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Desiring Blessed Quietness [2]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: September 27th. 2004
Times Viewed: 14,483

The next link on the Witchcraft, Wicca, Halloween, Paganism and the New Age web site is "AMAZING AND ACCURATE EXPOS... OF THE NEW AGE by a secular Jew."[96] When you try to access this link you end up with a page that reads: Sent to us by Tim and Barbara Aho: This article has been dropped due to recent problems with the source of the article the Ahos used."[97] One can only wonder what these "problems" were if Van Nattan was reluctant to include them in his web site.

This is followed by the link "HALLOWEEN MESSAGE TO THOSE DECEIVED
BY THE PAGAN DAY"[98] by "The Gishes".[99] This is the standard rubbish about the Celts worshipping a "god of death Samhain"[100] and how Druids "controlled the common people's lives through the mechanism of fear."[101] It seems to me that the people trying to control people's lives through fear are Van Nattan and the Gishes.

The Gishes claim that "Much death, disease, and destruction came upon the Celtics as a result of the Druids and their practices."[102] Typically, they claim that "The Druid priests went from house to house demanding all sorts of strange foods during the Festival of Samhain to appease Samhain, and those who did not comply were cursed... Some of the people were offered as human sacrifices during the festival."[103] They claim that Druids carried large hollowed out turnips to "represent the devilish spirits upon which they relied for their power"[104] and that these spirits would assist them in carrying out spells. The Gishes tell us that they refer to this as "HELLoween."[105] They go on to claim that: "Halloween's origins are closely connected with satanic worship and witchcraft, and this connection still remains today. Satanists and occultists recognize October 31 as their most important day, the eve of the New Year for witchcraft, and some believe witchcraft powers are at their highest potency level on this day. Sacrifices particularly occur at this time of the year. Incidents of poisoned candy and killings are no doubt one expression of satanic sacrifices."[106] Long time readers of my Witch Hunts series will recognize several common urban legends here. The Gishes claim that "Because of its use in the occult, satanic worship, and witchcraft, Halloween creates an open door for occult influence in people's lives and homes. Halloween's emphasis is upon fear, violence, death, witchcraft, ghosts, and devils, and children are especially influenced... Some people become involved in the occult because of the influence of Halloween and of the entertainment industry as they suggest the power and excitement of occult and violent acts."[107] The people placing the emphasis on "fear, violence, death... " are these Christian zealots, not the entertainment industry. It is people like this trying to create an atmosphere of fear in order to drive people into the pews.

The Gishes then quote a lengthy list of the usual passages from the Bible, calling it "Man's final authority in all matters of faith and practice."[108]

Van Nattan next goes after FRPGs with the link "NEW "ANGEL" GAME IS FAR WORSE THAN DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS."[109] This link takes you to a page with the caption "New 'Angel' Game: Far Worse Than Dungeons and Dragons".[110] This refers to an Oregonian Newspaper article by Jann Mitchell sent in to Van Nattan by one of his fans (LordsKid@aolcom): "Forget Ouija: 'Angel's Talk' Game Can Help You Pull Some Wings." Angels Talk is an angelic version of the Ouija board, having a plastic angel message pointer, created by Kay Sturgis of Virginia. Mitchell's article simply describes how Angel's Talk works: It doesn't condemn it in any way.

The next link on Van Nattan's web site is "The New Age Mind."[111] This New Age Mind web page begins with "a letter from the battle zone in California-- a comment by Shellie Canfield. Thanks to Shellie [Canfield] for the E-Mail letter."[112] The caption of this letter is "The Sins of America." Canfield's letter complains that "America has gone totally away from God, and has become filled with masonic teachings in the churches. She has left the God of her beginning, and followed Gaia, Mary, and the New Age gurus of India. She does not fear God any longer, and in fact dares Him to respond to her sins done blatently [sic]. We have left the truth to follow our pleasures and our sins are ever before us and God. God will judge America. As much as I love it, it is doomed. The whole world is doomed, but America has less excuse than Sodom and Gomorrah... Out [sic] top leaders in Christendom are all masons or worse. And our youth have no idea of who God is because the schools have kicked him out of the class room... In California schools, they were teaching second graders a reading program with a witch in it. The witch's name was Strega Nona. She conjured up noodles with a magic spell. The whole month of October was spent doing the book, and also a play and letter writing to this witch. This is pure occultic, and my roommate left California schools and is home schooling now because of the deception in the classrooms of America."[113]

This is followed by another list of links, bearing captions such as:

* "Here is how to take the hard cold facts of math and make a whole religion of them with Self as the god. VERY strange."[114]




* "CONSTANCE CUMBEY ON DAVID SPANGLER:"[118] Constance Cumby is a Christian author who is certainly opposed to anything Pagan. Her name comes up in several links to Van Nattan's site.

