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South African Police Services Occult Related Crime Unit

Author: Kerr Cuhulain
Posted: January 30th. 2005
Times Viewed: 50,102

One of the biggest problems that I face when educating police professionals about things Pagan is the many different interpretations of the word "Witch." There are the "classical" Witches who are descendants of village herbalists, healers, midwives and such. There are those who are opposed to Christianity and identify with Hollywood stereotypes and use the title "Witch" to describe themselves. There are feminists who call themselves Witches simply because they view themselves as powerful women. The vast majority of those calling themselves Witches in North America and the UK are Wiccans. Sorting this all out can create a lot of confusion for police investigators.

On the African continent one finds even more interpretations of the terms "Witch" and "Witchcraft." South African Andi Fisher of Five Feathers E-zine writes:

"The definitions of terms such as ‘Witch’ and ‘Witchcraft’ from a neo-Pagan point of view is very different from the Traditional African understanding and concept of these terms. Traditionally (from an African traditional point of view), a Witch or someone who practices Witchcraft is an evildoer, someone who the community - with the help of a Witchdoctor (Sangoma) - will attempt to identify and expel, even eliminate, from society. We regularly read newspaper reports of defenseless traditional women beaten or stoned (even burnt) to death on suspicion of being a Witch. Traditional African Paganism views misfortunes such as crop failure, ill-fated lightning strikes, disease and illness as evil acts that are caused by witchcraft, acts that are conjured and directed by Witches. As a result a deep resentment and fear exists towards Witches. For us (neo-Pagans) to attempt integration with the Natives of this land - the original Pagan folk - we would first need to make a clear distinction between the two ‘types’ of Witches and Witchcraft that is present in Africa...

"These understandings and definitions of terms that we as neo-Pagans use openly with pride and love are drawn into serious disrepute by ignorance. This ignorance - which is clearly very prevalent within the South African Police Force - is in turn serving to mis-inform the general (non-Pagan) population, placing neo-Pagans in a very precarious position indeed. Sadly there is a faction of Traditional Africans that do practice what I would term ‘Black Magick’; these are the individuals who are responsible for ‘Muthi Murders’ as they have been defined. Muthi Murders are ritualized killings (often of young children) whereby body-parts of the victim are removed and apparently used for Magick. Five young children died tragically less than a week ago - once again as a result of suspected Muthi Murders. This happens with alarming frequency in Africa. These crimes, however, are committed by a small percentage of the Traditional African Community, and certainly is not an accurate reflection on the average Traditional African Pagan or African neo-Pagan. And now, with HIV and AIDS having reached the epidemic proportions that it has in Africa, unscrupulous practitioners are reputed to offer ‘cures’ that involve heinous deeds such as baby-rape (virginal rape – the younger the more effective the cure), torture and

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart writes: "I first encountered this phenomenon over 40 years ago, when I was in college, studying African anthropology. ‘Witch’ and ‘Witchcraft’ are not terms derived from indigenous African languages, but were rather assigned by Christian missionaries and adopted by Western anthropologists for traditional forms of sorcery virtually unique to Africa-most of which are, in fact, entirely imaginary. ‘Witches, ’ as conceptualized in this worldview, are seen not so much as actual real live people practicing traditional magickal arts, but rather as some kind of ‘night demons’ that fly forth from malevolent sleepers to wreak havoc in village communities. Not only is all ill fortune ascribed to ‘Witches, ’ but good fortune as well. Anyone who prospers more than their neighbors is believed to have done so through ‘Witchcraft’-which is always seen as anti-social and evil. When I first learned of this, I realized that neo-Pagan Witches would encounter an insurmountable semantic difficulty in attempting to become established in Africa."[2]

Oberon’s concerns have come true. I recently discovered that the South African Police Services had created an Occult Related Crime Unit. The person behind the creation of this unit was Superintendent Kobus Jonker. Jonker has received various titles in the media that reveal his underlying motivation, including "The hound of God, " "God’s detective" and "Donker Jonker." Jonker was the author/co-author of books like Youth and Satanism Exposed, Youth and Satanism - The Solution, Satanism - 'n Realiteit, Satanism Exposed, Rave and Ecstasy, Satanisme en die tiener, Okkultverwante misdaad in SA - 'n wetstoepassings perspektief and Satanism in SA. After 32 years with SAPS, Jonker retired in March 2001 following a heart attack.

Jonker was featured in an article by Madaleen Fourie, "God’s Detective: Left But Not Lost" in SA Police Services’s magazine, Servamus.[3] This article includes a photo of Jonker with the caption: "When asked what his strongest quality of character was, Kobus Jonker replied: ‘My position in Jesus Christ.’"[4] Fourie reports that "The beginning of Kobus Jonker's involvement with occult-related investigative work started after Sen Supt Kobus Jonker had given his life to Jesus Christ in the early 80s."[5] Of course, this would have been in the midst of the "Satanic Panic" that I’ve documented throughout this Witch Hunts series on Witchvox. Fourie describes the case which got Jonker involved in occult crimes investigations as follows:

"A tall blonde, presumably a witch from Johannesburg, one night walked in front of a car on the highway to Grahamstown, after a ritual at St George's beach in Port Elizabeth. She died on the scene. The word Jesus was tattooed on her left foot and Christ on her right foot. The words Satan's Angels and the numbers 666 were engraved on her left arms. An elephant leather jewellery bag with knives usually used in Satanist rituals and Satanist jewellery were found in her left hand. She apparently wanted to sacrificed herself. She was buried as an unidentified body."[6]

Is it Fourie or Jonker who is making the presumption that this woman was is a Witch? The article does not make this clear. One could just as easily assume that she was a Christian, based on the tattoos on her feet. I’ve yet to meet a Wiccan that had tattoos of this sort. Part of the problem here is the differing perceptions of Witchcraft that Fisher spoke of a moment ago. Even so, I’m sure that African and North American Pagans will agree that what the meaning being implied by the term "witchcraft" in the writings that I am about to tell you about is Satanism.

