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Witchvox Weekly Update for 9/19/1997

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: September 19th. 1997
Times Viewed: 7,965

WVOX... A Quest for Unity
Survey #5 "Witchcraft in the Public Eye" NOW Up!
How are we seen in the eyes of the general public today? Are we the new sweet "Sabrinas" or the old "threat to society"? What have we done right to help correct hundreds of years of "bad press"? What more ahould we do? TELL US WHAT YOU THINK in this new survey. We are proud to offer the official "Quest for unity Graphics Collection" (feel free to loot one of these graphics for YOUR Website). WVOX would like to thank our mystery artist for her incredible work. Hot New Unity Pages include: Unity F.A.Q. How YOUR Group can help Steal a Unity Graphic Help us with the Questions

Samhain '97
The Witches' Voice Samhain Campaign
On Wednesday, October 1st. the Witches' Voice will officially kick off its Samhain Media campaign. This "Annual Opportunity" to educate the world on modern day Witchcraft is something that we must REALLY be ready for. The Press does seek out "Real Witches" this time of year and what and how you communicate to them can dramatically effect the accuracy of what we really do. Many of you are "pros" at talking to the media. Many others have never had the experience. Wren has put together a wonderful document to help you to maximize your effectiveness when dealing with the press. Check out the beginnings of our The Samhain Press Kit today as well as the rest of our newly reformatted White Pages. The Witches' Voice White pages are designed to be printed out and distributed at will. Help yourself and help the community.

Just Up 9/15/97: The Samhain campaign is starting to quickly take shape with 3 powerful referece pages by Wren, Peg and Jane. Click HERE for details

The end of a quiet summer...

Conn. Park and Recreations Dept.
Finds Witches Offensive!

Vending refused because people might find Witches and their religion offensive?

We just received this letter from Ainsley (one of the fiercest fighters for Wiccan rights in America today). Obviously we STILL have a long way to go. - WitchVox

Connecticut Park and Recreations Department,

On September 28, 1997 we plan to hold a picnic and "Circle" at Putnam Park in Redding, CT as we have been doing for many years. These are unadvertised events, open to anyone and have always been fairly discreet. We had hoped to get a vending permit so that a few people could set out their wares on blankets for the day.

On Sep 4 we were told by (name omitted) that our permit was refused because people might find us and our religion offensive. Repeated requests to speak to his superior were futile. We were told, "This isn't like a Native American Pow-wow." In philosophy, it's exactly like a Native American Pow-wow. Our organization, The Connecticut Wiccan & Pagan Network consists of practitioners of all Earth-Centered religions including Native American Shamanism. One function of our organization is to take up the cause of any Pagan in CT being unfairly discriminated against.

We are still holding our gathering on Sep 28 at Putnam Park, however, instead of "word of mouth" advertising, we will be sending out flyers to over 600 Connecticut Residents who happen to either follow or support Earth-based Religions and over a dozen new-age shops for posting. A copy of this letter will be enclosed with each flyer. We are also enlisting the aid of two national religious-rights organizations and posting this information all over the Internet. We plan to gather in a show of support for religious freedom. We will be sending out press releases concerning this event.

In the process of trying to keep people from being offended, your department has offended a great many people. We cannot stand for this type of discrimination. We will be holding a peaceful picnic but are inviting anyone who so chooses to bring signs and/or banners to voice their opinion on this matter. We will probably be far more visible than we usually are to those who would deny us our constitutional right to freedom of religion.

We would very much appreciate a timely response.

A copy of the flyer is enclosed.
Ainsley Friedberg - President CWPN
Rev. J. Kyle Sweeney - Secretary CWPN
9/18/97 UPDATE:

Victory for Pagan Rights in CT

On Sep 15th, we received a call from an Atty. for the State of CT who told us that they would allow us to obtain a vending permit for the day and would help us make arrangements for any future events, but asked that we use another park at the future time.

