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Witchvox Weekly Update for 10/25/1999

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: October 25th. 1999
Times Viewed: 6,580

It's Samhain Week...Yes!

Thank You For An Incredible Year!

This is the Week, Samhain and Beltaine (in the Southern Hemisphere). Samhain '99 climaxes with a barrage of events, press coverage and of course those adorable trick or treaters... Please note that the Witches' Voice will be closed for all communications on the 31st in respect for our High Holiday. Wren and I will take a day off and spend some time together in meditation and reflection.

As I write this Samhain week intro, I feel the fall finally coming to the Gulf Coast of Florida. The cool and crisp air sharpens the view of the stars above and brings us "tropical folks" into the seasonal change.

The October media coverage of who we are and what we do has already been both positive and plentiful. Every year it just gets stronger and more focused on reality. There will be a plethora of media coverage in this final week and many of you will speak for the community via your local papers or on television. If you are a "first-timer," or even if you can do an interview while casting a circle with one hand and husking the corn with the other, do check out our Talking with the Press Page for some helpful info. Also, I am pretty sure there will be a "Pagans and the Net" article in USA Today sometime mid-week.

For those of you checking this site for Halloween info kindly surf to the WitchVox Samhain Pages for some powerful information. Also new this week: Isacc Bonewits has updated his incredible "Real Origins of Halloween" to version 3.5.1

This weekend, we set the clocks back and turn the wheel one more time. As another marker of note, WitchVox should hit the "10 Million Pages Viewed" milestone later this week and to have this happen at Samhain is a timely treat. You made this happen...You are the Witches' Voice and your voice is reaching millions.

WitchVox Vacation: The Witches' Voice Central staff will be away from 10/29-11/2/99 to take a much needed break and to celebrate the Holiday... Plans include: A Samhain Circle a few hours south of here in Ft. Myers, Florida on Saturday and then it's off on Samhain morning to the Florida Keys for a few days. This website will not be answering email or doing WOTW page updates during this period (Do feel free to submit your data and changes as usual). We will return on 11/3 to catch up and get ready for the Autumnmeet Festival from 11/4 - 11/7/99 (see details below on this page... WitchVox will be covering AutumnMeet 99 live via daily updates.

Samhain Events in YOUR Town: W,W & Pagan Events listings have tripled this year at Witchvox... Pagans everywhere will be celebrating the final Holiday of the Pagan year. Circles, Magic and Holiday festivals will be plentiful throughout this week. As we get closer to the big day, we highly recommend that you keep an eye out on your state/country page for the absolute latest in Local Samhain Event details.

Altar Photos & Group Shots Wanted: The Witches' Voice is actively seeking photos of Your Coven or Group (perhaps celebrating the Samhain holiday?).... We are also looking for stunning Altar Shots for future Website updates. Email the WitchVox Webcrafter with any images that you may have from past events or will have taken over the next couple of weeks.

Judging Amy: Giving US Much to Ponder.
Lots of news and community action this week with the big buzz being the Judging Amy "Witch Trial" episode... This was a very thought-provoking and interesting piece of television drama. As promised, we are featuring some pages of community comments on this show.. Also new this week is a Wren editorial on the same.

"Discrimination and defense in this case rests solely upon what they-and we-believe about a religious label. We all know that she was a Witch. But if everyone has drawn a conclusion about what sort person she was simply because of the "W" word, both sides of the issue have fallen into the snare of stereotyping and neither side can claim any virtuous high ground for their position."

Blessed Be & Meet Me in DC - THIS WEEKEND:
WitchVox is honored to bring you the latest news on The BBMMDC Event... Guest speakers include Isaac Bonewits Ellen Evert Hopman Nybor & Elspeth of Haven Bekki Shining Bearheart and Crow Swimsaway, Ph.D. Jane T. Sibley, Ph.D. Mz. Imani - Imani.

10/24/99 Update: There's a small correction to the time for the Opening Ceremonies/Drumming Circle on Friday night. It begins at 8PM....not bad! Sponsored by Ecumenicon Fellowship, Friday night's activities are shaping up to be QUITE an exciting evening!

Cerridwen's Coffeehouse (at the Unitarian Universalists Church of Silver Spring, MD) will be host to us again this year for their annual Hallows Ball. The featured band is Big Village, and it will be their farewell performance. Vendors will be moved downstairs to accommodate the larger crowd. Further information is available at Cerridwen Website The BBMMDC Website will soon be awash with information on the event happenings, and the announcement for the date of BBMMDC 2000 will be forthcoming as well! See YOU in DC! B*B! Fem.

Visit the BBMMDC Main Site for the latest. BBMMDC fever is spreading and other states are doing a version of this in their major cities. Check out what they are doing in Detroit, MI, Chicago, IL and now Des Moines, Iowa as well. Stay tuned to this page (and to your State Events Pages) for new info on BBMMDC and its sister events as they are posted.

Maxine Dispels Some Myths...
Fest Review: The Halloween Festival (UK)

In an incredible execution of timeliness, our friend Micca from the UK has sent us a powerful and enlightening review of the Halloween Fest that happened in London this past week. This Festival's highlight was a rare appearance by Maxine Sanders herself!

"She spoke for nearly an hour, from notes, on her own development and introduction to both The Craft and Alex. And you could have heard a pin drop throughout. Fascinating, and witty and very anecdotal (the story about the police attempt to arrest Alex as one of the Great Train Robbers, with him skyclad during a ritual was truly hilarious)."

