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Weekly Update: 7/23/2001

Author: Witchvox Central
Posted: July 23rd. 2001
Times Viewed: 7,849

Secrets Revealed and Secrets Kept...

Greetings Witches, Wiccans and Pagans,

It was one of those blazing summer days that come even to New England. The year was about 1968 or so when one such summer day drove Wren and her dad into the woods for a little relief from the glare. The stubborn heat sniffed after them for quite a way into the wood before it finally turned back in defeat. Deeper and deeper into the forest walked the silent companions. It was something that they often did. They felt welcome and at home under the leafy canopy and this day was certainly a fine time to take such a stroll. As the sunlamp brightness gave way at last to intermittent strobes of yellow, Wren and her dad slowed their pace and began to check out the changes that had manifested in this part of the wood since their last visit the previous fall. Where the ground then had been crunchy with brittle dried leaves and squirrel-shucked acorn husks, it now was soft and silent and spongy with various types of mosses. Velvet emerald greens were everywhere and they blended beautifully with the lighter sage of the lichens and the deeper evergreens of the pines. Leafy ferns brushed against their legs as if to say, "Look at us! We are beautiful, too.' And indeed, they were. Tree frogs were droning in the branches but just about everything and everyone else was snoozing the afternoon away in their favorite shady and secluded spots. Wren and Dad had the entire patch of forest pretty much to themselves.

Wren's Dad was more than just Wren's Dad; he was also her mentor. A Pantheist by nature, a homespun philosopher by observation and a very practical man by necessity, every trip into the woods with this man was also a lesson on 'the way things are and the way things could be'. Hands-on training was the watchword of every day and this day was no exception. Dad was a machinist in order to pay the bills and a woodcrafter in order to feed the soul. He collected antiques from barns and yard sales and- yes, even from the trashcans on Tuesdays- in order to restore them and to make some additional income. But he always kept much more than he ever sold because these things spoke to him in a personal way. He developed a relationship with the things that his hands smoothed and cleaned and mended. Today, Wren would guess that most people would say that Dad had the gift of psychometry (the ability to receive psychic impressions from objects). Back then, he would have shrugged and said that he simply had a 'feel' for things and left it at that. A 'feel for things' was something that his own father was also known to possess and so he was comfortable with it just as it was. Another talent that Dad and Dad's Dad were known for was their ability to see things 'just as they are and as they might be'. In other words, just because something was everyday ordinary in its present form didn't mean that it was ordinary in what it might become. Everything had the potential to become something else. And that is what this trip into the woods- as many of them were- came to be. Dad took these opportunities to find that twisted piece of tree branch that just might be a stair banister in hiding, the flat piece of slate which could find another life as a table top or the shards of old broken mineral spring bottles from abandoned cellar holes whose bubbled hand blown beauty seemed pre-destined to join with even older cousins in order to complete the repair of a stained glass window.

It was by one of these old cellar holes where Wren and her Dad decided to take a bit of a breather. The foundations of colonial era homesteads are found throughout the woods of New England. The buildings long gone, the farmlands long reclaimed by the trees, often the only traces that some family once lived there were the tumbled-in foundation and the stone walls surrounding the plot. While Wren was checking out the cellar hole for old bottles, Wren's Dad was busying checking between the wall stones- (A Wyld Witch Word to the Wise: Always check between the stones before you sit down on a stone wall. Picking bee stingers out of your butt is not the best way to enjoy a summer afternoon!)- for a good 'sit for a spell' spot. That's when Wren heard Dad say, "Well, that's odd". As he pulled his hand from the between-the-rocks natural nook, Wren could see something nestled in his huge palm. At first she thought that it was a heart-shaped stone. And she almost reached for it until her Dad, hefting it up and down in his hand, pronounced, "It's lead". Wren snatched her hand back. Lead was something that she did not care to handle.

