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Witchvox Weekly Update for 9/25/1998

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: September 25th. 1998
Times Viewed: 6,745

Saturn Retrograde Continues to Stir the Cauldron!
A Call for Peace in the Neighborhood...

What a week it's been here at the WitchVox Central. Hurricane Georges's Path threatened us all week after hammering Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Florida Keys. Much to our relief "it" decided to take a turn to the west just 200 miles south of here. Wren and I would like to thank all of you that worked protection magic for this area and ask that you work your "best stuff" for the folks in Louisiana. We did have a problem with the Weather Channel for a few days, and were shocked to see the "Clinton Thang" overshadowing critical news.

The Religious Right are strengthening their hold on our moral future. This has been a good couple of weeks for them. Since Saturn made its turn, it appears that much of the protection that we take for granted on issues related to privacy, choice, sexual preference and freedom of religion has not only been challenged, but "new rules" have been put in place over night. Look for more coverage related to this issue of growing concern via essays or polls here at TWV

Thanks to the help of several Teens... We now have (finally) as series of topics for future articles/essays in our teen section... But wait you ask, YOU didn't ask me for my list of topics. Kindly do not dismay because you can submit your thoughts on topics that should be covered in our teen section by emailing Wren directly. Click here for our initial List of Teen topics. also note that Pagan Youth are always welcome to submit essays to our "Words from Witches Section

More Festival Reviews... This week we received a wonderful review of the Gaea Goddess Gathering 1998 by Quite Shadow. This event took place just a couple of weeks back and we are honored to feature this coverage... Also look for a review of Sirius Rising/Starwood '98 by one of our favorite changelings Don Waterhawk of Ft. Meyers, Florida.

Witches of the World Pages Continues to get a Polishing... Once again we have spent substantial time working on this section... With over 7,000 contacts and some 1,700 events and shops, load time tolerance had simply reached critical mass. Circles, gatherings, events and shops are now listed on their own pages directly link to the their appropriate state/country page. We will continue to link the Title of Events and shops from the Contacts page so that you can go for details if you choose. Also new this week is a form (finally) that will allow you to change your location information.

Next Week: We will send out our quarterly Global Email to verify the accuracy of our entire WOTW contact names and email addresses. If you notice that your listing is gone, it is solely due to the fact that we sent you an email and got a "undeliverable address" response. Your listing is NOT gone but simply put on hold in our database until we hear from you. If this IS the case, kindly email and make us aware of your new email address (with a reference to your listing). Do know that we can turn you back on with a click of the mouse.

To check out what is happening in YOUR Country or State...
Surf over to our Witches of the World pages today

The entire 246 page Witches of the World and Links sections are driven by a custom written Database System that has evolved over the past couple of years. The WitchVox WOTW pages are updated every 48 hours and are constantly being fine-tuned for accuracy... Check to see what's happening in YOUR state, province, or country today!

The Beautiful Lass holding the Candle (to your upper left) is our good friend C.J., the incredible Web Mistress of the Butterfly Tree Artist Site. Check out their wonderful site today.

Cleansing Rituals Abound... From the moment Saturn made its turn we have noticed an increase in anger and bickering within the pagan community... Mercifully not directed as us personally, but many unresolved issues from the past seem to be coming back again for so many that we know. Some just can't let things go and will continue to be tortured emotionally until they make the decision to move on. Are these skirmishes adding any value to your life? Do you value your time? Wren and I are pathetic optimists buy choice and YES it really is a choice. Will your email response or chat room post "fan the flames" or will it actually help to heal? Choose wisely and consider the value of your precious time. Always remember that YOUR work will and does speak for itself.

And the very next day... We are hit with email related to the above paragraph from people telling us their personal horror stories. This always seems to happen when some major planet goes retrograde. Considering the media coverage that we have been subjected of late, the Pagan community is not alone in feeling a little persecuted and paranoid right now. Anger and frustration seem to be everywhere of and it's no surprise we've seen an increase in our own community. We don't have get caught up in this. Your time is too valuable.

With the political climate the way it is, we can be a much louder and stronger Voice as a united front. Our diversity is something to be proud of and we may never agree about everything but most of us can agree on the importance of working together to protect our religious freedom. Your work in this area can and will change the world.