So, on Sunday, Sep 28, we are holding an open Mabon celebration and potluck picnic at Putnam Park on Rte. 58 on the Redding/Bethel line. All are welcome! Bring food and drink to share - no alcohol please. A $3 donation per adult is appreciated. Circle is to be sponsored by Wormwood Sanctuary, a Shelton-area coven.

If you would like more information or to vend, please email us here or call 203-838-3392. Attendance varies from 125 to 350 people at these events.

Ainsley Friedberg - President CWPN
NEW Witches of the World & Events...
Major Revision 2.0 9/1/97: We have just completed a major rewrite of our Witches & Events pages and are thrilled to announce the launch of our new Witches of the World section. We have combined our Witches of the World pages with our "Circles & Events" section AND broke out all the information by State/Province. WHY? Witches of the World had become too damn big to feature 1, 400 names on a couple of pages and many browsers freaked out and crashed. We take this opportunity to offer you some add-ons to your listings... Very soon (in the next couple of days) you will be able to quickly add your website, a brief personal profile and your sun sign to YOUR listing on YOUR State page. Future plans include the addition of "modules" for government contacts, Witch shops and many other pieces of critical information related to YOUR AREA... WOTW is just another effort to help unify our community.

WitchVox isn't the only one doing a strong survey...

How Many Wiccan Covens Exist?
Are you a member of a Coven, or other similar Wiccan group? Do you want to help, show your support for the Pagan Community, and participate in a unique project? Here's your chance. Fill out The Unofficial Coven Census Form and help Athos gather some information on the size of Coven-based Wicca. No one has ever attempted to measure the size of our presence, and therefore the size of our fragmented community, until now. If you know members of a Coven, Circle, Temple, Grove or other group, please inform them of the Census. He urges all Coven-based Wiccans everywhere to consider participating in the attempt to gather some serious figures on our population. Complete anonymity is guaranteed.

Cats? What about the ferrets of Witchcraft?

We've been getting grief for this ever since we put up the cats of Witchcraft page back in our WLPA days. Wren and I love all animals and started with cats to help dispel one of the classic myths about Witchcraft... Visit our Cats of Witchcraft page and view the cuteness therein. BIG NEWS: Thanks to the hard work of Circe from Florida, The Witches' Voice is proud to present the Familiars of Witchcraft Page. (a non cats page). Feel free to email Circe with a .jpg or .gif of your non-cat Witch familiar. - We love our critters!

September 14th, 1997 c.e.

Obsidian Magazine
The Journal of Occult Folklore and Mystery Traditions

Gorgeous website! Obsidian is a magazine that contains a wealth of information for the magickally inclined. There are a tremendous amount of articles at the website, in addition to book reviews, interviews with enlightening people, the Out of Legend column, and you can even check out the past issues of Obsidian.

This is a wonderful place to spend time with, to relax and read great work.

Stop by and also find out how to get the paper issues of the magazine. Congrats to Obsidian-and a 'thank you' to them for providing such a fabulous resource! - Lady Alexcia


HOT Product: Powerful New Goddess Calendar...
New (8/31/97)... An unusual full color fine arts calendar featuring Jill Solomon's sculpted clay goddess figures and Sam Laundon's photographs. "Whimsical, haunting, mysterious, spiritual, and funny".

"The monthly images on this beautiful calendar evoke a spiritual presence and a connection with god and goddess. I recommend this colorful delight to all who desire a visual closeness to Spirit!" - Richard Fuller (Senior Editor-Metaphysical Review)

Through the power of computer graphics, sculpted clay figures by Jill Solomon and photographs by Sam Laundon unite to create a series of startling images - whimsical, haunting, mysterious, spiritual, and funny. Jill's goddess-like figures evoke ancient rites, yet appear without explanation in a modern landscape, a flower, a contemporary archway - settings captured or constructed through Sam's photographic lens. You can view and purchase this calendar online at

Victory: Witch Hugs and Thanks to Amazon.Com
Recently one of our members noticed that books had a number of books listed under "Wicca" that were not Wiccan, including many books about Satanism (both the bad Catholic version and the Anton LaVey version). He wrote a letter to expressing his concern, and specifically stated that there was no threat involved (The Witches' Voice was never mentioned). They replied with a letter stating that they understood and agreed, and a request for a little more information. Within a week, those titles had been reclassified so that they were not listed under Wicca. We at the Witches' Voice wish to thank greatly for their consideration.

