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Witchvox Weekly Update for 7/5/1999

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: July 5th. 1999
Times Viewed: 6,945

"I'm not worried about a little coven of Witches...
Rather than suppress us all, we might give them freedom.".

Pat Robertson - 700 club (this past week)

In a roundabout way Pat Robertson made a gutsy statement this past week. The reality IS that the Neo-Pagan movement is the fastest growing of all spiritual paths in America and throughout the world. How about thousands of "little covens of Witches"? This is another reality. We list almost a thousand Covens and Groups right here at the Witches' Voice and many aren't so little. We are a peaceful lot by nature, don't evangelize, live in your cities and towns and certainly don't worship (or even believe in) that "Satan Guy". We are professionals, laborers, students, lawyers, doctors, and even Military personnel. We can't think of ANY reason be worried about us, we ARE your brothers and sisters. We DO have our Freedom and we will continue to fight to protect this right through both political and legal means. Thank You Pat for understanding and supporting the first amendment.

Last week many wonderful and concerned Pagans held a prayer circle at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. (MPN creator John Machate pictured just above to your left) It was beautiful, full of magic and professionally done. On hand to report the news (amongst others) were the Chicago Tribune and Christian Broadcasting network. Surprisingly, it was CBN that presented the best coverage. WitchVox is proud to present the M.P.N.Press Release and the text of the Ritual in D.C..

A Community in Action (more press releases):

Pagan Leaders Champion Religious Freedom In Military: Leaders of major U.S. Pagan organizations have rallied to uphold the First Amendment freedoms of military personnel. Calling for interfaith dialogue and the affirmation of religious freedom as an inalienable human right, the leaders rejected attempts by Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) and other government officials to ban the practice of Wicca on military bases. Surf to Wren's Nest for the complete press release.

"I have heard from every Wiccan in the country about this" (Oh Really?)

IS AMERICA BECOMING A PAGAN NATION?-Paul M. Weyrich, NewsMax (7/6/99)

"A few weeks ago the Free Congress Foundation stood up for our Judeo-Christian heritage and opposed the decision by the U.S. Army to permit the Wiccan religion to hold services on base. The Army is even considering chaplains for the Wiccans.

A few organizations joined us in our call for a boycott of Army recruitment until this matter is settled. We are, after all, a country where military service is voluntary. Do Christian or religious Jewish parents want to send their kids off to the military only to have them proselytized by a pagan religion? I think not. When we go to war, even a war we dislike, such as the war in Kosovo, we implore the God of our fathers to watch over our men and women in the armed services. If the Army permits prayers to pagan "gods" how long will it be that God's blessing will continue to be upon His people?

Rev. Pat Robertson has acted and spoken! Robertson wasn't content to be neutral on the subject. No, he has now supported the right of Wiccans to hold their services on military bases.

I have heard from every Wiccan in the country about this. They may be a small group but they are well organized.

Paul Weyrich is president of the Free Congress Foundation.
Phone: Robert McFarland at 202.546.3000
ebsite at

The Ten Commandments and the BoB Barr/Pagans in the Military issues remain hot in the news and will no doubt continue for some time to come. For the absolute latest info on these issues surf to our Pagans in the Military or Ten Commandments pages... Also check out Texas Pagan Awareness Online for their powerful coverage. For daily updates on these issues and more surf to Wren's Nest on the Web.

Not *really* about WitchCraft and this didn't really happen

The initial trailers (promos) for the Blair Witch Project" hit American TV screens this past week and many Witches have already emailed with both concern and confusion. To help better clarify what this movie is really about we point you to our Pre-Review and a review from the Philly News.

WitchVox Media Liaison: Peg Aloi has been reading the previews of this film and tells us she expects it to be one of the best horror films she has ever seen. This week we present a "WitchVox Pre-Review of the Blair Witch Project" that she penned a few weeks back. She also promises some surprises in the next couple of weeks related to this independent film.

The Philly News Review: BLAIR WITCH REVIEW.

Anouncing W.O.T.W. - Version 4.0

Nothing thrills us more than to receive email thanking us for the usefulness of our Witches' of the World pages. Since we started this project (and to selfishly fulfill our mission statement) we have done everything in our power to help network, support and strengthen the local communities. Nearly every day we get email telling us of groups formed, Pagans falling in love, strong event attendance etc. You email us offering a simple "thanks" for this resource. Our response can only be... THANK YOU!  It was YOU that made this section, YOU gave it life! This week the Witches' Voice is proud to point you to the latest incarnation of our Witch, Wiccan and Pagan contact listings, version 4.0b7 was posted this morning (7/6/99) for your viewing and networking pleasure.

