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Weekly Update: 2/19/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: February 19th. 2001
Times Viewed: 9,492

  Pagan Public Awareness Campaigns Continue to Grow...
Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

From research projects to educational outreach initiatives to web sites geared toward helping Pagans to help themselves, this week TWV reports a definite rise in Pagan public awareness campaigns:

Pagan Ph.D. Candidate Research Project: Cat McEarchern is an American Pagan studying for a Ph.D. in religious studies at the university of Stirling in Scotland and is conducting a survey on Pagans and their relationship to Nature. This survey is part of my Ph.D. research at the University of Stirling. I'm looking at how Pagans see Nature and the environment in terms of their own religious practices and beliefs. The questions below are to help me get a broad based idea of what Pagans really think about this issue. Any information gathered will be kept confidential. A general report, showing the broad numbers, will be made available after a suitable number of responses are received, but no individual information will be revealed." To fill out the survey, click here.

The Religious Freedom Quilt Project: In addition to last week's news that the Pagan Unity Campaign Political Action Committee's, has formulated the "I Am A Pagan" Project to make President Bush and other politicians aware of Paganism's unity and strength, the Covenant of the Sacred Moon this week announced that it is organizing a Religious Freedom Quilt project. The group states in a press release, "It is the belief of the Covenant of the Sacred Moon and many others across the United States that our President and his appointed aides have no idea of how many Wiccans and Pagans or other defenders of religious freedom are out there. Let's unite and show him with a quilt." Similar quilts, most notably the AIDS Memorial Quilt Project which now contains over 44,000 panels, have been highly successful in raising awareness for other causes.

In Memoriam:
Gabriel McManus

Gabriel McManus, infant son of TWV staff members, Steve (Amorgen) and Suzy (Beth)McManus returned to his Ancestors 2/14/2001.

Gabriel developed respiratory problems shortly after his birth, and despite the best efforts of the doctors at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Hospital in NH, the decision was made to remove him from life support. His mother and father held him as he passed through the veil.

Pete Mather was in attendance as Pagan Clergy as was the staff Clergy member.

Amorgen writes: "He passed in peace and dignity. He knew he was loved. Please pray for him on his journey."

The Witches' Voice staff extends to Steve and Beth our heartfelt condolences as they bid farewell to Gabriel. May his journey be swift as he finds his Home once again in the arms of the Compassionate and Loving Ones.

Emails may be sent to: Steve and Beth McManus at

The Religious Freedom Quilt will be outlined in the colors of the American flag--red, white, and blue--and will contain patches sent by solitary practitioners, Wiccan or Pagan organizations, covens, or other defenders of religious freedom. Anyone is free to participate, whether they are pagan or not, as long as their contribution conforms to the specifications for the project.

For more information, email with a subject line " Freedom Quilt" or visit the announcement listed on Themestream at: The Religious Freedom Quilt Project.

Literary Call: Earth Arts Arts Performance & Productions, Seattle, WA is a non profit corporation dedicated to creating and promoting culture that is good for the Earth.

Earth Arts is sponsoring the publication of several international anthologies in what we are calling the Green Series. There is a current call for submissions out, with specific interest in writing that expresses earth affirmation, earth based spirituality and alternative politics. This first international anthology will be titled PRIMITIVE SANITY: A Global Anthology of Green, Ecosophic & Creational Spirituality Writing for the New Millennium.

Earth Arts is also an official sponsor of the RIBBON PROJECT-the People's Campaign for Cancer Prevention & Cure. This project of compassion, healing and planetary detoxification is intended to help establish a Public Health Mandate to recognize and address cancer as an environmental epidemic. Interested persons can learn more about the Ribbon Project by going to the following web page: The Ribbon Project.

Since the sun has just flipped its magnetic poles- Wren's Nest, story 2739 and Mercury is still retrograde until the 25th, if you have something to say and you want to play it safe, consider just sending an e-card. FlashCandy (like the name implies, these cards require Flash to use) now has a new section of Pagan e-cards. Make it simple and make it short.

While little Mercury is messing around with the psychic communication lines, it's an uphill battle to try and do anything more complicated than that. Yet the world goes on- and since timing is everything when it comes to writing response letters-we may have no choice but to do the best that we can anyway. So if you are planning to write a letter of protest, praise or punditry, the following section just might help to get you through it. (But crossing your fingers and toes couldn't hurt either!)

VoxSearch... A Hit with WitchVox Surfers: An astounding number of you have been using our VoxSearch search engines (located on the bottom of all of our pages and just below). Not surprisingly, questions like "I thought I saw xxx at Witchvox, could you point me to it"? have waned dramatically. EVEN Wren herself is actually using them to hunt down requests for some of her past posts (thanks for giving it a try dear!). The most popular is the Pagan Links Search, then Wren's Nest Archives, followed closely by "Articles & Essays" and finally Pagan Contacts Search. Give VoxSearch a Ride!

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Wanna Write A Letter, But Aren't Quite Sure What To Say?

A group of American Pagan leaders and spokespeople have launched a website that offers sample information, legal references and other information that can be used as a guide when writing letters on various Pagan issues.

"The idea of a boilerplate is to use it as a template for a personalized letter. Each section addresses a different area. Copy and paste the paragraphs you need into a document of your own creation, then add or subtract information to address your particular situation. For instance, don't include a "legal" paragraph if you're responding to a situation where the law is not involved."