HOT SITE: Atho's Pagan Files Collection...
Since we listed this site here last week the Pagan online community has been a buzz about the gold mine of Wiccan info that it contains... A real treasure chest of Wiccan files from the bbs days of the late 80's and early 90's. This incredible site offers a collection of over 1800 text files on Wicca, Paganism, Druidism, Asatru, and Shamanism. It includes files on other related topics as well, including Filk songs, the SCA, and more. It also has a complete public domain version of the Alexandrian Book of Shadows (compiled from published sources) in HTML format. They would be happy to accept submissions of a high quality of writing and scholarship on selected topics.

HOT SITE: Arsenic & Old Lace...
New (8/31/97)... Your One-Stop Occult Shop and Pagan Community Center. As one of the oldest occult shops in New England, we offer the finest in supplies for Witches, Pagans, and magickal practitioners: Candles, Incense, Oils, Gems, Jewelry, Books, and Much, Much More! Our easy to use on-line SECURE catalogue is available starting September 97! Webmaster's Note: Wren and I can personally attest to the love, light and honestly projected from the famous and always charming Vinnie. We love this shop and have for years. If you are in the Boston Area, Arsenic and Old Lace is a must visit for all Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. If you don't get to Boston do check them out online at

Announcing: The Deaf Pagan Resource Center...
Stardust Network is pleased to announce the Deaf Pagan Resource Center. Please visit our website and alert others. thanks and Blessed Be - Luna

Anne's Case update - She needs our help...
The Witches' Voice posted an article in February about one of our own being persecuted and prosecuted by the State of Minnesota while doing her best to aid and advise a troubled teen. She was framed, and very badly. The lovely lady's name is Anne. All Anne desired to do was to keep this young man out of gangs, away from drugs, and to achieve his utmost in all he attempted. Her only crime was to have cared. Anne spent time in jail because of these false accusations. Her children would have been taken from their home if she had remained in jail one more day. Anne's house was searched, violated by cops looking for whatever a "Satanist" uses. Her altar space was touched, things moved around, and everything gone through.-including her jars of herbs and oils and bath salts! Another violation of her rights. Click HERE to find out how YOU can help.

Help us... Help Witches... Become a Sponsor of the Witches' Voice - by supporting the Witches' Voice you help to keep this WebSite alive, help Witches of the World maintain their right to practice Witchcraft (last year the WLPA gave over $8,000 bucks to cases like Iron Oak and Kerri Patavino), get deals on HOT WitchVox products (TBA) and a very cool looking sponsorship card. Even a book of stamps or a single dollar really helps. Presently we have 32 paying sponsors and may they be thrice blessed for their support. Send your support to The Witches' Voice, P.O. Box 560157, West Medford, Massachusetts 02156

Magic Beans
Coffee House
Magic Beans Coffee House... Now O-Pan!
Do you... Wanna yak with other Witches ? Have a question about Witchcraft ? Wanna meet some wonderful Witches ? Wanna join in our Cyber Circle ? This is where the action is. Over the past few weeks our Live Feedback Forum has once again re-invented itself and those of you that stopped in last week had the pleasure of experiencing one of the most magical online circles to date. This Coffee House welcomes all and anything can happen... Click on the delicious image just to your left for the latest in discussions related to the Craft of the Wise... Check in and bring a friend to the Magic Beans Coffee house here at the Witches' Voice.

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