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Witchvox Weekly Update for 4/12/1999

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: April 12th. 1999
Times Viewed: 5,916

Merri Meet, Witches of the World

Timely Announcement!

Abby, Selena and Wren live on the NET this Monday Night!

On Monday, April 19th, 1999, at 9:00 PM CST, Telepathic Radio will present a very special show. Featuring: Abby Willowroot, Originator and Visionary behind a unique project known as the ~Goddess 2000 Project~, Wren Walker of The Witches' Voice, and Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary Network.

What is The ~Goddess 2000 Project~? The purpose of the Project is to HAVE a Goddess on every block. The ~Goddess 2000 Project~ is a healing Community Event that seeks to include all branches of the Earth Spirit, Goddess, Pagan, Dianic, Wiccan, Asatru, Yoruba, Heathen, Indigenous Spirituality, and other related folks. Whatever our own individual Paths, we have come together here to Celebrate the return of the Goddess, focusing on our shared beliefs, not our differences. In fact the Project has rapidly grown to Global Proportions, with members in Most States and Provinces in North America, as well as in Many Countries. Visit the Goddess 2000 Website at... Http://

Date and Time: Monday, April 19th, at 9:00 PM CST, on WCEV 1450 AM in Chicago.

WebMaster's Note: This show will also be Simulcast LIVE on the Web.

An Explosive Week of Changes! Hundreds and hundreds of tweaks, additions and polishing all over the Voice this week. Check out the newly revamped WitchVox Site Map, optimized for both speed and depth. Our powerful links section has been fleshed out and due to numerous requests, now features Canadian, Australian and United Kingdom Web sites.

A Letter To My Daughter... Our Pagan Parenting section continues to come back to life! This week Wren (the only Pagan Parent in this house) offers a wonderful feature entitled. A Letter To My Daughter. The lioness's share of the credit for bringing this section back to life goes to the beautiful Valeria Holtz. Valeria has penned (typed) two wonder articles for this section. We'd also like to thank Li Ferelwing for her powerful - "Children and Familiars" article of this past week. Visit our Pagan Parenting Pages for Valerie's latest article, a Book Review and some powerful links. If YOU are a Pagan Parent and would like to offer your magick to this section email us with your thoughts.

Support for the Kosovo Refugees: It has been very exciting to witness the quick response by the pagan community in helping with this horrible tragedy. In the past couple of weeks we have hit hard with email that asks "What's the plan?"... The Plan is simple; work your best magic for a peaceful resolution to this nightmare and send any cash that you can DIRECTLY to the relief organizations listed in the box below.

The Kosovo issue begs those age-old questions... How long do you let the people try and work it out for themselves? When does someone step in and STOP the hurt? Should YOU care that people are getting hurt? Should YOU step in?

V.E.R.A. is Coming! In the past several months, we have witnessed growing community concern on issues of Values - Ethics - Respect & Accountability. Although we will always be diverse in our spiritual paths, this is something that many believe that we can unify behind. We feel the cauldron bubbling and these issues cannot be denied. We will handle this much like our WitchWars section; aggressively attacking the issues and NOT the people. Make no doubt about it, we DO have our share of sinister folk. They want YOUR money or YOUR power. As in life, BE VERY cautious and careful in your dealings with strangers, even famous ones. The takers in this community are teachers for us all. They ARE "with" us to show us how NOT to be.

The "Good" Doctor Laura: This past week the Pagan community was abuzz with both disgust and anger towards this Doctor Laura woman and her sloppy statements about Wicca. Reports received here at TWV from various sources indicate that Dr. Laura Schlessinger, the self-proclaimed "national mommy", is still on her one woman mission to prove the wisdom contained in an age-old adage: "Tis better to remain silent and be thought ignorant, than to speak and remove all doubt." Schlessinger, who frequently tells callers to ``go take on the day,'' has become known as a firebrand advocate of traditional family values. By her own description, Schlessinger ''teaches, preaches and nags'' about morals and ethics from a conservative Christian perspective. (Wren's NOTE: Just to clarify, Dr. Laura is, in fact, a former atheist who now describes her religious affiliation as Jewish) For info on the Dr. Laura issue, surf to Wren's Nest

JUST UP: Thanks to, we now have the complete transcript of Dr. Laura's "advice to Emily online. We also received this info from Cormac (Thank YOU Cormac) "Hello, I'm surprised that no one else suggested this link. Sadly, I was forced to listen to the 3 hours of the April 9th show just to find out today that it was the 8th!!! Argh, that was tedious! :) Anyway, here it is for everyone to hear:

Fast forward your RealAudio client to approx. 2:03:15 (2 hours 3 minutes 15 seconds) into the track.

