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Witchvox Weekly Update for 10/18/1999

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 18th. 1999
Times Viewed: 6,903

Midweek Special...

Judging Amy: Custody Battle or Witch Hunt?

This episode was, no doubt, watched by tens of thousands of Witches, Wiccans and Pagans and will be chatted about for weeks to come. As soon as it ended we started getting email and LOTS of it. Although, the writers did make a decent effort to capture some reality (and in many areas succeeded), they missed the mark on a few critical points. The PTA/Halloween ban scene was so typical of what's been happening this season it was frightening. ... and that line about "Witch Politics"? Hummmm... Look for more of our thoughts on this show on this weekend's Home Page update.

For Peg Aloi's review, surf to WitchVox Review of Judging Amy - Witch Episode.

Note: We plan on posting some pages of community thoughts related to this show on this Sunday night. Email us your thoughts on the Judging Amy "Witch episode" and/or email them to CBS.
Cats of the Craft...

Truly Magical Creatures... We are Indeed under Their Spell.

Greetings Everyone,

There is only one rule for the cats around our house... "What ever they want, they get"! Witches, Wiccans and Pagans do love their kitties. This is a fact to anyone that "has a clue"... yet it is that time of year again folks, and part of the annual "Satanic Panic Scare " (thanks Isaac) is to protect (black) cats FROM us. Give me a break! Although belief in this myth is starting to wear thin (even in the remotest circles) it is once again "seasonal sensational news". So, here we are, once again, addressing this issue at the Voice (see link to Wren's article just below)

On a much more positive note, our most dramatic and exciting time of the year, Samhain '99 (a.k.a. Halloween), is just 2 weeks away... We knew this month would a busy one here at WitchVox but we didn't know it would be this busy. The past 7 days were our most active since we went on line (in early '97)... with 198,102 WitchVox pages displayed on computers everywhere. This explosion in action is what we are hearing from all over the Pagan web. People ARE hitting the search engines, looking up Witchcraft, Wicca and Pagan and surfing the Pagan web like never before. Events and press clippings have been pouring in daily. Daily visitors of Wren's Nest already know this. The Neo Pagan community continues to be one of the largest growing cultures in World today. These are VERY exciting times.

We have been very busy here at Voice central, upgrading, tweaking and polishing. We eliminated the "hits" count from the intro page and replaced it with a month to date pages count. We worked hard scripting and coding the numerous local databases that feed the Witches' of the World pages. We got two search engines up and running and we are also doing prep work for our LIVE daily AutumnMeet Coverage (see below). So without further ado, we present to you this week's update.

The Annual Halloween Scaredy Cat Ban

This week Wren has put in some substantial time updating her "The Annual Halloween Scaredy Cat Ban" article. This piece has evolved over the past three Halloweens and is now a permanent addition to our Samhain Pages. Here is an excerpt...

"Are there people out there who really do abuse cats and other animals? Yes, there are, but they are not Witches or Wiccans. The 'mysterious cults' that are mentioned (but are never really identified) in news articles about Halloween cat-related horrors are actually following in the footsteps of Christian clerics rather than pagan practitioners if they are using or abusing the innocent cat in some sort of bizarre sacrificial ritual setting...

The larger professionally run animal shelters know that indeed it is not the Wiccans/Witches who are doing the abusing. Thanks to all of the concerned pagans who have written the shelters, the newspapers and town officials during 'scaredy cat' seasons past, we have gotten that point across rather well.

It is instead the "thrill seeker," the wanna-be "satanist"- ala-Hollywood -movie- scripts or the emotionally disturbed individual who perpetuates such crimes against animaldom. We join with the animal protection agents in the hope that the people who abuse cats and other animals will be caught and then prosecuted for their heinous and cruel acts." For the Complete article Visit the WitchVox Samhain Pages.

Do Check out our Cats of Witchcraft pages. Do these animals look abused to you?

The Samhain Treats Continue for us Floridians...

In a just a few weeks we get to meet both old friends and new at the Autumnmeet '99 festival just north of Tampa, Florida. We have been to many festivals over the past decade but this one is a personal fave. The exciting news is that this will be Velvet Hammer's first Florida appearance.

The Autumnmeet Festival will happen from Nov 4th to Nov.7th just north of Tampa, Florida and features: Velvet Hammer, Don Waterhawk & Daniella Bluestar WaterHawk, Greywolf O'Murchadha & Briga O'Murchadha, Maya Heath, Nybor and Elspeth of Haven, Oxun Olukari Al'Aye, Steve & Lisa Dugas.

So why are we pushing AutumnMeet? Are we getting paid to speak there or feature it here? No Way! We don't charge for "personal appearances" (it's not our style). We DO know good people and a good time when we see it. It's just 40 min. from our home, so we can offer YOU live daily coverage. This is both relaxing and fun for us, we can't wait.

Mention WitchVox and save some Cash If you are reading this you are in luck. Because of the promotion that we give the AutumnMeet festival they want to send some thanks back to YOU... Simply mention WitchVox to the organizers and save some cash on any newly acquired day, weekend and entire festival rates.

