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Desiring Blessed Quietness [1]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: September 19th. 2004
Times Viewed: 21,596

Stephen Van Nattan, based in Kingston, Tennessee, created the Blessed Quietness Ministries web site in December of 2002: Balaam (a Hebrew name which translates as "destruction") was a Mesopotamian soothsayer and prophet in the Bible (Deuteronomy 23, Joshua 13, Numbers 22:5, etc.). Coincidentally, Balaam is one of the Infernal names listed in Anton LaVey's Satanic Bible as well as a deity mentioned in "Homage to Tchort" in LaVey's The Satanic Rituals. Long time readers will recall from an earlier article in the Witch Hunts series that Balaam is listed as a demon on the Demonbusters web site in the section "Learn About The Real Enemy- Satan and his Followers- Names of Satan and His Demons".[1] You'll see later that Van Nattan recommends the Demonbusters site. In light of this I find it curious that he'd chose this particular name for this web site.

Elsewhere in the web site Van Nattan reports that he "first began writing about the New Age Movement in1985, as an outgrowth of a research project on destructive cults. At the time I was working in tandem with two groups, The American Family Foundation and The Christian Research Center, headed by the late Dr. Walter Martin."[2]

Part of Van Nattan's Blessed Quietness Ministries web site is the page Witchcraft, Wicca, Halloween, Paganism and the New Age.[3] This commences with a comment which reveals his basic objective: "Here, we report on the activities of witches, Pagans, and the New Age.
Some of these are right in the pulpits of churches, while, on the other extreme,
we have Druids dancing naked in the woods. Our chief objective should always be to see if we can give these folks the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ."[4]

Van Nattan has already come to the attention of various Pagans: A Sidebar on his web page clearly indicates that he has been taking flack for it. The Sidebar reads: "NOTICE: Some clever Wiccan is sending coven members here to read and then send gripe email. So be it-- It is a free country. The interesting thing is this-- You Wiccans use the most filthy and hateful language I ever receive in email. Wiccans used to write and try to be restrained and polite. Not anymore. Take notice-- You will get back the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, and the rebuke you ask for with your filthy mouth. Some of you whine when I reply directly. You seem to feel that I am to read your potty mouth and then answer you politely. I am at war with you in the Spirit. If you cannot take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Also, I have done my research, including in Africa where witchcraft is primal, so you will NOT convince me to change my opinions of Wicca and witchcraft. You also need to understand that I don't need you to tell me what love is about. I would not post this page if I did not care. The point is, people who let Satan lead their lives need some blunt treatment. They are conditioned not to reason, only to follow. All of the above, as usual, charitably. If you want deliverance from the Satanic mess you are in, send mail, and I shall put you in contact with a Bible believing pastor in your area who can help."[5] Keep the comment about Africa in mind: Later in this article you'll see how Van Nattan believes that Santeria is a form of Wicca.

Near the top of Van Nattan's web page one finds a "Letter From a Reader" named Steve in which he reports having received information from a friendly (unnamed) Pagan in a chat room. This helpful Pagan told Steve that one of the gods that she worshipped was "called Hel (El)."[6] Hel isn't a god, she's a Norse goddess of the underworld: Hel is the daughter of Loki and the giant, Angurboda. She is the sister of Fenrir (Fenris-wolf) and Jormungand (Midgard Serpent). Her realm was Niflheim which was often referred to as Hel and her hall was called Elvidnir [Misery]. In her hall her table was called Hunger and her bed Disease. She was described as half white and half black. In Reginald Scot's 1665 Discoverie of Witchcraft, Hel is a name of Jehovah used in conjuring. Steve goes on to comment that "Hel is their keeper of the underworld or something similar, and it's interesting to note that Satanists seem to be obsessed with the way things sound. So, if an entity has a similar name to another entity then there's a good chance they could be the same spirit or entity. Another way of identifying these `gods` is by what type of things they are associated with. For instance, the Wiccan Hel is associated with, or represented by, water or an island, the same as the Satanic El."[7] Therefore the unnamed Pagan who supplied the information to Steve was more likely a follower of Asatru than Wicca. Note Steve's interesting logic: If it sounds the same it is, all evidence to the contrary.

