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Witchvox Weekly Update for 1/25/1999

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: January 25th. 1999
Times Viewed: 6,207

The Modern Pagan Community... Stronger Every Day!

Several Articles and Features about 1998.

Wren's Nest: 1998 The Year in Review: 1998 adds up to a "nine" year. The number "nine", as most of you probably know, is a number that symbolizes "completion" or the end of a cycle. Since we here at TWV tend to always be peering ahead to the next project, it is difficult for us to look backwards into a year now past. But every year -like some sort of seasonal ritual-we do it. Check out Wren's Nest's '98 Wrap up for the details of an incredible year.

A Good Year for So Many What did 1998 mean to you and YOUR growth... Several folks in the community were kind enough to send along theirs. Surf to Community Thoughts about '98 for what they had to say. (more will be posted over the next few days)

A Three-fold Return! One of our goals for 1998 was to maintain the light and the action that we were so beautifully blessed with in 1997. The Witches' Voice was created to serve the community and to serve our mission statement. Thanks to the many that do share this vision of networking and information, during 1998, the PAGES at the Witches' Voice were viewed on personal computers 3,063,554 times, Three times that of our first year online. Bless YOU for your Voices and your support in 98!

Coming This Week... We will present our annual Year End Wrap Up detailing the past, present and future of WitchVox. Also this week, look for a power story by John entitled "The Little Witch".

Twoofthesheep have made plans to "run a way" for the weekend to ground an center. One of our many goals for '99 is to better automate Witchvox and schedule a bit of time for ourselves. Tomorrow we are off for the Florida Keys to do some camping with our friends the Waterhawks and there is a better than even chance that we just might get to "bottle feed some newborn cougar kittens". The Witches' Voice will be on auto pilot over the weekend and all submissions to the Witches of the World pages will be delayed by a single day. Thank YOU for your patience and understanding and have a wonderful weekend.

Always in your service,

The Witches' Voice
January 21st., 1999 c.e.

The Next Pagan Holiday... Imbolc is one of the four greater Sabbats, celebrated on February 2nd. It is to celebrate the first stirrings of spring from the depths of winter. This is when the first buds can be seen appearing on trees, when the days are quite visibly longer than they were around Yule, and when there are the first days of semi-bearable temperatures. New this year: Check out ShiningStar's powerful thoughts on Purification of the Spirit and Colleen's Imbolg - It's "In the Bag" on our Imbolc page. For THE website related to the Witches Holidays... Surf to and bookmark, Mike Nichols's wonderful: The Witches' Sabbats


1999 and the Teenage Pagan: This past year saw a real rebirth for the teen section here at the Witches' Voice. Many new authors came forward with some powerful articles and essays. Big plans to grow and develop this section even more dramatically are in the stars for the final year of this century. Check back here for the latest in articles from the Teen pagan point of view.

Jennie Please Phone Home.

This was just forwarded to us by Scott Baldwin:

Have YOU seen HER? Our sixteen year old daughter Jennie (a.k.a. Alice Green) ran away from home on Dec. 22, 1998. Jennie also goes by the name of Alice Green. Date of birth Oct. 18, 1982, height 5'6", weight 180-200 lb. Last seen with bright green hair. We believe that her destination is California. We are very concerned about her safety and would like any information about her current situation. Ideally we would like her to come home, but we know that she may not want to at this time.

Our concerns with Jennie have never been with her beliefs in Wicca. She was raised in a home that respects other people and their beliefs. In the note that she left, Jennie mentioned a commune in California where people share her beliefs and would be willing to take her in if she works hard. If this is true, our deepest hope is that she arrived safely and that these are good people. Jennie may go by the name of Alice Green.

Addional information and other pictures can be found at: If you have ANY information about Jennie please email us at the link below.

If you see Jennie tell her that we love her. Tell her if she needs to come home she can call or write any time. Tell her to remember her beliefs: "An it harm none, do what you will.", and the law of three.

With Deepest Care for our Daughter,
David and Sherry Briggs
(Her Parents)

What? No Link Pat? We've linked to You!
from (aka The 700 Club!)
January 16th., 1999

We didn't know you cared: Wren and I have little time to watch TV but we are known to stop in at the 700 club on a regular basis. We have many Christian friends that we love and respect dearly. It's worth noting that they are nothing like the folks in this infomercial for Christianity. When Pat notes information like this (see red text quotes just below) you can always count on him saying (with wide eyes)... "Can YOU believe it folks?"

