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Desiring Blessed Quietness [3]

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: October 4th. 2004
Times Viewed: 14,795

We've already seen that much of Van Nattan's site is given over to links to other sites. The latter part of his web page is simply a lengthy listing of links, under the title "Satanic and New Age Sites on the Web."[169] Van Nattan warns the reader: "We suggest only researchers use these links. This is a very select list, but you will easily find some explicit filth here. Also, from time to time, filthy witches change their Home Page to a porn forwarding page just to spite me. They prove who the real warrior is, and that Jesus Christ is the one who is winning. But, do not assume I have put up these links to porn pages."[170] The links he lists are a mixed bag, and include the following:

Eeee Aaaaaa Uuuuu Aha, Ting Tang, Awullah Wullah Bing Bang....."[171]: this is a link to which wasn't operable.

* "PHILLY POLICE PLAY DUMB IN AN OBVIOUS RITUAl KILLING:"[172]: This is a link to a news story by Ira Potter from 1 March 2003 in the Philadelphia Inquirer, "Mutilated body found in N. Phila. House." This reports that the body of a man whose heart, liver and lungs had been removed had been found in a trash filled row house in a blighted neighborhood by a scrap metal forager. Police weren't "playing dumb" as Van Nattan suggests, they simply weren't making any comments to the press on the cause of death pending the results of an autopsy.

* "SPIRIT WEB-- Michael the Archangel is channeled as well as other insane notions:"[173]: There isn't anything insane about SpiritWeb, which describes itself as "a comprehensive web-site promoting spiritual consciousness since 1994."

* "SAINT GERMAIN AND THE ALCHEMIST MYTHS: I have seen this nutty stuff in a customer of my piano tuning trade. He claimed he had speeded up light in his garage"[174]: All that this turned out to be was an article on Alchemy.

* "UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA STUDENT CLUB-- Evil is good cult:"[175]: I can't imagine why Van Nattan has put this U of NB student club in here, except that their symbol is the head of a devil with crossed pitchforks under it.

CHILD SACRIFICE IS JUST A MYTH AFTER READING THIS:"[176] This is a spoof on a recipe for "Christian Baby Soup." This is followed by a link to "TZIMON'S WITCHY PAGE:
Poor man-- he thinks we are gone :-)"[177] This links to the Tools of Chaos web page, which is about chaos magick and tarot.

* "SOLID SOURCE FOR COMMITTED WITCHCRAFT:"[178]: This is a link to the Fnord Files web site, which is itself simply a listing of Pagan web sites.

* "WOMEN'S LIBERATION WRITINGS:"[179]: This is a link to "Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement: An On-line Archival Collection, Special Collections Library, Duke University", and clearly indicates that Van Nattan, like most of these people, are certainly not feminists.

* "OCCULT ENCYCLOPEDIA ONLINE"[180]: This is simply a link to

* "CHANNELING TO THE EXTREME"[181]: This link doesn't work.

You will never find a more spaced out New Ager anywhere"[182]

* "GEORGIA GUIDESTONES:"[183]: This is a link to the Lamb and Lion Ministries web site.

* "THE BURNING MAN"[184]: This links you to an article in the on line Christian newsletter Worthy News, who have come up before in my Witch Hunts series: "If you need to find more on this," Van Nattan warns us, "use the search engines, but beware of the photos."[185] He includes a link to a panorama of the event attendees (, an interesting panoramic photo of the Burning Man site.

These people tried to go away, but we brought them back :-)"[186]: This is a link to an alphabetical list "Master Index" ( of the Leading Edge International Research Group web site.

* "SOMEBODY HATES BIBLE BELIEVERS"[187]: This is a link to the Religious Reich web site ( which complains about Fundamentalist Christians.

* "PROMOTING PAGANISM"[188] is a link to Pagan Beliefs and Lifestyles web page of Gwyneth Rose (

* "WICCA"[189] is a link to Joelle Miller's web page listing Wiccan traditions (

Under the title "HARTZ MOUNTAINS, GERMANY" Van Nattan offers links to all sorts of sites offering information (and misinformation) about Walpurgisnacht:

* "GERMAN WITCHCRAFT REVIVAL:"[190]: This provides a link to Shadowplayzine article on Paganism in Germany.

