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Witchvox Weekly Update for 10/19/1998

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 19th. 1998
Times Viewed: 5,701

WitchVox - Samhain Week '98

This is the Week, Samhain and Beltaine (in the southern hemisphere). Samhain '98 climaxes with a barrage of events, press coverage and of course those adorable trick or treaters... Please note that the Witches' Voice will be closed for all communication on the 31st in respect to our high holiday. Wren and I will take a day off and spend some time together in meditation and reflection.

This week we are again, proud to present our ongoing coverage of our fave holiday - Samhain (a.k.a. Halloween). This section has evolved quite nicely in the past few weeks. New articles have been added on a regular basis. In this chapter of TWV, we offer information on the History of this holiday, Essays, local circles and events, Poems and Song Lyrics. One of this weeks many highlights includes Be a Witch For Me! by Moonshadow

Surf on over and check out the new WitchVox Samhain Pages today!

Samhain Events in Your Area Events, Balls, Public Circles and parties are everywhere this week... This page details EVERY Event that we are aware of that is scheduled for this week. The staff of the Witches' Voice wishes all a safe and wonderful New year.

This week "They" Want Us! : Although this IS changing, the Samhain season is still our best opportunity to educate the general public as to who we are and what we do. This my brothers and sisters is the big Week! It seems that just about everyone is looking for a Witch to talk to... We have created some timeless documents related to this issue - Do check out The WitchVox White Pages for our...

Samhain Press Kit: Here are some guidelines that may help you prepare for dealing with the media, not just for this time when we are all suddenly "visible", but anytime that you are questioned about your religious beliefs. This valuable information is offered to you from Wren, Jane and Peg.

The WitchVox TEEN Pages continue to Grow The WitchVox Teen section is no longer a sub-set of our Witches section but a full blown chapter here at the Voice. In the past couple of months over 60 WebSites designed exclusively for the Teen Witch have been submitted to our Teen Witch Links page, and effective TODAY, several new articles have just gone up. Check out: The Uncertainty Principle - 4 New Articles by Pagan Youth! and Into the Great Unknown by Cossie - All for October 98!

Wren and I simply love this time of year and (no doubt) most of you do as well. Although we will dearly miss the New England fall we will look for ways to make our first Florida Samhain magical. In an effort to get away from these "pesky appliances" Wren and I are planning on attending the Autumnmeet Festival in early November. We hear wonderful things about this fest and are psyched to have the opportunity to meet it's organizers Wade and Dianne as well as our dear friends the Waterhawks. If you are planning on attending Autumnmeet we'd love to meet you.

Spirit is God and Goddess, Lord and Lady, you and me.

Have a Safe and Magical Samhain everyone!

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
October 25th., 1998 c.e.

Quik Apologies, Specs, and Some Future Plans
(October 26th., 1998)

When you toss... a new TV series about Witches, a new movie about Witches, political candidates talking about Witchcraft, typical October activity and a growing interest in the modern Pagan movement into the cauldron it quickly bubbles over with an incredible level of activity for Web sites and local Witch solicitation. This week the Pagan Net is being hit very hard! This week we have received lots of email asking why our site is so slow to load or doesn't load at all.

Why has WitchVox been so slow? Simply stated, WitchVox is getting pounded! Once again, this past week the WitchVox saw more "action" than we've ever experienced. This no doubt, rings true throughout the entire Pagan Net! In the past 7 days 120,422 of our pages were viewed by folks from all of the world and over 6 gigabytes of data was pulled down from our server (see Wvox Stats for additional details). This recent increase in site volume has caused some real delays in viewing these pages. Kindly accept our apologies for the slowness in the response from time to time, we found it most difficult to get information up TO the site ourselves. Although Witchvox is hosted on a very powerful server in South Carolina, response time was clearly taxed this past week and if history repeats itself this week may be worse. Allow us to take a moment to thank you for your patience in this matter and do know that our server is taking steps to improve this.