Every few months, Mr. Robertson and company focus on the Occult. Today they did a beautiful feature about the same. Click HERE for the whole story.

As "Fans" of this show we were thrilled to discover that, they to, are surfers of the Witches' Voice.

Some quotes....

"False religion is alive and well in America, and it rears its ugly head in many forms, including the new age movement, materialism, the occult, astrology, and outright devil worship. Devil Worship? Come on Pat it's 1999. With tons of press, thousands of local groups and 2,000 plus web sites stating the contrary, you can no longer pretend that you aren't getting this infomation. This Satan Guy has always been part of YOUR deity stucture. He's your Bad Boy!, not ours.

"Deadly demonic forces are sweeping across our borders. Men and women must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them". Incredible! First we've heard of this... "Deadly demonic forces are sweeping across our borders?" (Honey are you covering this over at the 'Nest?) Do they mean Canadians? Mexicans? or could it be the Cubans, (Castro DID legalize Marijuana a couple of weeks back)

A Few of "The Symptoms"

  • "There are an estimated 2,000 witchcraft-related web sites, at least one of which receives over 17,000 hits per day". (My very words from the WitchVox 10/22/98 home page - btw PAT that was pages during our busiest week in October NOT hits)

  • "There are an estimated 3 million avowed witches in America". (3 mil? really? Oddly their own headline image sez 70,000 - Our estimate is around 3/4 of a million - the actual number is anyone's guess)

  • "The "Witches" 1998 calendar sold in excess of 90,000 copies nationwide". (This year Llewellyn out did themselves. The 1999 calendar is gorgeous, We gave one to my mother at Yule!)

  • "67% of Americans claim to have had a psychic experience such as ESP. - 30% of Americans believe in reincarnation. - 40 million Americans trust the Zodiac. - 52% of Americans believe in astrology. - 42% of Americans believe in communication with the dead". . (Any Tarot reader, Astrologer or Psychic will tell you that MOST of their clientel ARE Christians.)

Webcrafter's Note: The 700 Club is a beautiful website, meticulously designed, quite colorful and professionally executed. Earlier this past year, I emailed their web people to compliment them on the incredible web weaving that they do. They thanked me and said that they would have to pray for me... I thanked them and reminded them that I knew this was one of their rules. It is my belief that this feature had to be fun for them, they got to work with a some black backgrounds.

1999 - Charged up to be Very Powerful!
(January 13th., 1999)

Merri Meet and Welcome to the Witches' Voice

This past week was an extremely busy one for WitchVox, this was directly related to a dramatic increase in traffic (this, no doubt, rings true throughout the Pagan online community). With increased traffic comes even more email, tons of submissions to our Witches' of the World Pages and a mountain of personal requests. The big "bump" happened late Wednesday night and has continued right up to this posting. Being big fans of the "Why" concept we just had to find out. The answer was right there on our coffee table in this week's TV Guide...

Yes, Sony's "The Craft" had its network Television premier on Wednesday night. Hail and Welcome to all that have come to the Pagan Web to find out what "The Craft" didn't tell you... You have entered a wonderful Pagan online community that consists of some 2,000 web sites, packed with powerful information about who we are and what we do. (Historical Note: Many in the community were very concerned about this movie when it was released. Our "official statement" on Sony's - The Craft from back in May '96 can be found by clicking HERE )

A Behind The Scenes Peek At The Witches Voice: Wren and I (like everyone else) do have our own personal thoughts on many community issues but rarely present them here. Although we have done numerous interviews in the past few years we have never done one online. A few weeks ago the beautiful Trystia of invited us to do just that. Click HERE for part one of this interview.

The Pagan Directory Online also features a wonderful interview with popular Pagan author Silver Ravenwolf, site listings, powerful articles and much much more. Bless YOU Tristia for deeming us worth of this interview, the pleasure was ours - F&W.

What IS that Microphone? From time to time we get this question in email. The microphone in the image just above and our on splash page this week (as well as on several pages at WitchVox) is a German made, Neuman TLM-170. This is an incredibly warm and accurate fixed tube condenser microphone (sell price approx. $1,800 dollars American), and good for use in numerous recording situations. (Fritz - Although I wished owned a TLM-170, I am very happy with a pair of Audio Technica 4033's)

Witch, Wiccan or Pagan? That do these words mean? How are they different? Can you be just one? two? or all three? These questions are the basis of constant debate and discussion throught the Pagan community. From time to time we get email asking why we seem to mix these three words throughout this website. The answer is simple, The Witches' Voice has never had a desire to define these terms to or for the community. However, many do have some very strong opinions on this subject. We invite one and all to submit and essay with your thoughts for our February Feature. "What is a Witch, Wiccan or Pagan" (See essay submission links lower on this page).