* "THIS COULD NOT BETTER SHOW THE SILLY BUT DEADLY AFFECT THE NEW AGE MIND HAS ON PEOPLE:"[119] This link didn't work, so it is hard to say how silly it might be.


* "HERE IS A COUNTERFEIT OF CHRISTIAN LIVING WHICH IS BEING PROMOTED BY NEW AGERS?:"[121] This is a link to Rebecca Ryan's on line personal growth magazine, A Magazine of People and Possibilities.

* "NEW AGE THERAPIES DEFINED-- REIKE [sic] DEFINED WHICH IS HARD TO FIND:"[122] This links to a Daily Star article by Sandra Fentiman, "Alternative Therapies Increasing in Popularity: Acupuncture, Massage to name just two."

Van Nattan next provides a link to "Video Tapes Exposing the New Age and Devils."[123] This takes you to a page which promotes the video sermons of Pastor Kirk Coffia of Martyr's Memorial Baptist Church in Rapid City, Michigan. Van Nattan reports that Coffia has "done a great deal of research on Satanic intrusion into the lives of the saints. He has also been used of the Lord to bring deliverance to saints who have been demonized. Many men are being faced with the reality that devils... can take control of a saint's mind and/or body. The spirit is absolutely under the control of the Holy Ghost, but devils CAN gain entrance. If you don't accept this, a. You may be devilized yourself, and b. You will never be used of the Lord to bring deliverance to saints. What a pitiful situation."[124] Coffia's videos ($15 each) include:

  • "SPELLBINDERS: May 1994. Exposes the modern Christian rock music, dove awards, Christian magicians, etc."[125]
  • "THE FOOL'S JOURNEY: A two-tape, four hour message revealing the secrets behind the Tarot system. Quite an eye opener."[126]
  • "WHAT IS THE STARGATE?: Expose at the Rapid City, Michigan gymnasium on the recent most popular Hollywood film. (This is a bit dated now, but it shows how a film seen by many Christians is a powerful to demonize as any porn or Satanist device.)"[127]
  • "THE DRAGON'S DEN: The place in the dark nature of our souls of the deepest rebellion, deepest resistance, deepest suspicions, deepest lusts, and source of all our nightmares. (Any saints going to psychiatrists need to see this video and get right with the Lord. Then the shrink would not be needed.)"[128]
  • "THELEMA I: The study of the Human Will and How to Find Good. An outstanding illustration from a popular video game highlights this message. Very interesting."[129]
  • "THELEMA II: The Keeper of the Key. A further study on the human will. More vivid illustrations."[130]
  • "THELEMA III: The Control of the Will. How the believer can find the keys to open the doors for good and keep the doors shut to evil. (This is the opposite, biblical answer, to positive visualizing and Charismatic blab it and grab it.)"[131]
  • "THE DRAGONS'S DEN II: Dragonslayer. For adults only. Believers who are infested with dragons because of lust, resistance to God's will and/or leading, criticism and gossip, or mind blinding heresies that harm the testimony for the Lord."[132]
  • "MAGICK I AND II: This session shows the foundations of magick in witchcraft and Satanism. Alister Crowley is exposed among other things."[133]

Van Nattan announces an upcoming addition to Coffia's Magick videos (III and IV) and advises the reader to Watch for new titles by brother Coffia on The Gatekeeper and the demonic aspects of "Prozac and Ridlin [sic- proper spelling: Ritalin]."[134]

The next link on Van Nattan's Witchcraft, Wicca, Halloween, Paganism and the New Age web site is "EPISCOPAL SATANIC WITCHCRAFT- THE LABYRINTH."[135] I'm guessing from the title that this was an anti-Episcopal page, but the link no longer works so I was unable to find out.

Van Nattan next bombards us with more urban legends regarding Halloween with the link "HALLOWEEN When are the saints going to leave this day 100% to Lucifer?"[136] This page commences with Van Nattan's comment: "I am sick of the saints trying to throw "alternative activities" for the Devil and his witches. I strongly encourage you to do NOTHING on October 31, unless you wish to go into prayer and fasting for the deliverance of all the babies who will be sacrificed to Satan and for all the young women who will be raped on Luciferian altars."[137]

This is a reference to The Luciferians were founded by Lucifer Calaritanus (died circa 370 CE), the bishop of Cagliari, Sardinia. Calaritanus ardently opposed Arianism, a Christian doctrine started early in the 4th century CE by the Alexandrian presbyter Arius. Arianism held that Christ was not divine, since God is self existant, immutable and unique. Lucifer was opposed by the Roman Emperor Constantius II, himself an Arian.