This year we will be broadcasting Live from AutumnMeet via daily reviews that will include interviews, photos and the latest news. So for those that you have never been to a festival, join us online for AutumnMeet Live (Nov 4th to Nov.7th). If you are planning on attending Autumnmeet we'd love to meet you. Stop over at the Waterhawks tent and say "Merri Meet"

Introducing VoxSearch:
WitchVox Search Engines #1 & 2 Take Flight Finally we offer you the beginning of some real search capabilities here at WitchVox. For technical reasons we have held out on making Witchvox searchable. Our Dream for the past three years has been to actually "host" out Databases Live on the net. This hasn't happened solely due to the fact that we can't afford to do it. This past week we have found a way to have a cgi read from a flat file database (which we can easily render until the cows come home)... This interim step will get things off the ground and unleash some long over-due searchable-access to various parts of this site. WitchVox really needs several different search engines; for people, links and essays and of course a proper one for Wren's nest.

Young Pagans Come First... This week we received notice of a wonderful review of the Witches' Voice from Moon SpiritWolf at Starlight Voices... We quote them, they Quote us...
"You may find other well done sites with teen written articles and essays, but this one takes the cake. That is because it does not have a separate site for teenagers, but rather has a section connected to the rest of the site which is important so as not to isolate teens from the rest of the community. In their own words: "...we simply never thought in terms of Teen vs. "adult" in the creation and evolvement of this web site. Any reference to Teens here at Witchvox are due to requests from Teens themselves." Many thanks to Wren Walker, Fritz Jung, and Diotima for the excellent service to the Pagan community, and for the special attention to the Young Pagan community".

Bless You Moon SpiritWolf and the folks at Starlight Voices. Because of this letter and so many others like it from the Witches of our future, we dedicate our first search engine (links to over 4,000 Pagan Teens) to the incredibly fast growing, and always inspiring, Pagan Youth. YOU have shaped the Witches Voice from day one and always will. So Mote it Be!!!

Visit any of our Pagan Youth Contact Pages and do searches for those with similar interests, icq #'s, names, your town, or email address.

New WitchVox Pagan Links Search Engine: Our number two search engine (also introduced this week) was designed to serve our Pagan links section. This section of WitchVox presently lists close to 3,000 different Pagan Websites. Although we have worked hard to present this listing via intelligent categories, this search engine takes things to another level. If you want to look for say... hand made cloaks, books, handfasting sites, Dianic listings, athames, etc... You can now do it and quickly. To take this new and fast VoxSearch engine for a ride, simply surf to any of our Pagan Links Pages.

Other Pagan Search Engines: The undisputed grand Daddy/Mommy of them all is Avatar has reigned supreme for three years and for good reason. However in the past 6 months, a cgi by Gossamer Threads Inc. has inspired many to run their own. Visit the WitchVox Pagan links pages for a near complete listing of Pagan Search Engines

October Jane's Tidings NOW Up at WitchVox

The Witches' Voice is once again privileged to feature the latest installment of the fine reporting and gathering work of Jane from Maine. Wren and I have been honored to know Jane for more moons than we'd ever care admit to. Last Month we made the decision to give Jane's tidings a Chapter of its own here at WitchVox.

"An article in the Boston Phoenix illustrates something Witches and Pagans need to know about: How others see us. The article, by novelist Audrey Schulman, tells the (true) story of how she attended the "naked witch wedding" of a friend." Click HERE for the rest of this story and latest edition of Jane's Tidings. We love you Jane!

Blessed Be & Meet Me in DC - 10 days and Counting:
The BBMMDC Event is quickly approaching (Oct. 29th-30th) and WitchVox is honored to bring you the latest news... As of this writing guest speakers include Isaac Bonewits Ellen Evert Hopman Nybor & Elspeth of Haven Bekki Shining Bearheart and Crow Swimsaway, Ph.D. Jane T. Sibley,Ph.D. Mz. Imani - Imani. This came in a few days ago from Feminist...

"The opening ceremonies and drumming circle begin at 7PM on Friday on the West lawn of the Jefferson Memorial. It's sponsored by Ecumenicon Fellowship, and is free to the public. Highlights will include a speech by John Machate of the Military Pagan Network, the ritual for the re-lighting of the Unity Candle prepared and consecrated at Beltane, and a Blessing for the event given by Isaac Bonewits. Then, the drumming begins, with a break of 3 minutes of Silence at Midnight to direct energies into Mother Earth in an effort to help Her heal from the ravages of Man and Time.

Scheduled in with the Workshops on Saturday is a showing Ellen Evert Hopman's new documentary entitled "Pagans". The Workshop schedule includes, "So Ya Wanna Be a Witch?", Pre-Christian Celtic Beliefs and Practices", Handfasting - Legalities and Resources", and a night time presentation of "Norse-working". There will be free public rituals on Saturday at the Lincoln Memorial, as well as a flower memorial to remember those who cannot attend or have passed on before us.