Festivals... Year Round Due to the tremendous growth of this wonderful community and the fact that we are growing in size everywhere on this planet, festivals and gatherings are constantly happening. This year TWV will not feature the Festival Season! We will feature reviews of festivals and gatherings year round. Check out our Major Festivals page for the latest in Large Gatherings. Also check out your State/Province or Country page for the latest in smaller Gatherings, Circles and Events in your area.

Wren and I have been invited to speak at the PhoenixPhyre Festival (Check out their Website for the latest details) late March. We are very excited about this due to the fact that we had such a wonderful time at their Fall festival, AutumnMeet, this past November. We are thilled to finally meet many of the folks that we have made friends with here online.

Bless you all... for your patience with us over the past week. We are pounding hard on our email and slowing catching up. Always know that even when this page isn't changing, the rest of this site is and on a daily basis. The Witches' of the World pages and the Pagan links pages are updated, faithfully, every 24-48 hours, Wren's Nest is updated daily and new pages all over this site can and do pop up on a regular basis.

Always in your service,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
in Sunny Clearwater, Florida
January 13th., 1999 c.e.

Two Fabulous Live Benefit CDs! just Released!

Live At Heartland '98 - A Heartland Benefit CD

"To put it quite simply... The Musical portion of Heartland was a unqualified "High Point". An outstanding mix of folk - Rock - Celtic - Jazz etc etc etc... Lots of incredible energy and numerous talent. The big surprise for me were the sound and lights (usually anemic at most Pagan Gatherings). Thanks to the world class set up and execution by Wild Cat Productions (the wonderful Doc Mateo and his crew), the musicians and the audience were treated to a visually stunning and sonically inspiring performance." - (Fritz Jung - June 98)

Check out our Heartland '98 Review for more details on this concert.

Featured Artists on this CD include: Velvet Hammer Butterfly Tree Prydwn & Green Crown Fritz Jung Uncle Dirty Toes Elvendrums

This CD can be ordered by Clicking HERE... For Information about this years Heartland Festival check out The Heartland Web Site.

Singing The Promise - A CUUPS Benefit Concert
From Jerrie Hildebrand, Director of Public Relations, (CUUPS).

In June 1998 at the Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly in Rochester, NY, the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS) sponsored a concert of earth religious music.

Singing the Promise was the concert held to raise funds for CUUPS programming initiatives, religious education efforts and chapter support. From this concert a recording was produced to continue the original intent of the concert.

We invite you to enjoy the evening of fun, laughter, and delight from talented UU musicians, as they celebrate the sounds of earth religious traditions on this recording.

Featured Artists on this CD include: Carole Eagleheart Rev. Mary Grigolia Rev. John Gilmore Nancy Vedder-Schults Chris Wagner (Khrysso)

An order form can be found at the CUUPS Web Site. For distribution or wholesale rates please contact

Witches Speak Out! - Your Voice does Indeed Matter!

  The Witches' Voice Wants More of Your Voice in 1999!  

The Witches' Voice is actively soliciting editorials and essays on a variety of topics on interest to both Pagan and mainstream audiences. These essays will appear on our "Words From Witches" page, and will be rotated on a periodic basis. The following is A List of Editorial Topics to start the New Year:

January 1999:
Publication Date: Jan. 17th.
Submission Deadline: Jan. 15th.

Topic: The Year In Review
In your opinion, how did 1998 stack up for the pagan community at large or for you in particular? What gains were made? What setbacks were encountered? How do you feel about the current media "Witch-fad" on TV and in the movies?
Topic: Imbolc/Candlemas
How do you celebrate this Holiday? Tell us about your altar decorating ideas, rituals or family traditions.
February 1999:
Publication Date: Feb. 6th.
Submission Deadline: Jan 31st.

Topic: Which "Witch" is Which?
Feeling brave today? Want to tackle the 'definition problem" of just what is a "Witch", "Wiccan" or "pagan"? And yes, you DO have give us your email address for those replies...Or do you think that perhaps we should just lay this entire controversy to rest once and for all?
Topic: Pagan Ordination
If you have been ordained and are registered with your state, tell us how you did it. Any problems? Helpful hints? What can a solitary do? Has being ordained helped to open doors to other sorts of counseling/ministries?

