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Weekly Update: 4/3/2000

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: April 3rd. 2000
Times Viewed: 6,770

Thank YOU for Four Wonderful Years!

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

This week marks the beginning of our 5th year on line and what a long and wonderful journey it has been. On April 2nd, 1996 we launched the Witches' League for Public Awareness site at and had a very sucessful 8 month month ride. In December of that year we resigned and then started up The Witches' Voice the following month. For 208 straight weeks, we have faithfully crafted substantial weekly updates to celebrate everything that is good in this community. The work of the past four years would have gone nowhere if it weren't for the incredible support by the Neopagan community. You told us what was happening, You shared your magick and your information, You wrote the letters... YOU brought NeoPaganism into the 21st century and you did it like no other religion has before. The Witches' Voice has been honored to be a part of all of this and with 64% of you entering this site from bookmarks, it is clear that this has been a home for many. Thank YOU for this support!

Anyone that does this sort of work will tell you that it is not only time consuming but exhausting work. To do a site like WitchVox really is a full time job. Sadly, like many of you, we try to do full time work in our spare time. Burning the candle at both ends can make you crazy and blur things. Like most of you, Wren and I run away 2 weeks a year for a much needed vacation. These "escapes" recharge the batteries and help to put the focus of the TWV project back into perspective. This past week we did just that; we ran away.

PhoenixPhyre 2000!

For the past 9 days we have been away at the PhoenixPhyre festival and then down in the Florida Keys with our extended Pagan Family. These semi-annual get-a-ways are critical not only for some much need R&R but also to touch the community in a literal sense. Actually, we were only away from WitchVox central for a couple of days as we did come home late at night to maintain the WitchVox networking section and to check in with email. We did, however, minimize our WitchVox work during this period and now we are happy to say that we are filled back up with that precious light once again.

PhoenixPhyre 2000 was indeed a very special event and it is clear that the word is spreading on the festival. Attendance was up 30% over their previous festivals and this smallish site was packed with Pagans. This time the WitchVox central staff decided to give ourselves a break from doing daily "live" coverage and actually enjoy ourselves. Wren and Peg have done an incredible job penning our review of this festival. For our extensive FOUR PAGE coverage and lots of 'bitchin' photos Click HERE.

WitchVox PhoenixPhyre Coverage ---> Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

Ultimate thanks and Witch hugs go out to Festival Organizers, Wade and Dianne. The feel of any festival is established by the organizers and no one does this better than Wade Berlin. Everyone feels welcome, there is never an 'us versus them' feel and the results speak for themselves. YES! Good energy does beget Good energy. Bless you, my brother.

An Auction for WitchVox? Really?
Wren and I were shocked to hear that word had leaked out that Witchvox has been running in the red of late and that an auction was held at PhoenixPhyre to raise funds. As most of you know, The Witches' Voice, Inc. does not accept paid advertising or sell products and is a community sponsored organization, so we are at the mercy of community donations to pay for communication lines, legal fees, literature, office supplies etc. etc. We have survived for four years thanks to the caring of a few hundred of our sponsors. They do believe in this Work and they are the reason this site has been free to all web surfers and mercifully free of ads for a couple million visitors. The auction was very successful and thanks to this support we can pay the bills and are looking good for a few months. We were deeply moved by this and simply cannot find the words for a proper thank you. We humbly thank the individuals that participated in the auction. Bless YOU for your generosity!

If you enjoy the Witches' Voice, deem it of value, or would like to see it grow, do know that donations of ANY ammount are most appreciated. Also know that even a donation of a few stamps goes a long way at this end. For sponsorship info, kindly follow the "Sponsor" link at the bottom of any of our pages.

A Chance to Press the flesh!
Pagans hug! This is a very good thing and one that those outside of this community think is "very cool". This past week Wren and I were thrilled to meet Isaac Bonewits, Roger Paraselsu Coleman of Iron Oak, Marc Prosephie from 'Jersey, Trystia, Paulette Cadwell and many others that we have had a 'net connection with for a few years. There is nothing like looking into their eyes. Later this spring, we will be attending the Heartland Spiritual Gathering (near Kansas City) and have the chance to meet even more of our 'net friends. So Mote It Be!

