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Weekly Update: 1/1/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: January 1st. 2001
Times Viewed: 11,437

January Arrives Wearing A White Coat...

Greetings everyone!

The squirrels sure knew that something was up. As Wren pattered down the steps to the backyard, she caught sight of one with his snout full of dried grasses and small twigs. All that Old Ty needed was some mustache wax to complete his 'new look'. (Ty is also the only squirrel around here with a name. He has a v-notch cut out of one ear that distinguishes him from all of other little gray beasties sharing our living spaces. A certain incident involving boxer Mike Tyson provided the inspiration for that particular nomenclature.) "Uh-oh, " thought Wren. "Cold weather is on the way." And sure enough, it was. January in the Northern Hemisphere has arrived. For many folks this week, He arrived wearing a thick opaline coat.

The various Native American names for the monthly moons sum it up very well. Apparently not ones to mince words, the observant Algonquin tribe called the January moon, Squochee Kesos or "Sun Has Not Strength to Thaw" while the Northern Arapaho waxed poetic with, " When The Snow Blows Likes Spirits In The Wind." Wren's favorite comes from the obviously pragmatic Omaha Nation: "The Moon When Snow Drifts Into Tipis".

The word January, according to friends at A Witch's Cauldron, "comes from the Roman name for this month; it was named after the god Janus, who had two faces. This deity ruled over beginnings and endings, the past and the future. Since January is reckoned as the first month of a new year, this connection the god Janus is appropriate. It is an excellent time to work on putting aside the old and outdated in one's personal life and making plans for new and better conditions." Anyone digging out from under a foot or more of the heavy white stuff this weekend is probably blowing on frozen fingers and fervently hoping for "new and better conditions" indeed! And speaking of fingers...

Photo credit: The "snowhenge" image to your upper right was taken by Nicodemus... "This photo was taken at our Yule Party. I wanted the replica to be 3 or 4 feet high, but the snow just wouldn't pack so each stone is only about 2 feet high, the height of a pickle bucket ;). It's kind of ironic, we've had over 60" of snow around here and none of it packs. I think we'll build the Great Pyramids next Yule. The Yule Party was sponsored by the Grand Rapids, MI Pagans mailing list" -- Nicodemus

Magick On Your Fingers...

Some Pagans may have received-or bought for themselves-a new ring or two. Did you know that the placement of a ring on certain fingers might be interpreted as an insight into your personality? Some people think so. According to Katy in An Evaluation of Rings and Fingers: "The first major factor to consider when analyzing a person's hands is the concept of left and right being reflections of the subconscious and conscious mind, respectively. The left hand is a reflection of man's instinct and those beliefs and attitudes that are buried deep within the subconscious mind. The right hand is a reflection of man's logical mind and those personal thoughts and preferences that are consciously known even though they are not always discussed openly. The second concept of major significance is that of wearing rings on any fingers. The wearing of rings will reveal areas of inhibitions, restrictions, or emphasis in the social realms governed by that finger. And what if a person happens to not wear any rings? Although it is more difficult, it is possible to obtain the same analysis by noting those fingers that are the most prominent, those that are hidden, or those either permanently or temporarily marred."

Believe in this theory or not, after reading the article you probably did check out your own ring-wearing habits. While you may have not been aware of what 'banding' a finger might mean-if you ever gave any thought to it all!-the correspondences of planetary or elemental energies to the various fingers is a very old occult practice. If you are interested in Palmistry, you will have learned that the index finger is ruled by Jupiter, the middle finger by Saturn, the third finger by Apollo and the pinky by Mercury. It is the mounds (the soft fleshy 'bumps' at the roots of the digits) that are actually said to be ruled by these influences and the energy then flows into the fingers which spring from those mounds. Most of the esoteric ideas that we Western Pagans have about 'finger energies' come from the studies of palmistry.

Over the Next Few Days at WitchVox...  Look for other enhancements and updates as we ring in 2001.

Photo credit: The image to your upper left is from Randy Higgins's (Email: and is of his snowbound magic circle in November. -- Lookin' good Randy, thank you for sharing your magick with us all.

More Pagan Music: Bardic Circle continues & another Free Tune from Witchvox!