Version 4.0 changes, fixes and enhancements:

  • Faster Load Time on "Big Pages" This facelift regains control over the larger areas (California, Texas and 22 others). 24 States as well as Ontario, Canada and the United Kingdom have been broken up in 6 pages each, rendering a 70% improvement in load time.
  • Poised for Future Growth: Code was written to automatically break out any state/prov/country page that hits 150 listings into 6 pages. We have also created the technology to break out the big areas even further when needed.
  • New Look and Feel: Version 4 is a total rewrite with a sidebar approach to related links. Graphics are leaner and the ugly (but necessary) anti-Spam details are prominently displayed on the side bar to minimize the "I didn't know it wasn't ok to spam this list" excuses.
  • Version Number Posted: With the advent of version 4 we are actually posting the version number so that YOU can help. If you notice and bugs or glitches feel free to email them directly to us.
  • Bug Fix: Problems with the length of the name "Australian Capitol Territory" have been fixed once and for all by renaming this area and its links... ACT. Our apologies to our Australian brothers and sisters from this area for the problems in the past.
Future Plans: Over the next 60 days we will plan on offering a breakdown by County for an easier way to target your area. We also have many other enhancements in mind for the future of WOTW at the Voice.

If you'd like to be listed on these pages simply surf to WOTW Listings and submit your info.

Thank You for Your Magic(k) Last month was busiest month ever here at WitchVox (both in site traffic and hot issues). For complete details of what we were doing surf to last months highlights by clicking here.

E Pluribus Funum This week we received a most interesting press release... "Those masters of magickal musical mischeeevious mayhem Loke E. Coyote are proud to announce their latest CD manifestation: Rhythms of Spring! The Rhythms festival, sponsored by Betwixt and Between, was three days of dancing, drumming, music and merriment and now you can share in the magick of Pagapalooza 1999's very first stop. The driving wiccabilly beats of Revel FIre and Summer Vacation, the pseudo reggae of Bob Marleycorn, and the rollicking Pagan Zydeco will have you dancing in no time! This disk was recorded live by the lovely and talented JC who added his special brand of sonic manipulation making this the greatest Pagan party disk ever! Find out why Loke E. Coyote is the world's first and farmost Pagan boogie band and the Goddessfathers of Wiccabilly. For more details including RealAudio clips and purchase information, visit the band's web site at Party on dudes!"

P.O.S.S. Takes off: Last week's upgrade to our Pagan Online Shops and Services section took off like a rocket (see details below on this page). Lots of action and many wonderful emails. Look for more enhancements and developments to this section over the next couple of months. Plans include breaking this out to separate pages for; Original artist creations, Tarot Readers, Online Retailers etc. Until then surf to our Pagan Online Products and Services pages for your magical needs.

In closing, allow us with all of you in America a happy 4th and let us (again) apologize for the delays in responding to your email. We are working very hard to catch up.

Always in your service.

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
July 6th., 1999 c.e.

In the Past Two Weeks at WitchVox

"I don't think that Witchcraft is a Religion".
(Texas Gov. George. W. Bush)

Politically speaking this was another very busy week. Republican presidential candidate and Governor of Texas, George W. Bush, stated that he believed that Witchcraft wasn't a religion, hence not worthy of being treated as such in the military etc. Even by conservative estimates, close to a million U.S. Witches, Wiccans & Pagans would strongly disagree. Get this George, we are not only a religion but we are also voters, and vote we will.

Texas Pagans (who never do anything small) were both insulted and furious by their Govenor's statement! Surf to Texas Pagan Awareness Online or Wren's Nest for continuing coverage on this issue. The times they ARE a changing, YOUR local Pagan awareness campaigns ARE working. We are waxing NOT waning. For the absolute latest on World-Wide Pagan political issues... Visit Wren's Nest on the Web

Contact information for Governor Bush to respond to his comments against Wicca: Snail Mail: Governor George W. Bush, Office of the Governor, PO Box 12428, Austin, Texas 78711-2428. Fax: 512-463-1849. Governor's Switchboard: 512-463-2000. Online E-Mail Response Form Address:

The "Pagan Vote" image to your upper right is just one of many new images for the grabbin' over at the W.A.D.L. Web Site (image by Sascha).

Two NEW Festival Reviews: 1999 has been an explosive year for Pagan festivals in both sheer numbers and size. This week we honored to present detailed reviews of two veteran Pagan Festivals, the FreeSpirit Gathering in Maryland and Ancient Ways in California (pictures just up 6/29). Big time thanks to Gaia IvoryWitch and Diotima for their fine reviews. For daily updates on upcoming Pagan Festivals visit our The WitchVox Festivals Page.

Pagan Online Shops & Services: Our second busiest links section is Pagan Products Online (Can anyone guess the first?). Due to this page's "out of control" size, (200 detailed listings) and our past commitment to better promote this section, this week we did some major work.