Note also how they also assume that this woman intended to sacrifice herself. Could she not have simply been depressed to the point of suicide? Could this have simply been an unfortunate accident? These possibilities aren’t even suggested in the article. The "Satanist jewelry" isn’t described, but given the sort of misinformation that one finds elsewhere on the Occult Related Crimes Unit web site and the following Servamus articles, it could be that this jewelry had symbols that weren’t Satanic except in the eyes of people like Jonker.

On 1 February 1992 Jonker became the founder of the SAPS Occult Related Crime Unit in Pretoria. In 2000 Jonker’s Occult Related Unit's policy structure (which I’ll describe in a moment) was accepted by SAPS. This led to the first occult-related crime course in South Africa, a series in Servamus Policing Magazine and establishment of an occult museum. Jonker went on to co-author Satanism in South Africa with Lien Els. This led to numerous radio interviews and appearances on the SABC. Jonker assisted the BBC in filming a documentary. The heart attack late in 2000 is what finally slowed Jonker down, though he is still available for "professional help and assistance and advice at occult-related scenes, evaluation of suspects, the Criminal Record Centre the Forensic Science Laboratory and people who have become involved in Satanism and drugs."

The Occult Related Crime policy of SAPS can be viewed on line at :
. Their stated aims are as follows:
  • investigate occult-related crime effectively
  • promote the prevention of occult-related crime
  • gather, manage, use and disseminate information on occult-related crime in order to meet the legal obligations of the occult-related Crime Unit, in conjunction with the South African Police Service Crime Intelligence Component, and
  • render services of a high standard to victims of occult-related crime.
The SAPS definition of occult related crime reads as follows:

"Occult-related crime means any human conduct that constitutes any legally recognized crime, the modus operandi of which relates to or emanates primarily from any belief or seeming belief in the occult, witchcraft, satanism, mysticism, magic, esotericism and the like. Included in the scope of occult-related crime are ritual muti/medicine murders, witch purging, witchcraft-related violence and sect-related practices that pose a threat to the safety and security of the Republic of South Africa and/or its inhabitants."[7]

We’ve seen numerous examples of such definitions and classifications throughout my Witch Hunts series. Individuals like Jonker desperately want to create a new category of criminality with a religious label. The three problems with this are:
  • There is no need to provide new categories of what are already crimes. The reason that these people want to apply religious labels to criminality is that they want the public to believe that crimes are motivated by religions other than the religion of the person creating such labels. It is a small step from here to making any other religion illegal.
  • There is no epidemic of Satanic or Occult crime. It is an urban legend created by those desperately clinging to beliefs of Satanic conspiracies. The whole purpose of creating such urban legends is to frighten the public into believing that there is a major problem out there. The solution to the "problem" that these fear mongers offer is, of course, membership in their church. They’re simply trying to scare people into the pews.
  • Police departments should be the guardians of the rights of the citizens. They shouldn’t become pulpits for proselytizing for anyone’s religion. That’s precisely what Jonker has done here: He’s using the SAPS to promote his Christian beliefs to the exclusion of others.
The SAPS Occult Related Crime web page lists "WARNING SIGNS OF POSSIBLE DESTRUCTIVE OCCULT-RELATED DISCOURSE, "[8] followed by a disclaimer that "This is merely a guideline and must be with other factors including behavioral and emotional changes over time."[9] This is typical of similar lists we’ve seen earlier in my Witch Hunts series. It includes the following entries:
  • "Phone calls from persons requesting to speak with someone other than your child’s name. Callers may be enquiring for your child and using his/her satanic/demonic name."[10]
NOTE: Of course, it could just as easily be an innocent nickname.
  • "Changes to the appearance of the child’s bedroom. Some bedrooms have pentagrams or other symbols that are taped, burned or painted on the floor under the carpet or bed or on the back of paintings or pictures and the walls are painted a dark colour. Candles and occult objects will be hidden away."[11]
NOTE: This is reminiscent of the "checklists for investigators" that long time readers of my Witch Hunts series have seen in earlier articles. Most pentagrams are NOT Satanic. Candles are used by many religions, including Christianity. What do they mean by "occult objects?"
  • "Child’s school locker and or school case contains satanic and ritualistic items."[12]
NOTE: Again, these "satanic and ritualistic items" are not defined. This leaves it wide open to all sorts of harmful interpretations.
  • "Child experiences sudden gender confusion"[13]
NOTE: This is a polite way of introducing another common aspect of literature written by believers in worldwide Satanic conspiracies: It is invariably anti homosexual.
  • "Child views a disproportionate number of videotapes/DVDs of horror movies/ heavy metal music"
NOTE: I’ll show you examples of what they mean by this later in this article.
  • "Child is engaged in illegal drug use and/or sexual activity"[14]
NOTE: This is another common theme of Satanic conspiracy literature: That promiscuity and drug addiction is caused by Satan.
  • "Child plays love fantasy games. (Fantasy games have no rules or guidelines. They inspire creativity lacking boundaries. The player is allowed to lose the boundary between reality and fantasy)."[15]
NOTE: I’ll show you examples of how they believe that playing such games results in demon possession later in this article.
  • "Child greets with a left-hand horn signal."[16]
NOTE: This is obviously a reference to the cornu/cornuto/horned hand salute, a hand gesture which has been misinterpreted as a Satanic recognition signal in many books on Satanism. For example, Michael Warnke refers to this gesture as a recognition signal for "the Brotherhood" in The Satan Seller. The cornu gesture is prominently displayed by all of the people on the cover of Frattarola’s America’s Best Kept Secret. Mary Ann Herold lists it twice in A Basic Manual on the Occult for Law Enforcement Agencies. A cornu, also described as an "Italian Horn, " is listed as a "Demonic Symbol" on the Madrak’s Demonbusters web site.[17] The glossary of the Watch Network’s Be Aware! handbook defines "Horned Hand" as "The 'horned hand' is the sign of recognition between those who are in the occult".[18] Thomas Carder’s ChildCare Action Project/Christian Analysis of American Culture web site defines the "horned hand or the mano cornuto" thus: "This gesture is the satanic salute, a sign of recognition between and allegiance of members of satanism or other unholy groups. It is also called the Il Cornuto. In other ‘circles, ’ whether displayed as a hand gesture or worn as an amulet, it is supposed to ward off evil (the evil eye) as are the hamsa hand (three finger - two thumbed hand), the eye-in-hand (eye in the palm), and the mano fico ('mano' meaning hand and 'fico' meaning woman's genitals)."[19]