Steve goes on to say "One last thing I'd like to point out is that I am sure that not all Wiccans realize they are in fact Satanists and are being used. This would fit perfectly with my understanding of the way Satan works in that his power are lies and deceit [sic]. It would also seem that there is only room for one within his structure of power, so any Satanists should be prepared to be used and then thrown away once they have no use."[8] I can assure Steve and Van Nattan that all Wiccans realize (and can prove) that our religion has absolutely nothing to do with Satan. This statement indicates that Van Nattan and Steve have bought into the urban legends created by the likes of Warnke and Schnoebelen concerning hidden higher levels of Satanism in Pagan religions that I showed you in earlier installments in my Witch Hunts series. "We agree with Steve that many Wiccans are at the lower levels of Wicca and have no idea that Satan is the object of Wiccan and Witchcraft from ancient times to the present," Van Nattan tells us. "Wiccan leaders conceal this. In fact, many of the leaders have more or less cleansed the craft of the Satan imagery per se. The problem remains that ALL people who do not worship Jesus Christ alone are under the complete control of the Prince of Darkness, Satan. Every cult and religion on earth, with rare exceptions, gives lip service to Jesus Christ. Why? Answer: They hope to placate him so they will not be too closely associated with Satan in the coming Great White Throne Judgment."[9] This is that tired old argument that if you aren't doing what I am then you must be the enemy. I can assure Van Nattan that I've never given any sort of "lip service" to Jesus, nor ever will, and that this doesn't mean that I'm a Satanist. It just means I'm not a Christian.

Most of Van Nattan's Witchcraft, Wicca, Halloween, Paganism and the New Age web page is devoted to links to articles and sites that someone else wrote. He has clearly spent a lot of time surfing the internet. Yet when you view the comments and captions Van Nattan appends to these links, it becomes equally obvious that he spends much less time reading the contents of some of these sites. Under the caption "Articles", Van Nattan lists the following:

  • "THE NEO-GNOSTICS"[10]: The link doesn't work so it's hard to say what this was about.

* "POKEMON-- Satanic witchcraft promoter"[11]: This links you to a page with the title "Pokemon: Witchcraft in your kid's pocket,"[12] which is the standard stuff about popular toys and cartoons that aren't Christian. It starts by telling us that an eleven year old in Tucson threatened another boy with a knife to steal his Pokemon cards. This is followed by a claim that a thirteen year old in Florida tried to strangle a teacher who tried to take his Pokemon cards away and another about a twelve year old in Quebec who stabbed a student while trying to get his Pokemon cards back. No details are given to allow us to corroborate these claims. No details of the children's backgrounds are given that would show us any patterns of anti-social behavior. We are simply encouraged to infer that it was Pokemon that caused these violent outbursts. The article suggests that Pokemon is "demonic" and "a powerful Satanic thing" that invokes "zeal of hate and treachery". I'd say "zeal of hate and treachery" accurately describes a lot of the people that I write about in the Witch Hunts series.

The article then quotes 1 Samuel 28 as an example of "the history of saints who lust for witchcraft" before going on to give their version of a "Modern History of Play Things of Satan". Besides Pokemon, these "play things" are, in their opinion:

* Walt Disney/Mickey Mouse: Van Nattan cites an old Donald Duck comic in which Donald uses a divining rod and the classic animated feature Fantasia where Mickey plays the sorcerer's apprentice, describing Mickey as "a magician who uses spells and occult powers to do violent acts"[13]. He describes the movie Jungle Book, based on Kipling's book (which he incorrectly calls "Jungle Boy") "a classic product of a sick mind of a God hating man."[14] Van Nattan accuses Disney of "being up on drug charges in the early 1940s"[15] and that "the judge gave him the choice of going to prison or working off the offense by making cartoon movies for the military."[16] "The alleged happy ending," Van Nattan complains, "is the thing that fools pabulum [sic] sucking saints, and the kids flop down on the floor and are indoctrinated into the Satanic kingdom."[17]

* Bewitched: This is described as "a perfect jerk"[18] who "had to be rescued in every show by the Satanic witch"[19] he was married to. "Spells and occult powers were made to seem cute and interesting"[20] Van Nattan complains, "This show did much to break down the Christian home against occult powers."[21]