Lead is a metal ruled by Saturn and keeping to Saturn's darker and heavier nature, it is a hard 'element' to handle. It is magically known for its sinister properties and, of course, it is poisonous. Wren had some considerable experience with lead. When she was four-years-old, a relative was soldering the tip of a fishing pole with molten lead when the piece sparked off, flew across the room and went down the front of her shirt. Even before she had begun to scream, the lead had burned through all of the layers of her skin and part of the way into her breastbone. It took many months and many, many agonizing trips to the doctor to have the wound opened and reopened- so that it would heal from the inside out- before the scar that she bears to this day would form. The fact that Wren is a Capricorn- and so might just have a sort of natural 'protection' from Saturnine influences- probably saved her from lead poisoning. At least the doctor seemed surprised and relieved that she never developed any signs of it. Wren has since only used lead 'magickally' in two cases of particularly nasty hauntings and then only with great reluctance and at the even greater urgings of the families affected by the events. So the realization that this particular lead heart was definitely not a love charm to Wren was a no-brainer. But that it was indeed a charm there was no doubt. Sometime while the lead was still soft, someone had carved a set of initials into it.

Sitting on the stone wall, Wren and Wren's Dad pondered the mystery. Who was the person who had not only fashioned this lead heart, but who had so obviously tucked the charm into the stone wall for a specific purpose? Who was the person whose initials were carved into the lead? And what had happened to both of them? Here in hands which continued to turn over the find lay a unknown tale involving at least two people- perhaps one or both who had once lived in this very spot. What emotion or motive lies behind this act of malice? What was the story-and the end of story-that unfolded here more than a century or more before this particular sunny New England day? "Don't worry," Wren's Dad said, "it's dead." And so too were the individuals who had been a part of a personal and private intrigue and only they could tell us what had happened here. Just the mystery that wrapped up the ending to the story and the small misshapen lead heart hidden in the stone wall remained to reveal that a story had taken place at all. Wren's Dad placed the lead heart back in into its stony and secret nook- and neither he nor Wren ever told anyone where this place or this leaden mystery could be found. It may not even exist today given all of the land development that has taken place over the decades since then. Sometimes a secret is better kept as a secret.

In these modern days, the secrets of what once was 'hidden or occult knowledge' fill up books and web sites and workshop sign-up sheets. There are many that are involved in the arguments on whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. Not only in the Pagan communities, but also beginning to erupt in the Native People tribes and clans, is found a battle that wages over what information and knowledge should be revealed and what should be kept secret from all those save the few that may rise to a certain level. Wren is of the opinion that secrets kept for the purpose of withholding real knowledge from seekers as a way to control others or to hinder the stream of human development is not only a bad idea, it is impossible today. And those who keep secrets in order to be perceived (at least in their own mind) as knowing more than the next guy or as a means of seeming to have more power than he/she may actually possess are not kidding anyone. (Make no mistake; the Old Ones know who is who and what is what- and just what or who something or someone may become.) The secrets of 'technique' or spellcasting or ritual formulation are too long out of the bag to be able to be stuffed back in now. Like the tree branches and the flat piece of slate and the broken shards of mineral bottle glass, these 'secrets' are now scattered about just waiting to be discovered and put to use by anyone who is looking to do so. The Gods, the Old Ones, the Ancients, the Ancestors and even Nature Herself has opened up the 'magickal woods' to all who might seek relief from the religions and practices that burn the soul and scorch the spirit. And this IS Their knowledge- and these ARE Their secrets- to do with as They see fit, after all.

Those truly called by the Old Ones may sometimes come away scarred (and forever after cautious) from an encounter, but they will not be poisoned by it nor will they use it to taint others. These are the ones who can reach into the nooks of secret knowledge and to whom the secrets are entrusted. But for those who may still despair that all of the Old Ways and all of the Old Secrets may be revealed too soon or to those who may not be able to 'handle the power' or turn it to less than positive ends, just as in the forest, stone walls still very much exist in the magickal realms. Not many seekers will ever encounter one, few will even know how one is built or what it may stand for and fewer still will ever think to look inside a crevice to see what may lie hidden within the nook. But some will- enough will- to insure that the Old Ways are never lost or forgotten.

Wren would though- and very respectfully- advise even these Wise Ones to always remember to temper that knowledge with more than a moderate dose of good old-fashioned common sense. Even the most magickal, powerful and mystical of Sages looks a bit ridiculous while pulling bee stingers out of their ever-so magickal, powerful and mystical backsides!

Walk in Love and Light,

Wren Walker
The Witches' Voice Inc.

Secrets Revealed: This week's anchor photo is a view from "porch chat central" (our balcony here at TWV - 3 stories up), captured just this evening... We may live in an apartement complex, right on a major highway, BUT we have a glorious view of the fabulous storms that have given Tampa Bay, Florida the honor of being the "Lightening Capitol of North America". Oddly, Wren and I are the only ones in the complex that actually DO hang out on our porch. Do "they" know something we don't?

