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Book of Shadows

Author: Bob Makransky
Posted: October 28th. 2007
Times Viewed: 4,636

A Book of Shadows is merely a collection of spells and rituals. All thought forms of desire could be considered to be commands to the Spirit; what makes spells special is the attention paid to them (the importance placed on them). This is why we must not dissipate our intent in casting thoughtless desires out willy-nilly, such as by casual window-shopping or coveting what we see on the TV or internet, or being jealous of other people.

We must focus all our desire on one particular object. It is precisely by inflaming our desire for a myriad of objects that we donít even want that society saps our will and holds us in slavery.

Casting spells wonít work if you scatter your intent in every direction at once.

The difference between spells and rituals is that rituals are done to invoke spirits (i.e. are performed basically to propitiate the spirits Ė to keep them happy) whereas spells are cast for particular purposes such as wealth, healing, love, etc. Spells can be considered the same thing as prayers, although prayers normally are directed towards a deity, whereas spells may or may not appeal for the intercession of spirits or a deity.

Spells and prayers, as well as positive thinking, can be subsumed under the rubric ďCreative VisualizationĒ (C.V.), which is the name for the basic technique involved.

There is nothing ďmagicalĒ about spells; the words employed donít matter as much as the intent behind the words. It is much better if you create your own spells, in your own words, rather than borrow spells from some other source (however if you are invoking spirits then you must be scrupulous in following the wording of the invocation precisely, as well as observing the correct day / time / astrological aspect required, if there is one; and copying the sigil correctly. This is because some spirits Ė though not all Ė are rather exigent in their requirements and demand full attention to what you are doing).

I, personally, donít have a book of shadows. There are certain C.V.ís I do every day, sometimes several times a day (particularly the Enlightenment spell given below). Most of the time, however, the C.V.ís I do are impromptu Ė as when I see a rainbow or falling star and cast my customary Enlightenment spell on it.

Ephemeral phenomena such as rainbows, falling stars, dust devils, gusts of wind, etc. are actually the best messengers for taking our spells and prayers out into the universe because they spring to life for a moment and then dissolve back into undifferentiated energy, taking our desire with them.

This is also why spells are cast with a burning candle Ė to send the desire out there. But now and again Iíll cast a spell for money or whatever, and at such times I follow the astrological guidelines explained in the article Astrological Timing of Spells, Prayers, and Rituals filed at:

After the spell is cast it is best to forget about it (insofar as you are capable of doing this) rather than to keep ruminating / fantasizing about it (which tends to dissipate the power of the spell). Once the intent has been set up by the C.V., the only way to make it happen, to let the Spirit free to do your bidding is to drop the concern completely.

What locks the Spirit up Ė keeps it from helping us Ė is our inability to just let go and abandon ourselves to it; to just trust it to come through for us.

Master magicians are able to just drop an obsessive concern because they have their true feelings so finely tuned that they can switch them off and on at will. They are not as wrapped up in their desires and feelings as are average people. They donít have such an ego stake (success / glory versus failure / shame) in the outcome of anything, so they can throw their attention completely behind a desire, and just as completely release it.

Average people canít do this Ė they cling, and cling, and cling to their desires and thought forms. They donít know how to let go. They donít have the discipline to be able to just drop something without looking back.

So what average people have to do is to trick themselves: after setting up an intent through obsessive concern, they should then arbitrarily choose some other area of their lives to become obsessively concerned about, and shift all their intense, obsessive desire to this other area.

What follows are merely suggestions and examples. You must adapt the model to your own taste, to create spells that are meaningful to you, personally. The important thing is to imagine your desire coming true in the now moment. This means imagining yourself to be in the midst of your desire coming true, rather than being a detached observer (as you do in normal fantasizing and daydreaming).

For example, in casting a love spell you must imagine yourself to be looking the other person directly in the eye and talking sincerely to them, and listening to what they have to say, rather than viewing them from a distance (as you do in romantic or sexual fantasies).

As you cast the spell, imagine in your mindís eye your desire coming true right now, and let yourself feel all the joy you would feel if that were indeed the case. In other words, Creative Visualization is a matter of hypnotizing oneself (if only momentarily) into believing that your desires are already true. This is how we reach out to the probable realities in which we realize our desires: by breaking the hypnotic spell of our obsessive moods of unhappiness; by giving hope a little elbow room in there, so it can nudge its way through the gloom of our customary self-pity.

Hope is the fuel that propels desire lines forward. This means faith not in ultimate success, but in ultimate self-worth. In the end you have to abide by the dictates of power.

You win a few; you lose a few; thatís the way it goes.

Asking favors: Use a relevant hour (sun for father / boss; moon for mother / employee; Mercury for children / neighbor / coworker; Venus for female friend or lover; Mars for male friend or lover; Jupiter for advisor; Saturn for old or difficult people). Light a white candle and look the person directly in the eye.

Calmly and confidently explain why you need this favor from the person. Give your reasoning and (if possible) explain how doing you this favor will be beneficial to them also. Imagine them granting your desire with cordiality and generosity; smile at them and shake their hand; then walk away and forget about it (i.e. after doing the C.V. donít bring the favor up yourself of your own accord; wait until the proper moment to approach the person arrives on its own momentum).

