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Witchvox Weekly Update for 11/30/1998

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: November 30th. 1998
Times Viewed: 5,751

Manx Pagan Determined To Make Tree Stand... His Last Stand!
(From Bev Richardson, Castle Pook, Ireland)

This young Manx Pagan has been protesting the destruction of this small, but beautiful piece of woodland (for a car-park). He's now stepped-up his protest to a full fast, as of the 22nd of November. He's taking water, but no food, and living in a plastic-sheet covered platform 30' up an ash-tree. With barely room to turn around, and none to stand, he intends to fast until the 9th of December, the date of the planning review. If the planning review fails, then he shall remain, and starve with his tree. (photo of Derek by Bev Richardson)

More than anything, he needs love, support, and letters!!

The Manx post office are delivering mail to him at: Derek (White Seagull) The Tree-house, Silverdale Glen, Malew, Isle of Mann.

This dedicated and fearless young warrior, who is doing this alone deserves the love and care of the whole pagan community. This thing that he's doing.... is a part of each and every one of us, and by touching, and being touched by this proud and generous spirit, we are all enriched. Please, if you can, find the time to write and tell him that you care.

11/29/98 Update from Bev "I was talking to 'the man himself' on his new mobile-phone this morning (at about 8:30). He was walking about, having his early morning 'ablutions' and fire-wood-gathering session. He's in wonderful heart, and says he is feeling the ebb and flow of the magic in ways that he would never have believed possible. He can FEEL the love coming to him from all around. He has now a companion there, in a nearby tree, a young man who actually started the protest, months ago. Who is now playing the role of 'carer' for Derek's well-being. He has no sickness, and no hunger-pains."

For up to the minute info on this story... Surf directly to Hag's Bed

How can I find a Coven or Group in my area?

We've been asked this one for many a moon... The need to connect and learn with others is a driving force in our community. Although the 'net offers many ways to network and communicate you just can't beat that physical contact with other carbon based units. This week we have worked hard to set up systems to capture and deliver this data to you. The obvious choice has always been to link these new listings directly from/to our "Witches of the World" pages... This is much easier said than done and will require many hours of proprietary programming at this end. However, we DO have the form up, a database designed to capture message, and integrate this data with our other systems and should have the actual link pages up by next week. We need YOUR HELP to make this happen as a community service....

In a Couple of Days Just UP! our Witches of The World pages NOW feature separate pages by state/prov/country the groups that listed with us these past few days!

40 Covens and Groups have already submitted their info... Surf to the new Covens & Groups Submission Form and list your group in your state/country today!

Group Related Pages... New this week:: Over at Texas Pagan Awareness Online... Lhiannon has just put up a wonderful page on approaching Groups or Teachers... Check it out at TPAO. New in our Teens Section... Check out Phoenix's valuable new article called "Forming a Pagan Student Group"

Wren's Nest on the Web - Updated Daily:
Wren's Nest posts updates on discrimination cases, legislative alerts, calls for action and general comments about Pagan issues around the world.

A Little Research Dispels the Myths! We sing of our "pilgrims' pride", but did the Pilgrims really have all that much to be proud of? The myth of the founding of America as a "Christian Nation" is constantly be touted by certain factions. They want to bring it back. The question is: Did it ever really exist? Let's join some modern day explorers as they set off to find that fabled land known as the "Christian Nation."- For the entire article Click here.

For more information on the latest stories related the Modern Pagan. Surf to Wren's Nest

Thanksgiving - The Light and the Dark !
The Light!
Happy Thanksgiving To One and to All!

The Witches' Voice wishes to celebrate this day of Thanksgiving by offering a toast to all of the beautiful people in this community.

We are thankful for: the 2,000 Pagan Websites, thousands of wonderful groups, hundreds of merchants, numerous places to Chat, what this community has do to clarify who we are and what we do to the mainstream, the hundreds of thousands of Witches, Wiccans and Pagans and the incredible diversity of this powerful and ever growing community. We thank you all for who you are and what you do. - Fritz & Wren
The Dark!
Wren Wrant: Treaties, Turkeys and Treachery

What The Pilgrims Were REALLY Thankful For!

When last we left our "Pilgrim forefathers", they were resting their booted feet after driving away or hanging some "outsiders" and feeling pretty righteous about the entire affair. They were feeling so good in fact that they decided to throw a party. The First Thanksgiving, right? Well no, not exactly.

For some Thanksgiving History (Part II of Re-Discovering Pilgrim America) : Click here.
Frequently Asked Question's
(about the Witches' Voice).