The BoilerPlate Letter materials were developed by Elizabeth Barrette, Cairril Adaire, Cecylyna Dewr, Angie Buchanan, Phyllis Curott, Dana Eilers, Kirsten Rostedt, and Oberon Zell-Ravenheart for use by the Pagan community in public education and letter-writing efforts."

Need a new word? Want to coin a phrase? Don't want to mix your metaphors with your idioms? Then make a beeline for the list of dictionaries, etymology resources, foreign language translations and more at the One-Look Dictionaries. Category lookups also include: business, philosophy, slang, arts and humanities, medicine and computer technology. You'll have the 'inside track' (Definition: A position of special advantage. Etymology: This metaphoric expression, which alludes to the inner, shorter track of a racecourse, had been used figuratively since the mid-1800s.) when it comes to effective communication skills and techniques!

The Witchy Pentacle Puzzle might be a good place to get those creative writing juices going and help you think up some good words to use in your letter. But don't stop there. Someone pointed out the crossword puzzle and we surfed on over to check it out for you. We then found ourselves happily exploring the rest of this undoubtedly underrated site. website has a quite interesting -and, thank the Gods, it is also several notches above the standard fare usually found under the basic BOS heading!-"Book of Shadows" featuring such intriguing sounding topics as: 'What a Philtre Really Is', 'True History of Candle use in Magic', 'Why Would a Witch Want Chickens if We Don't Do Sacrifices?' and our personal favorite, 'Finding Power Without Tripping Over It.' We were delighted with the combination of easy wit and deep thoughtfulness that we found eloquently interwoven throughout the articles at Pagan Path. You just might be too!

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Bardic Circle Week #9   (2/19/2001)
Musicians Tell Their Stories.

We Kick off this weeks Bardic Circle at Witchvox with a instrumental by Moonstruck called "The Burning "

"In 1998 I "Steve Collins/Lord Senthor" suffered a heart attack and had bypass surgery. During the five months of recovery time, I healed myself by singing and focusing my energies on creating our CD called "Witch of the Wildwoods". Lady Gwendolyn gave me a poem that was very powerful and asked me to make a song of it, so she and I and the band members started out."

"The song came together like magick as did most of the songs on this CD. This is one of the most powerful songs ever concerning the burning times. "

-- For the complete experience download... The Burning

Gregory Lygon of Dandelion Wine
The second offering is a piece by Gregory Lygon of Dandelion Wine entitled "Mabon"

"Mabon, " the song featured on my site, appeared on Dandelion Wine's debut CD "The Book of Mirrors." My wife Staci and (my fiancee at the time of this recording) were working with a studio who's owner was formerly the HPS of the DAWN Coven, which she disbanded. Her husband was the engineer."

"They made us feel very much at home, as did their owner, a huge grey cat named (what else?) Bastian."

-- For the complete experience surf to the Gregory Lygon bardic circle page.

Karl Franzen with Sharon Knight
As a bonus treat we also offer a powerful tune by Karl Franzen with Sharon Knight called "The Wheelright".

"The song is an archtypical story, set in fantasy land, where money has no meaning. It tells of a young woman who needs a flat tire changed on her car late one night. Will the hulk of a man she comes across be friend or foe? "The Wheelright" is one of the many fine selections on our newly released CD, "For Earth and Her People", which is being revived by Flowinglass Music Publishing."

"This CD was originally recorded in 1986, and was created largely as a gift item to fellow friends and pagans."

-- For the complete experience surf to the Karl Franzen with Sharon Knight bardic circle page.

NEW this Week!

Cats of WitchCraft - Page 21 Now Up

In an effort to dispel one of the many myths about the craft, we began featuring pictures of Witch Cats back in '97 when we went online. Of late, we have been barraged with submissions... A plea for help last year resulted in some fine volunteer work by some fine Pagans. Out of that group came Daven who has faithfully and in a timely manner coordinated our last 6 Cats pages. Thank YOU Daven for treating us all with the latest... To gush over this new batch of cuties Click HERE.

Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, we asked, Where Did You Get Your Magickal Name?--Well! What an interesting bunch our readers are! Some received their name from divine inspiration (We don't believe in coincidence here) and others just found it waiting for them within a book or movie. Some still are part of a 'naming' tradition and many others have changed their names to reflect the changes in their growth and development. (If you do that though, don't forget to change your TWV listing!) View the Responses.

This week we ask the question:

How About Some New Holidays? June 22, 2001 will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the repeal of the last Witchcraft law (or anti-Witchcraft law, if you will) in England. Shortly after that event, the flow of information related to ancient and modern Witchcraft and Wiccan practices, beliefs and rituals began to flow across the waters into the United States and beyond (Whether British Witches think that this was/is a good or bad thing is still debated in some circles). Should we do something to celebrate this event each year, and especially, during this 50th anniversary year? Someone else suggested that October 4th-marking the first time ever a Wiccan (Bryan Lankford) gave an invocation at a government assembly-be adopted as 'Invocation Day.' What founder birthdays, anniversaries or significant-to-Pagan-history events might we consider as communal Holidays?-- Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others

In Closing...

"The characteristic of heroism is its persistency. All men have wandering impulses, fits and starts of generosity. But when you have chosen your part, abide by it, and do not weakly try to reconcile yourself to the world. The heroic cannot be common, nor the common heroic." -Ralph Waldo Emerson; Essays: Heroism.

In Your Service,


Wren Walker & Fritz Jung
The Witches' Voice
Year 2001 - February 19th.


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