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Weekly Update: 3/6/2000

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: March 6th. 2000
Times Viewed: 8,141

Fair Use, Copyright and the Pagan Net

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

This Mercury in retrograde has been a challenging one for sure. It's commonly accepted that it is ok to continue with communication and projects that had already started BEFORE Mercury made its perceived turn. Problems seem to be related to NEW projects and communication. They can, indeed, be a struggle. It has been a tough time to grab what is not yours, many are getting called on it. To us this is a good thing.

Over the past several weeks we have noted a marked increase in Internet theft of graphics, text, email addresses, html and of late, news items. It seems we hear about this in email a couple of times a week of late. The thieves of the Pagan net use terms like "borrowing", "net spirit" and "fair use"... There really isn't much confusion on the first two (theft is theft!), but some Pagan sites (that we are aware of) are misinterpreting the phrase "fair use", some honestly and some not so honestly.

In the past few years I have written articles on Pagan 'Net Theft that have been featured here at WitchVox and over at the Pagan WebCrafter's Association site (note: the PWA is back and with a powerful website). These articles have been very popular with those that are curious as to what is "correct and for the good of all" and of course ignored by those that choose the path of take first, scramble for excuses when caught.

So what IS the right thing to do? That's an easy one... If YOU didn't create it, simply email the creator and ask for their permission to use it. Any assumption made with out this simply courtesy is theft.

Wren has discovered that many folks really don't know much about the "fair use" laws. As a legal non-profit organization we are very familiar with these laws and for both ethical and legal reasons, we choose to "play by the book". One of the reasons that we ARE a legal non-profit organization is so that we can take advantage OF the fair use laws.

This week Wren has created a wonderful new piece that we are featuring over in our V.E.R.A section entitled Fair Use, Copyright and the Pagan Net. This piece speaks in simply English and cites our experience with the "big boys" (or girls), they are watching us and they are watching YOU. It is our hope that your find this a valuable resource and we encourage you to spread the word on this often confused subject.

As I typed this intro, I decided to reuse the above text graphic. This image does bring back memories... Last year we were contacted by a woman that was angry because someone had stolen some of her graphics (from her online shop) and were presenting them as their own. Although we have little desire to be the Pagan Police, I did surf over to look. I found it incredibly ironic that this site was touting a high moral standard BUT had stolen the above graphic from our Wiccan Rede page! I did call her on it, it appears that she "couldn't remember" where she got it (see Pagan 'Net Theft for a more complete list of excuses). I created this graphic in 1996 when Wren and I were hosting the WLPA website. Speaking of the Rede...

The Rede - An In-depth Piece
Shea Thomas began a research project to explore the roots and beginnings of what has become known as the Wiccan Rede. What he found was enough information to fill a web site. And that is exactly what he has done.

From its humble beginnings as a short poem in an alternative magazine, the Wiccan Rede has grown to become one the most widely publicized Pagan belief statements. Fueled by the Internet and an explosion of paths borrowing from Wicca, the Rede has proliferated far beyond the pedigreed covens of Gardner and Sanders to emerge as a core ethic-concept for many aspects of modern Paganism.

At the same time, there is tremendous confusion about the Rede, who wrote it, and where it's central ideas might have originated. The Wiccan Rede Project is an attempt to shed some light on this remarkable work and put together in one location some helpful commentary and information about the Wiccan Rede.

Once again, it is clear that there is much more to list on this week's update than we can handle. The back of cat photo submissions alone (over 40) is a part time job. Do know that we are doing our best and look for more features in a week's time.

Honored to be in your service,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2000 - March 6th.

New this week...
Pagan Internet Conference - Sounds Impressive!
Gavangar Shadowranger wrote: Greetings All! What're You Doing on the 16th of March 2000? Sitting at your desk? Or spending the day with some of the most outstanding Pagan writers and webmasters in the community? Easy decision, isn't it? On March 16, 2000, a number of Pagan writers & webmasters around the world will be leaving their own desks to meet for the largest and most significant gathering in history. We're calling it The Pagan Internet Conference. And YOU can play an active role. They want YOU to be part of the conversation. There is so much to cover. Just think how the Internet encourages us to defy the conventions of time and space in order to start a whole new kind of conversation. And The Pagan Community is at the heart of it. On March 16, 2000, Pagans like you will come to participate in this gathering. And you don't want to be left out. The Pagan Internet Conference is your event. For more info visit the website...

March Young Pagan Essays... Now Up!

The teens came on like thunder with this months essays. Incredible work from the heart.

  • Education and the Media: Though there is a lot of mistrust of the media, these writers agree that reaching out to educate people is a good thing. Here are some very interesting ideas on how to do that. Read on! Check out the Education and the Media essays... Page ONE - TWO - THREE

  • Science, Magick and Religion: One of the most interesting aspects of Pagan thought today is the idea that science and magick need not be at odds with each other. Our teen essayists this month seem to agree with that notion, and develop the idea in some interesting directions. One author reminds us that life is a question we still haven't answered.. Check out the Science, Magick and Religion essays... Page ONE - TWO

Wren's Nest... Where the Action is !