* Star Wars: Van Nattan describes this series of movies as being "loaded with Satanic imagery"[22] and that the "hero and the villain were reverses of Jesus Christ and Satan."[23]

* Led Zeppelin: Van Nattan, like so many others that I've written about in this Witch Hunts series, goes after Led Zeppelin's song "Stairway to Heaven," albeit in an indirect fashion. He claims that this was the title of the album that the song appeared on, revealing his ignorance: The album was Led Zeppelin IV. Van Nattan claims that on the cover there is "a Druid priest standing holding a lamp" in which there is "a hexagram" and goes on to claim that the hexagram was "the most powerful symbol in Druid witchcraft... used in casting violent spells against people". There is nothing in that album that identifies this figure on the album as a Druid and the hexagram isn't a Druidic symbol. We've seen how the hexagram is prominent in many of the urban legends I've written about earlier in my Witch Hunts series.

* Rainbows: This is something that we've seen several Christians of this sort go after throughout the Witch Hunts series. Van Nattan specifically links this symbol to Care Bears, Smurfs, My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite cartoon characters. Van Nattan claims that "white is the color of Satan in the end times."[24] I guess that if we've eliminated white and the colors of the rainbow, all that leaves is black. This is another symbol prominent in the urban legends that I've written about, and you'll recall how the rainbow was especially preeminent in the works of Texe Marrs.

* Dungeons and Dragons: No web site or publication of this sort would be complete without a rant against this fantasy role playing game and Van Nattan doesn't disappoint us. Like Pat Pulling's BADD, Van Nattan claims that "kids have been known to even commit suicide after losing a game"[25] but provides no evidence to support his claim. "It is more than a game," Van Nattan claims, "It is a deeply spiritual obsession."[26]

* Magic, the Gathering: This is another FRPG. "Spiritual acts are demanded," Van Nattan warns us, "Worship is encouraged. Chants assigned are thought to have virtual power. Satan is more openly represented."[27] He claims that this game "paved the way for Pokemon cards."[28]

Van Nattan next provides three links to information about Pokemon. The first is by Logos Christian Fellowship, the second an article from ("The Dangers of Pokemon") and the third to a page of links to other similar articles. This is followed by another "letter from a reader", one Bob Dawson, claiming that Van Nattan's information allowed him to set the students of his Sunday school class free. This is followed by an APB news story from 9 December 1999, "Major Crime Wave Coming?" which documents a series of robberies by four students at Wilson Middle School in Philadelphia who stole Pokemon cards and small change. Again, the inference is that it is the Pokemon cards that are the cause of this. I'd suggest that there are other deep seated issues causing this behavior, and that the cards are simply the object of value to the perpetrators that they chose to steal.

Next one finds a series of links to pages devoted to various subjects Van Nattan takes issue with. The first link bears the caption "DOWSING ( WATER WITCHING )-- Subtle Satanic Powers Used by Many Believers."[29] This takes you to a page with the title "Dowsing (Water Witching)- Also, The Pendulum of Europe: Satanic Occult Powers are Being Used by Pagans and Bible Believers Alike."[30] Van Nattan bitterly complains about Christians he has known who perform dowsing, blaming this on "doctrinal heresies taught in some allegedly narrow schools"[31] and describes this activity as "rebellion". "Dowsing is one of the many devices of Satan which will drag the fool saint who uses right to the very feet of Satan,"[32] Van Nattan complains.

This is followed by an article by Austin Kallevig, "Dowsing: Divine Gift, Human Ability or Occult Power?" Kallevig is Senior Systems Administrator for the Ecommerce Network Resource Group, Inc. Kallevig argues that dowsing is a form of divination and, as divination is condemned by the Bible, it should be avoided. Kallevig describes dowsing as "a tool of witchcraft."[33] Kallevig complains that "Dowsing may cause one to develop other psychic abilities"[34] and describes it as "a form of idolatry."[35] Kallevig claims that "Christian activities such as conversion and prayer hinder dowsing powers. Conversion to Christ may mean loss of the dowsing ability altogether."[36] "Dowsing is a hazardous activity," Kallevig warns us, claiming that he has "documented that numerous psychological, spiritual, and physical ailments may be associated with psychic and occult activities."[37]

Following Kallevig's article, Van Nattan gives us "A Story- Durami, Ethiopia", which tells of missionaries in Ethiopia witnessing dowsing by one of the missionaries. Water for the well was successfully located by the missionary doing the dowsing. He claims that in the end "God DID get the glory"[38] as, while the missionary went to Addis Adaba, a group of goat herds filled the well with rocks. I contend that this is a better example of what the goat herds thought of the missionaries than an example of divine justice by Jehovah.

