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A Teenage Voice on Homophobia: Stop The Hate.

Author: CerrayaSlaughterHouse
Posted: February 26th. 2012
Times Viewed: 2,120

Scrolling through my DVR box, I chose to watch Oprah. This episode happened to be the one with the interview with Lisa Ling, and the sneak preview of her new show: Our America with Lisa Ling. After watching, I decided to record the Lisa Ling show. I saw the struggle that five transgender, or transsexual people were going through. This is an issue America is having a hard time dealing with. Thereís so much hate and disappointment towards these people. Transgender, homosexual, and bisexual people get so much crap, but we donít seem to see the horrid people we begin to turn into when we allow ourselves to ridicule and judge others.

I support the GLBTQ community. I have gay and bisexual friends. I recently watched the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, watched Meredith Baxter discuss coming out on Oprah, and started watching 1 girl 5gays on the LOGO channel. Thereís a lot of hate. Thereís too much judgment. I hear it every day at school.

There were two bisexual girls at school dating, and one of them wouldnít hold the other oneís hand in public. My school doesnít even have a Gay-Straight Alliance because not enough people signed up last year. I have a gay friend. Weíll call him Ryan. I see his sadness. I see the way Ryan feels- lonely, and I do too, Iím not with anyone either, but I see itís harder on him. Because I am a friend with gay and bisexual people, it angers me that people think they can choose their sexuality- they canít, and they donít.

I see the way my friends hurt and the struggles they are going through. Recently I argued with a family member about it. This person said they believe a lot of people Ďchoose a lifestyleí but I believe a person is born that way. Just like Lady Gaga says- ďIím on the right track baby, I was born this way.Ē She says something about whether youíre gay, bi, transgender, that youíre born that way.

Honestly, to me it doesnít matter that it is a song, I completely agree. (Lady Gaga is my creative idol and inspiration.) Even as I listen to her this moment (Alejandro, also a song about gay love) , I donít understand how people can believe you just choose. It is much harder on them.

I live in a heavily Mormon populated area, and therefore go to school with plenty of Mormon raised kids. Iím not placing blame on them; they get a ton of crap too. But it does seem that the religious beliefs of the majority are of the Mormon faith. Iíve personally heard certain individuals of this faith pronounce their disgust with homosexuals and homosexual acts and behaviors. Just comments, but it is annoying to know they roll their eyes at the mention of a gay person.

The God (s) and Goddess (es) let us be how we are; they guide us, but they canít control our actions. I say this rather than saying God made you the way you are, because then this is implying there is only one God, the Christian faith. Truly, if there were only one God, and he made you the way you are while in the womb, why would he be disappointed if you were gay, bisexual, or transgender? That is one of the reasons why I donít believe in Christianity.

I challenge that belief and the Christian point of view. I was never raised in any religion, and Iím very thankful, Iíve been allowed to search and practice whatever religion I want, and I happened along Wicca and Paganism a few years ago before I even hit my teenage years. I think freethinking is great. I think living in an agnostic household has certainly helped me have much more of an open mind towards everything, especially religion.

I can agree with some basic commandments the Bible has, such as Ďthou shalt not commit adulteryí, or Ďthou shalt not stealí because those golden rule beliefs are held in Paganism and Wicca too. Iíll admit Iíve never read the Bible. This is not out of ignorance, but rather I donít want to. Iíve been told of the stories within and such, and I just donít care to read it. I already know they donít believe what we believe, why waste time? Iím not attacking the Bible; Iím saying that religion has a huge effect on the way people view gay, bisexual, and transgender people.

While I was arguing with someone who thinks a lot of people choose their sexuality, I also created a theory of my own. What if transgender people are just souls that were reincarnated into the ďwrong Ē body for a certain reason? Maybe their souls were reincarnated into those bodies because in their past life, there was an obstacle they never faced or conquered, and now that obstacle needs to be faced for the well being of the souls? But the person I was arguing with found my theory to be ridiculous. I only had thought of the general concept of their soul being reincarnated when I brought that to their attention, not all the details. Seeing as this person doesnít believe in reincarnation I can see why this person might think it is a ridiculous theory, but hasnít someone seen every idea and belief as ridiculous before? However I love this person, and I have to just accept our differences.

