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The Proper Use of Magical Intent

Author: Michael 'Blackthorn' Furie
Posted: March 28th. 2010
Times Viewed: 4,952

Magical intent is one of the most important facets of working magic. For the magic to be ideal in its success the intent must not only be properly focused and projected but also, it must fit the actual goal of the spell. For example, if you cast a protection spell designed only for spiritual or psychic protection, you may still be vulnerable to physical attack. If the intent of a spell is not complete or proper in its scope, the effects of the spell will be diminished or diverted. To demonstrate, I will give some examples and some corrective measures for the main goals of most magical practitioners. Let’s start with love magic.

Love – Before performing a love spell you should be able to define, as precisely as possible, the type of person you wish to attract. You should also evaluate whether or not you are ready for a long-term relationship or if your true goal is merely sexual fulfillment. In the case of sexual fulfillment, I would suggest that you modify whatever love spell you are using to only include positive sexual attraction and take out any references to lasting partnerships or lifetime commitments. You should also be wary of using magic to fall in love if you only want to be in love ‘just to be in love.’ Any magic done that will involve the lives and free wills of other people should only be done with a proper level of maturity.

In addition, it is highly inadvisable to ever cast a love spell on a specific person. This is an outright attempt at overpowering the free will of an innocent human being and would result in ‘unsavory’ consequences. In order to cast a spell on another living being, they either have to subconsciously allow it to affect them or you have to channel enough energy to overpower their subconscious shielding (which every being has) and force them into compliance. A spell of that magnitude is harder to cast than you might think when using positive energy and the more energy you send out the greater the eventual return.

If you send out an enormous amount of energy essentially designed to break the free will of another, when that energy returns to you, well…don’t expect the relationship (or anything else) to go according to your wishes for a long time. You will then become someone whose will gets continually overpowered. Also, ‘relationships’ created in such a compulsory manner usually don’t last long since the target’s subconscious mind is aware of what you did and so, resentment and conflict will eventually bubble to the surface and destroy the relationship.

The proper intent for a love spell would be to focus on the type of partner that you wish to attract into your life with the desire that it be for your mutual good and with free will. This type of love spell if properly cast, is guaranteed to be free of harsh side effects.

Money - Money is an interesting thing. It is in fact, artificial. The concept of money is one of agreed upon value; everyone agrees that a certain coin or piece of paper is worth a given amount and…poof! It is. Truly understanding that money is more of a perception or concept as opposed to being the most powerful factor in existence is the key in using magic to bring money. Don’t get me wrong, having money is important! But not for its inherent value, for it has none. Money is important only because of the security that it can bring and the only reason it has this power is because we agree that it does.

Now, I’m not saying that if we personally stop believing that money has value in our lives our need for it will stop. I’m not even suggesting that. I’m also not saying that money is a bad concept; merely that it is in fact, a concept. Prior to the use of money, the barter system was used to trade goods and services. This system is of course, quite cumbersome and would be totally unworkable in today’s society.

I realize that we basically have no choice whether or not to agree on the value of money. Society decided that ages ago but, it’s not really money that we crave; we crave safety, health, comfort and security. This is why there are money spells in magic. We must work within the modern system in order to achieve the life security that nowadays, only money can provide.

When working with spiritual forces to acquire a mundane, physical thing (which is a large chunk of what magic is used to do) , it is important to focus on what the exact desired goal is rather than thinking in general terms. Specifically, when using magic to bring money, focus on why you need this money; what it will be used for, instead of just trying to ‘draw in money energy’ or something like that. We must focus on the truth behind things and not just a thin veneer or a means to an end. Focusing on the money itself is akin to over-analyzing the process of how magic will manifest a goal, which, as previously stated, then hinders that process. The true worth of money is what should be focused on and that can only be done by focusing on what it will be used to obtain.

So, if you need money to purchase a new car, focus on the need for the car. You may also focus on the specific amount of money needed to purchase the car, if desired. Do not however, only focus on the money! That cannot be overstated. Money magic is about growth, security, and abundance and not money for money’s sake.

Magic, in general works best if there is genuine need (as opposed to selfish want) . If you need money for something, cast the spell for that something. If you merely want $100, 000 dollars for the fun of it well, you can try for it but trust me, it will be a LOT harder to achieve.

Healing – When working healing magic for one’s self or others, it is necessary to visualize the person in a relaxed, healthy state as opposed to seeing them ‘becoming healed’ or ‘growing in strength’ or something along those lines. Surround them with healing energy and state that the injury or illness shall no longer exist. In your mind’ eye, ‘see’ the person healthy and with no illness. Visualize only the outcome; not even one speck of the process of healing. Otherwise, there will be delays, or mixed results due to confusing signals being projected by you. Any healing magic must be done with a true sense of compassion and love infused with it. This maximizes its effectiveness since magic done without proper feeling is only marginally successful at best.