* "GERMAN HALLOWEEN TRADITION:"[191] links to message by Jim Howard in Yahoo chat group on Walpurgis Night in Germany

* "PLACE OF PAGAN SACRIFICES:"[192] links to Juno Covella: Perpetual Calendar of the Fellowship of Isis web page, in which there is a brief mention of Walpurgisnacht.

* "HOLDA AND HARTZ:"[193]: This is a link to the page on Frige/Frigga on the site.

* "FAUST-- DAMNATION IN HIGH TONES-- INCLUDING HARTZ MOUNTAINS:"[194]: Link to a translation of Faust on the web site. This is followed by "SECOND VERSION:,"[195] a link to another translation of Goethe's Faust on the Glenavalon web site.

* "INTERESTING BRIDGE FROM CATHOLIC LORE TO WITCHES:"[196]: This is simply a link to a web site on Saint Patrick.

This one went away, but we got it back for you"[197]: This is yet another link to the SpiritWeb site.

* "ESOTERIC LINKS:"[198]: This is a link to a Spanish language site about Blavatsky

* "LISTING OF OCCULT SITES:"[199]: This is a link to "Spawn's Occult Links", a listing of various Pagan and Occult sites.

POPPYCOCK IN THE WORLD:,"[200] a link to David Icke's web site.

* "CIRCLE OF LIGHT ALCHEMISTS:,"[201] which links to the web site

* "BIBLE BELIEVER HATER:"[202]: This links to "Thor-ulf's Werecard", a description of Thor-ulf, a person who has listed himself on the WereWeb network and to (, a web page for enthusiasts of lycanthropy.

* "NEW AGE AMERICAN INDIAN LORE:"[203]: This is a link to the Georgia Sacred Mysteries web site, which is about Welsh Faerie Wicca, not American Indians.

* "DARKNESS AND DEATH-- Habitation of witches and god haters:"[204]: This is a link to the Stygian Labyrinth, a web site for people interested in the Vampire culture, not witches.

* "Mr. Mystic Filth, Aleister Crowley, Vomits for you:"[205]: This is a link to Ra-Hoor-Khuit Network's web page presenting Crowleys' Clouds Without Water manuscript.

* "RIGHT ON OUT IN SPACE-- Breathing Yogic Instructions:"[206]: The link doesn't work.

* "OUR FAN CLUB IN WICCA LAND:"[207]: This is a link to's web page "Hatred and misinformation about Wiccans and other Neo Pagans"

* "YIN AND YANG:"[208]: This links to a page by the Christian Resource Center of Bermuda attempting to define the concept of Ying and Yang, linking it to Freemasonry and Tantric Yoga, this leading to their assumption that it is related to homosexuality, thereby concluding that the yin/yang symbol is "quite appropriate today for humanists, New Agers, witches, Satanists, etc." and then condemning us all with the usual Biblical quotations.

* "WITCHES CALENDAR OF EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR:"[209]: This is a link to the Salem Tarot web site. One of the links on this page does take you to a page listing Wiccan Sabbats, but there are many other useful information links on this page.

ggggg3qK&pg=/et/99/5/14/wpag14.html"[210]: Link to Christian web site article by Bob Fenton "US Army Recruits Witches to Guard Pagan's Rights", which Fenton most certainly doesn't agree with. Fenton complains that it is meant to "deter members of Christian groups from intimidating the group" which is partially true.

* "ME THINKS HE PROTESTETH TOO MUCH:"[211] links to Satanic Media Watch and News Exchange, simply a listing of various articles concerning Satanism.

* "Read Metaphysical and Occult books Online in Complete form-- Especially Madam Balvatsky:"[212]: Link to the On Line Books Page ( which lists "Religion: Islam, Baha'i, and New Religions", not Satanism.

* "GODDESS AND WICCA WORSHIP: And regarding the New Age:"[213]: This is a link to a Christian site about the "Plan for a One World Government" ( which is most definitely opposed to Goddess worship.

