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Auric Shielding And Symbol Protection

Author: Bluethorne
Posted: June 11th. 2006
Times Viewed: 5,031

I am here to write about auric shielding and symbol protection, of the principals and passive magicks which they employ. I must begin with a pretense about my life to draw on an understanding of why we would ever require any sort of protection against anything in this world while dealing with this sort of magick. I believe that we are all united very deeply on a spiritual level, united with more than just each other but all things of this world, and it is a very common belief that all of these things have a balancing force which is in a sense the mirror image of each individual thing.

In today’s society we are beginning to see a growing rise in healers and magickal folk with good intentions; I believe this is because the mundane societies of the world are decaying in a growing fashion to a point of great fear. With the unity of the world, balance of all things, and rise of intentions we are left with an opposing force which draws on the conclusion that there are an equal number of people out there who have very bad intentions and wish to undo all of the healing of the world.

I have personally never worked in a position which would require me to draw on anything but myself for my magick and so with that I feel that since I have never required assistance from the sprit world (or any other world but my own), that I will never require any protection from those sources as I do not utilize them for my magick. And so the only things which I must protect myself from are what I work with; mostly this constitutes a protection from the balance of auric healing and philosophical divination.

I do not know if philosophical divination is a term most recognize but it is (basically) divination which draws on the philosophies and actions of people to view what their minds hold in the future and in their past lives. I also use it to advance myself in different ways by drawing power to continue writing based off previous philosophies which I have written at quite specific times in my past.

Protection against auric healing might sound ridiculous as it is a magick of ourselves which we utilize to heal others in different levels; this is merely how I am choosing to write of this at the moment (some may disagree and that is just fine). But just as with all things the more good I wish to do with it the harder it becomes to suppress the balancing act to do harm with my magick, and so I must protect myself from what my healing balance draws to me. I’ve been working with auric healing unknowingly since I was very young and unaware of the consequences which came with it; it was only a couple of years ago that I learned what I was actually doing and began to understand why fits of uncontrolled emotion and sickness were encompassing me so often.

I’ve never been an overly healthy individual in mind or body and I feel that if I had been in the past that much of the sickness I drew from people would never have afflicted me on such a dramatic level. Since I learned what I am actually doing I have begun eating healthy, building my immunities up, trying to exercise as much as I can and doing all that I can to bring peace and happiness to my mind.

I feel that if we are to truly be great healers we should not channel the sicknesses that we wish to cure into anything other than ourselves or we are simply trading one life for another. I believe that just as I was very susceptible when I was weak so could the life form that I would channel my sickness into and that would be a very harsh thing to do. I feel that there is a responsibility that each person in the magick world holds of harming none, but most do not follow this creed past human kind, when it does in fact hold sway over all beings of the spirit.

When we begin to learn to control our bodies and minds we find the unity that they share with our soul and we begin to see the aura of our bodies growing stronger and much more balanced. If we wish to manipulate it in any way it becomes far easier to control in positive ways and you find the negativity it brings to be under your control as well. Sadly I see that many people of our community have perhaps not the healthiest of bodies (but great minds), and so I believe that the more we work in the mind the harder it becomes to control our health, and so we must turn to the mundane world where the body rules over all things to discover a path which can cure our bodies from ourselves. I do not mean we should turn from the healing path to the mundane, but we should utilize the aerobic, weight-controlling, nutritional-supplemental world of the mundane.

Sometimes we may find a great difficulty controlling ourselves in different ways and through great thought and meditation I have discovered a form of protection from things that we cannot control and I have called it ‘symbol protection’. This pattern of protection utilizes certain symbols which we draw from ourselves to passively attune our intents in such a way that they stick with us even when we forget them and are drawn to other paths in life. A small mundane example of this which I employ is a health symbol which I write on myself in a non-permanent fashion on my lower chest and over it I wear a white shirt when I go out. I always have the symbol in mind and the second I forget it, I am reminded as I can see it coming through my shirt.

This is of course just one small example of the logic which comes with symbol protection but there are so many other utilizations which include the spiritual, magickal, and of course many other mundane techniques.

In my life there have come certain times when I have found it difficult to reach a spiritual level fit enough to work with my magickal energy and I have found the need to utilize symbol protection to center my intentions into a path which reunites me with the spirit world. I have drawn many symbols which work in different ways from my meditation, symbols which alter the aura of an object in such a way that it is attuned with myself and allows a great connection with it. Through this ability I have found that if I introduce a certain symbol into the mundane world around me I can create a great foundation which enriches my mind as a way to communicate properly with myself on different levels.

And so to achieve this I engrave this image upon the objects around me which hold sway on my mind and the powers swell up in the room and I am united once again to the powers which I need to reach my spiritual level. By leaving these symbols on various places around my house the intent that I wish to bring to myself leaks out upon anyone who travels near them and acts as a healing pathway (if it is a healing symbol), and so the properties of this pattern of protection go far past the self, and can be almost “recycled,” to be used in a great variety of ways until they fade and have to be recreated.

Protection from a path of divination I feel is less connected to the body and more so to the soul or the mind as it utilizes more thought and less heightened emotional work such as healing paths employ. Most people who I speak to tell me that divination is a path of magick which requires the use of things beyond the ‘self’ and so the only protection we need is from that which we utilize. But the paths of divination which I use are derived from myself and draw on the powers of logic and my religious theorem to understand the minds of other beings and to basically chart out a model of their mind as a way of understanding the lessons which they have learned and where they stand in life. I find this to be a very great advantage in connecting to people on a mundane level, if I can ‘figure them out’ before I ever meet them, as to not say the wrong thing or act in a certain way. (I feel that far too many people of this world are easily insulted and this allows me to overcome that.)

The protection which I employ with this divination technique is a path that I have learned from using it countless times that allows me to read a person’s words or actions and decide if they are lying or truthful, if they are attuned to a certain degree, if they wish to hurt me, if they are worth teaching, or if they will just disregard all that I wish to teach and only pay attention to what is interesting to them. I teach a lot of things on the internet to a great variety of different people and this protection allows me to determine if this person wishes this knowledge for a negative path, or if they will follow what I wish to teach to the end.

It also lets me see what type of person they are, and if I can actually connect to them on a spiritual level through the internet; unfortunately most people lie far too much on the internet (so much that they believe it to be truth in their mind), and it takes a long time for me to determine if I can trust them enough. Using this divination technique I can skip a lot of that and get on with what is important to my life.

I work with many well known divination techniques but I feel that this is the easiest one to speak of and it fits easiest into this category of protection. I have written the beginning of my religious theorem online which I have been developing for a few years now. Within it I tell of paths of learning knowledge for ones self, and how this path ‘in my opinion’ is a much more enlightening path to learning magick as it connects us and shows us what magicks we can actually work with, and not just how to read them from books. I also tell of how all true magicks should be drawn from ourselves and not from other elements in this world, of how we are all connected in certain ways and how, if we wish to utilize instruments of magick, we must channel through them and not attempt to draw on their powers.

With this philosophy we truly do find that the only protection we need to be concerned at all with is protection from elements which wish to draw our intent or interests in other ways, as there is no dark spirit or whatever most believe we require protection from, if we draw on nothing but the self. Of course all magickal paths have a root in something and all of these paths have one unique beginning and method which they were derived from. If we learn how, we can draw all of the magick of the world from ourselves and never require any ritual work with instruments beyond us, or calling of any spirits, etc.

That is all I have to speak of at the moment regarding this. You can visit my website for an overview of the beginning of my religious theorem and related topics as I write of them.



Location: Mississauga, Ontario


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