PhoenixPhyre Technical
Although PhoenixPhyre 2k was held in the forest, there was no reason to regress to the level of "Gennie Cream Ale swillin' Philistines". Modern amenities were everywhere, but mercifully there were NO COMPUTERS in obvious sight. Fresh coffee could be found with ease (and that's pretty much all that we ask for as an honorarium) and the food selection was fabulous. Wade and his crew were armed with some high-end Sony Digital Video cameras (using the DAT video format) and most of the week was captured in all its professional beauty (look for a video in the months to come). The audio for the musical acts was also top notch and as the "sound guy" for Dream Trybe, this Witch appreciated the set-up. Most of the images in our presentation are from our own Sony DCR TRV310 digital video camera (we scan the tape later to capture the images you see here).

WitchVox PhoenixPhyre Coverage ---> Wednesday - Thursday - Friday - Saturday

YOU Too Can Do Festival Reviews
Pagan festivals are a wonderful community service and have been for over 20 years. Obviously, we like to share our experiences and YOU can too. If you attend a Pagan fest this year and would like to write a review FOR the community, PLEASE do. Timeliness is everything and pictures are always welcome with YOUR festival review.

Florida Pagan Gathering (Reaching for the Spirit)
One of our many goals has been to get some quality time with Roger Paraselsu Coleman of Iron Oak. This past week we did just that. A wonderful man indeed (see picture to your left, and YES, he is a very tall man). This week we'd like to announce that Roger has invited us to attend the Florida Pagan Gathering (May 4th-7th) in St. Petersburg early next month. Unfortunately, we can only make it for a single day, but are thrilled to connect with the wonderful folks that have been doing this gathering for so many years. Other Guest Speakers include: Donald Michael Kraig, Maya Heath and Pete Pathfinder Davis. Our favorite drummers, Greywolf and Briga, will be there as well (Yea!!). We will be doing a workshop on Saturday morning (10:00?) and then spending the rest of day socializing and having fun. Thank YOU Roger for this chance to connect with other Florida Pagans.

In closing, allow us to point you to some other events that are in the news this week (featured below and, of course, on Wren's Nest). Thank YOU again donators and bidders at the WitchVox auction. You have given us hope and shown us that this work really is considered to be of some value.

'Til next week.

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2000 - April 3rd.

Also New this week...
April Young Pagan Essays... Now Up!

  • Shabby Chic, Pagan Style: We asked how a Pagan on a limited budget could dress like a God or Goddess for a fraction of the going price of ambrosia. We haven't priced ambrosia lately, but three people wrote us with some great ideas we're sure will bring you in well under budget with some wonderful magickal tools and clothing. Check out the Shabby Chic essays... Page ONE - TWO - THREE

  • Who Loves Ya, Baby?: We wondered how much trouble Pagan teens have finding romance with someone who isn't Pagan. Our single correspondent on this topic has had her share of difficulties, including a boyfriend who, while somewhat apologetic about it, feels it is a sin not to try to convert her! Check out Who Loves Ya, Baby?:

Earth Day is just around the corner!
We are planning to do a special section for Earth Day that will give you, our readers, information you can use to help heal our Mother Earth. We'd like to hear what your favorite environmental resources are, and why. Send Diotima your suggestions for web sites, organizations and resources you would like to share with other Pagans (please be sure to include a short review of each telling us why you have found this resource useful).

Also, don't forget to post Earth Day events in your area on your state's events page, to help Pagans in your area connect and find a way to be active in the environmental movement.

A Magickal Pavilion Update!

Clarity has just updated the Gaia website with the latest on the status of the Pavilion...

Dear Friends,

Here is a long-awaited update on the saga of the Pavilion. First I want to thank all of the people who came out on the cold wet weekend of March 18th to help start the clean-up and salvage project. Special thanks to the many volunteers from PNO who really showed their stuff. At this time, the following is known:

  • Insurance only covered about 1/3 of the replacement cost of the wooden pavilion structure.
  • The insurance coverage for the structure plus insurance for debris removal will total about $30,000 (the building part being $25,500). The bids to replace the Pavilion as it was were about $77,000.
  • The new building will be metal (with an insulated roof to help with rain noise and with the echo effect of music, etc.
  • The new Pavilion will be 70' X 100' (we were looking at 80' X 100', but every 10' of width adds over $5,000 to the overall cost of the kit).
  • The new Pavilion will be on top of the hill near the gardens and the lagoons (almost on top of the ritual fire spot).
  • We have received about $2,500 in donations between gifts from individuals and the proceeds from the mini-psychic fair last weekend at Aquarius and Vulcan's Forge. Part of the $850 raised at the fundraiser was a check from Barbara (owner of Aquarius) representing a percentage of her sales on Saturday.
  • A gift of over $10,000 has been pledged by MMNG from excess funds from their last three events. This money was originally going to be used to build a small Pavilion on the hill, but since the large one will be up there, they are giving us the gift to use as needed with the understanding that the Pavilion will be finished by their event in June.
In order to complete the Pavilion and get the bathhouse running,
we will need approximately $10,000 more.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I hope to be able to add pictures in a day or two. I know some were taken during the initial clean up, but I have not seen them. Please note that the weekend of April 1 & 2 is a scheduled Heartland work weekend. If you've been wanting to come up and lend a hand, it would be a great opportunity

