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Weekly Update: 2/28/2000

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: February 28th. 2000
Times Viewed: 8,708

Pagan Celebrations...

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

The Witches' Voice Web site started going down across the web on Thursday and then started coming back late Friday. We were "dead in the water" at this end, no ftp, no email and no website. We received numerous phone calls that oddly assumed that we had been "hacked"... Sorry to disappoint but the simple truth is that we never received the bill for our fourth year for the domain "". This was corrected the moment we realized what was happening, but it did take a while for the routers of the world to make us available again. Thank you all for your patience during this time of frustration.

The Stewart Farrar Memorial has seen close to 10 thousand visitors since it went up; we will continue to take submissions for the time being. Thanks again to Avatar Search and the other Pagan community sites that pointed surfers to this memorial. Janet and Gavin send their appreciations.

This past week rendered some wonderful surprises... A personal highlight for us was the return to the Pagan web of the beautiful and incredibly talented Laurel of fame. We love this woman and do believe that the Pagan web hasn't been the same without her. In fact, she saw our very first web page back in '95; it consisted of a picture of Stonehenge with a line of text under it. Mercifully, she was kind and has been a major inspiration for us to this day. Welcome back Ari. We love you dahlin' and have never doubted the magic of the Glitter Whores of the Goddess.

Pagan Celebrations: The NeoPagan community is in a constant state of celebration. WitchVox is honored to lend a hand in getting the word out on Covens and Groups and their activities, as well as Festivals and Events around the world. To date we have processed 2,807 Covens and Groups submissions and 9,116 Events submissions.

Throughout the turning of the Wheel, we as a community all get to share in the blessings that we as individuals bring into our circles of friendship and sharing.

Here we can extend our borders and reach beyond our own hometowns to celebrate joys and sorrows, triumphs and troubles with others from other states, other provinces and other countries. We can get to know each other just a little bit better, we can come together to become just a little bit stronger and we can focus just a little bit longer on what brings us together rather than on what may seek to drive us apart.

More and more, we are finding others like ourselves across the globe. And so, whether it is in the celebration of the Holidays, by the drum circle at the festival, in the book section of the mall store or through the networking pages of the Pagan web sites, we are coming together in ways that were not possible in our past, but that certainly bode well for our future.

For Pagan celebrations near you, visit our Pagan Events Pages or contact a Coven or Group local to your area.

Shadowfolk Coven: This week's feature image (above and to your right) is from a photo submitted by a coven from New York City... Pictured from left to right; Front row: Valerie, Robin, Kaitlin, Denise -- Back Row: Anna, Gaby, Adam, Kim, Kevin and Selkie. From our Covens and Groups pages...

    ShadowFolk Coven Overview: Shadowfolk is a Wiccan coven for artists, musicians, poets and creative thinkers. It is dedicated to honoring the artistic soul of the Old Religion. Our connection to the Old Ones is celebrated through the bardic arts, including ritual music, transformative storytelling and poetry. Devotion to the Lord and Lady is expressed by drawing upon the magickal creative abilities inherent in everyone. The Teaching Collective is an outreach project of Shadowfolk Coven, committed to providing excellent instruction for those seeking the Wiccan Way. Coven Shadowfolk can be reached by emailing them at

    Community Support: Open Circles - Handfastings & Rites of Passage - In Person Teaching

You say YOU have a bitchin' photo of your group, coven or altar? If so, do send it in and it just might be featured here.

Wren Offers Part II of "What is Magick" Series...
"What is Magic? How do I do a spell? What part do these workings play in religion?" These are some questions that The Witches' Voice is asked every day. While we do not teach Witchcraft on this site, we DO try to provide information that helps to dispel misconceptions concerning the beliefs of our ways. This series of articles addresses some of the aspects and ideas surrounding Magick and Spellwork. They are not the final word on the subjects by any means and we encourage everyone to continue to study and investigate these areas for themselves. THIS WEEK Wren presents part two of this series ... Magick

357 listings Removed from WitchVox: We took advantage of the two days without email to catch up on some house cleaning by verifying the integrity of the email addresses in both our Covens and Groups and Events pages... We have since removed over 200 Events and Groups listings. We also "pinged" the URLs listed in our links section, removing over 130 listings (dead links)... If your listing is gone it is solely due to an undeliverable email address. Feel free to re-submit your listing WITH a working email address. We will do everything in our power to keep the Witchvox listings "correct and for the good of all".

