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Weekly Update: 7/3/2000

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: July 3rd. 2000
Times Viewed: 6,831

Life in a Spin -- Mercury Takes a Turn

This week, TWV highlights some new projects taking shape, more success stories from area pagan outreach programs and sadly, the passing of one of our pagan sisters.

These past 8 days have been an interesting time in the Pagan community. Just over a week ago, Mercury went retrograde and-as usual-new ideas and other "attempted communications" experienced a rough ride... Due to various interactions between Mars, Saturn and Pluto the coming week may very well continue to be chaotic both in world events and in personal relationships. If you can manage to bite your tongue and bide your time until the end of the month-one with an upcoming Lunar Eclipse due on July 16th (in Capricorn) and another Solar Eclipse on the 30th (in Leo)-you'll be able to move forward again in August without too much baggage. Letting go of the past will become a very important theme during July and how you approach that challenge may make all of the difference.

Photo note: The beautiful creature to your right was captured by Diotima at the Free Spirit Gathering this past month in Maryland (see review and link below)... Thank YOU Tyrtle for allowing us to share your magic with the community.

The transition time typically seems to be the most difficult, but there is always an element of light at every turn. After Mercury goes direct again on the 17th, spiritual concerns once again take front stage and new connections are very possible. Hang in there, folks!

Wren's Nest Cracks 2000... It's been a yet another period of milestones at Witchvox. We are proud to say that during this past week Wren posted her 2,000th article on Wren's Nest. For close to three years, she has scoured news feeds from all over the world, on a daily basis, to bring us any news that affects our lives in the Pagan community. Thank YOU, Wren, for this free gift to the community.

June 2000 - We Stabilize... Bouncing back from our painful server problems during the month of May, June 2000 came in as our second busiest month ever. Last Month 856,436 WitchVox pages were consumed (viewed) by surfers from all over the planet. Interestingly, the traffic was split evenly between our two servers... is hosted by Drak.Net - is hosted by MiceTrax Digital Magick

Free Spirit Gathering 2000
A WitchVox review by Diotima

"Three long lines of worshipers from different directions spiraled into sacred space singing this chant. These days, the main ritual at Free Spirit Gathering has several hundred celebrants, and watching the three processions merge into a single entity in circle was a magical experience. The chant was particularly poignant for me, as I had moved 500 miles south several months ago, and was back "home" for the first time since January to attend the Gathering. FSG 2000 was the fifteenth annual gathering hosted by Free Spirit Alliance—a community I had been a part of for well over a decade".

"Of course, most of us who have been to a Pagan gathering know that feeling of "coming home", even if we are far away from where we actually live. It's not just being with friends; it's the amazing awareness of being in a society that exists only in a dream outside of these events; a society where magick is taken for granted, where the Earth is revered, and where one can not only walk around with no clothes on, but can leave (as I did) an expensive digital camera in a bathroom and have it cheerfully handed back to me by the bathroom's current occupant when I went to look for it several hours later".

For the complete review visit our Pagan Festival Reviews Section or simply click HERE.

In the traditional Latvian calendar, Jani or Midsummer is the most important holiday of the year.
According to the Sveiks web site, "It marks the summer solstice and calls upon the deity named Janis to bless the crops. In Latvia, it is time away from work; in the U.S. and Canada, it's usually a chance to meet other Latvians from near and far, to share a song and a beer. But if you're not in Latvia or can't tear yourself away from your job, we offer this guide to online resources about the Latvian midsummer festival. It's as close to a virtual Jani as we'll get.
"Various beliefs and practices are associated with Jani. For example, on the solstice, the longest day of the year, a bonfire is lit on a hill so that its light illuminates the nearby fields and keeps evil spirits away. Those who fall asleep during Jani can expect to be tired all summer long. Young lovers are said to find each other on Midsummer's Eve. (Has anyone ever tallied the number of Latvians born in March, nine months after Jani?)"

No, we haven't done a tally on the birthrate, but TWV found this resource a very interesting look into a tradition that not many of us here in the U.S. know all that much about. Thanks to Kate, who sent us this link (her husband is of Latvian extraction), we now can also point others to this fascinating information resource.

