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Five-Point Witches’ Self-Healing Plan

Author: Bob Makransky
Posted: October 4th. 2009
Times Viewed: 3,811

Here is a five-point plan that will help you to help (heal) yourself:

1) Cast out any demons that may be possessing you
2) Use Active Imagination to learn why you made this decision – what lesson you are seeking to learn from your illness
3) Recapitulate the moment you called the illness into your body
4) Earth burials
5) Creative visualization of yourself as healthy

1) Casting out demons

It often happens that people who are chronically ill or depressed unknowingly call maleficent influences in to possess them, to help them defend themselves against their pain. We call these influences “demons”. Demons give people a hard shell of anger, apathy, or self-pity with which to dull the feeling of vulnerability and helplessness. However, these demons also take control of their host’s lives and make their decisions for them; and it is definitely not in the demons’ interests that people be healthy and happy. Therefore, the first thing to determine in the face of chronic illness is whether you may have (inadvertently) called a demon into yourself; and if so, to cast it out.

Go to whatever place you are accustomed to pray at; light a candle; and ask the deity to whom you usually pray that, if there happens to be a maleficent influence in your life which is preventing you from healing yourself, to please cast it out! You must make this prayer in a true spirit of decisiveness and determination – if you pray in a spirit of doubt or hesitation, the demon (if there is one) will use your vacillation to defeat your prayer. See, demons are always trying to convince you that you are doing everything possible to heal yourself, all the while undermining your efforts.

A wishy-washy prayer to cast out a demon may make you believe that you’ve accomplished something, but the demon will weasel past it. Thus demons have to be cast out in a mood of unbending intent and decision. That’s all that’s required – unbending intent to heal yourself.

How will you know whether your prayer worked? Successful exorcisms are often accompanied by sensations of something that was inside you leaving – there may be some kind of whoosh of something flying out of you and away. But this isn’t always true. One way you’ll know is that in the next few days you’ll feel lighter, more hopeful and optimistic. Your friends will notice the difference too – they’ll remark on how much better you look or feel.

If there’s any doubt, though, you can always repeat the exorcism. Just make sure to do it in a mood of decisiveness and determination. That’s all – it’s not difficult.

2) Active Imagination

A central part of self-healing is understanding what lesson you are seeking to learn from your illness. The events in your life don’t “just happen”; they happen for a reason, and understanding that reason is the beginning of taking control of your life and turning your situation around instead of wallowing in self-pity. Asking your own subconscious for information is called “Active Imagination”.

The easiest way to get this information – what lesson your illness is trying to teach you – is by asking for it in your dreams. Just before you go to sleep at night, ask with all your heart (determination) that you learn what the purpose of your illness is... what it is that you are seeking to learn from this experience. You should get the answer either in a dream, or else upon awakening. It may take more than one night’s supplication until the answer comes, so be patient and just keep up the asking every night until the information comes to you.

Another way to find out what the lesson of your illness is might be by means of automatic writing (this technique also will usually provide more complex and detailed information than dreaming does) . Choose a time when you are relaxed, alert, calm, and will not be interrupted. Lie down or sit, as you prefer, with a pen and notebook in hand (although automatic writing can also be done on a typewriter or word processor) . Writing down both your questions and the replies as they come in the form of a dialogue, ask your body to please talk to you.

For example, you might start this way:

Me: “My body, could you please come and talk to me? I am really trying to be open right now, and I want to hear what you have to say to me. I am trying to understand why I am sick; won’t you please come and talk to me about it. Etc. etc.”

This is just an example – you should ask your body to talk to you using your own words and sentiments. Keep writing, keep on coaxing, until you begin to feel an answer forming in your mind, and then write it down. The trick to making this work is to not stop writing. That’s the purpose of the writing – to focus your attention on the act of writing, like when you’re taking notes in a classroom, so that there’s less room for doubt, hesitation, fear, etc.

Keep on writing, even if you’re just writing the same plea over and over again. Do make it heartfelt – not just done mechanically – and eventually you’ll start getting an answer. It really is so simple and straightforward you won’t believe it.

Note that when a person does automatic writing for the first time, the answers tend to come out sort of inchoate and constipated. Don’t worry – just push it right on out and don’t worry about whether it makes sense or not. Usually in automatic writing a few words or phrases spring into your mind at a time, a little faster than you can write them down, though sometimes you might get whole blocks or paragraphs at once. You might also see memory pictures pop up before your mind’s eye, or get flashes of dream-like scenes as you write. Record all of this because it’s all relevant. Something might not make sense at the moment, but it will eventually if you keep a written record of it.

If nothing comes to mind in response to your entreaties; or if all that comes to mind is gibberish; then you are blocking. Your conscious mind might say, “This isn’t working. I’m not doing it right.” or “There must be some trick to this!” in its effort to subvert the process. Don’t fall for that ploy! Keep trying, keep on writing, even if all you get is gibberish. Only trust can open you enough to write automatically; otherwise you tangle yourself with doubt.

