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Applying School Concepts to Wicca

Author: CerrayaSlaughterHouse
Posted: February 14th. 2010
Times Viewed: 4,274

“Close your eyes and visualize this. You are walking around in Central Park. It’s autumn, and the leaves are warm reds and browns. Two kids are playing in the grass, running around. One is a little boy, and one is a little girl. The little boy has blonde surfer like hair that he keeps sweeping back, the little girl is a dark brunette. The are embraced by cozy jackets, and they are flying a kite, the kite is a crimson red color, it’s tail, five streamers; one the color blue, another green, yellow, red, and purple. The kite whips about in the breezy sky. Now open your eyes, could you imagine that in your mind’s eye?”

Our English teacher guided our visualization; we were reviewing the skills of a “good reader.” I realized just then how much she was helping me with my visualization skills for life. I knew that what she just had us practice was not only increasing my ability to visualize scenes in books I read, but helping me with my visualization skills for everything, meditation, magick making, and such.

Teenaged Wiccans and Pagans, including myself, may think of a deeper meaning when it comes to school lessons, as they may potentially have more than the use the teacher intends. Paying attention in our classes is very vital. Being Wiccan or Pagan should get us thinking about the world around us if you already haven’t. Listening very much in that one English lesson will stay with me forever simply because I related it to my life, instead of just leaving it back in the classroom or when I open my novels.

Without learning how to write back in kindergarten, how would we have ever written in our B.O.S.’s? School may be very boring and tiresome (especially in the morning) a lot of the time, but I’ve learned that relating the subjects back to our life and religions has kept me much more interested in my core classes, and even some electives.

Most of us raise energy to make magick. If you’re in a dance class (this would refer more to ballet here) or assist any dance class, whether it is a school elective or outside-of-school activity, dancing is raising energy. Even in Tap dancing or Clogging, the rhythm of the clinking metal plates can raise energy, the rhythmic tune mimics the sounds of nature itself, and dancing in general is good for the soul.

Do you feel full with energy and excited when dancing? If you’re in ballet, doing chasses across the floor, it’s simply magick. When I assist small children’s ballet classes, going around in the circle makes me feel connected to magick. Everywhere we go, we can raise magick, everything that we do, in essence of it, is Wiccan/Pagan. It doesn’t matter where you are, school, home, work, magick is all around, and we create it.

Think about it, in any situation, any classroom, dance or school, we are aware of the energy around us and the potential magick to be made. Magick can be made after a visualization practice, even in English class, it can be made while going around and around in a circle in ballet class, similar to our sacred circles, it can be the motivation when you are determined to do well, or the magick we make in ritual.

When you wish and wish for something and work towards it, you’re sending out the energy into the world to manifest itself. When you visualize the God/Goddess in a meditation practice, before calling them, it can further your connection and understanding of the God/Goddess.

To listen to our lessons and fully understand them will not just earn us a good grade on report cards, or a great performance onstage. We must incorporate all the elements from the lesson into our lives and use them there as well. To just hear your science lesson for the day will do nothing. But if we listen to it, think of the ways it can help us in our religion and life, and fully understand it, we will have accomplished more than just a task in class.

To put on your tap shoes or ballet shoes or whichever, and dance will only affect our life if we use it wisely. When you come home from your studio (if you do go to dance lessons) you can use that leap or step in your ritual dances as well if you like. If it is one of your favorite things to do and you love what you’re doing, adopt that dance into your ritual and live dance in Wicca/Paganism and your dance class.

When we take our school, dance, or whatever lessons and activities into our life fully, we have let that become part of our life. The small things in school (like my English teacher’s visualization practice) can truly stay with you and help you in other tasks and everyday life and religion.

While sitting in science last year, we learned about the tectonic plates, and their movement called plate tectonics. It wasn’t until this very moment that I thought about how this could affect me. We learn a lot of things we think are irrelevant to life, such as algebraic expressions, that we probably won’t use unless we go into the math area for careers. But now I think, even if they are only moving a little and it doesn’t seem like much, this is our earth! It is interesting to know that our world, each plate, is moving, if you believe that at all.

While we are still on this planet, practicing Wicca/Paganism or whatever your path, we should try to learn and apply what we learn from school to our life and religion. Yes, I can see how one might view the study of science and it’s theories to appose many if not all religions. For school science classrooms teach the theory of evolution and the big bang theory, but they do not insist or even ask we believe it. However, at the same time, science is the study of earth itself. Science is very important.

We believe the God/Goddess created the world, it is their domain, the Goddesses’ belly, but without science, how would we understand that the God’s sun is what we rotate around? We would know it keeps us warm and is symbolic of the God, but we would have never known that our earth rotates around it.

The earth itself to me is a wonderful and fascinating thing, I’m on it, and so are the 6. Something billion people. Being here, going to school and after school activities are teaching me everyday for the future. We may disregard a lot of the information taught to us if we do not believe it will ever be of use for us in life, or in our future careers, or have any use in religion.

It is true that I do not believe I need algebraic expressions or know how to solve inequalities in math. It may be so that I think a lot of the material wastes time and paper (go green for our planet!) especially when it (to me) serves no purpose or just confuses the class altogether. But just the same, one might think that of material I believe is helpful and meaningful for everyday and our future, which I can relate it to my religion, but either way, paying attention to these lessons will help us in so many situations.

We can use a lot of these teachings in religion, and of course, life. We must understand how to write and read, how could we get anywhere spiritually or anywhere?

If there’s ever something you’ve wanted to learn in school that may help you along in life or you would just like to know, but they haven’t taught you it, research it! I’ve always been interested in the Salem Witch Trials since grade school, and they never, and still haven’t gone over that material. So, frustrated with each new school year, where I asked in history class if we were learning it this year, and the reply being “no, ” I took the matter into my own hands. I began reading about the Salem Witch Trials online and anywhere I could. I felt that this was such an important piece of history, how you ask, does this relate to Wicca and my entire essay?

Well, this piece of history, I thought, was important because it held such a negative energy, and so many innocent people perished. With the law of “Harm None, ” I found this so shocking. Though they were not exactly (if at all) practicing Witchcraft or a form of Paganism, I feel somewhat connected to it, and I was very disappointed each new school year to learn it was not being taught yet.

As I was browsing library books in the mythology, religion and Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books, my eye was caught by the word Witch. Sure enough, it was the one book in my whole school library about the Witch Trials. I was so delighted. Anyhow, I can apply the importance of the situation to the modern society we live in, and compare the drastic differences between the two.

Whenever you find yourself completely wondering why you’re learning something you think serves no purpose while in class, question whether you can ever use this in life and religion. Wherever we are, we can apply the concepts and skills they teach us to far much more than the perimeter of the classroom and school itself. I hope this has been of help to any out there wondering how school could ever help us in religion and life, as I did.

Love and Light!
Brightest Blessings, Rain Faery.



Location: mesa, Arizona

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