Mountains of Email: The Witches' Voice has a proud history of answering 99% of our email... In the last couple of weeks we have been forced to reanalyze this due to the fact that we just can't keep up with it... We are at a loss as to how to better handle this, we will most likely look for some help in dealing with this opportunity. Wren is always hit the hardest (she's the cute one), after last nights 5 hour blitz I am getting caught up with mine. For the time being we will target any emergencies first and then answer the rest from the oldest to the newest... We are presently about 5 days behind.

In other site tweak news...

It has always be one of our goals to make the Witches' Voice web site easy to surf and intuitive by design. Do know that this entire site is in a constant state of remodeling and polishing, sections and pages that you may be familiar with can and do change all the time.

Submissions to our Witches of the World pages have increased dramatically with a current listing of almost 8,000 Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. Email Contact integrity: Although it's been almost three months, in the next couple of weeks we may actually have some time to send out a global email to both touch base and to clean up many of the undeliverable email addresses that are on the WOTW pages. If your email address is incorrect on the Witches' of the World pages we encourage you to use our Email Change Form to make this correction.

What Keeps US Sane? The new Neil Finn Disc "Try Whistling This" and the Spongetones "Oh Yea!", Key lime pie, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, our two resident "turbo princesses" Dixie and Ruby, more wonderful friends than anyone could ask for and our deep love for each other.

This promises to be a glorious week for us all... i humbly subitt that you do yourself a favor and hit that power switch/enter on your keyboard and walk away. Walk outside, embrace this wonderful season feel the earth beneath your feet. Thank the Great Ones from what you have... A smile aways comes to my face. Is this a cool planet or what ? BR>

Have a Blessed Samhain Everyone!!!

Always in your service.

Fritz Jung
Webcrafter - The Witches' Voice

The Latest News is Always at Wren's Nest

Updated Daily: Wren's Nest posts updates on discrimination cases, legislative alerts, calls for action and general comments about Pagan issues around the world. New this week at Wren's Nest

Well, it is that time of year again! Time to take out the ole "Samhain, Celtic Lord of the Dead" and give him a good dust-off... This myth still circulates due the wonderful "work" of some misguided propagandists. He resurfaced again this year in the "Stars and Stripes." Read the TWV response and help banish this guy once and for all. Click here. for more on this.

Do we believe in good reporters? Yes, we do, we do, we do! And David Bouchier is one of them. David wrote a wonderful "In Praise of Witches" commentary and we just can't thank him enough for his compassiona and understanding. So why don't you help us and send him a note, too?Click here. The rest of this story.

Logging On and Speaking Out! Wren takes a look at a day in a life of an freedom fighter on the net... "I take another sip of coffee as the first messages of the day come in. As the subject titles flicker by, Claris E-Mailer begins to issue a warning that this day is not going to go at all according to plan." For the entire article Click here.

First we had "Charmed", and now it seems we have "Hexed"! The story of a ninth grader in Baltimore suspended for allegedly "hexing" another student has played out like a made for television series. The school officials overreacted, the students were spooked and most of adults didn't know what to do. You would think that education would be a top priority in a school, wouldn't you? - For the entire article Click here.

Massachusetts Witches and Pagans Call For Rally At Political Debate: A CALL TO ACTION!! All are invited to participate in a PEACEFUL ASSEMBLAGE with the Protective Order of Witches and Earth Religions (POWER) and the Witches League for Public Awareness (WLPA) and numerous other pagan rights representative groups at the next public debate to take place between acting-governor and candidate A. Paul Cellucci (R) and Attorney General and candidate Scott Harshbarger (D) at: Faneuil Hal, Boston, Massachusetts. Click here.

A True Fighter!! Jean Webb didn't know what would happen the day that she wrote an editorial about the ACLU's suit to remove the "Christian" fish logo from the Republic town logo. She soon found out. She lost her job, she has been threatened and her family has been harassed. But she is hanging tough and hanging in there. She still believes it was the right thing to do. She still believes in the First Amendment. Jean is determined to see it through. - For the entire article Click here.

For more information on the latest stories related the Modern Pagan. Surf to Wren's Nest

Practical Magic - The WichVox Review 10/16/98

Our media coordinator Peg Aloi, had the pleasure of attending a pre-release screening of the movie "Practical Magic".