Out of the Broom Closet: We were amazed at the action that last weeks "Out of the Broom closet" essay series (see feature lower on this page) feature saw. As of this morning almost 9,500 reads on these essays -- incredible!

It is clear that there is much more to list on this week's update than we can handle. Do know that we are doing our best and look for more features in a week's time.

Honored to be in your service,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2000 - February 28th., 2000

Pagan Parenting by Christina

This week we kick off a new series of articles in our Pagan Parenting section by the beautiful Christina Aubin from the North Shore of Massachusetts. Wren and I are honored to call Christina friend and she, along with her husband Derrick, are a former coven mates of ours from our Salem Days.

Excerpt: "There are no set parenting plans for Pagans/Witch parents. Many other religions have dictates of how adherents should parent usually carved into stone. Witchcraft and Paganism does not require us to adhere to any generalized set of rules, personally or as parents. So what does being a great Pagan/Witch parent mean? Are adrift in the sea of parenting, alone floating aimlessly? Or do we have a course charted and have set sail with our young crew, only to find we have set sail with others? Together, do we share this wondrous ride in the unknown waters of parenthood, each sailing their own course but in accompaniment of others?

Parenting in and of itself is a journey fraught with questions and insecurity; Pagan/Witch parenting is even more so, as we do not have a Church on every corner, where we meet with others and take parenting courses. There can be a sense of isolation in Pagan/Witch parenting, even when we have the boon of having those we share magical lives with, needless to mention those who are solitary and in more isolated areas.

Over the next few weeks/months we will offer several installments of valuable information for Pagan Parents. Check out part one of Pagan Parenting by Christina.

PhoenixPhyre 2000 - What a Line Up!

Attention SouthEastern Pagans... If you are interested in checking out a festival this year, this one will be hard to beat. PhoenixPhyre Festivals has managed to put together a impressive list of presenters and performers. Wren and I are truly psyched to be once again invited back and to once again get the chance to meet many new friends and to rejoice in the friendships we have made in the past. Although we have attended a few workshops (up north) by Isaac Bonewits several years ago, we have never actually "met the man"... in a few weeks we get to do just that. Wren and I will be doing a few workshops and I will be doing sound for our good friends and premier Pagan band DREAM TRYBE (formerly known as Velvet Hammer).

The featured list of presenters includes: Isaac Bonewits, Roger Paraselsu Coleman (Iron Oak), Phyllis Curott & Bruce Fields, Gretchen Shork, Gavin & Yvonne Frost, Maya Heath, Fritz Jung, Greywolf & Briga O' Murchadha, Nybor & Elspeth Of Haven, Patricia Telesco, Wren Walker, and Don & Daniella Waterhawk -- Featured Musical Artists: DREAM TRYBE (formerly known as Velvet Hammer), Harper Deluna, and The Raft

WitchVox Coverage In the past we have done daily coverage of this wonderful festival... This year are going to give ourselves a break. Look for substantial coverage of this event a week after the event. To get a better feel for this festival, do check out our past reviews... PhoenixPhyre '99 and our 3 page coverage of AutumnMeet held this past fall. PhoenixPhyre 2000 is scheduled to take place in Land of Lakes, Florida - just north of Tampa, Florida (March 22nd - 26th, 2000)

AutumnMeet Video NOW Out: The AutumnMeet 1999 highlights video is completed. And we must say it looks great! It features workshops from the event, Night Magick, A cut from the Velvet Hammer performance, a cut from Harper DeLuna's performance, People from the event, and so much more. It is for sale for $24.95 from their website at and proceeds from video sales go toward their scholarship fund.

Wren's Nest... Very Busy These Days

Wren spends a great deal of time researching current news events that may be of interest or concern to Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. This page is a quick and convenient way for the Witches' Voice to keep you updated on the latest news, commentaries and issues that effect our community.

