological condition. It is surprising that modern day police investigators of this sort would take such Inquisitional folk tales like this seriously.


The Qabalah is variously described as a Satanic philosophy or a secret Jewish order in Satanic Conspiracy myth literature. It is neither. The Qabalah (Variations: QBLH, Qabbalah, Cabala or Kaballah) is a philosophy, not a secret Jewish order. The name is derived from the Hebrew word QBLH ("qabalah"), which means "received teachings." Its root is the Hebrew word QBL ("qibel"- "to receive"). Another name for the Qabalah is Chokmah Nesthorah ("the secret wisdom"). This word first appeared in the English language as "Cabala", meaning a mystical interpretation of the Old Testament. By 1665 the meaning had changed to mean any mysterious, secret or esoteric doctrine.

The Qabalah developed in the Middle ages in South Western Europe, later taking root in the Galilean city of Safed. The main text of the Qabalah is the Zohar, which was written in Spain in the thirteenth century CE. The Qabalah includes three other major treatises: The Sepher Yetzirah, the Sepher Sephiroth and the Asch Metzareph.

The Qabalah has a strong Messianic element. The Qabalah teaches that the universe was created through a series of emanations from the supreme Godhead or Ain Soph Aur, traveling downward through 10 stages called Sephiroth, arranged in a structure referred to as the OTz ChIIM ("Otz Chaiim" or "Etz Chayim") which translates as "Tree of Life". The Tree of Life is used by the Qabalists to organize everything in existence. Its ten ascending Sephiroth are arranged across three pillars (Severity, Equilibrium and Mercy).

The Qabalah can be divided into four categories: The practical Qabalah, the literal Qabalah, the unwritten Qabalah and the dogmatic Qabalah. Practical Qabalah deals with talismanic and ceremonial magic. Literal Qabalah deals with the interpretation of words and letters. The unwritten Qabalah is an oral tradition of esoteric knowledge.

Rose Cross/Wotan/Solar Cross:

In Mystery Mark of the New Age, Texe Marrs states that: "Perhaps the most diabolical and heinous of all symbols is the cross within a circle. This indicates to the New Age occultist that Jesus Christ is contained, or restrained, within the Circle of Satan. Its bold but evil suggestion is that a sovereign Satan holds authority over God. Sometimes the cross is constrained by three outer circles. This is symbolic of the desecration by Satan of the Holy Trinity of God. The cross within three circles was the Mark of the Beast of infamous British satanist Aleister Crowley. Crowley literally branded this mark between the breasts of women who worshipped him as the High Priest of Satan. Crowley called himself the Beast and the Antichrist with the number 666. Although he is now deceased, his horrible works live on..."[227]

The symbols that Marrs uses to illustrate this symbol of a cross in a circle are of cross with arms of equal length, like a plus sign in arithmetic rather than a crucifix. This symbol has been used to represent several things in different cultures. It is a sign for the element of earth. It is also known as a Solar Cross, Wotan's cross or Rose cross. It represents cosmic union: the union of male and female and the round of the earth horizon with the four cardinal points of the compass united in the center. It was not Satanic in either case. Crowley did not use a cross in three circles as his symbol, nor did he brand women with marks of any sort, though he did refer to himself as the Beast, probably to upset the church (obviously he succeeded). His parents, Plymouth Bretheren, had brought him up in a strict Christian household and Crowley seemed to enjoy demonstrating his distaste for Christianity at every opportunity. Crowley's interpretation of the significance of the number 666 was quite different from the one used by fundamentalist Christians.

In Satanism: The Not So New Problem, Rapacki defines the Rose Cross as "A golden cross with a rose at its center; the emblem of the Esoteric Order of the Rosicrucians."[228] This symbol of the Rosicrucians is probably listed in manuals such as Rapacki's as they believe that the Rosicrucians are Satanists.


Mary Ann Herold lists runic alphabets as evidence of Satanic activity in her A Basic Guide to the Occult for Law Enforcement Agencies. The Runic alphabet (an Anglo-Saxon variation) listed by Herold in this manual is hopelessly botched. The character for the letter "h" is backwards, the characters for the letters "j", "w" and "p" are incorrect, and Herold shows the character for "ch/k" as "q". Lyle Rapacki describes runes as "A language of a secret nature. There are several forms of runeing".[229] On the Demonbusters web site, the Madraks list "Runes"[230] as a demon. In A Concise Dictionary of Cults and Religions, Watson defines runes as a "Spiritualist method of divination using tiles inscribed with letters from the Viking Rune alphabet. Runes are cast and interpreted from these twenty four characters. It is considered a magical alphabet and is used by occultists to write their pacts with Satan."[231]

The Runes are a Norse alphabet which appears in various regional variations, not a language. Runic alphabets may have more or less than 24 runes. Runes weren't secret at all, being used by the Norse and Germanic tribes to write. Runes were assigned meanings and values just like the Hebrew Qabalah, which assigns certain meanings and values to each of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. In fact the Norse system is more elaborate than that of the Qabalah. But anyone can go to a library and look up their meanings.