Van Natten then provides a link with the caption "Testimony of a witch who met Jesus" which takes you to a page with the title "Testimony of a Witch Who Was Delivered by Jesus Christ".[214] This is the text of an e-mail with the subject line "?Christian Witch?"[215] and title "The Making of a Christian Witch"[216] dated 7 Feb 1998. Van Nattan has hidden the identity of the author of this letter "to protect the parties."[217] This letter suggests that people who call themselves "Christian Witches" are "the product of a person who studied psychic phenomena or magik or wicca etc, etc, then exposed to the message of salvation."[218] The writer claims that his "magical ability increased when I made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as my savior. I had no idea that I was walking all over His blood every time I cast a spell." The writer recommends the King James Bible as being superior."[219]

This is followed by a "Response From Another Former Witch Who is Delivered by Christ Jesus"[220] (also unidentified) dated 13 February 1998. This recommends that the reader "remove ALL abilities that came from the demonically forged link"[221] and says that you can "close the doorways of witchcraft by the Blood of Jesus and 'kick out' any spirits remaining in your house (your body, that's your 'house') and ask the Lord to close all doorways and seal them by the Blood of Jesus."[222] The writer insists that you "MUST renew your mind with the Word of God, and remember to have personal times of prayer and PRAISE to the Lord."[223]

Under the title "GODDESS WORSHIP AND WITCHCRAFT", Van Nattan provides us with another lengthy list of links:

* "Isis": Links to Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Website (Crystalinks)

* "'Thousand names' of the Goddess": An alphabetical listing of Goddess names, "She of a Thousand Names" (

* "Witches webring": A link to the Witches WebRing web page (

* "Goddess webring": A link to the Goddess Circle Web Ring (

* "The Goddess": A link to a page on the Goddess by Emily Randall in 1997 ( Her home page is

* "Goddess/feminist links": Links to a page of Emily Randall's web site (

* "Goddesses of the World": Links to a links page on relating to Goddesses (

* "The Goddess Index": Links to a goddess page on (

* "The Goddess Homepage": A link to the Goddess Homepage created by Diane T. DeSha in 1996 (

* "WITCHCRAFT AND HUMAN SACRIFICE-- Primal force behind abortion--
This is powerful research:"[224]: This is an article by Eric Holmberg based on his awful video Massacre of Innocence, which claims to prove that abortions are Satanic sacrifices.

* "SKULL AND BONES VIDEO": This is a link to ABC News web site video story about Yale's secret society.

* "NEW WORLD ORDER-- Practical?? Applications of the Pagan Filth"[225]: This is a link to a page of some guy named Dave ( who bills himself as a consultant/futurist researcher and writer. There is nothing Pagan about it.

* "LATEST WORD FROM THE BEYOND": This is an inoperative link to page.

* "Wiccan promoters Gavin and Yvonne Frost"[226]: This is a link to an interview with Gavin and Yvonne Frost, founders of the Church and School of Wicca (

* ""NON-WITCHCRAFT SITE EXPOSING THE OCCULT AND FREEMASONRY IN EUROPE"[227]: This links to Peter R. Koenig's site on the O.T.O.

* "A HATE AND TWISTED SISTER PAGE WHERE WE ARE 'HONORED' BY WITCHES:": The link doesn't work, so I wasn't able to figure out what Van Nattan meant by this comment.

* "GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD:"[228]: This links to the Ascension Research Center web site on the Great White Brotherhood, as do several other links which follow:,,,,

* "SEE WHY WITCHES NEED TO BORN AGAIN: Interesting response to our page!"[229]: This is actually a web site taking aim at Bob Barr's opinions concerning religious freedom, "The American Witch: Don't Ask, Don't Spell".

* "WHITE BUFFALO CULT TAKING IN AMERICAN INDIANS": This link didn't work so I've no idea what it was about.

I HAVE SEEN ON THE ILLUMINATI: You should visit his page to read his views on the subject.
He is right on target and not extremist:
"[230]: Actually the content of Gillette's page is paranoid and questionable.