WitchVox has celebrated the Pagan shops both on and off line since our site launch in '97. Sadly our listings have grown TOO large (212 online shops and 596 local shops) to be easily digestible. For months we have been promising the vendors and crafts-people that we want to find a way to better promote their work (lack of time is always our biggest frustration). We DO know that is hard to make a living selling this type of merchandise. The Staff at WitchVox encourages you to support our community shops both on and off line.

WitchVox NOTE: The Witches Voice IS a non-commercial site and accepts NO compensation or "Free" gifts from any vendors, shops or services with any implied obligation (this doesn't include Home-made cookies or Truffles). This enables us to promote products and services that we deem of interest to the Pagan community. We are not in anyone's back pocket nor do we have any desire to be. WitchVox is funded by our sponsors, free and clear of any "obligations". If you like what WitchVox offers, surf to YOUR W.O.T.W. page and THANK your local sponsor.

Changes this week in our POSS section:

  • New Name: Our first decision was to rename this section "Pagan Online Shops and Services" (POSS) in an effort to better describe its contents.
  • Random 13 Our Databases live to run calculations and every two days THEY will chose 13 POSS sites for you to check out.
  • Now on 5 Pages This is our first attempt to break up and better define POSS. Future plans *still* include; powerful search capabilities buy product or service type, and articles on safe online shopping.
Click on the logo just above to visit our listing of 212 Pagan ONLINE Shops and Services.

Blessed Be and Meet me in DC: Last week we were honored to increase awareness on BBMMDC's coming out 1999 (see details & links below on this page) by helping to announce this event. The BBMMDC staff is committed to render this event "correct and for the good of all" and have been working on this since 1997. They are open to community feedback and it is clear that they aren't afraid of the hard work that will be involved. Visit the BBMMDC Main Site for the latest

BBMMDC fever is spreading and other states are doing a version of this in their major cities. Check out what they are doing in Detroit and Chicago . (Thank You Aldous Tyler for making us aware of this). Stay tuned to this page (and to your state events pages) for new info on BBMMDC and its sister events as they come in.

Pagan Pride Day '99
The International Pagan Pride Day this year is September 18, 1999!

Pagan Pride Day is a celebration of PRIDE in whom we reverence and how we celebrate our spirituality! International pagan communities are planning events, picnics, walks and more to help promote understanding and tolerance among all religions, and to share our abundance with others.

Media kits, suggestions for planning a Pagan Pride Day event and support available on the International Pagan Pride Day

Human Day - Globally - July 15th 1999
It is with great hope that human beings all over the Wourld will set aside their differences to recognize and celebrate OUR similarities, OUR very common roots and bonds, OUR essential needs. The fact that we all, everyone of us, has blood coursing through our bodies, has the potential to enlighten the hardest of hearts to the realization that we are more alike than we are not... please join me, brothers and sisters, in Celebrating HUMAN DAY. We are all individual, unique, special, beautiful, talented, different... BUT, no matter how you look at it, no matter where you are from, what language you speak, the colour of your skin, how tall you stand, the shape of your body, the food you eat, there is one thing that you share with EVERYONE... YOU ARE A HUMAN!

For additional info surf to the Human Day Website

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21. Catala's Wicca Page 100
Speaking of Thank YOUs!
For the past couple of weeks, Witchvox has held the number one position on the HitBox top 1,000 religion page. Every one of you that came in through our front door made this happen. Thank YOU!

Hit Box's measurements are simple, they track unique visitors though a single page. You Vote for your favorite page just by visiting it. No tricks, no games.

One of the many reasons that we list at HitBox is because they offer a FREE statistical page for your site that tells you the who, what and where of the folks surf through your home page. We were amazed and in some cases surprised to find out that 56.73% of our front page hits come from those of you that have us bookmarked.

For the FIRST time ever we found out which Pagan pages (less search engines) actually send us the most traffic. The sites to your left represent those that have sent us over 100 unique surfers in the last 52 days. We proudly list them here and we take this opportunity to THANK THEM on our busiest page.

Staff Note: Wren and I were heartbroken to hear of the demise of THE pioneer in Pagan Web links "Arachne's Web" earlier this year. This was one of the first PAGAN sites that we ever saw on the Web. It was our launching pad to the 60 pagan sites that were on the web in late '95. We love you Arachne and we will always hold your work near and dear to our hearts.