Leslie Dauterman (1959-2000)
Resting Safely in the Arms of the Great Ones

Two weeks ago, we made a community call for healing for Leslie Dauterman. This sad news came to us on Friday via the PCCO (The Pagan Community Council of Ohio) list... "This morning (7/1/2000) at 8:05 AM Leslie Dauterman died. I'll be sending out more details later but right now this is all still sinking in here. To all the people sending good wishes, good energy and to all doing healing work: Thank you on behalf of Leslie and I thank you for me".

7/3/2000 Update: "There will be a memorial service for Leslie on Sunday - July 9th at 2:30pm - Location is the First UU Church at 93 W. Weisheimer Rd in the Clintonville area of Columbus. (Weisheimer is north of Henderson Rd at High St) {UU or Unitarian Universalist Churches are VERY pagan friendly)

The WitchVox Staff sends our sincerest condolences to Stacy Brian Bartley and to the countless friends of Leslie and her family. It is clear to even a casual observer that Leslie was a valued member of the community and a true giver and Healer. The Neo-Pagan Community has lost a good one here, folks... Leslie is gone (for now) but her work and her light will shine for eternity. Thank YOU Leslie for what you have done for us all.

For more information, visit PCCO at

Pagan Radio in in Northern California Rev. Sandy Johnson, the Founder and Director of Fellowship of the Earth announced today that FOTE has applied for a Low Power FM radio station construction permit. This will open up an opportunity for FOTE to provide community-oriented broadcasting combined with spiritual inspiration and education. It's not known for sure if FOTE is the first Pagan oriented community group to apply for this new classification of FM broadcasting.

"I don't know at this point whether there were any other Pagan related applicants, but from what I have been able to ascertain, it looks like we have broken new ground." said Johnson. "I am hoping we are setting a precedence for other Pagan organizations to break through the monopolized blanket of commercial and mainstream religious broadcasters."

While the application is still under review and the process for the FOTE community radio station is just beginning, Johnson and supporters are confident that the community will benefit greatly from the LPFM station. "It's not just for our spiritual messages, but it's for our community as a whole. While we will cater to our spiritual congregation and beliefs, we will be open to the Salida and surrounding communities for local programming. We hope to help promote the flow of information to those who may not be able to get community information any other way."

Clearly there is a need for diversity in broadcasting and FOTE is hoping the Goddess will see fit to bless them with FCC approval. In the meantime, Johnson isn't wasting any time. They already have created a streaming MP3 station that will feature content similar to what is being proposed for the LPFM station. "You will need a MP3 player like WinAmp or Real Audio to listen, we are so excited about the prospect of one of our dreams coming true we just couldn't wait!" Johnson stated enthusiastically.

For more information on Fellowship of the Earth and to listen to the streaming station please visit the FOTE web site at

The Cats of WitchCraft
In an effort to dispel one of the many myths about the craft, we began featuring pictures of Witch Cats back in '97 when we went online. Of late, we have been barraged with submissions... A recent plea for help rendered some fine work by Lady Ostara, Daven, Stephen, and Naomi Armitage. Thank YOU for authoring our latest cats of the craft pages Cats 9, Cats 10, Cats 11 and Cats 12 If YOU are very good with html and image clean up AND can work with a simple template (our cats pages), we'd love the help. For those of you that have submitted your kitty(s) already, do know that we have them (The pictures, that is!) and will get them up and featured as soon as we can. Thank YOU in advance for your patience.

The Witches' Voice online will continue to evolve and grow this chapter of WitchVox and to solicit the magic of your Witch Cat. To Submit a Picture of your Kitty: Email our WebMaster and attach the file. (We process the Cats of Witchcraft pages on a monthly basis-usually.)