"An accurate and honest depiction of Witchcraft? At times. But for the most part this is an attempt to make a feel-good movie about Witches, complete with every stereotype ever uttered, based on a popular novel that does not ever stoop to stereotypes, in fact barely even mentions the "w" word."

By request of the fine folks that do the screening we held off on posting our review until Friday Morning.

Important note: This review is a "spoiler" so if you are planning to see the film and don't want to know the ending beforehand, read this later! - Click HERE for Peg's detailed and powerful review of this film.

Story of the Week!

Witchvox Issues Press Release Condemning
Mass. Gov.'s Actions In Negative Campaign Ads

(updated October 25th., 1998 c.e.)

Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci demeaned and defamed Witches as part of his negative campaign ads targeting rival A.G. Scott Harshbarger. Six years ago in his capacity as attorney general, Harshbarger warned religious extremists who were threatening Witches in Salem that they could face civil rights charges. The harassment ended.

The ad shows a Witch in a lineup alongside Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. A voice intones: "As attorney general, Scott Harshbarger made his priorities crystal clear. Harshbarger banned Christmas decorations from his office. Sorry Santa. He threatened prosecution on behalf of the Witches of Salem. Scary, huh?"

Cellucci's spokesperson states that despite the protests of Witches from around the world, the ad will not be withdrawn. Perhaps Cellucci should be the one to withdraw from political life if he cannot respect ALL the residents in his state?

For the WitchVox press release and the latest information Click here.

Lots of recent Coolness!
The Witches' Voice Essay Series for October: Your Voice does Indeed Matter! This month we proudly present 9 new essays/poems from Witches, Wiccans and Pagans from around the world. October essays focus on Pagan Poetry and Song. We would love to hear from you! Check out our UPDATED Editorial Submission Guidelines page for a "how to" and topics list.

October Essays and Poems: Pagans and Song and Pagans and Poetry (9 Poems)

Witches' Voice vs. RC5-64 cracks the top 1000!

What is Witches' Voice vs. RC5-64? It's the meeting of two projects-- supporters of The Witches' Voice joining together to form a team on The Bovine RC5 Project, working to make encryption stronger and hopefully raise some money for The Witches' Voice.

Oh. How does it work? The total possible number of keys (68,719,476,736) has been broken down into blocks. Now, what you do is download a client and run it on your system. It goes out to RC5, and downloads a number of blocks (this is set by you) and starts applying the keys to a section of the code. Once it's done, it uploads the tested blocks and downloads more. With tens or hundreds of thousands of computers across the world running this client, you've got the largest code-cracking network in existence.

Okay, what do I do? Go to Click HERE to check out FAQ's on this interesting challenge. (Wren and Fritz are honored to thank our friend and sponsor Cather "Catalyst" Steincamp for spearheading this opportunity for the entire Witch, Wiccan and Pagan community.)

Very Cool Calendar: Pagans are supposed to worship the moon - but do they understand it? To bring the rhythms of the Moon back into your life and find a new understanding of how they affect all life on Earth, use a "Celtic Sun/Moon Calendar ©" from The Plug-in Office, Cullen, Tipperary, Ireland. These calendars are designed and produced by a friend of Janet & Stewart Farrar, and Gavin Bone, who recommend them as a useful and informative tool for all pagans. There are two versions currently available, one based upon designs carved onto the ancient stone megaliths of Ireland, and Druid astronomy; the other featuring the Celtic Tree Alphabet & Ogham. More details here visit their Website at

Discovering Witchcraft, A Journey Through The Elements

A powerful new Video by Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone
- SoThisFilms 1998

Filmed entirely in Ireland, mystical land of ancient stone circles and of Faeire, this new video weaves all the power of that magical land into a story of one young woman's spiritual journey. Seeking a religion that speaks to her on a personal level, this journey leads her-and us-to the door of Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone. Here she is introduced to the religion of Witchcraft. Click HERE for the rest of our coverage.

The Year 2000 Issue... Unfortunately, the year-2000 problems are not imaginary and the consequences don't care what religion you are. To get a rational, non-hysterical look at how to protect yourself, your family, and possibly your business from the "Y2K" fallout, check out 2000 Information.


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