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Weekly Update: 1/17/2000

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: January 17th. 2000
Times Viewed: 7,330

Writers, Interviews and Community News
Y2k is off to a deep and powerful start...

Greetings Everyone,

Lots of news and changes this week. I plan to keep this intro brief, but did want to again thank all of you that have sent letters of concern about Wren's daughter Skye's recent brain surgery (ouch!)... She is recovering at an incredible rate as we continue to project for the best for this beautiful creature.

The big community buzz this past week was about Willow, a Wiccan teacher from N.C. that had been dismissed from her job, with pay, pending an investigation. The actual reason for dismissal hasn't been stated as of this writing. The School board is slated to meet on the 18th to make some decisions/statements on this matter. Ongoing information on this situation can be found over at Wren's Nest.

VoxSearch , A Hit with WitchVox Surfers: An astounding number of you have been using our VoxSearch search engines (located on the bottom of all of our pages and just below). Not surprisingly, questions like "I thought I saw xxx at Witchvox, could you point me to it"? have waned dramatically. EVEN Wren herself is actually using them to hunt down requests for some of her past posts (thanks for giving it a try dear!). The most popular is the Pagan Links Search, then Wren's Nest Archives, followed closely by "Articles & Essays" and finally Adult/Young Pagan Contacts Search. All told, VoxSearch has generated some 47,499 searches since it was launched earlier last month. Give VoxSearch a Ride!

Vox Articles

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A Glorious "Bright Red" Moon This Thursday!

ATLANTA (Reuters) - The moon will turn bright red on Thursday night during a total lunar eclipse that should be easy to see throughout the Americas, an astronomer said on Saturday. The Earth's shadow will totally cover the moon from 11:05 p.m. on Thursday to 12:22 a.m. Friday.

"We're kind of expecting that this eclipse will be very bright and probably very bright red," astronomer Brad Schaefer, an expert on this phenomenon at Yale University, told reporters at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Atlanta.

When the Earth's shadow passed over the moon, the brightest light visible from the lunar surface would be the reddish- orange light from the sun bending around the Earth, Schaefer said.

More information on eclipses can be found at the NASA Web site.

C.O.G. Posts Census Results
The Covenant of the Goddess has just posted the first round of results from their ongoing Witch, Wiccan Pagan census (with some fabulous graphs). "The initial results have been tallied from the poll begun by the Covenant of the Goddess in late July, 1999. We received 20,194 responses in the first three months of the poll. This poll is an ongoing effort. If you have not responded to the poll, you can do so here. We encourage you to continue to spread the word to other Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. Thank you all for your participation in this worthwhile project. In Her Service, Kathryn Fuller

(More information can be found at the C.O.G. Web site).

Stone Circles: A Modern Builder's Guide to the Megalithic Revival
Chelsea Green Publishers, White River Junction, VT, recently published a new book by Rob Roy. "There are lots of good books about stone circles, but this is the only one which actually tells you how to design and build a stone circle yourself, megalithic or minilithic. Using heavy equipment is covered in chapter 13. Building stone circles by hand, with nothing unavailable to the ancients fills chapter 14".

"In August of 2000, Earthwood Building School will host its first ever Megalithics (Stone Circle) Workshops. Instructors will be Rob Roy, author of Stone Circles: A Modern Builder's Guide and Ivan McBeth, designer and chief builder of the wonderful new Dragon Stones, in Surrey, U.K. Students will learn the wherefore and how-to of building a stone circle, and will erect megaliths with ancient methods. Druid and shaman Ivan McBeth brings a strong right-brained viewpoint to the workshop".

For more info... Email or Call Rob Roy at 518-493-7744 to get a brochure. To check out the book, surf to Chelsea Green Publishers .

Pagan Books for Kids?
This came in last week from Kerin Leroux... "I'm on a Pagan HomeSchool and Pagan parent list - we received this notification concerning a market survey being done by a publisher with regard to a market for Pagan Children's books, believe me, there IS a need! I don't know how often I have been asked for referrals with regard to Pagan books...I think this survey could be important. With the growth of the community, more and more of the younger members will be starting families and this is a definitely needed resource".

"The web site is: These publishers are trying to find out if there's a market for pagan children's books, and have a survey to fill out on their site". - Kerin Leroux

TWPT's Starts 2nd Year Online with Margot Adler
"For many of us Margot Adler's "Drawing Down the Moon" was the introduction to a whole new world of beliefs that until then had only been vague notions circulating in our collective minds. We felt that such a milestone author would be perfect to grace our 1st anniversary Author's Corner and that's just what we did. Join us for an interesting and often times eye opening chat with Margot Adler in the Author's Corner this month." Blessed be - Imajicka, Editor The Wiccan/Pagan Times.

Witches Speak Out! - Your Voice does Indeed Matter!

The WitchVox Essay Series:
9 new essays from Witches, Wiccans and Pagans from around the world kick off our adult essays series for the new century. The essay listings below are very powerful and thought provoking. We would love to hear from you!

Check out our Editorial Submission Guidelines page for a "how to" and topic list. - Luna graphic by the beautiful Craig Hickman.

January 2000 Essays...

Karma: It's interesting how one word can have so many different meanings to different people, and "karma" is definitely one of those words. One of our essays this month looks on karma as a "cosmic banking account". Another muses on the differences between taking karma into your own hands, and calling on the Gods, and a third sees karma as a teacher.