Eventually the cornu or "horned hand" showed up in several police manuals. Lou Sloat's Texas Ritualistic Crime Information Network Occult Crime Manual lists the cornu as a "horned hand sign" in an untitled list of symbols attributed to Satanism.[20] Other examples include:
  • "A satanic salute or sign among members; represents devil’s horns. Often used innocently by adolescent heavy metal groupies without knowing its alternate meaning."[21]
  • "Originally used by Pseudo-Satanists as a secret hand sign to gain access to rituals, the sign is now widely used by Self-styled Satanists to indicate that they are in league with Satan."[22]
The "cornu, " "mano cornuto" or "horned hand" salute is made by raising one's hand with the index and little fingers extended and the other fingers and thumb folded against the palm. In different contexts this means quite a few things, including the following:
  • In Wicca this is used in some traditions as the sign of the Horned God. Warnke may have been aware of this, as he is using it in reference to what he describes as "witches" here.
  • In some Native American traditions this is the sign of the Buffalo.
  • Anton LaVey adopted this as a Satanic salute, resulting in it being advertised as such by books such as these.
  • It is a recognition signal used by the Piru (Bloods) gang members in Los Angeles.
  • It is a symbol of the Texas Longhorns football team.
  • It is a slang hand sign in American sign language for the colloquial expression "bullshit."
This last interpretation of this hand sign pretty much sums up the content of most of the books that list it as a purely Satanic symbol.

To return to the OCRU list:
  • "Wears only silver jewellery , not gold jewellery as gold is considered a Christian metal."[23]
NOTE: Many of my Wiccan and Pagan associates wear gold jewelry. I’ve met Satanists that wear gold jewelry. I wonder where the ORCU got this idea?
  • "Child carries the Book of Shadows. This is their most important book of poetry, prose, spells, incantations, meeting places, important dates."[24]
NOTE: The Book of Shadows is a purely Wiccan document. Satanists do not use them. This statement is likely to result in the persecution of innocent Wiccans.
  • "Self-mutilation/relentless cutting of self. (Cuts may be on the breasts, chest, ankles, and arms. Pain is the purification process to hell, and suicide the ultimate sacrifice to Satan)."[25]
NOTE: Psychiatrists will agree with me that self mutilation is a warning sign that must be taken seriously. People engaging in such obsessive/compulsive behavior should be assessed with an eye to treatment. The vast majority of psychiatrists will also agree with me that such activity is the indication of many possible problems but that involvement in Satanism isn’t one of them: The exception would be some people practicing psychiatry from a Christian perspective.
  • "Child is curious about drugs, specifically hallucinogens."
NOTE: This may be an indication of an addictive personality, but of Satanism? This is more of that "Satan is the ultimate cause of drug addiction" nonsense that you’ll encounter more examples of later in this article.
NOTE: Depression is a recognized medical condition. It is very disturbing to see this listed as a symptom of Satanic involvement. It strongly suggests that the treatment offered by people believing this will not be appropriate or helpful to the victim.
  • "Child starts to wear pale make-up and or dyes hair black."[27]
NOTE: There is no excuse for including this on a list of this sort. It is a clear reference to youth involved in the Goth/Vampire culture, and there is plenty of accurate information on these groups within the law enforcement community today. They aren’t Satanists and most of them are law abiding.
  • "Draping hair across the left eye."[28]
  • "Child’s fingernails are painted black. The left-hand fingernails are longer than the right-hand fingernails. (The left side of body represents evil, as Jesus sits at the right-hand side of God.)"[29]
  • "Child wears his/her left sleeve rolled up. (This can be used in school, malls, etcetera to signify membership to a satanic group)."[30]
NOTE: These last three entries are new: I’ve never encountered these specific claims in a police publication before. However, people presenting themselves as "experts" on "occult crime" often go on about the left hand vs. the right hand path. For example: In the film Dave Roever Presents: Exposing The Satanic Web, there is a discussion on this subject by Ken McBride (who claims to have been a former Satanic priest). This subject showed up at a lecture on Satanic Ritual Abuse conducted by Detective Jerry Simandl in 1992. Retired Captain Dale Griffis gave testimony regarding this subject in a homicide trial in Arkansas in 1994. These people appear to have adapted this concept from an idea that was popularized by the founder of Theosophy, H. P. Blavatsky (1831-1891 CE). Blavatsky borrowed the idea from Tantrism, a form of Yoga from India. In Tantrism the female was positioned to the right of the male for Mantra and Mudra ceremonies. For erotic ceremonies she was positioned to the left of the male. Blavatsky felt ritual sex of any form to be perverse, so she used the term "left hand path" to describe magickal systems that she disapproved of and "right hand path" to describe those that she sanctioned. She may also have been influenced by Inquisitional folklore about left handed people. The demonologists of the Inquisition taught that people who were left handed (in other words, different from the norm) were Witches. Ultimately, through popular usage, the term "left hand path" later came to be a term for evil or black magic.
  • "Child listens to black metal or heavy metal with occult lyrics, symbols or references to occult worship. Posters of related groups are displayed in his/her room."[31]
NOTE: We’ll see examples of what they mean by this later in this article. It’s the tired old "rock music causes Satanism" argument again.
  • "Child uses candles of electrical lights."[32]
NOTE: I don’t know if this is a typo or just bad grammar, but I haven’t a clue what this entry is supposed to mean.
  • "Child uses satanic alphabet in his/her books."[33]
NOTE: Nowhere does the OCRU define what they mean by "Satanic alphabet." There is no Satanic alphabet. Within Ceremonial Magic there are many magical alphabets (Theban, Angerthas, Passing the River, Angelic, Malachim) and there are Norse Runes and Celtic Ogham scripts often used by Pagans. None of these are Satanic.
  • "Child’s personal hygiene deteriorates."[34]
  • "Child is sleepy and hazy."[35]
NOTE: Professional child abuse investigators will agree with me that these two behaviors could as easily be interpreted as symptoms of physical/emotional abuse and/or depression. To list it as a symptom of occult involvement is absurd.