As a result of two councils, one in Arelate, Gaul (later Arles, France) in 353 and the Council of Milan in 355, the Luciferian's chief bishop, St. Anthasius the Great, was condemned and Lucifer Calaritanus exiled to the east, where he continued to write tracts opposing the emperor.

When Constantius II died in 361 Lucifer returned, allowed back by an edict of Constantius' successor, Julian the Apostate. He went to Antioch, where two factions were struggling over who would be the rightful bishop. Lucifer Calaritanus consecrated one of the candidates, Paulinus, as bishop. His rival, Meletius, opposed Lucifer's actions until his death in 381.

Meanwhile Anasthasius had held a council in 362 pardoning former Arians who renounced their views. Lucifer Calaritanus then founded the Luciferians, who promulgated his opinion that all former Arians should be deposed and any bishop accepting them should be excommunicated.

The Luciferians were never a large group and died out by the 5th century CE. St Jerome criticized them in his Altercatio Luciferiani et Orthodoxi ("The Dispute of the Luciferian and the Orthodox").

Like Van Nattan's web site, some modern occult texts list Luciferians as an international Satanic cult, using this title as a synonym for Satanists. There is no such group.

The "story of Halloween" that Van Nattan now presents was authored by Don and Phyl Tobias of Greater Love Ministries in Falls Church, Virginia ( They correctly identify it as "the most important of the four major holidays of witchcraft."[138] They state "Within the last few years the trend has been toward having a party, particularly among the churches, because of the amount of vandalism, maliciousness, and actual evil that has been prevalent. Who hasn't read horror stories in the newspapers at that time of year of the children coming home with a razor blade in their apple or a hallucinogenic drug in their candy?"[139] There's that Halloween poison legend again. They mention that many different cultures observe festivities on this date. Don and Phyl then quote Genesis and claim that Noah's flood must have started on October 31.

In a claim that mirrors the earlier Halloween nonsense I told you about on this site, they then claim that the Druids "had complete control over the people"[140] and that "Their heathen ceremonies often included sacrificial burning of not only animals, but of people as well, to appease their gods. We know little of their rites because those involved were sworn to secrecy. It is interesting that one of their most sacred times was at midnight, often called the witching hour."[141]

Like the other collection of urban legends we saw earlier, Don and Phyl claim that the Druids worshipped a lord of the dead named Samhain, citing the 1956 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia as their source. This encyclopedia did list this incorrect information in fact. Don and Phyl claim that the Celts held October 31 to be a "celebration of every evil and wicked thing in the world, as well as the celebration and worship of the dead... Huge bonfires were set on hilltops and in villages and sacrifices were made to keep these evil spirits away."[142] Actually the fires were meant to help the spirits of the ancestors to find the celebrants, not to drive them away. They claim that the Jack O'Lantern is "the ancient symbol for a damned soul."[143] "They would gather around their bonfires to offer their crops, animals, and sometimes themselves as sacrifices to their gods,"[144] Phyl and Don claim.

Don and Phyl infer that initiation into a Wiccan coven requires sex. They claim that the traditional number of people in a Wiccan coven (12 people plus a priestess) is a "a mockery of Jesus, referred to as the High Priest, and his 12 disciples. This is also the reasoning for the use of the number 3 in the occult as it is a mockery of the Trinity."[145] They claim that "Jesus' name is widely accepted in the occult as he is considered to have been the greatest medium and magician to have ever lived."[146] That's news to me. They claim that "These covens usually meet once a week"[147] when in fact Wiccans hold Esbats at the full moon (every twenty eight days). They claim that "Lucifer is one of the main gods but is not considered evil; rather, he is the most beautiful and intelligent of the gods. He is also called Pan."[148] They correctly point out that "Witches become very upset if they are classed as Satanists."[149] They claim that both Satanists and Wiccans "really worship Lucifer... There really is no such thing as a white, or good, witch, according to the Bible. Anyone who practices witchcraft is condemned. Exodus 22:18 says, 'Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.'"[150] They then complain that the US Government granted tax exemption to "the Church of Wicca (Seekers of Wisdom)."[151] This leads them into the usual collection of Biblical quotes condemning "witchcraft". They then assure us that "God loves us", tell us that we are all sinners, and that Christ brings salvation. In their endnotes they credit Bob Larson's article"What is Happy About Halloween?"

If you were wondering when Van Nattan was going to bring up the Illuminati, you can stop wondering. The next link on his site is "ILLUMINATI HISTORY ACCORDING TO THEM."[152] Van Nattan admits that he has simply copied text from "I don't know who these people are," Van Nattan tells us, "They don't seem to be Illuminati people since they are telling some nasty details that put the Illuminati in a very bad light. It seems however; that they are using vocabulary of the Illuminati and the Freemason writer, Albert Pike, possibly for authenticity or for impact. I am fearful that this Web site could disappear, so I am taking the liberty to move all their data to this page-- unless they complain."[153] This is followed by "An Illuminati Outline of History" that I won't bore you with, which ends up after an interminable list trying to link Lee Harvey Oswald to the Illuminati and Kennedy's assassination as well as president Nixon and a host of other people. In my considered opinion it is simply paranoid drivel.

