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Weekly Update: 8/7/2000

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: August 7th. 2000
Times Viewed: 6,425

Things Are Heating Up...
Festival Events Get Bigger, Politics Get Hotter, Pagans Get Stronger

Greetings everyone!

As round one of the political wrestling match that defines the US election year coverage came to end and the elephant banners began hitting the floor, the emails started coming in to TWV Central. Many of you sent us news clips and articles and many more of you had some comments about both the Republican Party platform and the general level of pagan involvement in politics. It's an odd and mainly American quirk that while the US continues to tout the fact that this country is founded on the precept of freedom of religion for all, we also now find ourselves in the grandstand seats watching politicians using religion as both as badge and a bludgeon.

Politics and religion, church and state, have unfortunately become the strange bedfellows that your mother never could have foreseen and therefore never warned you about. Like it or not-and we don't-religious people have increasingly been forced to become political activists as well. Politicians make the laws-and where they can't, won't or refuse to consider that sometimes inconvenient vehicle named the Constitution-they often attempt to skew the laws to raise up their own personal religious banner higher than the standards of all of the other faiths.

Photo Credit: The powerful photo to your right was caputured by Don Two Eagles Waterhawk in mid July at Sirius/Starwood (see review below)

The Witches' Voice-to reiterate the point once again-is politically neutral. We do read all of your politically oriented articles and comments. We do follow politics and politicians with a close eye on their platforms as they pertain to religious liberty and pagan civil rights. What we can't do-and wouldn't if we could.. free will and all of that, you know-is comment on the general political parties and/or endorse or oppose any political platforms or candidates.

We simply can't go there. However, as of today, YOU can go HERE !

Announcing Pagan Perspectives: This week, TWV is firing up a new section where YOU can voice your opinions and comments about various topics of interest. Intermittently, we will post new questions for you to ponder. Our launching pad topic is about.. yes, you guessed it! Pagans and Politics.

Question #1: Which political platform or candidate are you leaning towards? Do you think that a level of political involvement is important to pagans? Are you registered to vote, will you vote and who-if you don't mind telling the world-are you planning to vote for (or against)? Your Opinion?

If you are pagan and plan to vote this November, you might just want to scoot on over to the Alternative Religions Educational Network to pick up your free I'm Pagan and I Vote banner.

Another stop along the campaign trail that we recommend is the Pagans Vote web-site with its links to the home pages of the various political parties, commentaries on various issues and other handy yankee-doodle-dandy information. Like TWV, Pagans Vote is politically neutral and presents the information so that YOU can decide who best represents you and your interests. Vote.Com lets you vote your opinion and speak your mind on various international, national and local political issues.

We do encourage you to get out and vote!

Little Witch and The Christian -- Part IV Now UP
br>Many regular Witchvox visitors may recall a story that we featured here early last year called, The Little Witch. This piece was VERY popular and to date has been read some 32,016 times!

John has since penned a follow-up story starring the same endearing and outspoken main character. This time, we find the Little Witch attending a wedding. Realizing that she knows few people at the celebration and left sitting alone at one of the tables, our Little Witch begins to wish for "something" to happen that would be "pleasant and interesting and maybe even lively".

(Teaser ahead!) Be careful what you wish for... you just might get it! What the Little Witch does with what she 'gets' is the subject of a five-part series called, Little Witch and The Christian (click for Part I - Part II - Part III and Part IV).

Web Note: This special feature is part of our new printable Basics of the Craft section.

Sirius Rising 2000
A WitchVox review by Don Two Eagles WaterHawk

"It took Daniella, Tia (my daughter), and myself three days to get to Brushwood, New York. Just to get out of our state took us 7 hours, long drive from Southern Florida. We pulled in at Brushwood to the entrance, where you have to register, and was surprised to see about twenty or so people milling about the place. Said a bunch of hello's and got a bunch of hugs, finished registration, and headed down the hill to set up before dark".

"We reached the bottom of the hill and crossed over the bridge and now knew why there were so many people up top. The sight before the three of us was like looking at Starwood 5 years ago. A full festival seemed to be set up in front of us. Darlene later said that it was around 400 people, it sure seemed more than that. After finding our numbered spot, then spending the next 45 minutes saying hello's and getting hugs, we found the Merchant Coordinator, affirmed our spot, and began the task of setting up our space on vendors road. Now being from Southern Florida, we have acclimated to our weather down here. Western New York is not Southern Florida, we found out that when the Sun started going down and the temperature dropped from 75 to 45 degrees within an hour. Alright, maybe it wasn't that bad... but I found out just how sacred my long underwear can feel. And for those that found my tie-dyed knitted gloves were kinda funny looking,... well... bite me! You CAN drum with gloves on... so there. It was kinda fun, with the temperature changing so quickly during the day, for people were constantly changing into different stages of dress... you got to see everyone's entire wardrobe. Only time I have ever got to see Daniella wearing everything she brought"... (continued)

For the complete review visit our Pagan Festival Reviews Section or simply click HERE.

