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Candle Magic for Today's Lifestyle

Author: Kalam
Posted: March 4th. 2007
Times Viewed: 4,013

I have been making candles for the pagan and metaphysical communities for over ten years. In that time, I have had to learn to develop my candles so they can be easily used in the hectic lifestyle that came with the 20th century and now, the 21st century. I don’t see any signs of it slowing down, either. What I have tried to do is make spell casting and energy work using candles as easy as possible and still keep the energy level high enough so it can fulfill the desired purpose. I have attempted to do this by utilizing the energy from a number of levels for a desired purpose, allowing the user the ability to focus better on what is desired.

Once you are able to draw on those energies, you will be surprised what you will be able to accomplish.

Before I go any further, I want to give you my view of candle magick and why I feel it is one of the best forms of magick available to us. I see candle magick as one of the highest forms of energy we can use; it allows you to draw on any type of energy available to you. That energy can then be used to its desired purpose. You might say the candle can be used as a bridge between you and the higher powers we call on to accomplish the task at hand, making the candle a tool, something to focus our thoughts and direct our energies and help us attain a specific goal or desire.

It is best to learn the basic energies available for us to draw upon, and the best energy I have found is within our own bodies. These personal energies are represented by energy points in the body known as the chakras and each is represented by a separate color. By looking at a particular chakra’s color and the meaning and purpose of that chakra, it is easily translated into candle magick.

There is an entire belief pertaining to the chakras and I will, in no way, try to teach that to you. All I wish to teach you is the basics behind them so you can get an idea of how the energy of the chakras can be combined with candles to achieve a desired goal or purpose.

There are seven base chakras in the body, each having it’s own color and energy, and each affects a separate part of our body. You might say that on an energy level, we are divided into seven layers and each of these layers affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I am going to try to show you what each layer’s purpose is and how that energy can be used in candle magick.

When using candles in relation to each chakra, the color of the candle will be the same as the chakra with which you are working. By focusing on the color of the candle and the purpose for which it will be used, you are tuning-in to that particular chakra and energizing it. It’s like recharging a battery, allowing you to use that battery to it’s fullest potential.

The energy that you draw from that chakra can be used for physical, spiritual, or emotional healing. Or you can use that energy to help you accomplish a specific purpose or reach a goal.

Location-Perineum (area between the anus and sex organs)

This chakra is known as the Root Chakra and it is our source of stability. It helps to keep our mind focused, and our feet planted.

In candle magick, you would use a red candle and your focus would be on strength and increasing your energy levels, helping you to accomplish the task (s) at hand.

A red candle is also used in certain love spells to help stabilize an existing relationship and to help increase or bring back the passion in your relationship. Word of caution about love spells, don’t attempt to bend someone’s will to satisfy your own. They should be allowed to come to you of their own free will; you just want them to look in your direction.

If you are having health problems concerning the legs, bones, lg. intestine, or the adrenal glands, focusing the energy of the candle toward any or all of these problems will help increase the energy in the root chakra, giving the body the needed energy to heal itself. If you are using a prescribed treatment for any of these problems, DO NOT stop the treatment. Use the energy to speed up the healing process so you can get back to a normal life quicker.

Location-Lower abdomen

The second chakra is your center and source of your creative and pro-creative drives. When this one isn’t operating and energized properly it can cause impotence and frigidity. It can also cause creative blocks for the artist or writer.

In candle magick, you would use an orange candle and your focus would be on increasing the energy to the second chakra, allowing the creative energies to flow properly and clearing any obstruction.

If you are having health problems concerning the reproductive organs, kidneys, or bladder, increasing the flow in the second chakra will help the body purge itself of any impurities or infection. Once again, do not stop any prescribed medical treatment.

Location- Solar Plexus

The third chakra is our center of power and it is the source of our strength of will. It also helps guide us during critical moments of decision when we have to rely on our gut instinct to make a proper decision.

