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Witchvox Weekly Update for 11/14/1997

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: November 14th. 1997
Times Viewed: 5,922

"I have so much to Learn.. Where do I Start"?

Teachers of the Craft... Many people are investigating the religions of Witchcraft, Wicca and other Neo-Pagan Paths today. There are many books and reference materials available, yet after some self study, there are some folks who would like to meet and perhaps work with a physical teacher. This can be a rewarding learning experience - or it could turn out to be your worst nightmare...

This feature celebrates our continuing effort to offer those new to the craft various options and paths to follow. It is not the mission of the Witches' Voice to teach Witchcraft or to state a "one true path" but rather to offer tools and references to aid you in your quest for knowedge. The practice of Witchcraft is indeed a life long quest and nothing is earned without hard work and practice. If your teacher isn't learning, you better find a new teacher and fast.

Great Teachers of the Craft we salute YOU !

A cauldron of news over at Wren's Nest... Wren has spent a great deal of time researching current news events that may be of interest or concern to Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. This page will be a quick and convenient way for TWV to keep you updated on the latest news, commentaries and ideas that may affect our communities.

  Updated twice a day in its first week.. Updates from Wren with more positive Samhain Press bytes, an article on school prayer in Alabama, some news about "Blessed Be and Meet Me in DC" and some submissions from a few Witch friends.

Bookmark Wren's Nest on the Web for the latest in news realted to the modern Witchcraft community.

HOT Goddess Calendar
A Yule Treat from the Witches' Voice...
For the last 9 months the Witches' Voice has desparatly tried to generate funds to produce our "13 songs by 13 Witches" CD with all proceeds going to our Legal defense funds... However, we are STILL struggling and with THIS promotion things look very promising... And get this, when you purchase one of these calendars, 25% of all Sales Go to The Witches' Voice. This is incredibly generous and will help us help the community is so many ways... So if WVOX sponsorship is out of reach, this can be an easy way to take care of some of your Yule shopping and help the community. Everybody Wins!.

Mention WitchVOX and get FREE Shipping !!!
An unusual full color fine arts calendar featuring Jill Solomon's sculpted clay goddess figures and Sam Laundon's photographs. "Whimsical, haunting, mysterious, spiritual, and funny".

"The monthly images on this beautiful calendar evoke a spiritual presence and a connection with god and goddess. I recommend this colorful delight to all who desire a visual closeness to Spirit!" - Richard Fuller (Senior Editor - Metaphysical Review)

Through the power of computer graphics, sculpted clay figures by Jill Solomon and photographs by Sam Laundon unite to create a series of startling images - whimsical, haunting, mysterious, spiritual, and funny. Jill's goddess-like figures evoke ancient rites, yet appear without explanation in a modern landscape, a flower, a contemporary archway - settings captured or constructed through Sam's photographic lens.

For more info and ordering ... Visit their Web Site or Call (888) 701.0627

Don't forget to tell them that WitchVox sent you !

A Global directory of Witches, Events and Shops
The rewrite of this section has become very popular and over 3,000 Witches are using this section to list themselves, celebrate local Wiccan Events and to hunt down WitchShops in their area. Individual listings now contain an optional profile, sun sign, personal WEB link and a sponsorship celebration. Every Contact that is listed on these pages is verified on a monthly basis via a WitchVox global emailing. All 110 of our state/prov pages are updated every 24 hours and are constantly being fine-tuned for accuracy..

Click HERE To Add a Witch Shop in YOUR Area
Check you what's happening in YOUR state today!

The WVOX Essay Series... 5 NEW essays for November '97
Each month The Witches' Voice will publish essays from Witches, Wiccans and Pagans from around the world. We would love to hear from you! Check out our Editorial Submission Guidelines page for a submission guidelines and topic list and other details.(Luna graphic by Steven Craig Hickman)

  Nov. '97 How do you SPELL that? (3)
  Nov. '97 Pagans - The Next Generation (2)

WVOX... A Quest for Unity Suveys are NOW Closed...
The Witches' Voice closed the Unity surveys on Saturday Nov 8th at Midnight. We'd like to the thank the 4,000 plus Witches, Wiccans and Pagans that took the time to share their thoughts and opinions with the community via our 5 surveys... Wren and I will spend the better part of November analyzing the data and will post the results as they are compiled. Again thank you all for your help with this "Quest for Unity" Campaign here at the Witches' Voice.

Welcome Back Rev. J.D. Stevens... We love you brother !!!

An Autumn Coffeehouse - A Benefit for the Witches' Voice
Sponsored by: The Witches' Voice
Brief Description: Pagan coffeehouse benefit for The WVOX Freedom Fires CD Project
Price/Donation: $7-10 sliding

Address: Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Harvard Square
City: Cambridge   State: MA   Zip: 02134    Country: United States
When: 11/15/97 Time Information: 7:30 doors open

Event Details: Join us for a great night of music, coffee and baked goodies, plus a raffle of great items from pagan artisans. Featured performers will be the pagan ensemble Urban Myth, doing an "unplugged" set of their unique brand of traditional and world music. The coffeehouse atmosphere insures lots of opportunity to network with friends new and old. It's all to raise funds to produce the Freedom Fires CD Compilation--"13 Tunes by 13 Witches"-profits from the CD will go directly to the Legal Defense Fund of The Witches' Voice, which is meant to help those facing court costs in cases of religious discrimination. Your donation of $7-10 includes all the coffee, tea and treats you can hold! (well, remember to eat dinner before you get there)

Contact: Peg Aloi  Email:   Telephone: (617) 623-5012

Experience the Salem Witch Trials....
Designed by National Geographic, this site uses an interplay of image and text to evoke the hysterical tenor of Salem during the witchcraft trials. Experience the proceedings first hand as you assume the identity of a town resident accused of sorcery. Your life is on the line -- how will you plead? When you've completed your Salem adventure, wander over to Ask the Expert and pose any lingering questions to historian Richard Trask. Good design and lots of info, worth checking out.