This is followed by a "Study and Discussion Lesson: Freedom From the Enemy's Control."[39] This tells us that "Satan's purpose is to steal, kill and destroy... in order to rob Christians of fulfillment and to destroy God's influence in their lives."[40] We are warned that Satan seeks to take control of us through:

  • "Rebellion"[41]: You'll recognize this theme from previous articles in my Witch Hunts series. Anything not Christian is considered a rebellion against the church.
  • "interest or participation in occult activities"[42]: Curiosity is discouraged.
  • "moral failure"[43]: Van Nattan lists "pornography, prostitution or other immoral activities" under this heading. Van Nattan claims that "A woman who has been raped by a man involved in the occult, will many times struggle with occult problems. Within Satanic ritual, women are wed to Satan leading to severe problems."
  • "religious fetishes"[44]: Van Nattan specifically blames the Roman Catholic Church for selling "items that are designed to protect or provide a special blessing."[45]
  • "drugs[46]": Another item you'd expect to find on a list by a person like this.
  • "music"[47]: Curiosly, Van Nattan doesn't specify the music that he is concerned about, simply making the vague statement: "The enemy is drawn to a person through the specific music that one listens to."[48]

Van Nattan then tells us that "victory from the enslavement of sin and the enemy is possible,"[49] citing various Biblical passages and then providing the reader with "worksheets" on "Occult Involvement, Occult Phenomena and False Religions"[50] to help the reader identify these things in their lives. He provides a prayer to be read aloud before using the worksheets. The reader is directed to "check each area of occult involvement... in which you have participated"[51] and advises "if your parents or other family members were involved, place their names by each area."[52] Van Nattan then provides four more prayers:

• "The first prayer is for personal involvement in occult activity. Pray through each area of the occult or false religion in which you personally participated."[53]

• "The second prayer is for occult occurrences for which you do not know the source of the ground given (i.e., ghosts or demons appearing in your bedroom, demonic nightmares, or Satanic thoughts). Pray through each area using this prayer."[54]

• "The third prayer is to break any generational occult involvement. If any family members were involved in any area of the occult or false religions, pray through this prayer."[55]

• "The fourth prayer is provided for breaking occult bondage through drug use. Pray through each area that resulted in ground given to the enemy through your use of drugs."[56]

Van Nattan then asks the reader to check each of the following if they have participated in them: "Astral-projection (out of body experiences), Crystal ball, Table lifting or body lifting, Magic eight ball, Quija board, Using spells or curses, Mental control of others, Automatic writing, Spirit guides, Fortune telling, Tarot cards, Palm reading, Tea leaves, Amulets, Charms, Omens, Astrology-horoscope, Hypnosis, Seances, Black or white magic, Dungeons and dragons, Fantasy role-playing games, Games involving occult power, Occult games involving violence, Blood pacts, Good luck charms, Sexual spirits, New Age medicine, Consulted a Spiritist, Consulted a medium, Consulted a channeller, Consulted a psychic, Cast magic spells, Witchcraft, Voodoo, Satan worship, Imaginary playmate, Martial arts (karate), Mind control, Speaking in a trance, Visionary dreams, Ghosts, Materialization, Clairvoyance, Mental suggestion, Nagging thoughts within, Hearing voices in your mind, Mind swapping, Fetishism (objects of worship), Visualization, Yoga, Transcendental meditation, Magic rituals, Bloody Mary (seance), Roman Catholic Amulets, Occult music (glorifies Satan), Demonic tongues, Association with people in witchcraft, Use of magic in healing, Water witching/dowsing, Occult books or literature, Telepathy."[57] Under "Occult Phenomena" Van Nattan lists: "Hearing unusual sounds, Seeing a ghost or large dark image, Seeing objects move, Supernatural knowledge, Personality change, Extra sensory perception, Feeling presence of evil, Having objects disappear, Hearing unusual voices, Supernatural strength, Demonic nightmares, UFO obsessions, Holy Laughter."[58] And under "Exposure to False Teaching", Van Nattan lists: "Member of a cult, Masons, Christian Science, Science of the mind, Way International, Unification church (Moonies), EST, Church of the Living Word, Scientology, Unitarianism, Roy Masters, Silva mind control, Hare Krishna, Bahaism, Islam, Muslim, Black Muslim, Buddhism, Rosicrucianism, Native American Spirit Worship, Hinduism, Unity, Mormonism, Jehovah Witnesses, Children of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, Echkankar, Father Divine, Inner Peace movement, New Age seminar, Other."[59] Finally Van Nattan lists common street drugs and asks the reader to check off if they've ever been used.

