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New Hope for the Demon-Possessed

Author: Bob Makransky
Posted: July 22nd. 2012
Times Viewed: 5,624

Nah, I’m kidding, I just chose that title because it sounds good. There’s actually no hope for the demon-possessed – not because demon possessed people couldn’t cast out their demons in a minute if they wanted to, but because most demon-possessed people would never do that – they are too closed-up, hard-hearted, and shameless – they listen only to their demons (not to reason or compassion) . Being demon-possessed means never having to say you’re sorry.

Now when I use the word “demons” I mean exactly what you think I mean. I’m not talking about amorphous “negative energies” or some such euphemism. I’m talking about actual, volitional beings who populate our sphere (albeit not materially – although they certainly can affect material matters) . All this pussyfooting and piddling around, the double-speak about not calling things by their right names because people want to play “Society Says” and not expose themselves to public ridicule, is playing right into the demons’ hands. There is such a tremendous stigma in our society against believing in demons and demon possession that it really does take a lot of courage to stand up and say, “Yes, demons exist, they’re all over the place, and they run the whole show” (i.e. our decadent, degenerate society) .

Does it matter whether people recognize the truth of the existence of demons or not? Well, it matters if they want to save the earth and the human race, since the demons who run our society through their insidious control of all our institutions (corporations, government, media, academia, churches) want to see us humans destroy ourselves (that’ll be a big feast for them) . And they are definitely succeeding: nuclear proliferation, runaway overpopulation, catastrophic climate change – all the burning issues which no one in power is taking seriously (how many so-called environmental activists still drive automobiles?) – are all heading in the same lemming-like direction.

Demons have been on our case for a long time now, ever since the invention of agriculture actually, which is why we’re so smart compared to other animals (as Carlos Castaneda’s teacher don Juan said in the Mud Shadows chapter of The Active Side of Infinity, demons gave us humans their mind, but they also made us their slaves. For detailed information on demons, see my books What is Magic? and Thought Forms) . Now it’s time for us humans to take our own destiny back if we want to survive as a species. And the first step in doing this is to acknowledge the truth of the existence of demons (no matter what other people think of us for believing this) : to understand something of demons’ nature and their weaknesses; to cast them out if we are possessed by them; and to finesse around them (which is done by each of us as individuals losing all trace of self-pity – the basis of our self-referent thinking – so the demons have nothing within us to manipulate) . This will actually happen by itself: the coming collapse of our unsustainable society – like all catastrophes such as floods and earthquakes – will tend to make people (at least the ones who aren’t demon-possessed) quit their bullsh*t and open their hearts to their neighbors; and this will drive the demons back from the survivors.

I’ve been face-to-face with demons, so don’t anyone tell me they don’t exist. You have too – you just didn’t recognize what you were looking at. You remember that really cruel, heartless, mean, inhuman a**hole who gratuitously slimed and stomped all over your feelings that time? Well, he or she was demon-possessed, and what you were looking at in that moment was the demon. Take Heinrich Himmler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Dick Cheney, etc. etc. etc. What do you suppose their problem was? How could they have stifled all human sentiment – all kindness and compassion? Only possession by demons enables a person to do that.

The only time in my life that I have ever met a true psychopath was during the guerrilla war. He was a lieutenant in the Guatemalan army, and luckily he would never have thought to harm an American, since just looking into his eyes was an experience I have no wish to repeat. But I’ve met many lesser evil people, have tangled with black witches who (fortunately) weren’t all that competent, else I wouldn’t be here writing this. My teacher don Abel Yat was murdered by the curse of a black witch – or so his family told me. I didn’t meet her (and have no desire to) .

But when we talk about demon possession, we’re not just talking about out-and-out psychos and black witches. Most of the people who are habitually, obsessively, angry, fearful, repressed, depressed, irritable, self-destructive, chronically ill, etc. are demon-possessed. On a guess, I would estimate that well over half the population is demon-possessed.
Why do you suppose that every mental disorder (e.g. obsessive – compulsive syndrome, paranoia, A.D.H.D.) is characterized by a set of invariable, ritualized, stereotyped behaviors, in which “the core impairments are consistent even in different cultural contexts.” It’s because every distinct mental disorder has a cadre of demons proper to it – the impairments are so consistent because they are being produced by the same “society” of demons, as it were; and casting those demons out is the first step in recuperating the person’s volition. Academic psychology’s rejection of the notion of demon possession is utterly absurd: it’s like trying to formulate a science of physics while rejecting the calculus – you can still do it, but are handicapping yourself unnecessarily. Practically all mental illness is a symptom of demon possession, and while it can be treated without reference to the underlying problem, this is not a very skillful way of doing it.

