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How to Fight Like a Witch

Author: Bob Makransky
Posted: June 17th. 2012
Times Viewed: 6,767

For the past five years I’ve been involved in this nuisance lawsuit over a piece of land which these people sold me; then they made a new (falsified) registration on the same land and took it over by force (threatened to kill me, and did beat me up when I went over there – to the land they had sold me) . They are family of thugs who have been doing this sort of thing to poor Indians in my village for years, and getting away with it by terrorizing their victims. But this time, they picked the wrong boy (in this lawsuit I have three co-plaintiffs who are all poor Indians who the thugs pulled the same trick on – but since I’m the only one who speaks Spanish and can read and write, it’s fallen to me to fight it) .

It all started when my teacher, don Abel Yat, was doing a Mayan ceremony and in the midst of it he stopped (as was his wont) to make a prediction: “You are about to have a huge land problem.” All of don Abel’s predictions have come true, and so did this one, two weeks later.

This thing has been dragging along in the Guatemalan judicial system for years, and occupying mucho of my time and costing mucho money. I’m going to win the case in the end, but wotta drag. I asked my spirits, “Why is this Kafkaesque nightmare happening to me?” and they answered, “To teach you how to fight like a witch.”

Truthfully, I have no interest in learning how to fight like a witch. All I’m really interested in is learning how to lie in my hammock and smoke dope like a witch. But Carlos Castaneda's teacher don Juan – and also my own teachers – are of the opinion that the best way to learn witchcraft is to find yourself in an all-out fight with a black witch who is much more powerful than you are. If you survive, then you will have learned a great deal (which really can't be learned any other way) . It’s by fighting against a black witch that I learned what demons are, and how to defend against them; what curses are, and how to remove them; and what psychopaths are like, and how to deal with them.

Anyway, in this nuisance lawsuit my opponents aren’t witches (thank God!) . And I have learned a few things about how witchcraft works, which I will pass on to you. In brief, witchcraft works as little flashes or pings every now and then. Witches have to set up an intent (which is what casting spells is all about) and then wait patiently until the Spirit suddenly pops an opportunity up before their eyes. And then, and only then, do they act.

Don Abel showed me some techniques for bewitching to overcome. I really think the thing is childish but it does it indeed work. If you can obtain a photograph of the person you wish to overcome or a hair or fingernail cutting from the person – great. If not, just make a small drawing of the person by hand. Make a little cross of sticks (don Abel used jocote – flat pine sticks oozing sap and used for fire starters) . Wind a red thread around the sticks to join them into a cross. Then place the photo or artifact of the person you wish to overcome in the center of the cross. Fasten it to the cross by winding the red thread around it (don Abel said not to pierce the photo, since that would be definite black witchcraft and result in physical injury to the person being bewitched. The idea is to overcome the person – not incur bad karma, which will have to be paid in other lifetimes) .

After performing a “Scat” ritual over the cross (choose a Saturn transit and Saturn hour for this, and follow instructions in the BOS in the Magic 101 folder , place the cross in your shoe (I wrapped these crosses in duct tape first to keep them intact) ; and imagine grinding the person you wish to overcome into the dirt with every step you take (as Nancy Sinatra crooned) . As I said, it’s childish; but it does work. Nonetheless one day, after I had been tripping on acid, I decided this was bullshit and tossed the crosses in my shoes into the garbage.

Don Abel also did a ceremony on the correct day (Tzi, which rules lawsuits) to help win the case. You can get the same effect (and I have reiterated the intent to win the case after don Abel died) by performing Scat rituals now and then, particularly when things bogged down or when things started moving forward (e.g. prior to the pre-trial hearing) .

When casting a Scat spell to get rid of someone, white witches don’t visualize bad things happening to that person. Rather, they visualize themselves happy, relieved, joyous, now that said person is gone. Psychic healing is done by visualizing the person as well. The point is that the visualization has to be done as if the action is unfolding in the here and now, unlike normal daydreams, which take place in the future. One has to feel all the feelings – joy, relief, health, whatever – that would be felt if the visualization were actually true. It’s those feelings, which are being felt which attract the object of desire; which make the visualization come true.

Dilettante witches think all you have to do is cast some spells or invoke some spirits, and next thing you know, hey nonny nonny – everybody will jump through a hoop for you and whatever you desire will fall at your footsteps with no effort on your part. False! If you want to work with demons, that can be true – and you will pay for it, pal; but when you are using white witchcraft, you must take 100% responsibility for making your desire reality. When once you make a vow, make a commitment, or cast a spell, it must be IRREVOCABLE. You must be willing. When you invoke witchcraft for any reason, expect 1) that the Spirit is going to send tests your way to prove your intent; and 2) you’re going to have to do whatever is necessary to make your desire reality – go that extra mile when you are already completely, utterly exhausted.

The term unbending intent means taking complete responsibility. Once you make the decision to do something, you must be willing to go to whatever lengths are necessary to make it happen. This is the mainspring of witchcraft – of how to make witchcraft work. To be a witch means to be thoroughly undaunted and unfazed – to go to any extreme required to realize your desire. This is what holds the average person back: not only social constraints about conventional morality and “dealing with the devil”, but also the general lethargy and mediocrity which society encourages. Only witches are willing and ready to go to the utmost extreme necessary to realize their desires, thus only witches are really taking responsibility for their world, and only witches are in a position to control it.