Inspired by Jonker, Servamus Policing Magazine[36] published a "Special Community Edition: Drugs and Occult Related Crime, " which was released in November 1998. This reminds me of the Calvary Chapel of West Covina’s awful "Passport Magazine Special Edition: America’s Best Kept Secret, " which came out ten years earlier. A blurb on the Servamus web site announced that "Due to the overwhelming response from the community, we present to you a special community edition comprising these articles and more at the nominal price of only R7 (VAT included, package and postage excluded).This project is mainly sponsored by the private sector. More sponsors will be needed to reach our aim of 1 million copies."[37] Sources attributed in this special edition include:*
  • Kobus Jonker
  • F. H. Havenga (Therapist, Occult Related Crime at the Institute for Christian Counselling)
  • Rodney Seal, Timmons, J P, 1991, Mysterious Secrets of the Dark Kingdom
  • "Passantion [sic] B. and G., 1995, Satanism, Larson, B., 1997"[38] This is a misspelling of the names Bob and Gretchen Passantino, well known disseminators of misinformation on Satanic conspiracies. Their names have come up in earlier articles in my Witch Hunts series
  • Larson's New Book of Cults."[39] This book is one of the "if it ain’t my type of Christianity its a cult" variety written by well known radio evangelist Bob Larson. I’ve discussed Larson earlier in my Witch Hunts series. This poorly researched book is hardly an objective information resource.
  • "Satanists and Ex-Satanists (Fictitious names to protect identities)."[40] As you’ll see in a moment, this is the typical "anonymous sources" trick used to cover up the fact that their evidence is almost non-existent.
  • Dir. Dawie Müller of the SAPS Legal Services.

This "Drugs and Occult Related Crime" magazine includes the article "The Mysterious World of Satanism."[41] This is illustrated with several photos:
  • A grisly photo of a cat nailed to a wooden peace sign.
  • A photo of a human foetus preserved in a glass jar with the caption: "A foetus prevented from being sacrificed." Preserving a foetus in a jar full of formaldehyde seems a very strange way of protecting it in my opinion.
  • A photo with the caption "candels [sic] made with human fat." No sources or references are cited to prove this claim.