This confusion concerning secrecy was probably brought about by the meaning of the term Rune. Rune means "secret" or "mystery". This alphabet was called a "futharc" as these were the first seven letters of the Runic alphabet. There are many variations of the futharc, including Elder (Germanic), Anglo-Saxon, Younger (Danish, Norwegian or Icelandic), Celtic, Ruthwell, Vienna and Thames. Some Pagans use stones or cards inscribed with runes as a divination tool.

There have been cases when those dabbling in Satanism have used runes to write, but they have also used other magical alphabets and have even invented their own ciphers in some cases. To suggest that all of those that Watson classifies as "occultists" use them at all, never mind use them to write pacts with Satan, is absurd.


In A Basic Guide to the Occult for Law Enforcement Agencies, Mary Ann Herold defines a scarab as an "Egyptian beetle symbolizing reincarnation symbolic of the sun god Horus in Egyptian mythology."[232] Only in Herold's manual. Horus is a variation of the Greek name Haroeris or the Egyptian name Hor. There were two Egyptian Gods given the Greek name Horus: The first was Heru-ur the falcon headed sky God. It was this God who was given the Greek name Haroeris and was also known as Horus the Elder. The other was Heru-p-khart, known by the name Horus the Younger since his Greek name, Harpocrates, means "the infant Horus". Neither was a sun God.

Thomas Carder's ChildCare Action Project/Christian Analysis of American Culture web site Carder quotes some of the information that he obtained concerning the scarab beetle from the web site, concluding with the remark "'The rising sun was Khepri, shown as a scarab-beetle, the noonday sun was Horus, the hawk god, and the setting sun was Atum, shown as a ram-headed man.' Ram-headed man, huh. Sounds a lot like the goatheaded. So, here is a link between the scarab beetle as an adornment to Satanism."[233]

Atum was a pre-dynastic sun God of Heliopolis, whose two wives were Nebhet Hotep and Iusas. Atum was later identified with Ra, in his aspect as the setting sun. Carder makes another leap in logic in order to try to link the Scarab or any of these Gods to Satan.

The Egyptian Scarabaeus or Scarab Beetle was the symbol of the Egyptian God Kheph-Ra, not Horus. This association seems to refer to the way these beetles roll balls of dung: It was similar to the fashion in which Kheph-Ra was believed to roll the sun across the sky. It is often taken to be a symbol of the creator.

Kheph-Ra (Variations: Xepera, Khephra, Khephera, Khopri or Coph) was an Egyptian God whose name means "Ra who is coming into being". Kheph-Ra is an aspect of the Egyptian Sun God Ra as the sun at night or as the rising sun. His name is derived from the Egyptian term "Xeper" or Khepher" ("becoming"). Kheph-Ra was one of the husbands of the vulture Goddess Nekhbet, the other being Hapi. He presided over transformation and the beginnings of life. Kheph-Ra is usually depicted as a man with a scarab beetle as a head.


Seals are a common element within Occidental Ceremonial magic, but are often misidentified as Satanic symbols by the ill informed. For example, Shane Westhoelter defines "seal" in his NIN manual as "A demon's signature of summoning diagram [sic]".[234]

"Seal" is a word that can be traced back through Middle English and Old French ("seel") to the Latin root word "sigillum" ("seal", "mark"). "Sigil" is derived from the same Latin root word, a diminutive of "signum" ("a sign"). A seal or sigil is a written character or which represents a particular force of nature or spirit. In Occidental Ceremonial magic, a sigil is a design, initial or device used on a document, an object, or traced in the air during invocations/evocations. Medieval magicians believed that each spirit had a Sigil or Seal which identified or was related to it, probably because it was a common practice in those times for persons to have personal Seals or Sigils made up which they used to seal letters as a sort of signature.