In your service,

The Witches' Voice Inc.
Clearwater, Florida USA
September 27th., 1998 c.e.

New this week at Wren's Nest on the Web...

Wren Wrant - The Internet Reaches Beyond Washington... When the majority of American citizens seemed insufficiently outraged with Billy's White House behavior right from the start, it had to be, they reasoned, because we didn't have the insider information that these charmed folks were privy to. It was not just about sex. Wait until the Starr report comes out, they said. Then you would see why this is all so terrible. And we'll even put it on the Internet for you... - Click HERE for the complete Wrant!

The Christian Coalition is on "The Road To Victory." Just who are they planning on conquering? They have an agenda. They have the money.They have the Republicans over a barrel.. Are you nervous yet?- For more info on this Click here.

Censorship threatens every American's right to free speech. Shortly after the Starr Report, with all its dirty little details, hit the Net, a Congressional committee approved the latest version of the Internet Decency Act.Does it get any more hypocritical than this? - For more info on this Click here.

The Pope is pondering an apology to some famous "Witches" burned during the Inquistion. The sins of the Church's past are very much on the mind of the Pope these days. Perhaps feeling that confession would be good for the collective soul, the Vatican is dealing with some "high crimes and misdemeanors" of its own. - For more info on this Click here.

For information on these stories and more, aim your web browser at... Wren's Nest on the Web

Teachers of the Craft...
Many people are investigating the religions of Witchcraft, Wicca and other Neo-Pagan Paths today. There are many books and reference materials available, yet after some self study, there are some folks who would like to meet and perhaps work with a physical teacher. This can be a rewarding learning experience - or it could turn out to be your worst nightmare... This Week we feature two helpful articles for those that are teachers and those that will be teachers.

Jane's Tidings for This Quarter!
The Witches' Voice is once again honored to feature the latest installment of the fine reporting and gathering work of Jane from Maine. Jane is a Witch and journalist who lives in Maine with four cats (black, of course). Feel free to send clippings, reports, updates, criticism and lavish praise to Jane, P.O. Box 64, Portland, ME 04112, or by simply E-Mailing her. Thank YOU Jane for the work YOU do.

Hot New Sites on the Pagan Web...

Texas Pagan Awareness Online... Lhiannon is Back!

She's back and she's beautiful. Activist Lhiannon has just come back to the Web with a new site and a new mission. TPAO has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and features some powerful contact information for the greater Texas Pagan community (Find Texas Pagan Groups, Mailing Lists, Web Sites, Events, Shops, Businesses in the TPAO Networking Sub-Site) TPAO online includes "hard hitting" articles entitled... Who needs money? We support President Clinton! The West Memphis Three Revisited and much more due soon. Also featured is the new Gwydions Gripe Section... "Gwydion's got his own home page, and no one in the Pagan world is safe from his biting sarcasm, sarcastic opinions, and obnoxious tirades." - Welcome back Lhiannon!

It is also worth noting that Lhiannon and Co. offer a pretty sweet deal for hosting your domain. Surf to the TPAO Web site for details.

The PenUltimate Productions Website... is now OPEN for public viewing!

The incredible writing of Elizabeth Barrette is now online... This site is smart, fast loading and beautiful. We recommend it as a "must bookmark" for the wyrdwitch. The PenUltimate Productions Website features Elizabeth's writing in the areas of: Spirituality, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Trans-Genre, Gender Studies and Alternative Sexuality, and Entertainment and Miscellaneous.

Pagan Profiles... Incredible Web Weaving and a search engine.

In an execution of beauty, speed and detail, Moonchild has delivered an incredible new web site. Pagan profiles takes the concept of linking pagans to the next level. Here you can submit your basic info and add a detailed profile of who you are and what you seek.

The Cool thing about putting your profile on this site is that you can add your picture. Pagan Profiles is one the hottest web sites on the Pagan Web and one that the Witches' Voice is proud to promote and celebrate - thank you Moonchild for this incredible weaving of love and light!

We have received many emails about hate sites here at TWV over the years. And we have tried many methods of addressing them. We wrote them letters. (The replies we did receive-which were few-contained just more of the same anti-Pagan rhetoric.)