It scares me however to see how different I am of a person as we are related. They raised me, and raised me to be open-minded, yet somehow my belief of reincarnation receives an eye roll from them? I was shocked. My differing view on gay, bisexual, and transgendered people receives an argument, a debate on views? I know we cannot all believe the same thing, even living in one household, and I have come to view this as both strength and a weakness. I receive respect for what I believe, but not agreement.

I argue that anyone can choose to be with a man, or with a woman, but that doesnít mean they are straight. For example, you could be a woman who dates and lives with men all your life, but you know deep down youíre not happy; you know you need to be with a woman. Everyone will think youíre straight, because thatís what you project. You are afraid however that if you let yourself accept who you really are, society, the world, God (Gods/Goddesses) your family and friends, wonít accept you.

God or the God (s) and/or Goddess (es) will accept you because that is who you are and they let you be that way. This was the way you were born. There is no eternal hell afterwards waiting for you. There is no damnation. So why the fear?

The fear is there because you are terrified of being an outcast, a misfit, and the thing that doesnít belong. There is someone out there who does or will love you. The nasty words people say will go away; they will get their karma.

A lot of people who spit the word *** at other homosexual people are homosexuals in denial and anger themselves. I say, donít turn the other cheek. Donít let them continue, but rather get away from them. They donít deserve the help of someone whom they continually put down for being exactly what they are themselves- and that makes them hypocrites. If youíve ever seen Glee on TV, and can identify with Kurt (heís my favorite) , then you know Iím talking about the situation with the football player in denial who several episodes back, kissed Kurt, even though he harassed him and bullied him.

The hate is so ridiculous. Have you ever heard of the God Hates ***s group or whatever they are? Honestly, why do we need organizations like that? Assuming they are of Christian faith, how does one hate so strongly when Christians are supposed to be all about loving your neighbor? Not every Christian is the same, but might I say- how do they know what the Christian God hates? Unless you are He, donít speak for Him.

Homophobia is an ignorant fear. Is there a fear of heterosexual people? We as human beings need to move on already. Homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexual people have been around since the beginning of time. There have always been homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals. To keep endlessly expressing hatred towards them has no real purpose- for anyone.

Hate crimes and cyber bullying, or being bullied at school because of sexual orientation and/or gender identity issues have caused people to become depressed, get into fights, and most horrifyingly, commit suicide. Homophobes and haters have murdered Gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people.

We know of this, we all doÖ but why must some people publically proclaim by word and deed that they hate homosexuals? Why must they act on it? Is this the only way they can come up with to get their hate outÖ to let people know what they think? Why do they feel the need to push someone else to the edge of self-mutilation and suicide? Why does anyone feel compelled to add to the fear, anger, frustration, depression, and denial?

People in general need to get a grip on where they stand, because this issue is out of hand.

On the more positive side, we can see more gay and bisexual characters in TV shows. For instance, in Glee we have Kurt. In Pretty Little Liars, we have Emily, Maya, and Paige, and in Skins, we have Tea, (pronounced tay-uh) Katie, and Teaís new girlfriend.

I feel these roles will help people who are less open minded understand -- maybe not agree -- but at least understand through these portrayals of gay and bisexual characters, that these people are just people, and they live and they love. They desire love and they need to be treated just as your heterosexual neighbors and friends are. They are not different; they are human.

Lady Gaga's Song "Born This Way, " those lyrics are from this song.

Character Kurt refrence: TV show Glee

Chacter Football player refrence: TV show Glee

Character Emily, Maya, and Paige refrence: TV show Pretty Little Liars

Character Tea, Katie, and Tea's new girlfriend refrence: TV show Skins.

Copyright: This is my original essay typed by me. Any copying and/or posting of this essay without emailed permission from me, and full acknowledgement that this belongs to me, with given credit to me anywhere else it is posted, is PLAGIRISM, which is therefore ILLEGAL, and PUNISHABLE under law.

In short: if you'd like to post this anywhere else you must recieve emailed permission from me, give me credit anywhere you post it, with a link back to this page or my profile, and let me know when its up on whatever website.



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