The Coalition of Earth Religions
Working for the Good of all.

The Coalition of Earth Religions for Education and Support/CERES has formed in Asheville, in the mountains of western North Carolina. Known for its tolerance for spiritual diversity, Asheville has fast growing Pagan, Heathen and traditional First Nations communities. Despite this diversity, Pagans sometimes find it difficult to get assistance from some Christian-based social service agencies without compromising their beliefs.

So CERES was born out of the needs as well as the opportunities of a vibrant and growing community. As a non-profit branch charter of Maryland's Free Spirit Alliance ( CERES is a social services agency which serves as a link to other agencies as well as a clearinghouse for information about the local Pagan community.

CERES held its first fundraiser -- a psychic fair -- on Saturday, July 14th and it was an unqualified success. Thanks to the French Broad Food Co-op and a highly skilled and motivated group of volunteers, the young organization netted well over $500 dollars, as well as several new members. One kind patron even donated a suitcase full of clothes--and included the suitcase!

CERES has already helped its first clients -- a Pagan couple who was burned out of their trailer. The local community responded generously, and we provided food and other items that were needed.

CERES next step is to find a storage and distribution facility for its emergency food pantry and clothes closet, and to continue working with Pagans in need in our community. Future programs include a reception for the media and co-sponsoring a forum on minority religions in the public schools with the American Civil Liberties Union.

For more information about CERES' services and programs, to make donations or to become a member, contact us at PO Box 122, Asheville, NC 28802, or Email them at

Starhawk... Writings from Genoa, Italy (G8 protests!)
Just posted at

"I think I'm calm, that I'm not in shock, but my fingers are trembling as I write this. We were up at the school that serves as a center for media, medical and trainings. We had just finished our meeting and were talking, making phone calls, when we heard shouts and sirens and the roar of people yelling, objects breaking. The cops had come and they were raiding the center. We couldn't get out of the building because there were two many people at the entrance. Lisa grabbed my hand and we went up, running up the five flights of stairs, up to the very top. Jeffrey joined us, people were scattering and looking for places to hide. We weren't panicking but my heart was pounding and I could hardly catch my breathe. We found an empty room, a couple of tables, grabbed some sleeping bags to cover our heads if we got beaten. And waited. Helicopters were buzzing over the building, we could hear doors being slammed and voices shouting below, then quiet. Someone came in, walked around, left. I couldn't seem to breath deep and I had an almost uncontrollable cough-but I controlled it.

For the complete daily writings visit

An American Hero
Major Anthony Gatlin Changes the Rules
by Angela Kennedy - Washington, D.C.

He comes home with briefcase in hand from a long day "in the trenches." His wife and boys greet him at he door. They sit and exchange the events of the day in their Coca-Cola decorated kitchen. But before he heads upstairs to change out of his "blues" he stops by the altar, lights a candle and thanks the gods for his beautiful family. He then releases the stresses of the day with a quick glance at a wooden pentacle.

Air Force Major Anthony Gatlin, chief of the Military Personnel Division for the Secretary of the Air Force at the Pentagon, is not only a proud member of the U.S. Air Force, but also a practicing pagan.

"I had reached a point in my life where I wanted to become public with my religion. I figured a good place to start would be changing my religious preference on my dog tags and my personnel file," said Gatlin.

At that time, the Air Force didn't list any earth-based religions as religious preferences. Pagans, of all paths, either chose "no religious preference" or "other."

"I first listed my religion as 'other' but, as the days went by I just felt like that was more and more offensive, " he said.... (Full Story).

The Tangled Web - pagan reading...

Posted by: Bryn Pearson
Posted From: Redditch, England

Details: The Tangeld Web, released this month from Hollow Hills Publishing, is a collection of short stories featuring work from overtly pagan writer Cyril Simsa. If anyone with a book reviewing site or publication wishes to be sent a review copy of this ebook, please contact me.

Cyril is a British born writer currently living on the continent. The other writers in this collection are Amber Meadow Adams and James L Secor. While not all of the work is pagan in nature, it reflects on themes and issues that may well be of interest to pagan readers. Email: Website:

Tradition Profiles at Witchvox
(Viewed 67,655 Times)

A Powerful Resource Gets Stronger

This week, we are blessed to share yet another Pagan tradition profile with the community... The Thelema Tradition by Magdalene Meretrix (with gracious assistance from the Reverend Rob and David R. Jones).