For more information, other topics and submission guidelines... Click HERE

And for our Teen Section....
January 1999:
Publication Date: Jan. 25th
Submission Deadline: Jan. 18th

Topic: If I Was Writing The Script, I Would...
Hate those "witchy" shows and movies? Even you love them, do you still think that you could do it better? Go ahead! Send us your 'script" for the new Witch-theme "hit series"!
Topic: Fun With Frustration
We all get frustrated from time to time and someone almost always tells us to 'lighten up' when we do. Do you have a funny story concerning an experience that turned out-shall we say?-in an unusual way? Did you use magick? Did it backfire? Or did you get just what you asked for-unfortunately?
February 1999:
Publication Date: Feb.6th
Submission Deadline: Jan 31st

Topic: The Big Peeve
What is your number one peeve related to being a pagan teen? School just doesn't get it? Parents don't agree with your religious choice? Siblings in your personal stuff? Pagan adults giving you unsolicited advice? Write an "open letter' to whomever and explain how this makes you feel. What else can you do to help yourself -and them-to understand?
Topic: "How Do I Become A Witch" Is The Question
That you have just been asked by a friend or acquaintance. What do you answer? How much do you say? What do you recommend? What if this person wants you to teach him/her "everything that you know"? Did YOU ever ask this question and what sort of answer did YOU get? Was it good advice?

For a complete list of Teen Topics... Click HERE

Other important Info/pages This Moon Cycle at the Witches' Voice....
W.I.C.C.A.N's Helping Wiccans
In Perfect Love in perfect Trust take ye little and give ye much

On October 28th 1998 We had our 3rd child..she was born with a birth defect of the hand which causes her fingers on both hands to contract. Due to the medical bills we found found ourselves sinking in debt. A group run by a Wiccan woman adopted our family for Yule. We received toys money a tree and the local members came to our home they brought food toys and even santa.

W.I.C.C.A.N's Helping Wiccans is our way of giving back what we were given in what seemed our darkest hour.We intend to help Wiccan/Pagan families and if resources allow we will help others of different beleifs. We will be collecting non perishable food mens womens and childrens Clothing toys and money if people are so inclined.We will ship the needed items to the families or if they are in our area we will bring it right to their door.

We are also in the process of getting our own domain, and making inquiries into getting our non profit status. We would be greatful for sponsorship to keep our costs low so we can serve more people.

We cant do this alone we need the backing of the community...please help us to help each other

Thank you and Blessings
Seleena & Merlin

Womongathering '98
by RainWalker
(June 11-14th, 1998)

Womongathering is a life changing, womon-only Goddess Spirituality Festival held in a beautiful, quiet, woodland setting in a private camp in northeast Pennsylvania. About 200 women attended this year; maidens, mothers and crones are all represented and all have the opportunity to take an active role. Each year the festival is dedicated to a specific Element, and this year we welcomed Water into our lives and into the spirit of the Festival. For the complete review of this festival Click HERE.

Shops Wanted for Australian/New Zealand Listing
(From Tallulah,

I'm creating a database of Pagan friendly stores throughout Australia and New Zealand, but I need help in finding these stores. I'm requesting that people email me, or fill in the form on my website, giving me the name and region/state of their local pagan friendly store. Some sections are not quite complete because of work and travel, but the database is underway. People can also email me their WebSites, email address and ICQ number, and in the future, I will be adding a database of pagans, so that if people wish to have a major festival in their area, they can invite some people along. That section hasn't been set up yet, but will be by the end of January.

Witches' Voice vs. RC5-64 cracks the top 1000!

What is Witches' Voice vs. RC5-64? It's the meeting of two projects-- supporters of The Witches' Voice joining together to form a team on The Bovine RC5 Project, working to make encryption stronger and hopefully raise some money for The Witches' Voice.

Oh. How does it work? The total possible number of keys (68,719,476,736) has been broken down into blocks. Now, what you do is download a client and run it on your system. It goes out to RC5, and downloads a number of blocks (this is set by you) and starts applying the keys to a section of the code. Once it's done, it uploads the tested blocks and downloads more. With tens or hundreds of thousands of computers across the world running this client, you've got the largest code-cracking network in existence.

Okay, what do I do? Go to Click HERE to check out FAQ's on this interesting challenge. (Wren and Fritz are honored to thank our friend and sponsor Cather "Catalyst" Steincamp for spearheading this opportunity for the entire Witch, Wiccan and Pagan community.)


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