In "Drugs and Occult Related Crime" one finds the following statements:
  • "Ninety-five percent of all mass murders in history are said to be directly related to the occult."[42]
NOTE: By whom? There is no reference attached to this to identify where this information originates.
  • "In South Africa more than 60 statutory Acts concerning the occult, have been and are still being violated. These crimes include murder, attempted murder, rape, attempted rape, sodomy, bestiality, drug abuse, weapon smuggling, kidnapping people (to cruelly torture and sacrifice them to Satan, for example street children, the homeless and prostitutes), abortion (of unwanted babies usually fathered by other Satanists, who are then sacrificed to Satan), cruelty to animals (to torture them and sacrifice them to Satan), desecration of graves, etc."[43]
NOTE: Again, by whom? No examples are given to corroborate such grandiose claims.
  • "Ex-Satanists or survivors of Satanism say that this cult is growing rapidly and very little of what really happens is revealed. People involved are afraid to talk."[44]
NOTE: This is the lack of names issue that I mentioned a moment ago. The author gives us no names and no details so that these claims can be verified. The term "survivors" suggests that such evidence was obtained from the questionable recovered memory therapy that led to famous frauds such as the book Michelle Remembers.
  • "Satanists make many covenants with Satan and every covenant involves a death threat if they reveal information about his kingdom. Many high profile people in the community are involved. They use their positions and offices to cover up crimes."[45]
NOTE: As long time readers of my Witch Hunts series have learned, this is a typical excuse utilized by such writers: Their lack of success is attributed to Satanists in high places that they conveniently can’t name, rather than their lack of evidence. This is just paranoid conspiracy theory stuff.
  • "Ninety percent of people involved in Satanism come from broken homes."[46]
NOTE: Says who? No studies are cited by Servamus to support such claims. I suspect that it may have come from either the Passantinos or Havenga, the therapist from the Institute for Christian Counselling, since they were listed as sources elsewhere in this article.
  • "The fact that South Africa has the highest divorce rate in the world, added to the practice of witchcraft by the black communities; contribute to satanist involvement."[47]
NOTE: Again, no specific figures or studies cited. This looks like an attempt on the part of the authors to link this paranoid Satanic conspiracy stuff with the fundamentalist Christian family values issue.
  • "Investigating officers and the medical and legal professions are ignorant about satanist rituals and the occult."[48]
NOTE: This is a major red flag to me. We’ve seen similar justifications for training police professionals in "occult crime investigation" from other fundamentalist Christian cop crusaders such as Larry Jones and Jerry Simandl earlier in my Witch Hunts series. The only way that these people can make up for the lack of evidence is to indoctrinate other people into their program. They aim to teach police professionals and the public their interpretations of the symbols and activities in order that these police professionals and citizens may see the same conspiracy these fanatics do.
  • "Youths are brainwashed by videos, computer games, television programmes etc, to believe that it is cool to be evil."
NOTE: Again, no studies are cited to substantiate this claim.
  • "Satanism and the occult are synonymous and involve the demonic working of the spirit world."[49]
NOTE: This is statement typical of fundamentalist Christian publications. It is a spurious generalization. Such people typically classify Neo-Pagan spirituality as "occult" with the implication that it is Satanic, which it is not.
  • "In The eleven Satanic Rules of the earth, number seven states: Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained."[50]
NOTE: No reference is supplied to identify the source of these "Eleven Satanic rules, " nor are we given the other ten.
  • "To be a spectator at their feasts and meetings you have to be invited by a member of the coven. Covens are well-organised with a priest who controls Satanist rituals, which include initiation (antipole for Christians being accepted in a church), the black mass (antipole for Christian communion), chanting (antipole for Christian prayer), use of animal or human blood (antipole of the blood of Jesus Christ), nightly meetings (anti-light) and naked meetings with ritual orgies. Anton LaVey, defines Satanism as: a religion of the flesh, the mundane, the carnal, all of which are ruled by Satan, the personification of the left-hand path."[51]
NOTE: Satanists do not organize themselves in Covens, they organize themselves in Grottos (e.g.: Church of Satan) or Pylons (e.g.: Temple of Set). Wiccans use the term Covens. This statement implies a connection between Satanism and Neo-Pagan spirituality, which is not the case. These descriptions of "ritual" are recycled urban legends from the Inquisition and fundamentalist Christian literature and in no way resemble the practices of Neo-Pagans such as Wiccans. There’s that "left hand path" stuff again.
  • "You cannot be a satanist and not be involved in crime."[52]
NOTE: Oh yes you can. After being involved in anti defamation work as well as occult crime investigation for almost two decades I can safely say that most Satanists have never been involved in criminal activity. I challenge the authors to provide statistics to prove this assertion.
  • "The Origin of Satanism. Many occult and satanic practices started 5000 years ago in Babylon."[53]
NOTE: Another red flag. This is bogus creationist history created by fundamentalist Christians. They typically argue that all religions other than Christianity originated in ancient Babylon, using the Bible as their reference. This is myth, not historical fact, and such religious propaganda has no place in a modern police manual or magazine.
  • "In history many people influenced Satanism. Aleister Crowly (1875 - 1947) wrote in Magic and Theory and Practice: to do what you will, is the whole law. There is no law, except to do what you want. He was a paedophile, suspected murderer and a drug addict."[54]
NOTE: They’ve mispelled the name Crowley, which indicates that they’re not as expert as they’d have us believe. The allegation of murder is clearly a reference to the death of Crowley’s son: Crowley’s son died of an overdose in a private ritual. They’ve also misquoted Crowley here. The correct quote is: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will." This statement did appear in Crowley’s book Magic In Theory And Practice, but if they really knew their subject you’d have expected them to say that it first appeared in his Book of the Law (Liber Legis). Crowley was paraphrasing Rabelais, who was in turn quoting Saint Augustine, so the source of this quote was originally a Christian.
  • "Family members say that LaVey died on 29 October 1997, but for some reason his death certificate lists him as having died on 31 October - Halloween - the satanists' most solemn ceremony of the year called Samhain (All Hallows Eye). Halloween has, since its celebration by the Druids in England, been a special feast day with human sacrifices to Satan. The purpose of these sacrifices, as taught to cult members, is to purify them so that they can receive Satan's blessings."[55]
NOTE: Satanists do not refer to October 31 as Samhain: This is a Wiccan term. Wiccans aren’t Satanists and neither were the Druids. Here we see more recycled myths about "Druid sacrifices to Satan": Long time readers of my Witch Hunts series will have encountered many more examples of this. There is no historical evidence to support such claims.
  • "Michael Aquino encouraged the people to participate in bloody rituals. He is the writer of Diabolocon, in which he quotes Abbaddon, Ashtaroth, Asmodeus, Azazel, Belial, Beelzebub, Leviathan and Satan."[56]
NOTE: Aquino founded the Temple of Set after breaking away from LaVey’s Church of Satan in 1977. The Temple of Set does not practice blood rituals. Abbadon, Ashtaroth, Asmodeus, Azazel, Belial, Beelzebub, Leviathan and Satan are all mythical beings (see my article on demons), so exactly how could Aquino have "quoted" them? Do they suppose that Aquino had them by for an interview?
  • "Who is Satan? Ex-Satanists all agree on the following: Satan was the head angel, known as the Anointed Cherub or Lucifer, and was the guardian of the throne of God the Almighty. Lucifer became proud and rebelled against God. A third of the angels followed Satan in this rebellion. After his rebellion Lucifer was called Satan (Adversary). He became an enemy of God and God's creation. Because he lived with God for so long, he knows God's Laws and Judgments. As a result of this knowledge he is in a position to cause man to violate God's Laws."[57]
  • "Satan tries to establish a counterfeit for everything in God's Kingdom. The Dark Kingdom wants to be a diabolical mirror of God's Kingdom."[58]
NOTE: These statements are Christian dogma that has no place in a police magazine, police manual or police department web site.
  • "Understanding the Spirit World. In general humans are aware of three dimensions: height, depth and width. There is a fourth dimension, the spirit world, without time, space, limits or form. In this world there are the Kingdoms of God and Satan. We must remember that Satan is not a match for God. He was created by God and not equal or at the same level as God. The beings living in this spirit world are God's angels, Satan's demons and human spirits."[59]
NOTE: More Christian dogma. This has no place in a police manual or in a modern police service web site: Police departments need to support diversity, not back up proselytizing by followers of one narrow religious viewpoint.

Another page on this Servamus web site is "SURVIVORS' VOICES."[60] As long time readers of my Witch Hunts series have come to see, most web sites, books and pamphlets in this genre include testimonials by anonymous "survivors" in lieu of hard evidence, and this Servamus magazine is no exception. The first testimonial is by F. H. Havenga, the Christian therapist associated with this SAPS Occult Related Crimes Unit. Havenga begins by arguing that knowledge is power. I concur with this, but what is being offered by these people is misinformation, and that doesn’t lead to enlightenment.