"In April of 1904 an astonishing event changed the life of Aleister Crowley: poet, mystic and Golden Dawn occultist. While he and his wife, Rose, were vacationing in Egypt a mysterious entity initiated contact with the couple. First the voice moved Rose to lead Crowley to the funerary stele of an ancient Egyptian priest named Ankh-af-na-Khonsu. Later Crowley heard the voice over the course of three days. The voice, which belonged to a divine entity, commanded Crowley to transcribe his words, culminating in a piece of writing called Liber AL vel Legis, sub figura CCXX, or The Book of the Law".

"Although Crowley resisted much of the teaching of The Book of the Law for many years, ultimately he accepted the role it assigned to him as Prophet of the New Aeon. The entire process is described in detail in Crowley's Equinox of the Gods and Book 4, Part 4. The Book of the Law is short - only 220 verses in length - but packed full of poetic, cryptic passages filled with Egyptian and apocalyptic Christian symbolism as well as strings of letters and numbers which appear to be an unsolved code..." (Full Profile)

If you work within an established tradition, please consider writing something for us about it. We will accept more than one essay per tradition, so feel free to send us your own view, even if there are already others posted on your tradition. Please read the Editorial Guidelines page as well as the introduction on the Traditions page before sending your essay to Diotima.

Associate Editor - Witches' Voice
July 16th., 2001

Heather McCarvell and Smart Filter
Doing the Work for us all

This past week Heather McCarvell tried to access Witchvox from her computer at work. To her shock it was actually blocked by "Smart Filter" ... Perhaps there was a good reason. She checked their criteria and the listing of types of sites that they were blocking just wasn't related to Witchvox or our content. Rather than simply bitch about it, she went right TO the folks at "Smart Filter' and asked why. To her surprise, her arguments DID make sense to them and adjustments will be made on the next rev of their software...

Thank YOU Heather for doing this, not only for Witchvox, but for all sites that have the words Witch, Wiccan and Pagan in their content.

For complete details of this exchange visit Heather's Home page and click on the link for "Advocacy"

Witchvox, first recipient of the Ancient Heritage Magazine

"I thought WitchVox would be the best first recipient for our award. Thank you for the hard work and dedication. And we at Ancient Heritage Magazine hope you have many more years doing this".

Ancient Heritage Magazine: "A magazine for and about pagans! Dedicated to exploring the many paths and aspects of Paganism From the old to the new, with a few odd thoughts thrown in. Everything lost is found again, In a new form, in a new way. Everything hurt is healed again, In a new life, in a new day".

Sorcha, co-founder, Ancient Heritage Magazine

We take this opportunity to Thank Sorcha, the Fluid Druid and the staff of AHM for bestowing us with this award. -- TWV Staff

Rank 'em and Thank 'em
Something HAS been nagging us for many a moon, today we just had to run the numbers... The Question? Who are the TWV authors that have contributed the most articles to our monthly (since 1998) essay series?

Adult Essay Authors: (ranked by number of submissions)
  • Mark "Moonspider" Sosnowski (14)
  • Sunfell (12)
  • Kyriea (10)
  • Niall Leighton - Karl Lembke (8)
  • Seabhac - Lynn Carstein - Gryphontamer - DarHalen (5)
  • Morrigan - Misti Anslin Tucker - KatSai - Daphne Stephanotis (4)
  • Wick Green - Runewolf - Ravan Asteris - Kari Tauring - Ginger Strivelli - Arwen Nightstar - Ariel (3)
Young Pagan Essay Authors: (ranked by number of submissions)
  • BlackOrchid - Angel (6)
  • Nighttiger - Lynn Carstein (5)
  • Agona Darkeagle (4)
  • White Dragon - Victor Kinzer - Stormcrow - Stephanie Arnold-Angelbaby - spiteface - Silver Willow - Shawn Michael Connelly - Sarah Praskievicz - Rowan - Rhea Foxfyre - RainCloud Wolf - Philip Hoggart - Metalligoth - Meara Skye - Mark Waddell - Katula - Justin Starkenburg - Eurus Windrider - Dragon Wings - Dave Landau - Dark Saturn - Cossie - Alyssa Sturgill (2)
The staff of TWV take this space and this opportunity to thank them for caring enough to share their wisdom with us all.