Greetings Everyone,

I kick off this weeks update by offering birthday wishes to my life companion, friend and lover Wren Walker. Yes it's true brothers and sisters, this Friday Wren turns the big 50! Not only can she light up a room with her smile, she is looking more beautiful than ever. I am a very lucky Witch! Happy Birthday Honey!

The celebration of Pagan music continues this week at TWV with a second non-commercial free tune from Witchvox and two more bardic circle performances.

Free from Witchvox This week we offer our second free tune. This is a song that is very special to me and is a thank you song to many of the Witches of Salem, Massachusetts. With an audio intro by Laurie Cabot and Therese Devoe we proudly offer "Be Well". Recorded in 94/95, this is a tune that celebrates a miraculous healing of yours truly from a stroke that paralyzed me in a big way, an experience that will always remind that I am part of a very special and very magickal community. I offer it to you, free of any obligation or promotion as a present for 2001.

For the story behind the tune, the lyrics and some photos from the sessions Click HERE

Bardic Circle at WitchVox Continues...

Anne Hill:
We Kick off this weeks Bardic Circle at Witchvox with an infectious melody line composed by Anne Hill entitled "Circle Round". Anne is a long time veteran of the Pagan community and along with Starhawk and Diane Baker, released one of last year's most valuable books (and CD)... the now famous "Circle Round". In a special treat, Anne not only offers up the title track from this CD but tells us the story of its creation. A quick excerpt...

"This song has traveled a long way already, to festivals, classrooms, concert halls, parks, and two magazines. Starhawk and Diane Baker and I used it as the title for our book on raising children in Goddess traditions, and it is also the title track of the CD of magical children's songs I put out in April. But I think the best feedback I've gotten on the song is from my younger daughter's old teacher. I had played it in his 1st grade classroom last school year, and this year he told me he's using "Circle Round" as the theme for his class for the entire year! And he's not even Pagan!

Bless YOU Anne for the magick that you bless us with on a regular basis and thank you for what you have done for us all. -- For the complete experience surf to Circle Round)

Loke E. Coyote
The second offering is a tune called "Labor Day of Love" by Loke E. Coyote. Trickster is one of the most creative and colorful lads we have. As a veteran of the festival circuit and a man with high ethical standards, his magick of the word is simply unbeatable. From the intro to his offering...

"There's a group of Pagan soldiers at Fort Hood who have organized an Open Circle so they can exercise their freedom of religion while they serve their country. One day an Austin newspaper ran a story about them and all hell broke loose. Unlike many previous stories, this one was overwhelmingly positive. It was a full page spread including pictures of military Wiccans jumping over a ritual fire, explained what Paganism is all about, beliefs and sabbats, and dispelling many of the myths that continue to plague us. Of course there were those, including US Representative Barr, who chose to complain about it. He was told that the army recognizes Wicca as a religion and that these soldiers had every right to worship as they please..."

Thank YOU Trickster for the putting that secret weapon (our delicate sense of humor) of the Pagan Community front and center. There would be a huge void without it. ( Labor Day of Love )

Pagan Music At Witchvox
We roll in the new year with an announcement that we have weeks of Bardic circle stories ahead of us and even more free tunes from my 1996 CD. So far we have 16 submissions for this weekly series. If you are a Pagan musician with a direct link to an mp3 file of original music and a story to share we encourage you to contact us for the 'secret' submission form. Join us is celebrating the music that we, as a community, call our own.

Have a warm, magickal and safe 2001 everyone!

Fritz Jung (WebCrafter - Witchvox)
New Years Day - 2001

(Go to Bardic Circle Index)

Magick IN Your Fingers...

