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Weekly Update: 9/18/2000

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: September 18th. 2000
Times Viewed: 6,859

Rallying 'Round The Cause...

Greetings everyone!

It's Pagan Pride Week! Yes, we know that we've been talking about this for the past three weeks, but we here at TWV really believe in the concept of local people and groups doing whatever that they can do to make their own towns, cities and neighborhoods just brim with Pagan Pride. We have talked with many, many Pagans from all over the globe and we can tell you that Witches, Wiccans and Pagans have a lot- Read: A LOT! -to offer to the world. Our world has some very big problems to face and some really hard decisions to make about the future. Pagans have some very good ideas to share on those issues. The trouble always has been that while there were many folks who just couldn't get beyond the words "Witch, Wiccan. Pagan" to begin with, there were many others who never got the chance to meet a Pagan, much less sit down and talk with one about community and global issues (Of course, we know that they probably HAD talked with Pagans before, they just didn't realize it!)

But now we are out there- (Gasp! Look at that, Martha...and right out in the open, too! How very brazen!) - talking with our neighbors, showing up at community meetings, chatting with the local law enforcement agencies and organizing public events. Beginning with one street, one town, one city and one state at a time, our message is spreading and people are listening. The work of many previous decades-and possibly many lifetimes-is coming to fruition in this current Pagan generation! These are indeed exciting times and "Pagan Pride Is Back!

Wren walked over to Wal-Mart (Bad Pagan!) the other day to get a few hurricane supplies and Carolyn, the cashier who rang up her sale, was wearing a big silver pentacle. A casual observation of the symbol from Wren and Carolyn offered up that she had just purchased the pentacle from EWitch and loved it! That sort of exchange within a normal business setting just didn't happen all that long ago.

Photo credit: The picture to your upper right is of the Rev. Moon Raven HPs from Largo, Florida (USA) and was taken at her first public Full Moon Circle. "This ceremony was VERY special to me as I dedicated it to the memory of my beloved mother who had passed away that same week". Bless YOU Rev. Moon Raven for sharing your magick with us all.

The 'Wear A Black, White and Red Ribbon' Campaign has appeared in Pagan email lists and on message boards. We don't know who started it, but even though it is not part of an official Pagan Pride Day event, many folks have said that they are going to participate: Calling All Pagans! September 23rd is National Pagan Pride Day. Pride is defined as a feeling of self-respect and personal worth. It is a sense of achievement and satisfaction with ones' decisions and achievements.

Finding one's spiritual path is a major achievement and an intensely personal decision. It is something that we should be proud of. I would like to propose a symbolic act that would serve to unite Pagans across the country. On September 23rd, tie a black, white and red ribbon to some part of your person or property or maybe even both. The black and white ribbon would serve to represent the polarity of our beliefs. The God and the Goddess. The sun and the moon. The red would symbolize the fire and bloodshed of the Burning Years. Intertwined, the three serve to represent pride in our beliefs and to honor those who paved the path for us. It is time that we all came out of the broom closet. Think about how cool it would be to look around that day and actually see others that share your beliefs. It is time for us to show everyone how many of us there are. There is strength and safety in numbers. The Internet is the key that opened the door for us. Let's use it to open our door to the rest of the world. Mark the date on your calendar in white, black, and red!

The Pagan Pride Day Events Are Gearing Up! At last report, 70 official Pagan Pride Day events were scheduled to take place throughout the week. Once again, to see if a Pagan Pride event is scheduled in your area, you can check out the listings in your TWV state page. If you think that you would like to host an event in your town, check out the International Pagan Pride website for tips, ideas and lots of other useful information. Anything that you do as a Pagan can be done with Pride!

Perhaps one of the most widely publicized Pagan Pride events is the We Still Work Magick rally planned for this coming Wednesday (Sept, 20th) at the A.C. Reynolds High School in Asheville, N.C. Dozens of Pagans have made the commitment to attend the event and the Alternative Religions Educational Network (AREN), Witches Against Religious Discrimination (WARD), and The Witches' Voice (TWV) have all joined with Appalachian Pagan Alliance. as official corporate sponsors.