If you find yourself blocking, try switching to your non-dominant hand. Keep on writing, and at some moment your conscious mind will relax its grip and you’ll start writing automatically. Then, simply write down what your body tells you, asking any questions you like along the way. You might be surprised by the answers! The biggest surprise will probably be that you, yourself called your illness to come – that it didn’t “just happen” to you; and for what reason you did this to yourself – what you are trying to learn from this experience. You can also ask your body for specific information as to diet, exercise, etc. to speed your healing process along.

3) Recapitulation

Now that you know that you, yourself decided to call your illness to you; and for what reason; the next step is to rescind that decision. This is done by recapitulating the memory of the moment when you decided to be ill, and pulling back that decision. Choose a time when you are calm, alert, and will not be disturbed. Have a notebook and pen (or tape recorder) at hand in case you want to make notes for future reference. Remove your shoes, loosen any restrictive clothing, and lie down on your bed. Take some deep breaths, and then put your attention on your toes and relax them with a deep breath. Move up to your feet and relax them with a breath; then relax your ankles, calves, knees, thighs, and so on up to your head.

Then take a deep breath and imagine yourself swelling up like a balloon to twice your volume; then release the breath and imagine returning to normal size. After you’ve succeeded at this, take a breath and imagine yourself inflating and filling the entire room; then return. When you can do this, take a deep breath and imagine yourself engulfing the entire house; then return. Next, take a breath and swell up until you are bigger than the house and float upwards into the sky. Look down as you rise and imagine you are seeing the house, the neighborhood, the surrounding countryside, as if from an ascending balloon.

Then command yourself to descend lightly back to earth at the moment you made the decision to be ill. You will find yourself in the scene. Look around you: are you inside or outside? Where are you? What are you doing? What is happening? You concern yourself with these sorts of questions until you feel you’re plugged into the scene; then you just let the thing flow and take you where it will.

You see the regression with your mind’s eye, but it’s more felt than seen –
the emotions that are happening are usually more important than the actual events. One thing you might discover is that you are, for some reason or other, in a mood of self-pity.

Once you are back in the scene and feeling the feelings you felt at that time, the next step is to pull back the decision to be ill, and to cast out the feeling of self-pity. Whenever you get to the decision you made to be ill, take a short, sharp indrawn breath into your solar plexus, and at the same time feel that you are sucking the decision to be ill back into your navel. Then, with a hard, cutting motion of your hand in front of your navel, chop off your feelings of self-pity and leave them back in the scene.

Don’t worry about whether or not you are doing it right; if you’re doing it in good faith, you’re doing it right. Trust yourself.

You may not feel any immediate difference after recapitulating this memory; however, over the next few days you should feel lighter and more joyous in some indefinable part of your being. This is because you’ve made yourself younger – in a sense you’ve gone back to where you were before you decided to be ill. You should definitely see a turn-around in your healing process in the days and weeks after doing this recapitulation. If not, then just repeat the process. Remember that it is the determination with which you suck the decision to be ill back into your navel and cast out self-pity that counts the most.

4) Earth Burials

The earth has an infinite capacity not only to heal but also to absorb and dissipate negative energy, and every sort of spiritual and emotional heaviness as well as chronic illness. The usual method of earth burial is as follows:

It helps to fast the day before the burial. Dig a trench half a meter deep and somewhat longer than your body. You can do this at the beach if you like, but it’s better to do it away from people who might disturb you. Line the trench with sawdust or leaves so you will have a soft bed and pillow to lie on, and make sure your face will be shaded from the sun. Disrobe and wrap yourself in a sheet with only your face exposed (the sheet serves as a protection against e.g. ants) . You can smear insect repellant on your face, neck, and hair to keep bugs away. Then lie down in the trench, get comfortable, and have someone cover you with a layer of earth up to your neck with your head sticking out. Have someone visit you every hour or two in case you need a drink and to make sure you’re okay. If you have to pee, just do it.

If you are very sick or in desperate need of lightening up, you should remain buried for 12 hours (dawn to dusk) the first time you bury yourself, and for at least 6 hours on subsequent burials (8 is better) . How long and how frequently you bury yourself depend on how sick or heavy you were to begin with: you come to “know” when it’s time to bury yourself again.

Although this ritual may seem to be an odd thing to do, you might just find that being buried is one of the most enjoyable experiences you’ve ever had. The earth herself is your hostess, and she will do her best to comfort, nourish, and entertain you. You will feel very different when you step out of the hole after a burial – lighter, healthier, happier.

5) Creative visualization of yourself as healthy

Creative visualization is a form of self-hypnosis; but so is all of life. You hypnotized yourself into thinking that you are sick, and you can just as easily hypnotize yourself back out of it again. It is to be expected that you will be doubtful and hesitant at first; but if you have even a modicum of belief in the possibility that what you are doing is valid, that will be enough to make it happen. Of course, the more heartfelt your belief, the faster and more impressive the result will be.

