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The Way of The Universe

Author: Awennra Thorne
Posted: December 7th. 2008
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Ever mind the Law of Three
What you send comes back to thee
Three times bad, three times good

What first drew me to the Craft was the possibility to control my life. I had embarked on a spiritual journey, whereby I was invited to explore my own self. In my life quest, the Craft and the spirit of Paganism have made me more aware of my own self, and have also helped me to discover the hidden aspects of my self. Self-discovery was a never-ending process and my life has therefore been also a journey to unearth my full potential.

I cannot say that I have reached the ‘end’, as most of you know, there is no end to learning, as, as souls, we are eternal and immortal, and are therefore here to “re-member” our true self, which is the source of all of our power, too. This may seem easy to say, but sometimes, it gets difficult to ‘control’ our life and to get what we desire. In these times, we turn to rituals, prayers, and even, spells and magick, but would it not be much more efficient if we turned instead to the Universe directly and try to affect it with our most powerful tool- our mind!

This sure is not easy, and it may take a lifetime to accomplish. But, mastery over the Universe is a worthwhile task to try to accomplish. And in trying to imprint and wax your thoughts and desires on the astral, most can come true, as the Universe is only waiting for us to act, and translates each and every thought and desire of ours into ‘reality’. Till now, we have been doing that only unconsciously, so why now not try to do that consciously? Then would it not be possible to get what we choose to have in our life. Therefore, by controlling our mind, and directing our thoughts to the desired outcome, we can achieve our desired results, and hence materialize ‘things’ in our reality…

Enlightenment has been my aim, and in my life path, and some intense moments of meditation, I have come to realize that all life is but One. We are all connected, and having glimpsed what cosmic consciousness is, I can say, that indeed, all life, and all Universe is connected. We Are Indeed but One. Therefore, what does this tell us-it’s that the Universe and Us, we are of the same essence, as is everything else that ‘exists’!

Remember we are microcosm of the Universe. So definitely, we can affect it! Therefore, if we are indeed ‘One’, then, we ‘Can’ no doubt, affect the Universe, and ‘mould’ it to suit our purposes. What is needed is only the faith that we can change things, and ‘wax’ our thoughts onto the astral plane (or whatever place they go to) , and bring into creation whatever we choose to manifest in our life.

In the end, it’s what we believe in, and the depth of our faith, and also our optimism that determines what life will reserve for us. And what we need to know is that life only reserves the best for us if we believe in this. It is all, in the end, about the faith that we deserve the best and that it is our Right to enjoy life, and have whatever we desire and choose for ourselves. It is after all not for nothing that we have the dreams we have.

“Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers;
powers that would astonish him,
that he never dreamed of possessing,
forces that would revolutionize his life
if aroused and put into action”
- Orison Sweet Marden

If we learn to recognize our selves and the depth of our powers, then maybe we can be brought to understand how easily we can affect the universe. If only we just choose to do it! We were created in the Image of God, so in a way, we are god ourselves and we can choose to manifest that divinity in our everyday life, but only if we really choose it and believe it. Now, don’t go out pretending that you are the Almighty! What I mean is to be in touch with that godly essence within each and every one of us, and learn, or rather remember, how to manifest that Self within our life, so that indeed, we can fully ‘become’ that God and be enlightened beings.

Everything happens for a Reason, therefore, there must also be a reason why you desire the thing you do, and in the end, it could serve for the general good of the rest of us. Therefore, despair not. The Way of the Universe is a beautiful and efficient one. Remember the Law of Attraction, what you think, you attract to you. Therefore, be not negative at all, strive to be positive and have faith in the Way of the Universe. Be optimistic. Strive to cultivate positive thoughts. Believe In Yourself. But then, be not passive, wait not for things to come your way by themselves, for it will not. Wait not. Act. Be dynamic. Flow not with the wave of life. Instead, mould the wave according to your will and whim.