The Witchvox Essay Series for April: 6 well crafted essays from Witches, Wiccans and Pagans from around the world. The essay listings below are very powerful and thought provoking. We would love to hear from you! Check out our Editorial Submission Guidelines page for a "how to" and topic list.

      Rites of Passage-Wiccanings & Coming of Age Rituals Pages... 1 2 3 4
      Foreign Agents Wanted! Pages... 1 2

Big News! Jane is BACK! The Witches' Voice is once again honored to feature the latest installment of the fine reporting and gathering work of Jane from Maine. Jane is a Witch and journalist who lives in Maine with four cats (black, of course). Feel free to send clippings, reports, updates, criticism and lavish praise to Jane, P.O. Box 64, Portland, ME 04112, or by simply E-Mailing her. Thank YOU Jane for the work YOU do.

Coming next week... A new round of YOUNG PAGAN Essays!

In closing, allow us to thank you all again for making March '99 the heaviest hit month ever here at the Witches' Voice. Over half a million times the pages (507,229 see last months stats for details) at WitchVox were viewed by surfers from all over the planet. Your magick made this happen. Bless you all for this!

Always in your service,

The Witches' Voice
April 11th., 1999 c.e.

Serious Matters...

Morning Glory IS Safe and Healing at Home!

THIS WEEK we can happily proclaim: "Morning Glory's surgery was a complete success, and she will probably be released from the hospital today, and going home! Thank you everyone who lit candles, prayed, and sent energy to her. May your love return to you times three"! - Oberon Ravenheart.

For an official and detailed statement from Oberon Click here

Skip that next treat and Save some Lives... NOW!

The Farrars Sum Up our Feelings...

Dear All, No doubt most of you will have seen the disturbing pictures on the TV of the refugee camps in Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro. We are asking members of the Pagan Community to donate money to their countries Red Cross or UNHCR appeals which are now being setup. You don't have to give much to have an effect on someones lives; a little counts! - Janet and Stewart Farrar and Gavin Bone

To Send Donations DIRECTLY To Aid The Kosovo Refugees:

For the Latest Updates In The Kosovo Refugee Situation::

Geocites - Angelfire - Tripod <--- Forget You Guys!

Finally a quality FREE alternative to "FREE web sites" that barrage YOUR pages with THEIR ads... Our good friend, Lhiannon at DRAK.NET has actually pulled off something incredible for the Pagan community, a FREE Web site for YOU without Advertising on YOUR Pages.

What do you actually get? Online Editing Absolutely no ads on your page - and never will be No pop ups 10 Megabytes of Space easy to remember URL Completely community supported through donations and advertising on the main site. 99.9% Server Uptime Real Audio and Video supported (now, where can ya get that for free?) Strict privacy policy. No Spam!

What does WitchVox get out of this? Absolutely ZERO... I take that back, when we go out surfing the Pagan Net we get to experience your work with out those pesky banners, popups and watermarks.

How can you qualify? It's simple... Just surf to DRAK.NET and sign up.

THIS Month at The Voice...
Last Week...

Although Wren and I celebrated Ostara, privately, over a week ago, there was no escaping yesterday's traditional Jung Family Egg hunt. Our move to Florida this past year put us within an hours drive of my folk's house, so... after a 20 year break, the egg hunt was back on. The "big treat" was the plastic eggs filled with cash. Sadly, there was no compensation for inflation. Our total at the end of the hunt was $3.24. The real treat was the fabulous meal with family and friends. Bless you for your love and your light Mom.

That Fluffy Bunny just might... Kick your Ass! Before you chomp off the head of that chocolate easter rabbit, you may want to think again about the wisdom of your actions. Contrary to all the talk about the "fluff-bunny", Rabbit in the old tales does much more than merely hop down the bunny trail... Check our Wren's powerful article entitled "There's a Rabbit In The Moon And He Ain't Just Laying Eggs" by clicking here.