Although we work hard to cover all popular questions we receive in email by creating pages on this site, many of the same questions just keep coming in. This box will be used to answer an FAQ evert week.
Question: Why doesn't the Witches' Voice have a Chatroom or Message Board?

Answer: Many think we should! and Pagans certainly do love to chat... We did have one of the busiest chatrooms on the Pagan Internet (6/96 to 9/97) called the Magick Beans Coffee House... These days there are numerous Pagan sites that are doing this way better that we could. When we first created our chatroom we modified a simple guestbook script and made it look like a chatroom. This was quite unique at the time, thousands came, many new friends were made and lots of wonderful ideas were exchanged. In the last 14 months two things changed for the better.

  1. Many wonderful new cgi scripts were written that took this concept to much higher and better levels... Just about anyone can grab one of the prefab scripts, tweak it up, and launch a powerful chatroom or message board. No longer was the power of the chat held by the few.
  2. Chatboards sprang up all over the Pagan internet (our own links to Pagan chat sites lists 55 of them and there are many, many more on the Pagan 'Net ). These days this need is very well covered. The heart and soul of some pagan web sites ARE their chatboard(s)... They do it with passion and they do it well and they will be the first to state that to do a strong Chatboard is real hard work. They monitor them, they evolve them with the latest cgi's and they offer platforms on a variety of topics...

Although it would be somewhat redundant for TWV to do a chat board at this point, we do plan to continue to look for ways to capture and celebrate the thoughts of the community via, surveys, feedback forms and personal essays.
For answers to other Frequently Asked Questions about the Witches' Voice Click HERE.
For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Witchcraft basics Click HERE.

Stewart Farrar is Resting Comfortably!

Thank the Goddess! The community got a quite the shock this week when Gavin Bone and Janet Farrar emailed us and others, with the news of Stewart's possible stroke. According to Gavin, Stuart was unsteady on his feet in the morning and by the evening he had started to loose control of his right leg and arm. Stewart was admitted to Our Lady of Lourdres hospital, Drogheda, Monday afternoon.

On 11/21/98 Gavin revealed: "Stewart saw the Doctors yesterday. Stewart has indeed had a mild stroke in the area of the Brain known as the Pons. This controls co-ordination and balance which explains his symptoms; he has power in his limbs but is just unable to co-ordinate properly. He will be having physiotherapy over the next week or so to teach him to walk again."

Then on 11/22/98 : We had a lovely chat with Janet on the phone and Stewart is still in the hospital but quite antsy about leaving. He will need to stay on a few more days for physical therapy and is expected home later this week. We will keep you updated with any changes as they become available. Also check out the Farrar's Home Page. (photo of Stewart courtesy of SoThisFilms website)

Good News from Gavin on 11/28/98 : "Stewart came home today. He's still abit unsteady on his feet but is using his walking frame. He's also getting use to re-using the Computer again. Thankyou all for giving Stewart and us support during this time. It has been appreciated. This will be the last circular on Stewart regarding his health."

Stewart's incredible writing has moved so many of us for so many years... Join us in projecting for some quick healing for one of the true elders of the Craft. We love you Stewart! - Wren, Fritz and Peg.

We built this site from YOUR Email requests!
Always have... Always will!

The Witches' Voice is a Collective Voice. We offer this collection of community thoughts, news, information and world wide networking TO the community for FREE. Thanks to you we have been able to do this for the past 20 months. TWV accepts zero advertising and we are not "obligated" to anyone except our sponsors and the community itself (see FAQ's about the Witches' Voice). We can do this because of the support that so many of you have offered via, books of stamps, office supplies and by sponsoring this web site. We had a very powerful year because of you. Thank YOU!

From day one WitchVox has evolved in order to answer questions and supply solutions to the many of the needs of this wonderful community. Simply stated, the less time we spend answering email, the more time we CAN spend on the evolution of this site and the many "off site" projects and physical mailings that we do. This week we aggressively tackled requests that we get on a near daily basis and well as a substantial upgrade to our Sitemap...

  1. "I am doing a report on Witchcraft and don't know where to start... Can you help"? Wren has handled literally hundreds of pieces of email like this via her listing of suggestions and links.... She has indeed built some powerful links and info over the past couple of years. This week we are proud to FINALLY point you to a page that addresses this need. Surf to " Doing A School Report On Witchcraft" Page for what we now offer. (Wren Note: This is also a useful resource for anyone that is looking for info on Witches, Wiccans and Pagans.)