Common methods of creating Sigils included the use of Magickal Squares. A Magickal Square is a grid of letters. To make a Sigil one traces a line to connect the letters of the name of the spirit, starting with the first letter and continuing in sequence. If the Magickal Square is a numerical one, such as a Kamea, one traces the lines between the numbers representing the numerical value of the letters in the name. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn used their symbol of the Rose Cross to make sigils. Each petal of the Rose in this symbol represented a letter in the Hebrew alphabet and the sigil was traced in a manner similar to that used with Magickal Squares. Another form of sigil is a Talismanic or Telesmatic Figure. Westhoelter's definition has some truth to it, but he neglects to point out that seals were used in Judeo Christian magic and that they were used to summon angels as well.


There are a lot of urban legends concerning Stonehenge, and many of them are created and disseminated by Satanic Conspiracy myth supporters. For example, Warnke connects the Druids with Stonehenge in his books. John Todd once claimed that "...Stonehenge, in England, was the temple site for many of these occult murders..."[235]

In The Dark Side of Halloween, David Brown claims that "...It is evident that human sacrifice was common at [Stonehenge] because within three miles of this sight [sic] there are over 350 funeral mounds that contain the remains of countless human sacrifices".[236] It is true that there are a lot of funeral mounds around Stonehenge. But inferring that this means that they contain the remains of sacrifices is something like saying that old English Churches were once the scene of sacrifices because they often have cemeteries nearby. Modern Archaeologists have found that these mounds are simply funeral mounds, probably built near Stonehenge for reasons similar to those for placing a cemetery next to a church.

The idea of Druids meeting at Stonehenge can only be traced back to 1650 when John Aubrey made this suggestion in his description of these ancient stone monuments. This idea was then picked up by several other authors and eventually popularized by Dr. William Stukeley in 1742 in a book on Stonehenge.[237] It was not until 1781, when Henry Hurle founded the Ancient Order of Druids that anyone identifying themselves as Druids definitely used Stonehenge for worship. It is the descendants of organizations such as Hurle's that now meet there. We have no evidence that the ancient Druids ever did so. Stonehenge was erected and used by a culture much older than the Druids. Despite many claims that the Druids used sites such as Stonehenge for their worship, no one has found any Pre-Christian inscription of the name Druid on any monument anywhere in the world. Surviving literature by Greek and Roman historians reports that they used sacred groves, which they called "nemeton", instead. Another problem with Warnke's claim is that the Celts were a people who inhabited Europe thousands of years after Stonehenge was built. Not one ancient monument anywhere in the world has the word Druid inscribed on it. Contemporary Greek and Roman literature and modern archaeological evidence suggest that the Druids used wooden temples and shrines if they used structures at all, preferring to use sacred groves instead.

Southern Cross:

Thomas Carder's ChildCare Action Project/Christian Analysis of American Culture web site has this to say about the "southern cross": "Serious bearers of this object mock the Cross of Christ with it. Experimenters, dabblers, and maybe those easily influenced by peer pressure -- the wrong kind of peers -- wear it sometimes without knowing they are mocking Christ by wearing it. Many heavy metal and death metal rock band members and satanists sport this symbol. Wearing of this hunk of metal might be (as might be wearing of ANY symbol on this page) indication of desire to cast off personal accountability to His Law and to flip off the consequences of poor choices and behavior."[238]

The image that accompanies this definition by Carder is an inverted crucifix. Carder is the only person that I am aware of to refer to an inverted pentagram as a "southern cross". Of course the Crux, or Southern Cross, is a constellation lying at about 12 hours, 30 minutes right ascension and 60 degrees south declination that appears in the flags of Australia, New Zealand and Western Samoa.


This ancient symbol has a lot of benign meanings. However, due to it's use by the Nazi's in World War II, many people now misidentify it as a Satanic symbol. For example you'll find the swastika listed as a Satanic symbol in Clifford Alford's Occult Crimes Investigations. In America's Best Kept Secret, Frattarola claims that the Nazi swastika "shows the elements or forces turning against nature and out of harmony. The Nazi's, SWP groups, and Occult groups use it in this manner."[239] Mary Ann Herold describes the swastika as a "Hindu sacred symbol. Aryan perfection."[240] The Swastika is listed as a "Demonic Symbol" on the Madrak's Demonbusters web site.[241] Swastikas are included on Pat Pulling's "Profiling, Symptoms and Investigative Clues For Juveniles Involved in Fantasy Role Playing Games." Pulling's list is subsequently reproduced in Lou Sloat's Texas Ritualistic Crime Information Network Occult Crime Manual. The TRCIN Occult Crime Manual also lists swastikas in an untitled list of symbols attributed to Satanism.[242]