Jennie is BACK! A couple of months ago we posted a plea for information about a missing girl named Jennie... just last night we got this response from her parents... "Jennie is back! She was found hitchhiking in Eastern Massachusetts, having never left the general area. Right now she is in hospital for evaluation. We are glad that she is safe. Apparently, she never left New England; the whole California story was a ruse. This time has been a difficult passage for us, but your support and caring has done a lot to help us through. Sincerely, David and Sherry Briggs.

Revamped Gay Pagan and Pagan Parenting sections: Time has come for us to break out both our Gay Pagan and Pagan Parenting pages into their own chapters. We kick off this restructuring with new articles in both sections. Bless you DarHalen, Valeria, and Li Ferelwing for your magical contributions. Although these sections ARE coming to life, WitchVox will be the first to admit that these chapters could use some community TLC and support. We project for some powerful community magic for these areas. Until then, do check out the wonderful articles therein and allow us to point you to many wonderful web sites that REALLY go deeper into these topics. If you are a Gay Pagan or a Pagan Parent and would like to lend of some of your magic via some powerful writing you would do this community a great service. Email us if you have any questions.

In closing, allow us to thank you all for making March '99 the heaviest hit month ever here at the Witches' Voice. Over half a million times the pages (507,229 see last months stats for details) at WitchVox were viewed by surfers from all over the planet. Your magick made this happen. Bless you all for this!

Two Weeks Ago...

Wren and I are just back from 4 days off at the PhoenixPhyre festival. Thanks to the warm hospitality of Wade and Dianne we had 4 of the finest days of our lives. We met some brilliant Witches, Wiccans and Pagans and do feel that we have made some new friends for life. Wren posted daily updates for Thursday and Friday and today we present to you final festival coverage and a couple of dozen wonderful photos. These were the easiest photos I have ever taken, EVERYone looked good and simply beamed with positive energy.

Our journal of PhoenixPhyre '99 has just been added to ever growing festival review pages and can be viewed in all of its glory by clicking here.

The Waterhawk camp was our home at the festival. Don and Daniella, bless you for what you continue to teach us, the high ethical position that you maintain and for the love that you've offered us over the years.

    Three writers of the light: It was thrilling to watch a new connection between Trish Telesco, Phyllis Curott and Wren. The energy they created was very powerful to witness and a taste of this can be experienced from the photo to your right and the image on the front page of the Witches Voice this week.

    Pagan Music: Alexian and Seridina from Earth Tones Studios impressed us all with a wonderful dinner time concert on Friday night. It was a big thrill for me to finally meet "the man" after chatting in email for the past two years. Alexian, my brother, YOU were even cooler than I imagined! AND PhoenixPhyre also featured a diverse community treat known as Bardic Circle. Elspeth and company slayed the crowd with there multi-versed crone tune.

    While the humans are away: Surprisingly, our oldest kitty, Dixie did a wonderful job of keeping things going in our absence. Even more surprising was that she actually received 25 pieces of email. We will do everything in our (limited) power to persuade her to answer them.

    Behind the "8" Ball: Four days off puts us instantly behind, but with hard work and evolving systems we should catch up fast. We returned on Sunday morning and immediately updated all the submissions to the Witches of the World section. This weekly update is next and then its off to hammer away at the barrage of email. If you have emailed us the past week, do have patience in that we do answer them all.

In closing allow us to again thank Wade and Dianne for a healing that we so desperately needed. We also offer a spirit-filled "til we meet again" to some new friends and to several existing relationships that ascended to a higher level! Jericho, Scott, Willow, Rowan, Walker, Raphael, Tony, Mark, Bill and Chris... Bless YOU for the love YOU make.

Wren's Nest... For "All" of the Best Religious News!


Following weeks of protest from Hindu groups, the producers of ``Xena: Warrior Princess'' have agreed to pull an episode that dealt with Hindu deities.

The storyline of the episode, titled ``The Way,'' which aired in the U.S. last month, involved the Hindu deities Lord Krishna and Hanuman aiding Xena in her escape from a demon king and helping her reunite with her sidekick Gabrielle.

For the rest of story surf to... last Week's Wren's Nest

Wren spends a great deal of time researching current news events that may be of interest or concern to Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. This page is a quick and convenient way for the Witches' Voice to keep you updated on the latest news, commentaries and issues that effect our community.

  Updated Every day! Updates on Wren's Nest happen every day and in most cases several times a day, so remember to hit your reload button when you get there.


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