Young Pagans of the World Launched! In and effort to give Young Pagans additional coverage AND to prune back the sheer size of our State pages, this week we broke out all teen contact listings into a section of their own. Pagan Teens are no longer at the bottom of the state pages. If you would like to view a listing of Young Pagans in your state Click Here and pick your area. (The WitchVox Young Pagan pages currently list over 3,000 Teen contacts from around the world)

WitchVox Cracks 7 Million! Thanks to your support, suggestions and interaction, the Witches Voice will break the 7 million pages viewed milestone this Tuesday (over 53,462,000 actual hits). We are also honored to thank all the artists and authors that have contributed to this site as well as our internet service provider Cetlink for allowing this to happen for the past 2 years at a flat 29 bucks a month.

Blessed Be and Meet Me in DC '99 Is a Go! This past week the organizers of BBMMDC launched their campaign to create Pagan Awareness in the U.S. capital on Samhain Weekend 1999.

    "The event idea was conceived from the Million Man March in 1995. Several people got together and tried to create an organizational structure from which the event could be realized. It still is unclear why the event, as it was originally conceived, never took hold, but the original creators/organizers disbanded in mid-to-late 1996. It was then that the small group of people, seeing the idea as incredibly fruitful and necessary, took it and ran with it" Fem (president, BBPU and Core Member, BBMMDC).

    The first BBMMDC rendered a turn out of 600-800 at the nation's capital and a statement was indeed made.

    BBMMDC '99 looks to not only be VERY organized but also promises to be an exciting event, packed with many famous Pagan leaders and celebrites. Wren and I had a wonderful chat with one the organizers, River, at Heartland last month and it was clear that he is with a very professional group of folks and that this time it should be much stronger. BBMMDC has two web sites: A Splash Page and a Main Page. The Witches' Voice wishes BBMMDC only the best and will bring you more info as it develops.

Web Surfing Peeves Hey maybe it's just us? As Wren and I work on the Voice we find ourselves growling and bristling when we surf the web to check out links and do research. The following 3 situations make us the craziest. How about you?

  1. Dead links! It amazes us that quantity seems to reign over quality on the web. It's becoming a nightmare to use the search engines for research and so many sites we have visited lately are infested with broken links. We work hard at TWV to do our part for a clean web (Our links section is verified on a daily basis and we ARE constantly working on the other sections). If this makes you crazy, email Webcrafters and search engines and work on this. If you find any broken links here, feel free to let us know as well.

  2. POP out Windows! What is up with this? The Geocities pop up banners are irritating enough, but there seems to be a trend to create links that open up in a new window. Our question is WHY? Are they afraid that we won't come back? The average surfer is viewing the web with an 800x600 monitor, space for new windows just isn't at a premium. We say, if you are sending people off of your site via links of interest then do it! Why does a site need to be lurking in the background? Amazingly, many sites that we love and respect "hold their ground" when you try to link away.

  3. Trapped in Frames? Although one could argue that frames ARE a good design move. It is clear that the masses don't like it. The pro sites don't do frames as the default. Frames ARE a good option, but do your surfers a favor and don't use frames as a default. Let US choose to Frame or not to Frame.

Interviews with Two Pagan Authors: This week the Wiccan/Pagan Times is featuring an interview with Raven Grimassi author of several titles including Wiccan Magick and Wiccan Mysteries. Raven has been a teacher and practitioner of magickal systems for over 25 years and he has some definite ideas concerning our heritage and the preservation of the Old Ways.

The Microsoft Network is featuring a powerful Interview with Starhawk . Candid and very much down to earth!

OCRT Fighting to Survive: The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance web site is too popular for their own good. In the past two weeks several of you have written us asking to help get the word out on this sites financial woes. Wren and I have been big fans of this site and its work for almost three years. OCRT's activity of late is rendering them big usage charges and word has it that this puts their monthly bill in the 200+ range. It's apparent that their support donations don't cover this and the option to continue to serve the community and to pay for it themselves may not be a practical one. If you value what they do, support them, OR you can help them to find a web hosting service that will allow them 20 plus gig a month in bandwidth for a fee less than 100.00.

Several times in the past, TWV has sent OCRT cash support because it is our belief that they are a very important resource for Religious Freedom. The typical WitchVox balance doesn't allow us to send them money these days but we are hopeful that we will be able to do this in the future. Early last year (2/18/98) I penned a rant on this subject and sadly this reality hasn't changed much. The message of this rant was a simple one... Support ANY Organization that you believe in. By ANY I mean those outside our community as well. The Lincoln Park High case of earlier this year was a victory because the ACLU IS properly funded. Wren and I are proud sponsors of the ACLU.

Bob Barr Those of you that regularly surf this site noticed a huge feature on the Bob Barr issue that dominated this page just 4 days ago. We have moved it to our Bob Barr Index in a effort to keep this page "loadable" and to gain space for the Ten Commandments issue. Is Bob a major proponent of the Ten Commandments amendment featured above? Big surprise! This is yet another one of his "passions".


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