While the corporate and local response has been outstanding, there is still a serious cash shortfall. The police department has upped the required fee for the on duty officers from $36. to $60. each. If the funds are not there on the night of the rally, the event will not be able to go on. If you are planning to donate funds to help offset the costs of this high profile event, please send your checks or money orders out very soon and made payable to: WARD, PO Box 1498, Skyland, NC 28776

The "We Still Work Magick' rally will undoubtedly receive considerable press coverage and a good turnout is expected. The large contingency of police required might have seemed an overly expensive component at first, but now as the news of this rally spreads, their presence may indeed be very welcome. According to one of the rally's coordinators, the local police department has expressed some safety concerns and project that some protests of the Pagan event are likely to occur.

Diotima reviews some of the events leading up to the decision for a Pagan rally on the pre-game school prayers in We Pray Too: A Report From The Bible Belt: "The {Christian} rally was sponsored by a group called We Still Pray, which encapsulates the extreme views of a number of Christians in this country who feel that America should be an explicitly Christian nation. Links from the group's Web site ( lead to diatribes on how teaching evolution in schools is teaching the "religion" of secular humanism, and to lyrics of a popular song that repeats several times "THE ARMY OF GOD THAT HAS BEEN SILENT FOR TOO LONG IS TAKING AMERICA BACK!" (Caps are the author's)

Witches of the World - Version 5.0
A Busy Launch Week/An Interesting Day.

Today Wren and I scrambled to write the weekly update while a baby hurricane named Gordon was "breathing all over us". Lots of stop and go (we must had over a dozen power outages). The earth mother never ceases to amaze us, along with the exciting winds we received the rain we so desperately need. The local news coverage was fabulous.

This past week we launched WOTW v5 to amazing traffic (around 9,000 visitors a day) and many wonderful "Thank yous". It is YOU that add ALL of the depth to this section at Witchvox, we thank you for allowing us to do this work.

Version 5's release was not without a few suggestions and a couple of pesky bugs...
  • Your Suggestions: One that we expected and heard about quickly was related to paging through the larger area people listings (Texas = 931 or 18 clicks to get to the cities that start with W). As a fix before we launched V5 we added Zip, country and city search options to help folks target their area, many didn't see these search options. A quick fix, early in the week, was to NOTE these search options at the top of the people pages. Yesterday we coded want we really wanted, IF an area has more than 150 people listings it NOW has an A-Z cities selection option at the top of the page. We had meant to finish this before launch but mercifully it is now up. The better news is that it IS dynamic and IS available automatically when the quantity of folks in a state exceeds 150.
  • Bug Fix: Events and shops in Washington state (USA) were displaying "Western Australia" in their mailing addresses. This was fixed quickly.
  • New Features: Along with the new option of "cities/towns A-Z select" mentioned above, we have started to address better ways to return you to your area page. TIP: Your Area Flag is quick way to get back to your WOTW "home" page... This is still glitchy in a few spots but we are working on it.
  • Pagan Links v5: Another suggestion was to give our links pages the new WOTW look and feel. This kind spirit noted that the transition from the WOTW pages to the links pages and their black background was quite jarring... They were/are right. Work on updating and empowering our busy "pagan search engine" (5000 sites) actually began a few weeks ago. This week we put a couple of nights work into it and our new links engine is 90% completed. We will utilize the same A-Z code for many of the larger listings... Expect to see Pagan Links v5 sometime later this week.
  • Optimizing Load Time: To our surprise, the load time of the new WOTW pages (related to traffic) was much better than we expected. This week we also increased speed in several areas (searches, presorting tables, internal lookups etc). On a "good day" WOTW is quite fast. We do have plans to replace the server for in the next few weeks and this should also improve load time of Wren's Nest, Pagan Perspectives, Pagan Links and WOTW.

We have literally hundreds of ideas for enhancements to WOTW, the good news is that we now HAVE the technology to make this dream a reality. So if you don't see it, do know that it IS coming in future versions.

Allow me to take this opportunity to quickly thank the beautiful Wren for her tireless efforts in compiling the weekly updates over the past several weeks. Her covering for some of my work here IS the reason that WOTW is up now. I am a very blessed Witch!