The Witchvox Review - UPDATE 7/23/2001

by Peg Aloi

The long-awaited mini-series of the longtime best-selling novel by Marion Zimmer Bradley will premiered on TNT July 15th and 16th.

7/23/2001: Although Peg had promised her review this week, she has been at the Sirius Rising/Starwood Festival for the past two weeks and computer access has been next to impossible to get. We applaud here keeping in touch and understand this delay. Look for Peg's detailed review OF MOA this coming weekend (or sooner) until then feel free to read her pre-review from this past week. (excerpt and link as follows...)

"First some background: Bradley's novel, if you have not read it, is an ambitious and beautifully-wrought epic, the retelling of the Arthurian saga from the point of view of the women behind the throne: Morgaine (Morgan le Fay, Arthur's half-sister), Viviane (the Lady of the Lake in Avalon, the magical land which exists just beyond the obscuring mists near Glastonbury), Igraine (Arthur's mother by Uther Pendragon, Morgaine's mother by the Duke of Cornwall) and Gwenhwyfar (Arthur's wife and, in this version, a pious Christian who dislikes his allegiance to the Old Religion). This novel, which is really a trilogy in one book, is a feminist, historically-detailed, mythically-rich, magically-faceted story that has been very much a part of the literary canon of modern Witches and pagans. A "prequel" entitled Lady of Avalon delves more closely into the world of the priestesses of Avalon: the magical isle which lies between the worlds, shrouded in mist and accessible only to those who have been magically initiated into the old ways.

If you have not read either of these books, I am here to tell you that you must: there is nothing more to say on the subject. (the book is being re-released in a special edition to coincide with the mini-series premiere)"... (Full Preview).

Notes from a WebCrafter
Some Quick Notes & Another Free Tune

Greetings Everyone,

This past week was quiet one in the Pagan community with many of you on vacation and some folks just taking a rest. Never the less much did happen. "Mists of Avalon" made its much anticipate appearance on the TNT channel. Most Pagans loved it and if you'd like to offer your thoughts here, you can by responding to our question of the week (see Pagan perspectives just below). This past week also saw the passing of George Bush's "Faith Based Plan" in the house of representatives and a nasty w.o.r.m. virus that all but crippled much the internet on Thursday.

The "Code Red" Worm (AKA .ina worm) launched this past Thursday all but crippled much of the web. It's mission was to have windows NT servers do it's bidding by coding them to attach (It had no effect on Unix or Mac servers other than 'asking to come in').

The .ina worm came a knocking on our server's front door and made 177 attempts to "take us" ... Since it was not knocking on the door of an NT server it had nothing to actually control. (except from the server logs)

07/19/01 16:47:25 ERR! 404 "" :default.ida 409
07/19/01 17:00:59 ERR! 404 "" :default.ida 409
07/19/01 17:20:39 ERR! 404 "" :default.ida 409
07/19/01 17:27:37 ERR! 404 "" :default.ida 409
07/19/01 17:30:20 ERR! 404 "" :default.ida 409

A Nasty Beast: (From the CERT Coordination Center) "The victim host is scanned for TCP port 80... The attacking host sends the exploit string to the victim... The worm, now executing on the victim host, checks for the existence of c: otworm. If found, the worm ceases execution... If c: otworm is not found, the worm begins spawning threads to scan random IP addresses for hosts listening on TCP port 80, exploiting any vulnerable hosts it finds... If the victim host's default language is English, then after 100 scanning threads have started and a certain period of time has elapsed following infection, all web pages served by the victim host are defaced with the message" -- for more info Click HERE

How did it come our way? Our "provider" (not, they do Unix) for is an NT server house...

A Thank You Gift from Us to YOU...

This morning I realized it was time to offer up another free tune from our 1996 release "Celtic Feast of the Dead" ... Ironically we actually had an Arthurian tune entitled "Blade of the Sidhe" ... With the community still abuzz about "Mists of Avalon" it was clear that we should release this tune (Ah Dah).