Next Week - Starwood: The biggest Pagan Fest in America will be reviewed here a WitchVox with some wonderful photos.

New Article in our Gay Pagan Section...
Coming Out of the Broom Closet
(By Christopher Penczak)

"When I was a young boy, my parents took to me St. Joseph's Catholic Church every week for mass. I watched intently, somewhat dazzled by what was happening up on the altar. Candles, incense, chalices, bread and wine involved in an intricate ceremony that I could only watch. Special words were chanted or sung over the Eucharist, the thin, bread-like wafers. The priest said the bread was the body of our lord and savior, Jesus, given to us. It still looked like wafers to me, but I could feel magic in the air. Something special was happening..."

"I went to Catholic school all my life, until college, taking religion classes right along with math, science and history. At the very beginning, early in grammar school, I was a believer. I liked watching the show and singing along. In many ways weekly mass was my first musical experience. But in class I started asking questions and didn't understand or like the answers I was given. I wanted to know why people couldn't participate more. Why did you need the priest to do it all? Why weren't there any women priests? Why didn't the nuns have a part in the ritual? My question fell on deaf ears".

Click HERE for the rest of this piece.

TEEN Pagan Essay for August NOW Up:

Compassion: We have only one teen essay for this month—must be the summer doldrums. Fortunately, Night Tiger, who's become a regular contributor to this section, dragged herself away from summer's distractions long enough to share her insights on compassion, and how being Pagan has increased her sensitivity to others. She also makes an interesting point about how the power to heal is based in......but, wait. No point in my telling you about it. Check out the Compassion essay.

Updated: Last Month we posted our Monthly essay topics list for the remainder of the year (July - December 2000)... Both the Young Pagan and Adults topics lists can be found from the Articles and Submission guidelines page... As always, your suggestions FOR topics are always welcome.

Update on Theatrical Release Dates: Paradise Lost And Revelations: Paradise Lost 2 Theatrical Release

LA release date: July 28th (At the Nuart Theater on Santa Monica - just West of the 405) NY release date: Postponed to September San Francisco release date: Postponed to September Seattle release date: Paradise Lost -- August 9, Revelations -- August 10-13 (both at the Little Theater 608 19th Avenue East, Seattle 206-675-2055) Portland release date: Postponed to September The New York City release has been postponed until September. There are two MSN communities working to publicize the release in this city: For the West Memphis Three- -has been set up for New Jersey area supporters and Free the WM3 NYC Support Group- is a new community for supporters in New York City.

If anyone would like to help to publicize the release and to work on efforts to free the West Memphis Three in general, the various support groups would be glad for your help. Support groups for all areas of the country can all be found on the Free the West Memphis Three site at -- Thanks! Ann

For more info on this case, the Witchvox stance and interviews by our own Peg Aloi... Click HERE

Wren's Bird Call of The Week

is a happy warble of pride. A few months ago, Airman 1st Class Carrie Pierce, emailed us for some moral support in her quest to establish a Wiccan circle group on Langley Air Force Base. Wren is as pleased as a chick-a-dee with a sunflower seed to report that the Langley Wiccan Circle held its first official meeting this past Saturday.

"Wiccans do not recruit or solicit members," Pierce said in an interview featured this month in the 'Life' section of The Flyer Online. "The Langley Wiccan Circle has been created as a support group -- an outlet for those people who share Wiccan beliefs. Word gets out about our meetings or discussion groups from signs that we put up, word of mouth and an on-line newsletter called the Witches Voice that we subscribe to."

Congratulations to Carrie and the Langley Wiccan Circle and to all those courageous pagans on the many military bases who have braved the slings and arrows of bigotry for the right to practice their beliefs openly. Bob Barr and his ultra-conservative gaggle of bird-brain bullies should have known better than to take on the pagan servicemen and women. After all, there is no better fighting force in the world than the one which serves, guards and protects the United States of America-keeping Her free from tyranny- no matter where that tyranny may arise.

In closing...the pagan communities continue to build, expand and reach out beyond the borders of local cities and town into the greater fields of society. Pagan festivals are growing in numbers and participants, local groups are working with others to clean up parks, feed the hungry and call attention to national and global issues that affect us all. Pagans in the military are meeting together, working together, standing together. In the distance, we can still hear the faint rumblings of political parties who would seek to keep pagans and other minorities on the fringes of society. But every day, those rumblings become fainter and fainter still...

As always, our heartfelt thanks go out to the many of you that believe in, contribute to and continue to support this mission in your own heartfelt ways...You ARE the Witches' Voice.

In Your Service,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2000 - August 7th.


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