This chakra is probably the one we can sense the best on a physical level. When something doesn’t feel right, you get the sensation of it sitting at the bottom of your stomach like a rock. If something feels right, it will be a sensation radiating through the body like a wave of energy.

The third chakra is from where our strong emotions originate. Anger, joy, laughter, and fear are the best examples. If you, or someone you know, are having problems with strong emotions and can’t seem to keep control of them, it is usually an indication that this chakra is over energized, throwing off the emotional balance. A yellow candle can be used as a focus for that excess energy, helping to siphon it off and stabilizing the third chakra. The reverse can be done for someone with a lack of emotion. A yellow candle can be used to energize and strengthen the third chakra by focusing and drawing the energy from the candle.

As I stated before, this chakra is also the center of our decision-making processes. If you are having problems with a decision, meditate using a yellow candle. You will find the decision not as difficult as you thought.

If you are having health problems, such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, ulcers, or muscular problems, drawing the energy from a yellow candle will help repair and stabilize the glands that are causing the problems, allowing them to return to a normal level of operation, with the possibility of decreasing the need for medication. Please do not decrease or change your medication on your own; allow the doctor time to see an improvement and leave the final decision to him/her.

Color- Green
Element- Air
Location- Heart

The fourth chakra is known as the heart chakra and it is physically, probably, the most important one in the body. It is our life center and it controls and energizes the heart, lungs, arms, and hands. It is our center of growth and helps keep us balanced. It is also the source our compassion and love.

A green candle is used when working with this chakra and by drawing on the energy of this candle, we can use that energy for the important purpose of healing. We can use this healing energy for ourselves or someone else. The energy can be used to heal on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level.

The purpose a green candle is used for most is drawing money or love to us. This isn’t a problem, as long as you don’t use the energy for purposes of greed or to bend ones will toward yourself.

When using the energy to draw money to you, more than likely, you will get no more than you deserve or need to help sustain your life and make you more comfortable. Possibly, a better job, or a better position where you are currently, or it may open a way for you to make a living at your own business. Be careful how you state your purpose, when asking for money; you want to make it clear that you wish it without yourself or anyone else being harmed or hurt in any way. You want it to come to you as naturally as possible.

When asking for love, be sure to ask for someone that you will be compatible and would truly like to spend the rest of your life with, and for someone you can please and with whom you can share you happiness.

Color- Blue
Location- Throat

This is known as the Throat Chakra and it is our center of communication and most importantly, honesty. If this chakra isn’t energized properly or is out of balance, the ability for honesty with yourself or others will be greatly diminished causing you to be misjudged, or you misjudging others. Using a blue candle can help equalize and balance this chakra, allowing you to communicate on a more honest level with yourself or others.

Physically this chakra affects the throat, ears, mouth, and the thyroid gland. Use a lt. blue to royal blue candle, drawing on the energy of the candle and focusing it on the affected area helping it to heal.

Another purpose for using a lt. blue candle is to calm the environment around you. Place the lit candle in the area where it is needed and the energy it emits will have a natural calming effect on the area and those within that area.

Color- Indigo
Location- Forehead

This chakra is the one that controls our emotional and mental state. This is also where the “third eye” is located and it is the center of our psychic ability and knowledge. When this chakra is not energized correctly, it can cause emotional or mental problems, and nightmares. It can also prevent the third-eye from opening or focusing properly preventing you from using your psychic abilities.

On a physical level, if not properly energized it can cause headaches, migraines, and problems with the eyes. Using an Indigo candle and drawing on the energy of the candle can help calm the mental and emotional state, and help decrease or eliminate the frequency of headaches and migraines.

If you use an indigo candle during meditation, it will help open the third-eye and help you to focus and, best use your psychic abilities.

Color- Purple
Element- Thought
Location-Top of Head

This chakra is very important when it concerns the proper functioning of the brain, essentially our retention of knowledge and the chemical balance of the brain. But on a spiritual level, this chakra is probably, the most important. It is our direct connection to the astral and spiritual realm.