This is followed by ready made declarations regarding "breaking occult bondage,"[60] "durg use"[61] and "generational sins of parents/family."[62] All one has to do is insert your name in the blank spaces and read them aloud to cure yourself of bondage. The reader is then asked to respond to various questions involving the influence of Satan and sin in their lives (which I won't bore you with). Van Nattan concludes the page with an article from the Skeptical Inquirer regarding dowsing and various links to articles on dowsing and pendulums.

The next link on the Witchcraft, Wicca, Halloween, Paganism and the New Age web page bears the lurid title "YOU ASKED FOR EVIDENCES OF RITUAL KILLING AND HUMAN SACRIFICE-- HERE THEY ARE And yet more:"[63] The latter NCSCIA link not working, but you'll recognize this as one of the organizations of Alan Herbert Peterson, whom I wrote about in an earlier article in the Witch Hunts series. The introduction to the page that this link takes you to reads: "Many Wiccans and witches, even Satanists, have written me and tried to schmooze me into capitulating on the FACT that witches, and the News Age, do massive and unspeakable evil, to include human sacrifice and animal bestial sexual acts. I have plenty of material in my files on this, but the data is a bit old. So, Mr. Goldman has done us all a great service to show the nature of Satanic groups and their tactics."[64]

The first "evidence" that Van Nattan presents is an Associated Press article from Bogota, Colombia, dated November 20, 1998. This involves the discovery of 25 bodies of children in a ravine and tells us that "Officials said they were probing the possibility that satanic cults were involved"[65] as mayor's aide made the claim "It's a city where Satanism is widely practiced, and there's a lot of talk that children are used in rituals."[66] Yes, a lot of talk, but not a lot of evidence. The article goes on to say that "Prosecutors said they were considering all possibilities, including that the children may have been killed as part of a 'social cleansing' campaign of suspected juvenile delinquents by vigilantes"[67] and that Mayor Luis Alberto Duque said that "accounts linking the deaths to cults had 'in a high percentage been ruled out,'"[68] which contradicts the mayor's aide and Van Nattan.

The second AP article listed as "proof" is from Daytona Beach, Florida.[69] It claims that an unnamed 17 year old was strapped to a table and tortured for two days by Satanists in the basement of a ramshackle brick rooming house "the beach kids call 'Roach Haven'."[70] Another article cited reports a lawsuit by eight people against the World Healing Center in San Diego regarding their "rebirthing sessions"[71]. Another involved a group of survivalists in Northern California who kidnapped people and murdered them. No mention of Satanism is made in this article about the survivalists. None of these stories involved sacrifice, and only the first involved alleged Satanists, so I wonder how Van Nattan figures that they are proof of his claims of human sacrifice? The final article cited by Van Nattan is apparently from the L. A. Times. The three sentences provided by Van Nattan claim that "A young woman who said she was the priestess of a Wiccan (witchcraft) cult testified that a California boy was tortured and killed as a sacrifice 'to appease the Master.' Deborah A. Shook, 22 of Washington, New Jersey, took the witness stand at the murder trial of a youth she said was the cult's high priest. She said she saw Ross Michael Cochran, 7, of Fresno, tied to a black wooden altar in the basement of a rundown rooming house in Daytona Beach last April."[72] Sacrifice is not a part of Wiccan ritual, so I suspect the credibility of the claims of this being a Wiccan "cult".

