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Weekly Update: 7/10/2000

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: July 10th. 2000
Times Viewed: 8,016

It's a Mother and Child Reunion...

In the company of Witches is where Fritz and Wren will be spending some time this week. Wren's daughter, Skye, is visiting from the boonies of New Hampshire and her bestest friend, Brooks, is also staying here for a few days. Regular readers of TWV may recall that Skye was diagnosed with a form of malignant brain cancer late last year. After surgery -and currently on regime of chemotherapy- we are happy to report that Skye is doing very well indeed! Once again, we thank everyone who sent Skye cards and letters of support or did magickal healing work on her behalf. Skye looks and feels wonderful right now (much to her mother's relief!) and if you would like to send her a message via Witchvox while she is here, you can email her via Wren's email address.

The Morgan County Public Library Needs a Few Good Pagan Books!
Linda Williams has started up a campaign to get pagan-related books into the library where she works. The lack of good reference materials for seekers weighed upon her spirit for quite a while and she is now taking the initiative to try and rectify the situation:

"I work at the Morgan County Public Library in Martinsville, Indiana. Being a Wiccan myself, I've noticed the high demand for books on Wicca and Paganism. But, due to limited allowed spending for these materials, there is little or none available. We have teens come in for information so they can explore this great religion, and unless myself or one other lady are there, they get nothing. That's why I am asking your assistance. I believe if good-hearted fellow Wiccans who also want to spread the truth through yet another community would donate a book or the money to purchase one book that it would be the start of a small victory.

I also welcome anyone to come in and make the donation in person, but if you cannot, you may either send a book to the P.O. Box below or send a check and I will purchase a book.

If you decide on the latter, if you have a certain title or author in mind, please include that information, any left over money after purchasing one book will be returned to you. Thank you for your time. In Love and Light, Linda"
For further info contact: Linda Williams, P.O. Box 1210, Martinsville, IN, 46151 or email her at

Teachers: This month we asked what makes a good teacher, and got two essays: one an inspiring reminder that the good teachers really are out there, teaching a way of love, healing and self-knowledge; the other a perceptive list of what to look for in a good teacher. Check out the Teachers essays... Page ONE - TWO

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust: We asked: How do you trust perfectly without putting yourself in a position where you might be betrayed? What does it mean to love "perfectly"?. The answers we got demonstrated a variety of different viewpoints—clearly, this basic concept of Wicca will continue to be a source of lively discussion for years to come. Check out Perfect Love and Perfect Trust essays... Page ONE - TWO - THREE - FOUR - FIVE

From The Teens...

Perfect Love and Perfect Trust: We were wondering why we only got one teen essay for this month, and then we remembered that last month was the magic month of June, when most teens are focused on getting out of school, either by graduation or vacation. Nonetheless, the Perfect Love and Perfect Trust topic did inspire one teen, NightTiger, to write an excellent and very thoughtful essay on the subject. Check out the Perfect Love and Perfect Trust essay in our Teen essay section.

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WitchVox is just one of an estimated 6,000 plus sites on the Pagan web and we are indeed proud to be a part of this. Since Day one we have been sending you off this site via most of our 2,000 pages. This week we gave our active links section a nice little overhaul and broke it out into even more detail. New Chapters include, Web Hosting, Free Email, Free Web Hosting, Dianic and Druidic Sites as well as Healing and Handfasting Site links.

It has been most exciting to watch our community grow and to witness the profound effect the World Wide Web has had on us all. The WitchVox Links Pages were launched on Feb. 2nd, 1997 (the same day we launched this site) and have generated 3/4 of a million actual page views. Here you will find one of the most extensive, diverse and complete Pagan web site listings on the 'Net.

This critical part of WitchVox is in a constant state of evolution and is always changing to meet the desires of the community. To your left/right we present the 47 chapters of our links section.

Join us in celebrating the magic of what can only be called the Pagan Web.

Fritz Jung - Webcrafter
The Witches' Voice
July 2000


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Pagan Online Shops -- An Explosion of Activity
It's official folks, this year's hardest hit category in our extensive Pagan Links section is Pagan Shops Online. (last year it ranked 3rd, just behind Pagan Teen sites and Pagan Chat Sites)

Over the past 6 months, we have seen close to a 100% increase in the number of online shop submissions here at Witchvox. With the advent of "easy to build" net store CGIs, it seems that this growth will continue dramatically over the next couple of years. What is even more interesting is the substantial increase in community interest FOR these online shops... Sure, the community itself continues to grow and bring in new customers, but our recent analysis indicates that a larger PERCENTAGE of the community is interested in Pagan online shops. This is VERY encouraging news for Pagan online retailers.