However there is also a lesser-known magickal correspondence guide based upon old occult practice. This 'plan' ascribes elemental rather than planetary energies to each finger and includes the thumb that most palmists ignore energy-wise. It is one proposed and taught by a man whom many just-recently-Pagans probably have not heard of. Franz Bardon was not a Pagan, Witch or Wiccan, but he was a good occultist and a very practical man besides. In fact, many Pagans will recognize, if not the author himself, certainly the theories that Bardon put forth in his four books. Bardon's theories of the origin and practice of Hermetic Principles is taught under many other guises and guidebooks. His work in Initiations Into Hermetics should be as well known as any other author in general Pagan circles. The fact that if one reads "Initiations" one can readily recall teachings eerily similar points to a speculative, but reasonably certain conclusion: Bardon has been seriously ripped off. The good news is that this book has recently been republished. The bad news is that as far as Wren knows, the others are still only found-if you are very, very lucky-in used book stores or at a very steep price. If you should find one in good shape and at a reasonable price tag, grab it!

The Bardon method ascribes the following elemental energies to the various fingers: The thumb is the water finger, the index finger corresponds to the fire element, the third (middle) finger to ether or Spirit, the ring finger to earth and the little finger to air. Thinking about this 'system' brings up some very interesting little ideas. Many Wiccans are taught that they can cast a circle using their index finger (and we've noticed more than a few lying their index finger alongside the blade of their athame as well). As most are also taught to 'visualize a blue or white flame" as the circle is cast, this use of the 'fire finger' makes one wonder if it is purely instinctive or the result of actual occult teaching. Alternatively, babies come out from Mom's watery womb and promptly learn to suck on their 'water finger' or thumb for consolation. Anyone who extends their pinky while sipping coffee or tea may be perceived as 'putting on airs'. Holding up the middle finger as an act of abuse or disdain could be likened to performing an anti-divinity (anti-Spirit) action-and indeed in American culture, this is exactly what it is meant to do!

Carrying the concept even further, Bardon proposes that by making certain gestures or movements, magickal rituals or spells can be produced at any time and anywhere with no one else being the wiser for it. ("Is that a finger spell in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?") In the Silva Mind Control Method, the Laurie Cabot, "Witchcraft as a Science" courses and other systems that use Alpha brain wave meditation techniques, pressing the middle finger (Spirit/Inspiration) against the thumb (water/intuition) is used to recall the Alpha state or jog the memory. Coincidence or genuine Occult Knowledge?

Whether you find the concept of finger magick intriguing or not, this is the sort of musing that one seems prone to do on a snowy January day. Many Pagans, we are sure, have begun a book only to come back an hour or so later from some flight of imagination launched from a single sentence or idea contained therein. And why not? After the drive has been shoveled, the birdfeeder filled and the mittens are drying by the stove, what else is there to do as January winds rap on the window and the Earth Herself lies dreaming?

Photo credit: The image to your upper left is from the handfasting of Travis and Rowan Phoenixheart on October 28, 2000. The couple were joined by Adara Blue, Quill Enparchment, Celstria Crimson, Jeweled Raven, April and Robert. Rowan is high priestess for the Coven of Celtic Mysteries in Sacramento, California. Adara acts as her maiden and Quill assumes the role of scribe/pursewarden. All three can be found under TWV Pagan contacts."

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, our readers shared some of their calendar New Year resolutions. Turns out that weight loss and happiness- along with more money- seem to cut across all religious and sociological lines! -- View the Responses.

This week we ask:

What More Do You Want To Know About Paganism? We hear time after time that Paganfolk want to see/read more in-depth articles/books about Paganism. Is there anything beyond Wicca/Witchcraft 101? Okay. Let's help them (whomever they may be) out here. What do YOU want to know more about? Magickal practices? A Pagan Philosophy of Life? Pagan History-ancient or modern? What is it that YOU want to know that you are just not getting information about? Be as specific as you can. Pretend that you are interviewing some Pagan of renown, either living or passed on and in any time era. What questions do you want him/her to answer? -- Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others

In Closing...

After the frenzy of the Holidays, we may need to allot some quiet time so that inspiration can quietly slip into the room. Inspiration-or The Muses, if you will- should be invited and welcomed visitors in our homes. Just for a time in January, we can stop our bustling about, put away the vacuum cleaner and pay attention to what our Muses have to say. January is a month in which to slow down, to formulate theories, to plan the spiritual garden that we hope to plant in the Spring. What new ideas may come to us as we sit dreaming in our armchairs will never be realized unless we actually do that sitting part first.

In Your Service,


Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2001 - January, 1st.


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