Van Nattan then takes the tack that so many of the people that I've written about in this series take: He claims that the numerous news stories reporting Satanic activity is proof of a vast Satanic conspiracy. In fact all that articles like these prove is that urban legends and misinformation abound. Van Nattan complains about the growth of interest in anything New Age. "Talk to your average New Ager, and he'll agree with you that practitioners the darker occultic disciplines (Satanists, witches, Neo-Nazis) are on one team (the bad guys) and they (the New Agers) have absolutely no connection with them whatsoever. I'm here to show you that that is a lie."[73] In actuality, if you spoke to the average "New Ager" you'd find that they, unlike Van Nattan, do not connect Wicca (Witchcraft) with Satanists or Neo-Nazis. Van Nattan is clearly alarmed by the interest of teens in Wicca. "Let's deal with the so called bad guys first," Van Nattan tells us, "We all aware, I'm certain, that today, more kids are into witchcraft (Wicca) and Satanism than ever before."[74] Well, statistics clearly prove that more teens are involved in Wicca, certainly. "Courses in witchcraft are taught on most liberal college campuses," Van Nattan tells us, "Want to joint a satanic cult? Hop onto the net, go to Yahoo, type in satanism or devil worship, and you're on your way!"[75] It is true that there are Pagan student groups on many campuses these days. It is equally true that you can get information on Satanic groups on the net. Note how Van Nattan is trying to get us to connect Satanism and Wicca here without actually stating it.

Van Nattan then reports that there is a rise in people joining cults and lists many of the "false religions" that he listed earlier as examples. "And let's not forget the biggest and perhaps the most insidious cult of all -- the Catholic Church!"[76] Van Nattan tells us. This anti-Catholic sentiment is another common theme that we've seen throughout my Witch Hunts series. Van Nattan claims that "Members of all these disparate groups would argue that they have nothing to do with one another. This is false. There is glue that clearly binds them together. ... which is the belief that man's limited consciousness results in his separation from his 'true self.' So that within the structure of any of these groups -- a person's goal is to evolve (through various incarnations) to higher and higher levels of consciousness, the ultimate goal being to attain perfection, Nirvana, Satori, Godhood ... whatever you choose to call 'it.' To put it simply, they all say that man can attain a state of consciousness, which can put him on the same level as God. The more forthright come right out and say that Man can become God."[77] Van Nattan them makes another logical leap, describing this as "practically, point-for-point, identical with the doctrines of Nazism."[78]

From this Van Nattan cites Dr. Lewis Sumberg's book The Occult and the Third Reich, which we've seen used as a resource by others that I've written about: This "Hitler was an occultist" legend is another common theme of the hate literature I've documented in my Witch Hunts series. Van Nattan uses it to launch into his own paranoid rant about how we are heading toward a Satanic One World Government. Van Nattan gives his own brief history of Hitler's "occult training", claiming that Helena Blavatsky was a major influence. Keep this in mind because you'll see later that Van Nattan has numerous links and comments concerning Blavatsky throughout his web site. He describes the U.S. in the Clinton era as being similar to post World War One Germany and claims that New Agers/Neo-Nazis are using "programs for expediting the 'path' to transcendental consciousness"[79] in their attempts to take over. "Hitler failed in his mission to become the 'New Christ," Van Nattan claims, "However, the Bible clearly tells us that the Anti-Christ is coming. If you take a look at the events in the world today, it would appear that the stage is just about set. Would you have pictured this world -- the world we live in today, with it's instant communication, with bloodthirsty gangs and evil run rampant in the streets, with pornography on your TV screen in prime time, with gay pride (pride in what?) parades drawing millions of enthusiastic onlookers, with blitzed out, freaked out, drugged out, hypnotized kids jumping headfirst off the stage and beating the crap out of each other at rock 'n' roll concerts -- with evil men running the country?"[80] This leads Van Nattan into the usual quotations from Revelations. Van Nattan encourages the reader to engage in "spiritual warfare,"[81] that catch phrase that is the rallying cry of many of the people that I've written about in this series.