Havenega claims that he has "observed many young people, such as me, playing around with supernatural powers and later getting caught up in this apparently unbreakable evil cycle."[61] He goes on to state that "I discovered that the Devil and his powers (demons, evil spirits) were a terrifying reality and still are."[62] Havenga tells us that he went on to "practising therapy with people, specifically young people, who have for various reasons become involved in the occult and different cult groups. My clients I call ‘survivors’. I call them so because they have survived things which most people don't even know exist!"[63] Havenga claims that they "wish to create an awareness with our youth and the public about the dangers in these areas so that we may protect our society and the leaders of tomorrow from total destruction."[64]

The next testimonial is from an anonymous Christian identifiying himself only as a "former rebel, " claiming to have been a Satanist for 11 years before converting in September 1993. This "rebel" claims to have become a Satanist at age 7 and asked to "give my heart, soul and body to Satan at five."[65] If we take him to mean that he started his Satanism at age five, this means that he’d have only been 16 when he became a Christian. He claims that they took some of his blood and "placed demons in my body"[66] through which he "started to see the spiritual world."[67] He claims that at the age of 7 he "was given a satanic form to complete in my own blood."[68] He would, of course, have been in the early stages of elementary school education at this time: How on earth could anyone have expected him to be able to fill out detailed forms at this early age of development? "I drank the blood of humans and animals, " he tells us, "and also ate the hearts. I listened to metal music such as AC/DC. I played the Ouija board, drew pictures, all dedicated to Satan. I burned Bibles and broke crosses - I even wrote to Satan how much I loved him. I slept at a coven, under my bed. I used white, black and red candles. We used to meet under bridges, in empty houses and old buildings, in cemeteries, in bushes and in water pipes under the roads. I made voodoo dolls, cast spells and placed curses on people. I was a rebel and did just as I liked, smoked dagga and used alcohol. I was never happy as a Satanist, because I lived in the fear that I would die on an altar."[69]

There’s that word "covens" again, and that’s a pretty clear indication that we aren’t talking about real Satanists here. "Voodoo" is another term that raises questions: Vodou is an Afro-Caribbean religion that originates in African and Catholic religious customs, not Satanism. We’ve allegations of multiple homicides here, and you’d expect a police magazine of this sort to then announce that a homicide investigation and charges resulted. No such announcement is forthcoming.

"Today as a child of God, the Almighty, " this former rebel tells us, "I do God's work through tracts, pamphlets and have attended free Bible courses. I also warn others about Satanism, for instance about the Satanist feast of Halloween on 31 October. I help and answer people's letters regarding Satanism, even speak to people over the phone."[70]

"Drugs and Occult Related Crime" records this reply:

"If you can reconcile with the Living God today, do not harden your hart [sic]. God Almighty is eager and more than willing. He is longing to grant you His grace and the victory you have been waiting for, for so long, in Jesus Christ

"For God so loved the world (you) that He sent His Son (Jesus Christ) that if you believe in Him, you will not perish but have everlasting life."[71]

This is supposed to a police magazine, not a Christian tract, but you’d have trouble telling the two apart given statements like this. Unfortunately, there are many other examples of this Christian propaganda in this publication. For example, one next finds the caption "Satanism and the occult's role in crime and drug abuse."[72] They begin by listing "Satanism and the occult"[73] and asking the question: "Who is in control of these two movements/practices?"[74] They claim that their "research is scientific" and go on to state:

"This leader is a top manipulator, an extremely adept liar, undoubtedly the master of deviousness, without any moral standards or love for his fellow men. He is selfish and everybody who has something to do with him or his practices are eventually destroyed. The question that surfaces immediately is: ‘Where on our planet is there such an unfeeling leader?’ The answer: ‘In the lives and hearts of his followers, not visible to the human eye, but by means of the fruits of his followers' deeds and practices.’ Their leader's name is Satan! Many people will now say that they don't believe in Satan or demons or evil. You may say so. But remember: ‘There are certain laws that work whether you believe in them or not. Whether you believe in gravity or not, IT WORKS’."[75]

The authors of this article next argue that "Drugs, crime and other evil practices are a definite reality in the world of Satanism and the occult. It has been proven time after time in our courts of law, during criminal investigations, during therapy with ‘survivors’, in our prisons and rehabilitation centres etc."[76] We have to take their word for this, since once again no references or studies are cited to defend this claim. They go on to claim that "People who are involved in Satanism or the occult will use the drugs supplied to them freely by the groups or leaders to reach a higher euphoric (hallucinogenic) state and in this way to make easier contact with the spirit dimension or spirits (powers, demons). Drugs will also be used especially in Satanism to help them not to feel the pain intensely and to cope with the traumatic events taking place before their eyes during rituals."[77] This is the sort of nonsense we first came across in Michael Warnke’s book The Satan Seller back in 1972 and have been seeing repeated by people like this ever since.

"There is in Satanism even a controlling body which provides drugs, money and whatever the needs of their subjects may be, " Servamus Magazine claims, "called ‘The Brotherhood of Ram’. This group is even allegedly involved in organised crime such as prostitution, drug dealing and even dealing in weapons."[78] This is all we are told about the "Brotherhood of Ram." No proof, no details, no names of members prosecuted, nothing. Instead we are told: "We can therefore clearly see the footprints of the unfeeling, selfish and inhumane leader if we look at these movements and work methods. Remember that IGNORANCE is not an excuse!"[79]

Ignorance is not an excuse, but what Servamus is offering us here is ignorance. From this point they give up all pretense of sounding like a police publication and go into full evangelical mode. The following two testimonials read:
  • "I was born in a house completely ruled by Satan, " the next testimonial dialogue begins. "As an infant, I have been offered to him. I have worshipped the devil for 21 years, mastering many of his dark arts and I have progressed to one of the higher positions in his kingdom. However, my life was a constant torture, full of loneliness and hate. I was convinced that I would never escape from Satan's claws. Now, I thank my Saviour, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, for undeserving grace. When I wanted to break free, He sent me help and salvation, and while in all agonies and distress, I threw myself at His feet, He granted me His grace and forgiveness. It all was for free. Today I am standing as a witness that Jesus Christ saves and forgives even the dirtiest of sinners. Rise up, there is HOPE! Eric (not his real name)"[80]
  • "Dear Reader, He died for me so that I can live for Him! Jesus Christ the Power that set me FREE. False religions, lies, divorce, deception and hurt were all part of my childhood life. Due to the curses that were placed on me before birth by my ancestors, I was doomed to a life of total destruction. Jesus Christ broke the curses, oaths and covenants, He delivered me from a life caught in the occult, Satanism, addiction and confusion. He shattered the chains that kept me captive in the darkness, my hurt He healed and my hate was replaced with TRUE love. He gave me hope instead of despair and compassion in the place of rejection. He wants to do the same for YOU! He became the Father that I have never had, a friend and a confidant. He loved me despite the fact that I have turned my back on Him, even though I have personally chosen to follow His enemy, Satan. With His blood, He has washed away my sins, His blood is still calling today, in fact it is calling to you if you have not yet made the decision to follow the ONLY TRUE and LIVING POWER, Jesus Christ. You see, it doesn't matter what mistakes you have made in the past, give it to Jesus and you will never be the same again!"[81]
Note the fundamentalist Christian buzz words "false religions" in this second testimonial statement. Clearly this police publication isn’t advocating or even recognizing religious plurality if it is sanctioning statements like this. This isn’t scientific evidence, it's fundamentalist Christian dogma.