Camp Gaia

Wren and I have already offered our help and support to seeing that this happens. We will never forget the incredible magic we've experienced in this room over the past few years. In fact, anyone that has attended the Heartland Festival will no doubt agree. It was a large structure that held close to 400 Pagans. Some of our personal highlights include, watching Silver Ravenwolf work her incredible interactive magic with a full house, the "spinning cauldron" with Dream Tribe (then known as Velvet Hammer), countless amazing musical performances and powerful lectures with some of the most famous in our community.

At Heartland '98 I was honored to perform a one-hour "unplugged" set in this wonderful room. It was a night I will never forget. Although I was just one man with an old "Martin guitar" (1966 D-18) and a dozen "Witch Tunes", this room came alive with a magic of its own. Since this was the only live performance I have given in the past 5 years, I was quite nervous when I hit the stage. Oddly, just two minutes into the set I felt an embrace by this amazing room and found myself performing with a conviction that I wasn't prepared for. It was not only fun, but a magickal experience that I will take with me to my next incarnation.

This week we also heard from Lynda (of long time Heartland Headliners "Dream Trybe")... "One of our 'homes' got hit by a windstorm. We call it home, because it always feels like it when we're there. ... The pavilion and stage area was demolished by this wind, and Heartland's next festival is not far away. Although we won't be there this year, our families will -- and our beloved Wildcat Production crew will need a roof over the magical moments that this year's musical acts bring to the stage".

For more information and how YOU can help follow this information... (Thank you John Kramer & Clarity): PLEASE! IF you have ever spent a pleasant Heartland Festival at Camp Gaea....PLEASE! IF you have any fondness for this wonderful retreat we seek to promote and protect.... Tell everyone you know who might care and then send whatever you can to Earth Rising P.O. Box 10442 Kansas City, MO 64171-0442 credit card (you can do it with a check too) through select "Send Money" and Send to

Also check out H.S.A.'s coverage of this tragedy at their website.

Witches Speak Out! - Your Voice does Indeed Matter!

  WitchVox Year 2000 Essay Topics for April  

The Witches' Voice is actively soliciting editorials and essays on a variety of topics on interest to both Pagan and mainstream audiences. Diotima has put together the essay/article topics for the first 6 months of year 2000. For the complete listing and our editorial guidelines, follow the links at the bottom of this box.

"Young Pagans Section:

May 2000:
    Publication Date: May 7th
    Submission Deadline:April 30th

    Topic: School Violence
    You've heard about it. Maybe your school is "profiling", enforcing "zero tolerance" policies and increasing security measures. Is this a solution or an over-reaction to the problem? What about when Pagan religious symbols are labeled as 'gang' flags? Have you been impacted by either school violence or the measures that have come from trying to deal with it? What do you think should be done?
    Topic: Children and Over-Population
    The resources of the Earth are finite, and the Earth's population has grown to the point where we are severely straining those resources. Since Pagans are committed to living in harmony with Nature, what actions do you think we need to take, both on a personal and global level, to deal with this?
"Adults" Section:

May 2000:
    Publication Date: May 14th
    Submission Deadline:May 7th

    Topic: School Violence
    You've heard about it. You've probably also heard that schools are increasingly profiling children, enforcing 'zero tolerance' policies and increasing security measures. Is this a solution or an over-reaction to the problem? What about when Pagan religious symbols are labeled as 'gang' flags? Have you or your children been impacted by either school violence or the measures that have come from trying to deal with it?
    Topic: Children and Over-Population
    The resources of the Earth are finite, and the Earth's population has grown to the point where we are severely straining those resources. Since Pagans are committed to living in harmony with Nature, what actions do you think we need to take, both on a personal and global level, to deal with this?

So What Happened to last Week's Features and Treats?
Click --->  Last Week or Two Weeks Ago and you are there!


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