If it relates to the modern Wiccan community, chances are... You'll find it at Wren's Nest on the Web. If you are aware of a craft-related news clip, feel free to email Wren.

  Updated Every day! Updates on Wren's Nest happen every day and in most cases several times a day, so remember to hit your reload button when you get there.

Pagan Music...

Dandelion Wine

Defining a sound of a band like Dandelion Wine is like trying to describe the color of the rain. For example, "Contemporary folk" is a broad definition usually applied to songwriters. On the other hand, "New Age" is used to describe music that contains keyboard textures and instrumentals. Yet again, "World Music" is used to categorize nearly any style that features ethic musical instruments. All those things could describe Dandelion Wine. Preferring to eschew genre that could stiffly polarize their music, Dandelion Wine would simply describe their music as eclectic.

Both organic and contemporary stylings can be heard in the music of Dandelion Wine. These gifted instrumentalists play a wide array of percussion, wind, and strings, drawing from diverse musical influences, yet are able to fuse them in a cohesive style. While instrumental compositions are showcased prominently, they are still able to blend them with poignant contemporary songs and framing powerful lyrics over stunning musical frameworks

Formed in 1998 by Gregory Ligon and another solo performer, Dandelion Wine's humble beginnings as an acoustic duet belie its current success as one the DC area's most eclectic contemporary folk duets. Hearing their music, as meaningful as that is, cannot compare to their stirring live performances. For more information visit the Dandelion Wine Website.

K.j. "She Carane Hom:
Evoking and Honouring the Divine Feminine"

This spiritually moving music was inspired by Sacred Sites in England, Ireland, and Colorado. Celtic/Feminist, spacious, erotic in the true sense. K.j.'s rich womanly vocals are backed by drums, didgeridoo, flute, keyboards, and sounds from Nature. Written and performed entirely by women, these melodies, chants, and spoken pieces are drenched in Feminine Power and activate an ancient vibration deep within our cell's memories. Some of the lyrics were channeled in languages the composer does not speak. When translated, these lyrics were found to be powerfully meaningful.

This CD is truly an experience, taking you on a sensual musical journey with an empowering feminist message. Anyone wanting a connection with the Divine Feminine will love "She Carane Hom".

For more information visit the Ladyslipper Music Website.

Pagan Musicians Wanted -- Big Gig
Our good friend Alexian from Orlando, Florida is gearing up for a gig at the Heartland Festival in Kansas this May and sent around the following... "Merry Meet! I have been invited to sing at Heartland Gathering in Kansas this summer. Last year I went and there were over 1,100+ people who attended, so I'm very excited about performing there this year! I am looking to form a pagan band immediately. I have already started auditioning for members but haven't made my final decisions yet. I still need to audition more! I am looking for a drummer, guitarist, bass player, keyboardist, percussionist and backup singers. They need to be able to take off from work 1 to 2 weeks at a time to travel to various pagan gatherings to perform, and also be available at least 2+ times a week for rehearsals here in the Orlando area.

The band will also have a recording contract with Earth Tones Studios to write/record/release our own CDs. Please contact me IMMEDIATELY to set up your audition by emailing me back at

Good Goddess... 31 Essays!!!
WitchVox Community Essay Series for February 2000

At the Witches' Voice, we take our deadlines seriously -- No "Pagan Standard Time" 'round these parts. Diotima did indeed hit the deadline for this month's adult essay submissions. It's quite a bit of work even in the slower months. Her 'job' consists of coordinating the submissions, communicating with the authors, editing the content and then writing the code. And she was right in the middle of moving herself lock, stock and computer, too! But she got it all done and on time...Thank YOU, Diotima, for your dedication to this community. -- Fritz and Wren.

So what "stirred the cauldron" this month? Why such a large response? The answer is simple; a topic that we call all relate to... We are honored to present 26 essays on coming out of the broom closet.

Out of The Broom Closet
The sad thing is, it's still a big issue, as can be seen by the amazing number of responses to this topic. Some of us have come out of the broom closet, some of us haven't (and for good reason) but even those who do come out must consider the negative effects that could have on their lives. There are some wonderful stories here of Pagan faith carried through difficult times. Don't miss them! Page#: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26


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