  2. "Where can I find information on xxx"? It's always ironic when someone emails us, tells us how much they love the site and then proceeds to ask about something that we already have available. It had become clear that our SiteMap had grown "long in the tooth" and was not doing its job. About three weeks ago we took on a total rewrite of our SiteMap to make it fast, easy to navigate and to make it as intuitive as possible.

    With a page count of over 600, TWV can be a beast to get a complete profile on. This week we put more time into our SiteMap in order to set up the "auto flagging" of new pages, a look and feel polish and added tighter integration and automation by coupling it with our numerous database systems. To experience the complete offerings of the Witches' Voice online, visit The WitchVox Site Map v4.2 today.

Also New this week!

Autumn Meet '98 This Past weekend Wren and I were invited to attend a local gathering just north of here in Land of Lakes, Florida. What we experienced was some near perfect energy, breathtaking weather and the love of many old and new friends. Check out our review of Autumn Meet '98 for just some of our thoughts and lots of groovy pictures. Bless you Wade and Dianne for what you are doing for the Florida community!

The 8 Holidays of the Witch!: This section has long begged to be a chapter of its own. This week we broke out all of our Pagan Holidays pages, polished them up and created a new chapter here at the Voice... Visit our Pagan Holidays Page for the latest in what we are doing to define, explain and celebrate the holidays of the Witch. Although this chapter will continue to build and offer valuable community info, we'd be amiss to not take this opportunity and send you over to Mike Nichols incredible Witches' Sabbats Website - We love you Mike!

Some Quik Additions: New info and pages are constantly going up in the background here at TWV. The struggle, is finding the time to list and celebrate them here on the home page. Check out a two powerful new essays over in the Teen Section, and check out the latest addition of Maurice's fabulous Samhain Edition of The Coventry Call. Also this month we proudly present 3 new submissions from Witches, Wiccans and Pagans from around the world. November's topic is Pagan Humor. We would love to hear from you! Check out our UPDATED Editorial Submission Guidelines page for a "how to" and topics list.

May the Great Ones bless you all for your support of this project. May Stewart Farrar heal quickly! and may the love of the lady be always in your heart and in your spirit.

Blessed Be Well,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
November 22nd., 1998 c.e.

Earlier This Month at the Witches' Voice....

Sleep Well beautiful Willowsong... Safely in the Arms of the Goddess

Willowsong, our dear friend and sister, passed over the western shores November 6, 1998. She was a gentle and bright spirit who shall be sorely missed by her family and friends. We offer our condolences and love to all who shall find this world a little more lonely now that she has left it.

Willowsong will never be forgotten here at TWV and our thoughts are now added permanently to our Pagan Passages Page. Sleep Well beautiful Willowsong.

The Chapter of the Voice that never Sleeps! Perhaps I should say that it's Wren that never sleeps. Since its launch last year at this time Wren's Nest has generated over 700 articles of concern and interest to the Modern Pagan community. As bizarre as it may sound, I too surf to Wren's nest on a regular basis just to stay in touch. Thank YOU my beautiful lover for the hard work that you have done on this section.

Election Wrenflection "The Republican candidates that opted for the clear religious right message-like James in Alabama, Faircloth in North Carolina and Lungren in California-went down in flames. That has to put the ultra-conservatives on alert. They now must decide how to keep the money that pours in from the religious right strategists while at the same time not actually delivering the goods that they are being paid to produce: The United States of Fundamentalist Christianity. "

For the complete coverage surf to Wren's Nest

This year there were Pagans everywhere in the Media. Thanks to the hard work of so many of you, the world now has a better idea as to who we (the modern Pagan community) are and what we do. The real impact in this past year has been (once again) done at the local level. Thanks to so many of you that did get that positive press in your local newspaper. Look for Wren's Samhain Overview in the next couple of days.

Witches' Voice vs. RC5-64 cracks the top 1000!

What is Witches' Voice vs. RC5-64? It's the meeting of two projects-- supporters of The Witches' Voice joining together to form a team on The Bovine RC5 Project, working to make encryption stronger and hopefully raise some money for The Witches' Voice.

Oh. How does it work? The total possible number of keys (68,719,476,736) has been broken down into blocks. Now, what you do is download a client and run it on your system. It goes out to RC5, and downloads a number of blocks (this is set by you) and starts applying the keys to a section of the code. Once it's done, it uploads the tested blocks and downloads more. With tens or hundreds of thousands of computers across the world running this client, you've got the largest code-cracking network in existence.

Okay, what do I do? Go to Click HERE to check out FAQ's on this interesting challenge. (Wren and Fritz are honored to thank our friend and sponsor Cather "Catalyst" Steincamp for spearheading this opportunity for the entire Witch, Wiccan and Pagan community.)


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