Love Spell: Use a Venus hour (straight women or gay men can use a Mars hour instead Ė particularly if sex is more important than companionship). At this moment light a pink candle and imagine that you are right there in front of your beloved (or if you donít have a beloved, a beautiful stranger).

Look him or her directly in the eyes; take his or her hands in yours; and say everything that is in your heart. Then listen to what he or she has to say; let the thing flow, as it will. Then embrace and kiss as if it were really happening right now, and feel yourself filled with joy and happiness! Then with a sigh, squeeze their hands, wish them well, and let them go.

Both the Asking favors (above) and Love spells are essentially the same thing as bewitching the person; except casting spells are usually only done once, at a favorable astrological time; whereas bewitching is carried out on a daily (or even moment-to-moment) basis for a while to build up pressure, before dropping the procedure and turning oneís mind to other things.

Money Spell: Use a Jupiter hour. At the chosen time light a green candle, take a deep breath, and vigorously shake your body to shake off all your money worries. Imagine that you have plenty of money for all your needs and never need to worry about money ever again! It's better not to focus on money qua money, but rather on what you need the money for; that these needs are being abundantly met; and you are joyous and positive about your future!

Feel how happy and satisfying it makes you that you have such abundance that you can be philanthropic and give money to others who need it and to help save the earth (itís important that you see yourself as being wealthy enough to give money away, rather than imagining yourself pigging out)! Feel how great it feels to be free of money worries forever!

Enlightenment / wisdom / knowledge Spell: Use a sun hour. At this moment light a white candle; take a deep breath, and imagine that all barriers separating you from other people and the world around you have dissolved, and you feel a white light enveloping you with joy! Then:

Feel that you are truly connected to the universe;

That you have been chosen to save the world;

That you have been chosen to reach out to every being that comes in contact with

That your love knows no bounds and gives you joy such as you never thought was possible.

Health: Use a moon hour. At this time light a white candle and imagine yourself (or the person you are praying for) to be healthy, happy, and full of zip! Whatever activities may have been curtailed by your illness, imagine yourself renewing them with increased verve and enthusiasm! Feel yourself brimming with vigor and energy, do a little dance of joy and thanksgiving for your healing!

Success in Studies: Use a Mercury hour. Light a blue candle at this moment, take a deep breath, and imagine that you are in school and are feeling confident and pleased with your understanding and progress! See yourself reciting in class and feel that you are making a good contribution to the class and have the esteem of your teachers and classmates! You are so happy to be in school because you are learning so much and are having lots of fun!

Going to War: Use a Mars hour. At this time you should light a red candle, visualize the person you are praying for as if he or she was standing right in front of you looking you in the eye. If you are doing this for yourself, visualize yourself in the midst of war with a feeling of calmness, courage, and confidence in your own abilities. Take a deep breath and blow all your worries and doubts away and leap forward with abandon!

Spread your arms wide and cast a white light of protection around the person (or imagine that white light is descending from above to surround and protect yourself). Imagine that the person is standing calm and self-assured inside this white light of protection. Then wish the person well and bid them well on their way into the light.

Conflicts / firing employees, etc.: Use a Mars hour. Light a red candle for courage. If itís a matter of standing up to someone and telling them off, imagine them standing right there in front of you and speak exactly whatís on your mind calmly and assuredly, with no gloating, anger, or personal feeling at all. Imagine yourself tearing off the ties that bind you; jump forward out of the situation that is holding you back and spring into the light of freedom!

Scat Spell: (to cast out demons, banish negative thought forms, and get rid of bothersome people): Use a Saturn hour. Light a black candle, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself confronting the oppressive person or situation with cold detachment and indifference.

Itís important that you have no sense of gloating, or a desire for vengeance, or for anything more from this person. Then throw your arms outward forcefully and decisively as if to cast off the oppressive person or situation. You can also jump up and down and shake your body vigorously to shake the personís bad vibes off. You donít visualize something bad happening to the person, but rather feel how happy and light you feel now that person is gone or that situation is behind you!

Example: to get rid of a lover who has outlived his / her usefulness: at the correct moment light a black candle and imagine your ex is standing right in front of you and telling you that they've decided that they've had enough of you. Don't feel rancor; feel relief. Itís important that you donít do this C.V. in a mood of anger, particularly if your ex is a vampire who is sucking your energy by provoking your anger. You have to call it quits in the C.V. Ė not take pleasure when they get their comeuppance (as you do in normal daydreaming).

Take deep breaths, or jump up and down and shake your body, until you are calm and in command of yourself. Then imagine taking your erstwhile loverís hands in both of your own; look him or her squarely in the eye; and say in your own words and using your own sentiments, ďItís had its good times, hasnít it? But now itís time we each went our own way.Ē

Then wishing him or her the best of luck in their future journey, turn around, wipe your hands of it, walk away and donít look back.

(from Magical Almanac ezine,

Copyright: copyright 2007, Bob Makransky


Bob Makransky

Location: Coban, Guatemala


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