Protection – As noted earlier, the type of protection magic worked is an integral of its success. If you feel that someone is trying to work negative magic against you (however, that is a rare occurrence) or that a dark spiritual entity has become attached to you in some way (an even rarer occurrence) , or that you spend time around an energy vampire (a surprisingly frequent occurrence) , then you should work magic for psychic protection.

If on the other hand, if you are worried about physical danger, then work magic for physical protection. Now, if you are under immediate physical threat or danger, then you should first take all necessary mundane precautions like locking doors, calling police, going to a safe public place etc. Most people work protective magic as a precautionary measure to avoid any such threats and I would recommend doing so. I personally feel that it is a good idea when using protection magic to aim for a combination of both types of protection; both psychic and physical, to make sure you are truly secure. A good dual protective measure is the witch bottle.

When working protection magic, you should be filled with a sense of safety and serenity (no fear!) and infuse this serenity into the spell. If you are filled with fear, you will only infuse that fear into the spell and it will offer no protection; it will only increase the fear. You must project how you want to feel with the end result for effective protection.

Binding – This is in an area known as gray magic. Binding can be used for positive ends but does involve the overpowering of the free will. Because of this, unless skillfully done (and even then) , there could be serious repercussions to the spellcaster. Many modern practitioners never use this type of magic and prefer to not even discuss such things but, given the fact that we live in an unpredictable, sometimes harsh world, I feel that it is best to be fully armed and knowledgeable with the use of defensive magic. The key here is defensive. Bindings should not be done merely to control another person for some type of ego boost or a cheap thrill. They should only be done to stop a dangerous person or situation from continuing on in its destructive ways. Additionally, it is possible (but, difficult) to bind oneself to help curb negative tendencies or bad habits.

The proper intent for a binding is to visualize the person bound and unable to escape then, give them a specific set of commands to follow according to need. You should feel fully in control without malice or fear. Feel as though you are overwhelming the person into giving in to your demands (think angry nagging as opposed to kidnapping and threatening) . Bindings do require lots of energy to be effective and if the person’s subconscious mind is strong enough to reject your spell, you will quickly suffer the consequences of rebound. This is why this type of magic should be rarely done and when done at all, should only be in times of true need.

The reason for specific orders is twofold. First, it speeds the success of the spell by giving it clear focus and second, it helps eliminate rebound upon the spellcaster since the stated conditions do not apply to the one casting the spell. Let me give an example, if you need to bind a thief then, do a binding with the specific command that the person will no longer steal the possessions of others and since you are not a thief (at least I hope not…) there would be no rebound of binding your free will. That being said, there is always an energy return from every spell cast and this is unavoidable. This is one reason why it is inadvisable to dwell too often in the realms of gray or black magic. You don’t need all that negative energy returning to you and disrupting your life.

Cursing – Ah, the most controversial magical topic of them all. Now, this does qualify as black magic and as such, should only be done under very severe circumstances. To work a curse first, you must be filled with angry, vengeful energy and second, be willing to project that energy on to someone else. This will definitely result in dark energy being returned to you so, you must make sure that you are willing to deal with the consequences and that there aren’t any other, less severe options (see binding, above) that could accomplish your goal.

A curse will cause misfortune to the target of the spell and will result in a life of misery for them. Unfortunately, to curse another is to curse oneself so, be prepared to be on the receiving end of misery as well.

If the consequences of curses are so awful then, why do people use them? Well, they should only be used in times of greatest need. Dark energy travels quickly on this plane. Much more quickly than positive energy, this is the lure of cursing. It’s quick and effective magic. Many people become addicted to the sense of power that the use of such magic brings. This is ignorant and dangerous behavior.

The only justifiable reason to cast a curse is if someone has greatly wrong you or a loved one with no remorse and intends to continue doing so (either to yourself or others) . In such a case, a curse could be used to force a realization of the person’s own actions into their mind, creating a kind of tortured empathy or fill their lives with such chaos and misery that they no longer have the time or even the strength to attempt to harm you or anyone else.

You should be very specific in your goals for a curse so, much like in the case of binding, the possibilities of rebound are minimized. Again, even if the curse doesn’t rebound upon you, the dark energy will eventually return and you will face the consequences of your actions. To cast the curse, you must be filled with anger and rage and infuse this feeling into your spell. This can be exhausting, as it requires enormous energy for the proper results to be achieved. For the most part, it is advisable to leave the negative magic alone in order to avoid the harsh repercussions of its use.

The positive magical path is always a safer and highly encouraged choice.

With all of these skills, anyone should be able to fine tune their intent, cast successful spells and reap the rewards of living the magical life.


Michael 'Blackthorn' Furie

Location: Marysville, California


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