Remember Hazlitt’s words: “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Well, this is absolutely true!! Remember also, the Law of Free Will. The Universe and everything else, cannot interfere with your free will, therefore, you will have to assert the power of your own will, and manifest the things you want! Do not ‘Try’!! Instead ‘Do’ things! You are made in the image of God that is not for nothing, you are God yourselves! Then assert your God Selves, and take the responsibility for your life and growth. You do that simply by affirming it, choosing to control the universe, and not vice versa. But this should be a continuous process, until you actually believe it completely. Until, there is no single ounce of doubt that remains in you. Then, you will have mastered the Way of the Universe.

The world and the Universe, everything is made up of energy, and that includes your own selves. We are all energy and we vibrate, constantly, energy ‘particles’ and ‘waves’ fluxing in and out of our selves, affecting and reaching every other thing on earth. These vibrating signals are what your thoughts are also made up of. These thoughts travel on to the astral planes and wax onto those planes, bringing into creation whatever is ‘transmitted’. Therefore, be careful about what you think and ask for, as every single thing you think, say, or do have consequences.

Energy sent becomes denser and denser, ‘coagulating’ into matter, thus bringing into creation what was sent for. Then, that ‘thing’ created, becomes your objective ‘reality’. Therefore, it becomes very important to learn to master our thoughts, in order to attract the things we really, and truly, desire and choose to have. And we better be very clear about that, or we get confused manifestations, as well!

First of all, you have to search for what you really do like and love to do in life, for example, your interests, hobbies, or life’s aim, career, and so on. Look for what really and truly, defines your self, that which reflects who you Really Are.

Make out a list of what you like and not, what do you expect from life, and what are your goals, and how do you want to achieve them. Once, you are clear about what you desire, and work towards it, the Universe starts to make things easier for you, providing opportunities for you to advance in your path. Therefore, watch out for relevant signals, and you will instinctively learn to recognize them. Believe it, as I’ve also been through this, and you can trust my word, or if you cannot, wait to experience it yourself.

But be open, and listen to your true intuition. Find things that motivate you, to keep your passion and enthusiasm ‘alive’ and burning still. Above all, learn to keep up your positivity level, for if you are not completely positive, or try to be so, then, its not worth the effort, to do all the above, for, if you have no faith, you’ll be only wasting time.

Anyway, since, self-denial is also self-destruction, do not deny, and/or ignore your true self, and goals and desires. Work to achieve them- your true desires. Do not lie to yourself. Assert yourself. Remember the depth of your potential and powers. Remember your True Self, your God/Goddess Self. Assert Your Self!

You may say, that it’s easier said than done… But this is Totally Wrong! You can truly achieve whatever you choose to achieve! Nothing is impossible in this world, as long as you Believe In Yourself and have Faith! All is a matter of faith and practicality. But remember, do not say that you ‘want’ or ‘need’ something, as then, you will only attract the ‘want’ and ‘need’. Instead, say that you choose to ‘have’ something, and that you ‘will have’ something, and then, you will indeed have that ‘thing’ in your life. So, therefore, do not ever forget that belief and faith are absolutely primordial.

Hence, listen well and do yourself a favor. Believe in your abilities, the Way of the Universe becomes simple enough then. For, it is truly, only waiting to act on your command. And, as one great man, the Swami Vivekananda had so rightly said: -

“What makes you weep my friend, in you is all power. Summon your All-Powerful nature, O Mighty One, and this Whole Universe will be at your feet. It is the Self Alone that Predominates and not matter.”

Therefore, despair not and have faith in yourself.

I do not claim to be a master about all this, but in writing this article, I’ve only wanted to share some experiences of mine with you- the idea for this article actually came to me, when I was meditating, so perhaps, this too, was a signal. Hence, I’ve tried to fuel your thirst so that you may learn more about this ‘art’, and that you get the opportunity to strive and start to use your mind, and your all-powerful nature, to master the Way of the Universe.

Thus, hoping to have ignited the spark in you, I leave you in peace and love… My Best Wishes for the time to come, farewell and Blessed Be,

Awennra Thorne.

Copyright: It is my own article.


Awennra Thorne

Location: Rose Belle, Mauritius, England

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