New Home For First Fighter Wing Wiccans!
Carrie L. Pierce would like to share the news with all of our pagan military service people of this very exciting breakthrough:

"After months of questioning regulations and debate, Wiccans at Langley AFB in Virginia are now approved by the base chapel to hold a Wiccan discussion group. Although, we are still awaiting some minor maintenance to be taken care of, we recently got approval by the base chapel to use the flight line chapel as a meeting place. A meeting time and day will be released when the scheduled repairs are complete. This group will be opened to active duty Wiccans/pagans as well as dependants and spouses. People under 18 must have parent/guardian consent to join. Although we cannot hold religious ceremony, we want to provide the Wiccans here at Langley with a place of religious commune. We are working towards a flexible schedule that is compatible with even the mid shift worker! Please contact A1C Pierce at or call 764-3033 between 1600-2400."

Pagan Online Shops -- An Explosion of Activity
It's official folks, this year's hardest hit category in our extensive Pagan Links section is Pagan Shops Online. (last year it ranked 3rd, just behind Pagan Teen sites and Pagan Graphic Sites)

Over the past 6 months, we have seen close to a 100% increase in the number of online shop submissions here at Witchvox. With the advent of "easy to build" net store CGIs, it seems that this growth will continue dramatically over the next couple of years. What is even more interesting is the substantial increase in community interest FOR these online shops... Sure, the community itself continues to grow and bring in new customers, but our recent analysis indicates that a larger PERCENTAGE of the community is interested in Pagan online shops. This is VERY encouraging news for Pagan online retailers.

WitchVox has celebrated the Pagan Merchants both on and off line since our site launch in '97. As of this writing we are honored to point you to 341 Online Shops -- 99 Original Craft Sites -- 797 Physical Shops -- 91 Divination, Tarot and Courses Listings and much, much more.

We DO know that is hard to make a living doing this and, as promised in the past, we will continue to find ways to help both the merchant and the consumer. Ideas we have, time to implement them we fight for... The Staff at WitchVox encourages you to support our community shops both on and off line.

WitchVox NOTE: The Witches' Voice IS a non-commercial site and accepts NO compensation or "free" gifts from any vendors, shops or services with any implied obligation (This doesn't include Home-made cookies or Truffles). This enables us to promote products and services that we deem of interest to the Pagan community. We are not in anyone's back pocket nor do we have any desire to be. WitchVox is funded by our sponsors, free and clear of any "obligations". If you like what WitchVox offers, surf to YOUR W.O.T.W. page and THANK your local sponsors.

Attention all female, suburban, college-bound witches.
Has it been a few years since you've started practicing Wicca? Do you feel like it's a part of you--one you would never trade for anything, even if it means making social adjustments to maintain the integrity/privacy of your practice? Then I'd love to hear from you. If you'd like to share the details of your practice--how you began practicing Wicca, whether you practice alone or in a coven, and how being a witch has affected your teenage years and your personal development, then here's what you do: write your favorite one paragraph anecdote about one experience you've had as a witch. It can be a funny anecdote about how your friends or family first discovered your practice, or a serious story about how you must hide, and the loneliness hiding has created in your life. Or something totally different.

Whatever you'd like to tell someone about your practice, if you were guaranteed that they'd listen and understand. Send your 1 paragraph to: Thank you -- Suzanne Clores.

O.K., So We're Weird -
But we can live with that since the latest issue of the British mag, The Net also gave The Witches' Voice five-stars in that category for best websites. 'Witches' is a new section for 'The Net' in its monthly search for new, interesting and useful web sites and resources. Other Witch sites rated include: Witch's Brew, The Craft and The National Geographic special edition site about the Salem Witch Trials.

We here at TWV would like to thank the web surfers at The Net very much for honoring our site in their 'best of the web' selections. Check out their 'Fun Stuff" section too for some crazy jokes and other-well, FUN stuff! We all can use some new material from time to time!

In closing, like the ripples created on a pond during a refreshing summer shower, the good deeds (and hard work) of the local pagan communities continue to expand in ever-widening circles throughout the lands. These ripples of energy meet and overlap and go forth to make a new pattern of pagan solidarity. Local people and groups are reaching out to embrace other local pagan people and groups. Even as each ripple is a separate entity complete within itself, so it is also a part of the larger encompassing circles. Very quantum, very pagan, very powerful!

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the many of you that believe in, contribute to and continue to support this mission in your own heartfelt ways...You ARE the Witches' Voice.

In Your Service,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2000 - July 3rd.


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