"It was a few weeks before Starwood (my planned release date for Celtic Feast of the Dead) and I only had 10 tunes completed. I needed a couple more tunes to finish this up and I needed them fast. Wren and I had been dating for a few months at this point and she was "sleeping over" ... I had talked about doing a tune in 3/4 (your basic "waltz thru the heather" kind of feel) ... Wren, ever the vampire in those days, was typically up all night and one morning I awoke to a wonderful gift from her. During the night she had whipped out the lyrics to this tune. Thanks Honey!"

Take this tune as our timely gift from us to you. For our overview/story of "Blade of the Sidhe" and to fire off the mp3 file... Click HERE

Last weeks 'Round the Pagan Web piece rendered an interesting bunch of email. Info that we had thought was getting around on the elists was news to many of you. Although we don't plan on doing 'Round the Pagan Web" as a regular feature, we will continue to note items of interest, related to the busier Pagan Websites, as they surface... From that feature, we were made aware of the following.
  • Pagan Profiles (no longer a free community resource)... According to a notice sent to their many listees "Based on your feedback and our desire to keep the service operational, we have instituted a one-time only subscription fee of $20.00. Payment can be made by check or money order for those members who do not have a credit card". For additional information and to find out how to join visit the Pagan Profiles Website

  • Witches Web Phone Home: Over the past several weeks we have received email from folks desparately looking to contact "Brad Miller" (owner of this now-defuncted commercial site). If you know of any way to contact this man, kindly email us so that we can pass along the infomation. = Record number of submissions!
Submissions to the witchvox networking pages (Witches of the World) continue to break all records here at TWV. Of late, we are experiencing nearly 1,000 submissions (both new and modified) a week. This means YOUR State/Province Page is in a constant state of change, and more than likely, contains many new events, people, groups, announcements and websites since your last visit (we process submissions every 48 hours). Thank you for making this such a critical resource for us all.

Proudly in Your Service,

Fritz Jung (WebCrafter - Witchvox)
Monday, July 23rd. 2001

Adult Pagan Essays for JULY now up
    What is an Elder
    We hear the term "elder" a lot in the Pagan community, but we aren't really sure what it means.Of course, we know just who to ask! Tell us what you think makes an elder an it age? The number of years spent in the religion? Initiations? Education? Contributions to the community? All of the above, or maybe some things we haven't thought of? Here were some essays that we received on this topic: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7

    Acceptance: It's Getting Better All the Time
    In the past decade, we've seen an enormous change in the level of public awareness of our religion. Mention Paganism or Wicca these days, and most people will at least understand that you are talking about a modern religion. There is still plenty of misunderstanding and discrimination, but it's getting better all the time. We see a lot more understanding and acceptance out there, and we'd like to hear your stories of how your religious path has been accepted by family, friends or the larger community. Page 1 - 2 - 3

TWV Essay Topics NOW UP!: Diotima has JUST POSTED the essay topics for the rest of 2001... Choose: Teen or Adult
Pagan Perspectives
WitchVox Question of the Week!

Last week, we asked...

What's Your Magickal Focus? - We were surprised to read so many responses from what we call the 'plain ole vanilla-flavored' Pagans who practice a simple way of life based upon connections with the Earth. Since so many of the books focusing on 'magick' these days emphasize the 'formula' school of instruction, that so many have returned to a more earth-based focus perhaps indicates a 'return to the basics' movement in Paganism. Those who do have a more structured view of 'magick' seem to gravitate towards energy work, invocations and healing energies. Regardless of the path taken, most Pagans seem to be able to access the 'hidden realms'- an ability that is traditionally described as being one of the talents of the Witch. View the Responses.

This week, we ask the question:

What Did You Think of 'The Mists of Avalon"? How Do YOU View the Arthurian Legends? - What did you think of the TNT mini-series, 'The Mists of Avalon'? How well did it compare with the book? Were you happy or disappointed with the interpretation? Even if you have not read the book nor seen the movie, what do you think about the Arthurian Legends? Why are they so enduring? Which Arthurian Legend character most speaks to you and why? Do you think that there is a real-life historical basis for the Legends? Post YOUR Opinion or view the Responses of others.

In Closing...

"He who diligently seeks it will not find it, alas. Yet many do search for it. He who shall see the castle must chance upon it unaware." - (Sigune to Parzival in 'Parzival' by Wolfram von Eschenbach)

In Your Service,


The Witches' Voice Inc.
Monday, July 23rd., 2001


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