"For me, one of the most surprising parts of her talk was the tolerance and lack of dogma. She said that Alex and she herself always regarded themselves as members of the Craft and not Alexandrian or any other "named path" {and} in fact the term Alexandrian was coined by a journalist who collaborated on a book with Alex and needed a term to distinguish the type of magic practised from that of other groups. She was very clear and modest about her own part in all these great events that have formed and influenced the way in which The Craft and indeed Paganism in general is practised in the UK and world-wide. She seemed to decry the view that she had influenced any of these events, a view clearly not shared by her audience who had the greatest respect and admiration for her as was witnessed by the prolonged applause at the end of her talk. A truly great lady". -- For the rest of this review surf to The UK Halloween Festival 1999.

The WitchVox Staff will be unavailable  Oct. 29th - Nov. 2nd   In Observance of Samhain

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Gaia Consort Releases "Gaia Circles"

The much-anticipated release of the Gaia Consort CD has finally arrived and Witchvox Central is thrilled. Good friend, community activist and visionary guitarist, Chris Bringham, has made good on his promise for a Samhain release. Judging from the demo digital samples that we have heard this disc should be both a magical and sonic treat...

From the Gaia Consort Website: "Song samples in MP3 and other formats, as well as CDs are available. Take the guitar work of Bruce Cockburn, the vocal style of David Crosby and the arrangements of Sting and filter everything through the Pagan world view, and you'll probably like Gaia Consort. Also essays on 'Gaian Sustainable Culture' and 'How to Present House Concerts'. WebSite:

In Other Music News: We have just been made aware that the Inkubus Sukkubus website has just undergone an update and now includes free song download files and free pagan artwork. Also.. Polly Moller's new album, 'Summerland' will hit the streets on November 9th. For more info visit the Silver Wheel website.

In other site tweak news...

WitchVox Search Engine #3 Takes Flight
This week Search Capabilities have been added to our "Adult" Witch, Wiccan and Pagan People listings... This list is now over 13,000 contacts... Search for names, email addresses, cities, states, countries, ICQ listings, birthdays, profiles of interest and much, much more. Last week, we launched the Young Pagan and Pagan Links search engines... In weeks to come look for a WitchVox SITE-WIDE search engine and an "article specific" one for Wren's Nest.

Samhain Blessing and Email Verification: This week we will send out our semi-annual holiday blessing to the 17,000 of you that are listed on the State/Country Contact pages. We do this to check in, thank YOU for being a part of this and to "ping" the list for "user unknown" email addresses. Over the next couple of weeks we will remove all "undeliverables" that we get back. Typically this action renders a 10% reduction in the overall listings. So IF YOUR LISTING is removed from the Witches' Voice, do know that it was because we tried to email you and couldn't. TO CHANGE your personal listing email address surf to our Email Change Form. (Note this only works for the people listings; all other listings must resubmit).

Akasha Samhain Internet Broadcast THIS WEEK
With Special Guests Fritz Jung & Wren Walker
Sponsored by: The 2kool4 Radio Channel At Virtually Canadian Broadcasting
When: 10/31/1999 Time Information: Sunday 7pm EST

Event Details: This virtual broadcast of Akasha with host Kate Whittaker airs on Sunday at 7pm EST. You can listen to a 40 minute interview with Fritz Jung and Wren Walker famed for their fantastic internet site and vast networking and information resource "The Witches Voice". Fritz and Wren share their stories and personal insight on a variety of topics including: Samhain and we get the delightful treat of listening to a couple of tracks off of Fritz's CD "The Celtic Feast of The Dead". Details on how to purchase the CD will be available on the shows archived page listed below. These two really are as wonderful as they seem on the internet and I know you'll enjoy listening to the pair of them. Yep they are definitely lovebirds! And on top of it all Samhain is Fritz's Birthday so be sure to send him birthday wishes while wishing the both of them a blessed Samhain! Don't worry if you miss the broadcast because I will archive the entire show and you can access it the next day. I will post it after noon EST on my own website located at
Contact: Kate Whittaker   Email:   Telephone: 1-888-9VOICES OR 519-534-5539  Website:

(Thank You Akasha for having us and the kind words above. Do know that we had a fabulous time - W&F)

See YOU Next Week at AutumnMeet...

In a just a few days we get to meet both old friends and new at the Autumnmeet '99 festival just north of Tampa, Florida. We have been to many festivals over the past decade but this one is a personal fave. Another reason to be excited? This will be Velvet Hammer's first Florida appearance.

The Autumnmeet Festival will happen from Nov 4th to Nov.7th just north of Tampa, Florida and features: Velvet Hammer, Don Waterhawk & Daniella Bluestar WaterHawk, Greywolf O'Murchadha & Briga O'Murchadha, Maya Heath, Nybor and Elspeth of Haven, Oxun Olukari Al'Aye, Steve & Lisa Dugas.

Mention WitchVox and save some Cash If you are reading this you are in luck. Because of the promotion that we give the AutumnMeet festival, they want to send some thanks back to YOU... Simply mention WitchVox to the organizers and save some cash on any newly acquired day, weekend and entire festival rates.

This year we will be broadcasting Live from AutumnMeet via daily reviews that will include "What's Happening" as well as photos and the latest news. So for those of you who have never been to a festival, join us online for AutumnMeet Live (Nov 4th to Nov.7th). If you are planning on attending Autumnmeet, we'd love to meet you. Stop over at the Waterhawks tent and say "Merri Meet!"

This promises to be a glorious week for us all... I humbly submit that you do yourself a favor and hit that power switch/enter on your keyboard and walk away.

Walk outside, embrace this wonderful season, feel the earth beneath your feet, thank the Great Ones for what you have... That always brings a smile to my face. Is this a cool planet or what?

Have a Blessed Samhain Everyone!!!

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Monday, October 25th., 1999 c.e.


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