Wren spends a great deal of time researching current news events that may be of interest or concern to Witches, Wiccans and Pagans. This page is a convenient way for the Witches' Voice to keep you updated on the latest news, commentaries and issues that effect our community.

If it relates to the modern Wiccan community, chances are... You'll find it at Wren's Nest on the Web. If you are aware of a craft-related news clip, feel free to email Wren

  Updated Every day.. Updates on Wren's Nest happen every day and in most cases several times a day, so remember to hit your reload button when you get there.

Kerr Cuhulain writes new book! (by Jerrie Hildebrand)
Hi everyone! Years ago (late eighties) I had the privilege of working with Kerr Cuhulain as peers with the WLPA and later with his organization WIN (Wiccan Information Network). Kerr for those of you who do not know wrote the "Law Enforcement Guide to Wicca." He has been an incredible resource watching extremist groups who would do us harm and supported many police departments. He will soon be releasing his new book..."Wiccan Warrior." The book was published by Llewellyn. It was just reviewed by Publishers Weekly Feb 14, 2000 issue. It is the top publishing industry magazine. It is a magazine that is extremely difficult to get a review published in. The review was quite favorable.

He is also currently writing a book on safety for field workers such as social workers and nurses co-wrote with his partner. The book is called "When Helping Hurts". They've been conducting training on this subject for the Ministry of Children and Families, the Vancouver/Richmond Health Board and various other groups for three years now. They call the program "Safe Approach".

He is spending time setting up promotions for the new book with his publicist at Llewellyn. He will be appearing on a two hour talk radio program called "The X Factor" on WMET in Washington DC on February 26. This show is also an internet radio show and you can find them at

For those of you planning gatherings and inviting new topics and speakers I highly recommend Kerr. He is a man with a strong vision and has brought much to enabling us to stand for who we are. - Jerrie

PhoenixPhyre 2000 - What a Line Up!

Attention southeastern Pagans... If you are interested in checking out a festival this year, this one will be hard to beat. PhoenixPhyre Festivals has managed to put together a impressive list of presenters and performers. Wren and I are truly psyched to be once again invited back and to once again get the chance to meet many new friends and to rejoice in the friendships we have made in the past. Although we have attended a few workshops (up north) by Isaac Bonewits several years ago, we have never actually "met the man"... in a few weeks we get to do just that. Wren and I will be doing a few workshops and I will be doing sound for our good friends and premier Pagan band DREAM TRYBE (formerly known as Velvet Hammer).

The featured list of presenters includes: Isaac Bonewits, Roger Paraselsu Coleman (Iron Oak), Phyllis Curott & Bruce Fields, Gretchen Shork, Gavin & Yvonne Frost, Maya Heath, Fritz Jung, Greywolf & Briga O' Murchadha, Nybor & Elspeth Of Haven, Patricia Telesco, Wren Walker, and Don & Daniella Waterhawk -- Featured Musical Artists: DREAM TRYBE (formerly known as Velvet Hammer), Harper Deluna, and The Raft

WitchVox Coverage In the past we have done daily coverage of this wonderful festival... This year we are going to give ourselves a break. Look for substantial coverage of this event a week after the event. To get a better feel for this festival, do check out our past reviews... PhoenixPhyre '99 and our 3 page coverage of AutumnMeet held this past fall. PhoenixPhyre 2000 is scheduled to take place in Land of Lakes, Florida - just north of Tampa, Florida (March 22nd - 26th, 2000)

AutumnMeet Video NOW Out: The AutumnMeet 1999 highlights video is completed. And we must say it looks great! It features workshops from the event, Night Magick, A cut from the Velvet Hammer performance, a cut from Harper DeLuna's performance, People from the event, and so much more. It is for sale for $24.95 from their website at and proceeds from video sales go toward their scholarship fund.

Morning Glory: the Faerie - Pagan Comic Book
This site of interest came in from WitchVox Sponsor Sharon Cooper -- "For the past several months, I've been reading this wonderful comic book series by Loran Gayton & Michael Vega, "Morning Glory: the Faerie".

This is the most Pagan-friendly comic I've ever seen. It's the story of a little faerie named Morning Glory who is the last survivor of a band of Welsh faeries who escapes to the New World and now must find a human sponsor to give her the magickal energy she needs to survive. Soon, she runs across a nice Wiccan lady named Katherine Connolly who agrees to take her in. Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly. You see, MG needs sexual energy to survive and Katherine doesn't have a boyfriend or husband. MG sets out to find her one. Along the way, they meet Bob McKenzie, a Zen Buddhist gun nut, Colleen Davies, a fifteen-year-old wannabe Witch, and the Rev. Jephthah Mather, who leads a group of very right-wing Fundies and has his own sinister plans for Morning Glory! Will Morning Glory survive? Will Katherine open herself up to another romantic relationship? Will Mather's evil plans come to fruition? Will Colleen stop dressing like she's on the set of "The Craft"? For these answers! and more, check out Gayton & Vega's lovely Morning Glory WebPage"

Pagan Parenting by Christina

This week we continue with a new series of articles in our Pagan Parenting section by the beautiful Christina Aubin from the North Shore of Massachusetts. Wren and I are honored to call Christina friend and thilled to feature her in-depth study here at WitchVox.