The Witches' Voice would like to thank Laren for turning us on to this... Visit Laren's gorgeous Austalian Web site at today

Givers, Takers and the Pagan Web
Part II - "Look and Feel" & The Looters...

In this version of my randomly penned "Notes from the WebMaster" I would like to address two issues of grave concern; Presenting someone else's work as your own (the lameness of subtractive webweaving) and Bandwidth Stealing. Theft is never a pretty sight, but from our own "brothers and sisters" of the Craft? "So NOT it be".

A must read... Creativity and the Pagan Web a Guest Rant by Jorah.

Samhain '97

How IS the Witches' Voice doing? Thanks to recent sponsorships we are still alive and on the net. Our current balance is on the happy side of zero (around $380.00). Do note that 100% of all sponsorship donations go directly to serving the Wiccan community via this website, through legal and financial assistance and mailings to schools and local officials. Wren, myself and the rest of the staff take zero financial compensation for the work we do here. We can only do this with YOUR support. If you enjoy this website, like what we do, believe in what we do or want to help your brothers and sisters of the craft, become a sponsor of the Witches' Voice. If you are too poor to help, we do understand, do know that even a book of stamps can help. For more info surf to our sponsorship page and find out how you can become an official Sponsor of the Witches' Voice. Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. (animated WVOX logo thanks to - Ron Eaton)

COOL Stuff, HOT SITES and the LATEST NEWS This Week...

Tons of updates and changes... New pages not specifically featured on this page include What is Magick by Wren, a wonderful Samhain Ritual for Teens by Roland WordStone and a powerful editorial about Judge Moore "We Will Not Be Moved" by Stephen J. McManus.

THE Occult Search Engine...

This just in from our friend Steve Paine in the UK: (10/31/97): he BBC programme that I mentioned to you earlier this year is now complete, I don't know if you can find some space for this on your website, but it is called 'Pagan's Progress' It covers Witchcraft, Druidism, OPdinism and Shamanism. It covers a lot of ground for a fifty minute Documentary but it has been done very well and very sympathetically and I feel deserves the support of the Pagan communities. I beleive that it will be shown eventually on the Discovery Channel, but I also understand that some BBC programmes can be received via Satellite/Cable feeds in certain parts of the US and Canada. The UK broadcast is due on the 30th of November 1997 at 10pm GMT. - Steve Paine

Update on Rev. J.D. Stevens: (10/31/97): We have just been informed that one of our community's most respected Witches, Rev. James D. Stevens of Kansas city, Mo. HAS LEFT THE HOSPITAL AND IS ON IS WAY BACK TO US ALL. We are thrilled to hear this !!!! We will keep you informed at this end as more information develops. We project for the best... We love you J.D.

Supreme Medicine Man... Slow Turtle: - Passes on John Peters, supreme medicine man of the Mashpee Wampanoag Indian tribe and the first and only executive director of the Massachusetts Commission on Indian Affairs, died at the age of 67. Check out our Pagan Passages Page for more details

Teen & Pagan Parenting Survey now up at Silver Shadowhorse's Web site We just received a request from Silver Shadowhorse to make young pagans and pagan parents aware of a survey that they are conducting over at their web site. Check it out and help them gather information for a upcoming book. The following hotlinks will surf you directly to the surveys.... Pagan Parenting Survey or Teen Survey

The Ethics of the Witches' Voice... or how we do business. The Witches' Voice is a people oriented organization dedicated to fostering deeper understanding and cooperation amongst both the members of the Pagan community and society as a whole. Do we have ethical standards? Always have and always will. Click HERE for details

Tons of new stuff and enhancements throughout the entire site. Wren has added some critical documents to detail the Religious Rights of Canadian Witches in our printable White pages section. We also feature two new essays in our Voices of Witches' section. The Witches of the World section has exploded with listings of new people and events. To address the numerous email we get about "Religious Hate Sites" we now have both a listing and a submission form so that you can help. We have added many new articles, lyrics and essays to our Samhain Pages.

A Christian Nation? Won't happen? Don't be too sure about that....Judge Roy Moore is a man on a mission. Moore wants to bring his case to the Supreme Court. His case? To have the Court once and for all decide whether the United States is indeed a "Christian Nation" or not. Click HERE for the Moore on Moore

Wiccan Chat Boards: Goddess are these popular - Many Witches/people simply love to chat. These boards run the gauntlet of human behavior from, lurkers, teachers, healers and are considered "homes" by many. As promised last week the Witches' Voice now offers an extensive list of Chat Boards on the Pagan Net. One of our many favorites is the incredible Witch/Pagan Message Boards. At present the Witches' Voice has no plans to reopen a chatboard. However, do know that we have many hot interactive irons in the fire.

Wren has just put up five new documents in our White Pages section pertaining to Wiccan discrimination in schools. Use them as templates for in YOUR local education and awareness campaigns. Also included are How to talk ABOUT the Radical Right and The Equal Access Act - Your rights as a student


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