When energized properly, it allows us to communicate on a spiritual level, and when we wish, to travel on the astral plane. If you are having problems meditating, use a purple candle, by focusing and drawing on the energy of the candle it will help open this chakra allowing you to meditate easier and with less effort.

Burning a purple candle while you are studying will help you retain the knowledge and help you to comprehend what you are learning.

If you suffer from depression due to a chemical imbalance, try keeping a purple candle burning as much as possible. It will help balance the crown chakra, thus helping to stabilize the chemical imbalance in the brain. By no means, go off of any medication you are on; do this only at your doctors instructions.

Now that I have given you, to the best of my knowledge, the basics of the seven chakras there is a simple exercise you can do to help you recognize, focus, and learn to use the energy of each chakra.

First, find about 30 min. in the day where you can sit quietly and meditate. Starting with the first chakra, light a red candle and concentrate on the candle and its color. In a little while you will see the energy that the candle is emitting build around the candle. Focus on that energy and draw that energy toward you and into the first chakra. You should start feeling the energy of the root chakra; it will be felt as a vibration, almost a humming sensation.

The energy at first may feel uneven or unstable, but with time and practice you will feel the energy stabilize and become more even. Do this with each of the chakras, progressively working upward toward the crown chakra. Master the energy of one chakra before proceeding to the next color.

Do not be discouraged if it takes a little while to focus and draw on the energy of each candle. With time, you will find it easier and will require less effort each time you meditate.

These colors are used in addition to the chakra colors; they are protective and shielding colors.

White is primarily used as a purification and cleansing color. That is why it is used as a primary color in hospitals. It cleanses on all three levels. The physical, emotional, and spiritual. It is also used as a shielding color. It helps to create a barrier that does not allow negative energy to come through.

Black absorbs negativity. If the negativity is particularly strong it will send that negativity back to the source, or just send it away. It works on all three levels also.

Grey is a combination of Black and white. It is used for shielding to help protect you such as white. The black part of the grey will absorb lower levels of negativity that the white cannot repel

Brown is a grounding color. It works like a lightening rod to ground out negative energy and feelings allowing you to center and focus on what you need to accomplish. Brown being a color sympathetic to the earth it can be used to help heal animals and plants.

The following colors are a blend of the different chakra colors and energies. They will utilize the colors and energies of 2 or more chakras. This helps you to fine tune and focus your energies more directly on a purpose or problem.

Chakras-Root/ Second

Vermillion is used for increasing the energy of the root and second chakra, allowing you to stay focused and to accomplish the tasks at hand.


Gold energizes the second and third chakras. This helps you to focus on personal decisions and/or problems. Gold helps you to come to a solution in a more creative manner. This way your emotions are only a part of the solution


Pink is traditionally used as a color to help build ones self-esteem. Pink helps you to focus on what you need to feel better about yourself. It does this by reinforcing your root chakra with the red, but the white helps to shield you from the energies and influences that you find harmful. Pink is also used as a color to help build romance in a relationship.
The red helps to drive and stabilize the relationship, while the white protects you from the aspects of the relationship you do not want to be involved with.

Chakras-Heart (4th) /Throat (5th)

Aqua is a calming color, especially when it involves a relationship. This could be a friendship or personal relationship. If a relationship has become too intense due to mistrust or doubt, and there is a level of honesty that is needed within that relationship, the color helps to calm the energies that have become too intense and allows clear thinking and honest communication between those involved.

Royal Blue
Other-Dispel Negativity

Royal Blue is used in court cases or when a level of honesty is needed and there are negative energies around that are not allowing the truth to come through. The blue helps to reinforce the truth and the black helps to absorb the negative energies surrounding the problem.

Good luck and I hope you achieve all that you desire.

[Note: This is the first of what, I hope, is the beginning of a series of articles teaching you candle magick and how you can use it to make your life more fulfilling. If you find this article of use to you and wish to see more, please contact me and I will gladly post more on The Witch’s Voice.]



Location: Florence, Alabama


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