Another article in "Drugs and Occult Related Crime" is "Who is Recruiting Your Child?"[82] It is illustrated with the following photos:
  • Graffiti on a wall (the word "Satan" plus several symbols) and a black pentagram drawn on the adjacent floor, no caption.
  • A photo of a rock CD "Cradle of Filth."
  • A photo of a hand written note "Ready to Die Tonight Baby."
  • A poster for Goth concert "Wednesday nights belong to Satan at Angel Dust, " Angel Dust being a bar or club.
"Who Is Recruiting Your Child?" commences with the statement: "There comes a time where you can't distinguish between right and wrong. Everything is right - Ex-Satanist."[83] Typically, this "Ex-Satanist" is not identified. This article goes on to make the following claims:
  • "In the most cases occult-related crime committed in 1997 and in 1998 showed an increase of 100% - 300% which includes: murder, malicious damage to property, desecration of graves, missing persons and bomb threats."[84]
NOTE: No references are cited to identify the source of these statistics. We aren’t told how "occult related crime" was defined and how this data was collected. No specific examples are given.
  • "Underreporting. F. H. Havenga (Therapist Occult-Related Crime at the Institute for Christian Counselling) is of the opinion that 80% of occult-related crimes are not reported. There are a number of reasons and one is that people fear that they will not be believed. Satanism is well organised and is practised underground"[85]
NOTE: This is an opinion by a believer in this nonsense, and not backed up by figures from any study. Fear of not being believed is a typical excuse offered by such people that long time readers of my Witch Hunts series will have seen examples of before.
  • "Satanists devise terrible torture for those who try to escape Satanism."[86]
NOTE: Testimonials in similar publications making claims of this sort abound, yet the truth is that no evidence of such torture has ever been uncovered.
  • "Many law enforcement personnel are ignorant about Satanism and do not recognise important evidence."[87]
NOTE: There’s that "we must train them to see it our way" thing again. This isn’t about training, it’s about indoctrination.
  • "Then there are so many spurious reports that have been shown to be false that some law enforcement personnel and prosecutors are reluctant to focus on the satanic aspects of a case they are investigating or prosecuting."[88]
NOTE: With good cause. That’s primarily all that there is out there: Spurious cases.
  • "Investigating officers and the legal profession are sceptical about Satanic rituals."[89]
NOTE: Again, with good reason. Even more so, if they’ve been exposed to the obvious proselytizing that is being engaged in here.
  • "What makes it even more complicated is that not all Satanist activities necessarily constitute crime."[90]
NOTE: One could more correctly say that rarely do Satanist activities constitute crime.

"Who Is Recruiting Your Child?" goes on to outline "Satan's Strategy: Satan uses the power of: suggestion, deception, curiosity and covenants/pacts. An ex-Satanist mentioned that for a covenant with Satan to be legal, it does not matter whether you are drugged or under age. Satan attacks in three areas: gratification of the flesh (eg drugs, sex) of the ego (eg status, wealth) and of power (eg white and black magic)."[91] This is ludicrous. Satan is a mythical personification of evil created by the church, not a real person. It is amazing that a modern police publication would debate whether a contract with a mythical bogey man is legal or not.

This article then goes on to discuss recruitment, making the paranoid claim that "Satanists infiltrate every level of the community."[92] They go on to claim that "Informal training is provided by occult literature that is readily available, "[93] inferring once again that anything "occult" is Satanic.

They then present us with the argument that rock music promotes Satanism. This Servamus article starts by repeating once again the Christian myth of how Lucifer fell from God’s grace through pride. "Satan still possesses his God-given ability to make music and is using it today with great success to advance his kingdom, "[94] Servamus tells us, going on to quote Lenin: "One quick way to destroy a society is through its music."[95] The accompanying illustrations are a photo of Marilyn Manson bearing no caption and a drawing of goat headed creatures. "It is alleged that heavy metal music promotes violence, suicide and the occult, " they then tell us, but Servamus doesn’t identify the person who makes this allegation. As proof, they offer a quote from AC/DC vocalist Angus Young: "Someone else is steering me, I become possessed when I am on stage, "[96] though they then admit that "Many musicians will do and say anything to sell their records."[97] I discussed the history of the development of such urban legends in an earlier article in my Witch Hunts series: The Crusade Against Rock and Roll.

Servamus then claims that:

"Talent scouts of a Satanic coven target a person's natural abilities or weaknesses. The coven curses that person with rebellion, lust etc. Then s/he is invited to a party where there are free drugs and alcohol and trance music. Most of the time the drugs are camouflaged, heroine in the candles or drugs in the drinks or in the ice. Attractive witches (male or female) seduce boys and girls. These sexual orgies are often recorded on video and sold as pornography on the black market or used to blackmail recruits. Sexual abuse and sexual activity make up an important part of Satanic worship in order to facilitate demonic possession. There are numerous Satanic clubs everywhere in South Africa. Sometimes they have a ‘theme party’ and the children think it's just a game. Then follows an exclusive invitation as special guest at midnight in a room on the roof or in the cellar with trance music. A Dance with the devil and participation in rituals which can include human sacrifice is the next step."[98]

This is paranoid Inquisitional nonsense. There is no evidence of the use of "talent scouts" by Satanists. I was amused to see that they misspelled the name of the drug heroin: Maybe they really meant to suggest that mythical heroines would emerge from the candles? Note how they believe that the Devil appears in person in rituals in the last sentence. It seems that the people on drugs here are the authors of this lurid absurdity. Once again, no specific details, no references, no proof.