This is followed by a list of Robert Gillette's links on subjects such as the "Bavarian Illuminati", "Helpful Books", "Illuminism Worldwide", "Secret Magical Societies", "Priests of the Network", "More Network", "Pagan Gnostics", "The Plot", "Blavatsky's Illuminism", "Network Directory", "Myron Fagan is WRONG about the Jews", "Illuminati Links", "Scottish Rites", "Thelema", "Illuminist Networking", "Essay on Secret Societies", "Occult Network", "Illuminism", "The Evil Network", "Official Temple of Set Satanist Website", "The Gnostic Pagan Tradition", "A Claim of a Scientology Connection to Satanism", "Satanic Search Engine", "A Claim of Satanist Infiltration of the Vatican", "The Illuminati", "Cutting Edge Transcripts", "Phoenix Links", "Sympnia Pantheon", "The Gnostic Society", "Other Zoroastrians", "THE KABBALAH", and "Wing of the Network".

The next link in Van Nattan's list is "DISCUSSION OF HUMAN SACRIFICE BY A WICCAN: They tried to bury this, but we have it...
"[231]. This links to a page "History of Wicca in England, 1939 to the Present Day" and the "human sacrifice" that Van Nattan is referring to here is the death by overdose of Robert Cochrane. The event that Brown is referring to here didn't involve Gerald Gardner, it involved a Witch named Robert Cochrane.

Robert Cochrane was an English Witch who founded the "Clan of Tubal Cain," which was later renamed the "1734 Tradition." This "Clan" was founded at about the same time that Gerald Gardner was publishing his early works on Wicca. Cochrane was a blacksmith and the name Tubal Cain refers to that profession: Tubal Cain was "an instructor of every artificer in brass and iron" mentioned in Genesis 4:22. Cochrane disliked Gerald Gardner and frequently expressed his contempt of Gardnerian practices. The Clan of Tubal Cain practiced Celtic mysticism mixed with traditional village Witchcraft. Cochrane taught using poetry, riddles and folk songs rather than by lecturing. In the early sixties Cochrane was in correspondence with American Joe Wilson, who started up the Tubal Cain tradition in the US. Members of this tradition have replaced the Book of Shadows found in many other Wiccan traditions with collections of Cochrane's letters to Wilson. It became known as the 1734 Tradition after one of the riddles that Cochrane passed on to Wilson. Cochrane believed that 1734 was "the witch way of saying YHVH"[232] which of course is the Tetragrammaton, which translates as "Jehovah."

Wiccan author Doreen Valiente became a member of the Clan of Tubal Cain in 1964, but soon became disillusioned with Cochrane and left his group. Valiente went on to work with Gardner. Others within the Clan were becoming disenchanted with Cochrane too. Cochrane has been described as being very controlling. Cochrane was beginning to openly have affairs with women in the coven in front of his wife Jean. Cochrane was becoming fascinated with psychedelic drugs derived from plants. He became increasingly antagonistic towards anything Gardnerian.

At a Summer Solstice celebration in 1966 Cochrane ingested belladona leaves (deadly nightshade) and died. Certainly this could have been an unintentional overdose. Some members of his coven speculate that he intended to make himself a sacrificial victim for the Solstice. For this reason some call this a ritual suicide. We will never know which story is true. A number of Christian anti-Pagans have seized upon this story in an attempt to present it as "proof" that Wiccans perform human sacrifices in ritual.

(Continued... Click HERE for part IV)

Article Specs

Article ID: 8717

VoxAcct: 230739

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Age Group: Adult

Days Up: 5,519

Times Read: 14,795


Kerr Cuhulain

Location: Surrey, British Columbia


Bio: Kerr Cuhulain the author of this article, is known to the mundane world as Detective Constable Charles Ennis. Ennis, a former child abuse investigator, is the author of several articles on child abuse investigation that appeared in Law & Order Magazine. Better known to the Pagan community by his Wiccan name, Kerr Cuhulain, Ennis was the first Wiccan police officer to go public about his beliefs 28 years ago. Kerr is now the Preceptor General of Officers of Avalon. Kerr went on to write four books: The Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca (Horned Owl Publishing), Wiccan Warrior and Full Contact Magick: A Book of Shadows for the Wiccan Warrior. (Llewellyn Publications), as well as a book based on this series: Witch Hunts: Out of the Broom Closet (Spiral Publishing).

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