People call demons in to possess them when they feel vulnerable and in need of drastic protection and security. Demons give them strength – rationalizations, shamelessness, hard-heartedness, self-pity – with which to fend off the attacks of other people and the buffeting of circumstances. Demon possession can occur either consciously or unconsciously – usually the latter. Here is a fictional example of demon possession from the children’s book Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh, which shows how people call demons in to possess them at moments of great vulnerability and self-pity. In the story Harriet has just been rejected – deservedly – by all of her friends:

“She sat very stupidly with a blank mind until finally ‘I feel different’ came slowly into her head. … ‘Yes’, she thought, after a long pause. And then, after more time, ‘Mean, I feel mean.’

“She looked around with a mean look for everyone. Nobody saw her. She felt her face contorting. It was an impressive moment that everyone missed. It was a moment that Harriet would never forget.

“When the bell rang for lunch, it was as though she didn’t have to think any more. Everything happened as though she had planned it but she really hadn’t. For example, when the bell rang Pinky Whitehead jumped up and ran down the aisle. Harriet put her foot out and he fell flat on his face.

“A terrific wail went up from his prone body, and when he raised his face his nose was bleeding. Harriet looked extremely blank. Inside she felt a sense of very personal satisfaction.”

Note that calling a demon in unconsciously, in a thoughtless fit of undisciplined anger or self-pity, has all the consequences of conscious demon-possession (the demon won’t leave unless deliberately exorcised) .

In fact, our society is founded upon demonism. The fundamentalist Christians are quite correct in their appraisal of the extent to which Satan and his minions run our society (of course, they don’t recognize their own smug, know-it-all superiority at being “saved” as demon-inspired) . Demon advisors urge all our closed-heartedness to one another –the hard-edged snarl that underlies most of our interactions with other people – on us. The cartoon stereotype of a little angel and devil perched on the shoulders of a character alternately whispering in his ears is 100% accurate.

Psychopaths are extreme examples of demon possession (not much humanity left there at all) , but actually we’re all like that just beneath the surface, which is why we’re so fascinated by gruesome news stories: that’s us. We’re all allowing ourselves to be swayed by the blandishments of demons all the time, even if we’re not actually possessed by them, and the psychos we see on the news are just acting it out openly for everyone else. For example, when we are driving and another driver cuts in right ahead of us and we beep the horn in anger, that’s in fact an exchange between that guy’s demons and our own. Our anger is like a little snack to the demons who hover around us constantly like mosquitoes waiting for a little dart of anger, fear, etc. they can suck.

This is not such a mystical notion: we humans are doing the same thing all the time. Anyone who tries to mooch money or sex from you, or invades your space in any other way, is sucking your energy: getting a rise out of your aversion, disgust, or fear – no matter whether they obtained the money or sex (their putative pay-off) or not. A friend of mine who used to run the Iditarod dogsled race from Anchorage to Nome told me that when leaving rest stops it is necessary for dog sled teams to hide their departure intentions from other contestants, lest someone get on their trail shortly after they leave and “dog” them – follow in their track and pull themselves forward by sucking the energy of the leading team. My friend told me that it actually feels like having to drag someone behind you. This is similar to a technique my guides taught me: when hiking in the country, try to place your footsteps on the receding footsteps of the person in front of you. Not only is this a great exercise in maintaining concentration (if you aren’t paying 100% attention to the person’s feet, you lose the thread completely) but also you pick up energy from that person. The point is that demons suck energy in much the same way. It’s done with light fibers.

How do demons operate? They implant thoughts into our brains, and then suck our emotional reactions to the thoughts (or, if acting through a person possessed by them, they have that person goad us to react) . Only if we have 100% control over our moment-to-moment thoughts are we in a position to fully resist their influence. Even if we are not out-and-out possessed by demons, they are constantly feeding thoughts into our brains (beneficent spirits are too, of course; it all depends on whom we choose to listen to) .

Demons (like beneficent spirits) see things very differently than we humans do, because they are able to see light fibers – what’s really going on – whereas we humans can (usually) only see thought forms. By analogy, I remember once when I was about 7 or 8 running into the house and yelling at my mother, “Quick! I need buckets of water!” and she replied, “Where’s the fire?” And I was really amazed – how on earth did she know that? In the same way that we adults can very clearly see what’s going on with children, demons can see what is going on with us humans: what are our real agendas are (that we are unable – or better said, refuse – to consciously acknowledge) . And they can act on that ability to see connections, which are hidden from us. This is why demon-possessed people are so cunning, with such a sixth sense for the jugular (exploiting other people’s weaknesses, which often helps them rise to positions of power in society before they self-destruct) : it’s actually the peoples’ demons who are acting for them.