WitchVox has celebrated the Pagan Merchants both on and off line since our site launch in '97. As of this writing we are honored to point you to 341 Online Shops -- 99 Original Craft Sites -- 797 Physical Shops -- 91 Divination, Tarot and Courses Listings and much, much more.

br>Depression and Spirituality...
This just in from Pagan Author Trish Telesco.

"I'd like to send out a formal request to the community for stories and ideas about depression and spirituality. I am going to write a book about this (tentatively titled DARK MOON RISING) because I have met soooo many people who are suffering or have suffered from this crippling problem. Even so, most of the books out there are clinical vs. spiritual".

"What I'm looking for are personal stories of success and ideas on spiritual methods (including eastern approaches) to overcome the problem. Anyone who wants to contribute should provide me with a name by which to cite them in the book and a note giving me permission to print their information. Trish Telesco can be emailed at

Fires at Solstice
A Festival review by Don WaterHawk

"Daniella and I had packed the night before so that we could get an early start to the festival and start enjoying what we knew was to come. This was a five day festival (love them when they are longer), we were happy that this festival would be in our home state.

After doing many festivals already this year, we were getting "road weary" with traveling. As we pulled in to the festival site we found ourselves surprised with the number of people already there. Now folks, remember that this is in Central Florida, and that its Summer Solstice. I figured earlier when the Festival first surfaced (this was Fires at Solstice #1), that being in the hot climate it might (you would think) tend to keep people away. That was apparently not what was going on here. I realized that a strong growing family had emerged from the festivals Autumn Meet and Phoenix Phyre. And by the Goddess!, we all wanted more of this special Magic of people! It's so refreshing to see Festivals that give what the community wants and needs. I trust that other festival promoters come to these Three Fests some time, and watch how the community inside the festival blends and works. Its just too cool! I love Magic!...

For the complete review visit our Pagan Festival Reviews Section or simply click HERE.

The WitchVox surveys -- Alive Again: What path do you Follow? What is the male/female percentage. How many of you are solitaire? Traditional? These are just a few of the questions ask in the WitchVox Community survey part #1. Our thanks go out to the 2.476 of you that filled out our new survey during its first 11 days.

Your thoughts on "working with groups" were wonderful. Although it is impractical for us to put them all up, we have taken the first 300 and placed them, unedited, on 6 pages for your reading enjoyment. My favorite comment was related to someone that checked "other" in answer to the "what is your path" question... "Other: "Slacker Pagan" -- I'm a perpetual procrastinator... (Though I'm working on it...)" - ya gotta love an honest response like this.

If you haven't participated... Please do so by clicking here. We will continue to collect data from this survey (and others) until this Samhain. The next new survey will be launched next month and will focus on what the Pagan Web means to you, how you use it and what design techniques you like or dislike.

Cats of WitchCraft Page 13 Now Up
In an effort to dispel one of the many myths about the craft, we began featuring pictures of Witch Cats back in '97 when we went online. Of late, we have been barraged with submissions... A recent plea for help rendered some fine work by Lady Ostara, Daven, Stephen, Naomi Armitage, and Napoleon. Thank YOU for authoring our latest cats of the craft pages Cats 9, Cats 10, Cats 11, Cats 12 and Cats 13

Note: during 1999 our Cats of Witchcraft page was the #5 hit page here at WitchVox. These pages average over 800 views a day.

The Witches' Voice online will continue to evolve and grow this chapter of WitchVox and to solicit the magic of your Witch Cat. To Submit a Picture of your Kitty: Email our WebMaster and attach the file. (We process the Cats of Witchcraft pages on a monthly basis-usually.)

In closing, many, many pagans across the globe are busy working on local community projects, building up educational web sites and e-businesses, and exchanging information on matters of politics, pagan equality and personal spiritual beliefs. As we here at TWV enjoy the company of two members of the up and coming generation of pagans, we are increasingly confident of one vital fact-interest in paganism and earth-based spirituality is not only on the rise, it is already firmly established in the hearts and minds and spirits of those who are preparing to carry the message-our message of new hope for the Earth and all of Her children- into the future.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to the many of you that believe in, contribute to and continue to support this mission in your own heartfelt ways...You ARE the Witches' Voice.

In Your Service,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2000 - July 10th.


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