Servamus then claims that "Modern children grow up with computers. There are numerous games on the market that look innocent, but can give Satan a doorway to lead children into the occult." Their source is not a scientific study, not a sociologist or criminologist: They say it’s Time Magazine. They go on to claim:
  • "Although not necessarily on conscious level, there are games that teach players sorcery, voodoo, magic, witchcraft and spiritual warring skills. Some games even include information on techniques of meditation, astral travelling, spells, demonic incantations and the calling up of spirit guides. These games promote a lust for bloodletting, murder and suicide. The player could become progressively controlled by spiritual forces. Many players can be involved in spiritual battles and journeys even when not actively playing the game, eg in times of rest or sleep. The covers and titles of the games can be guidelines as to what they promote."[99]
NOTE: This is the "fantasy games lead to Satanism and/or demon possession" rant that we’ve seen plenty of examples of and little evidence to substantiate throughout my Witch Hunts series.
  • "Many forms of literature, videos and movies expose people to demonic possession. Instances have been recorded in America where comatose moviegoers had to be taken to hospital after screenings of The Exorcist."[100]
NOTE: It is hard to believe that a modern day police publication would be warning us of demon possession. This is the sort of thing one would expect to read in an Inquisitional manual centuries ago, not in a 21st century police magazine. No details or examples are provided to substantiate their claim concerning the movie The Exorcist.

The next topic that "Who Is Recruiting Your Child?" touches on is the "New Age." This is illustrated by:
  • A photo of woman’s hand with black fingernails and rings with eye motif.
  • A photo of a woman clothed only in a cloak, carrying an orb in one hand and a staff in the other.
  • A drawing of desolate landscape with symbols (pentagram, ankh) superimposed with inscription "Dance with the Lord of the Underworld and you dance with death!"
This commences with a quote from well known evangelical radio host Bob Larson from the aforementioned Larson’s Book of Cults: "Many of the concepts that the New Age movements promote, are also promoted in Satanism. Examples are: mind control techniques, spiritual guides and chanting for spiritual power... this is really a very old examination of occultism's principles and practices. They are only examples of pagan spiritism ..."[101] Servamus carefully avoids mentioning Larson’s first name or any biographical details about him. Servamus then returns to the theme of demon possession and legal contracts with Satan, claiming that: "Fashion plays a significant role especially in the teenager's world... They buy the satanic rings, bracelets or necklaces and give the demons a legal doorway."[102]

The article concludes:

"Don't make the mistake of minimising Satan's power or denying the reality of his kingdom of evil. Ex-satanists say that the only way out is through Jesus Christ. Satan, with his whole kingdom, has already been defeated by Jesus Christ when He was crucified. Whoever believes in Jesus can partake in his victory over Satan."[103] It goes on to inform us that "In the next issue of SERVAMUS: Warning signs of Satanist involvement, The Satanic calendar, signs and symbols, contact numbers for help."[104]

Long time readers will recognize this fundamentalist Christian "spiritual war" cry about Satan already being defeated. If he’s already been defeated, why are they still fighting?

On the SAPS Occult Related Crimes Unit web site one finds the list "IDENTIFYING A SECT-RELATED INFLUENCE."[105] Sect is used as a synonym for cults in this context. The list includes:
  • "It uses psychological coercion to recruit and indoctrinate potential members.
  • "It forms an elitist totalitarian society.
  • "Its founder leader is self-appointed, dogmatic, messianic, not accountable and charismatic.
  • "It believes the end justifies the means in order to solicit funds or recruit people.
  • "Wealth does not benefit its members or society."[106]
Clearly Jonker and his associates were engaging in the very activity that they were warning us of. This Special Edition of Servamus clearly uses psychological coercion to create an atmosphere of fear in order to recruit and indoctrinate police officers and the public into believing their Satanic conspiracy theories. It is clearly elitist, as they are setting up Jonker’s version of Christianity as the sole valid standard of morality. Jonker is a perfect example of a self-appointed occult expert, spouting misinformation and Christian dogma and seemingly not accountable to his police agency for it. I’d be willing to bet that Jonker believes that what he is doing is justified in order to convert everyone around him to Christ.

The SAPS Occult Related Crimes Unit web site goes on to list activities of cults, including:
  • "Confusing doctrine
  • "Gaining a superior but flawed knowledge of the Bible or other important book of re-election
  • "Uncompromising rules
  • "Finger pointing
  • "Guilt
  • "Fear"[107]
Again, I’d argue that these elements are all to be found in the SAPS Occult Related Crimes program as well as the Servamus Special Edition.

As a police professional I’m appalled to see such misinformation and religious dogma in police practice and publication. There is nothing professional, objective or impartial about this Special Edition of Servamus Policing Magazine nor the web site of the Occult Related Crime Unit associated with it. It is amazing that the SAPS should allow such an abuse of their system. As I said elsewhere in this article: Police departments should be the defenders of the rights and freedoms of citizens. Freedom of religious association is one of those freedoms. This Servamus Special Edition is obviously an attempt to indoctrinate police and the public into religious intolerance. It is full of misinformation and borders on the classification of hate literature.

In July of 2004 the South African Pagan Rights Alliance[108] contacted the new leader of the SAPS Occult Related Crime Unit, Superintendent A. J. Lamprecht, regarding this offensive material. Ariel Damon of SAPRA tells me that the SAPS removed all articles on the subject from their web site, though apparently it is still available to the public at a price. SAPRA has not heard from the editor of Servamus on the content of these articles. The Servamus Special Edition: "Drugs and Occult Related Crime" is still on line as I write this. It appears from correspondence that Lamprecht sent to the SAPRA that Lamprecht is open to negotiation. Damon was able to contact the SAPS legal counsel on 25 January 2005 with regard to the definition of "occult crime." SAPRA will be meeting with Lamprecht some time in February 2005 to further discuss the concerns of the Pagan community.

I’ve already provided some assistance to the South African Pagan community and will continue to help them resolve these issues with SAPS. I’ve heard from Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary/Lady Liberty League, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and Isaac Bonewits, who are also offering their assistance. Hopefully we can educate SAPS and prevent tragedies like the McMartin Daycare case in the US, Martinsville in Canada and Rochdale in the UK from occurring in South Africa.

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