Demon possession runs in families (is handed down from parents to children) . When a demon-possessed person dies, their demons fly into other hosts – often children of the deceased. A friend once told me that when her mother, who had always despised her and her eldest brother (but got along okay with the other siblings) died, she and her eldest brother got violently, violently ill during the wake, which they blamed on something they had eaten (although they ate nothing different from anyone else) . I interpreted this to mean that the mother’s demons had passed to her children, but my friend and her brother were able to resist the demons’ entry: their bodies violently vomited the demons out.

It is possible to feel demons’ effects from a distance. I was once in a situation in which I was forced to have dealings with a very demon-possessed black witch (it was unavoidable) . I observed that whenever I approached her house, I would start getting angry for no reason (this is because I am an angry person: demons play on people’s weaknesses, so if I were a fearful person I would have felt fear; if I were a greedy person I would have felt avarice; if I were a lustful person I would have felt lust, etc.) . Because I was, after all, trained as a scientist, I tried approaching the house from different directions to try to calculate at what radius the demons’ power began to take effect (at what distance from the house I would start getting angry) .

The only way to avoid being swayed by demons is by being completely at peace in your own heart, which is achieved by diminishing your sense of importance (your self-pity) . There are lots of techniques for accomplishing this, taught by many spiritual schools. Magicians resort to nature spirits – such as going to tree spirits every day – as their main bulwark: by just going to the trees every day, you little-by-little arrive at a peaceful state of mind in your everyday life, which helps you resist the blandishments of demons (or letting other people bend you out of shape) .

So, how are you supposed to deal with demon-possessed people? In my experience, you have no choice but to cut them completely from your life, no matter who they are. Just turn around, shake off the dust of your feet, and walk away. I used to let that kind of people walk all over me; but not any more. I don’t have enough energy nowadays to permit bad faithers to inject senseless turmoil into my life just to give their demons suck.

“But I need the job!” “But I have to stay in this marriage for the kids’ sake!” “But my mother / father / kid needs me!” ... I hear you; I’ve been there. Every case is different. Maybe the Spirit sent you that person as your petty tyrant, to help you lose importance by invading your space, stomping on your feelings, and pushing you to the Place of No Pity. If that’s the case, then you gotta hang around – otherwise you’re blowing your spiritual chances. But in weighing your decision, don’t base it on the hope that the person is ever going to change. Remember that they aren’t human (anymore) , they’re demons: they are never going to change; or listen; or yield an inch; or give a damn about your feelings. They may pretend they are changing (as a tactic – drug and alcohol addicts play that one a lot) . But they’re never, ever going to change; so I suggest cutting them dead, with no regrets. That’s just life in our demonic society. It’s bad enough that most of our leaders are demon-possessed, but it’s really a drag when the people we love are.

Also, it never hurts to put the question whether you, yourself may be demon-possessed; and to cast them out (you have nothing to lose by doing this) . I happen to have the good fortune to live near a Mayan holy place – a sacred grotto – which is an automatic de-demonizer: all people have to do is to go there, light a candle, and ask the cave spirit to cast any demons out ... and voila! But you can cast demons out anywhere – all that is required is the intent – the firm decision – to cast them out.

If you are suffering from a chronic or incurable disease, or are battling against some form of addiction, then casting out demons is the first step in self-healing. It’s the first step in self-healing for most of us, since so many of us are demon-possessed. Until you get rid of any demons that may be possessing you and reassert control over your own intent, all your spiritual endeavors are just whistling in the wind.

Complete instructions on how to cast out demons are given in my book Thought Forms. To summarize:

To cast out demons, go to whatever place you are accustomed to pray at. Power spots or power trees are good places to do this, especially if you have faith in the power of the place or tree to brace your spirit. Light a candle and ask the deity to whom you usually pray that, if there happens to be a maleficent influence in your life, to please cast it out! You must make this prayer in a true spirit of decisiveness and determination. If you pray in a spirit of doubt or hesitation, the demon will use your vacillation to defeat your prayer. You can also jump around and shake your body loosely, to shake any demon out.

Mars planetary hours are good hours to take decisive, irrevocable action; to stand up for you; but this is merely a help, not a necessity. It’s a good idea to incense your home out afterwards with an acrid incense such as copal or patchouli, to remove thought forms left by the demon. It’s also a good idea to incense your home after a visit by a demon-possessed person (or any conflict / argument) since they leave thought forms behind them, which can affect your mood and thoughts.

Successful exorcisms are often accompanied by sensations of something that was inside you leaving. There may be some kind of whoosh of something flying out of you and away. But this isn’t always true. One way you’ll know is that in the next few days you’ll feel lighter, more hopeful and optimistic. Your friends will notice the difference too: they’ll remark on how much better you look or feel.

If there’s any doubt, though, you can always repeat the exorcism. Just make sure to do it in a mood of decisiveness and determination. That’s all; it’s not difficult.

(excerpted from Magical Almanac,


Bob Makransky

Location: Coban, Guatemala


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