  • Karma (Essay #1) - Karma is a universal notion, though not always defined quite the same way. Is she the teacher on a moment by moment basis? Or perhaps she gathers all her arguments for a final judgement? On the other hand, she may do both. A beginning is a difficult matter, and that is usually where karma starts. Voltaire once observed that if... Author: Morbran Taliesin

  • Karma (Essay #2) - Blaming It All on Karma ... The Samhain morning murder of Ronnie Raub has a lot of people in our community thinking and talking. How, we wonder, could this happen in our little "family", the community of pagans who we prefer to think of as "good" people and "like us". Domestic violence and murder go against everything that most of us... Author: Misti Anslin Tucker

  • Karma (Essay #3) - What is Karma? As usual, before we go any further, we have to define Karma. This is not as simple as it sounds, but we'll have to reduce it to basics or I'll write a book defining Karma before we get into whether or not I believe in it. Karma derives from a number of religions found in Asia, including... Author: Niall Leighton

Times of Crisis: As Pagans, when we are going through times of family crisis we often not only have to deal with emotional pain, but with indignities such as a priest deliberately preaching against "faithless, hopeless pagans" at a parent's funeral. But despite the fact that it is sometimes a divisive issue among families, those who wrote on this topic find their religion to be an unending source of strength in difficult times. There are some very moving and inspiring stories in this batch—don't miss them!

  • Times of Crisis (Essay #1) - The death of a loved one is always devastating, no matter how prepared we think we are. It's made even more difficult when that love was carefully built and nurtured across the chasm of cultural differences. That was the case between my father and me. Dad was very conservative; a devout, and perhaps even fundamentalist, Roman Catholic with a very... Author: Misti Anslin Tucker

  • Times of Crisis (Essay #2) - It's the Winter Solstice, 1999. It began as one of the happiest times of my life, and quickly turned into the type of life challenge that you pray to the Gods you never have to face. For the first time in my life, my sanity and rational would slip away and I would utter curses at fate. For the first... Author: Lhiannon

  • Times of Crisis (Essay #3) - Finding Paganism was something I expected to happen to me sometime in my life. I did not know it would be Paganism that I would find, but I knew I would find some religion that "fit" me if I kept looking. Little did I know that I would have what my father would call a "Baptism by Fire" as my... Author: Iko

  • Times of Crisis (Essay #4) - I have always known that being a Witch in today's Western world isn't easy. When, at my Initiation, the HPS turned to me and said 'this path will take your last ounce of blood and then some' I took it very seriously and was wise to do so. It has been a phrase that has proven itself true over and... Author: Ariadne Martin

  • Times of Crisis (Essay #5) - Unfortunately, tragedies can strike at the most beautiful moments. They can strike in rapid succession without allowing you time to catch your breath. They can leave you weak; they can take most things from you. They can batter, bruise, and leave a thousand questions in your mind. The one thing that a tragedy truly cannot ever steal away is faith... Author: Nimue OceanSong

  • Times of Crisis (Essay #6) - A Changing Perspective by Jasmine Email: About 6 months or so ago my mother, a displaced homemaker, lost her job as a claims processor for a health insurance company. We have been living month to month on what little we can get selling small personal items, and on her pittance of an unemployment check. On top of all... Author: Jasmine

Earlier This Month:

  • New Years' Resolutions for Witches: The Next Hundred Years - I read (and loved) Bev's article on the Millennium. In many ways, I agree that this arbitrary date has little real significance for witches: we observe the passing of time as a cycle of endless renewal and change and growth, death and rebirth, connecting all living beings in the universal dance of existence. Besides, even for Christians, the date itself... Author: Peg Aloi

  • 125,000 years is not a Millennium! - Under the eaves of midwinter, these darking and dismal days set a weight upon the heart. And as Mother Ireland goes into a consumer feeding frenzy to celebrate the Feast of Ostentatious Consumption ("Commercial-mass"), I recoiling in disgust from this to turn my mind & Heart to simpler celebrations. And remembering how many years ago, as a young man with a... Author: Bev Richardson

  • Wicca on Wheels - Wicca is a spiritual path that requires patience, practice, and study. In true novice fashion, when I first started studying, I read all I could on the subject. In my case, it soon became apparent that what I sought, how to apply solitary Wicca to my life in a wheelchair, was missing. After some frustration, I realized that I was... Author: Howlin' Banshee
  WitchVox Year 2000 Essay Topics NOW Up!  

The Witches' Voice is actively soliciting editorials and essays on a variety of topics on interest to both Pagan and mainstream audiences. Diotima has put together the essay/article topics for the first 6 months of year 2000. For the complete listing and our editorial guidelines, follow the links at the bottom of this box.

Young Pagans Section:

February 2000:
    Publication Date: February 6th
    Submission Deadline: January 30th

    Topic: Out of the Broom Closet
    Let's hear your story. If you've come out of the broom closet, was it as bad as you had feared? Better? Worse? If you haven't, do you plan to in the near future? Why or why not?
    Topic: Whatcha Readin'?
    What books have helped you to learn about Paganism? Was it a book that got you interested in the first place? Have you ever been 'caught' reading a book on Witchcraft in school by your friends or your teachers? What happened?
"Adults" Section:

February 2000:
    Publication Date: February 13th
    Submission Deadline: February 6th

    Topic: Out of the Broom Closet
    Let's hear your story. If you've come out of the broom closet, was it as bad as you had feared? Better? Worse? If you haven't, do you plan to in the near future? Why or why not?
    Topic: Prayer
    Do you pray? How do you think your prayers are similar to/different from more mainstream religions like Christianity? Do you call them "prayers", "magic", or something else?

For Our Year 2000 list of Teen Topics: Click HERE ... For Adult Topics: Click HERE
Powerful Coven/Group Shots Wanted Since day one the Witches' Voice has featured many of the beautiful faces of our community. If you have a fabulous shot of your coven or group feel free to email it to us. We'd love to celebrate your magic. We also ask that you include the names (left to right), make sure the folks in the photo are cool with being on the Voice and include the URL of your Coven/Groups Website (if you have one).

Honored to be in your service,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2000 - Day Seventeen


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