The next link on Van Nattan's web page bears the caption "WICCA and abortion are in a spiritual ritual union."[82] This takes you to an editorial article by Larry Garfield: "Tracking Privacy," which discusses how location tracking devices are jeopardizing our privacy. Garfield's article has absolutely nothing to do with Wicca or abortion.

No site of this sort would be complete without an attack on Harry Potter, and the next link in Van Nattan's site bears the title "HARRY POTTER & THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE-- UK Children's Book."[83] Here Van Nattan claims that "Harry Potter is the single most powerful tool of Satan to draw children and young people into Satanism and witchcraft. I am sick of hearing from dead heads about how innocent this is."[84] He appends this with a 2001 poem by Mike Ramey, journalist from Indianapolis, "That Little Punk is Gonna Make Me Click!" which primarily talks of the "media overkill" he perceives surrounding Rowling's books and movies. The chorus reads:

"Gold, Gold, Gold--the merchants know,
Got their hands out for the dough;
Books, toys, posters and games,
This smiling idol will make your kids insane;
I've had enough--quick, quick, quick;
That Little Punk Is Gonna Make Me Click!"[85]

Part of the poem reads:

"Teachers in the classroom, changing lesson plans,
Instead of Ritalin, bring in this weird young man;
Librarians, Counselors, ACLU,
Say: "Witchcraft is fun; so don't you stew!...

"Now I'm at the end of my words,
Some STILL think Jesus Christ is for the birds;
Going to church is regarded a joke,
Preachers are crazy, and Christians should choke!

"Well, Wasn't that YOU praying for America's health,
Praying for God to bless this nation's wealth?
Next time Osama's boys come blasting through;
See what 'Good Ole Harry' can do for you!"

This poem is followed by the caption, "If an Episcopalian can figure this out... What are Fundamentalists doing buying Harry Potter Satanism?"[86] Van Nattan complains that "Some Christian parents have complained that J.K. Rowling's tales of young witches and wizards are terrifying to young children and inappropriate for classroom use. They've been rewarded for their concern with ridicule in newspapers and editorial cartoons."[87] In my opinion, this ridicule is deserved. These people are claiming that Rowling's books are an occult indoctrination tool. They're fiction, and don't resemble Wicca or Pagan religion. Rowling isn't a conspirator, she's a talented author. This is paranoid nonsense.

Van Nattan follows this with another "letter from a reader" that clearly illustrates this paranoia. It states: "This "children's" book has been on the New Yuck best seller list for about a month and this week hit number one. Here are my thoughts on this hideous situation. ... I call this an invitation for children to become enamoured with the occult. I got through to chapter 3 and couldn't take anymore of the witches, sorcery and all that garbage. God doesn't want kids reading this. What it is doing is normalizing witchcraft and the whole occult idea to convert children. I said that yesterday when I put the book down. Now, this morning when I do a search for a review of it, the first thing I read backs up my theory 100% percent. ... This book isn't number one because children buy it. Children don't buy books!!! Adults buy this mind warping propaganda to indoctrinate our children into the occult. I am sure that old NICK is in on this because the same people who buy this garbage would not let a kid have a Marilyn Manson CD in the house. No! That is blatant, out in the open, satan-powered garbage. You know how the evil one works. He makes it look all nice and harmless on the outside. Sure it's a fun story ... and nice reading... IF you are so ignorant that you don't realize that the occult is real. Very real. Very evil, very manipulative and real. And it is being spewed forth in giant tidal waves onto our society from every direction. Why am I so sure. Because before I became a Christian, I was reading spell books and involved, and believe me it's real, and it is not a pretty sight."[88]

Van Nattan includes several other letters of this sort. He follows this with links to "a discussion of the Potter damnation"[89] by Pastor Doug Stauffer[90] and Alan Yusko.[91] Other link captions read:


* "THE BEST THING I HAVE SEEN LATELY ON MAGIC IMAGERY LIKE SANTA CLAUS AND HARRY POTTER:"[93] There's that Satanic Santa myth that we've encountered several times in this Witch Hunts series again.



(Continued... Click HERE for part II)

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Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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