Canned food will be collected all weekend to go to DC area food banks and battered women's shelters, as well as a trip to the Red Cross for those who can and wish to donate blood in the name of Pagans everywhere. The energy is high, and so are spirits! We're coming down to the wire... permits are all in place, and we're expecting an incredible turnout... B*B! Fem B*B! Fem.

Visit the BBMMDC Main Site for the latest. BBMMDC fever is spreading and other states are doing a version of this in their major cities. Check out what they are doing in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL and now Des Moines, Iowa as well. Stay tuned to this page (and to your State Events Pages) for new info on BBMMDC and its sister events as they are posted.

This just in from Akasha... (Thank You Akasha for these kind words - W&F)

Akasha Samhain InterNet Broadcast
With Special Guests Fritz Jung & Wren Walker
Sponsored by: The 2kool4 Radio Channel At Virtually Canadian Broadcasting
When: 10/31/1999 Time Information: Sunday 7pm EST

Event Details: This virtual broadcast of Akasha with host Kate Whittaker airs on Sunday at 7pm EST. You can listen to a 40 minute interview with Fritz Jung and Wren Walker famed for their fantastic internet site and vast networking and information resource "The Witches Voice". Fritz and Wren share their stories and personal insight on a variety of topics including: Samhain and we get the delightful treat of listening to a couple of tracks off of Fritz's CD "The Celtic Feast of The Dead". Details on how to purchase the CD will be available on the shows archived page listed below. These two really are as wonderful as they seem on the internet and I know you'll enjoy listening to the pair of them. Yep they are definitely lovebirds! And on top of it all Samhain is Fritz's Birthday so be sure to send him birthday wishes while wishing the both of them a blessed Samhain! Don't worry if you miss the broadcast because I will archive the entire show and you can access it the next day. I will post it after noon est on my own website located at
Contact: Kate Whittaker   Email:   Telephone: 1-888-9VOICES OR 519-534-5539  Website:

(Thank You Akasha for having us and the kind words above. Do know that we had a fabulous time - W&F)

New in our Gay Pagan Section: Tara 1999
Lavender Majick: Reconciling the Masculine and Feminine Within
Nitewing has penned another powerful essay... " I've been asked by many people about working majick from a gay perspective. I find that our majick works just like anyone else's majick. The difference is usually that gay men and lesbians often find it much easier to tap into both masculine and feminine energies. Now, that isn't to say that heterosexuals can't do the same thing. However, most heterosexual men I've met have some difficulty finding the Goddess within, and most heterosexual women I've met have about the same difficulty finding the God within". Surf over and check out his thoughts on Lavender Majick.

New Festival Review: The Festival of Tara 1999 This week we received a wonderful review of this festival from John Kramer. "The Festival of Tara 1999 opened with a ROCKING good concert Friday night. Lezlie Revell, a phenomenal young lady just breaking into the local stages, tore the place up. Her folksy, bluesy and gutsy songs wound the crowd up very nicely, thank you. We then were treated to Hawk's Well, a Celtic band of local notoriety. Their ensemble of string, flute, harp and voice strike a chord in all of us. Combined with the presence of our goddess on the property, the set was not just moving, but awe-inspiring." Surf over and check out John's thoughts on The Festival of Tara 1999.

It's yet another BIG week of features and treats for YOU here at WitchVox... So full of news and events that we had to once again "Clean the Slate" on this page to make room

WitchVox October '99 Highlights & Treats...

WitchVox October Treats Week #1
WitchVox October Treats Week #2
WitchVox to do AutumnMeet LIVE Maxine Sanders to make rare appearance BBMMDC - The latest info! Silver Ravenwolf hits with "Halloween" Gaea Goddess Gathering '99 Review Critical Press Page Launched W.P.T. features 3 new interviews 18 October Essays NOW UP It's Back to Black (for now) Will there be Treats? "Instant Witch" - Your thoughts Update on "God" Billboards... Click for October Week #1 Highlights. Magically Transform Your home Pagan Youth "Instant Witch" Essays NOW UP Isaac Bonewits hits the big 50 BBMMDC to be Professionally Filmed WitchVox Central and the Grim Reaper 60 New Samhain Events "Conversations with Alex Sanders" Just Released ups NeoPagan Estimate to 1 Million Pagan Lending Library planned for Samhain Launch Press Page a "Monster" Success...Click for October Week #2 Highlights.
WitchVox October Treats Week #1
WitchVox October Treats Week #2

As we get closer to the big day, we highly recommend that you keep an eye out on your state/country page for the absolute latest in Samhain event details. This week alone saw another 60 plus new events listed for Samhain from all over the world.

Take advantage of this seasonal change and embrace change in your home and always remember, "it's never too early to start your Samhain shopping"... For gift giving ideas check out the numerous online Pagan Shops and Original Artists sites in our Pagan Links Section AND visit your Local Witch/Metaphysical Shop.

Have a safe and balanced week everyone,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Monday, October 18th., 1999 c.e.


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