The next link bears the caption "WICCA AND SATANISM-- Satan is their common lord and master."[154] The title of the page this takes you to is slightly different: "Wicca and Satanism: Are they really totally unrelated as Wiccans claim?"[155] Van Nattan claims that "We have been receiving threats from Wicca of litigation and prophecies of our death. What is the problem?
Answer: One thing alone-- Our contention that Satan is the lord and master and object of worship of Wicca. Wicca, an ancient offshoot of witchcraft and Druidism, claims they have nothing to do with Satan. So, here is the reason we say that Wicca's god is Satan,
according to the King James Bible."[156] The following is a summary of what Van Nattan has to say: I've omitted the numerous Biblical quotations that he packs in between every two or three sentences.

Van Nattan first quotes John 8:44 (Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.) and from this concludes that "The nature of Satan as a murderer is seen in witchcraft's and Wicca's practice of sacrificing animals and babies."[157] We have to take his word for it that Wiccans engage in such activities (which they certainly do not). Van Nattan then asks "Can Wiccans and Satanists dream up doctrines which look religious and give them self-confidence in rejecting Jesus?"[158] and then "answers" this question by quoting Jeremiah 17:9 (The heart (of man) is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?). He claims that the "first Satanic doctrine"[159] originated in the garden of Eden. "There is NO gray area," Van Nattan proclaims, "Either men are good seed, or they are tare, or weed, seed. The product of Satanic seed, whether Wiccans, Satanists, or New Agers, will burn in hell. They are the same family. There is no third way!"[160] He next asks us to note that "a sorcerer (which is the King James Bible name for a witch-- still is for that matter) is a 'child of the devil'... 'The devil' is Satan in the Bible, and witches are his children. Thus, any worship, whether to Mother Nature, Lucifer, Pan, Kali, The 'Blessed Virgin,' Mithra, Shiva, Old Nick or any other stand in, is in fact Satan worship."[161] This is a standard theme in literature of this sort: It's my way or nothing. "Wiccans are not alone," Van Nattan rants, "ALL who reject Christ as absolute Lord of their life are Satan worshipers in their heart... There are just two churches if you will-- The Church of Jesus Christ and the church of Satan. No third way exists."[162]

"'Sorceries,'" Van Nattan declaims, "which is Wicca, along with Satanism and witchcraft today, is one sin men WILL NOT give up. Those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ as their sole Master are rebels, and witchcraft is their religion. That they call themselves Druids, Wiccans, Pagans, Cabbalists, or Satanists is incidental and pointless. They are ALL witches by religion... The familiar spirit below is NOT the spirit of God. So, it is Satan. There is no other spirit, contrary to the imaginations of Satanists, Pagans, and Wiccans."[163] Van Nattan claims that "Wiccans and Satanists share in their cult of witchcraft. There are only two masters, two religions, two doctrinal systems. No amount of shuckin and jivin can alter this truth in God's Holy Word."[164] Van Nattan correctly points out that "Wicca, witchcraft, and Satanism teach that you are to follow YOUR will"[165] but incorrectly claims that "The only distinction between Wicca and Satanism is that Wicca claims to restrain the hurting of others."[166] Of course there are many, many other important distinctions. Van Nattan claims that "many Wiccans have started in the self-will God hatred only to progress on to Humanand animal sacrifice. They hate this truth being raised before their eyes, and some Wiccans have actually deceived themselves into believing their lies. So did Hitler, one of history's most famous witches and human sacrifice gurus."[167] What we hate, Mr. Van Nattan, is the untruth and misinformation disseminated by individuals such as yourself.

Once you come to the conclusion of this rant you discover that Van Nattan hasn't made any attempt to reason with the reader. He has presented no arguments. He has simply presented us with his version of what he believes to be true and demanded that we accept it without question. "We now see that ALL who rebel against God and His Son, Jesus Christ, are in the same religion," Van Nattan concludes, "What THEY think they are is 100% beside the point. Whether Wiccans, Hindus, Satanists, Nazis, Pagan, 'Christian' pagans, 'Christian' witches, or just beer drinking generic rebels, they are ALL members of the religion of Satan worship and Devil worship. Their rebellion and self-exaltation is their choice by default. They are full members of Satan's church, and they will spend eternity with Satan covered with maggots and burning in flames... This is the definition given by the King James Bible, which is the last and only authority on this subject."[168]

(Continued... Click HERE for part III)

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Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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