New this Week...

Pagan Parenting Health Links - Holistic medicine: a doctrine of preventive and therapeutic medicine that emphasizes the necessity of looking at the whole person--his body, mind, emotions, and environment--rather than at an isolated function or organ and which promotes the use of a wide range of health practices and therapies. It has especially come to stress responsibility for "self-healing," or "self-care," by observing...

Pagan Parenting by Christina - There are no set parenting plans for Pagans/Witch parents. Many other religions have dictates of how adherents should parent usually carved into stone. Witchcraft and Paganism does not require us to adhere to any generalized set of rules, personally or as parents. So what does being a great Pagan/Witch parent mean? Are adrift in the sea of parenting...

Christina's Bio

Powerful Parenting Links - Countless, useful links for Pagan Parents.

Wren Offers Part II of "What is Magick" Series...
"What is Magic? How do I do a spell? What part do these workings play in religion?" These are some questions that The Witches' Voice is asked every day. While we do not teach Witchcraft on this site, we DO try to provide information that helps to dispel misconceptions concerning the beliefs of our ways. This series of articles addresses some of the aspects and ideas surrounding Magick and Spellwork. They are not the final word on the subjects by any means and we encourage everyone to continue to study and investigate these areas for themselves. THIS WEEK Wren presents part two of this series ... Magick

Muses and Mystics - A Crossroads for Pagan Musicians
This site of interest came in from Graybeard Dances -- "Announcing the Grand Opening of "Muses and Mystics: A Crossroads for Pagan Musicians" A lifelong bard and musician, I have just started a referral/information service for pagan musicians, intended to connect people looking for groups, specific instruments, lessons, information, venues, management, etc. I hope to have information from festivals and other venues that want to book, manage and promote pagan acts, and also to help promote and support live pagan music around the world. If you are interested in taking a look at what I've got planned, or joining this new service, the URL is".

Pagan Perspectives - NetRadio Live
This site of interest came in from The Bryne Man" -- I would like tell you about a new "LIVE" Internet Radio show. The show is called "Pagan Perspectives" and it's on Monday through Friday starting at 9:00 AM EST. It's entertaining, funny, and informative and one of the best projects I have ever been involved with. We talk about everything from the basics of paganism and Wicca to living pagan in a modern world. The show is hosted by "The Bryne Man" (That's me) and "Lady Rebeccah Moonshadow". If you would like to find out more about the show or read Bio's you can get more info at I hope that you give us a listen".

Witches Speak Out! - Your Voice does Indeed Matter!

  WitchVox Year 2000 Essay Topics for March/April  

The Witches' Voice is actively soliciting editorials and essays on a variety of topics on interest to both Pagan and mainstream audiences. Diotima has put together the essay/article topics for the first 6 months of year 2000. For the complete listing and our editorial guidelines, follow the links at the bottom of this box.

"Young Pagans Section:

April 2000:
    Publication Date: April 2nd
    Submission Deadline:March 30th

    Topic: Shabby Chic—Pagan Style
    What innovative ideas have you come up with to turn ordinary objects into magickal tools? Handmade, homemade and recycled items are good for your artistic muse and for the environment. How can a pagan on a limited budget dress like a God or Goddess for a fraction of the going price of ambrosia?

    Topic: Who Loves Ya, Baby?
    Does being Pagan help or hinder your love life? What problems have you encountered trying to find that love connection who understands or shares your religious beliefs? Is it important to find a Pagan partner or can any true love work it out regardless of religious differences?
"Adults" Section:

April 2000:
    Publication Date: April 9th
    Submission Deadline:April 2nd

    Topic: Shabby Chic—Pagan Style
    What innovative ideas have you come up with to turn ordinary objects into magickal tools? Handmade, homemade and recycled items are good for your artistic muse and for the environment. How can a pagan on a limited budget dress like a God or Goddess for a fraction of the going price of ambrosia?

    Topic: Interfaith Adventures
    What have your experiences been interacting with other religions as a Pagan? Do you think we can develop interfaith alliances with more mainstream religions, and how do you see them happening? Have you personally made an attempt to build bridges with other who practice a different belief system than your own?

For Our Year 2000 list of Teen Topics: Click HERE ... For Adult Topics: Click HERE

So What Happened to last Week's Features and Treats?
Click --->  Last Week or Two Weeks Ago and you are there!


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