After working on my case for a year, and apparently having it complete, the Guatemalan D.A.’s office told me they wanted to drop my case for lack of personnel; the Assistant District Attorney told me that they could only work on “urgent” cases (stupid of her to tell me that because I’ve lived in Guatemala long enough to know what “urgent cases” means – it means cases where the plaintiff is the nephew or brother-in-law of a minister or deputy) . It seemed I was stymied. But a chance remark by a friend, to call in this international agency which was investigating corruption in the judiciary and District Attorney’s office, led me to play a super-long shot: contacting a friend of a friend who I thought might be able to advise me, but who turned out in the end to work for the very same international agency that the D.A.’s office was terrified of (something I hadn’t known before) .

When I explained my case to her she told me to forget it, that wasn’t what they do (their job is to police corruption in the judiciary and district attorney’s office due to narcotics traffickers) . But when I insisted she told me, “Okay, get your documents and sworn testimony from witnesses and I’ll submit them to my boss.” It took me a month of intense effort to round up all the statements from all the witnesses, but I got it together and submitted it to her. Next thing I knew her boss had written a strong letter to the Guatemalan District Attorney telling him to continue my case; and he passed the order on to the A.D.A. who had dropped me. The A.D.A. was pretty pissed off when I next saw her, but swallowed it and realized she had no choice but to continue my case, so she did. Voila! Tinker to Evers to Chance! That’s how witchcraft works: nothing, nothing, nothing, and then BING!

The same thing happened at a later point, when I had to set up a trap to arrest the defendants in the case (in Guatemala, everything is do-it-yourself, including doing the police’s work for them) . It’s too difficult to explain the whole situation here (although it is really interesting – but would lead too far afield) ; suffice it to say that it was Tinker to Evers to Chance again – an apparent obstacle, which turned into a miracle for me.

The point is, that if you are going to use white witchcraft, be prepared to have the Spirit roll marbles in your path, or block you somehow, so it seems you must give up just when everything seems to be working fine. The Spirit is a trickster – it’s always doing that kind of shit to test the mettle of real witches. Here’s where the phony witches peel off – they’re looking for a free ride or handout. IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE WITCHCRAFT TO GET WHAT YOU WANT, (whether black or white) , YOU MUST BE WILLING TO GO TO ANY EXTEME NECESSARY, ENDURE ANY HARDSHIP NECESSARY, COVER ALL BASES, DOT ALL i’s AND CROSS ALL t’s. And the amazing thing is, that when you do this, miracles happen (like me, with no cuello (inside pull) being able to bring pressure to bear on the Guatemalan District Attorney’s office, and being able to instruct the police on how set a trap to arrest the defendants.

Conscious awareness is where all links ultimately have to be made. A witch, however, never makes links through direct intervention, by acting on his or her own accord. This is how average people blow things or trip themselves up. They fail by acting on their thought forms, by being impatient and pushy, by being unwilling or unable to trust in the Spirit to bring them what they want in the fullness of time.

This shows lack of faith. Only the Spirit can move the wheel of chance. Therefore the basic principle of witchcraft is patience. Conscious awareness can only exist if there is also unconscious awareness – something that is being hidden. The trick of witchcraft is to take in everything so that nothing is any longer hidden. Another way of saying this is, we must become aware of our own prejudices and taken-for-granted assumptions, since it is our own images and expectations which blind us to the truth.

The answer to how to fight like a witch lies in holding it all in. Once it is determined that the other person is shameless and is acting in bad faith, you do not talk to your opponent, or waste time and energy trying to convince him or her of anything.

Reject all thoughts of rancor as they arise. By hoping the other person “gets what’s coming to them” you not only close your own heart, but you insure that the other person won’t get what’s coming to them because you are not releasing that desire. I have no rancor for my opponents in this stupid lawsuit (though I certainly regret all the time and money I’ve wasted on it) . The day a bunch of them beat me up, I actually reached the Place of No Pity (see the article on same posted in the Magical Almanac files Consciousness folder: – when I got up off the ground and dusted myself off, they were still standing around me threatening me, and yet I felt no fear or anger whatsoever – it was like something had been lifted off me (this feeling lasted for a few weeks; but I still have little personal rancor for these a**holes – I just want to win this stupid lawsuit; and get them off my case) .

It is helpful to have patron spirits helping you (for everything – not just fighting) . This is because spirits can see connections, which we humans miss. They can see light fibers, which we humans can’t (unless we are exceptionally gifted psychically) . What’s really going on beneath the surface of everyday life is quite apparent to spirits, even though it mystifies us. In order to fight like a witch (or do anything like a witch) you can’t rely on thinking mind – everything your parents and society have taught you – that’s just too dumb. You have to rely either upon your own intent; or else do what spirits tell you to do (act on their cues) .

But when I “won” the pre-trial hearing (which basically means I will win the case – even though it’s going to drag on for another year or two – the only question remaining is how much in damages I will be awarded) I thanked my patron spirits, the 9 Mayan gods for their help. And they told it wasn’t them, it was the spells don Abel – and I – did that produced the miracles; that I should give myself more credit. So even if you don’t have patron spirits, the techniques given here are really all you need.

(excerpted from Magical Almanac,


Bob Makransky

Location: Coban, Guatemala


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