In Mystery Mark of the New Age, Texe Marrs reports that Albert Churchward documented the "worship of the swastika among the Aztecs of Mexico, the primitive indian tribes of North America, and the witchcraft-styled Druids of Britain from 3000 B.C. until A.D. 300. Astonishingly, the Druids displayed the swastika inside the satanic triangle. This reveals the satanic origins of both symbols. It is undeniable, then, that from the beginning of civilization Satan has inspired pagans around the world to paint and erect symbols and idols of the swastika.... Quite obviously, Hitler's Aryan race theories and his swastika were both of satanic origins. Today the New Age finds merit both in Hitler's poisonous racial theories and in his sign of the swastika."[243]

Thomas Carder's ChildCare Action Project/Christian Analysis of American Culture web site has this to say about the swastika: "This all-too-familiar icon is NOT just representative of Nazi Germany, the Neo-nazi movement nor other ultra-control freaks. It's history is vast. It even appeared on the Boy Scout's Thanks badge before Hitler's regime. In the fourteenth century, it was know as the Fylfot and was said to represent obedience or submission, which fits into Hitler's use of it although unrighteous. It also is representative of sun god worship. Though Hitler had made a covenant with Satan to build the Third Reich (the third kingdom), the swastika was used long before Hitler as a 'religious' symbol by Buddhists, Celtics, and Greeks. The swastika is the Cross bent all out of shape, symbolic of the rejection and abuse of Him and His Sacrifice and Truth. It is used heavily in contemporary occultism and satanism, likely because of its association with the Holocaust -- massive and most dastardly death at the hands of evil men. In each contemporary use, it appears to represent, as it did in the fourteenth century, willing obedience or submission, not to righteous authority but rather to dark forces and evil."[244]

Carder agrees with my assessment that the swastika has become a symbol of evil since World War II, but it is not a symbol of dark forces and evil to many other groups. Note how Carder puts the term "religious" in parentheses when he refers to Buddhism, the Celts and the Greeks, indicating that he does not recognize these cultures as having had a religion at all. Note how Carder tries to convince us that the swastika represents a bent up crucifix, when the swastika is a symbol which predates the crucifix.

Eventually the swastika turns up in police manuals: The Pennsylvania State Police Missing Persons Bulletin put out by the Bureau of Criminal Investigation- Missing Persons Unit, "Satanism: The Law Enforcement Response", lists the Swastika as a Satanic symbol.[245] In Anderson's Law Enforcement Guide to Occult Related Crime the swastika is described as "A symbol used by witches and wizards in incantation/conjurations. Used in Nazi Germany. Used in contemporary white South African rallies."[246] The Colorado Bureau of Investigations Questioned Documents Examiner's Occult Guide lists the swastika as a "Satanic Symbol". The San Diego County Sheriff's Association manual Gangs, Groups, Cults: An Informational Aid to Understanding, states that "In past history [the swastika] has been used by witches and warlocks as a magic emblem. In recent history, Adolf Hitler took this symbol as his own. This significance is that of power and those displaying it may share the attitude of aryan dominion and power that Hitler expressed".[247] Dubois, in Occult Crime and in Occult Crime Control, defines two versions: "Right turning swastika... The Caucasian race is superior to all others. Also used by non-satanic white supremacy groups... Left turning swastika... The left hand path of Satanic Worship. Sometimes used in conjunction with the right-turning swastika to indicate both satanic worship and white supremacy."[248]

The term Swastika is derived from a Sanskrit root meaning "so be it". It has been a common religious symbol since at least 10,000 BCE. It has appeared in religious art in India, Japan, Greece, Rome, Asia Minor, China, Persia, Libya, Scandinavia, Iceland, and the British Isles. The Greeks called the swastika the Gammadion, since it appeared to be composed of four Greek gammas, and considered it to be a sacred symbol. In India it is known as the Dorje. It also appears in Native American art.

It is ordinarily drawn with arms pointing clockwise and was regarded as a solar symbol. Drawn with counter-clockwise arms (a Sauvastika) it represented the moon or the feminine. Variations in medieval art include the Croix Gamme, Gamma Cross or Gammadion, the Fulfot or Fylfot, the Croix Cramponee and the Germanic Hakenkreuz.

Adolf Hitler adopted the swastika as part of the symbolism of the Nazi party on the assumption that it was an "Aryan" symbol, probably influenced by the eight armed Swastika that had long been the symbol of the ancient German Inquisitional society, the Vehmgericht. The Nazi's use of this symbol has lead most people in modern Western society to associate it with evil, but this was not its original connotation at all.

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