Creative visualization is essentially the same thing as prayer, and has the same result, except that you don’t invoke a deity. If you are accustomed to praying to a deity, then by all means continue to do so, since this can be even more efficacious than straight creative visualization (of course this depends upon who the deity is and what you’re praying for) .

We will summarize two creative visualization methods here:

1) Affirmations can be spoken aloud, voiced mentally, written down, or chanted. These are positive, uplifting statements: for example, “I’m so happy now that I’m healthy again!” and which are repeated over and over.

2) Treasure maps are collages of photographs or drawings that illustrate us getting what we want from life. The visual images can also be accompanied by written affirmations. The visual images are examined and the accompanying affirmations read with the aim of conjuring up the feeling of that image coming true in our lives.

In using both affirmations and treasure maps, the important point is to get to the feeling of the desire, and not just do it by rote. To make it heartfelt, you should be in a happy, delighted mood – lose yourself in reverie. Try to connect with a feeling of intense longing – a pang of sweet anguish – in your heart.

Creative visualization should be done for at least ten minutes or so upon awakening, and again at night before going to sleep. Try to do your visualization as you drop off to sleep. This is difficult at first because the attention needed to maintain an image in the forefront of the mind (importance) is the opposite of the attention needed to enter the dream state (surrender) . The trick is to drop off to sleep with the feeling of your desire uppermost in your mind rather than the mental image, which is a lot harder to do.

You should also visualize your desires during the day – just like daydreaming, but in the present rather than the future tense, e.g., “I’m so happy now that I’m healthy again!” When you catch yourself indulging in normal daydreaming, switch it to creative visualization. The point is to stop thinking and to let yourself feel; to give yourself permission to feel as much joy as you would feel if your desire were to come true, without making that joy contingent upon whether the desire comes true or not. Then it really doesn’t matter whether it comes true or not; and this clears the way for it to come true.

Visualization is similar to normal daydreaming, except the latter is done with thinking, and the former is done with feeling. Daydreaming is done in the third person and the future tense, whereas visualization is done in the first person and the present tense.

In visualization you imagine yourself to be actually in the middle of the scene as if it were unfolding around you here and now; and you let yourself feel all the joy you would feel if that scene were actually happening. The secret of visualization is to convince yourself that what you are wishing for is already true, and to allow yourself to feel the feelings you would feel if that were in fact the case.

The difference between creative visualization and normal daydreaming is that in creative visualization there is no doubt: as in dreaming, the experience is too vivid and intense for doubt. In normal daydreaming, on the other hand, people don’t really want the fantasy to come true. They’re afraid of taking responsibility for that probable reality, for having that much power and control over their own destiny. Therefore, they detach themselves from their desire by projecting it into a future which will never come, instead of knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the probable reality will come true – by living that reality in the now moment, which is what is done in creative visualization. Healthy people are already using creative visualization unconsciously: they have no doubt about their health.

In normal daydreaming you are standing back and watching yourself, applauding yourself, patting yourself on the back. The “you” in the daydream is just a puppet; the real you is watching this puppet perform. But in creative visualization, the real you is smack dab in the middle of the action, taking primary enjoyment from being in the scene that unfolds around you, rather than standing back and watching at a distance.

Whereas normal daydreaming is a means of escaping from the rigors of life, creative visualization entails knowing that you called your outer circumstances to you for some reason and knowing that you can also change that reason if only you don’t lose sight of (feeling for) the ultimate goal. It means reaching out to probable realities in which there is joy, no matter how improbable they may seem at the moment, rather than to ones, which will only reinforce your self-pity.

Creative visualization is a way of cutting across all those endless circles of doubt and feeling sorry for yourself, by taking primary joy in the act of visualization itself. It’s like playing with an imaginary companion: a child who has an imaginary companion doesn’t care if it’s real or not – he or she just has fun with it in the now moment. And that’s the attitude you must bring to creative visualization – take primary pleasure in imagining it happening right now, rather than worrying about whether or not it will actually come true in some future.

The secret of creative visualization is to convince yourself that what you are wishing for is already true, and you’re just hanging around for a few minutes in the waiting room while the universe finds it and hands it to you. To visualize a desire as if it were already achieved means to imagine it happening in the here and now, as if it were taking place in front of you.

You mustn’t set up any contradictory agendas such as, “In the event that this creative visualization doesn’t work for me then I’ll do this other thing.” You have to put all your eggs in one basket, in the probable reality in which your desires come true. The more energy you can bring to bear upon your desire, the faster you’ll start seeing results.

But be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

excerpted from Magical Almanac ezine,

Copyright: excerpted from Magical Almanac ezine,


Bob Makransky

Location: Coban, Guatemala


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