Oh yeah, that Hurricane? "Gordy" has just passed us and we fared quite well, tonight we will work our best protection magic against storm surges for our beach areas and for those north of us. A personal highlight for me came just minutes ago... A attractive young lass named Jennifer was reporting live from one of our bridges that was just shut down due to the storm surge. She was obviously new and trying hard to be professional, the anchor man at the station cut in and asked her if she noticed the rainbow behind her left shoulder. She was knocked out of her professional persona for a moment and simply smiled and said "We were hoping it would come back, it contains the magic we need"! -- So Mote it Be Jennifer!

Fritz Jung (WebCrafter - Witchvox)
September 18th., 2000

Requests for Healing...Continue To Come In and it looks as though TWV will be putting up a special section for healing requests in the near future.(Your desire is our command!)

This just in today: "Wren and Fritz-I stumbled across your website on my fiancˇe's bookmarks, and after seeing the several requests for healing felt compelled to write. My fiancˇe has a genetic disease, which in simple terms converts muscle and connective tissue into bone. This is a progressive disease, and as of yet there are no cures or treatment, only chemical painkillers that can only take the edge off the pain. Although normally the disease is active in short bursts with long dormant periods, she has been in an active disease state for the past three and a half years, with no sign of relief. As if chronic pain, loss of movement (literally being turned into a bony statue), and side effects of high dose opiates aren't enough, she was recently diagnosed with a 5cm ovarian cyst, which is possibly cancerous, and a 8 mm kidney stone.

Due to the genetic disease, surgery is very risky (any trauma to the body causes bone to form, and surgery is trauma). That much invasive surgery could very likely kill her, which I can't stand the thought of. Losing her would be like ripping off a part of me; our lives are so intertwined. She is a very bright, positive, caring person, still focusing on others who need help instead of dwelling on her illness. I don't know if its politically 'ok' for me (a Catholic) to be asking the pagan community (my fiancˇe' is Wiccan) for prayer and healing, but any help at all would be appreciated -- "modern medicine" doesn't have a solution for her, maybe the answer lies down another path.

For more info on her genetic disease, called Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva, visit . To email me/Angel, email us at .

Last week: "I would appreciate any healing for my husband Charles. He is extremely dear to me. We found out Tuesday from a bone scan report that there are 2 small suspicious spots on a rib that touches the lung biopsy area. I believe this is the cancer source the doctors previously couldn't find. Charles suffers only from a day or so of mild nausea and extreme tiredness. He's still struggling to gain back the 20 pounds he lost but looks good, except for rapidly thinning hair. To add insult to injury, his low immune system has coughed up a bad case of psoriasis (or however you spell that stuff). Actually, he is doing amazingly good for a man that the doctor said by all past experiences should have died the first week of July. We are proceeding as if there is no other way to go except get well. Thank you so very much for your thoughts and prayers on our behalf". -- Blessings, D. J. Conway

Note: If you would like to send your best wishes to Charles and D.J., simply send your email to Wren and she will forward them on.

"Merry meet, This is slightly unusual for me, but I am writing to you at the witches voice for a little help. I have recently found out that my Grandad has got an aneurysm on his Aorta (again). He under went major surgery a year ago to remove one in the same place. Would it be possible to put up a message to all our fellow witches to ask for some healing to being transmitted in my granddad's direction? I am a 20 year old solitary witch from Lancashire (UK), my family and myself will be giving healing as well and would be deeply grateful. I hope you can help in some way. Thank you and Blessed be. -- In Love, Light and Perfect Trust. -- Myrrdin

A Tribute To Leslie Payne Dauterman

From Stacey of the Pagan Community Council of Ohio: "As I sit down to write this tribute to Leslie Dauterman I find myself conflicted because there is a part of me that knows that no matter what I write, I will still not give the full essence of who she was and what she meant to all of us here in the PCCO and those who attended Summerset."

"Every so often in a lifetime you are destined to meet someone who will change your life, and leave a lasting mark on your heart forever. Leslie was one such person for me, and I think for many others." Read the entire moving and loving tribute to a wonderful Pagan spirit in our PAGAN PASSAGES section.