We put up a "hate site" listing- thinking that exposure of their agendas may be a workable plan. When these sites started listing THEMSELVES on the page, we reconsidered. (Attention is what they want from us. I'm all for making them work a little harder to get it.) -

For the entire featured article Click here.

Rockin' in the WitchVox Teen Section: Last month we made a commitment to build this section and many things have happened. Effective this week, our Teen section is no longer a sub-set of our Witches section but a full blown chapter here at the Voice. In the past three weeks 42 WebSites designed exclusively for the Teen Witch have been submitted to our Teen Witch Links page, several new articles have just gone up and our submission guidelines page is just days away. Listed just below are some of the latest additions. - May the Love of the Lady be always in your heart - Fritz and Wren.


Other important and powerful info for this month...

Discovering Witchcraft, A Journey Through The Elements

A powerful new Video by Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone
- SoThisFilms 1998

Filmed entirely in Ireland, mystical land of ancient stone circles and of Faeire, this new video weaves all the power of that magical land into a story of one young woman's spiritual journey. Seeking a religion that speaks to her on a personal level, this journey leads her-and us-to the door of Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone. Here she is introduced to the religion of Witchcraft. Click HERE for the rest of our coverage.

The Year 2000 Issue... Unfortunately, the year-2000 problems are not imaginary and the consequences don't care what religion you are. To get a rational, non-hysterical look at how to protect yourself, your family, and possibly your business from the "Y2K" fallout, check out 2000 Information.

What is "The Witches' Voice vs. RC5-64"? It's the meeting of two projects-- supporters of The Witches' Voice joining together to form a team on The Bovine RC5 Project, working to make encryption stronger and hopefully raise some money for The Witches' Voice.

Oh. How does it work? The total possible number of keys (68,719,476,736) has been broken down into blocks. Now, what you do is download a client and run it on your system. It goes out to RC5, and downloads a number of blocks (this is set by you) and starts applying the keys to a section of the code. Once it's done, it uploads the tested blocks and downloads more. With tens or hundreds of thousands of computers across the world running this client, you've got the largest code-cracking network in existence.

Okay, what do I do? Go to Click HERE to check out FAQ's on this interesting challenge. (Wren and Fritz are honored to thank our friend and sponsor Cather "Catalyst" Steincamp for spearheading this opportunity for the entire Witch, Wiccan and Pagan community.)

The Witches' Voice Essay Series for 1998...

Your Voice does Indeed Matter! This month we proudly present 7 brand new essays from Witches, Wiccans and Pagans from around the world. Wonderful essays on the topics of Healing, Healthcare, Advice for beginners and Rituals. We would love to hear from you! Check out our UPDATED Editorial Submission Guidelines page for a "how to" and topic list.

Powerful Documentary in the works... Dear Pagan community - My name is Lady Moira nan Shee, founder and minister of the Sanctuary of the Sacred Grove, a legally incorporated Pagan church in the State of MI. My church and I are sponsoring (meaning I am writing and co-producing) a professional documentary about the recent history of polytheistic religions (Wicca, neo-pagan, Native American...) in the United States, and I need your help. If you have had any experience regarding abuse or discrimination, special treatment, or advancement regarding work or social standing as a direct result of your religion, please send me a detailed letter describing your experience via snail-mail to LMnS c/o Sanctuary box 404 G-3075 S. Dort HWY Burton, MI 48529

I also need any and all info you may find regarding grants and other philanthropical agencies that may give money to people for business or religios studies. You may e-mail me directly at . Remember, we are trying to do a service (and a just one) for all members of our community. This may even go on to help aid in the financial needs of our people! Please, any questions, comments, and ideas are merrily welcome! Bright Blessings and Be Well- Moira

The Pagan WebCrafters' Association: The PWA is a loose coalition of WebCrafters from all over the Pagan/Occult Web... Born last year, PWA already offers a sterling site and an outstanding mail list for all things related to your web weaving needs and related questions. The Witches' Voice is both proud and thrilled to be a part of this wonderful venture. If you are a Pagan web designer you will want to join this group and mailing list.


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