Often we do not realize the impact that we have had on people and their lives, but we usually know the people who have made a difference in our own. Tell these people today just how much that you appreciate their loving presence or guiding spirit in your lives.

VH-1 Looking For A Few Good Witch/Pagan Music Fans! Alison Fast of the VH-1 Fanclub asked us: "I thought it would be enlightening to have a witch on the show- open VH1 music minds to other interest groups...Do you know the best way to reach a network of Witches with the following announcement?"

Do we know how to reach a 'few Witches'? You can bet that we do, Alison!

"VH1 is a reality show focused on the FANS of particular music artists. Rather than seek out traditional fans- we especially want people who have unique hobbies or an interesting profession. If you are a BIG fan of Faith Hill, The Dixie Chicks, No Doubt, Bon Jovi, Creed, Kid Rock, Barbara Sreisand or Elton John, please fill out the survey posted 9/17/00 on Wren's Nest Wren's Nest. Wren has talked with Alison by phone and this request is on the up-and-up. The email entries will be reviewed and a follow-up phone interview may follow. Selected potential participants may then be requested to send in a video clip detailing their fanatic devotion to their favorite artist. Entries should be sent in before October 15th, but based upon the number of respondents, the cut-off may be earlier."

"Our apologies to all of the international fans, but due to production restraints, we will only be able to feature fans from within the U.S. Please e-mail responses for ALL artists to:".

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week your Pagan Perspectives focused on the celebration of the Autumn Equinox or Mabon. A very good resource for information on all of the Pagan holidays, check out Mike Nichol's The Witches' Sabbats

This week's Pagan Perspective question is a juicy one...

The Ethics of Magick and Spellwork Wiccans have the Rede and many other Pagans have similar ethical codes of conduct. But it isn't always easy to determine what the 'good of all' may be or even if it is a viable rule for each and every unique situation. How do YOU handle requests for spells? What about love magick, psychic weapons at high noon and the general use of magick and spells in your own spiritual life? How far would YOU go?

Click to Post Your Opinion or to view the Responses

YOU Oughta Be In Pictures!!
From Peter Hughes: For the past two years I have been working on a photo project entitled The Witches. The project is currently with an agent, Gary Chassman of Verve Editions.

In 1998 I photographed about 40 people, including Z. Budapest, Mary Greer, Diana Paxson, Rowan Fairgrove, Glenn Turner, etc. There are approximately 70 large-format black & white photos in this phase of the project.

We have a Foreword by Starhawk; an Introduction to the Craft by M. Macha NightMare; poetic text by former owner of Raven in the Grove books, Denise Sallee; and biographical information on all the participants.

I am now embarked on a second round of photography, this time in color. And I am contacting various Pagan and Wiccan groups around the San Francisco Bay Area to search for participants. Note that it is not open to all pagans; the subjects must identify themselves as WITCHES to qualify. However, all traditions, all ages, genders, types are welcome. Participants may pose any way that they choose.

All subjects will receive one color print as thanks for participating. Everyone will be required to sign a model release; however, anonymity will be preserved if requested: Faces need not show; magical names may be used in place of mundane names.

Photo shoots will be scheduled at the convenience of the participants, though I currently cannot travel outside the Bay Area due to budget restrictions.

Please feel free to e-mail me at or call my voice mail at 1-888-340-0242 if you would like to participate or if you have any questions. If you call and I don't reply, CALL AGAIN! My pager is not the most reliable. Thank you, Peter Hughes (

FONT COLOR="#000000"> Wren's Bird Call of The Week...

doesn't need any special psychic powers to figure out. The award has got to go to ESP Ministries Since last week when I happened to mention this site in a "Wren Chirps In' segment following a news article on the Nest-(When The Anti-Occult Evangelist Comes To Town, Saturday, 9/9/2000)- I pointed out a page on this site that specifically mentioned Witchvox and in fact included an entire page from one of the TWV sections. Don't bother looking for it, it's gone. Apparently when some Pagans pointed out that the webmaster had broken one of the other Ten Commandments that this site likes to quote-that one about stealing-as in copyright infringement-the beam in the webmaster's eye started to bother him a bit.

In any case, no one at TWV has ever received any hateful emails from Ben Alexander or any other Christians that may have read of his previous plan to collect Pagan email addresses for such a purpose. Neither have we received any complaints from the thousand of Pagans listed with us that they were contacted by anyone from this site. So why does ESP Ministries still get the 'Bird Call" this week?

Let me tell you a little story. Away back somewhere in the 1970's, my daughter was attending 'church' services with my in-laws who are very devout born-again Protestant Christians. (I only put the 'church' in quotes here because like many evangelical driven movements, the meetings took place in whatever building had space to rent that the ministry could afford to pay.) And I went along. I always have been very open-minded, wanted Skye to experience Christianity as a choice that she may want to consider in the future (She didn't 'opt in' to Christianity. She is a Witch.) and, to tell the truth, I was curious about all this Christianity stuff. Not having been brought up in that particular tradition-and having a firm hold on what I personally believe-I shrugged and pretty much said, "What the heck? Let's check it out" In many ways, I am glad that I did. It didn't change my core beliefs, but it did give me a very good working knowledge of the Bible and evangelical thought processes. (A fact that some far-right Christian evangelicals might regret from time to time, I'm sure.)

This story though really is about an incident that took place-an incident, I must say, instilled in me a deep sense of the responsibility of power- that shook that little congregation to its core. The evangelist-in-charge, you see, was constantly preaching about the 'narrow road' to righteousness and how easy it was to stray from it. As is typical for this caste of 'chosen ones', he liked to name names. He had a whole list of all the people, folks, habits, religions and beliefs that were just not 'heavenbound material'. And one of the names on the top of that list was the Catholic Church. (Did I mention that the Protestant evangelist just happened to be from Ireland?) He would rant and rave about 'idol worshippers' and 'graven images' until he was red in the face. Over and over, time after time, he would keep coming back to this-one of his favorite bedtime stories, I guess.

Well, one day the police showed up at the service. It seems that a regular 'church' attendee had finally had enough of all of that graven image worshipping going on in town. He had broken in to a local Catholic Church and toppled over three of those graven images, smashing them to bits and causing thousands of dollars in damage. He said it was 'God's will' and pointed right back to the evangelist's teachings on that subject.

Now you are probably interested in what the evangelist said to the police who were investigating the incident. He said. "I never told him to do that." What do you think? Did the evangelist in some way tell this man to do such a thing as a reflection of 'God's will"? You can make up your mind about it, but to this day, I hold that evangelist responsible for the results of his preaching. And as I recall the Biblical responsibilities of the shepherds to their sheep, so will his god.

What's the point here, Wren? The point is not to bash another religion or its beliefs nor to play the old 'Religious Gotcha Game' of pointing out the failings, sex scandals or other peccadilloes of any other faith. The point is that the language and tone that religious leaders use may indeed influence their followers to perform acts that are not only civilly illegal, but morally wrong.

Religiously extreme rhetoric is dangerous. It is dangerous not only to those to who it may be targeting, it is also dangerous for those who follow the ones who best know how to wield it. So that is why ESP Ministries and Ben Alexander get the call from the bird this week.

While he declares in all sincerity that he speaks 'only the truth in love', there is one truth that Mr. Alexander cannot lovingly accept: Sometimes those 'other gods' are not demons at all. They really ARE other Gods. So we have no idea who you've been talking to there, Ben, but our Gods are not only alive and well, They have much better things to do than hang around a ouija board or play Dungeons and Dragons and Pokeman with the kids They're busy. They have an entire Universe to run.

In Closing...

Pagans are stepping forward to do the work that must be done. Whether it is by volunteering in local social programs, supporting environmental cleanup efforts, writing letters on government policies, teaching and nuturing young people and new seekers or by organizing openly Pagan events and public gatherings, Witches, Wiccans and Pagans are definitely involved in the processes of society today. History may well pinpoint this time as one of the major turning points in our development as a species-one that helped to save our one small and glorious planet for the future generations to come.

In Your Service,

Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2000 - September 18th.


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